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Universidad Del Cauca.

Sede norte.
The Anime World.
Andrs Orlando Ziga Martnez.
Licenciatura en lenguas modernas.
Primer Semestre.

This presentation is going to be about the anime, first will be discussed the
anime world, then it will be discussed the characteristics, in which it will be
discussed the plots, the romanticism that has the anime, the industry, etc.
The anime has been given to know the Japanese culture and how they see
us. It has given a cultural impact in all around the world. The anime is part
of the history in japan.
General: know about the anime.
Specifics: know the anime history
Know the characteristics.
Know the different genres.
What are the Trends through time.
How is life an otaku.
The amines are Japanese animated productions. First it was created to
produce educational shorts and commercials. Since 1917, then the anime
was produced by to entertain.
The first anime was Katsudou Sashin by an unknown creator , without
sound. The first talkie anime was Chikara To Onna No Yo No Naka, produced
by Masaoka in 1933.
The anime has body proportions of human anime characters with
proportions of the human body. Their hair is often unnaturally and colorful,
and the movement of hair is exaggerated and the eyes size are
The openings and endings are accompanied by J-pop or J-rock songs.
The anime can be classified for age, gender and topic. They are:

Kodomo: for children.

Shoujo: for girls.
Shounen: for boys.
Hentai: contained pornographic.
Harem: many girls love one boy.
Ecchi: with sexual themes.
Mecha: is the genre of science fiction.
Magical girl.

Martial arts.
Jousei: makes for adult women.
Yuri and Yaoi: Homosexual romances, the first is female
homosexuality and the other is for male homosexuality.

The anine clubs makes anime conventions. The fans do cosplays (dress up
as a character of anime) and love the cultural Japanese. They are named
Otakus, they use many Japanese words.
In conclusion the anime brings with them news thoughts , new habits, and
help to express several thoughts.