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ACCOMMODATION AGREEMENT HOTEL DETAILS Name of Hotel* Website Phone No (2 Numbers)* Address, City, District* Registration



Name of Hotel* Website Phone No (2 Numbers)*

Address, City, District* Registration number Tax/PIN number* GPS Coordinates Landmark E-mail for bookings*


* Mandatory details


Name * E-mail * Mobile No *


The details of the bank account remain confidential

Bank Name, Branch Account Name Account Number Sort / Swift Code

Commission (of booking value): 20% Registration fee (one time): WAIVED I, the legal representative of the
Commission (of booking value): 20%
Registration fee (one time): WAIVED
I, the legal representative of the ……………………………
correctly incorporated under ……………………

certify the accuracy of the information above and confirm that I have read the below terms of use, and agree by this



day of …


to become a partner with Jumia Travel.


For the Hotel:


For Jumia Travel

…… ...... … day of … ........ to become a partner with Jumia Travel. For the

Represented by


Jade e-services Kenya Ltd

which is represented by its


Director Estelle VERDIER



This contractual agreement (“Contract “) states the terms and conditions of the partnership between Jumia Travel, represented by Jade e-services Kenya Ltd hereinafter referred as (“Jumia Travel”, “we”, or “us”), and the signing hotel partner (“you”, “hotel”). Jumia Travel is a hotel booking website that intends to bring new customers to hotels. Jumia Travel customers can book or reserve a hotel room online from all hotels listed on the website who are willing to receive bookings or reservations from Jumia Travel. Where it is referred to availability, this means the combination of: a room type, a policy set, a price and the actual availability.

Jumia Travel obligations

Jumia Travel agrees to communicate sufficiently with the hotel and customers for bookings to be made in a way that is convenient for all parties. Jumia Travel will communicate in advance any changes to « Terms of use » (see the Amendments section). We will help you with the onboarding process to the Jumia Travel platform and market your property on the website. Only if agreed beforehand, we will list your hotel on our website. We will enable customers to book on our website. We agree to communicate positively about the hotel (this does not include reviews left by customers: Jumia Travel will ensure of their non-defamatory and non-insulting nature).

Hotel obligations

We will display availabilities on rooms provided to us by the hotel in either of the following ways:

• We receive information about the hotel’s availability through our Revenue Management

department, via email, phone, and text-message or during a meeting. Information will then be confirmed to you via email.

The hotel provides information about its availability through our system’s backend (“extranet”).

Once we have been given availability in either of the ways listed above, the hotel must provide the room to the guest. The hotel will be contacted by Jumia Travel via e-mail, phone, or text-message to confirm availability (this includes the quality of the hotel’s offer).The hotel should communicate its availabilities regularly with Jumia Travel via phone calls, e-mails, text-messages or our extranet. Information from meetings or phone communication will then be confirmed to you via email. Any booking notification will go through the following process; the hotel will be contacted by Jumia Travel to confirm the booking. Once confirmed, the hotel has accepted the booking and will receive the details of the reservation via email. The hotel is responsible to ensure service and room quality to make the customers’ stay at the hotel an enjoyable experience. Also the hotel agrees to communicate positively about Jumia Travel and to attach a Jumia Travel sticker, provided by Jumia Travel, in a visible location near the entrance.


The communication between Jumia Travel and you will be conducted via e-mail, phone calls, and

sometimes text messages. To simplify this process, it is important for hotels to check for new e-mails regularly, including on weekends and holidays: hotels need to be informed of new bookings, cancellations, problems, or other information regarding Jumia Travel bookings. We expect hotels to be reachable at all

times via the main hotel phone number or the manager’s phone number.

Website content

We will support you in the sign-up and hotel profile upload process. The hotel will therefore need to enter all hotel information correctly into the question form provided by Jumia Travel or conducted over the phone with one of our content agents. Any information uploaded to our platform is subject to our approval:

content will not be approved by Jumia Travel, if perceived as inappropriate. We reserve the right, to make any changes to the content without first seeking your approval if we feel the necessity or urgency for the purpose of improving online communication about the hotel. However in general we will always consult you for changes. If the amenities change (e.g. after hotel or room renovation), the hotel should contact us to update the content or directly update the content through the extranet. All content given to Jumia Travel by the hotel is binding, which means that it is expected to be a fair representation of reality. If this is not the case,

Jumia Travel will correct the content. In case of any doubts, the hotel is expected to contact Jumia Travel.

Payment and pre-payment discount

The hotel may choose and communicate his available payment methods and cancellation policy to Jumia Travel in the same way as availabilities (extranet, meeting, phone, or e-mail). If you do not have a cancellation policy, we reserve the right to pick one for you.

Our customers have the option to either pay on our website directly, or pay at the hotel during their stay. It is the hotel's choice to accept only one or both of the two methods. In case of payment on our website, Jumia Travel will secure the payment. In case of payment at the hotel, you are responsible for securing the payment. The hotel is allowed to offer any discount to customers who choose to pay on our website, in order to secure the booking and limit financial risks involved in case of a no-show or cancellation. In case of any problems with prepayment, Jumia Travel will alert you via e-mail that payment should actually be done by the guest at the hotel.

Room prices and commissions

The hotel may choose the rates for different rooms and conditions offered to maximize the number of bookings and the profits of our partnership. All offered rates must include all taxes and any additional charges for this specific offer. Hence the customer must be able to spend his stay as expected without incurring any additional charges. For every completed booking (and only for completed bookings), the hotel agrees to pay a commission to Jumia Travel. This commission will be an agreed percentage (see previous page) of the price all taxes included (VAT, accommodation tax and other applicable fees) paid by the customer for the booking. To this commission will be added the applicable taxes.

Invoicing and payments

The aim of invoicing is to simplify as much as possible the payments for both parties. Systematically, we will send you an invoice for the commission earned by Jumia Travel for each booking. If the hotel chooses post-payment only, at the reception of an invoice, the hotel is expected to settle the amount owed within 10 days to payment details indicated on the invoice. If the hotel chooses pre-payment only, Jumia Travel will levy its commission on the amount paid by the client, and will send you the amount paid by the client minus the commission via bank transfer twice a month. In case of an outstanding invoice, Jumia Travel reserves the right to collect its commission using amounts paid by customers with pre-payment. In such a case, Jumia Travel will inform the hotel of the payments balance. The balance will be sent out and settled every month via e-mail or paper. Regarding payment of commissions Jumia Travel will cover any receiving bank transfer fees, any sending

bank transfer fees are at the cost of the hotel. The same rule applies to prepaid reservations, Jumia Travel

will cover any emission fees and receiving fees will be at the hotel’s cost.


We sometimes offer discounts to our clients to increase volume of bookings for the benefit of your hotel. To benefit from these discounts, customers use vouchers code on the website. In such cases, Jumia Travel will pay you for the voucher amount. The guest will only have to pay for the booking price minus the voucher amount. In any case, this will not affect the amount the hotel is paid.

Warnings and indemnifications

A hotel which is irresponsive to communication from Jumia Travel, which cannot deliver a committed room or which is involved in any form of misconduct can be removed from the Jumia Travel website. If the hotel commits any breach of the terms of this Contract, including by reason of seeking to

deprive Jumia Travel of its commission (such act may include the hotel inducing a Jumia Travel customer to cancel or change his/her booking), the hotel will indemnify Jumia Travel. The indemnification will be based on the expected benefit of the commercial relation between Jumia Travel and the hotel. Jumia Travel reserves the right to always investigate fraud.

Cancellations and no-shows

If a customer does not arrive at the hotel on the expected date or if a customer decides to shorten his stay, the hotel is obliged to inform Jumia Travel within 24h. If the hotel does not do so, Jumia Travel will invoice the hotel for the full commission (hence calculated like a completed booking). In the case of a booking cancellation or no-show Jumia Travel will retain a proportion of the booking

value, if applicable, according to the cancellation policy given to Jumia Travel by you. The cancellation fee will be subject to the commission percentage agreed between Jumia Travel and you. In the case of post-payment bookings, you acknowledge that it may not be possible to reclaim the cancellation fee from the customer and that Jumia Travel will not liable for the cancellation fee.

Intellectual property

Jumia Travel holds the proprietary rights of all website content. Such contents may therefore not be used or reproduced by anybody, including the hotel, without the written permission of Jumia Travel. Jumia Travel also holds the rights on customer ratings and reviews and may choose to make these public. These may not be re-used or copied by any other party without our explicit written consent. The hotel partner further agrees not to target Jumia Travel or any of our connected names for online targeting. Jumia Travel has the right to sublicense its inventory given by the hotels and disclose all information given by the hotels to chosen partners. This mainly targets third party platforms of similar nature.

Effective Date

This Agreement is valid by signature of the legal representatives.

Termination of the Contract

This Contract between Jumia Travel and the hotel will terminate 2 weeks after one of the two parties formally expressed the fact that it does not wish to continue the relationship. The hotel may terminate the relationship with Jumia Travel at any time by giving notice to Jumia Travel in a letter that must be signed by the representative. The end of this Contract will be taken into account after receipt of the letter. All pending bookings, bookings prior to the reception of the cancellation or bookings during termination period must be handled with best intentions by the hotel. Both parties have a termination dead line of 2 weeks, starting by receiving the resignation letter. The

resignation has to be written by letter only. This paragraph expires when one of the parties violate against an agreed paragraph of the contract.

Warrants & disclaimer of warranty

The hotel confirms its ownership of the accommodation and that it has all necessary rights to run it in accordance to representations made to Jumia Travel. Also the hotel represents and warrants that it has all necessary operating permits. The signing manager represents and warrants that he/she has is empowered to enter into a Contract of this nature on behalf of the hotel and/or that he/she has taken necessary actions of corporate authorization. Jumia Travel is not accountable for the accidents caused by the hotels or their clients, neither is it accountable for financial obligations related to such a situation. The hotel commits not to share any information, neither of this Contract nor confidential information

about Jumia Travel to third parties without explicit approval from us. Jumia Travel and the hotel intend to lead a healthy business relationship.


Jade e-services Kenya Ltd shall reserve the right to assign this Contract, to a related party, together

with all benefits and liabilities therein.

Governing law

The provisions of this Contract shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of The

Republic of Kenya, excluding its conflicts of law provisions.


Where any dispute, controversy, difference, or claim arises (out of, relating to or connecting with this Contract, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof) between either of the parties to this Contract, the parties shall first seek an amicable settlement of such dispute. Where the parties are unable to reach an amicable settlement, reference shall be made to arbitration. The arbitration shall be held in Nairobi, and shall be conducted under the Arbitration rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The language of arbitration shall be English. The award rendered by the Arbitrator(s) shall be final and binding upon all parties concerned.


You acknowledge and agree that Jumia Travel shall endeavor to give you notice for any amendment to this Contract that materially increases your obligations or decreases your rights under this Contract. You acknowledge and agree that Jumia Travel at its sole discretion and without liability may make amendments without your further specific Contract at any time with immediate effect by posting a notice of the amendment on the Jumia Travel website and by sending to you an email or a letter

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