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Answer the following questions about E-Learning

By :
Agnes Fedora
Astri Sofiastri
Chandra Taruna
Ellys Handayani
Muhammad Refan I
Rai Restu Dewi
1. What are the benefits of e-learning?
a. Class work can be scheduled around work and friends or family
b. E-learning reduces travel time and travel costs for off-campuss students
c. Students can study anywhere they have access to a computer and internet
d. Students may have the option to select learning materials that meet their level of
knowledge and interest

2. What are the weaknesses of e-learning if there are?

a. Learners with low motivation or bad study habits may fall behind
b. Students may feel isolated from the instructor and classmates
c. Instructor may not always available when students are studying or need help
d. Slow internet connections or older computers may make it difficult accessing
study materials

3. Do you think e-learning will replace traditional kind of learning, namely

learning in a classroom? Give reasons!
We dont think e-learning will replace traditional kind of learning. E-learning
just give the student about informations and knowledges. The students are not only
need knowledges and informations but also they need to develop their skills such as
communication skills and people skills.