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Third Grades Weekly Newsletter

September 6, 2016

Lanier Elementary School

Dates to Remember!
September 9th Picture Day
September 13th Yankee Candle Fundraiser begins
September 15th BINGO Reading Boards Due
September 15th Skate Night (6-8)

BINGO Reading Boards

The red BINGO Reading Boards are due back

by September 15th. Students who have
completed the entire board will celebrate on
Friday, September 16th with 15 minutes of
extra recess. KEEP READING!!!
Check Tuesday Folders Each Week
Please carefully review the grades your child
receives on each assignment. Students with a
grade lower than 70% are given the
opportunity to correct their work for a higher
grade. The two grades are averaged together
for the final grade on the assignment.
Assignments that are correct cannot have a
grade higher than 70%.
This Week in School
Math- Review rounding to nearest ten and
hundred, addition with regrouping and
subtraction with regrouping. Math test on
Friday, September 9th
Reading- Continue assessment over how to
pick Just Right Books, reading fluency, and
identifying the characters, connections, and
questions with a book
Writing- Identifying that stories are written in
sequential order using transition words as a
signal to the reader
Grammar: Identifying verbs
Science: Informational writing with magnets
Social Studies: Greece: Students will correctly
identify and label Greece on a map. They will
also identify important architecture from
Ancient Greece, similarities between Parthenon
and our own Lincoln Memorial and US Supreme


Wildcat Essentials
Character TraitResponsibility

Being responsible means that you are

dependable in carrying out obligations
and duties. Showing responsibility is
being accountable for your own actions.

September Birthdays
Goss: Kelby 22nd
Souther: Keith 10th, Katie 23rd
Wingo: Isabella 1st, Ms. Walker 12th, Blakeley
17th, Eli 18th, Zach 22nd, Mrs. Wingo 25th
Helpful Websites to Use At Home Launch Point Link Students
can access FASTT Math (HMH) and many
other websites from this link. They must
log in with their 6-digit student id.


Written Assignments-all due by Friday

Math Math Sheet - one page of the skills we are

working on each week (Due Friday)
Spelling Homework will begin September 12th, a
sheet explaining ways to practice is in the T.E.A.M.
Binder. New words will be in the agenda each Monday.
Spelling tests will be given each Friday.
RAH Log (Read at Home) - Complete RAH log each
night Monday through Thursday, recommendation is
15-20 minutes. Record the books read on RAH Log in
T.E.A.M. Binder.
MAH (Math at Home) - Initial agenda, complete math
facts practice each night Monday through Thursday,
recommendation is 5-10 minutes math facts practice.
Dojo Tracker Please sign each Friday!