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Exam Ni Bulos

Def. Succession, inheritance, legitime, preterition

Presumptive death: conditions/example
example testate and intestate
kinds of compulsory: priority
reason for substitution
why is testamentary succession is preferred
Formality of wills
example of destruction of wills
I rarely post political rants since it seems like it has all been saturated by,
among others, idealistic views on the propriety of governance, baseless accussat
ions, satirical sources and hate. Thus, it has lost its persuasive force. Howeve
r, as I was doing my unhealthy routine of browsing my Facebook newsfeed, I thoug
ht of something that might be worth sharing. This does not need prior knowledge
in law nor you have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend.
In fact this has something to do with the GALAXY NOTE 7.
In case you are not aware, there are rumors that Samsung will issue a worldwide
recall of the Galaxy Note 7. Apparently, there were reports about some units exp
loding when charged. I saw some of my friends posted about this and as I recalle
d, most of them are Apple fans. I did not recall them posting anything bad about
Apple when icloud was hacked or when iPhone.. seemed to bend. But that's unders
tandable since again, they are fans of Apple, right? Well, that's debatable sinc
e I doubt that these two tech giants could join forces in the forseeable future.
They are left with one categorical option, as to which phone is better. I mean,
look, IOS cannot be in a Samsung phone as much as ANDROID could be in an iPhone
. But as much as the exclusivity of their respective features, one could still a
dmit that Android is more versatile that IOS, or one could say that IOS is more
secure than Android. You don't need to be stuck in worshiping one brand and defe
nd it to be better down to it's worst flaw. Are you still following?
Now, let me ask you this. What is the primordial objective of these two tech gia
Revenue, gain, profit, returns - call it whatever you want or you can be technic
al about it but it all boils down to one thing - money! Although they both have
the same objective, they are two different entities. It simply means they compet
e for the market. Should Apple do something better, it is percieved that Samsung
would suffer.
However, imagine if you could create a phone combining all the best features of
all phones available. The elegance of Apple, the versatility of android, the pri
ce of Cherry Mobile (hehe), and everything nice about every phone out there pack
ed into a stunning smartphone! Damn I would want that! Too bad that's not possib
le though.
However, could you apply the same concept of non-exclusive integration in your p
olitical ideology? Heck yes!
Look, you don't have to pick sides. Just because you voted for this politician,
it does not mean that everything he represent or say is gospel truth. It is perf
ectly okay to reject something that he says that goes against your own ideology.
Collect and select. Choose the best camera, the best OS, the best resolution, th
e best RAM, the biggest storage, the best price, and create your own ultimate ph
It's a good thing that we have a choice, and that choice is not limited to what

is accorded by your "side".

Should it be, then we don't.