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Healthy water

Thousands have lived without love,

But none lived without water.
Water is the basic necessity of all life forms on earth. Even for the smallest purpose or
cause water is necessary.
But this water has been adulterated now. The major cause of it is pollution caused by
natural and man- made causes. Among various man-mad activities include dumping of
wastes in fresh water bodies, extensive wastage of water, discharge of untreated sewage
and other industrial effluents in these water bodies and run-off from highly fertilized fields.
Thermal pollution and radioactive wastes dumped by the urbanized countries have
deteriorated the quality of water.
The deteriorating quality of water has led to scarcity of portable water. This leads to
decrease in agricultural production as most of the potable water is used for the purpose of
irrigation. With the depletion of portable surface water the ground water table level is either
decreasing or getting polluted by the polluted water bodies which join it or replenish it. This
leads to degrading the soil quality causing its erosion or increasing its salinity, thereby
decreasing agriculture. Droughts are frequented in the tropical countries because due to
changes in climatic conditions the rainfall has decreased and also the rainwater available is
unhealthy to be used. This decreases the overall productivity which leads to the scarcity of
products in the market and finally inflation.
The various chemicals added to the water bodies to our activities causes eutrophication
which leads to the depletion of marine organisms by causing their deaths. The
eutrophication also causes an unwanted algal bloom in the water bodies decreasing their
Inadequate supply of water or lack of access to clean and healthy water leads to spread
of diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and other gastro-intestinal problems. Even
the accumulation of this dirty water that is if it remains stagnant, it forms the breeding
ground of mosquitoes and flies spreading diseases like malaria, dengue, filarial and other
vector-borne diseases. Such epidemics leads to high rates of fatality. Lack of healthy water
even increases the infant mortality rates all over the globe. Lack of access of healthy water
leads to people suffering from thirst and shortage of food leading to malnutrition and their
gradual deaths in countries like Africa.
Even in India, people of the arid reasons like Rajasthan and the northern parts of Gujarat
have walk miles or work hard under the scorching sun. these hardships are beyond ones
imagination. The droughts they face almost every year during the hot summer seasons
seem to crack open their lands making them unfit agriculture and further ruining their lives.

Water, water everywhere,

Not a single drop to drink.
These lines describe that though the mean sea level is ever rising add water to the already
present liquid water in the oceans and the seas but this is not suitable for the daily purpose
due its salinity.
Water is not only required for daily chores but it also supports the livelihood of many
people such as fishermen and other big fisheries who trade marine foods. It also supports
the fooding habits of general people. Large water bodies being a rich store house of many
minerals and vitamins which have attracted many experimental researches to obtain them
by big pharmaceutical companies. Even the minerals obtained are used for various industrial
purposes and also in the construction works. The common salt obtained from the marine
waters is a basic necessity for the life of a common man.
Water is also used for various water sports such as swimming, rafting and other
recreation activities. The melodious sounds of the waterfalls and the water in the rivers
flowing swiftly over the big rock at the feet of the high mountains and meandering along the
depths of deep forests, bring amuse among different authors, novelists and poets and they
try to pen down this beauty of nature in their writings. The natural beauty of these water
bodies also attracts lakhs of tourism every year adding to the pride of the country and
adding to the economy of the country.
If the balance of chemical composition of water is disturbed in the water turning it into
an unhealthy leads to suffering among all these advantages it also leads to hampering
human and environmental health. It also damages the natural beauty of the nature.
Therefore healthy and clean water is a must for everyones survival and it is to be
provided to all.
So come forward and

Save water , to save life

"In Meatu district, Shinyanga region, Tanzania, water most often comes from open holes dug
in the sand of dry riverbeds, and it is invariably contaminated."