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ABSTRACT:This project is aimed at developing an online leave management system. The staff
attendance module helps in keeping the record of every employee in the college. In
existing system every college follows manual procedure in which faculty should
enter in time and out time in record book. At the end of each month Head of
Department will calculate leaves of every faculty member which is time taking
process and there are chances of losing records.
In proposed system chances of losing data is not possible because data is
maintained in the form of database. This will reduce the work of Head of
Department. This application is an online application which makes more flexible to
access information. This system can be used to automate the workflow of leave
applications and their approvals. The periodic crediting of leave is also automated.

FUNCTIONALITY:There are registered people in the system. Some are approval. An approver can also
be a requester. In college hierarchy could be Lecture/Professor/Head Of
Department/Principal, etc., following is a list of functionalities of the system

A person should be able to

Login to the system through first page of the application.
Change the password.
See his/her eligibility details (number of leaves left).
See his/her leave history.
Apply for leave, specifying the from and to dates, reasons for taking leave,

address for communication while on leave and his/her superiors mail id.
See the leave application that is submitted to him.

Withdraw his/her leave application(which has not been approved yet)

Cancel his/her leave (which is approved).
2. As soon as a leave
application/cancellation/request/withdrawal/approval/rejection is made by the
person, an automatic email should be sent to the person and his superior giving
details about the action.
3. The number of days of leave (as per the assumed leave policy) should be
automatically credited to everybody and a notification regarding the same
should be sent to them automatically.
4. An automatic leave approval facility for leave applications which are older
than 2 weeks should be there. Notification about the automatic leave approval
should be sent to the person as well as his superior.

FEASIBILITY STUDY:Feasibility studies aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and
weaknesses of the existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats
as presented by the environment, the resources required to carry through, and
ultimately the prospects for success. In 10 its simplest term, the two criteria to
judge feasibility are cost required and value to be attained. As such, a welldesigned feasibility study should provide a historical background of the business or
project, description of the product or service, accounting statements, details of the
operations and management, marketing research and policies, financial data, legal
requirements and tax obligations. Generally, feasibility studies precede technical
development and project implementation.

This project is technically feasible because all the resources such as manpower
programmers, testers and debuggers and software and hardware are readily
available. The technologies required to develop a project are also available so it is
technically feasible.
Economic analysis is the most frequently used method for evaluating the
effectiveness of a new system. This feasibility factor depends on
Cost-based study:
The operational and development costs required for building and
maintaining the project is very less when compared to future benefits. Since
the benefits outweigh the costs , the decision is made to design and
implement the system.
Time-based study:
The time required to achieve a return on investments is very meager as the
project is of high demand and the future value of the project is also very
The system efficiently operates and reduces manual computation and time of
processing, reducing cost of paperwork and human.

REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS: External interface requirements:

1) User interface:
Screen name

Login to the system


Display attendance of employee,

number of leaves, leave balance. Add or

Apply for leave

update leave allotment record.

Display leave availability, application
for leave, cancel application. Add or

Leave record
Approval/reject leave application

update leave allotment record.

Display leave history
Display leave availability and


application form. Add or update record.

Add or update staff records. Create,


modify and delete staff member.

Select, view, save and delete reports.

2) Hardware interface:The system shall run on:

Operating system: Any window OS.
Web browser: Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

3) Software interface:The system shall interface with oracle database. To implement the project we
have chosen HTML language for its more interactive easy to understand support.
4) Communication interface:This system supports Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

It involves FAQ forms for the requesting information, queries and problems
Functional requirements:

System will maintain employee records.

System must be able to verify information while registering a user.
System must be able to store the information in database.
System must be able to retrieve information when required.
System should show leave availability when requested.
System must notify users about the leave approval or leave disapproval.
Display leaves history.
System must update database when cancellation and withdrawal of leaves is

Non-Functional Requirements:
They define the needs in terms of performance, logical database re/requirements,
define constraints, standards compliance, reliability, availability, security,
maintainability and portability.

Performance requirements:They define acceptable response times for system functionality.

The load time for user interface screens shall take no longer than two
The login information shall be verified within five seconds.
Queries shall return results within 5seconds.
The system shall consume very little of primary memory.
Security requirements:-

Customer service representatives will have access to leave management and

scheduling subsystems. Managers will have access to management subsystem as
well as leave management and scheduling subsystems. Access to the various
subsystems will be protected by a user login screen that requires a valid user id.
System specifications:-

Hardware specification:
Hard disk-75Gb
Cache memory-11,011,968 Bytes
Virtual memory-32mb
Software specification:
Web server Apache tomcat server 6.0.02
Web browser Internet explorer
Google chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Front end language HTML,CSS
Back end language PHP
Database - MySql