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Gorup9: Tan, Veloira, Vendiola, Villaverde

The Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation, represents the genre of
apocalyptic writings.
apokalypsis(Greek) means unveiling.
The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to
show to his servants the things that must soon take place.
He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John,
who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony
of Jesus Christ, even to all he saw.
Author and Context
Author- The beginning part of the book names the author
as John. This writer is puzzling to modern readers. The
writer thought it not important to identify himself.
Context-A widely accepted period for the writing of
revelation was the reign of Domitian. Domitians reign,
concerning the Christians
within the region includes the Christians minority.
Literary Context
The book is enclosed with a prologue and an epilogue
Chapters 1-3.
Chapters 4-11 cover the first part of Johns revelatory
Rev 12:1-22:5, is the second part of Johns revelatory
Rev18:1-4 comes as a climactic part of such revelatory
Signs of Gods victory emerge as the book moves towards
the dawning of a new world and a new era.
The Literary Character and Structure of Revelation
Purposes- John writes to assure and to comfort struggling
communities to challenge them to repentance and to call
for their disengagement from the evil system that surrounds
Main Themes- The main themes are: the persecution of
Gods people, the degradation of society and nature the
perseverance, preservation, and vindication of Gods
people, and the triumph of Gods justice and reign, and
lastly the judgment on evil and oppressors, especially the
earth-dwellers, the Beast, and Babylon.
Revelations Chief Cast of Characters
The main protagonist is the Messiah Jesus and God, and
He plays the role of Messiah
The Dragon, he is already decisively defeated uses a final
means to win the world, by incarnating himself as a Beast
that rises from the Sea.
Babylon vs. New Jerusalem
The book of Revelation thus comes to a climax with an
expos of two rival cities, the Babylon and New Jerusalem.
The two cities come to life and personified as two women,
a prostitute and a bride. John also evoked among readers a
familiar ethical contrast between two courses of action or
allegiances: seductive evil vs. wholesome virtue.
Doomed Babylon
Prostitute Babylon is pictured from the perspective of its
imminent judgment for its massive sins.
There are three varied depictions of Babylons doom.
Babylons Lavish Wealth- The wealth of Babylon is
displayed first in the visual depiction of the prostitute
where she is clothed in purple and scarlet and adorned with
gold, jewels, and pearls
Babylons Arrogance- Arrogant provocation comes directly
from Babylons own mouth.
Babylons Political Economy- Babylon is described as
forcibly intoxicating all nations with the wrathful wine of

its prostitution. The prostitutes golden cup there is not

good wine to be found, a mixture full of dangerous
corruption and impurities. Babylon is deceiving all nations
with its pharmakos. The Greek word pharmakos can refer
positively to a medicine, but also to a narcotic or poisonous
drug, and even sorcery.
New Jerusalem: City of Destiny
John pictures new Jerusalem with grand images of wealth.
The physical description of the city is detailed and
extensive: the city is immense, brilliant, glitzy, rich, and
strong rivaling the ostentatious grandeur of Babylon.
In Revelation, the image of Babylon as a powerful empire
that without mercy crushes anything that challenges its rule
comes again. As a symbolic figure Babylon refers to the
dominant political superpower at the time: the Roman
Empire, represented by its emperor. It is described as the
wild beasts that demand honor and worship from all other
creatures, characterized by arrogance, deceit and
blasphemous words. Rome is also portrayed as the great
harlot who seduced the kings of the earth to commit
fornication and other immoralities with her. Indeed, the
nations succumb to her seductions, and all the kings of the
earth unite with her in uncleanness. Even the merchants
benefit from her riches and luxury. In sum, the social,
political, and economic aspects of people and nations are
put under her control. Then an angel comes down from
heaven, announcing a message of doom about Babylon. He
describes the sins of Babylon that have brought her
downfall. Finally, he commands the people to come out of
her so as not to take part in her sins and share the
punishment. The book of Revelation argues that God,
creator of the heavens and the earth, is still in control and
that in the end God shall reign victorious over all evil.
While the book encouraged and provided hope to those
who were caught in such an unfriendly world, it as well
challenged the Christians to be faithful and loyal to the
God who held their past, present and future.
The ever provocative issue in the Philippine society
today is the corruption that the Philippines experiences.
Just like the Pork Barrel Scam where the Philippine
government was defrauded of about 10 billion in the
course of the scam. Few more issues of corruption are vote
buying during elections, bribery, and false compensation.
Even issues of discrimination is common here in our
country, where most people are treated unfairly and are
disrespected by other people. Nevertheless, the book of
revelation gives us hope that all things evil will eventually
come to an end and encourages us Filipinos not to give up
and continue living lives. Moreover, we should be noncompliant to these issues and use Jesus teachings to help
put these issues against corruption and inequity to an end.
The book of Revelation seeks to engender hope for
Gods struggling people, but fear for those who persistently
reject the ways of God in an alliance with this worlds
powers of evil. The book offers a very clear message and
that is, God is sovereign. The Sovereignty of God tells us
that all things, good and evil, are under His rule and
control. God puts evil things on Earth to challenge us to be
faithful and loyal to Him. Thus, we should turn away from
the ways of this world as we part ourselves from sins and
beware of our entry into the church of God as He put all the
evil things to an end. We not to stray away from God and
His will. We should not forget what He sent us here on
earth for. A life of sin is certainly not the Christian life. As
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, we should strive to
emulate Him as best as we can.
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