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ee This book includes al of the rules _youneed in order to play, you just ‘need a pencil and « twelve-sided die Qenown as a D12). Character sheets are provided in the appendices for your conve: pence. an 5 Binet Diet Daniel Alan Burrow Game Lent Henry White ame Derapns ‘Tyler Hudson, Mare Seidel Marc Seidel ore Developers Garret Sweet, Alex Whisenhunt, set Diese Victor G. Helton Danielle Braden, Jordan Gray ‘Chace Sheet Cartography ‘Alex Whisenhunt, Cornight © 2012 y Ds AUR Reseed. Teton of mae fom wba he ook fre pron of penal oe corpate ‘etic pst slecbon rer mts of rage and pio. This Bon men scsi sons ee dc fe nas iagiayon ear oe bio ry anc os probing rend vn reer wee clnleta Aina Cracked Monocle Staff ‘Daniel Alan Burrow, ewcuthe ect Alex Whisenhunt mustang diector ‘Daina Schwarzlose,sampunk merchant drcor Contributions Ahmed Abdel-Meguid (system enigues) Aaron Brazil (writing) Mack Fletcher (qystem concept) Tracey Glass (eng) Aranda Longoria (concept art crealve sige) Brandon Stevens (gystem design) Benjamin Vought (system design) Zeeshan Waheed (system design) Kevin Walp (editing) Andrew Watson (ore, system design, $ writing) ‘AspsialUunks wo any Pinal Alan Rogers, Angle Black fon an the tt of he snff at Deacons Lik Comes 6) Fs "aoe for her conned lp and support nl Burn Crashed Monocte Fest Pinto’ May 2022 te orewor “Welcome, Ladies and Gentjemen, to Jeph and the Clockwork Ro- leplaying System; ‘Do you ever wish you could walk down the steel Upping _your hat. all of the good people you meet, enjying the sighs and ‘sounds of good Victorian elegance, nd relishing the his of steam ‘coming from the neurky tain station? Hf no, goutve gots Bt of = ‘neo-vctorian in. you. Solel me ask a follow-up question. Do you ever wish Uhat the street you were walking down Included bizarre yet intellectual crestures, maybe «couple zombies for flavoring, a courier standing on the steetyeling about a were- ‘wolf sighting in Ue forest outside of town, and, all the whl, you're on your way to ace a mad tinkerer abouts fully senglent automaton he has pieced teyether? If so, you just may be « steampunk sence, Ay tow steampunk, be oe game 9g 2 eons our gaming expe ‘The teampunk genre hasbeen onthe sug forthe pa.yars. Tanugh some say it bred ou of the berpunk ‘ronement of Ux 1900, stumps hee no an enrtove ph fo scene of ealure wih jut he pas for years Day aft ay poop me, wih had known sb stesmpunk sone! Yve ben ino lif al ny Tf and Tony jut oud on there's atinl word fori On os, sleampuric has had may dented and lat {ae fryers and ony now ate mary of ts becoming cogiean of Ua fee, ‘When asked what conser the most import ict of steampunk, Ican without doubannve the punk aspect While ne Vitoranfimored scence fon of sein x tpertan ety ea ly gto 5 fac isthe characters hat make he toa for to Be tly seampnk, Bose carters must Be dang. independent thinkers who ae aways wing [o push fore dest he ode Be you Ds lone Ukaer emp In pec tether your newest eam exe fax manipulator fared for our ens, dating sweden atvays wing t fend your anor athe espnse of oes you mun be difrent, You mut wt vende You us, if Tare use Be word, be punk . “That ewhat the clockwork tem ral about We have ull fryourenjaymeny system withoutborders. a ‘There are no cases we wou de ni your imgnaion in sch away! You choose our ov aed ul ; Jour character from the Boom up Ifyou can magnet you ca ply. & ‘The system Is fast-paced, intuive, and leaves as much as possible up to you, the steampunk soleplayer: : When,jou sit down t ply ur gam in-between allof your Pring, wing an mening, we wat owt ne td expertnce he Dil of bey In tarp worl We want yout expeence ie gucwranching selon of Stpping ono trsn and ging yer wy othe dated tacks wh hn ken ow he locate, We ‘rau el te pan of toning yo a ony to get paced wih moctantal one ll abel one wih eden ever inthe writ We wan yo to cone Jour ost daring plan ld your crest onbapons snd seteverung In maton ‘Welcome {Tet Welcome o Uns Clockwork Roleplaying Sys, And welcome othe wildest adventure ano QDanid Alan Burrow Daniel Alan Burrow Executive Director of Cracked Monocle a ernovverion Foreword. 3 Rotelayng ‘ Steampunk 7 CGuuerne 1: Pur Cuocavons Systan Entering the Cocke sesso. ‘Breaking Down fhe Mechanism... 10 ‘Atkin 2 How We Rol 2 Actions B © Repeive Aes. 5 Pighing Out of Combat 8 Cled Shot Locations 6 Atrates ® Resist 8 Soca Tee » Caer 20 Sos Ege 2 Baueield Modifies B ‘Crapren 2 Canacren Creston Mating « Charest = “Leving Up 2 Starting sts Higher Lev... 27 Revoiting n ‘Caapren 3 Races Tayoducyon Py ee 2 Ayodins 30 Ehes 3 Fash = Coomes 2 soe. 4 Chagrin 4 Contest Inroducton 0 Map of Ergin st 2 © Cigenzajone ‘The Beimatnes a ‘The Carint a Contdurt Union o Fubourne Society. o Highs. a Latiny Agengy oo enor e 6 a Background Sie. “ etn: Tem 6 Religion: Fee Wi 70 Religion: sire m (Caapren 5: Gran Matec a Toe Tt a Mate Weapons ™ ‘atant Werpong 8 Sidebar Impromptu Weapons... 7 Pressme 76 Bowe % Grombove ” moe 0 Depcting toms a ‘alae 8 Equipment o Perse Ade 6 ‘Cnaprex Toe Bro Arrncre Ung Bae ® “Brew 0 rey 4 Overpower oe Reslence we Couaprea 7: Tue Conese AsrneTe ‘ing Cuning, 10 Conng Sia ‘Espionage 108 Bape mm Sowmansip 6 acto cy ‘csr 8 ue Dexyxry Artes ‘Using Dee. ts Desist hls a= 16 ati 0 Mctamaniti 1 Swatch be ‘Cameren 5:-Tue Sry Arse ‘sing Spi “s Spit Sti Tait ua Grace us ck 1 Shaman 6 (Cuoarren 1: Ts Sesveas ArrasUyE low Cefing Wosks 1 “Aichony et ‘Acide 16 Gases i Masicnes. m Poisons. 3 Armity m6 ers & Ciossows ™ Mele Weapons 3 Tarown... W Bows 9 Armor. m Automat Bs ‘Steamer. = Fane Boss 2 Clocovorke 208 Prosthet. am Blo Fi 0 ‘ears ma Bio-Zapper m Eager mM Venice 26 Armor a3 ond 26 ‘Eeponbes oT Byewewr 22 Tinka 2 ‘Corner TE: Naseagine Inroducing the Nartor a Assembling» Party m0 Hading he Rules m ‘The Steampunk World m Time m4 Advontr Ethier 2 ‘Adress 8 Challenges. ne Exploration. m Avnet mm Arpexoices Specialy istngs nm Character Sheet 6 Phytste Cres Py A Note to Thieves % Pirates olepl ‘You as the Player Jf youre joining us asa player, welcome to roleplaying. Roleplaying In. wonderful gaming experience unt all other tabletop games In many games you ae gh en a character to represent and you take tht character round « board, atlempting to win the game. Roleplay {ng games tke Pat to an extreme, ten vist ib ‘You create your own character, develop tele per- J sonality and abies, then ty to et and portray therm ts closely az posible. You can bull Yuem however you ‘want customize them, give them the hair you've always vant, a dashing vest and Ut enormous fearm Jou {rool over in your daydreams. You give Dnt cheracir @ ‘name a back-tory, and a personally Once youve done {iat youre prety well ready to begin ‘You join up with « couple other players, each with their own character. Together you become a patty of adventuters ‘Another person takes on the ole of maraor In any goenee, tla lo ie garne mast (or GM. f Jou lly Phe narrator weaves together toy, a setig, and ‘ther characters for you to Intersct with, mec. and = ry ~ ki The narenor is there to give You let you explore i. You may start a pub, trmvel aco the ely and takeoff in an alship to ex- plore De rumors of a clockwork monstrosity ins nearby {evn After you become the hero of Unt town, youve ‘nly just sired your saa: soon, youll have numerous oti under your belt a sca of two, al a characte 1 be proud of ‘The Building of a Story ‘Tarough your roleplaying you will create a story. You willbe one of the peotagonlats of this story. a story dha you make witha handful of other protagonist and a nar ‘ator who has ao contel over the heroes ‘The art of roleplaying is getting deep into the haracet and the saga. The entie game is about you ‘being another person in thie alternate teal You will ‘evenually earn what your characte’s goals are, what ‘makes your charaeter angry, and what gives your char- acter oy- Thats roleplaying at its finest But lets be real. there's anoQher part to this co- Jeplaying game. You want to be awesome, and you want ta be the best Perfect Unen! This system Is designed to ‘make evesyaspect of roleplaying fun, and that includes ‘person of thing you moot {oa flerce in ‘You as the Narrator Dia you get the bug? Did you get the wage to make _your own ar, see how your finds make it Yarough, ‘overcome seemingly Impossible odds, and fight of Uoat villain that you've Boon secretly fleshing out forthe past yea? Don't worry, this Is normal. It happens to all of When you narrate, you're given a very special duty ty the pliers. You ae Dre to ensure Ua they ae tenjgying themselves, and that their characters are gain ing all of he thls and excijements you could possibly end to them If this ls your st time, be prepared to have fun ‘Thats both advice and a fact ~ narrating i exciting in ‘ways that players could never understand. Ifs engeg- Ing, challenging end requires a very acive imapinabion, “Moce so than anyone else at Jue table, you ae helping to bull story: When you take on the mantle of the mas ator, you get the pleasure of challenging your fiends, rewarding them for ther victories, and creating a saga ‘of great totes Ya/l ll gomember for years to come Sounds promising, doeesLi? Creating the Party Within Tephra, we often recommend that people play sw tee a five players and narrator. youre up (3 the challenge, more or less players might be a bette for you. (And yes, lest an thre players can be quite ‘Shdlenging, ot only having » couple adventurers can ato a rather demanding geme!) 1 youre having a hard ime geting players just catty tis Book in a publi pace ors couple hours. Be fors long, youll hee ange horde of people wanting {2 pliy (oeging probably. And if Ut does work 99 to Jour lca gaming shop and ask hem if Dy have ay ‘tuggesbone. Mot gaming stores wil eve places where _you en port tht yr looking fr players Our frre ‘gaming stores wil also have dedicated Tephra nights rer week Pel ty sdeburns Dy an help you get a _grme going or finds game for yo toon ‘Once youve gotyour group together, youll need one person {2 be the marae and everyone ele ill ‘ed to make characters. Go Uough ou fat and eaty Chraefer creation process (ven Chapter 2), and 4008, youl be on Board your airship, aking on zombies and ‘hy pistes with a Junin one hand anda saber clenched between your tet " s > pee i a Steampunk Is one of those genres that ssems to en tyance people at roon at they see I, something Uhst sparks (hele Inner eveabily. I appeals to our love for the past and the marvels of Ue futire, combining them Ino a world of our own making, However, despite be- ing easly identifiable as you valk down the street or Took through a stare window, defining steampunk is Alifcult tak caused hy the broad interpretation of what “steampunk” i. From steampunk proper to dieselpurk, biopunk to clockpunk and s0 matly mor, hese are as many different flavors of the movement as there ate of ‘the musi. That being said, there are unifying Uremex Uroughout Diem al s0 no other tile ean truly encape date jut what the word steampunk ental (On the surface, seampunieis an aesthetic move- ‘ment one that halls back tothe Victorlan (mes and the Indust evolujon, a se when the ne and outs of & ‘machine could be understood and mastered hy singe ‘man. A ime when you con look a he inner workings of our technology and follow the cranks, plstons and _geus all the way ffom the Boller to the whesle, WIth & tious mind, Ue and paence, ay man could master this new technology Steampunk fakes this mindset snd rune with it As many felt during the Victorian er, in Steampunk anything is possible! twas also ducing Yue Victorln Era when both rman and society began to change. Following onthe heels ‘of the Enlightmeni, thousands of slaves were freed and ‘amide cass was establshed. ‘The eure of Colonial ‘gm was in fll swing around the world; evolujons were ‘occurring that threw out old rulers, building new gov ‘ernmenjs in their stead, Everyone had a hope for bet- ter brighter future Steampunk i more than just the aeshetes of proper London gentleman with his tllred! coat and top Jha and ifs more Yan Ue social reforms and explora {Hon of the Victotan ea. In fact i's more than the Past fever was Sleampunk is looking at a world that could Ihave been during a time where the Vietorians thought anything war possible. Who cares Ut sky-pletes n= teligent clockwork automatons, machine-powered un- dead, time machines and ray guns never existed? The Victorians bellved someday stearpovered airships ot exnnons would allow us to reach Qhe moon. la fre ‘of our own creation, why can't there other things ex- Isl just at easly? A world influenced fom Qhe pas, but Steampunk purely created by Uhose who live now. A world in which anyone can experience an adventure. Steampunk is what you make of i In Tephra, we give reasons for why these things are possible. We have forsaken following Earth's history and instoad come to land on = nev world, word in ‘which heir india evolution took a drastically difer- nt path than that of our own. Here, steampunk Drives in a world full of steampowered machinery, clewore creations of massive scale, entre continents of unex plored wilderness and lot clvllzajons jut waiting to ‘be re-discovered. You ean hop on an airship capable of mae x Toe dente way mgr co iit Pointe, Damage, and all that stuff [Alot of your atin wll be dermine hy he specials Ua ‘ousctt he ste tat you gal and he ace ayo choose BL hea, eal cloctwork. Once you tar bulding hater eveything ie wl filet place sae (0) ‘Action Points (AP) During your urn you hive acon pins you can spend ome, ‘acs do vist ayn, Enya hw com pol ont rough some ate (wns of, can he dane ay Yo) [RETAPSe Your acton pote nfs a De ‘nd of you uth 8 a san a your tur ends You ny sit wing sets tat dain your next Bate on pot poo. [RepLsxives: You can uso ston pnts flay When youve alae jours a wl fat you can act in sp cod, Tats when wing you AP ese Rifles ace acon pin you can use out-of em ‘ou might ae «tpi fr example: ut lows Jou ume tn font ofan coming bul foram aly terpostion, oe ner the Reece wl). Ts spec ore 2 acon pois ffeil bic you may do any Be a ly ing tel ‘Yor eoe ston putt om out of ae oes we pot of ‘ton pon. Sof you sed inrposigon ‘your nex een jou'd nly hee 1 acto pinion "You scion point pos! Incentes ceri level: You find ot Di et [Turn Order wen comet begin every combat ole te pir tat Ing a"rn oder” Every start he combat wi i acm sls ul 0 Dy casa making reflec aeons igh ey ‘Th person withthe highest psy go ot. Tt prey ould thn uce ay of Ur mon pon Dg ve atone ‘hoe done, thir acon poe fh A person cn ove sv action ois forthe net ‘When your action pan fecha iting ard eet nd _olng to at norma awe Any atjon plas fo your peo item tye i ot ue ae tes go aad ee Ausibutes ‘Yur abuse ae Ye hay bling blocks of your carer Utes reflect your panini your skies ese se tf of Diet Evy ol fae we ome of our fe ay ates trate, cunning dere spit and siences One poe ele ‘yours nd pte sll under hoe ates op our olen Dat atu ‘You find yourself ung abuts both in and ot of combat Atbues ste ud oes pil nace chy potions ond all ther manner of sonpspions Hf ove being (ck. Su it wih owe conning mts foun a g down the . Mechanism hegtcmgt fot @ been Rt inthe end youd reset geting a concussion wih your rte tte “ibe, stiles detrmine how wel you interact, wh people and the sting. How sly you con steak are Sepends om your dexteny Holding the door con cnr ty bean veut. Any Peyote ng comince sombody of meting, you aour Canin Tago ‘testa hse fe abutes wl be hays fa. your share st ep im gs Hit Points $; Wounds i pois ae a seflecon of a characte foughes and vl power tbecpon fighting, Dung comb every ime n chaste Eucesfuly it eit ple wl acca I al of = char ‘ter tpl ee delat + crc gine ae wound ‘Wounds ate subranbal damage taken tote chute bly {fom suo o oop gow on esting Nee ‘Your ht pln ae determined By you epee ond ‘te amount of wounds ou ane wl ster a it pont are ony In fc wile youre ready fra {Yon When jour carat ose ins ose commer of forsome avon nt paying slong tpn dont ome Ing ig. Ar’ Une you ret whe not prepared, te damage oe ronght ne your wounds po ‘Wounns Dasact: Every te yu take woud dm- age.your character fess grrou hit When go le wo ‘Rimage jou aon ur aed tot ehut and take ie mond effect fom fat esto. Ifyou red at Han fo xa Your would be amused and you'hav «had ne oping yt wt 1f youre ht hy an aac and you ran ot of wounds, you immedinty andor onthe elle hot chart ee fora fb ffec Hf you ald “Left Han gain or Be ft {sey Jour had wosld be erred sto cd never ue Ba ta all of your bit pins wl Se turned [Nerunty Hens Worn: Your wound wil ei te you ate rte of ce oun per dy Your pos of woud > kty tbe much mac Ben go i pois a es longer genet them Be earful when you Ia wound hand pun (lear omc could CE ou prot ‘Though Be might sound bud f youre nicky enough fore ‘Ackland acon your head you're fleet inrtnens seo ‘Once youte oul of wounds every Une you ake dam age youl fr fatal fect Priority Poy determines your tum onde: Py epeeent a har ters awareness of ei cusreatetinmen{ sd Uh seins fhe sanion To deermne progr each payer inared In obo wl rl and add ay bores poy tat Dey hes Aplayer may request oe given lcums(nela oma ty conan ie natatse With poe ebeson ene Ie the ight to gran he player «bonus Be py (ae ima $3) This epic done when ercter rend for combat ha fhele ever drawn ae ning (0 9 Thi c= ‘cs they to go before the gy ting In ees, dang ge of wns Mute payers may equet he ene but fhe ae {or nor aia fo aod If oo many people cen jy ‘ring pity bonus, Den every rin Be a {Bots shoul probly Jost go woe any Samus. 1 he charcee are ready fr (9 combat befor the combat ty begins gy cam be im Dee ances and have le ‘weapon ad done Damage Classes espont aod most ache have damage cases. Phe danuge Clue of weapon varer based he ssf Ue weapon. Lge ‘ele weapons, for example, Moves damage ler of whe feng melee weapons haves damage claro ® ‘Tye damage class determines hav ch damage il ofr any ge Uo Hf you get» Be I reo our damage det Sal be eg! othe dma clan Hf you ge er 2 rea ie “mage deat yl be ice the damage coe Tee 3 ple he ‘mage an Most esity pu the damage you del fr a tack ua jour damage dus ne i Uae Stories Stoo ar meme of vente par age ou take wah you. Uwoushout your hitng jour, Sais weno ace sites fo gou to ue Dy ae spy Pat expoencs hat ake oh als you face now irene foo or herder ‘You have nme ces before you even sit you dys am adorn sch ot past joo expences am the form cigroundStorien oe nfo wid ferent expen ‘ough Membership Storer All eer Seer stached (Yur ‘character are awarded Ry your Nera Ft force, soo ‘omnuly act rade apd rlges jour Naat may choo 0 {ge you Ue Yobbise Perna Slog aed you ginal of De Romater and penaldes ut go log wit Hove hol pour persona change nd go cea your rua your Nae fly witha tol ight to ae Dit Sey ng Some Store ae om the aher ard permancat midi rtof your arc tnd caning wh +8397 mea gow Inve (9 do someting exyemaly esi bed of Ie Thi of Sours would come ine form of ifient Slory taking De formers place: Peet example of tise Allein Ses ich = hat feck your chests pea make-up. L eee = ‘Awarding Stories sce are emily gen out and then away atyourdacrton if yo don't el Me giving payer Soy tay eee to met "A Osi AL he same ine Sain mk aden acer at much more excing A payer can o up nob sm show Bem he Stores ir charter ae cacted a= yb of pide On Dor nd of the apse, Sones em also bein your arsenal of wenpons agate play. f spar haep ing to melo Fgh with chr abomia ins tat ue lat trees ha he sora stack ot Survival Guide: Ia Rule #1 of the Infantry Pave se ot ae cual battle, dot the eve to nt as your shield ATTACKING teching isa simple procent. Both combatants the attacker to hit and the defender to evade Ifthe accuray mets exceeds Ds evade, De atack lane. Them he atacker ol fo ke and he defender roll for defense. The damage cat i based onthe weapon used andi pt agains ered rerl- The defente works the sme wy soaking an amount of damage based on tho mor worn Accuracy nen dsivering anata you must stand it You trae a suc sui eget ref them feng mors ccd eee ite VS Evade When receiving an ick, you want to evade it The sigacker aes an accuracy roll again the defend (Pe evade If the evade exceeds ie aco, De at ‘ck mise, Defense 1m preparation for an incoming blow he target ea lee his defenses. Rll agin add your deena, and| them er he ser. The er wil hens damage {fom ie opponent tac Strike JOnce you are eure hit an stack has landed, how ord ese hte decided Ure your oll ade your sks and hen tere eels The ot will Un dea the indicated amount of damage to he defender vs Specialty Attacks Normally, melee sticks rogue 2 action points (unarmed stacks quire 1 AP end angod ajacks ary). Characters an rake unlguc attacks using specialties for extra action points Mary spells wil be Iabeled a ancl # AP" There fore, when you decile fo make «special tfc, you snounce the aac and spend the (tal action point cst in ode io atompt "Yee may sack ep tach ft hove enuagh ann pine td ao. Recap f you have two specials nat both oy melee attack HAR” you tng tk yout mele sack (for 2 action pon) and add bol specales onto (att acon point aplecs). which would be single aick Dist comte A AP to make careful though if your opponent manages to evade, ou'e jus used ation pong on single allack! You cannot add single tack modifying epoca vices owevee How WE RoLi Explaining how to soll a single die may seem asinine, but I'm going to doit anyway (but only because we nave two special rules about die rolling) ules lis1 Tis rule simple. A roll of a1 rule in a1. Whenever jou roll a1 on your twee-sided die, your are not allowed {had anyphing tot We don't cae if you ve a #48 in brats when jou rol Yat you recede “The only exception to thi rale regard negatives 1f you have some penly on yout oll (ouch as being ind which incurs aon aceuracy rl) 1 not x Negelives il aply. So our blind scours rll was not sites a3 sale? Pure 12s Roll Again gs yu if. youl a pur 12 (ain on i wee= sided ei bowing). you rll apa, You then add your few tll 12 in onder fo determine he esl you ell 12 again, you hosp on going. Juste clea f you oll 1 aftr rong #1 the reste 18. Rule #1 0 longer apes 1f you a ling «12 randomly to determine ‘tt called shot location you hi, this ful need not apply. ions Attack (Cosr:2AP for Mos Weapons, 1 AP for Unarmed [tacking somebody can be anything fom sabbag wih Jour ‘pe singing you whip tong one pel Yow chore = (biyet and you sack ‘Your choice of weapon determines tow many acon ponte thong wl ure cn pos Your damage ‘Bao detrined ty jour cole of wesfon. [NotsLerua Artic You old jou bows jt «Bue ‘i aiming for aren tht wont Ml the eso, You an mae 4 ‘a-ha tac jun He» repuleaace however the OPPO” en ies any wounds damage, he dace thee ol om the Sounds fect chart Instead of ing, Un opponent fas uncon ‘lou upon acing O wound Called Shot Cont Atek #1 AP Somines you do just win oat her Sometimes yeu vant tesa theo inthe jen sma Dr ngs or Heh Dt in Oe bls: These opdons ae Called Sho ‘To mae a clled shat coone one of the 12 bey pits of the bay ound on the Caled Shot pages = oun Paget Set and make an ajc The ack he ny ober tbe, excep htt eguesOne en acm pa od Tu, allo slack made cal shot would be fre acon ain whereas alld shot (ha wat uaed ule bw 96- Now let's see what you can do. on polns Calle sot cas be made with ange wenpons Every cle shot zeae The ssi e Based on _your suk, or which Uh ge mst fl De peop Tite and exceed youre oso, Stacxine CaLueD SHOT EFFECTS The effects from cated shoe do not stick If somhody Ie dinted fom “ted sho the bran ano aed otf he bran wl nly enw effect not double Acad soto Ds oe ke {hem beck) orotnning om va sealed sof the nes athe nf exception CCautso Suor iN WouNDS FATS A called shot hile the ets in wou fal effects el atomically it ‘Dat nealon, There's ao need sol randy (For tit eon, any people wil do cle tol pea ean once» er ‘fom hat enched wounds ad fal othe ead chest) Deflect (Cont 1 AP interuption Shi ae used for deflecting incoming attacks To make 2 held efetjon, you must be wing 1 hd ern Ot ‘tm you ean mae #deflecon with) and bein he proces of ‘eng stnlod Then, you can mae fic otmpL Wh yo elect wih sll cot oul clon pol snd you gus Soyo ender Draw or Swap an Item cos: AP {You may neap weapons oe pl oun em (uch a ilo oe one) for one mon pon Enter a Stance Cos: AP {You my ent tnce for Lacon point You cen oly Ben ne ance ats time. Often Bnew combo ina yo inal Coronel eine scene, sing mare pe Ay Bee tae on apace stance, he effects of he stance emai ac Ure uryou we knocked bus, oched prone or at pire leche out four stnce. You must then seen the tance b> ‘um he Bene At eet the nly acs Jour chara Knows tow tv eter he "oon smce ted wild Super Heng "gms You con tar moe sie Drough cern pec. Grab Contac an Unarmed Ata (LAP) ot Whip Attack @AP) Grabs at simi o called shot, bu rahe han iting them there, you grab thers Your goa leno to deal damage Dut luke hold of your opponent und mat their movement choose a alld shot locaton, then rol your acounigyyermur hel evade just at though Jou were doing 1 normal tlack However, you do not dea damage. Ifyou fund the atic the beget i geabbed Once you ga Be >= ponent few rules app: 2 Neier you Hr Ue tged can ve wou aking the = 2 The tet cam att to Break fe fort AP by making “Stber abate or desert cei psn our bute dak Jes You can ago for son Ponte ef yo gr the gee ad, te tage cannot we te ‘Span tem, or ahi that hand (bona oping 1, Throw | ser Beate (er dows) Com 2AP ‘Air eucenily grabbing prson, you may then Yow them Rollyo Brae determin how wellyou rw Dem For ey er acre that the opponent rll fi Brus were sffct yt Ut Note smal crests euch gpomen and mon ‘hima az Bron a ional fe Opponents row 5 fe Opponent ie row 10 fet Opponent ero 1 feta ene pone Opponent ie tron fet nd sno peo Move coe: AP You au eto move 2 fet fora single etion point Cerin c= {5 re goomen sd sys) hive diferent mvemen peede © Ready a Firearm ‘Many fem requir you to rely Vem Dees etch ling, ‘Tat can be simple cocking back he hammer or ar orp ‘maa louding the net all depends onthe fet You ‘hafind ot mors about readying fice in he Gear cape Stand Up Cost AP Someimes fier youre ren knocked prone, you jut ded 0 ind buck up Dos for ston pont, ‘Not, koetng doesnot con any acon pot ou ne ding tas coma cj. Tun yo auld ea ei tow wal no atom pots he wa only fot al, ugh your nara might ut at You need Yat acon Poin 9 ‘own nt flat poten snd ond wp fom i Sunder Cost aan Ace Reser Deseny (Were down) amaching te person, te atc again he weld - i 18, 2 vi of poi sums ace Wim wiser Inset despaged when ached (sch polng empleo ses). Weapons as Bie Bt ong ‘A mele weapons damage cae decrease every Ye aie apuck ty asunder The Yr of the tack wal indent ow tach ve weap daring cls tresses or esa Yor Prick would decease nets wenpon Ry 2 damage claesA ‘under made gun ream cronow or bow ier as fee {re lowering te dara cas 2 for every er of he ance “The dete reset le he effect down agus a seeapon (of you get er 9 dete res Lowers De fet {yD if ed again anor te sy deed by under, the deterrent ca oly Maat By Blng ar vet ‘Ge aah ‘A damaged weapon cn be eae ding a bce. ‘Miscellaneous Actions "There are a wide ay of he atone. may Wk ae ‘lin combat Here ea tof jut some of those atone Across AP Cove Breking + Window vap Opening 1 Door wap Ping a Laver war Called Shot Locations eflexive Reflexive attacks are attacks that you ean make when fan opponent leaves Uaemselves open. They are just lke ‘boca aiache = Unt fn Diny cont Ue sue onl of ‘ction points and you can upgrade them with your spe clalies - but they cam happen outside of your turn. And remember, your action points reset athe end of your turn, so after your ten, yout back upto ful For mont people, there are two actions tht leave 1 person open to reflexive alack: lensing cover and us- ng, consuming, or drawing an item, acKSs ‘Actions you can do in an instant, Leaving Cover Can only be made with ranged auacks If gunman is hiding behind a crate and leaves cover te take «shot, everyone can {ake shot at im, because he i now open, If somchody is standing behind a yee and walks ‘ou fom behind the Yee, anybody witha gun ready ean take a shot Using an Item Can only be mace with mele a 1f somebody pulls out an accel push potion, or fips on their unusual gadget within melee distance, anybody within melee range can make 1 reflenive altack, FicHTING out of ComBat Fighting out of Combat may soundlke an oxymoron, butt occurs any time where the defender snot fihing bck. If you are stabbing somebody In thelr slop, knocking somebody ups ‘the head while Uhey have ther back ured, oF opherwise dealing damage to = perzon who dosent think Dixy In combat, you are fghiing ‘out of combat, No Hit Points ‘Whenever a person nota east partly ead fora fight themseles they eke direct wounds damage Hit point ate 1 reflection of combutstzmina, and person who the back, you take wounds damage Coup de Grace cost 3 AP. notin combat as noi poins Therefor. if you ae stabbed in [Acoup de grace ia melee attack spmifelly mean oll somebody. Thy can' be ihting back, moving of other Wise defending themselves The ali! deals direct damage fo hee wounds an they must all on fe wounds random cffects chart In coup de grace, the taker takes a pure 12 on Qe sik ol wi Ye fers (per a masa on {het defense "Knot OUT: A character can make a non-ehal coup de grace hat works exactly ikea coup de grace, excep atthe target falls unconscious wpon reaching 0 wounds and dace cave wounds random effects s Called Sho Pp “we “we we Head Eyes Ears Neck [Adelie ths heedyil die When + mec ace When a aces ck AR odbc ops ‘en Jou Mii cgantgmrsew nde epuimtyo rind eck on eo gor ga {sine Tach pole per_ i grt yar ag be euom your hewn’ ber tng frum ae Ee) nbl Re cndofgeer sometuacy Ghicyyous nce hay ingrown A sce men on ncaa) 2 on sr) Sah coda sb apna ut al ined go memo oe om sekstis your chon Yyou {ake wounds damage. Disosiented Blinded Deafened Bleeding Rngicow “nedenetce. pu'tinicd Gijon jovdnjenctanilyorcas ce Mein Boss ‘wid indcnctyorioe kes ene Yor suer hes eae Youn nw ene pl, Tieden puntpe bem ani Stowscanay andreas anevada and any of wounds dnge ey Sit te aantongt fort rt modyonéanet peal Boge tea afr Be we [ben perd pln of dam get oppecnt you ser speng oe peeing you ike fe woud, tod peer deattoges Eee erecta" La et npr Jeet nent or tro damage Be 2 om ths won Sotdeatisye ‘Any ett soto tigen hen or ‘i eck int at ‘ope een Fatal Effect ken whenever you ake damage and have no more wounds oi pola Beheaded. Blind Deaf, Slit Throat you ended aot Af othe ays ler A olf hee ee out ch ee fo Meeinevoty die jou permanent Bsc oupermaneny feed. abo leo Yousuf ice scare Sou tr 3 onerde sdf our on bem andres ages esd oy at SLi ug erponcois gue tang seating, Jor cat bie nig or peeing 2 nk Jour gpa pemanctiy but acon Laing yout “loge Stu vende yt car permaory ope a ‘joey {A gon tow w De oe Sia “Seat end owen bck eS at fers poi Broken Ribs ‘Suey a can sma bo ‘lure sitet Pimeaaamatet ¢ feel you asad ie 1 ‘Sf pin Thin wound vt nay me yee Jour poet Ss Effect tnken whenever you take damage and have no more wounds of hit points, Stain taut, Weunded and Fata effects cannot be resisted. [Abo De inmates ‘online tw pan ‘ting ou some ‘Avetpck agate sm teers frye ‘ny al at wad a fhe ton aa han sch rained a, le ea of Su oe ‘Wounded Ae ook the Band See apt tl one on pa Effect teken whenever you take wounds damage. Purge Youre body tags progeiei You tn ae Sega ego me tn and you sy congo ring lef tre Gutied Posed othe welds a porire bee ot Oe Toa ou cen Rem 10 Polat rage cou BL pon) bore te Seg arent Sprained Arm eee eine ae bog se apc fr sou tld ge th ‘bat taming hat Joao win been mere eee eal Pe woud Fatal Severed Arm ny tae et erp Alot {Short wot a ter ecm c's thing eg srt = Sing) ee» on Se ed fa pene oat Jou souety' pee reread te by. eng fon ares pm tye ae fot pent te AP any ah Bruised Hand ut and i ead king nga Peed opting i tht hun wo freowe duty youre eee Severed Hand SS ore tae SS ai te {se Set goose it wo sty awe onde (6 a fing someting Shed cng) wk Se te rl Hat ened mee col ba wl oa Ruwulns Gem yer ont oper ot AP aye thei exceeds he fo fre ed Gssbown) the ale stot eed Mit Others Les ‘aa st ee ber ip goo to ‘th ‘eer en We ae owed yout AP bine a eo of oe na ton. iy jou tr joie boat roe ua yon Meee. Ws Fron you mgr on St alle cia ‘re ite, md ees tein std up forts Sprained Leg ur eg i pane You ape S20 anger moe men sped ugh you met be dpe bln ini 3 fet) ae poet Cinging ‘Journ The wound al ‘eee mem Severed Leg eto. youre eee fu safe 0 on yr een sped ugh _Jousane be opp Se Bo minim oo 0 ‘Arvigo ioe soto crm, Boi, sting fera-on thera ay Sica permeen Soper wean yt ting fom ser ing vl re gon ain oe 900 go ot spent ati 3 AP eT ributes [Avior are Yc elie pisces of your character Your at tis determine how fours Bo elu ph back, owe Tang you scne polos: ow cl you process information. tnd ese pe of scone Pat ambodycon do "Those fest! bv, cunning, det tna science You wil at wih 4 3e0n each of ese tute Sts egg sine nyo ors och tybute ha ac sil ht al underneath ‘As you gum pointing ly sd up allo ie lls unde be ‘ts Powe ut what your arte sae ‘Using Attributes ach hate wil ncade «vary of ificet opine you can to Ut bute foe. Desi, for ctu wed wen pe ing peopl, cing is, tying to betsy tempting > goes It gh poo eine Ua our handye ool ‘nn going fo roe valu ‘Anybody can do anything Inte under atte Using suse ees ining or el Mont people wl simply be ‘Reroge inv ate och mea ogy ave um) Obert Sit otel in hem esists Alor bes ht fet somebody cnn also be rested The ‘ont comman eit of sore, jour ede and defense who Sisces your goa eto Jap ou of the ya hose ame “pe Bat ae ypc sks wil fen eal for atte bed Bin Wen yu need ois Deed fet eho tute fens jou sly tower th emu, a Dc ably affects Jo Upp er for erty Wer you sccle ver tet Sof. you wore ing your rte te ei aint + marque poton nd [Jou made’ Ger 2 bru jou ould were pnon's marque by bing of fected ar ough were a argue 2p Nope fo fee Narre ‘When to Ask for Attribute Rolls |e sacng when asking fr tbat ot On one hat compe win your power ack Ue payer 0a Dodging Blasts Ap Dewenity win) Ang vine jou are ofc hy» Bat (omeing at ofc » Inge aes) you may tempt orp otf the as ae Ite 1 pln sen you mayo ove wp toyour ot ost ino 0 get out ofthe ia ange Ts f Deeg of ih an oon fort wy ado ky ave 30 fot ave mont poe, Deen no wy you eam jump Ou of Ce a ae To ode 2 encom jump tof he Bla re you ut ol gor estan sane =r eu ei! o he Ur rime of Oe Bln Town» Det 3 Mar wold requ « Bet Sabon sein ser fo ump out of HT aioe fom moral cna vlc eu yo esi + Yor nal one ‘ger tan De Ue or ma of Ds sly inode oily set » Ifyou fll to goto of the Sat area, you move othe ie of the ates ube sree win H) 20d ae {he normal damage, which ou anol tou, f pose Social ‘wen Interacting with other characte, ite nearly impos sible te quai how lkely Uy ae bllve youre or how stuocn hay are toward your wild came Instead you can search for Bsr soa le. Thee are Qacie omrverba ‘ves, often made unconsciously, hat pay» charles n= ‘ner thoughts. You might be iin to decide if = man iy Ing Sueceetuly rouding nis cial oe might You nobee ‘is nweaty pal, hie shifting eye, and hit conan check ng of hs watch Ry this point youl hare peel good den athe ying Socal ell are anything but abrolu, Hl may lok ike he's ying, but i eae might jut Be late Fr ory Important business mecting ‘The goal of social ell is to ‘guide you toward the answer without aight saying, "The ffllow te cleaty yng” The decison on how te ac once youve observed somebody’ social else el upto. you ‘Acharacter will se soca lly ling hei cun- hing and ering the esl Tells ‘hen carne lo determine ome tll te arte wil describe hy aspect of the ge depending on he success [fhe rll For example, you might be atemping to dace 1h ying. opening om howe el you Fa you ght et De folowing eral (Di rte seems rather sweaty, despite (Re chil in. Ye room, Prey rch anybody would mote i Ho evry bff when he tale Hes not mating many gerturce,hesnt losing yin Ue gee pot Fes eae. otis mimo ems force. He's srathing bhi es Sh ioking inne he dove hgh cs abou to Be rescued ortmake = gulck get-ay He esp ooking al ‘As the cet for scl ge higher te nator igh gi {you siher mae information or more wef iformation Resisting Social Tells ‘hen person begin ooking for soil ll, gy oe tetng {healer information Ofer crctrs ght be sua of thet ‘cil pl nd amp ode Qe As ch can os a ‘ing eit whic wl er down he payers on. Aer some characters jut wave scl ole | man ho own fr hi ae eestor my ane fe esol tan he might needa Ber Sor er 4 ours Ot, be a ells Control Remains with the Character ‘The sock el pte i designed o hulp a character convince {ihere or maniulte ca sutln- However, Pe rae ‘ce of ow fo ac temains ws he adventurers and NPC The parse ol tld ety, "Tes eg or ke the NPC whole sing intimidated i not freed tack down breaue of «good ral Ther deine shi be made i ah ht chteter ond ow ty would ac (he Information Using Social Tells Lie Detecting ss: Canning ers down) wen smebody has made a stiement ht you ke ca temp to detect he Yu ca sk level | confidence an conviton, how strongly they mabe the ste ent, wheter Dey seem nervous eon mayo 2 essay seating, When sou roll tet th bet an eset wih ee om cus back dow xi dun, or suddenly fr owe grat ty pet information o > get pat» poco sbi when go re stemoting i pay» ued ying find jus igh singe sy neds 2 make the Lye le apres leva ear, but ply cate round making ive yt aa of jou ‘Unlike mos socal lls the eget wll py ee ‘when. yourol fr roca el 0 prove person sou rookng fora may geyoue mao your get ee oper a smn gu igh reg ng ermine tins cone Soft Cover so cover le anything tnt share an opponents von but ean sence Gogh For instance f youre Ming be iden say» cae scent» set the eronent cn il ack you ough that of cover Softcover causes the opponent wick you bay using ato te aces rf he opponent can barb ee you (ines shadow of you through Ue screen), hey on ic 2 he scary “This sw double-edged wort if yo cant acest tt now De stchng yoo tf hese penal on ‘When an opponent bind # wal thick see of fn, a a ther peso ny hae re ‘Cover giver yo bom yout eae ral, Du can to cet called thot Toston and prove biing places Tet ae ur degree of one = poor ight meu a ey. Each de i of cove geans rote potecton ‘Cass SH Locarions: When ate bind coer, _yocan choose eran called tht tocar: ne creed or example, yout dig behind» able om i sie, the ae might ‘Dunks mere cine and coer of oor led shot ncaone excep your hed which ou pcking ones Ue able wh i eer {see your aged). gow gum band nd your am f you need a called shot lenin to perfor a atom, Yee you can de behind cover (ke fou ae using a hengy tat ues bot hos al ts alo ea (2 tence god (2 oneal al of (home rogue ale Hho cao) ‘When ou ate cove des wha orto ou ing wd low Jou sd your marae omnke gen all as of fhe ocaon aden no ou te lime decison oft he surat) Tor seampl gow might hough ony your hed ane were ‘hpones bu one se your foot hing ou and ks hottie These aca cal wie abou be making ve ume ‘atiruch mor fa “A pot leah o person erp 2 ee shot eine w Ant, couc, ore ight ovr up eds tone f ‘Alage ts bare ech or around he corer Miedium Gort up 9 ele st ocaone Around fl al, che bein frie Ficmy ir ne som ‘Taking Total Cover (Cone: 1AP (orate ed of + movernend ot ston point or ate end of neyo can ik fil n= behind an set (ht would normally ony geet etn ey cover Thi peal he st of king down ahi Ye over or pesing Sous agate ‘Once youve (len oa ener, can peek out fm bind ht corer en retin fr O aca at Gch pling _your he ou fom around cv). Bing ws however, doce oun "eaving cove” and slows chante rng weapons te tae rates apc agai oe Melee Attacks versus Cover “Though cove sw constant concern for med takers ican tetearso forprope crying mele weapons Wie» wal can be ‘ret fe pesking coc hed sound once tat person cons tn ‘ht saber tht wal nt going ob dag mach, ‘ema object (uch a8 frie and vegetation) can provide cove sermon, cha fe jut mone ‘ound lager objects (uch lange bees ota. Firing Blindly Woe aking total cover, ou cam alas shoots tre nly your oppanents When you ir Mn you a sly tere ing your hand (he one ing he gun croibony or ong te ‘wepn) or and foe ing we-handed ang weap ‘how Tals preven enomlos om oretg our tal neapons, {they ca aw only tage your hal), However, ou Nae difiy aiming the get wie fang winaly You ake atom your accu lagen ono ‘atyou shoot (sty a hou ou were nd) If you do ol now where he enemy ie bt hoon Be comet section your naraa neon) youll nfo atom the acer al Hiding Spots Hiding apts ae lca ware you can ke yours den fiom delooars: You en wee duty, hen talcoves a ‘iding spots acon of ing nw ding pot count ok ing tel cover, Once goat a ou hog spot eae can ral fo oie you ogy mt search for you [Nomic:Atemptin to “notie” somebody ix pat: sve acon. Wh 2 eharrter noice somthing Bey did tout any ra efor iho cel searching fr what they “old: When a person pares ea anh pets hg Po, ‘hy Doh sll canning (is he hing peron gaining «as bane on thei degre of covet If De parson ving Hy ects freuen ie person hiding (hy a” that re 8 some oy ming vee ‘Medium 4c the caning rl to hie the dogs of (Cover covered behind lon No bopuron the cunning sit hid a he de Cover gies of come fs pl ing pot Bot 4.0 he cing lo de a he dee of cover ea fing Sanne: Searching i armich mare nvled proces 1f someone mys euch behind he rok” and tare acted ‘shlding hind he oc, hy wl somal Bd at person ‘Te acu must be specie (ein atone eae eo eno psi enugh ty mus 4 hy Sent Behind the ‘tan and ine he oe). 1, somebody found hag, bop may opie ay The wlan wl get ct es often nestling he chance (Btmmeditty ram eget suprise Precipitation & Wind Prcnton ad wind ean rove over os ke ter eat aim styour ge Yow arr il wh as toe wn dering «cover bons pond fom proc ton and win Tag tan ab nce ce fr Cpt ting oer cd bel ean coe Eat ie to hing ue Yo ea Soe ane ce S S Bleeding My Une joe tng youre ting It pot damage wt oe hi tae ete tw pnt jou ar wing Sade damge Norma being wil occur when he vis ‘Mon points ces and le un! toppe. Ti damage cannot ‘Ruled rough normal defence Being fect otc vs ster bleeding oc Tar every 1 ction pin pont 0 sopblesding 5 blew damage is negated se ton pln mast be spent hy or the ein a character adjacent oD cm Blinded 8 Poor Vision ‘When yo blinded nol dake or ju pin ca ee ur “prow you Uke af onal aces aed evade rl agua inf yo into lvls of ight fg, oust have someting Jour quay bikes -2on accra ad evade ral Burning ‘When you ao fe you wll fer unsokable damage every {hem ad he fe il damage or dete yor equipment. Th fc cam be pot ou fo «cape aon poi dpening onthe Si of he fre “The igh fae sch a a seppng in cmp fi or splot stermath You eke? woos oatge per ben andor in your pomerson ae ‘Sno t el func? atom pon wl put fieou “Thiel large fi, Hke fo sanding in camp tr bing ify a ude source uch a= och You {bee tnsoaable damage per rn a all wooden, ene, tnd hh em to our psreson are de> ‘syed or unateabie 4 action pons wl put De fre me "Thief ouside mean such a llora ‘Scheie soures- You ake 8 uvontable dogs per (Gen and esi co ad wooden enw in your owtnnon ae sede unuable 8 con pln i pt ou te fe “Thin «hgh Intense fe caused hy lmao full Ingen om i te abe damage pe url mea your posrearon,inchadng Mel es are ‘Eenagd em point of bing nate un epie acon pointe wl pu out De Fe Tent Text Tus Tena Burnt, ‘Bm con be pli, ebittating wound that el vy slow enc tusta amorwnonfotble fo wee apie ret {Seon Fr specif cal bot burns consider givin eu penal [hes teabae wen wing Ue burned ody cate fp eampe, burned hands igh take climbing Yr we > ee ects x cnng tncats inet egy ful where at burned feet lad suite player toble when tempting feng footer Tong veh rue Ds county {You have minoe burs om oy a ke al n= ong stn sing just» Met -mre. You suf To a fone rats ‘You have acter Int egtee buns tha make defer Ig fiat You wert 3 teal fea rl "You he major 2d dese burns ha Bur wen Jo rom move You suf #5 oll defense ll YYoive been tne incre badly Several te St eet en? Teas ‘runs iiss burn ming isnot ipsa othe TBE Yow wf oll defense rll. Deafened Wie deafened you sue 4-2 on evade ol You seo ae hat 1 ang al tat regues stning, speaking, o performing sound-bied ston Disoriented “When ote dissented, you hae ahd me ating abou You Tine ane scan poi pe arn a you ae doen. You 8 sents youl ly spending Suton pon Drowning ‘when you ru ou ofa ke rt olf ac ur uni ou hee agate ale Tho get es fool epi a Ue 2 Sncreses each urn un yu ful at which ee youre knocked fut fou de whi Dee urs of fling unconscious if youre Enraged Rage dies pcron to act with one goal In mint dees “thurs ing Dm angie Ax suc, when you ae enraged Jou mufr #2 al ale when ding saying ter then at Taoing whatever earaged ys You gu #2 secur) ah sthem aching he object of your age. You may spend 2 acon Fringe at any me > lea our heed alm down, erorng Yow age Fatigued ‘When gous flgued, your maxim ht pot fe reduced ay ‘rel sounded dow Th if you semaly Rave 17 poi it ts be fig you ste he gh ih 8 plas Fear Pour comes in many forms andi aut by many hinge In !memoton of power [a eases non nd eres t Bo ‘fll Fart one of Oe mos basal power! emotion in Ue uneae a tr are fow ws buy eer eecome and ve fewer wo ae wet WAL any poi jos tay spend seo Ine atom poing i tempt to onercome far Aeron wile slvays overcome four ads tch yo ty lege toe ops te Feit or overcome fear Lan Sr on Is ul your next owns Being sas hy someone oof omehing the ont bs form of fn This te form offen ht cme {fom being ininidte by he abet of exe When you ne sctredyourcsive 4-9 oe alle Tae Penny Sneresees to 4 ben rain gine the Ste of you fue Fights the abit fo cane debt een the so {est and ror sled people It consume Ym and ‘akes hm act tony ch opene them or ‘intles When Pghered you sf t-2 tol ale ‘This pony increas ot wten ting gaia oe four of you fa. ‘When you ate tried you tay hat only one == pons! putt much dialance between Jo and the shjct of jou fers» pombe. When ou a fete fied ou ser 2 tal oe (4 pat your eas uc) and must pend at art atom point pe ‘moving away fom te objeto our fa. In ain, _pourmny net moved tok of Jour foe en ‘joan no longer eed “Tue dead is sometime fered a ping fea 1 get tls septation bac hose unoraat ough ohare experienced pu dead had is sic ghar» senbent crete sipped fom Bee oe ‘hy oct When guns exprencing be dre {younufers Aaa as Cage ree) od my not do anything expen atemting ‘recom fea (and ou cu aperd one on pt ‘tame orl your esi pet i foc) ‘teat Den? Tans Tees Nausea Youve become sc f your strnach and snl sts wnt e eon dea wih You Yceve 0-2 al aru acho pois Ive ben spent ping you slmach, Paralyzed [A party person epee for seer ens, nutes hows ot ‘aye paralyzed, a person cannot gb ck Any damage deat te them goes rbagh into wounde Py exnnol move le a {ake any Se actions (ene apecied ria) Prone If gore prone, yuo law 10 the ground I segues 1 ation ‘point estan fom pre, whlch cto yt lc (onde {haw flee), While prone, jour move aed eat down to {eet You ne Ton al oma ae econ evade end ‘ofesn) sal prone. If youre gabe wl prone, yo cet Som up ingore ge s J Le ‘Stunned : ‘Wien somebody stunned, hy onan nde amount of c= {onal fom nr irmedate post f somebody i stunned for don point, ey le theft waabe neon point hey hae 1f somebody sand for mare con pols hn hey ve Pot then they etna ac nl Dy he com pits aga ‘A sunoed crc ee avate of tr envionment snd cam cde ad tse tac ane sf ne, Mo Falling You uke I wounds damage per 20 ft hay fal Fo wey er rev ver er you rece ona deter al ou ey re 2 Sounds damage (Thun «Yer? dextran ig Boring De fst er of fling damage and er renal wl Ignore es 6 fet) For evry 2 wands dare tha ou te ffom fling youll one onthe wounds undo effects chert ers Rough Terrain Rough tera canbe foun anywhere, Sometimes I # mere Incorenenc, sowing you dawn» notch giving yo ween {oot Oe ines ica be rb inp ain yo eat ern to get ante You whe #5 2 your speed noe Ep fein Set gh oe | Yourke 9 pyour epee ‘Unntewdy Erampli A fru rocky terrain, now Youtbes ASingmur seed Dieu Examples A nwamp. «snowy movniin tmgomie Yor #20 ayer ope ‘Buinplos 3 enon jungle apelentrale [Note No matter tow dense or how sat penal you har speed you can vg cla 3 ee manent £@) er: y apter . ‘Cuanacrele Pe ‘Many consider making the characer to be almost more fun thet actually playing the game. The Clockwork System uses a fast and easy way of character creation with the hardest past lft entirely up to you figuring out exacly what you want your character to be Cert ‘Character Creation ‘Youll need a character sheet, a twelve-sided die, and a pencil. You can find character sheets im the back of this book or at our website, CrackedMono- loccom. If you don't have a character sheet handy, ‘no worries - you should be able to get this done without one. (The character sheet just organizes the character and makes it easier) Now that wee ready, lets get started, Nin Brief Trough wet explain enyting nfl int ane moment, at wih » bef orerew for turing Bajrs one payer eho watt get De gi of wht De ing }.- Race 8 Narionsuiry CPS Caco our race and naan You rece the ails or an hon alo he random acta lech 2 - snus PA ou may place 3 pins n one kil 2 poi into sil nt piu in 9k. Tess cannot stick (ab place in he sme ie J3-Arrnmores 8 Jase wp the sie unde heats in ear o detxmine the ite ana Tr Race & Nationality hha fn of oe hr cA a Ete eau my hee fm feo ce mcg of fet guona ee foe tat ia nc ‘ema Roee Seer seamen Canpin porn eae Yes aloud eo nie wen sand Ml ptges he Rol gp oe bane etyeesonedgrovag op ntnee Neagle se ‘SIRE tose en etd Sonne of tng a antes elec omenanp aacgiencett emacs [4 Speciauries cre Jcnoos yuve specs Tay must coms fom le hat ou foe paced pains, unre Uy we ginal pecan Re irber owe down our combat ester dese from De relies ‘You may alto choot your ntjonaliy, Naonalites can found'in Chapier 4 ~Conen You cam choo fom Evanr= 5m Ihe most common). Dulsamean Idan, Pde, of al iw Afr choosing your analy, you con select» couple naif siete work for gour characte 5s - Avamenrs F38 1f you rece any agents rom our se ctgeoni J6- Wearons & ARMOR PSA. ciooe your weapens ad smog Note foe Narrator a Choosing Traits 17 Gran re cross you gear You my have any gery want frm the St ng Gear etacon, win reason, You sroreceve 10 pines fos he, you can sow your plges 9 choos he ns tongersandom gaits You could soa ployee rer ileandom Yat weal doce not wk 8 Derive Srarisrics A Now that eveything i chose, fl nthe vst of your cheater eset Incnting pact peed (bred on our te), and st pointe Gated ve, ote tai. You of cours, neve the a yo yf ter secon so ate Dn cool neces 9 - BacxcRounn SToRIEs A gone marae allowing yout, chooe sie ascrding 0 tit guldatnes. For mot cera, you may choane 1 hack [ ol oy Ss represen your Yann and aos Each sil i grouped der a tbat Choore one stl: hate your pir sil st fet ee andi get 3 pins (ich mee tty get 2 ‘etn olin ht Ten, chose ts more sy see your stconday sl and voch of them ges 2 polos. Pal ele hee mare kl, ving each pind Ho - Fsisaines Fa you nae yet done om choose a ame flan your charts ve thems pertain cal day Pa 3 ne fee one ie Ain fn one si. 2 pointe eo ‘sraeeurs [soem ay Une: You my cons onset ree of fi tpl Dw smn of stat ap. To we mae bout gon SRE You cant pce oe | ony Sms ban purer io Somers fine in Gn some a= | ERB evr ot Pt rego | peace 2a QUGf cy poten tr | (6: Weapons 8 Armors Bs Se ROG Fe exw get sco our weep. eon ae ely chen BoP sm onemstncit | Samay, Cia] en damage conf ite or heed © Brom one apg or ue | ST tron ge fort medium ma weapon Hf yo ean 3 | sun Tm mow pe | ees Fi amt DE) sr oe sao te [ace SiO\Eae un Carers Gea uly expanse option E | sree atte ang | aati enecty our ccc tele nerd hy tenes Ff oo On thr bank if | Maranatin from your reaver Hf weep hs sng spec sou easy mate 2 {Cspot tm te Note mc You tan mane out ‘eo " Fats tcp nine got nt om Sor’ ent dee - Ene Sint Has fasorbaped Lance of Devcon Waa toe sont | ity gett oto ‘3: Atributes [= ow we our ear Jn he wih weapon, aor 13! Attributes Vey comes ing men ad best eaten: Your evden este are he nits | DET ‘She ertremined ty bonces four opens i Separation we |ormt Stuer aa swe ce me Biofioe Engines Gay termine your atte ey aay = simply ad up of the site under an stbet. nas your abu see 7: Gear ‘ite sims fab sow you ges reat gu et 9° Dropping! Fo hgining cacy tay wt ying {fom be ting Geran Gra Ge Fem cf : Sr meat gu cae mn are fot ent wha os fd go ctr sb ergng co A» Specialties Se at ae Tv ta youve ped yur sls and Su 05 our pon aries Jos cor chance our pec nee youve sete your euipmen go hee and give cee oe png sa Pepa etre at adannes Posty [ayer allowing you todo smasing ngs. = Altering Starting Cash or pend [Bros ued a 9 Defeone een ecm for eae, [Youre more don wolcome (og Ue players ae of ugment [poeta 0 ac sae Peto tat ff wis Many mares wl fat chars Yuan [Powe seca Pci ne pocket car wr He ore an a seater ‘You can ony choose special ‘wownd Yate a lat ne pin i es fat ap, wiypsite fm speci fl unde no your bet bet te ind gape fo ok unde the il ago have pt n= he nace pins yo hive isl he beter ou going fo Beat ‘ing Jour calgon hat come Form Dt Si ‘SreCIMETY BONS: Fach specaly aw couple Bo- ses o¢"comb sts! tt ire ager wie When You he 3 action pins (AP) at est eve (joe bie wspecily mart dann on re back of Jour chante ‘het ay bonus fat he seca grant Jo (8% Derived Statistics nish ing in he sti for your charater sheet, 2B Your spec eed on yours normal peed enealy 2 ee) pls any bonus fom your mec 28 Your pron is bandon bonutes seated from pecaen (5: Augments Fc hen ey sagen frum yo ep: tee ana Tals you mee age therein, gn er ff wi 2 ecten me Teptime «speci eas you an igen cham un nage unt es al a Achy ihn td gy) Pot ee Ps BF Your hit pina ees determine or yout pela grated comb so (9: Stories Tien Gare 4 Cuter you fi «ber of Sc ‘yur Thess" tt po oe a SEP tpn te om ftom conc oe cetaceans haus neue 10! The Tasty Stuff NEE sw w you wie ou laf mort tp Ing apc of jor chart Chore yur care mae oy eTown Deane ed Sn ars inthe: Ge yur ces aay ot pre ea ose Leveling Up “There are pels a charts cam praise Uroughand tales tore experience Pony fo lveL One a psn has tha {wef eperene pol the characer gue foe nent eve A ALeny lvl fer ft your sl go up and you gun clay Leveling up ely ey =o Di 2% Pisce 2 plain any 1 tt 2% Pet pola n any 2 oer se 2B Add the sie grouped der an able ts determine your nee abt core A Lenn t now aeciay 2 Avply tat speci granted boner 2 Acrow Porsy INCREASE If youre macing 48% or12® ley you aco pins pe ur lnc By 1 Starting at a Eligher Level [the dcp of your nar yo od Sour fell mds can ere ur ‘ances Higher pone lve Fo ‘ip youre lying igh expres men sgn tm eo 1 tr lel a our chaser PP pur msm ae Bee pone ssh (fs ame utc nd ‘then you te male hws a ie) A ‘Rigi leet carte, ou set tA ii nere pole me ere oan ‘Sra Pres] Retrofitting Sometimes youll bul character but ater dacie that apecity {you shone ot sein ou ue, yaa nn rblem wih augment oh aspects of ys ceste When ‘hs happen fel Ye need repofiyour charset ernorrrne Sci: You may eb one specially ‘vey time you guna ion pln us aw 4, 8 ard 2). {Youay delete One specay ao gins new oe. Hower Da ‘ew special mst fallin Ye sn tte ho vio ope cy Reromrrte Asournps: You may rot one sigma very time Jou nen 8 nee augment, Hower, he replacement ‘mun come fom he ume sl the one ing replaced Roe be te Naor a Further Retrofitting + te we gnerty dont eneourage players may omnes ok orev «chances aude of Ore rte. To whet sent nt hey do v0 i up to yous and you bane falcon ove any rong Dy def Uy canoe ral a fo iv ting et Dee fue maby wt oly easter ny dont he ut ty mot et hem comply dey a rae ange i carter snc . ‘Character Creation Chapter 3 RACES "Though humans have prospered and lr metropoises dot the landscape across Tp, there ae fie other known ‘aces (hough one has been bio-cngineered and another sa forced evolution) With the iy yet splstually powerful _gpomes, the bio-engineered and rambunctJous sty, the aquatic demons known the ayodin, the powerful and ob elves, or the elves with rebuilt souls known a asishes, humans have a long ways to go before there truly the dominant species Racial Traits ta and of racial alt When ou choose out mans “Humans have spread quickly across he continent, originally as the powerful Haudi Empire, now as Erangless and {he many ofher human nations. Humans have set the standard on development and indus(y, and thei touch can bbe found in every corner of Topi. “Long age, the Hud Empire rose quickly, conquering all known lands and enslaving the other races. The ‘audi Empire remained stable for several centuries and made much progress during is me. They enslaved the gene and mysterious gnomes, ind, with Unit help, bio-engineered mummerous ereauses, the most successful of ‘hich being Ube says 4 goatlegged people who would soon become a race in their own right But. the Hadi Empire did net lst, Now the Hauds are segmented across the continent, most sil laiming ryt their Empress But Ue sun has faded on heir once overhetiing might Tn he past confury, Evangless has ssen to prom- Jocnce Wih the elpof et ingendiy founder, Vell, rangle ploneered the steam cage andes he fst modern melopotses. Though if doubted (at ey ever reach De bread of the Had Epi, Evanglese sans the wih of the ontinent reaching fom the West ous ie eat ‘While humans are tansioning Dey ae also ‘quickly leering, Fallowing the eecent Hurricane Ware ‘ith the underwater ayoding, the humans ave learned the Vick o true flight and (ake othe skies. White human sce sing, Is doing so at 4 price. The mevopoles of humanly are surounded ty’ the pottton of the so-called “ces of ash” where Indusy ha ken over. Abundance she nae of Be age and echnology Is growing every day. And humana ‘i do everything they ean to saya the forefront of Sy: Yue rage 28 fol nore ped You 2 hee nmi apt tan cig mo roy (Cuoose any 140 oF THE LLOWNE Foonso Arrnoye: Chose ope atte. Whenees ou ells wi abut you may aeyour bones ‘eat. (Poe does py oe skill under tits) Issorae: You gu #1 IY and #2 agent fou oud only chedne Pi opon f yous ring off is 7) fy Prsns Normally the aggreso ois on a {ies You however, hye no al sues: You stu ith hee more it points Wi vty specially Jou ks, you gu mere i psi % ee Be [Random Racial Traits ‘ccononn o THe Dass Pg tn dat condont pa doce pune ou choi You pena ter frBgtng in pose ging coon ind sod er emer ceeumaaneer ect ny oar: Epeme contronmentebazely bor yo, You {sho penalise extreme et a, uml o other 25; suc eoianmena fete ep Jour scrounge FF (bat yout By ub of oe ll ars you mee may) Easy Reoniesrea Alt hein» level ad ou can Fy ey cognn your earings wen zoned f You ae 2 distenied,gou may spend TAP treet yours rather thon be anal AE Beoponaasy Daves Your yay yor seg pres: Fy thes emotion al pul you trough yur wore omen US Ninen« lend i endangered, ys nck begin 9 ae gue Fi Greve Her: Youre le than other humans, ing move power tend your aac You gain» 12 a ry Hanoy 1007 People know ht going take att Fake yout down. You have ox tt pols ‘Murra Een in the semingly cal moment, Jour iy blood never tops baling When jou now you ies [2 tae partin ste gou gin 5 on our ony (You do ‘ot gain this bonus whe ambushed} ps Mons Uncar: Rolulni aon ht maid de 8 scented from spon and you do nothing to pene hem Pe ang Your cs sped inrene ty 1 ot, 4, Prac: You ae quick (9 notee your envionment [Winners sling sunning nate ssnebing, a 94 pe nie you eo Se x Perr: Youre fot rely fot Your movement peed 2 gern inde 8 fst aon of 25 fot, 4, Reacronar: You can qucly artes and cae ie In siom You ain «#3 on al plan rll even when ken ? argue ecas Rowse: Youre people wp eating em Some- shy Umer thats good sometimes thats ad ou gain 4 5 tomas om cing el whem sferpting fo imate . Seafarers have long been avate of Uhe acean-dwelling ayodin, with ancient myths and supersiou stualssur- ourding Quem. On aessson, merchant ships would barter and (rade with rare ayodin tribe, bu was an un Tisual oceassion when many syodin would make themselves known tothe surface dwellers. Around «century ago, however, ayn began surfacing more and mare. The people of the rurface learned how the bes “ned begun to form natons, and then empires, deep under the waves. The unusual technologies ‘of the deep mixed with the flames and metals of the land, end both peoples prospered, Yet something went swt and the ayodin pulled back ino the seas. Seventeen years ago, in 826, «natn of ayodin roxe from the Maselos Sea along ue ‘astern coast of Evanglews Millions of syodin left thee oceanic homes, fleeing to the inland seus, and warning the Evanglessans and ofher surface nations of ‘an incoming threat The Ayedin Exodus, a would become known, wat ing the world ad before the Hurricane Wars began, “The ayodin who left the ocean became known asthe freshwater ayodin, x people who lft Use empires of the ‘deep ut of fear. They were opposed tothe iava- ‘son thatthe other ayodin were plotting ageinst ‘he surface, and so Dey departed. On land, they traded technologies with the surface peoples, tnd, for Unt bade, were given teri. ‘The oceanic ayodin attacked, zing coastal ‘ies and claiming thousands of ves in {he fest weeks of the Hursicane Wars. These ware fended maritime shipping. and it was all the freshwater ayodin could do to keep their oce- anie brepren from alacking up-sivet. 1, took elven years forthe Hurricane Ware ta draw to. lose, though some persis hat eyve never truly ended. ‘Today, many fresher ajodin call Evangless and the ‘other surface nations home, though Uaey fare deeply separated from Qhe ofher elt! ‘zens. There is « deep divide in the ayodin people a the ayodin ae the most feared, flemonized race In all of Tephr. They are ‘stalwart calm, and powerful people - and forall of those reasons, often they are the most deadly. Physiology Tre etn fi ok iy a fa mans Rong a ft eon em They ang snd scl-o wg a wre) tim Dt eid free Dun = humans woul, ‘od alae gers and fos ar ul ong {ut some godin have toxins (hal ran Bough thei ngs Bet ce ot ull oe of ‘The ost immediatly noe fete thee wings ‘send fom thei mid bck ad housed up Ord, {hose ook ike feito btwnge Under howene eyo lend outward behind them an Betwesn och of ie wg {lange in calor membrane oft compare wh tof elie These wingin ae vey song wd decepre gh ‘Ajodin can support sr bodes om sewage if thy chee Fly ested a odin eon eng eg po oer on fo ta “he fuer ae much ke tha of other ces, and thy can breath sas ay oer pope al fis uous foes fn hese fis wil standup ole ack depending om Pe mod Prjchologhts have noted ew Bie on rep ir aes al fghteningly pare, wt Pn fal fw make Um Die moet {spree ae tn De word (you knw tow yeu sigs). ‘Ayedin cme Ina miraculous spectrum of cor, The fieshwair aan are Uplely more line fed, wih ghee Inst of blue and scngrecn, os Dt Hon i we to De {er The deeper scent goin ae often more brightly cord, ‘etn srange apes lack sin gon spon, an ater exes inane: Ajo vtoiane cn alco svn happens {ule among Doe ayosin people wis i skin ae of rd arep ooking nothing ke Pat of ht geanden Ayodin have gilt onthe under of Phe dcage- Due 1p aiscomfry ty vay cover hae gi se cote end t> hpi coe rope oem ig Lipspans odin te jue ight lage thas humans, ‘occassionally ving a og fal ena hy rach matuy Sie soon ar wel wih ae ayn bing midered at Fy ig ne Uys pst ene ol. Psychology ‘Aye ae ow fora, iting hinge open and hn rect Ty ach ge she ek foak ck pf Tie ere se Spe csr Sa nal press of nanan tn ‘yen se ey sefpeen nn ed s w- Same i bs a Ee wae gt too Sein or utero ine eh eee oma oe Sait tn gs tS pak gee Note ‘nyt sim spo so itty comnts ut at women. “Tevet of in eee Ts a ‘ets ne grat Fm Cosa ere ak spe Reding poe cy one ee ober emt aeldarieetieeieemarend SMe ae caccont oe ‘ain id ene ihe Many = ain nao Sted espa ss Bp ede Sew unre eens ny np ge ‘Mosjomop eur cues sme mfr ptm shin Site esr imple cah rp i ‘yin con fie hinhp a fennel of nee TU ge se ci gael ee eit sing be arcane Sn) mg SES nurse wu no tren ee gen SnLzshos hr open ra orc fa set Sip ops An wi arses tye Shocmaysi ee - Excerpt from the 842 Censt | 20 Most Common Male Names Seath, Kova, Awuli,Holshin, Vasha,Ziya, Caradoq, shival, Eran, Gwyion, youn, Myrd- din, Metis, Kye, Frost, equi, Merkhan, Krovi, (Quadan, Bo} 20 Most Common Female Names ‘Tetra, Celebes, ilkoroh, Angel, Moll, Zima, Brina, Geadal, Coral, Kemar, Ira, Akacia, Calan tha, Delphine, Krysanthe, Linnea, Xen, Thal~ sees, cliyona, Winter ae "Note: This pool of names was taken from fresh: water ayodin. Though no official data has been, collected, oceanic ayodin names tend tobe | more unusual and inelude syllables difficult for [ther tephrans to pronounce, There has been a trend among freshwater ayodin in combin~ ing their ancestral names with commen human. names they live near. Roleplaying Tips Soe ely hnso emer wen epg sn ‘pun Foreman, on ne su nor mee an atau neon ppb ing sl tng raterus Era bat of gp ot en Zadar tcp Peo hes pon Shea ing lan ont oa obese en Yeu we ove mtn renner tur ay sary yn msc cam Go a re ‘mnt Cimon ne om unin da yoy ‘When eel execs ps ach ‘eu oe fom ocean so uve on hinge may be age et el ep a Da gout Peau of ti vet mye on cn some le ope ig sn ihe cones of open as A 0M SiR of dso one see er a SBE Sample Adventurers 462 Below are Bree won venues hat ou can we a op ton wncn reap one oem Frost, rt ew up in sal Inked lagen anges, whee he ‘pent moet of Re Gime fading wih nearty Eeresan eo Ishmonis He was glee fo Plt up ie lngunge as well + couple oer om trvaling etchant and became lage fpospereon. He became gue falar wih eurency onde [ted ip become hi vlogs Trust representa. One summer ‘hell company wpe ted duping were to te Sete up and many ngs went nur fr Fale wage He found ite tat ne could do nd = ot ise matey in le ‘wm hands fle breaking ino he company an sain Die ‘prong al Foi do ecpe wih te “Ayodin Religions -ruough te ayodin tlie in many wing, and Io cls anys seling as "aedinreifne” would be Sse ite tothe mumetus bef ound underter, ice ae 4 coupe rlgons tha ce wellknown the surface dlr re to most prevalent are Harbe Matt and the followers or sain Gace, BT Tine Mavi rhe tadiona faith amongst many apodin, tho who be ive Sn Hare Mant ballee that io ancient mes aod redo De aurface wih ther ow extinct aces, While he godin wer» igtcous people, fhe oer racer were a fai and murderour Acom, fe moon goer, sow how the other races prayed upon the prowl apace, ia repbuton, acon cashed te moon int Tera ping out al feo he etstnce. To potet the ain sn ge hoo fis nd ll etn cout oi to the oceans epost depth i ote fo sto ie Bat Modern members of Hara Mal bere [sua belongs othe pod. ince i wae Yel un he roo impact fred Dem inate wate lace in ayn cuits more Un tie eligi, So many tk fo ft Unt it rrely debe ous enc of Delle 294 nstcad ifto Moran ounderetend it arse Mavi wes one of heading factors In de casing wo wpm Oe surface, whch Se why #0 many om rufa know of the eligon. Path of Gilkoroh sina Gunaron was a gbtrous won woman who spent he ite doing good wocks snd vescing out to unite the wusng join clans wih he he surface wold. Tn her prime, she cc knswn as setts wrsor wh safeguarded thre abe var with Among the speahers of Harsbe Mart, she was ft seapeced, Leading op fo the Murine Ware, Garo ned invasion of the surface, She Her martyrdom ed to «facturing of Hare Masi ond yous wh followed her bucume knowns he Pah of rok Some outed that Giharoh wees he avatar of Aco, ine vudivons! moon godess of Huabe Mant Tt were fl flowers of Ue Pah and thle in thet xed themaces sn scam te freshwater son, lowers of the Pah tlive Uo ase fue chance at protecting themsses in me of se Taowgh mony in the Path ae pacifiers believe iat the Path spy requitesn waning apn sgreston for example, seatine who believe ia he exchinge cory a9 exrewespon anthem fo ls pry, nm pve them a opus ts pote heels fo fur that iors or per ethereal eran called Kobe lite Um fo Uh Now Font and wing Ws knwtedge of Be Evang {ome hi own ving. His run ino De chen company {ght hens ot about he Pl and unsey of resin ew Sede aalion he fers be might oom ed Font would probably have the flowing specaes aya under Showmnni) Debating Altck under Epa age) and Wenk ot (andar Esper) Roiza Stormwings Ries was in one of the ew aod clans migrate noe go Davos, the nen of ches und ests She gre pine ‘edi ide of Dan (Dako opt) unl he was ied incon fr sft abe, She sted hm forge ‘epualy gle he perscelitreat The fh (2k Rot fing sh him in i clio of one nt Roa fl [Eve wh the senin meio “Toh ine woul vena eae the py of the facta he ade get hed enough of fying Se now an a ‘eer for hire, known for her sil in ea nd on he grown ‘Swe ured (p tung tartare fy esrb much bigger and tanger Dan bee fvng grown up among eves) and hes he peony back up Roiee Storage would probably have the flowing speci fee Monement under Agi, etng wis Roe (Gner Ace), ana Fight Anywhere (onder asc) Vish'qua Yu tg one tn nl ee rece "Tongh ht young to have ough he se esos bel gi nf pee wo ian ot {athe in he we win Pron fo the or. While doen Feogect moe of he surface dar his mee and tise fle (bh surface ner rend of the wat Now be flows seteng fore He came bewhiyand he probably woul not have nu ined wat he care of soe fete odin wc he Srudgingty toot). Ale sealing his sregQh he eft em ‘ot etcg, bt he fw cue ea hm far ‘itu would ptably here the following spec {ies Merce (ander Fem) Parting Wate (ander Gros), and ‘Tho Shin ander Rothe). Sample Cs ‘Baws poor gon nog characters (NPC Bata OOP of evens might run ns hires ‘Ambra No-Fins [After ie Hurccane Wars, many ocean edi came ws ANami {Boing fora ow herein he hy were cnt ut of thee tmaund ad a ln thle ovary shooter eth ‘enon the sore One of them, Ambra had is rary ‘np of hor before ining xed, and now work a sbmor (pert lover dec of Alda S's ong woman nd Bary belie Unt she wats wie ding he wars Toy abe ‘is ie ahd eee poor Bat wht she oes a she rea hoping ane ayo ve enough at sec finde way {frying bh et wing’ fine and er pie Mikhai ‘Atrue mesh of cultures Mita wat isealog ie vba a the Evanglsin copa of Rasa Hegre up widwnt mach hispock ors stomach So when he ame of age Mibu a ‘oes Knowledge of eng sy cy eal wi fos now of he open sen aking fearon Yat ued onde pence Bowing ff snl taking ht sale {mg of Us out onthe igh sea, the amphibious hacer Seto fern goin down wy hr ship. Ca and mre ‘see ae, Be et known fo taking poner Quadan ving iam occanvew sparen in De Evanleman city of (Qu undin os sucerfl merchant whe bane De sh oF the oceans flor [> tinder, Hie primary Pade i cling eats nd other ubisoft nfo ous Know {och ayn econ, semping to bate wah hed pla [lier vl getyou nowhere. Armicbie and akan, nohing er fates this jovia enpepreneu Ag § rhe Ayan Exodus of 6251 a many technological advan exon the surface To syodin hud lng age ete of i tom spheres and were using thom (0 conl Phe velclor acpi. few gears aftr the Huricane Wars bean, erin sees would be succesful wed nahi taheig na ow eof wiborn veh, -Ayodin are ase of water manpultion end (ve [ihe ayodin nave re-routed elie underwent ce sc ocean highways The Huriane Ware were cated ouch because of their ily to tit the Ue, nn to 2 Lene estnt vests poten [RE Asrnmovs: You can Bewh oh on land onlin wate. 2% See: You hee the aeage 25 fo morement peed. You Ive vim spend of 35 ee. ands cling speed of 1 oy 2% Veroares Woe Pos You wing fin grant yo ber ‘nwo movement Dat foe scan Cpe i You fun Han oad al unonte: You have developed tne see of echo tation You an sce wir east se wal ro J Sigur yes Ae long at gue efoed you cen se ops fighting conaione. Bom THE Sas None ra comfortable Leming Your ving speed ncouee 81 fot Buu Beswas Youe become ncutamed to defend 5 ng agin nc rough pein un of you iY 2 in an acted (lowing you to se Ye fr dfoc= ton. "Expmave Fse You facil ins lend hemes o your __expesions ging you am exuberance and range of f+ preston tat er can each, You gin» $3 on cul {ots whenever alempdng fo comin oe ehange people ‘maton ‘sen Suen: The crnhing of waves ha na effect upon sy gour ler calm You ste ty few: You pon = 2 on [5.2 Sing rs whenever under dust ofits or proved Missa Dron! Aine paired ge techaalogy tnd on tum had (au hw to Sey ive Bk > [6 wae won thy of «gh fg greton seh You eke no fling nage raga of hw fo yo fl ne Hanyu and in wate fp Nero Tour: Uuaing the polon your foyetips ex 2 cate, out uns sev have «danse cn of __ asiv: Your inne calm and cae demeanor allo you fa eet mont price spl ol of out bak, You goo Son gout pit rls when wang ita eae owen Panaysst Phe poten In our touch sows ts {begets action Une, Whenever go touch somebody ey Ser sSon er eet erase ol Ui pes wl ay Und of the neat emf ok expended, ‘enon owe Det: A he oceans dees dept ite ach nnin onn ouhe are fg fciony ol me tig You pln «13 oti roll when tacking «for adjacent ot Viscuas Ajodin cult reeds warcee whe real «am eer inthe mot chase of bas. Your impure fir stuade wep your steceat lie leet hes. geting vem #2 a evade vale Thi effect does nt aack wi ral older of i ty ho «inc. Ans Your wings ae ng igh hl ne 2 handed sms in em You cant ame er aly Pe tng e-tonded chen yr yt uo bl Elves Ever aren't your typlea fallen angel ‘Ancient murals depict the eves as upstanding, strong individuals hat tower overall oer races. Angeli, thei skin shined like the sun, with gceat feathered singe and halos. The religion of Jinzium teaches that eves ‘were once the righiful rulers of Tepira but lost favor withthe gods. Though the exact detals are lost, he effects ie obvious ody, elves are warped, brulse-colored creatures that survive meagerly Inthe forests. Some elves say ‘hele souls are fractured as punishment forthe ancestors" hubs. Wis Uhe recent rise of he farishaas, slentsts se beginning (9 agree withthe sentiment, Eves are noble beings, haunted hy « reputation that plas Uhem as being inferior to the other races. Their reputation paints them as slow, uncivilized creatures of the free, Bul the stereotypes have been proven false time tnd Gime apein, Elves, roaming Qhe vast plains and building Uelr{owns in deep jungles are the oldest ‘Tephrs. Though their society is nt ce of rivanced as thatof the other races, elves are content being among the best agticultucalisis and hunters In the world. The comprehension of he natural world cals that of even the gnomes, though - unlike the gnomes - eles are less prone tp changing the work's cours, Physiology Fier be enor es more Pan cpl of wit tng tough ting Ow wider. Tay tub mse ply ibid eee ces i Be oneal beg res he ong tom tanya veo sn gro Soap Qe ces dcop a facing img ald pa Dt el hes ae ped ig) Eres Sa Reser eon ad see feo oes Tres civ re tounded hy ous sd ois i foe {hes ponue mor oh waking fens seat ter Stomach morning Ee igh org Py Nand pod re Ds bane ee se er hae lng mao fn al grep ea PF senenetend over fang Pate or oe Sen compu ful econ of aman bring nes i Sete ight wnat trond of sane of egy Tn iy se fm plc OF th ange ncn opi ic aly ys attr Set ger ions Deck Tyee sede ae lye Lies Eset he ound 2 90 ae gh seme ew any er Es grow ft td each loc wine ere Psychology ies van inning of wwe ad oa ot Suiseeanamantsam ne k Senco sett Some bck-mares Beep oa tpt wet fe came cen sh se emp net be etnar ohvvxe Ginn as a ars plore eer of ts pe Sy hegguvaccs aaa Fd ere ong boagh igs fat Tar eve qua yma on ft bred ee Doane po Ge oe ny og hry eo) pe canbe scary sgh nde! Elves enjoy beet ad colors. Fa {Shane who aot bmstes wih Backs wes find the ‘reso be gay ther calc gly soloed tones deco ‘at hence Dem Mary ves ave aculy aware of what Ung wet. Tae serving musa sao of ie scent sogehe ian Sas Bosunt emer for es Tey bar be 90 ‘yor frihtasocomince tees Ua ya eee {pledtue and ov-cnlighton th sheets propaga at Us thes ence, hoping fe Ftum oe former gry. Bes eho line themes upto become faiths know ie ak led, tt Uy se Ds ssc and ho’ mach bpp tft ‘ive comeader have Become Inthe post-comerson fT lp tndenil of te fact Dat he proce paces ters i ferent gt sila peron {tir «common misconception that al des en ep Jungle The luge cen er taken over by he fish were Inde tele selforene of cota lasing es os ‘be found in st emperts caiman, common Om arg ‘lle nd somes fn nee or usnour sea Somme ‘Ses euch Ds Suage Hives in eda ven he hess ar Soe aeert Among the other aes faa have ensued hath rpoopor sce cher a nohing more fam ifs brute. Hower= lgonmes and anys he sted erpeily fd fees and ge ody wth her emo er ee oflen see dangerous and ‘dure det Dir st howene ses are never mised ‘Mont popl sos esa incapable of Beta te neds x pa | Excerpt from the 42Census © 20 Most Common Male Names Phlox, Balam, Ape, We), Sugnil Yanluk, Acat, Sorrel, qahlom, Berilo, Kalan, Ciyopa, Cedar, | Tamarack, Dalzk Itzamna, Ryeraf, Suufld, Kavi Hevel 20 Most Common Female Names (Relay, fant cors Nort ulna Sar, Zahra [-hudhth anor ali, Kore Eye An tian sas Erte alone trots, Bat rer ncn ane fot cra sens gh cas sp ona een Th saponins BF, sng te ey wien pal ers oats ei ines togte se wae fou tong apc ol ts nx en oer by ein | Highborne ineage oat often Ugh signet ing or brooch he if rfc fo ramon Many elves ve begun to mgete to Evanglee, he Joation mort known for ie opersmindsdners end serpin etre: A lean there ty cam Bond with syn race i erminated gaint Becaue of tres invahement wih the Roleplaying Tips Thee ae xp Sly eon for lepting ono Some “ipsa ss bstiget sen hing oe Sindee One en rome per eso ye te esong br i May ap py i {igen ces jt sonic ct funded sree, Six ome wil py chen whe av a on oes ough fo, iS camaro ft fr Be ensue lpg opportu ‘a porn Scion fo ay af sano f= sts Smee tors betes ve tom we osc maces recy le re ange st tboninaonf uu. Peas fom of ——S Sample Adventurers 26> alow are thes som adventurer toeyo can asa npnon Acholata ale an «se tuners, Acoli grew up ening ony what se could ash or kl wih one of ht rows. As hegre cums one of her es promis ntjenes and would fis ‘ed he nt, One wins, er bother Han eft he be wet ‘rough mare coin Become aehan, She rceveda eer few rants ater fom Zev = newly coated usehine = her others now pesbaaliy The eer vied ero Cyn where Be woul pay for ert undergo De naformeon ‘Acholats Joined her new brother, Zeb, in Cronin ‘Over the ow age te pet wiht, be grow dag evi ‘vs tring» feof fh 29d ethng eae of Hike, het loved Bote She wowed eet to become fhe ad he, Why Elves stay Elves nthe tat hundred year, wealthy eles have gone in roves tobe converted ints fateones Pe core cy the come stom proces Corona in Devons on ay given day wil ve buncnds of wey svete facehuo, and thourands of ensuing to getty they wal tele arm. Yo mt cree wants Becone eh Why? Lack of Resources lo cours, he mumiber one raton ever ty elves x because thy cat afford The fens conversion process be eoaing more snd tre cory and ie weal i ela eaten ip acon Dalvnacs, the en homeland. Mort elves toot ford te provers since the majority of eles ne of centenence farming ov heting abd gaberng True to Themselves it tke long fr eves to make the relia that dhe facstes conversion proces dvs ot lesve the oil per Ponty ntact. Sure ragmente of he ergin! persona mai, but he orginal ef Is fel ind under he oe favicon pessoal Dat emerge fase to go rough Ue conversion posses. Taos wha ive ta the conterson ends o death ce sometimes chide essing suborn or hedcheaded. That doce’ change Oe uty however None cam deny Dat when an eff Becomes fatehan, the change i more Dem coumeic = De ene pe ron becomes something diferent Rebellious vit ehoose not fo ecome » faces ocean iy dont support the Mert thet hen aien ound Filing the recent Night of esters ebaon and her ncn of de iin Geass many les lft the capt aa urounding towne and came to Adoips where Oey ould ive witht fren ruling one Dem "These elven hive parti tte tele tb ests, bt tvs so wobraced technology and many of i new advances found froughoul Dalvorore. Thay ae op powed to the fsetaas, belceng (hem to beam soominaton of the sng thy wer uppore tobe corneal hove who pa isthe “Today Acholaa ha experienced oo much of Daonsea sa heh Da i fe he sve heaton. Se Yon” {wed woth to Bvanglese to put er kil f he et Sry. he {hough prem ges ot cher could ind way of Ing In tee chile woe "Acholan would probably ane the flowing speciale ficient Range (onder Masamaneip), Phe Sep (ander Agi Ig) and Silla toe ander Shamanism). Dalzik Dalek hae away ben feedom fighter: When he wus younger Te Highbone paren pl for bn undergo efi ternon groent, ba eer something ent won i the ma his y sisted and Dash remained tm off He ook ‘nts ig Song wild and wi) some princes i is poeta, fe ook the bet voor sass he coud inthe Dalon Cesena when Girazatcebeled during the Nigh of Fewer ane in he ry (ot a bad ning specially pune te frst yonermen. Me geting ste o Zac ining foe age dvs ies ad heer ent The Erangles wher he ng wih he harmartany ond ‘gomen wl under fe Brangosan re Part adventure seeker, pr fesdom fgher, Daa i = bet wid ease ie constant oon for something ‘Ervomnepouble scene and hr ute adept st geting Peo le tered up and geting ght gn Ard he doit al wis = alsk would probably have the flowing speciaes ‘Ace up ny Swe (onde acl), Opin fonder Sessa), 254 Tar Of Balance (onder Shown) Wes sores went how ay oh repent Seve Tey test nh We von ben in al in SOLES SE. a pet ps hone Me ‘San p Dam 2's Fulci aacana wy gain poe th see sarge cece sey fd eye be we Ged Sonstige sue mb pu wo dss ng For beTieegh es stow Vey would preity hee flowing sec ne age nar Fy ost es Dow oes Ore Som oo Below ae te den non-paerchanctew (NPC) Ome poP of advegurers igh unit on heir vl Engys ngs nding in te white tre of Dalen Por ever sje she war employed a wast os wef estar {ne underctoqy of Dei. She became De fv vans of» fran and foe moms ler, we offered chy Jo ‘working above th canopy Despite he imorved poston, En ‘are love for her empleer and recerer oof tration sou ir omens sey dealings faders wae ofall ‘er dead on her fo pl me panorama et feremua mast woulda be = es for Phlox Enulaig hie ancestor’ poms Iifsye and lesvng chan thm being, Phos hss band of lv omens eo hunt in De High ilauian Foor, Mion from row ln the {Gees bore and atmed wih ie ocean »shrpened sk Ps stot ll memory of hr ie sam inde eran, In the erie of ahs mechan, While mie Ye hare Sd bse ofthe ey the eis wld mpl use ob Bd doen, Gn cramped oly woes y onges Professor Berilo [A Professor Beso loka out nt he crow of new tents a ‘he nso each semesters one Yas be erent fm he od oallsining hs degree in sch The Evanglasian Unters he tended bad ected fw appcaone ft een ‘much est seen one atin Ris acto. Of course, ew High rn an wih hit ssp won o ay Peco fare fim. Even ow he sce suds loking Bi dag or onfusiom No mater jut ke eveors, fey wll enw of Hm fee ete ace 2% Bic Bowen: You gun «+2 onal bre rote 2% seen: You hare am improved sped of 2 fet, You hare a ‘vim spud of 0 fet ad a tmsing cag oped of Soft 2 Tous You gl an dona 4 pols. 2 Trex Bre Sener Unarmed tacks and mele weap Gayo weld re I damage as higher Dn or RE ea Sats: You nur «3 onal tle ws th pic bute (hs doesnot ply el under spi. 2% Darien sence: Ele hve oe ln a for esence ma Spuleone [Random Racial Traits Gays op sae Wont: You see Row even the mot li Sp ile ife sins he lager ecoter. You gun = 8 2 Cunning woo tying fo acm if a ces hat rcely been distod by ponte fren Sp Davee Senne You can see incoming danger You gun 2 +S on.your pny. «, Bs 10 rit Heaven: Whenever tempting to hr some 5 thing ou automate sere one Yer higher Pan you 5S, Fuster ermocr Wisse You move a an amatng sen 4% ceasing your base nd peed 1 fet 0 40 fe, Pry of THe Fao Asa descendant of the anges of f.yoreyouhave a indomiaespis You epee Waa [22 Eetatend gains songor st che ig He Inmopeoy Tyres: You prove tat eaters of Ue 6 dui ef coudnt be fre fom the rh You gin #12 ‘on Cunning os when aemping sgh lnformaon, Lax Gi: Es ae alle and patent hte who ‘ar acute remsning hidden in De sane Spot fr Tong pero of ime. fer beng hidden fos nyo suns to enmining rscen .., Nowe Chinruns The ood of the predator courses fs trough your veins feeding you meet senate, Fr a syn ston paint hem aking you an un aso Spite equal your experienes ea. 4 Racine Loy: Whenever om ace aly Is stuck fn of comin, you can nuke mesa aga ow saan, reflec fhe eran wh each __Tessos Gn If you get your hands ono meting [jsfpnoting sn py ist fom yo, Whenever yo ase 2 erg ot oi, uns + 0 hy Useropnsu: Despite wate angone throws ao your psten lege keep running When ou would moral afer HL Spd pena for movement coud frm wound stn fect ha penaly rece 1 fee ‘Yau Prato Aneto lap from beet ee hie sing ‘eey eve nfs jour hen pysilagy 2 wis poweflage apa of racing incre hgh P* You gin 10 fet of movement when apn fora sd? ‘et fight when juni etal Sg, Races cy Tarishtaas ate the reborn embodiment of alo angelic race belleved tp have once suled over Tophra A tll keen thinking people farishtaas ae (he end esul of an elf having hix soul estored to him. The elves have, for hundreds Hf not thousands of years, known that they were once the most beloved, beautiful ace in he lands, but something ‘caused thelr downfall. The elves became mutated, ugh and - as they would later find out~ possessing a fexctured Soul Through the Felately new bio-fux procedure known as gynghetic essence insertion, an elf Is able to be re- born as frihtaa, both graceful and cunning ‘As Uheit own species, farishtaas are ony ae over a century old The celebrated elven scents, Girusxs noted the abrence of biological chemical inthe elves that he called essence.” He developed a synthetic essence that would bring elves up fo the same extence levels as he other races. His assistant took the frst injection, and The wont through Ue procedure soon thereafter: Girszas's success was ‘ovaordinary. he grew several fet tlle: and enormour white ‘wings sprouted from his back. Giazza took on the new name "Ravisel and heralded the rebicth of here, the return of the cred fash. (C-)Though Girazza had long stated that twas a chem SUC teal deficiency that turned the elves into abomina- tions, the reborn Ravilel claimed that elves had bro ken souls souls that could be repaired Yrough scence. Few ehves remained sheptcal upon seeing the stunning [Ravicel flying overhead. Though the process was expon- sive, many elves wore giving up everyting to become fa Sshjaas Tsoon became apparent Dat for sles have the # ‘markable resus Ut Gieazea had when he became Ravi Ziel. While al frishaas become upright and graceful few farlshtas wil ever grow wings ot become the size of Ravi- Ziel Nonetheles, fw elves wore discouraged. “While the farishteas do change in mannerisms and appearance, the most notable change comes through In their personalities. After the process, very ttle ‘of the original sls personality semaine in tect Many farshtoes say st thls Is part of the re- = birth, where the strongest and most important parts of the elves original personality Become the dominant features and the esti forflted ‘Many elves, however, claim that Ube process ef fctvely lulls the ef leaving an eniely now bo- ing in it place Despite the sentiments he Hse of farshts- ‘as continues on. Today, thousands of ees wat > patiently for thei chance to become farishias, Si) Tatiehtees have become he ruling society inthe nclent elven homeland of Dalvorzea, and thelr tts and influences are spreading acrosTephr. ‘Th frishtae are the newest ace but Dy shall pot long remain the weakest race Physiology Jeidne mek eo fare a ote it Recs hede pct p eee Re eae en Wigere ca eae 1 acer angele mepenlg lper pete Sees bran sin per cigs pea ne Sao Spree reetlcpee teenies eapheige casio a ee Forpatne asters hss ts snes me mugen ye roe happen ane sees Sodio pts mccoy mab petal ita peta e ams oe ae ‘aay wie antes ae an eaten secon motigbarget core ieee paler ses mln ears ay eg aeeer cr teense eee op fetarnsy peta ches ee Oats ge ees nate Cpe fo yang che a pa ee Lh leben beret fceee esa geet ee Sy cieaet ‘Lien bo he eas Yt se r- sn miagertet ge ponent gan pe So Nee a epee ae Kaka mitiorthapaen oeontegs ston gobomigte gue ae obec oo re) Far thence sproneee ante fag ag aera pe or opeerpioond arts tbe rg yon ma Psychology Fetter i amon th te pn cal Ee deredin unt aber oge Tep cae spun ugh fe ents: ed es ed on ty ee ‘nah meng cbs ce Tag orm age ngn'h Sins fn semen te mat hf her che Dy ie basco she fe nt eed Ty pace ce of Yo been led ayo ee eae ‘Smythe soins se ne bin oct nye ‘coon byte ines omen Tr imerpemas neh dio oh Scop Sees ‘So Sa ce Tye combed bebe Sere ne Sri htm iof a stoe wne e Sefton flor Mo un soe Pome nao Stal ge ot of cori ne ace ersten fom Biche cor ca guy roe, Mos ss ok wm apo Goes sang om site a wn ei rv ope eae otic store esha tan ane e Soiemeasncftie tary adeno tang faye Soto gn pe pont em pe “ugh, hover an ee se ings rarely Eo ens Hey fees ie: = forme toed-one Thiet by far the mart dangeroas sap or creating» farshan as once nent olen endencee ca euface.unearing = brutal fore one the eevee thet mo ecient could hoe predicted ‘The most common unexpected tit frisbee ust se personaity tee hardy noiableunconcious s- Confusing the mares of slows nsrociatee with thse of complete sangers [Nonviolent mead singe tng jut fe sconds Locking a2 a00-if and ing a feta Random buss of, nghter Deluslons of hearng the voice of Ui ad self lclouly ftsching a tir own skin Entering a tance-sate after glancing a the ky sation om ataning something hey cannot have regi Dough posed pote, lot oy aod eeghing i Between. A groing number of younger fea are Deg ting worthy of ass bdsing on worship Tee soca ane eee Avery ae olf wl undergo the ste essence inser tion and become a winged freon. There winged fas ar nomena he Day Soy sd Py dete er fib se hough Uy ae te um: When «wage fart born {hy of celeron serose Danornn, and he winged fais fal ver fhe and cee with slat een nn odo sixth the oe CEE Tey se sometimes viewed a ely ga, who he sea Be lnc othe ses Yo ven is dace not span eaane Bebe ‘em (apecialystnce ores are known for Uc ogienes). Pasha re also nm fo mary humana on oc, Deh ‘rofl se wel oeied in el rerpece sole Roleplaying Tips ete usando Ne ryt cch fie wl he {Reco am doping vat sper Te dena personalidad of he tie be Jeo tying Save par er upedin Bo pre tht ay came ay tor Be perma gh Send wren stn eon ey wre hat yout going 0 do nes Tashi ae often proud and it oye You thety specie beauty and fe mare fan anyone elt and ave no ‘Ritcin showing it Pathe old cr bodes to be te em ‘ls sing Ds nm enue grace, nd poe Fess il Ie atlameng sob ond ie wel a grasing sot nung. denying the fale of Uh word. However ee Obenons ‘inte then mate ond woking for longer than ay ther Sans Aduentusers ‘elo ae hs reas adventurers he you ean use or NE thon when cesta you own Dio When Di emerged from the fshiacomerslon procedure, it cic i Gt war on of Dr ease proces ae ‘wae que did sug trea a complete congo ‘enantio omy ecratng cnmeson. When he eft {he labnstagy he ene cgzed nd reed y ame; hi old tren fens an econ su una of mong new ue ‘Yet ead st linger fr lang Te conversion had given ot ‘ons innigh ints own vous nu! Dat war Broken undnc- Hii and in ned of Pann. ‘Dio sfc to nt down, He moved fom cy toy sesking knowlege a palling He's well owen fr eee focus Hie cde fo masters ian obeston ha maker ‘tet peal fe gos ok ke psting bobbie ‘io would pba De folowing speciale nner alm (ander Gece) on Pals (under Grice), and hk Skin ‘Ge Resin) ‘Hephaeron Jo) one of there and ean second generation fash, Her [ation we bcm pine ong the ihe fe se Fy fon of'he Braghon Legacy making Heptwron hi (04 at fortune and mich reopect Hepharon ok to he Hunt ke most young fuss ‘The Hunt ny cl ithe fa eprt of bing 2p ps (bi poo szed flere much Iie Ye Eves a ind) and sec Tc hee fo pts ad espaaing=hipe tp toot down or cli Hepbacron was immediately ened Sour he sop bat ws shot down afer ying show of “toong bis fends. They Ugh he wat lat. bet Hephocons ‘Seon him bury sve plea bimelf oof Be wrecsage ‘Scat ie way boa ney shen lage, where yale i Feting abandoned by is fiebian fend, Hepncrom became doce wih te les, etning at thse es were apie ey ‘hi peste fom mont fetabiae area going oto Hphacrom vowed to ewut he eves would be eed belle ‘ee snd oo Ube world oma re evox Hphacron woul probably Me De follwing pec: tie: Diving wih act (under Ace) Kole Of onder Mask ‘ana ah Le! Tying (under Ae). Lysandros ‘When Kyran wan shorn «fact he mmo fated Se Be om he ur in Ato he unique lof equpment the ‘Sa sfe tn ences ial jn enamored Mim He spent > ie & ‘itout acing Be pit ax he wa nthe te etl Junin procedure room He ad {9 be psa escorted ot tthe bert order for Dem wo work wth he net Paint Iytndiods oberon seth Nef contaued, He gulch read (nt res bee wi) eveything he could nd om re sutet He then Began puelng wound ing ih any ‘Siento finde wed fos Une, hen nine the goes een InerYonYoteren Ba oul ol ep im ‘iy darted ‘Soysandot ft Dalronzs hoping he could etn mare {hom the hua whe sine fx tame scence, oe [geomen vo war scaly Bors knowing ors oe ses Shores gency bl sing the sme pnp sof “Left heme aoe oui tu aad plans om ding enone what gv in ea Tiyandcon would probly have the floming seca tie Bo-lmgerton lo Zapper Developer, nd Manipulate Es ‘Soe (alo hich ave wer Bi). ale SP alow we tve fosohnanon-payr charcters (NPC Um & roup of adventurers might rm no om hi rl Jesha esha wat poor ef hen abe became fushi,a she hat ‘ince he to work had op off her de She works etping Farsi haves anno neon fom lf ofr org ‘ih pant aft hee undergone the le sence ne Sam procedure Ant mossy sb ape uae choose te ew tame Mary years ago, he mew fri Rail ce ca he custom of ehooing aca ig «eh ‘shih Jabs kr oer of Done new names ae uc Spoon tae ow one (Dough allautety Re pinion rae oe). Ogra COgj eon of he mont fghening feos in Datvonaes ‘When she wales he oben be vo snarmou fll ae bey nen sd dg De round behind her Oy hoe ae ‘enanyImperant bee sone of Be top guar fr Ue Nine Wings of Diving De rng Counc n Daoreen he Bah Irene ua ghtening She bs decid most of Ue sna if ples Bt frctes parse in intend vain healt em ‘ing Dt he eatuon bow a Ye Nigh of ose nvr CSUR again snd hn mo af ver agin thet consis ‘oe fase as Pious the Knowledgeable Profesor among fe te over unnereife n Dao achinp futons fom al aco the conan Pus hae long Hee {red and i nw a iforation broker of srt He's constnly retaining arin ll sors of reopening ces ad em Sith hi ine open shods. He so off owes {corer mary pop lu hm rhe epion soe ere 22 ‘on tiny le i knowedge Pour (hough cane Doug (of fim Dwg alo eppredater a good tae: le har a spl {iy fr fordlgn newnpepen which Re cle . 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They have a knack forall Yhings furs a guiekness to Del wit, and though thee phycal prowess doosnt touch that of the other races, gnomes ale up for it with thele mental facules. For as long as ay can remember, the gnomes have floulshed a6 a laden rac. Keeping to themselves and. rarely wishing to interact with stringers, Uhe gnomes built underground towns, nested thelr homes within hills in the forests, and chose locations that few would find season to venture (6: Yet times changed, and the rise of the audi Empire saw the downfall of ue gnomes’ qule ifestylex The gnomes were enslaved, and their keen minds and understanding with nature was puto quick wotk forthe Haus. With the goomish scientists serving them, the Hauds were able{p develop numerous creatures and begin bio-engincering new races, the most successful of ‘which belng the sates “rly, centuries after gnomes have gained thee feedom fom the filing Haudi Empire, gnomes have een “unable to cecapture their ol, olituy ves. Though gaomes do, perhaps out of habit or old rudiions, ake many steps to dinguite thelr cifes, many gnomes ate outright and open about themselves now-a-days. Numerous gnom- {sh communities thrive on fe outskirts of other cites, and these communiter can often be hubs for unusual pieces of technology and wonders not found in any other race's homes. Physiology te ws ap ta fe ype msn cpirsans genetic Te nperbron grote coe eerie Bettis yao st ey be ann ae sagen ne ohne Pemhasarn mh me some fae: ay Son ecpeve emer ae Soames eras ily ah gt ng, igue pon son & The een ae thee stongert futures a gnomish ees esta chk muliao aoc es ‘irq as for {ance and some pores can even “bend” eit fight sound angen,» ok hey find uy: Hower, eof ‘ester ot Drip and many gnomes are inten fe "ted For onurcs goer have erfete pecactes goge, Tne for eading up clone one of thel greatest weak LLisrans Gnomes ave the longest espns of any cea {ote ana 209 yer ld. Gore ach sd [Stun 0 yes kes while fr De Doles fo mae ‘Surpninghy weve tony ices age or from br gnomes 2 mentuly mati poin whet hy unl end Mraintemct wih people the same evel ar human omar Paychology acres af n-ne pep Ta go oo f Gary fe te eagahed onde deg ts pet Dr Younger goomes a ore hay to Be hot headed, but the elder bec very care wih are. Grom De = Ijugone ou nd ene Sn'n fe en comming ttn Al gomes ae cove wi mur understanding beter th yobs nce, undeeaning an sorties i entnen tower oe ee, he gnome fue allow for Dv SenvuctneIndurpazaon hat ober races push foe Gomes ‘reply bale fat induration can come ah nati’ good _pvces and Yay pas for De achnolgy to pro Reling ile nd spre fore aze gnome free plac- ot, Dag ay ao oor moun and dena fret ‘nen gnomes aren ing in pci communis oad ager ‘Sion goes wl often chow lige het are coy mecaded Sel aifeut tod nomish communi are often vey lose. They wi she farmland, pense wih urencen, sd sos enol gore each othe’ pay. Sanger Giese small emma {Bou noweyes nr enciyunwclones so outed ict The ‘Scctinal goomish cig ofl tested ou of nese mart ‘hon want ook shige grams omni Goo ee me ager fee sgh tal ey nae). inlets Tung conn and rons at ae ely eiffel tome {et Gnome cies wil often no grow, ih hous made ou SF coven wood pe ever Gromer are Lving. cree te of peopl hat of tom want sont nating wih ay oer rice, Gnomes st Tre inmongnome nine however wl ent mon fees oul {Gnomes wil een Get fe lauds who gnomes bare ed on Suton tatonaip with wih repel unl fe Hau ove Mhrvite Gomes ae especialy clos wi sa and ie, ho gone ss se mo earthy td ei of De raes Wil moxt rome wont sy aything Dig ee at ea ity di ‘ote hy farts chy fo the methods behind ee Roleplaying Tips ones coms fo bo - ho game we tr gro pintusenjcietconmijn nd gon eee Seon eng of ler mere tne oe Tera gona Malet Sesremesp cacarengen neces Tayo bab a am Pr once es of ong pe ‘oemos stan gnome on hte haw aly tebe mo hts me mbna ing sy sncerwnceny twat he a mes se unc tow se gloss ae aioe gine EER eo eee me ey cee be gree Goes Sina again wd ey wine ne ook “camer in pags geons eh heal ‘etisalat ace 9 Summple Adventuiess 26> Tawa Os gonish hens Da can wea Seohen bya Jari Hungoo Hot might hae bese brn in ome Dat nay woul dei nothing more yn seve, but Jus aay Been onthe ole fut for way 0 90 up up upt He hay ange ot wh af fans, ue, but Ju Hagen Me good pope tty figure, sod making an honest pane, Ju scanty and gulch who maken ood ue f pushing his emi sigh aga tom ‘wl be gulch oad ha he’ eoneting gumblee (ut s good one). He ues the phe, "oo sce of the same ln with great feguenay aie daceon Jo deteted to improving hi ie and Dat of Bi ure fri whenever es ky ough wo met tt igh ga He's got» ig persona nd ht nt ofa show {ht Hungoo would probably eth allowing spec. eg tnt Gade red), Bry ibn ot Both Wegdo the Sufficient, From an eny age. everybody knew tat Wego wus going t2 bemsa-dvang. His uml of vling mechan went om town town, ling ee wats anal wid would eve de {ook fore newest conyopon oe grt doodad: Weg vat styper-ace athe fnly bare net to de ‘pad ey come oa own where ol automaton oe ae {Baking for an apprentice, Wop wan quck to ply (ond fay ibenly comets, ‘Tough many wanted o be dhe astomatn forge’ ppreyce, te man ctenualy made his dean ang sighed Sooke a he goome “Fine, goull be uficer” Ever sce ‘en, Wegdo har sefuly (omens tt pending on mood) called hime Weg he Sunt ‘Butt warsand sve decades hie, Wags utr tons we no longer merely sufilent. Weg aves to take De gest cule mort anneal strona pombe He speci fae in steamers maling enormous sey powered toes i Wey ae long ince rrp eas lez ands now going aout looking for as beter hap the newertwhatchamacal ego, and alway Ung i = i automatons "wep he Suffice would peobably have he folowing species Law Augments (under Seence), Seam Powered Car andes Ana) and nko Cer (der Gadget 4 Metal-Deranged [Gnomes love nature, the woods, amd everything the word prordes to tem ‘The nturly securing ore ahd mata hcp the gnomes contnct geste machines und too, but Janome ‘trey wee exceranésmnoune of worked mel ici seciam. Many yrenes wee hee ca ewsecsed gf uma soley, ower such it alingianese sway fo the orgunic Woode and vegeiion and dnsend bond ith ects Thetegromen av caled metaleerenge. -Mewi-deanged gnomes often speak with vee meta sation, softy warping the metal wits ce Brsbing bend end se simon excustely lage ea oats The mvt conf 1. Griffiths IT nl Se Se enrevtn eg eee SU NCS SE sesccrciencings eet gra et Ti pin eae ceca mi wl ona etre a Erroneous Hoggteade Saeki cries Sie Hoge aan pear Pre ogee ecco TN ea wag ncnge ed Lobe rea att Ce NPE vn ante Eee come mt ie Se eee ot epee lan Miekertetirei oer no sehen cen cme ere Rtn ht an gt ee eben Sete ie haere cee aintatetnceaecaes® Sabena ssi an Sec ia es en are ndct eef soe: =e I {under Marksmanship), and Quick Mount (under Ace). eines, ‘Wid «temper a sort #4 he Maddock Ie rumbuncoue ge who hn eared i uraund himelf wis fare fede Monel back him ip wm he inevisbiy ends up in bene ie ‘ely te horse ho een (como is anges ig -10h guaelomescamp rl ff nue sibs. Fert impatient for tng calla De mle of the wood ‘Maddock shows no inenton of changing his ways Reiner Reiner made fre man-proucing pros inh foe. (lore on ops ses of Evang’ soceat cll mi Rlch Bond ie wart came, Pe stu gome bun impress ma Jit ouside Evang copa, Ral, St om eying hls ne {fund eiement he spends x ne sting weeklong bangs for ends and obler ake Als Ue of he par Reiner [roves te sn of yous heart outoghs Ye sz of Jour boy 2 Suu Siar Gnomes gain «#1 onewde lle 2 Goren Spr: Gnomes guna #3 on pra 29 Lacey Bowe: Goomen mer 2 09 Fue sole 2% seco: You hve the wer 15 foot monment sped You ie vim speed of 10 feel snd cobing speed of 10, mm Ar ssusien Wearone Becaute of Unit companbie sm gomer sce {oo small o conceal ight weapons on Pe ‘enon In sion ii wl stake Ue red Svc dea damage caso BE Rewooe Race Tus In aon ling fr Ui an om cl pl omen my eect on random rc Yat ‘out ling if Dy al he ame Hy Dy chore, 4, Bowo Sir: You can bend your sgh - Mey allowing A you to se stound wall or over abun You can bend Pour nigh 2 90 degeces ‘Deep Poo: No one knows gute hou dot but you “pcan make ser sigan lager fu Jour. 2. hint thin ae You can conceal Bo Hight nd edn Eaonare You can speak with ert sak to tna for you For 2 ston po Jou ca ete teeth “pb elder rte oc lower by fel ns 8 foot see Once | 2. mse o weed in such = wy Henna be shaped ty 8 ome asin un natura levels ou ich loca Shin eouple dye) [Fes e Eure You cam fl the caf arog ou ki, mowing wht Ht fri Whe bureit or in same wy {puching wall ground, you can fo foots nod ote ‘Binge fet ease the ground to ine win 18 fe If body te allompbing to keep the foobtepe den jou and Da person may asmp oppor cunning roi Ty you win, yo sme enc, Te aly dena eject pelle ou woud he fring Mla, Pa i ow ellyou were enemir could bestia ‘Gow leer: You have leaned one of De gone sont compte ses ~ Dnt of mal growth ‘Tit 4, gro allows yo tn oe in, ae 5.) of an You mur be sting on sod ground fo So le, hi sues one arom pa peewee ones Stee While lage you ue the cal le of he on Lue how of gnomes. Nostus Youle thoughyou aren apudof com Dletelyunteard When you ar aneaing, you ae eiely iy Hat nd connote beard to your foe ne You {62 su mae nee fromm Pe sup Be oa cnying ta went When you ae Uy oan, ou some ‘oahe Tr higher, sk ws ture and ate ‘wl end ou a You may fr 3 atom poi ogee pe ote sath foley «pec of ole Your ae 1 imple fol out of tes os pts of it, coming in 1 de shape of ight (or ema) weapon tl such a = v6 hammer or wrench, trey oe anyother gsc a le equipment This doesnot warp or deplete Uw wood oe rth ha he em ws den for nd that re of are ‘anno led pice of isi again fo gute some ie Psncne Sac: You can ae fly 30 fet ay spy ay {ocsing in ony and this ungoty gh ha en yo ‘egret peciion with sangedseapons: Whenste fing Hr Fanged weapon yu can shoot ice fara nora sd polis oscuro sat wetbon, coro Musi Your powerful spit floes hough your hy ema and lego the ema you ergy You nga go Light 2 Bui it wd gin 2 to phe. In adjon, jour = armed aac ves damage cst of 2 ‘Waramsau You and water ee reached balance, low x. ingyou to stand on culm wars Fort Aon point eeny [roi may steom po a ty of wate If you cease 10 mend dat acon point fo ven en, you fale the Swe You eannot wet while undervaersjo , {is be above ye sate and tem ep onto ‘Woowite The wn yours to onal and you may bor row ity pover bide sto Ye ound For scion oi jahptou tay win in one ereton 40 fet, You cant I change decom dun thi windwaling “Windwaing ‘hoor not aw you f fy = you ae atl wang om it ground, Dough Uh wind crying yo oben a) Wr: Your sts ayo limbo al ou try 127 ful at You gaan adnan cate al S Satyrs are counted among the greatest successes from the long list of expesimeonts Yat Une Hauuli Empire com rs ducted. The Handi Em knowledge of hature’s workings tht Dlr nomi Tong obsessed with combining thelr on knowiedge of science and alchemy with the ‘aves possessed, endeavored [9 create a race of slaves. ‘Many of thele experiment failed leading {oa number of warped and horrible crestwzes, eealutes that Yue Haudl s20ry eon Empire - to this day - sab tying to entirely exterminate. Eventually he Haudl Empire would create the says, race of people that are known for thei speed, heir empathy, and thelr lyal Iayal to the Haudi Empire, though. Satyr rebillons added fuel to the fire, helped crack the unbreakable Haudl Empire, and today most satyrs are fre to asthe’ wail This servant race has not stayed "The mort common sstyrs combine what at frst glance, look lke he features of « goat with a human, ‘Though Que bipedal, their lege look lke thote of « goat, Many satyrs ling horns styles will ary from a sal slight curve to large, also have horns. but he sizos and Satyr are found all ove the continent now, having full integrated wih humans. Though there are sila number of ayes Bound fo slavery in Uae remnants of the Haudi Empire, most have excsped to free pastures. Sayre ‘ce common in Evangless, where they ae largely seen as equals ree yr especalyfeeoborn satys, tend to be Toud, rabble-touting. and fun-loving Tey drink all day and feequontly share with ther fiends. Unfortunately for ‘see frends, satyrs are almost completely immune to Uhe negative effects of alcohol, so it’s only ei fends of opher races that are affected. “Well known for thes fun spiel, thelr never-eay-dieatituder, and thelr newfound love of freedom, satyrs who have broken fee from slavery make thebestof it Unfortunately Individual experiences can gully alter the Satyr norm, as sayrs born into avery can diferdrasBcaly from the easily excited frechoras ‘Say ore ein nd slr human, 0 many of ee qulies fre hoe of humane om thir at heir je ott boy pen ty alr Ue gam of human pont. But sap ae [Bocengincered sce at Pcs ferences are pronounced. The tho mar common diference re in he satan hos. ‘uy have og and hindgunrtrs of gots Ty sepa covered inhibi ha mateo ao ewes of Shes an an ens beh oh Styrhorn omen a great many yen ad many ties sates wu te sy of ac ar to dente what ean gy swee born nor wh ala" hy wore born rh Sorel are Uh spring Noes we ober wil sind sage up. Obese Si have sghly stoping horns. Thay lal come out nee or ‘oki’ wie ts wpe. era mgr ply hee salt orn Yan he males Bu Bs cra ot aaj ese ‘Soe wil des n many of Ue sme yes Ut De {etow maine hove. Ste pnts peal come ales and in age fi ses bocce of ay tlker ghar ngs Horm ‘SXocrae snd pircnge ar Sommon Bough ser Cano {eo Brough tbe horn aad any giant aleraons De Ione canbe gle palnf ‘ecm eer were ceed apd come For numerous stein, spe Pipe con fer pron Some sent al Enebealy ates nay spain before cretion, ging em om trol or gy colors, od orn, o ren gh aed oe ‘Though gj ene nate have ale Thee tal might be a = en mal uf tong whipping (alls oe ied hoe wis Thee {inal ple cm crn ff ate among De oer cen ‘te me «hoi asin aye tbo ‘Satje ar renowned for Dn ped No other se can match «say sport. Usfortuntely, climbing sd sve Jing Wed to be Fob fo ag cons ea tt oat ‘eat. Sys ge wie vy of fovea and wl fe shave ‘Scena their hoonesBecnure gr end ob» Joe ‘dea of nee when Dy wae ass wil wour padded or Ieatie shows oes Di owes make Prete ie gu wee Say at almost ently immune the effet of ak cob and aie homes more eal Whe egal de gne,the Hou scene added thie fncion fo ke a trl doen worker Reems of my eyes ve {nde eae sve so ening Be Beverage fo ice ‘evoe rahe than he mena effects “Leaps Sty ifspane ate amon Ment hove of iuana Say lien are common called sc and ‘Je elrn ce ply much ter an ale Dough Scccommon, elles are ald sen Ses often ted at tie of sepect i au communi. Psychology Begs tv» spon fring fn, nly ee an a Sea wha ek Sang oa Seen peek Sef in i Tye ely iy pee Sci chnnede toe sew am ftborn a bare pnd ht edo snk wid pc ets ce ay ya aay oer a bya hp te ee ees tr gh Te ont seni Te eto ngs ete night drinking togethee Thats at tony at spre do old ‘riper ue many wood if aay ever frie toe aud Ee ‘forthe enavcment But when sshoy be sploied or eared ht loon, ees move fora Saye eile, the synch ae quiet ob Thy are ‘fen ereaedowed By he louder ale Ife gem see Oe ‘ying "The devi inte hora In Degen en ‘apiece to grow ie hos the tne ee wid sod fambuneius wide of he ony wil mani Saye end he ‘ough (be exctUng teenage es Sulyesae exceponly empathic. Slee debate whether aye are ut vey peste of vr of ty she ‘imental connection with other rene but tars se aly “ware of people's emotions Beowe of (hi people wl fen em aturyheainge oro hep around when interes food. Thy cen ely and accrsey cern mo he ‘Suge are onde wah humans ard ores alles Ty sity bled in with aman cre, na epee eight i. ferencen gnomes and tyes often see apes Slys ae ‘ie dea of ify reiing ofan Por some reson, fehaue sue 0 alia to anys Dn sn car acct ead em erent roms human diking a cup of coffee: ue fo wae sunitton probes ening ferment undrede of years, and tds says ave known for cay ng tect vem te vo! eces carey camaro wat says are hnon for cresting the bet beverages tad carey Races 2B xan Das dae lt roe on co tera spr em med Ep dr > ewe Houd wong He sors ns Elverta mie of ands st Ertl bw fy a fer and ed ‘ein ttre mito iia ee AF MicCiars,« fy ange wine bowed fom Be ‘ecco: gee su Te Mec oly Senet eft Arabic, sea a ge inc fon rsa now Maca eno ch rd ny oe fom EMpATE, a ack, ene ewe in vn inst seten Bango ea he Zeer border knew be Ing he wine hat pope fae fo clebrae usages ‘be eee mourn deceased lone iit Cane, a cheap epee rm from Sys known forhving the most sole aba content of any gue High Calor as eepuaion for ctuing numerous ob, beighie and wr Ragan of Hy opusdon, High Callers frente eink among sky pte, ge td rian of Opes Roleplaying Tips ‘st wt ta ing You might ome fom Asin ine orate psc oe et Plummets ind eed fee gh aes SinTurgoner ten fecyente mach me epee ac Soret Bean panes Sgro nd etn ‘rend pl tng oe gpd mo See te of ile sad wee og etn, et hay sy ce acon St Sample Adventurers > alow a ree sar adwners tou can ue a aspen shen een Jou! om Cassair Douglas nei ape several yor woking a cue in Alda, de Aivering messages by of fst she Could He wa wl ogni far his etd ad rey His messager were aye (Binred wihin fw Bours ae ago De ban of he ep nt Ereyting caged whem onc ay he denered a mesrage ‘pin ie mado rman ssesinaion tow het Ce ‘Rent is int hie him eget xo ee and Cae ‘Seopetwih Dm cen outef ie Caneisfce,howere wa wel emembeed By the a sain att son ay Beesonen were aftr hm Wih no wey {p rtur nome, he ook fo fhe Fond, ou-unning his purse [And wen om tof fun, be Bogan aking whatarer wok Ie eal gue set in pny re ip aie: Fsing Lacy (der Lac) Wal Rae er A) Sed Wak Ove onde gi Monica Moinnine People ays wed to jo that f you haces ne of Mons {och sh bing down the fury of he hemens. Monin, who Worked at an ophanage in norm Evangose, as Known both {x oe fore of hur fine Betoved Mopher of Talley a= ‘lla he conlton with which se wate oe he cin {i er care Ad vst fw Umer (hat Monin would are > ae the orphanage get oe of the bay ont of Uouble (he dy she hoa amor about ae Baya by who tnd toon adap en fhan year ago who wan bing suse ay ‘i edope man pve Without «coed ought she made Ir way ero he ousted, found the ema fry manok ‘athe in She found eb, song wih ay OD Yo In cages in Ue barn Her uy Ws De adoptive pare > sree bay et lve Equily ashamed of her act of violence as she was ‘moved eau ha here were moot cde bln Weald Sn rach sw heeft he expanse and made her wy note ‘oul, igi for he feedom of even everyhee Monies Moinnine would probably have the fling spelajor Greif 4 Hope (une Faith). Heating Halo (onder up, and Hwy Mande (under eet Silas Caughey Silas «wi brown enteprencs, of serous and seiouy Shed man le graf wur an excep sve rom Seah ting Sig mate honest money and norerbe sera 3a hi a > oy Sac std fe murber of buensbs and (ough ‘ome hee ee fares b's ted od ean a le (A few yours ago, Sarge an sncent ates epecily chen and Ida ‘humber of epedijons, eventually puting « wey sant “Inount of money behind «promising one, But Be hat expea= iow id moron lve forte ne a “When Slay heant of anther expen forming, Be stepped in, hth hp fund bu lo fequeting place In Ie He could stand he Hen of ung a home waned elm At ht es asf the tof = amber of venus Sas Caughey would id iol embroed ‘Sie Caghey woul probably hate the flowing epe- the Bae (under Toe, Pie (onde Sw nf Weapon Appropsiadons onder Espertie) ‘Boog a sow ear non player charters (NPC) dak OUP of adver might rm ino Be ves Brian Brennus Sometne people june to tlk o someone who can under ond eit fetings For mary people Adams hot someone fe Bian Brena: bartender of he Rowing Lim Pk Bes ma ‘al empaty and epson» gree ane hve mad in fe frosts of sega and newcomers alle, Bouncers Snow Do ‘hen Ban om he ck ay ee ie to weet about asthe ersuanve sf tows ule few ck on how ala any pavon Druston of the Industrial Strain “The fou of every young cadet in Evangln atm Dra the {rca dell sayeth mally date member Never sen Supe of leer, te geld veteran rene ob fed ‘ting oe lecping n font of is men a i woud make im ap peor moral ras esa can produce he ume quay iling machines a he infor trymen wo suv a we with Br frlou a Old Miss Macushla Macus has spent her tary oor accomplishing many tack Shee worked ars walgean eamtrer, and ew Pu _jer te fon Sse er husband bap rp for sera Sears bat eve monty moved on and ee Res pase meny ‘eral yeaa Is Bam inn la fo yee Yat Machi fcr ks ound er re eaing her bowen ona rom Just Hide wa pct of Zetbost In fuk He prety sted {ooking in eaped nat saves aod fuged f Receany. [ding Pm for few dye, Sd orcas cal i ae fb burs wh be dae ros ino ranging But Shc’ not so aah tie Yat hel tp what st log An fw sn encapees pss ty Ob Mint Masui cote wou forwet ong her Use grate 2B Asconoe bownery: Sayes are not aegaely ateted By shel 2% See: You hae ap amusing 35 foot movement peed. You Ive nevi spent of 10 ean cing ped of 10 fe 2 Barauene When stempting > determine sombody bing ou ed oo ee nde i igh [Random Racial ie fi Mom Heo: When wing Hie ound under ie Spit [2 struts com ce and ake he gher eu BropneasnAnn The hardships the sys Mave under |=», gan ovr ths yas ts not broke Yer denn but ough 2p hem ogee in beaperhood When you ae secont +e ete aly go oth gin 72 0 acy. Tae fect doce otstck the ott aye aise sy ‘uur ro Las The Had Epis designed he str for Ish abr and ths made sure ter eens wou te esi You are no exception. You gain an udonal 6 Original Creation aimon ve mundo youre ago the Maud Erpice wes a it eight. They covered much of Rileuria and bah gnomes on ieee unde he empte The Hus pir ed ong cen the innovative fore Im alchemy. andthe gnomes, ar tere over ature and ie made unique smblantion on Hud Empire planned on cashing In Tor years the Hau Empire worked slongsie te gnomes to cents nev sacs. Tey went though fume abominations before (ie fit wuccen «wae nce eae ine manicrer Yo he mangcarn were aporsible to co ot tee bloodlust exceeding thei sbi o rearon. Pe aude recognized thir falror sd ben working tao ‘The experimentation Qh felled ied t the cre sion of spon Toe suite weve sce bred by combining ve cssnce of the Stirans » maonaty tht fhe Heal Empire hed smart wiped out ding thr tbjupeion, with other animals- Ye mont prominent of Heh bln gots zn pac Bxscrne oe Wont: Your maul aeons of pops ra; cent giver goa good night ite whens bone ‘out to tam our You gins 4.9 pray le «, Fite or Foor: Youle one of the fet cess around 5. Your movement speed increnes Hy 10 fee, engi ye HS feet manent speed op to a5 eb Jos, Fncsenoe Compr Your hotosand Roores a be J tne ar wenpone, Yur untened socks hve » demage haat Lg, Hono Dassen You keep the end of your hon 7 clean and tharp making unarmed toc with Bm dal pono uneoshatetseding damage [runs Hist: Alcbel ea tua fr sat, nt = jp Prot You can ignore the effects of falgue youve 8.) Conmumed lesbo fhe pat fe hr fy rein fo Uigued for more hana few day eve ach wo hep ‘Ore the yes vacous sey spans were bor, eh sth sighty diferent combinations of sna escnce and n-born personals. Yet the basic say formula rosie ergely the tame, and says became the ost poplar [oe of errant vroughout Pe Hau Ep. Povo ans: Your mode wa npineered to work it $, nardus chemicals, Whenever ain fo ret «Pees 2. tarough Bate, our ol lone er highs Den oer Gaining Freedom About thee handed yee ago the aye a Siyesh aga rebelion, ied by one af histoys tort wrigmaic and blond bingy tations wage named Arsh By he wd of te baton, «now fee nition of sates nad bce carved ou of norte Riou, named after the eho onder, ‘Over the yore even more sayes have gamed si rcedom from the Hauds. Mary sats ow lve fel lf Evanglss where ayes are he second most populace race There are sls fot of says rng ss servants in Zlnot ant Sige, but many escape thelr od and become fee i Evanglse or other nations that donot eee avery. Droreeron The yt sae tn Ingle your a tof wah» compulsion to defend tho dose to ot Al alee PP pce gouge dens A, Sian Hoop ne Your ove elm ctchiog he ground wth ease: Yow ignore he speed penaes for toning mi oo and unetead rough ern ‘Ungnasen Wa: Though Jou gimp with people's Zapato tle he tuck fhe buted spurs you Feng tig at nig ete gn Chapter 4 CONTEXT Everything necds some contest ‘You need to put your charicter into the context of the world. "The contests the setting, your naonality, religion, some organizations, is the world around you, i’ everyng. Tis isthe context of your adventure. ‘As youre developing your character, you ean use this chapter at much or as ile as you'd tke. There are «ton of stories atyou can choose from in here (luke what you want). Ifyou jut want to make a bland, back- [ground-free gun-toting mania (and belleve me, we all do), fel free to skip his chapter. For some depth your ‘character, you can stop here for some contest, 1f your narrator has decided not to use the Tephrs acting, hen you can use thls chapter for some ideas or ismissiLendiely in furor of your narrator’ setting, matonslites religions, and obber such fun places of context ASOHTIZ, smoaivd HLnDvuy ion © NOAIGUOL “The now capital of humanity, Erngless is growing quickly nd herng all he same, Lass Yan 8 centuly ol angles tev foundad by brillant woman named Velky, who Pio- neere fhe steam engine and numerous other fchnologis (hae sil bing dacephered today Her great jer ef Ue foundation fran unehakable naion snd her \houghts for © Hrong-wiled, proud people. Bangles grew ti prime be- fore the Hurricane Ware beeen he surface and Ue ean fering ayn, and, deepite numerous sl-backs, the Evang Iowans rl hold he center of he cabinet Evanglessans ae ipl fle skinned some with fiechles, Their alr colors vary. but are often lighter shados of brown, bond, an occestonaly red. Tele ees 2.77 Depween the lighter lors “The ation of Erangless hae immense pide, ower {industry and s word clas sulway syst. Tel ‘of Evang hy far the world mort ete and Evangleat ‘her large population and conta oer he continents most fertile lao elpe cement thelr miliary dominance -Evangees has long been insecure wi is relations ‘wih the semnangs of the Hud Empire, who Dy consider Tied Downe eter anu nt De borne Poldrane have become Evangits' we menace as he nalon wih ‘ut homeland hae largely chosen Evangess a is pmary Faiding spot And though Evanglees own aiborme may i= powerful Is yo to pat any serious top to Paldors- ‘Meanwile, the ats and culture of ranges tious to abe on. The Evanglesiane elite, smost all of fwhich are immenrurably weally Indus barons, have “psnhended technological development and begun fending ‘lente whenever pomible. Acer manipulation technol ‘ay fm most gulekly grown In Evang since the acthet isater befell Paldorus and crushed Paldorus’s astounding ‘esearch sped, Evangless the center ofthe human word, ‘wth technology. snduny, and ager all ulin fo form {Thtving sod cohesive culture OM Ethnic Traits 267 “The people of Branglas, garde of hei race are known {or oe ght-colored shin and hth fo brunet hale Isle yer varying fFom dare browns to grens to bes Emanglevane come in al apes ad lars and ae much ‘bev reputations for beng vel snore open-minded about sipuage cuore (han Dt neighboring counties Evangel a melting pot of the eller of ila ia, ahough te people of Erangiees have noeable com ‘on mannerlame. vangletsiane are polite and proper wil fut being weak oe prudish The ate pou people forged in De fires of conquest, although they Femain young fod impromionabe. A lage tajouty of the Evangessian Saree workforce war veterans whether be middle-aged retro ‘who expanded (ir naional orders nthe Hurctane Ware fr newcomers fp the workforce who {ook sides during De Evanglerian Ci Wat While fe fom being Bloodtnizy oF ‘snag the people of Evangles often ue Pele miliary ex perience a ny of connecting with one anther, using ld ‘wet sores as ancedotalban(et during polite conversion Erangicsians pride themelves on tht sll in Ue at of rmannerly dialogue and generally wil have ouble respond Ing posively 2 oullandioh or votnt behavior © Foreign Relations s Stereotypes 34° Despite hse genemanlydemeanors and fen atte the people of Eanes have ome ong tna regen TFeshest onthe teeth Pldoran cvs, espectally (hose Tiled in py for Diesel emp Se Ereogie ‘ine dsbagich between Padre pe and Palanan re gees bu any cece agin a Dow of Pra dercent A grea deal of Hurcane War veterans og wh theif hat sate agin fo Pir decaration of Seam Dw suse To eng a Br great number of Feces jodi wh sod beside fr onthe atl [ine puede chances of wiseprendayodin prea. “ligne Ye land she wed ould Branglese fiom ye Haul Ep anon cena half ate Hide and Evangel bicker Many Evonglesiane fev Huds as omtoweindd and tuck in Oe Pat 99 tha he Hau ations ae far ajo rine. Herr, Enanjesann and luda rarely scton thle ate bi en occasional cat induced bar ight between als pao Jesiane and Ian hive cooperated with ch oer mametous tes Inthe pat Thit coupled wih the lenge orn of anda angen now ing Ean (es wo cles ge sng ean Te sme I moa he wy Davoraune ar vel! Brnglos and Davorra at the pve neve, superpower onthe continent of Rua ‘tna i too of em have oo fa ved tpping 00 ich he! bm Many fata ave mmigete fo Evang ie to er if By cao ie above the cane sos Dy ‘ere bor ny some ven oping frata-comerion a Ge Bnsgissin 1 opening up usinese foray wing ot Below we some nalorally ter you on eect Wie mt ventures il only hve one Gf ay) of Bese tos, jou might, find tat scr pp 10 yu Nevo STOR using the Chil Was you ded wih Ye atom sin of Emperor Daur Lanna Ue get eong bets wi oot aya. Nenonn Stor While he Ch Warn ging you ough gala De of the curzent empero inend ing with try Coup and te Imai of Be populous Nanos Sr ‘You fought he Cl War Regrdles of which ade you wee cn gou hare plenty of sae Da alow yo to ebriain - iow Brongn Sees ‘A frontman out in Us formaty goome-ocepled land of ‘Western Evunglers Jove spent some Bnew ane ota Youcan cay a and ect mont forma Ineo NATURALIZED THARMURIAN Nenonaiy STN ‘Whether ou welcomed the wi open arms or eormed the Yancan of thi army. Tharmara and ie people nw Dow {the rngesan (ons Your whieh and ule mpl mae obber Engen ee you a frelgne, EN ‘Ata member of « noble how in Evang you are ren une Sete accom to government igh ves of dearance ea You may not have been torn hee ut the open-minded cube Of ranges han borough seine yu You may tae one evonay ny from s ferent mona Hf you Peo tel more Pan one you may choose whch yf hep bats SER: vars ‘NevowsrySron ‘Reounss: Ayoain You eft he armies Seid ding the Huricane War, fling the racers” her hat he genoidYoure ld kt igh oan by enough fo romerbe youn enough ct. D Dainsen i the ewelof Rusia, «main which plays host. to the High Riausia Forest the dense Jungle which covers ‘eary Ue enti county, Known for ie acenie vets. Dale onze Ie the only ferishlaaruled agin ip Rls, ruled Uy the Nine Wings of Diviniy the mont cite members of the fins Day Society. They insure the eles never tbo Bs second-class cementing heir najonal power bus. Dalvnses ie very inwardly focused, as almost rey ly and region eslfsustlning. Ty have very ie Conbst with thels confines neighbors soa many fala ppever lane their home cles ‘The social sructure of Dsionses focuses primarily fon the ferishjun. Powerfl members of he race Hnown a Diy Society «cate of winged farsa, re abslutely over the Night Society, Use mvrage fren All fetshtes old ‘ey ove De elves, which dell at he boom ofthe caste ‘Gettin, Only fw places In Dalvozzea are cen fenly: ‘Mindru and Adolpa, gnomish and ven seementsrespec- tively Adaipa hols dhe set of Graz, the chen sentat twin invented De friahta, wh regres his discovery deeply. alvonzes his Hite tn the way of sanding mil- ‘uy and elle primarily on mercenary componens © Su>- on vet endenror, Tint spe, Ung estes Sight to bohold ae frehaae hold an innate talent fr fgh td arial mancuvers and hit vessels reflect thor values. ‘Those ele pile and hele vessels guard dhe na tion's orders weloury with «sporting aitude, unin we ‘hip pirate lke noblemen on = fxn g OM Ethnic Traits 26> Intenstlonally known fr thee chesnut shi, preconcleved olin of Dalvoavane changed saith the eenion of Use Commonly lightekinned freien, Regardless of Ds race, ‘ie people of Datvonses are ely distinguishable by thle Ine Thin and wizy without Being weal Dalvozzen halt Come in deep, dark shades of almost any imaginable clot. Datvravane ae aleo ler and more slender Us the worm {or ther respective uces ‘Use to thei ast bated society, Dalonzcane teat those in authority postions wih respect The obvious x ‘option thera are he unlinowa number of Dalvozcans ving uta of lvtzon tn the High ausian Fors ‘Many “lane” sive off he land a somadic hunters and ‘gatherers These brave mem and women ae fa frm pele ‘re many empeying protoype technology to get what Uy eed while oil erdawvorng to keep the forest ntact, ‘Some Dalvozzean ight aguinat Use gid tucture of thsi culture, Ashen Angels and ofher social movements (Ge terore celle ar eye called the government) be eye the cares are outed and oppressive alrough these soups ae slatey smal a ozzeans aol ©M Foreign Relations 8 Stereotypes 247 Daivozzea isthe newest of the Riausan majons. This 6 teak fey accomplished without enemies oui Qhe Had Enpie, Like Erangless Dalrosze rae thee land fom ts HIaudl ruler. Unihe qheie southern neighbor, Dalozzes smged bloody war with Ble Haude to gain thle indepen {Sence, With Haud-uled Seth on Ptr western Dorr t= Son run deep between Dalvoaseane end Hud from Ue ‘other Daivonsean patots occasionally bicker with I20- dang. Used fo he lush flo of the High Flausian Fores, the infemously welhedcated Dalvozzeane ne Izedan sea Engers a ignorant people sbsested wih wcless rune Many Tendans a siunchly against the frehta-conrersion eo cess, another point of contension ‘Some Duhonasan youth are known tojoke about Ue qually of Evangleestaneducalon, since most Evanglessan ‘Sitocats send ier apolld-otlen offing 2 Datvoze- ‘an universidies. Tie sereoype fades ath ape especlally Sinonget Dalvozreans who Meet fhe pumerour prim and ‘proper Bvangersanevining their eis for business. vice ‘Dalozzes ei known frit waters and as nuch ayodin ae ware sight witln Is Borders. Equally eae are Paldorane; Davozsea in simply too fur orth for he Pal Aorans, pat of olberwise. {> convenienly reach, Most Datozetans have reacted to these fats hy Ueang the ayo in and Paldorans ory meet wis port coureay while Thinking themselves ambasradors for Dee people $9 Daion 26° oop in the High susan Forest looming over the dense geen canopies iss the white marble towers of Dalon These towers form the homes forthe forishtas, the (ler towers homing the wealthiest farishuat. The [allest tower ftmong them iz Aeon: Summit, Alo the summit the Nine Wings of Divinity mest, Dre nine day-rocely furahias {hat oleepvely govern Dason and he large fas of Dale ‘The Day Society spend thee ime In comfort and tasines, Thess fsa overtook the forest from thi high terrace, ling decadent and xomeQines immoral esl ‘The unversifesof Daina housed in hese tower, where obi send Dt children fromm all over Riss © Rudy Dain wel known for bavi the Bet pt and Ye nt iy wal often pare Dei me hunting for aleship plats lke the Eranglemiangenty bunt foxes. ‘While the frehtaus tive in white towers and com- fort the ey of Daion below the canopy rely erent. Packed to the breaking Poi E i Za smalgamation of eves, mercenal, snd pople who are thore because Us cant go anywhere de The canopy and smog-blowing fetoriet keep Doe unde-eaneny of rion ar oven om the beget days ‘Rw av rome palonally ster you can elec Wale oat adventrers wil ely hee one Gf sp) of ve seo mah find Us seer pp 09 Reece Recon aishian ‘Nemy al farishisn of Datores blog oe Night Sosy The tidal ate of your ule, you ae fe ena al folie In Dalrnsen excep oe lace ere forthe iy Sy SECOND GENERATION FARISHTAA Nenonser Som roca: Fashion [As cud of two fartahasparnt, 904 hemo Knowledge of. ‘at if ie oe an of uring mot eves Jou encoun Ibo upon you wth jeune Range enonary Sion Sect ty the Day Society to pote theta paces fom te eguring rable blow yb ne el in egal ager ones ‘of tae Night Soe Hf ou th « Whe Tower Mere ond Member of the Night Sosy. you enya galely ler semount of prestige Pan ie up inal ASHEN ANGEL Neves S087 ‘Tre tatoo on your Body of Hack fxthen reminds you of the ‘ings ou al over poss, rebel gst he Day Society ou Teer gt slong ih nde sts og Daven ‘Beer cover you aos tong nw ences wl a ou sea temo i they 05 jour macinge Pee Rroones EY ‘You cme fom the rence of Asin un by Green he Devouree hes fom oer laces look up you a scion of {ete of equally which nary ee 5 pole ‘The conceptof cz ie ot on you. You much more ae- somal 0 Dif of ute snd gre avling Veg {he High Rison forest Ining tour scsi ha for com {use You cin say survive Indefinite amounts of ie i ay forested rea without pronone Nevo Stony Some ces can pace nape to the nl fails who lr fa ove Ur fellow ees before fabian ware cated ond else capt of chen rocky Wie oil looked de pon, Jot tre im ight higher gard Pan the serge i Nason Sr Recern: Gn many conaiaing of gnomes, Un province of Mia ee {fom the caste gitn of Dalozaen a leat whe no Dy So ety member ving You ge sang aly with Dalvnseane ‘oo domo rrbe temas he Day oe Night Soci Nine Wings of Divinity Since Raviiel formed the Nine Wings of Divinity over Is contuay ago, the Nine Wings have stood ade perms ent and unyielding backbone of Dulvoeea, Composed of only the nine mont elite winged farehteas~ the day rocity =the Nine Wings served as «symbol of Dab foane's new angelic race, mening atop tne enormous [Acon's Summit tht scrapes against the heavens. Two years ago, the Nine Wings pristine image wus shattered. Is founder, Raise, lot conte. Gir es gained primal coneat over his body, and the angelic Revise, the fir farshta, reverted ack to ls original owner ~ Gieazen, the elf that crested the faishia con rerson process, Enraged, Giazaa tre off hie nj end replace it with an essenee-devouring mechanism in one night he killed three members of the Nine Wings end drained (hei body ofall synthetic essence He = fourth member half-dained and stark mad. Within the eame night he started revolt in the undercanopy” thet would become known ax the Night of Feathers Girszzs left the Nine Wings with only fire su ving members, one of which with lite san inact They've since had to ebulld and work to recapture thes (Of the human nationale, the Hnedans ate perhaps De ‘mor{ peculiar Haig fom the vast dererts of zed, fw ‘ould imagine anybody calling Yet hele a home. Yet he Tacos have done just Dats thelr clare reflects (helt bes climate Sometimes known a8 the sunborne, the ledane tye pa, aloe yellow skin Tigo commonly bald (and women often shave thee heads) ad many of he develop Iiscolorons on Us exposed skin, zedans lve as scavengers. Though there are some esd een, Dy azo eae and far apart, Leeda often Ive ss nomads, tending their herds and ving off wha ite De lund provider They que accustomed {0 Uhe heal, and suriv wellin poor climates. ‘The ene cure hasan almost religious devotion te pain, Ritual scatficaton i well known Dhrough Taeda, find pai ea daly part of Ife Adulthood is proven tough {eats of endurance, und hy prog, Ue medicine men of De Tedane are some of Be bert in the word. Tzedans rarely stagger under «bow having spent Dsirenie lies pushing Izedans themecies tothe extreme. ‘Despite their unusual customs, the Taedane can be git hospitable Tnedane cherish Yel fends and are highly frotecve of thm. A fond of laeda is man ih log Life ahead of him. NoneDtsloss, Inedane often have = hard {ime relating to and underminding most ope culture, and Taedane whole he deer apt poorly t De comforts of ‘modern indus ving “Though leeds ate nota engineering asthe other Iouman tons they do well with wea gy ave While ob fe have created powefl fle, the ied il hold true i vier crossbow; and hee steam-powered high ellbe SSonaloews are rome of Ihe moet vlcoue weapons ever sce. Tredane Yavin lage armored carsvns, pulled by geet beast of Burden thet only he laedans could tame. Taedan merchant wil often work along the outs of Ize, bar- {ering off their unusual olectins in exchange fo food and ‘the nick knack they ean ade elaewhere Short and sooty he bleachwhite skinned Tnedane ae # hurd people, bed to as in he harsh desert wasteland of the Quist Steretyped ar being Joly and flippant, Inedane tte exemely ard workers who lve of of whatever thoy fan scavenge Lovecr offal als, mary outsiders conedet "Wan incomparable experience fo stand watch am Haedan campfie Mort Idans hav ie airon the tops of Uwe ead laugh hey have no fculy rowing hk ton chops or full ears. Of the few Lear sym may exo tei delle fo wold het stroke ven T2odans, many of whom have fry tines sa the Quist predating the soe of Heda re completely inter ‘bxed vith thelr hore compabogs They ate Held we cals in Taedan carey and ave, over Ue, grown EAP pear distinctly differen Pun dhe eves whe Snub the cet fe continent Iaedan elves have spies more eat Dan hele forest-dweling peers wilh Longe: thicker ams they rometimes ute [o run on all fours, [Rel akin’ texte fuged {© the touch and light-brown im texture, making them camofiage info the sand more sui. Thich it tbe longer thas the average ef shielding thir long back from harmful sunlight and keeping Ym cool when thy eed (be: Because of thet separation fom the caret of Dalvozaea, most Teedan eves see he fiishia-convecton procens at shameful equivalent acide and refuse b partake. 32 Foreign Relations &.Steseotynes 26> Tans ar an anal peopl who uy have poten ‘type malo nce hy ae ass maton Dry ey ds ih fig fa os pater of ay nd {Toe Guna our ato ae bu nao et vy forcing skein anything tn pare {ip unde eae and i ngherng ges of a {Euhuwe shape good lars De eter oe og Sop pu fr suoeee fom Bie Many Vlad rms hve Jd Tana crane ee Joa Rap IR for aden snd sc lots on os are sw gota song Psy ct he Badge a fy 0 Be gc uring neonate on condo Sh edaing coded sty Toe mut Tongro Sie gin to grous cour of hance oe at etch ied pron Sa a dan fm sof ae item ie ong Oy sy os of our Taedans were nel tepase om he ral Hu sane Wars Bovgh ny ef oi i ales sre Teva mae of Teds hae ee onan etn bo fie andar to et he fou ehstees {po fet mecting on Evangor woe neon hy sty Tian ved apne mre agin AL he {ine numero Ergasananbrpogls ee ay Sng isdn cue wen ty sce ers Pome enw con sch Young lade vet tore Secs os ipa wu fated he aebopte {Je meade nw Eveglnion mary. ar = Mationality Storis Below we poms palonaty ses you can sc, Whe mast venereal only hae Ove a9) of Dns enon igh find tat sever pp toy i Neeser Sion ‘You follow the Severin You have ually seared yourself in honor of your heritage fllowing in the pa of Ue Seareed One who fought off fearsome laude und svined when rome cuit You hes for of pina have made por Of yourlife. Though you may de from wounds, pin wil not low you down, Roce Context avons Sry ‘The anclent deserts of the Quis had many secrets, plecet and pars that must be cobbled together lo make ew fe Sure. You wee eased to ike the ash of the desert and sll Aor lving To you oven the mot ety of object can be setvenged aed od a he market en eno Some ‘The cararan ofthe anclent lvdan kings, ou ae of Ue xt vam hit is most strong, most proud No afer caravan can ‘match yours In ems of malty night dijon oe bread Aller carsvans are beneath jours expecially Que Caran ‘of Seplence, Une supersious febels thet eased the Tneds Kingdon cllapae sa mary year ago, Al oer caravans should pay yours wih the rightful expec CARAVAN! ics: ‘Yuare fom one of he branches of De oldest most sacred avon: he caravan of Sepience. Saplence, the Queen of ‘attuzes who rules ovr southern led, wil always lok ovet _you, You have a sronp affinity with vultures and know many ‘eho have Kept Diem as pts Tho don ate a source of food, ‘nd gh is best it for De bis Rese: Bf ‘You are an elf fom the rah devety of the Quiet tring snd growing among the Ina people You are not weed the normal prjudies thet hes for the north experience, but you are mart and prow, ceady bo beat any bale ‘Oufpders wil often fear you for Jour unurul appenance, butyou can weather even Une woes of commen @ Frying he skiet of Toph, De Paldoran Els te in enor- {nous Stormshie, aiding snd pillaging towns for food and Supple, Yeare ayo, Uo amd of Padova wore raged By ‘lation Dat deayed the land and mutated Qhe Pope ee. Today, many of the survivors vein Ghose enormous ‘ding ship, dooming any town By mai a Yee py. ‘The Paldoins ae «proud, stong people. Theyre ‘sly Mentfied for their dark brown skin and eyes of ey Simost eytalin, blue. They've grown accustomed (0 the Inarsh ving above Doe coudines, where Be exiting winds nd chill make fe constantly aii “Les hy powerful airahip captain and ful tothe Infernal insium Church se Paoran Exes have bocome ‘force tobe reckoned with They prowl the weld wih a= ‘anced weaponry developed during Ue Hurricane Was and fave lst thelr remorse for the othe nations tht they must tow pillage inorder to survive Foe Palrane sural of Dit ‘teste mot junta empty phate. Ie way of fe OM Ethnic Traits 287 “The darkostskinned ethnicity on Blasi, Paldorans ace {TEs mown for their bught ble syes which up-one ook Slmort cryaline. While mort Padorane have dark bait Tobie cefioes to gray wilh age, may Pldorans have opted to dye seats of Desai ver or gold foes fo increase {Beis individuality om Stortoehips where mil uniform tr Ue unelenng dress code ©R Foreign Relations § Stereotypes 38> Paldorans are far from the mot poplar nationality om R= ‘Sn, Ostacne for Use refugee status, Palorans aide and ‘utse the lest sue from unfrustng glances from moat people they mee silos have recleved he warmest welcome {fom the open-minded Evanglessians. ‘Many Pldorans have « minor phobia of Ze! Haus ‘Archduke Zimarat of Zalhost seems {0 enjey shooting flown Paldoran sisi, log he hast shove true let ting landborne Paldorane ino his borders {2 work hs i umeabie founds Paldorans have the most oube dealing wth salt serter syn. pil openly hose wlth each other he start of thelr sour relationship was he Haicane Wars The Paden I force weed wether-based cannons {0 superhest ptcher of ‘seeun, Henly Baling syedin legions ale. Paldorans now sold ight over de oceans, fort would lead fo bloodshed sis les > [oryorr the Paldorans ted the world in numerous elon [fic advances, During the Hlurscane Wars, the Paldorans ‘were the undisputed leaders in wartime chological a= unces, Though Qsey can't clam Pat they invented acter esonaion, fey Poneered many of the advances thereafter ‘When the feeswaterayodin came achoe, i wus he Pale orans Dat tok the gevitn sphere engines of Ue ayodin tnd began bling itonblrds and skystipe: For yeas, the Paldorane defended thee comslines agaist syodin atiacks, ‘chocmows engines of wat superhesing ter water wlth tether and ing over he oeeann in enormous athips ut Dose svances would also be De Pldoran’ undoing, ‘A decade ago, rath of diseases spread cross Pl locus, Physicians compared it to radio, fore inecte's ‘in would grow dey and cracked. almost Ie stone. Over 10% of he infected ded while 20% rurived wih he une Usual sn dfoemitie A raze fw survived wih fe fay viraat defects, a thelr bodies Larned (9 cope and repes De rdiagon ‘The infection aid ot stop vith dhe populace. The fields of Paldoru were decimated hy the rayon hod ht the Paldaruns could hove soon he plagu coming, for IRhit he cops fst, What crop det i Heme apd changed making he food vitally inedible Tn the mide of the plague cents discovered is source: he acer resonates tha Paldoranseled on in their ‘vera if. The resonators dhl the Palorans had mam fctured for war were leaking radon across the nation. rover ime, had Begun to kl and mutate everyone Who tied Dem on 2 regula asi ‘The people panicked. Many turned to the Paldoran ‘church - Infernal Jnaiui ~ for guldance. Ad the church ‘sponded, revealing a plan to exeape the radon Uhot had ‘aimed ther homeland The church umvellod enormous ‘gemiton spheres none smaller than house. These gevion Spherer were beyond he scope of any known spre che ‘Pei in se today and De church already knew ow 0 se them. "We have begun work on new ships. ships tha will, ‘eset an ene ys worth of people” eld cus Yaoshy, the head of the Infernal Chusch “nal has given us Use ‘its torsos our people ou of Paldorua With er, we hal Bula he Infernat Colony Ships and ve arnong Oe clouds lone to out svi Jina” "These Infernal Colony Ships were bul, construct of mismatched pars on slid soe fame. At Bt hes, the enormous gravion spheres found ly the Church. WAN the king blessing, De chusch sppropeated numero a= ‘hip, Breaking tims dawn to baste components and sing them to bull Die colony ships, Millions moved to Erodin, the Padoran capital ne these shipe in gh miscreants anc ‘he process, Bulk claging the year of work, the Iofernl Colony Ships ‘These ships would become kaown as Stormships across the rest of ils, Af hele smallest hey cared lens of thousands of Pldoransercaping Paldorus From Alsjance, i ald, « Stormship loks Uke an encroaching Storm cloud ‘When the Stormships ite of from Paldoru, they Abd so leaving thelr king 2nd fumes behind, Paldorus was ‘pliner. The colony ships were bul, simpy to walt out the rdlagon and return {9 Padorn soon Deen, Ba Deal with the Devil {ing Agyros Cacliph was an ancient king. His wo sone eft Inthe Starmatipe - ne ax a capiin he obber at ra ng member ofthe Infernal Church The king knew that it lund would ake many youre to recover. He knew that the ‘Vakruldgomes fo he west andthe Ze! Maud ofthe north were being overrun By Pldoran refugees (onda Ye case of Zelhost the Wentment of the refugees could, a best be ‘eseibed as poor). The hing nee sway to improve the ‘aly of Pudoru land aed gulch He contacted Jayro Tina gnemish merchant lor who governed the ey-rite of Rival. Riva had been sccepting of Ue Paldoran refuge, and Jyto Tin had » fepulaion for his understanding of blocnginseng and De {geomish growth scenoes Jat Tl ade « deal with the Faidoran Ring to este the land of Pallorus and, ed do ro for fee. “Though the king accepted the deal he woul ony Inj elle that Jyeo'sdefinivion of eee wae well out of hit ‘pce range. geo Tin unveiled his most wicked machine nd ran dead and rmutaGons acros Pldorus, He caused the nan’ vegetation to grow and run wild, Jyto ting Pldorus as hit own enormous scenic experiment, BY the Ume the Slemahips could return to Palo, here wrt ‘no homeland Kft to return tp. The aon was overrun by wil mutated creatures. The people Ut survived were more ‘monster Pn human, and the Paldoran sss had no where then ——S Nationality Stories 26> Below a some nalonally ater you om ececy WEle mar sventers wal nly have sn (a) of Use sre, you igh. find at srr apy tye ‘You viought you ia excaped the sedation, but your skin ‘na since started pooling. graying turing to ae Though fs minor and purely om the murface, th alge are vi you wore radiated at. S Nenoxsey Sr ‘hon Uo stormshipt et Erodin many people could nt ft ‘Bat, where your nme was noon the et you ade rae for youself You stowed om boar ding Sn the underly of he ship. Perhape you wore discovered snd sent the tur {fice Peshaps you were discovered and made yourrl{ wf Yet he facts remain unchanged yon were nat invited fo he slormships, and eannot bea zen of he eolony ‘Many were vite to join the Infernal Calony Ship of Pal- ora, but you were perronlly aed ly member of De Infernal Church of Jem Youwere chosen By the Run od {o eed the Paidran people stay fon De usted land and Ingo Ue shies. Let none doubt your woth Context, [nen Where the church bull the ships, se Pldoren mit hat runs Yorn, You ate ce were = member of he Paldoran miliary, commanding Uhe ship sod leading he rae thet Supply it If you are noted ax Paldoran mint in eno father naions, you il be, x best, shunned. At worst hung for cimes of piracy But x mitt muse do wht necee™ sy to ensue Dnt his people survive and you dl nothing ess then tht } oe Sa ‘You wote a cizen boa en Infernal Colony Ship, butyou commited an actor were ot found wordy enough to Hay hoard. Peps you were aot keeping pace with your pes Peeps De ship could not support ity population. Prep _you commited crime en were sen fo he sure. Eier ‘eayyou were grounded and may not stern to your origina onmship. You arene longer scien of the Al Empl Sees Nanos Som “wen the stsesips were bei bul hy Bre Church, you were ized to work on them. When Dy ited of ou ive In the engin rooms, working as an engines, ensuring tht the ships stayed aloft. Your positon, perhape more +2 oan ‘even the Shp capa, asthe most important. Among oth- {e Paldorane you are shown great respect for your work. You hve extensive sil with Enginering end automatically sar ff wth point in that sil el Ha ‘The Haul Empce once stpod dominant across the cont ent the complet rulets of Ui domain. The Hauds com Ser themasiok the bleed race nd the slow collapre of {he Empire her dane ig (0 dissuade them of hat notion. "The seat of Ue fallen Empire esi Ye rugged northern lands of yesh among tall mountains and rough teen. A pele frye in harsh condifons, the tengo the Hous Foflects thle moherland. ‘The Zel Haude themectves Hive fur fom thelr an coal northern home. Seperated ffom Sijesh By the mas tive Emngles,the Haude of Zelhor often shortened Ze THaudn ace an india! people whose couneyide Ie car- peted with manuficores, warehouses, and chemical plans {fom border fo border, Under her pers leader Archduke Ziman, is Zal Had have been growing increasingly i= Aependent fom the northern Yrone In Ube maarcha and ‘of Zelhow, you must prove yoursef worthy of power and ‘spect To Zimars people the flues of the Hau Em presrin Siyesh have cost her hel Fespect although she sl ‘Sing to Ds lp 38 Epic Traits > Formos Hinde, sic foe x considered short Eanly he = “xtof all Ue eines, Hae have bred Yemacles to be Toy height psi song and bul 9 beat people to ‘pulp when its called for Had women are aclualy ler than the men, and women hod significantly more positions of power than Ul ale counterparts aude ae known for Ul hk, coure hae oflight colors, but thelr varied skin tones are all colored In dat thader Qt many people say £6- ble sone. Tei eure areal very pronounced, tele Jrotines gids and Oe (eth always Figheningly wile, tre fong abd charp looking, making Dn Hook at feral ae = ‘loi people can, “While Siyesht Hauds deess Jn uadional flowing sapere and logis depending on the heat Zel Haus ye ‘ment Unese ous ith more modern Evangles (icon such ws dey hate and ox ht Toe Haudl Empire har «proud history of sevscing these ce and never aking no for an anaver The means to his ‘dhe He bullt Pei empire on he backs of enslaved ‘humans, goomes, and say There are scant few etices in lai ody hat can fir ancestors who were enslaved ty the Hauck Empire, The Empire plonecred Be Pls of "ohm and bioengineering (ough the gnomes played ‘alle in bio-engineering), tral It was the Huds eho bho-sngineored the sen a species erated to be the ul imate seri of the Empire S I In Ue esos since De Ermple's decline, the eapiat cites in Seah ave crumbled while Ye Industis In Zl bont have prospered While Gel Seb srer fl ce the says eo thelr propery, Zel aude much more Kindy see ‘Sige ac simple-minded Inferior cwaburer whowe only use {serving (heir mother species Some Zel Houds ll heep fa saver, although Qe «dying trend. Mont sty of ‘Zant ae empl as low-level faary woekes ad et- ant Despite being x0 greatly separated from Is moth sland, Zalhort har inherited much of the Tong bel ae~ lem and eis toward ify surrounding mations laedans ad angesians care not Dat alhost has rected Sieh a= iy sovereign Hlsud i» Maud In return, after witness Ing he rise of Evangless In his couny’s backyard, Arche duke Zimnara) says feady (0 Sava his fledging neighbor tthe fist sgn of aggreston, mara alo ha an invasion of the largely abandoned Paldorur on his maitary agenda, Linbsanownst tothe Paldoran migrants now working tn his founder. "The invasion of Kher, Zathoat capital ty, woe cone of the fest nar bate of the Hurricane Wars Ayodin ‘Somber evlled fhe ey uring graviton technology Pa fat surpasted Je Hol Aeto-Ney at he me In response Oe 21 Houde di poo things The fst was fillag Wher nation ‘rth advanced an-air gue and far reaching ain Yack {move them The second was rowing Use few ayn found ‘ihn hee border nt ware pron Inthe oars since the wor Zel Houde have mored pat Us paranod racism the fumies of the ayn victims have not Honality Stor aw ave some nationally soe you can set Wale om dveturers wil ony have ne fy) of Use oeley yo ‘mig ind at sever appt ImpeRiaL TRADITIC [aon Sion hie you are + cisn of Zaha, you pledge aleyance Io {Be tat rulers of the Haul Empce he emprent in Syeeh You get slong ids Haus fom Sesh fr bese than Jo rans ws fst nfo ute nae mth hanunee pou ony ak about Be leony [Nanonaury SroR Recunes: Frale Hud cate se ran by fl women and you happen 2 "out compat bow to jou Sins Nevowery STOR cen Sige You formery wor, or unforunutely tae, dhe vast of = "aud Jord. Manle memory mates you Pinch or cowee Web Hid slr hie had abt you oie of combat, PERK srene ‘Nenonaery Sony Whe ouders may ace you a uncouh of low-clin, other Finds se ght to Jour core Yow owen can lew reopecteleou az ith +g glance NATIONAL PASSTIME lauds are Brown fo ee mastery of th albemieal acences ‘You know a ie mare about sicher ory then Die ae {ye peru giving you todo Scenes whan ateopdag “olla mosiemon,oncurer tll paying Joe ve Ue norm ‘The Beimstonct believe in small government pref crably wih Ul own members siting ln seats of comfort © an power They discourage fhe ober powers from eure Evangless ftom Interfering ln hele busines and wll use force to dacourige InervenQons if impectars and legis {ors get too non. Br i Youve worked aca member of Ye Beimstones to ensure he proliferation of De es baron rule of frontier vangless Tnreturn, you ean get non-market worthy beef for fre from any cle baron youve worked fr S ‘You wont sind for eit folk nosing i om the Bimstones White on the land of 2 western Evanglasan cle baron, _youhave #2 oresatinginmidatione by nom-miltary gor ‘enment officals pe PE The Corn BL ‘Gronomour wlth neaity and anarchy, Yue Carnal ina na tion-wide underground axganizatjon filed with (he allegedy ‘ental Ine Though they seem Insane (and cai fo be nothing bu) stares and rumors abound about the Caen vats efforts againet ujuat rales and waclees yay Under the glance of Vara Dyrani thelr chimatje font, {he Carnival he greatest fae of corrupt government of file garden of thelr phere of inftence: Around them Mand Qhe public fices no-one suapecte ~ the butcher, De haberdasher, the midwife. Member ofthe Carnival can Be found everywhere and from every walk of Uf ne knows ‘het t ook ‘Alves appeasing disonponied in Ye general pub- No, they made a teene during the Evanglestan Cr War shen they captured a near complete fet of arshlps and routed a Crimson Marcha forces. Rather than siding with {he sya, the Crna ook thle neve found let an pu Ito se (erovaing the lea! aetocacy who eufered rom rumars of eve(gction and «lack of upkeep for thls ‘enc. Many leer sl eve atthe sound of the Carnivals SSombaabe ahem before single hore ation is taken (ten the fleet ill disappear Just ax rapidly ax It acne, fetirning [x hangars unknown Tosa or ju unpredictable? The average Evang san remaine oil uncertain, the Carnal inent om beeping te statue quo. Regurless of spontaneity, the Canal can Shay be counted onto show where Yete i social nea, ‘hers insigatos or aber Youve joined up wih the Canal 1 igh aglnst corre leaders to bulls beter Evangles. Ifyou can get oto con thet with» Carnival srship, jou can ite » ide wid ‘ers although the ship's eaptun il determines the ship's ath You area member of « Carnival lesper cell Whether work Ing alae or with oer, you acl indsingushably fom Ue erage cilzen on mater of polis unfit comes time te atop sctve branny. Constanly searching for abuses of power you can instantly spot ofher Carnival members jar fy speaking with hem fora fw beef seconds ae alg —$_ Coaldust Unions 26> {Catogualy known a he Coadustrs, fe Conldunt Unions were canceled to protect the igs of borers emplyed in {he mines and refines of Evanglst.Statoned clginaly in he homey sbipmining areas of the mountains Hound ‘ares Ue Unions have spread arose Sranglors 0 encom- par all duties, from coal allway to expen and ere rything In between, ‘The Unions at one time ute shes minor sabo= tage an blackmal oda aijention other cause, worn gaint big businesses who ran he mines. The corportiont they sed aguinet made ure of De Lary National De Usctve Agency to pol stop fo Ue aber dloputer whenever Uy grew out of hand. Tae forced dhe Contes to fad nother method of wocking towards the goat ‘Another nonprofit, the Sone of Se helped ensure the Goaldust Unions success by conibuting funds and \Ume. Aa renal of these cooperitins many Sone at also ‘Union members, helping find Uv youth in the Sone to ind ‘emplayment trough the Coast Unions many labor net ‘Today the Union has improve workers ves sig- iflant in any cates cating work-related carlin ad Incident bya much a fy percent ihe al lage bode, ‘hough, corruption has taken hold I ot unheard of for rome local unio leaders a withhold wgeso ol pars Bem ul cortety, sometimes fering laborers to work unpal ‘These evens are fow and for between, and no ane can doubt, he good dhe Union has wrought im the ange par Mawes Sion ‘Avnlonized member of the wofore, sour jined on of the Conlduet Unions: Never hal you or your lends work it hazardous conditions You ave = 44 to Notice when ying to toll if place of work i un for werkers, aldo oe may not be abot tl hy. LDU ST TOR Youve picketed against ip business Liking advange of the powerless weave, When you ght agsinet mine sen of workers youll lvays find any emplyes ha share your vow, (wood chairs, tobaceo-suned tables aden with finger” foods. and'a aniter of cognac are Use Wappinge Ut su round dh Fulbourne Society. Founded long ae spl sips fnrlly, Ghee geateman hee ance Uaced tho premier experts im social maneuvering Using thelr sources, they can find out anything about sryone, provided ‘aay cate enough (ot Steeped In tual and proctdure, the Fulbournere- seeveUaeie membership for only the mort exclusive of families They vlew Die mew money, the ebyeprencary at Interlopers beneath Yie proven nly Thy show Wels stu In holding members ont events wher all aie in {opulent horse dean carriages heading buck tote be= {ore their old money as all hat old The maim, "You cit Join he Fulbourn soley unless you's borm to blankets ‘verthing they do derpte beng len han rue, Ever-1o-of te, new Blood does manage io enter era, but ey ae ‘en “recently eedincoveret ld fly mapa ‘The Fulbourne Socety i wry resistant change ‘Thay sas though the chil war never happened and stand staunchly Behind the Uadonl tole of the Emperor. Up Start movements such asthe Beimetones and De Som of Strife and bofore them, Ue Mla) infra trem lead ng the Society to act againt them a often as poss. hile stagnant and eli, dhe Fulbourne Society Ins remained » pat ofthe backdoor politi cane in Eat sles for many generations, And though dei maybe aif ful > ent, fhe information Uy provide le never wrong. Insite for and forged tough a seree of unknown inita- {Gon suas, you ae a member ofthe Fulbourne Soi. You Ihave brothers apd sister in igh place, granting you accent tp bidden Fulbourne lndges, mos, commonly fund in De ‘mansions of the fongtved ich You were ined o fin new poten members forthe Ful- bourne Soclely. When reading {els on = get er 21 ull or higher wil also ll ou wheter oe not eye old mong. Rae Moves Stony ‘You romehow managed to wort your wy ints he Falk ‘bourne Society despite having no ineage to speak of No doubt you faked hovng noble lineage or biked» Falbourne Scout with your silver fang. The ste of De Soy wil seep entenivereoords on you dealings wih tem, which (hy courteously geet you umeestcted accu . a —__S boris ‘Toe founders of the Highfyers were once De ole aces of Evangets Svea sl ae, Dough ax me peagresses hey Spend love an lee ie in De Cockpit SU, many of these ‘lier men can oupmanucver the Best of the standing Evan- ploslan At Fleet, ring Ye cel wa, hese pilot were denen peter sata fourster bein Aldara calle the Silver Lining ‘These nen evenly became known asthe Highfvers, garnering Ieraber rom the both armies, Ue point where plots for ‘Sich se would plnt he organization's emblem on theit fuselage and engage each oer in honor dues if Dy spot {ets shin the opporing forces Unfortunatly thi eo thd blood between member fom opposing fects. Most of ‘consis of swnggering lof profesional sal, but Ue lub ol effers sometime eal scrapes between members Sanctioned dues hed in secre are commonplace among fhe “younger members. though death ix thankfully we dating ‘uch events ‘The Highflyers welcome all ilo, fom those who fly weighty scsips fo sek lonbirds and everything in be- ‘oven, The nature of Ue cll founding ough, ineviably [ends the rand majority to look down on oer lb ge fen De racent prevalence of ionbie use win the malian. Regalos, Urer's no belle place 9 go An Evanglen for long tps fom the bet ‘Youve earned enovgh commendations ax plot {2 be Sa ited ings he lamar wold of the Highfyers You ave De Uy to eguisiion Highfier badges and plaer to prove _your membership. Diepaying them on your person ot jour Tehicle will allow you by wntesicted through Evangiox k You were Higher ding the Evagfesilan Chl Wa. Since former foes are now fellow Higher youre prnc= ted in fhe art of none midai dueling You can arange HighfversancUoned duel without fe need of other High yer: cae Mommas STR [Not even the Highfyer question your legendary plotog thi and your sheer power of presence, You have « VIP pst tothe Silver Lining in Alamie,allowing you to skip ny nes on the wy i Gian LaVrey National —$ detective dg: Founded fy Jordana LaVigy, the LaVisy National Detective ‘Agenay ae become known a he foremost sour fee for ‘kein Evangles, a wel a Delage, Primarily employed find sotloned in western Evangler ay Uh cate baron and ‘he rahey compunin, ie Laveeys are composed of act ‘iy perronnel from ll wale of fe incocporaing mustered ‘Sul specials fom the Evanglesslan army fp mercenaiex ‘on conact work and more rom siding sholgum across an unfinished artch of railto guarding cago trough te wast of Ue loss als the LAviays hive earned name for Demeter ax Ye Bet (Gnd mos) ang foryour buck outside ofthe big ey Many bandit wil ufight abandon ajob if signs of the LaVrsys se about, Thee Feputation har earned at many enemy thar potential butiness, however and many Himes band aac LaVeey warded target spl o test ele mete {painnt the Lavieyceputeion, Jordana LaVeey hers ra woman in he ey (i= tice wha tlt er agency wither force of pretence and ‘ifeaiblisbed network of contacts etching a fora Ue ‘iter of eaaten Evangleas, Shea al rong-bodied wor fn esidingQarovgh De tum of bute welding an enor ‘mou handheld gating gun. Her continuous campaigning ‘rithin he east part Of Be country ax won the Largs ‘eral exch contracts with fe government Including “fing guard positions for government cago ine ‘Be it «pete investjgation, «rumor of corporate sabotage, or even an sverige size in need of a bodyused, the Laity Notional BefzeiveAgengy meet ll challenges ‘ith indomitable enthusiasm, Youve been hed by the LaVegy National Detective Agen: {Yeu will peioically ressve noe of salable obs for you to bike through the mall va radio panscever POT e een {You've established yourself ax amemberof the LaVreys You ‘etre De uy of our cooking al ce and ake Ge ghee ut Fi Membership Sagy ‘Thanks to your experienc grng minon fm babi « ple pit people of Jour lth ust Jou. WAH stomping fo pemuade fomtone of your fh do someting automa ne berth Bacreroone Sony ‘Ae former train conductor youte ued he tof fre (rain models You isbn ow he funeiene nd yous of 7 Long stretches of time spenton ce des hex gh hn tp beep watah oer he hed we ol rea camps When sa ng Gunning to acot fr enemles sing aay bea, al et sh tae te higher rm Brcsenoos STORY ckpocket has ght jou sleigh of hand. You eae Heme om et ely se oat eae yourself ope to refen, [me Bucreroen STORY De to prevous it expences, you ct cee of dpote Inga and comarca documents such st poof of ener (Gon tan Goes or he necesay paper ent ort unt. eo ‘Thank o exputence In surviving in the wl. when yous out In te wderem you never wort abou ding fo Yve [cence to id tw owisnent yo ea ame ‘Your habit of gumbng has made your mong tof «maying ame You cin gamble ney ep 10 princes dou oth ‘erg every pesado down Cal ede ven an en al your tie = you ele you get douse hat you gered Hf ou fled you oni al slo ca ype nl our nek Your nowy if out nthe country has ght you how tof ftir mca eA epee of oar ee You have word a + efter who made commen ieme sn ener tre around the wold You can sae al of he ei font ted under “Adrentrng Based” Suing any Poi of owe [sNenenes Bresenoone STORY Your knowlege of he lve of lyse and magnate 0 Ineght on ranged weapon. Yow am determine Bi age of weapon vi cunning a LAWMAN Bucrenoonn ron ‘Your tne protecting the peace har ga you a shah sens for Ieee Yoga ml ning tach Linparian Your an old hat with hook, Uc aranizaon, nd ining ust Uheright pleco nfrmon vhenyou nent When sista {prose «piece of information, tale you haf Ue ont fine woud tks angbody le Your mao wl sil et Bn amount of Une Pres ibs the... You were ceo al ae lumbejck of great sl who fled Imony ees, cour of he ou can pre whee «fling Bee ian wih eat scum i ‘Your many yar a set have ight. he necemay slo be leo whe aquatic fe tual nary ee ‘Avone pain i jour if you Found het the lending of mony fa ‘repng aroun to people wih inte canbe prose ba ce [purer snexpemely Leon mony Recs of ou am ney tise temerber the numer aid etn of pple Ime and ve Be ee ond money with peda ‘escnoon STOR Ry some conic clncdence, you have he exact teil ae ‘ecljes a a nember of tie party who ut dd Ting ie ey gh repre dy ed He You were born anata nue of BoD presi and wealth ibet stm oughout te land You wer signe ig Dat frales you recageiibe hy mon ter roll eer nd pune ad Ue late a he ome fan my of ines. When rang Suing te deter ‘nine th alts ge rl ice a ie he higher Fes Rat So Sat oe ee Se Petraes [eeeee snes sucrenoowe Stony You get « #4 to dete when atempting tbo ont Jour out whenever someting stomps oka ou off of i j ' ~ Tailemy tn the holy cy of Galante sands the aignal Chute of Tale, where Sst Neral carved the Ray dati an wage of Taleny om sty fe al Ge ng stint Nermrt wrote of the detth of the Beloved Moth no vseced hers to Assn - goa of the moon an ive underworld” to ith the wold. Seber callected Sain [Nevaats carvings into tinge Book Known es tke Al aterm, which serve atte religious el fora of ley KA eee pesconsiry Stony Yow ace try embroiled withthe doctrine and sei of Talemy. You! belle i Yousuf He gretened through you oct Inthe Beloved Mather Any weak in which youve ot fe man ony gyn of Tan. pa A) The tale of the Beloved Mothers sacrifice eprend scons cna Rial ad borame the torsion igo pees of the Hout Empire and Thai for tay yt. iven Wty seehtehetPronghnee (cick Vans "Gics of Heaven” ln sid aud), the td so with To ax he sucognied church of the state, Since the Loses ars, Jalemy has become the dominant eigion i not on Earls: tin aon ee cao ta nea ai "The Teune head the chcch in Galan The chat compose of ties mens each of whom tah om» if fren le: the Paladin, the Coutader, sod the May Th nt ht followers) protec he church Fm Rees and thone proposing ev. The paladins oot Ut Avon wil sai devtay Ue wold anda members of Talley must be esdy for. The cusadere the Qh to he nes eel, pur ing aginst bereer an converting any hey ca. Fal oars ate the elegy who vy within he church acc ng Dee ves to heping thse le need The rant majority of is Tasomit clergy fl thin te marge et flowing the Beto Mother footsteps ‘The clergy ate recognizable fr tele whites gown ond rd accents (he bod of hele Beoved Moth). The eccvine of the church calle forall people 1 ally together, for ony cam the combined power ofa phen gh gaia he wit’ coming spacalypc Is bellared that Aeon hoes find foothold im he world wang the whe and ina ive move peuple (hat canbe brought nde te purview of atemy oe beter chance humanity het be saved Manryr oF TAwemy fare Mensesiy Spon ef ty sscognae gow for who you re ‘ORDAINED By TAILEMY para Mover Stony cerns Ay other Tans membership stony row nave geined good standing in the Tallenite church, eed you ai given We pescage of spring pica about HTatcmy snd performing religious nites. You ave ordrne| thin thc church, snd ay seprenent he Chrch of Talley many of He reigioue ten Fons Messner Stony Nw have become paladin of Tolley, svetsing your sr Tallemy embraces change walle ay obser know] eigion often sees Jnsium ae + Wa Pagan religion Meanwhile, Teng ts Brown for embrcing new choles pi and mew ways of tanking Animate he undergo ete norphowes are exalted hy he Fligion andthe math ha Be come Talemy' aysiol (often scomparted hy» snk, whl represents Aco. lon agai Avo. You eon clas when defending anther member of Ue Talcmie st, ice eakenen en scecnoons STORY Fore Monsen Sony ow wer ie iy he Terie church ether ax an orn ou ae ghiog townie the wort spin ts fate per PSHE JOM Paes were eden of the church Reger in You ace crasar of Tam, ner waning ve ep of we g elbeteve in he rigour doce ou rete enh fo Imm You ne fara] [6 Mot a wih De at of ie cach a i in wort spreading the good wed of Tey, ve Atif PEE Know the gh mares 9 dopo geet way ny end virhing down sna hear, You vl ceage fin com teh, Youu + om cannag rls when tempting ponanep if yor fellow crease ad Jou gin cif [smebing fom 2 Talents cute Jona ros apne anywho have souneze i ery genet we Bled Moghe Free Will rhe concept of fie wilt amides embraced by many ep ras gh to Be fall of Fee Wil he concepts rh nore alvencompresing snd ignifcant, Eeablehedy ie Fw pene Zoleahs 1, ce Will har Become the lead ing rlgon af the Hav people snes Der errngement rom Jim, though hat spend far and wide beyond the plz ool cornet of Rls Your conbatons ts the work of Fee Wl have gained yo fe cepatiin nthe saligion. You ne ested eoureousy and ih deference You ray Teal vrvces of the Free Wil fs nd veeie 2 fo Cunning ral for ih days ou do 40 ee ee ten peofersors ov tendemies ns enjoled ld. Svente govern Ue activi of the slg eal ad acto he eater of churches and tpl. Taos suncuarie are mot tem similar to Hirai und lounge, where ffl sa onfaihfut ale ca use the reneatch resources afered of imply takes mest and siscues De ay with flow (nk Tiny comene seul in month-long trembles where dey facet ssc Messesier Stony econ "Teacher ofthe Fah" story and the publication of er itetecun work You ace renowned with the fullh ata person of sanding end neecaa insight You gin he Denes ofthe "Teach ert he Fell soc oe may toprevent Pee Wl in tea O4] © gfp [amend the works collected and dedicated to ree Wil andl ste oe BE] aces tow Fro winthas expanded im he aeieae a fuheP ae Epp fiat ancwee the Hlerphant, he popuary-sected leader BPE te frit chnon ty Svan The Hirophant ls yptclly rember of thera family and though thee Boodine ae ff } [town nots town un th to Wage» eur rane a pon ofc. Te Trust hus several serve ta te wy weed ond ily tev in oremon he Trust ea any bak agua ng peoples mona can as eed msorage fr» perso wh ne a necount wih De rar wl eve lene pt om hin Ge Trst A person can goto any Trot branch and scene se account wi usa hve see, but Ue Contents a [Go obioun rss) only econo he tsnch ut een ‘Tras aely have accounts Ui interest ane Uy rarely eon reat intl On eco,» Tae ovo oof special account that wil change asd inflation, bt mare of nt is oly del ‘The people who work ats Trt ach ce members of Ur res, but Bey can alo ac indcpndante At suc, many people who work at Trust branche are lo moneyender. Though pant oes gine town, he peopl wh work wine Pre ly ‘Tite DURE The dei unique coin an oblong saped cola wih hallow spare Jeenter The cin monty back wih wht vine through i ha dat mal ein Tre ost unig fete of eda ni aly tobe pt no pecs snd Yn recone Te kei acualy cat! magni pce ot Leger to make one cin. Tye eifcl to eit part ty acne dae canbe func Ino al uk, un de gh "THe PRINCE: The pence was cace a white and ser cla wh shape similar to debt» He bi large. How evr, the prince har bon contre amos enly nt ls A pane e a ectaglr Bl, my white wth sme sve an en sands ring tough ‘Tote Kine: The bing seman inode frm a gol hc, ecu cln wih ck vn running togh it When] ingeae ade int lle hy toe made cf hk parhient sh hve he ume clea Uc. Alma one-servng goods wil bw quarteuke- + mug ofa couple vegetable, some met tA goo woe wl \Qat vate remains fir Caan, he enpleen, and hie follower ar ela, emting ery economic enehge fle nd ust, While your average Team mye se a member of the Trust ding Deja you cin be ured hy re wing hang tbe scenes to hevp the Rlsusan coon runing sau Ax sich members of Be Test eld in gh tegacd where hy oo. Th Teun. no ett any ouniry oan, and herefere aes no prt nD clin of een ation, shoul gover rent yy manipula or chet thom Qh Tt wil op all ancl ppt ap ban them form Tras eves, Wie i my ser hs, Ue Tru views ti star for cone then apa Gm Melee Weaponry | Mtetoe attacks are thse hat target adjacent foes. When Light Weapons making a mole attack, you can either be using a close com 2 AP melee werpon, be fighting unarmed, or using a polearm OA tr flexible weapon {lke chain or whip) There Isa ‘wide variety of melee weapons avallable to you, and they Witte” Wine One Hand have the highest damage potent Thvcer Adjcent Foe Light weapon a fn any sal nechanded weapon Yat ‘stay conceal All nal em can count = igh weapons If yout Dunkin about geting eesty god wih igh weapons gong wun heck Su he Eaploage sil one of ie Cur ‘ing ‘Medium Weapons con: 2 P Dw Cae Tce: Adjacent For Modi weapons ae one-handed weapons that are not esty ‘onctalae Medium weapons os De bl of One-handed we ‘Sn psy much ating fat ks lage enough fo del ‘eaten i you ent get geet 33 mem weapons Jou ‘Roald ook a te Seushoucaay sl under Dente oo somes fT An oar stsck tay Mack tat doesnot wee 2 wespon nied, unarmed ache canbe anything from you Fo ar chews tng hig dec narod tha ee one poe sac ot ston pon pce, bat gy 05 cnt ese damage han ack ws weapons ‘Unarmed till no equpmentand thur ann [Weapons Sizes hares our zs of wespone ight medium, en sd (he ‘more ce) superbe. Ts hoo define each on at enough to fitin your pocket Medium 00 Ine fin your pocket, but youl only eed one hand to wet ‘Atney weapon i lowly fil tary weapon tht edn {rotund A hen weapon ualy apo to conceal ot four perma Hf Jou wat a are hey wep Jou soul Toot tne De Ovespower lost under Ye Beet tbe ro tre that youl eed tro ad 1 sing ie to ce fy inet yo seo hands fear tng Han Jou need to get sour fodng gh dar Tussi ‘Super-Heayy Weapons orn AP \iroeo Wirt Two Hand “Tac Adjcon Foo Sapenhongy weapons ents balding denyoying tol of ‘eayeton Supe hesny weapons requ ohonde oi and ‘be hande fo eongy Toons dos tof damage but require the Acker ate up footing la eer to ving Ven, Entei {Revi stance sures Tact pony tod you cannot normaly nt sor tance while yout in footing ‘You may nes sperheney weapon who thing fot gg ang rah 3 i ama Variant Weaponry You can abo tke ay of your normal melee weapons and apply some vals ont her. Wan make a whip? Make i flexible. Want to make «pike? Turn iL Into a polearm. Want to make along sick with chains dangting from 5 make it Into late polearm! 5 Flexible sity togeah 1 damge clas ‘You can make any weapon Into a nonsigid one, weapon Ut has flesble pare ke « whip, chm or fli Flexible lamage case Tone Polearm 45 cet of reach -1 demage clase “Medium and heavier weapons can be polearms. The longer handle allows pears to atic ay fo witin 10 fst, Bat slso mies the weapon more iil (9 swing. dceressing ite damage cae fy 1f you want to create a bola, you can combine af owing Weapon with + flexible weapon, Now yow can tnrow 2 weapon tht can make grabs Want to fle up an Jopponeny? Theow «light bola Ht thelr lege, makin pra, and youl nab her, Throwing cin be yrown 1 damige clase Throwing wespons can be anything frm rowing knives ip Jeveling gigantic hurting spherex Weapons designed to be Urown have Tess damage css, bu ea it people at Aistnce: Each Yrown weapon har x dierent dtc de pending on ite sie. For every 10 fetyou Brow 2 weap be Fond if stance takes a1 onthe sory al, Weapons ‘not designe tobe throws can go no iether han 25 fee owt 25 fet Maco 78 fot Hey 50 fet [Note town weapon tno longer meee weapon fr De Pur pote of determing how spec wk [impromptu Weapons (on Aoi aS) bing a nt ged ps wep simon gn gramps mip og weapon sy fi Ox'me tessa nd Pas Ons wep nbwes wep ate emcee ane, (Cre "| Fst xp some chet kp tach, dye hry mle weapons case hang wm te a nnn sys arf tye 3 sce in oe eH yep ene i thy can ne hm ipo igt ween es mage dae a? irearms [Blasting people with double-barreled shotguns, unholstering your sevolver in an instant and loading your {usgel with lead, of scoping down your rife’ sights and shooting a man at two hundreds yards away ~ it dloesn'L matter who you'e trying (o kl, firearms will do you right Firearms come in several varieties, but they'll be largely covered under four different categories: Light, medium, hemy, and superheayy: Each of those categories will have a basie damage class and range. ‘Once you've chosen the size of Your firearm, you will also choose your ammunition type. Most will choose the standard cartridge, the normal damaging round. Some migh{ choose "shot" to {urn their weapon into f shotgun and deal more damage up close. Others will use the sniper carldge, a long range round with Slightly lower damage, othe high damage jacketed rounds. Once you've chosen your choice of ammuni= but after firing, you must ready it again | Light Firearms ‘comr9 Pe:2 AP ean: AP “Tar ny foe within fst: or every 10 fst ago tht te ingot stan te shot ter aon heave Light fier ce peathooers normaly the ype Bat could in | _atpan in your pocket ad gon Dt maby ee outed fee eal ovo Om re gee, Yong ny