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Lauren Naylor

529 West 111th Street Apt. 54B

New York, New York 10025
Mobile: 214-236-9689
Email: Lcn2113@columbia.edu

Education and Qualifications

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 2012-2016:
B.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences; Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Emphasis
Minor in English
University Honors Student
Undergraduate Research Scholar
3.56 GPA

Undergraduate Projects:

Gone with the Wind: Impacts of Wind Development on Raptor Populations (Currently pursuing publication)
Addressing the Question of Scale: A Look at the Variability of 13C Levels in Fish Samples Between Lake
Systems and Across Habitats
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: How Literature can Influence Conservation Efforts
o An exploration into pervasive anthropomorphism in Tolkiens Lord of the Rings Trilogy and its
influence on the outcomes of conservation campaigns
o Published in the journal Explorations, Volume 8 in Fall 2016

IUCN Red List Assessment Certificate of Achievement; in progress
Completed IRB (Institutional Review Board) Reference Resource Training
TWS Certified Associate Wildlife Biologist; in progress

Associated Experience
August 2015- Present

Texas A&M Small Mammal Global Assessment Team, IUCN

Undergraduate Member of the Texas A&M IUCN Small Mammal Global Assessment Team. Duties
include conducting an exhaustive literature search for each small mammal species in the Americas to reassess their extinction risk and update their IUCN Redlist listing
Held a leadership position within the team. Assisted with coordinating of volunteers, contacting fellow
researchers and previous assessors, and entering assessment data into SIS (Species Information System)

November 2014 August

Lab Technician, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Dr. Kirk Winemillers Lab
o Duties include: data entry, glassware cleaning, and fish sample preparation and grinding. Experience
with isotopic analysis.
o Completed an Independent Studies project while in this lab
June 2015 August 2015
Student Volunteer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
o Volunteered at the Region 6 office in Dallas, TX. Worked in the Ecosystem Protection and
Management Department, in the Wetlands Division.
o Contributed to a project listed on the EPA Region 6 2015 Action Plan, which is based on national
o Project was controversial, high profile and of national significance; had significant direct and indirect
o Project summary was given and decisions based off of a briefing with the high level EPA executive
January 2014 May 2015
Student Scientific Writer, Dr. Thomas Lacher Jr.s Lab

Drafted family descriptions for the order Rodentia for posting on the IUCN (International Union for
Conservation of Nature) Small Mammals website for access by the public and other researchers
o Completed a literature search on the family Caviidae to assist Dr. Lacher with his chapter in the New
World Mammal Handbook (published September of 2016)
o Worked with Dr.Thomas Lacher Jr. (Co-Chair, IUCN Small Mammal Specialist Group; member of
IUCN Red List Committee) performing research and writing tasks as assigned.
June 2014- August 2014
Animal Care Intern, Little Rock Zoo Education Department
o Responsible for: education animal keeping, handling, and daily care.
o Duties included: diet planning and feed preparation; enclosure cleaning; and presentation of public
keeper chats and interactions.
o Assisted with and participated in zoo weekly educational program preparation and performance.
o Experience with the care and handling of birds of prey.
o Completed animal training projects.
June 2013
Student, Alaska Coastal Geology Field Course
o Spent 10 days assisting with field research involving sea otter foraging behavior in Cordova, AK
o Duties include: recording of field observations/data, assistance with prey item identification

MARB 415, through Texas A&M Galveston

Volunteer, Biodiversity and Research Teaching Collections Center

Assisted with the organization and preservation of specimens

2013- 2014

Other Experience
May 2010- August 2013

Lifeguard, Rosemeade Aquatic Complex

Duties included pool patron supervision and safety in assigned areas; securing
and maintaining CPR certification; first aid and rescue, when necessary; and
daily cleaning activities.


o ArcGIS, radio telemetry, binoculars
o Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel
o Rstudio, STELLA (ecological modeling)
o Grant writing and project proposal summaries
o Data entry
o Falconry knots, bird anklet making, basic handling techniques and care taking
o Animal training skills
o High water mark training, EPA climate change training
o Conversational reading, writing and speaking Spanish

Professional Memberships
Texas A&M Chapter of the Wildlife Society, 2012-2016
Texas A&M Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology, 2012- 2016
o Served as chapter president; 2015-2016

Other / Personal Details

Interests include: Conservation Biology, Human-Wildlife Conflicts, Science-Policy Relations, Problem-Solving
Research Projects, Applied Conservation Research, Climate Change

References are available on request