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Rinnai Continues Flow Hot Water Systems

It is a system that turns cold water into hot water by using the energy produces by
burning gas inside. Simply it consists with a heat exchanger which passes water
through its tubes while the burned flue gas passes around the tubes.
Can use natural gas or LP gas as power source. Devises are Japanese designs.
Economical Features

Newly developed condensing technology consists of two heat exchangers

which absorb more heat from flue gas. So energy efficiency is 94%.
The material properties of the heat exchanger changes in different places of
heat exchanger so that even temperature distribution through the heat
exchanger is maintained. (not 100% even)

Safety Features

There is flow sensor (turbine) which identify water flow. If there is no flow the
gas will not release.
There is a flame detector inside. So without flame there will no gas flowing

Types and Combinations of Products

1. Condensing Continues flow water heater
Normal gas water heater efficiency 81%. Condensing continues water heater
efficiency is 94% with above mention economical features.
Heaters are available at output temperature set values of 42, 50, 55, 60, 65,
75 and 850C. Flow rate will control by the device dependent on the outlet
temperature and the cold water temperature.
max 37 l/min under 20 degree rise, min 10.6 l/min under 75 degree rise
maximum gas consumption is 250 Mj/h
application Domestic and residential use
2. Multiple condensing continues flow water heaters (Manifold packs)
To increase the hot water flow rates the units can plumbed together. Manifold
packs can connect up to 25 heavy duty water heater units.
controllers are there to maintain minimum number of units operating
according to the requirement and maintain same running hours for all
individual units
Application- commercial use
3. Demand Duo systems
this system can be used when there is high demand in shorter period. It is
combination of continuous flow water heater with heavily insulated hot water
storage tank. Tank allows high flow rate for certain time. Thermostat inside
the tank sense the temperature of the water and starts continues flow

heaters when temperature decreases.

Available storage volumes are 250 L and 315L.
Application- commercial use, Apartment blocks, Shower blocks, Hotels
4. Solar pre heat
has solar thermal heaters that minimize the gas usage. However it needed
heating system to provide continues hot water. Can use with manifold packs
and Demand Duo system.

Internal Flueing
This makes continuous flow models available anywhere. It directs flue gas out of the
unit to the environment smoothly. Four methods are available

Vertical Direct Flueing- Straight up through the ceiling and penetrating the
Horizontal Direct Flueing 900 bend off top of unit through the wall
Horizontal Extended Flueing- like above method with more features
Combination Flueing- Mixture of both vertical and horizontal flueing