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ed971003 Issue 914.

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Issue 914 - Weekly Friday 3rd October 1997

Blair: Modernise and Win

n his first Party Matt Pannell vague, suggesting

I Conference
speech as Prime
Minister, Tony Blair
Editor that “anyone could
sign up to this.”
Simon Heffer of the
set out his aim on Tuesday not just Daily Mail called it “a very Tory
to be better than the last govern- speech in many ways.” But whilst
ment, but to be “one of the great insisting on “zero tolerance” on
radical reforming governments of crime, and the importance of getting
British history.” He outlined new single mothers into work, Mr Blair
plans for improvements in health reserved some sharp criticism for
and education, and more sweeping the ‘establishment’. “Not one black
constitutional reforms. High Court Judge; not one black
“Enlightened patriotism” featured Chief Constable or Permanent
strongly - a belief in Britain and the Secretary. Not one black army offi-
“British character”, along with the cer above the rank of Colonel. Not
usual need for restraint in spending, one Asian either. Not a record of
concern over poverty and crime, pride for the British establishment.”
and a request for party discipline to
ensure a second consecutive elec-
tion victory, something never previ-
ously achieved by a Labour govern-
Tuition fees to
ment. stay
In true New Labour style, he was
given a three-minute standing ova- Mr Blair used the speech as an
tion before he had even begun, and opportunity to try and end the Photo: Brian Harris (The Independent)
delivered the hour-long speech in debate on University Tuition fees
media-friendly terms, complete which had been rumbling during the The Soundbites “”
with a few of the same soundbites early stages of the conference. It
- The chains of mediocrity have been broken - Our government can be the beacon for
employed before the election. The now looks increasingly unlikely that
the fees proposal will be dropped in - It is compassion with a hard edge enlightened patriotism
speech was met with near-hysterical
principle, in spite of continuing - A decent society is not based on rights, it is - Give your all. Make this the giving age
praise from Mr Blair’s cabinet col-
leagues, but some scepticism from resistance from students. Labour based on duty - So much to do. So much to change. So hard to
those on the left of the party, and also intends to bring an extra half-a- - I want the 21st century to be the century of the do it. But the vision is as old as humanity
some journalists, who criticised its million students into universities by radicals - By the strength of our common endeavour, we
lack of substance. Anne McElvoy 2002.
achieve more together than we can alone
of the Daily Telegraph, called it
The Policy
Constitution - devolution vote will be followed up, Election funding rules to be tightened, scope of
On Universities... Nolan Committee to be extended. Elected mayor for London following referendum

“Universities in Britain had their funding cut by 40% under the Parliament - House of Lords to be reformed. Lords told “don’t try to wreck this legislation. We have
Tories. The science and research base - once the envy of the world the votes of the people. You’ve got the votes of nobody.”
- under threat.
The Tories put a cap on student numbers. Only 30% of youngsters Europe - Social Chapter signed, Britain to resist the “bureaucrats’ Europe” and “lead in Europe” again
in Britain admitted to go to university....The hard choice: stay as we
are and decline. Or modernise and win. Under our proposals, no Health -Ten ‘Health Action Zones’ to be set up by April for “experiments with the way in which health-
parent will have to pay more. Low income families will be entirely care is delivered.” Extra funding for NHS
exempt from tuition fees. All students will repay only as they can
afford to. And if we reform, I am going to pledge to you, that by the Northern Ireland - Encouragement to all sides for a continuation in talks, though “Every step is fragile”
end of this parliament, we will put resources saved through reform
into frontline provision in universities and further education; and the Home affairs - Dumblane debt “honoured” in handgun ban, “family unit” stressed, Zero tolerance on
first 165million pounds is already in next years budgets. We will lift crime
the cap on student numbers and set a target for an extra 500,000 peo- Foreign affairs - Pressure to continue for world landmine ban
ple into higher and further education by 2002.”
Education - nursery vouchers to go, school repairs budget extended, reform of teacher training, failing
schools to be taken over

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2 News Friday 3rd October 1997 n

A 65 Million Year Old Bargain?

Sotheby’s in New York will be auctioning Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex on 4
October. The bones have been in storage for the last five years whilst the
owner of Sue was contested. The fossils are as-yet-unstudied but Sotheby’s
hopes to keep the fossils in the public realm. The auctioneers are promising
three years interest free credit to pay off what is expected to be a very high
price. (Science)

Constant Fun At Planck Exhibition

October 4 marks the 50th anniversary of the German Physicist Max Planck.
Planck is best known for initiating the study of quantum mechanics for
which he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1918. To commemorate
his anniversary the German Physical Society is holding an exhibition in
Berlin about his life and work. Exhibits range from Planck’s rucksack and
ice pick to a film commissioned by Joseph Goebbels featuring Planck dis-
cussing his life. (Nature)

New Chief Executive At The

Wellcome Trust
Prominent cancer researcher Mike Dexter has been chosen to lead the
Wellcome Trust into the next century. This is despite the fact that in his will,
Sir Henry Wellcome specified that no money was to be used for cancer
research as such. The trust has capital assets estimated to be worth more
than £10 billion. The trust currently has a growing involvement in issues
concerned with public understanding of science. (Nature)

Medical Diagnosis Goes PC

A computer program has been developed that can read ECGs (electrocar-
diograms) more accurately than specialist doctors. The computer was
10.5% more accurate than its human counterpart. The result is welcomed
given that an estimated 25% of ECGs are misinterpreted. Computers how-
ever are not yet ready to take over the diagnosis of heart disease as a major
part of the diagnosis procedure involves talking with the patient about their
symptoms and medical history - a skill not yet mastered by a computer.

Government Rejects 10% Pay Rise

For Doctors
The doctors and dentists review body has been told by the government that
there will be no extra funding for an increase in doctors pay. Current pay
levels are considered sufficient to recruit, retain and motivate doctors. Early
retirement amongst consultants is not believed to have caused concern. The Music student Andy Blair, of the Surrey student band Housewife.
government is also satisfied with the number of doctors entering general
Photo: Stuart Parker
practice despite a drop in GP registrars for the fifth successive year. (BMJ)

Science news from Antonia Bayliss & Rob Dorey

Wombling Free!
ack your bags Teletubbies, the

P Wombles are back! And this

time they mean business.
After many heart wrenching
Henry S. Katt
Name and Address Supplied

Bulgaria getting help from all

years away from our screens, these new young Wombles,
those loveable, environmen- he’ll also be gaining the use
tally clued up, bundles of fur of the Wom-fax and Wom-
are re-emerging from their copter. Personally I’ll going
lair to tidy up Wimbledon to be watching out for all the
Common and push the likes other anti-grime gadgets, such
of the Teletubbies off screen. as the Wom-ternet with Wom-
To aid the old favourites of mail. Naturally all the
Great Uncle Bulgaria, Wombles should be issued
Orinoco and Tobermory in with Wom-bile phones to they
their quest for tidiness some can respond instantly to any
new characters are being emergency.
introduced. New to the So next time you’re up
screens will be full of spice, Wimbledon way lookout for
Alderney, Stepney the cock- the new additions and watch
ney Womble and straight out for Alderney, ‘cos she’s a
from Brazil we have the intel- mean one on her skate-board.
lectual Obidos.
Not only is Great Uncle
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n Friday 3rd October 1997 Features 3

Dead Man Silly Note on Silly Nite

(First Days)
was so happy to lation, surely

I be here, so over-
joyed at finally

being here at the University of

Singelton this was meant
to be the best
time of my life, I shouldn’t suffer
Surrey, that I never saw it sneaking uncertainty like this!
up on me like a tidal wave. I finished the day on autopilot, my
How was I to know as I waved mind elsewhere than on taking
goodbye to my parents that I was down notes, it was grappling with a
already in the company of Davy concept nightmare for all shy peo-
Jones? ple: - Making New Friends
Like everyone else I went through The most piss my pants terrifying
the motions of unpacking, sorting task I have ever come across.
out my room, the attending the war- There are many people who find
den’s reception and taking a tour of this difficult and I am one of them,
the campus. I had done everything I’d rather walk on a tightrope span-
a first day student is meant to do. I ning the Grand Canyon, you only
o, it was brought to our atten- that everyone’s veg were rhunned to
slept feeling good about this new
era of my life.
Only today, Monday, I realised that
all I was doing was going through
need to concentrate on one thing:
not falling. Making friends is much
more rewarding, I know which I’d
rather choose between a good friend
S tion that in Silly Night there
sales going
The Fool
Name and Address Supplied

any problems please ‘phone this

their wynn.
Wicked Wizard
Much chocolate was licked and then
the motions. Who had I met? Who and a safe tightrope. Obviously as your attorney at law I the carrot split.
number 0800 212122. All calls will
had I made friends with? I had not Tomorrow I will make the effort to would advice against this action, Death departed from whence he
be handled with discretion.
started anything resembling the start bury my fear and talk to new peo- Yet, if one wishes to participate in came.
Signed The Boring Attorney at Law
of a social life, one that give the ple, I recommend others like me foresaid Silly Night, it would be But the decay rotted not. Oh yes
PS The fool wishes an audience.
blank areas of the time table mean- who find new faces intimidating to advisable, as I have been guided by and the dodgy dealer has jumped
Last Wednesday was incorgragono-
ing. I had become a robot, follow- do the same. Relax, tide the wave, my underground siblings, that one bail.
my silly - we (the Pranksters) hope
ing only my programming. In fact I don’t drown in it. should - if at all possible, to illicit- Wednesday Night + Silly Night
that all was if virtue and fun -if not-
was worse, at least before I had a ly take advice from any silly rep. Watch out for the posters, telling
life. As to wot one should have in try you what you need to bring to get
So the tart was full of ........
My mind rebelled against this reve- armoury for Wednesday night, I your double and mixer for £1.
The milk maid got creamed (3 hail
have been told that toffing and hap- We’ve had carrots, phallic green
Mary’s and a battery powered
piness is guaranteed. If you have tubular fruit, spacey items........
device soon stopped that) and I hope

Friday £6 Tickets
3rd Oct on sale
8-2am from reception

The Bootleg Beatles At


ROAR - NUS and Guests Allowed
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4 Letters/Editorial Friday 3rd October 1997 n

Letters Editorial
Mature Students the words “Surrey University,
Saudi Justice v. British Matt Pannell Can Blair do no wrong?
original T Rex Ron” printed
Lament papers Editor
t the end of April, when
Dear Editor
Mature Students Association,
where are you? Perhaps we
should be satisfied that we have
so successfully integrated, that
he two British women,
Deborah Parry and Lucille
McLauchlan, currently held
demands for the return of corporal
punishment (the words ‘bring back
the birch’ appear with monotonous
regularity in the leader column) and
A John Major talked of the
‘very real’ possibility of an
election victory, even the wise old
Well, first week over as an on murder convictions in Saudi political correspondents failed to
we have no need for an associa- swapped them with ‘Can Blair let
undergrad, how did it go? Let’s Arabia, have had a sympathetic conceal their sniggering. And it
tion, and one at this very this happen?’ on the front page.
see, I was only mistaken for a press here in the UK. Hardly sur- was funny. Now, as Tony Blair
moment burning our grilled Even the good old Independent
lecturer twice. I wonder if they prising given the circumstances - announces that he ‘wants’ to ensure
bacon, whilst laying comatose talked of ‘Islamic justice versus
will submit their projects on convicted on shaky evidence, and the re-election of his government, it
Western values’. Western? Since
time!!! on our beds. If that is the case, then sentenced to an unpleasant and comes across rather differently. A
when has the USA, host to regular,
cool!! very public death. They have man- recent poll put his popularity at
Students Union, complete rever- and rather barbaric, gassings and
As for me, I’ve always poked aged to avoid this, it seems, through 93%. While such strength can only
ence. Not sure whether to pester electrocutions, been located in the
my pecs forward and will strive arranging for the payment of ‘blood boost enthusiasm still further, there
the poor man with all those fly- East? The outcry seemed to ignore
money’ to the family of the mur- is still something quite uneasy about
ers, had to ask instead: still on to enjoy the forthcoming weeks; the fact that such punishment is a
dered Australian, Yvonne Gilford. a leader being able to predict, with
my own back, when I spoke at secure in the knowledge that my well known part of the Saudi law:
Instead, it seems likely that their quite well-founded confidence, an
smile was indeed captured on 107 people have already been
length of the price of vegetables sentence shall be reduced to several election victory in four years time.
my student card. beheaded in this year alone, and no
in 1979 (including cucumber). years imprisonment and regular Is it already taken for granted that
To all first year mature students, newspaper has even raised an eye-
Campusport, popped in, said public floggings. The punishment eight years along the road, we’ll still
in the words of my pal Marc brow. It is an unpleasant fact that
“Alright to look around?” may be unwarranted, unfair, inhu- be watching the same man speak-
these visiting Britons - well aware
Mouths open was this an inspec- “Get it on”. man, even - but the really shocking ing? The Labour Party machine,
of the law and traditions of the
Chin, chin, whinge, whinge, part has been the reaction of the today, looks almost unstoppable.
tion perhaps? Surely they could country - have suddenly become
British papers to the news. Whether the country will want to
see the well defined body of a worthy of so much sudden concern
Victor Meldrew’s Elder Brother Suddenly, the two women ceased to elect a new government at the next
“Gym-alcoholic” beneath the and indignation. While human
(Name and address supplied) be women, and instead became election is not so much the issue.
clothes. Anyway, why have a rights campaigners will be pleased
‘nurses’. How could a nurse be But will we be able to?
six pack, when you can have one that the issue has received so much
expected to suffer this punishment?
sudden attention, they must also
big pack? Anyway nice clothes, Large and unflattering pictures
despair at the need for a westerner -
but can you get a drill top with Saudi king Fahd appeared on front
and a British one at that - to become
pages. The Daily Mail, never noted
involved before anybody shows the
for its consistency at the best of
Dear Editor, dents have to be up early for times, suddenly abandoned its
slightest interest.
Over the last couple of weeks, I work, and some of them have
have received a large number of young children, too.
complaints from the general Not only is the reputation of the
public concerning noise from University and its students at
students in the town and sur- stake here, but the problem has
rounding areas. Over recent an even more serious side for the
years, a great effort has been individuals concerned.
made by students, as well as Aggrieved locals are perfectly
their representatives at the entitled to call the police, who
Student Union and University, to will arrest anyone acting in a dis-
build up a good relationship with orderly fashion. We all have a
local residents. Members of the duty to continue working for
public have come to expect - as better relations with the local
is their right - that students community - please do your bit.
behave in an orderly fashion,
Tony Watling
and do not wake them up late at
Cheif Security Officer
night. Many of these local resi-
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n Friday 3rd October 1997 Features 5

ed971003 Issue 914.qxd 07/05/98 14:41 Page 6 (1,1)

6 Music Friday 3rd October 1997 n

GLITTERBOX - You Can’t Live On

SINGLES Mars (Atlantic)

Glitterbox have moved on since
Norwich 1991. Having shaken off cob-

LEVELLERS - Celebrate (China) webs lurking on their lyrics, they

More mellow indie from the band that seemed to have culminated a typical Bentley Rhythm Ace (Polydor)
invented mellow indie. The song, Brit-pop sound; but still intermittently A great debut album from the
which is about falling in love and mov- sound American. Much their music is Bentleys. Through having a laugh
ing in together (ahhhh...) doesn’t really exciting. Optimistically, these small themselves, they have managed to
matter, listen to the guitars, the violins cats will one day become fat.....watch transport this feeling onto CD. Maybe
and then start dancing. Top tunes, their space. 6/10 I.U it’s the comic book vocals at the begin-
accompanied by some stonking b-sides. ning of ‘Let There Be Flutes’ or the
9/10 F.F. LIBIDO - Supersonic Daydream weird song titles such as
(Fire) ‘Ragtopskodacarchase’ that make you
SHERYL CROW - Home (A+M) Norwegian rock bands are always a bit just relax and enjoy the music. Such a
Heart-moving, powerful song. Well worrying but this is actually O.K., rem- strange variety of samples can be heard
produced and well sung. What can I iniscent of American cheese like throughout the album; the gunge tank
say? Absolutely stunning, both the Weezer and Dig. Nothing special but siren at the end of ‘Midlander’ or the THE VERVE - Urban Hymns (Hut)
cover of the CD and the song itself. worth a spin if you get the chance. 6/10 steam train on ‘Mind That Gap.’ But Personally, I just didn’t get the first two Verve albums, something was missing.
One of the hottest artists of 97 does it A.M. the thing that strikes you most about However, as you are aware, the two singles released this summer, ‘Bitter Sweet
again. I’m lost for words. 9/10 I.U. this album is that all the tracks sound Symphony’ and ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ promised great things for this album, and
ETHER - If You Really Want To so different, whilst at the same time The Verve have certainly delivered. Unlike some bands The Verve have not settled
IDHA - Sweet September Rain Know (Parlophone) blending together so well. The Mighty for lowest common denominator tastes but have produced an well crafted and intel-
(Creation) Debut single for Parlophone following Mouse of cartoon dance. 8/10 J.B. ligent album full of great songs that should see them become megastars worldwide.
The second single from her recent minor success with ‘He Say Yeah’ The Verve show they are ready to take on the world as in the albums final song,
album ‘Troublemaker’, Swedish which was produced by John Leckie on SUBCIRCUS - Carousel (Echo) ‘Come On’ screams “Fuck You, Come On” with a degree of menace as guitars wail
chanteuse Idha, supplies us with a the Regal label. A pretty poor follow A re-release for those that didn’t get it gloriously behind him. The album has a pretty dark tone overall, and should possi-
wonderfully calming waltz song, which up which will only really stand out the first time round. Subcircus have bly be avoided by manic depressives, but it is a magnificent record and the one
is both melodic and poetic, worth try- because of the singer’s incredibly high- been doing the live circuit for years which will be battling it out with ‘OK Computer’ in the “Best Album of ‘97” polls.
ing out. 7/10 N.W. pitched vocals. 5/10 J.B. now and are beginning to show the 9/10 R.W.
success they deserve. They sound like
SINGLE OF THE WEEK 3 Colours Red, which is no bad thing. The single ‘86’d’ CE CE PENISTON – Finally (A&M)
MANSUN - Closed (which was also re-released) shows they have a softer more Ce Ce Peniston is a woman who is not afraid to explore fully
mellow side, but even this sounds good. Subcircus are a her mind and musical spectrum. The finally album is a mix-
For Business
band that can do no wrong, this album proves it. 8/10 F.F. ture of classic Chicago house, soulful ballads of which -
(Parlophone) ‘You win, I win, We lose’ is particularly good, and some
Stunning, the best yet V/A - D-ROM (Recognition) Hip-hop beat flavoured R & B Tracks. The Album begins
from Mansun. Beautiful Get your PCs up and running guys, this tells you about all well with her two biggest hits, ‘We Got a Love Thang’ and
and intriguing. A step the releases providing a short sample of the tune to listen to ‘Finally’. ‘Lifeline’ blends the mixture of all three styles
in case artists and sounds are mixed in your mind. Across with a distinctive 80’s vibe. The Album as a whole was
up from the album
the spectrum, this is house, garage, techno and drum’n’bass, more interesting than my first impressions suspected. This is
backed with three fur- but also allows you to mix your own with Mixman, a com- a talented soulful woman who crosses many different musi-
ther great songs includ- puter synthesized pair of decks. Good idea, especially for cal boundaries at will.. I’ve been pleasantly surprised!
ing ‘Everyone Must people on the look out for the tune “that goes dum, daa, de ‘Finally’ , I prefer the original but no doubt the remix will
Win’ their collaboration da...” Find out, on D-Rom.. 8/10 MB. circulate the club scene for a little while. 6 /10 S.L
with Howard Devoto.
STRANGELOVE - Strangelove (Food) FINLAY QUAYE - Maverick A Strike (Epic)
9/10 R.W. Even though Strangelove are a great live band, as shown by It’s pretty hard to live up to both the success and the undeni-
their friend-winning Reading festival appearance, they are able greatness of two singles like ‘Sunday Shining’ and
PEACH - Made In Vain (Mute) THE HYBIRDS - Stranded also able to produce some good songs on record, here on ‘Even After All’ and this record freely ranges from the sub-
Hmmmm.. A bit early for the (Heavenly) their eponymous third album. From the dry rock stomp on lime to the entirely dull. There is the rich, orchestral, almost
Eurovision song contest, hot on the Run-of-the-mill indie guitar sounds in their single ‘Freak’ to the self-depreciating humour dis- gospel like textures of ‘It’s Great When We’re Together’, the
heels of Gina G come Peach, a poppy the O***s mold. Nothing original and played in the ultra catchy ‘Another Night In’, they are able simplistic beauty of ‘You’re Love Gets Sweeter’ and the
tune that everyone will be dancing to at definitely nothing special. Just average. to combine melodrama with pop in a way which only they mellow tabla groove of musical track ‘Red Rolled And
the next Friday night out. 7/10 F.F. 5/10 R.W. know how. ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ is another good Seen’. There is also the ugly and dirty hip-hop of ‘Supreme I
example, it is easily one of the best singles released this year Preme’ and the sheer formulaic reggae boredom of tracks
STRANGELOVE - Freak (Food) UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH - Stone and shows they have the potential to write good songs. such as ‘Falling’, ‘The Way Of The Explosive’ and title
Follow up to Top 40 hit ‘Greatest EP (Virgin) Despite it’s many good points I don’t think this is the break- track ‘Maverick A Strike’.
Show On Earth.’ This sounds best Erm... well it isn’t Britpop, it’s darker through album they need though to be promoted from indie And so a partly disappointing record with moments of real
when played LOUD. Big drums and than that. It defies explanation, but can pop-goths to serious contenders, it is let down by inconsis- quality, perhaps suggesting a longer career than anticipated
thrashing guitars are guaranteed to only be described as emotional, and, in tencies such as the frankly dull ‘Little Queenie’ and the irri- for Finlay Quaye. 6/10 A.M.
annoy hard working neighbours. 7/10 places, quite surreal... 5/10 M.B. tating ‘Someday Soon’. They have the potential to be extra-
J.B. ordinary as shown by their singles, but they just can’t seem DUBSTAR - Goodbye (Food)
RESERVOIR - “40” (Zero Hour) to continue this over an album. 7/10 N.W. More teeny pop from the group that brought one of the most
STELLA - US EP (Beggars Banquet) This sounds like Sonic Youth and underrated album of 1995. The first thing that hits you if the
Driving guitar sounds with vocals rem- Weezer on the same record, but sadly FELINE - Save Your Face (Chrysalis) number of tracks, 15, however in this industry, quantity does
iniscent of Jeff Buckley. Powerful, it’s a pretty weak three chord trudge A high energy “in your face” effort from South London not necessarily mean quality. In this case the tunes are pretty
intense and rather good. 7/10 R.W. through not very much. Not bad, but group Feline. The guitars never stop and it gets hard to make good with only a couple being obvious fillers, such as
definitely not good. 5/10 A.M. out the vocals at times, a great album to mosh to but for oth- ‘Pollstar’ which might as well have been never recorded.
LUKE SLATER - Freek Funk (Mute ers, avoid. 7/10 F.F. The single ‘No More Talk’ is easily the best song on the
Records) BENNET - I Like Rock (Roadrunner) album, the only one that nearly touches upon the greatness
Funky, this single contains three mixes This single sees Bennet pissing around POOKA - Spinning (Trade 2) of their last album, ‘Disgraceful’. Overall leave it on the
of ‘Freek Funk’ alongside ‘Stomp’ and even more than usual, and for this the This album was not initially what I’d expected, the gorgeous shelf and get ‘Disgraceful’ instead, if you already have ‘dis-
‘The Untitled’. ‘Freek Funk’ is a song suffers as a vehicle for the much vocals of the two female singers created an expectation in graceful’ go listen to it again, it is much better. 6/10 F.F.
melange of electronic sounds with a better B-sides; brilliant covers of my senses. I had expected another indie-
funky bass line, contrasting with the ‘Touch Too Much’ by AC/DC, ‘Rock pop creation. This album is darkly elec-
comparative quietude in ‘The Untitled’, And Roll All Nite’ by Kiss and ‘Come trified, and soothes the senses whilst
‘Stomp’ leads us there nicely, changing On, Come On’ by Cheap Trick. It’s a playing on the mind. Sharon Lewis and
the tempo... 7/10 M.B. pity they couldn’t have supported a Natasha Jones have captivated their own
better track. 5/10 J.B. fun style that reminds the listener of Seal,
SILVER SUN - Lava (Polydor) amongst others. There are obvious mes-
A reissue of Silver Sun’s finest FOIL - Don’t Come Around (13th sages in the songs, for example ‘Mean
moment. Fuzzy guitars and power-pop Hour) Girl’ seems to tell the story of a woman
vocals. Very good, but marked down Sound like the Clash,, aren’t anywhere reveling in her own selfishness, and
for being a cynical reissue. 6/10 R.W. near as good. 4/10 F.F. ‘Lubrication’ comes across as a sort of
“pick-me-up”. The album conjures up
images of the back room at a party, the
sorts of things that go on behind the
scenes in the hallway, and halfway up the
stairs. This mood is reflected in the THE CRYSTAL METHOD - Vegas (Sony S3)
lament that is ‘Rubber Arms’, which This was what I’ve come to expect from the Crystal Method, a trip-hop journey
describes the depressed, sexually frustrat- intermingled with space-age trance samples, and contrasting vocals. ‘Busy Child’
ed girl who is always crying outside the features on this album, a tune which I have grown to like quite considerably, with
loo, whilst her mate has pulled and in a its repetitive vocals and tripped out bassline. ‘Comin’ Back’ is certainly a Sunday
bedroom with some guy... Altogether morning tune, that really does capture the feel bad factor, but slowly lifts the lis-
something unexplained creeps into the tener from the depths of pain and suffering to an almost euphoric high. The
mind and takes over. 6/10 MB. album continues in this vein to ‘She’s My Pusher’ which cuts into the haze with
a great deal of extra sounds to deal with. It ends with ‘Bad Stone’, which seems
This weeks music brought to you by: to me to be an ending requiring something extra. It warps and winds, dragging
SUPERGRASS - Late In The Day (Parlophone) Frank Fraulo, James Bloomfield, you along, and leaves you gasping for air, and wanting more. I also happen to
A swoony and gorgeous song from the band who refuse to stop getting better. Samuel S Lawal, Matthew Beal, think that the cover is particularly funky, but can’t wait for another dose of this
Trademark piano and acoustic guitar parts but a really bitter-sweet, original song Nick Walsh, Al Mooney, refreshing alternative to the thumping bass usually associated with trance. I liked
which is actually very good indeed. 9/10 A.M. Ikaraam Ullah, Rob Winder. it, bring on another album guys, I’m drooling here... 9/10 MB.
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n Friday 3rd October 1997 Entertainments Guide 7

21:30 Dangerfield Friday to Saturday


21:00 Red Dwarf

Volcano (12) 13:55, 16:35, 19:15, 20:05

21:30 Shooting Stars Career Girls (15) 13:35, 15:50, 18:05,

20:20, 22:40
18:00/23:35 TFI Friday The Full Monty (15) 13:00, 15:30, 07:50,
21:00 Friends 20:15, 22:35
22:00 Frasier Contact (PG) 12:15, 15:35, 18:50, 22:10
My Best Friends Wedding (12) 14:00,
20:10 Casualty 16:35, 19:10, 21:45
Face (18) 15:00, 17:30, 20:05, 22:35

Spawn (12)13:10, 15:35, 18:00, 20:25,

23:55 Psycho

Air Force One (15) 13:15, 16:05, 19:00,

19:15 Blind Date 21:55
22:00 Pale Rider Mrs Brown (PG) 14:15, 19:15
Austin Powers (15) 16:45, 21:45
21:30 Drop the Dead Donkey Bean (PG) 12:45
22:00 ER Jungle 2 Jungle (PG) 11:30 (Saturday
20:00 Full Circle with Michael Palin Batman & Robin (PG) 11:20 (Saturday
21:55 French and Saunders only)

Lady and the Tramp (U) 11:25 (Saturday

21:00 London’s Burning only)

The Fifth Element (PG) 11:10 (Saturday

22:00 FILM: City Slickers II; the only)
Legend of Curly’s Gold
Sunday to Thursday
Volcano (12) 12:35, 15:10, 17:55, 20:30
22:00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks Career Girls (15) 13:30, 15:45, 18:00,

The Full Monty (15) 13:45, 16:10, 18:35,
22:45 Nash Bridges

Contact (PG) 13:35, 16:35, 20:00
22:00 NYPD Blue My Best Friends Wedding (12) 12:40,
15:20, 18:00, 20:40
21:00 The Sweeney Face (18) 15:30, 18:05, 20:40
Spawn (12) 13:15, 15:55, 18:20, 20:50
Air Force One (15) 14:15, 17:15, 20:20
20:30 A Question of Sport Mrs Brown (PG) 13:05, 18:05 (Not
Thursday Wednesday Tuesday

Austin Powers (15) 15:30, 20:30 (Not
21:00 Have I Got Old News for You

23:15 Seinfeld Romeo and Juliet (15) 12:15, 14:55,

17:35, 20:15 (Wednesday 8th October
20:00 The Bill only)
20:30 Paul Merton in Galton and Private Parts (18) 13:35, 15:45, 18:15,
Simpson’s...the Suit 20:45 (Monday 6th October only)

21:30 The X Files

20:00 University Challenge


20:00 The National Television


22:00 Prime Suspect

22:20 Clive Anderson All Talk

First Contact

20:30 Top Gear Sunday 5 pm & 8pm


21:00 3rd Rock from the Sun Monday 8pm Lecture Theatre G

21:00 FILM: Switch Brassed Off

22:55 The Jack Docherty Show Wednesday 8pm LT G
ed971003 Issue 914.qxd 07/05/98 14:41 Page 8 (1,1)

8 Cinema and Arts Friday 3rd October 1997 n

Contact (PG) Make it So !!

Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, James Woods, John Hurt o we did and this weekend we On Wednesday of this week,

et me pose two questions: is incredible cinematogra-
there really a God and are we Bruce Chapman phy. The intro sequence is
alone in the universe? If you very probably the best of
S present Star Trek : First Contact
for your viewing pleasure. So
come along and join Captain Jean-luc Picard
Chris the arts cinema will be show-
ing Brassed Off, another of
the extremely good British films which have
and the rest of the Next Generation crew as been made in the last few years, so please do
watch Robert Zemeckis’ (Forrest Gump, Back the year, with a camera pulling back from
they fight to save the earth form the evil Borg, come and watch. Tickets will be available on
To The Future), new film ‘Contact’ these may
earth through the known and unknown the crew of the Enterprise travel across the the door or from the Art’s Office for the low
be questions you ask yourself as you come out
universe. Galaxy and through time to save the earth price of two pounds.
of the cinema.
However, what really makes the film are form the Borg and ensure that their future isn’t
Ever since the death of her father, Ellie changed forever.
(Foster) has had been fascinated by the the sub plots and the questions which they
If you would like to be beamed aboard for a
stars. This has lead to a very promising, if provoke. Along with the main plot, there
couple of hours, then go to the post room in
unlucrative career looking to the heavens is a small (if pointless) love interest, with
the Union, fill out a ticket at the back of the
for signs of extra terrestrial life forms. McConaughey, who is spiritual advisor to room and place it into the box provided. Then
This has been made all the more difficult the President. What starts off as a matter arrive at LTG in good time to pay two pounds
by non-believing bosses, leading to her of “Do you believe in aliens?”, turns into for you ticket and take your seat. The film will
funding coming from eccentric millionaire a question of “Do you believe in God?” be showing on Sunday at 5p.m. and 8p.m. and
John Hatten (Hurt) rather than the We also get to see the effects of technolo- again on Monday at 8p.m. However if you are
gy on the modern world, this being one of someone who likes to save money or find that
almighty US Government.
the many films jumping on the Internet bargain then I recommend the OFU Pic’n’Mix
However, everything changes the day that ticket for the unbelievable value of Five
the celestial search comes up trumps and bandwagon.
pounds for Four Films.
the aliens get in touch. What is originally Fantastic film? Yes...but what lets it down
thought to be a very simple code turns out is its length. Clocking in at over 2½ hours,

Unplugged pre-
to be instructions to build a space ship and my whole body was aching when I left the
all of a sudden, not only the US, but the cinema. However, it isn’t really possible
rest of the world wants to know if any- to identify any significant areas which
body’s out there. could have been cut from the film. The

sents Keith
This is what the average cinema goer has God question could be seen as being a bit
been looking for all summer: a script with “in your face”, although it doesn’t really
a bit of depth and characters you can interfere with the film’s main plot.
believe in, who haven’t got the word Thoroughly good, thought provoking
entertainment, if a bit long, but something

‘wooden’ tattooed to their foreheads.
Foster gives her usual faultless perfor- that could only be beaten by a Biblical
mance and Zemeckis’ direction is up there meeting with the two girls from last weeks
with it. He follows up Forrest Gump in Ladies Football article! More of the same
very similar style, producing a clever film, please!!
packed with seamless digital effects and 7/10, but bring a cushion! th over two hours of quality live Helyn Rose Bar featuring such classic tracks

W music from both bands and stu-

dents, as well as a great audience,
the week 3 unplugged in the main union was
as the Bonking Song through to
Supercunniflagilingussexyfalicrotious! Often
bringing some of his more bizarre material to
Hospitailty Catering Services a definite success. Thanks to all involved and
anyone who came down.
Unplugged were he has been very popular
with audience’s in the past.
Next week we are back in our usual venue of Having worked with Phil Cool he is currently
fast at
ry Res
the lower bar with Keith Donnelly returning,
after acting as compare for us last week, with
writing material for Jasper Carrot but you can
see him on this week at unplugged. We will
Libra tauran his own show that promises to be an excellent also have the usual open mike session, so
The t night. If you’ve not heard of him then he is come and hear some of Surrey uni’s home
essentially music’s answer to the alternative grown talent. If you or a group of you fancy a
Place to Start Your Day
comedian, the alternative musician! One of go yourself (even if its just one song) then just
those unique acts who doesn’t quite fit into turn up about 7 pm and we’ll put you on, or
anyone genre, so come down and find out leave a message and contact number in the
what he is all about. unplugged pigion hole in the union to arrange
Writing all his own material, whether funny something for another week.
or not, and has even been known to adapt well All this in the Lower Bar Tuesday night, kick-
known songs for his own devices. Once tak- ing off about 7.30 - 8.00 pm, for only £1.
ing some of these to record an album in the

Only £1.10 Educational

Representation &
Welfare Meetings
Tuesdays, 1pm-2pm, Grant Mitchell Room
If you are a course rep, or have something Welfare related to shout about then why not come

Add an extra item for only 30p On the 14th October we have the Accommodation Manager coming along to discuss the
launderette provisions on campus - come and join in the grilling!

For more details contact Sam Birmingham, Student Affairs Officer

ed971003 Issue 914.qxd 07/05/98 14:41 Page 9 (1,1)

n Friday 3rd October 1997 Features 9

Dog - A Short Story

ulia looked askance at the boy Elspeth, I'm sure. I did apologise, ing her with smiles an gestures. going on. But now she has left, my colours smeared the horizon that

J next to her. Her gaze travelled

the crowded room and to the
floor below her, where it hovered
although it wasn't really my fault at
all, and I told him so’, ‘ but I feel my
apology was, well, tactful...
Never a word. She often thought of
crying about that, but her disposi-
tion failed her-her mood always
beautiful Angie..’
‘Stop this crap you fool. You're not
would soon consume its guest. Julia
wondered what would happen if she
spat her dinner out each morning.
gently, like a bird bewildered by its ‘Of course dear’. Another voice matching those faces. Pause So, deep in not so deep thought, she
first tremulous flight. She didn't slipped through the conversational Lack of stimulation lead her to the ' Okay, so she's left you to bleed a stretched onto the lawn next to the
recognise anybody, each face a net. garden, wher Jon was sprawled on bit, but you gave her the knife.....’ troubled Jon, and lay her head on
blank fragment floating silently But tact is everything, isnt't the lawn. 'Pause. The gasping voice contem- her paws. She wondered what they
upon a bigger, uglier canvas. it...in...such cases, don't you think?'. 'Oooh, Juuuuulleeee plated its imagery. were all talking about.
I don't think that we had fallen out. Julia saw the waving hands, floun- baaabyyyyyyyy'. He drawled. She ‘I really miss her'. She dreamt. Of travelling-a fleet of
Not really’ dering in their description, as if we withdrew momentarily, but he con- In this pause, Jon threw his hands to empty vessels powered by thouands
The speaker stopped. Julia stared can embody an event’so full of emo- tinued. his head. For a moment, Julia of tiny hands, frantically pumelling
intently at the feet. A pair of black, tion by a mere wave of a limb. 'She left me you know. Yesterday. thought he wanted to rip open his the agitated waves. The gasping
flat shoes shuffled impatiently, first Julia felt herself frown. She didn't And, do you know, she didn't even skull, and, wading through the voices were quiet as the sun finally
one then the other; lift, pause, rock know if the event was noteworthy at wait until Jenny had gone home...' bloody globs, dig out some stuff fell out of the blazen sky.
to the inside of the sole-two little all. In fact, she didn't even know 'Shut up you prat' another voice with his nails, index it, and plant Jon sits contemplating his own
black boats navigating unsure what they were discussing with such gasped, joining in. 'Jenny wasn't some flowers. But then she thought hands, trying to clear away the
waters. A pattern emmerged. animation. All she ever saw were going home that night was she? And that would be silly..... grime lodged beneath the nails. He
Engrossed in th erratic choreogra- the shuffling feet, heard that whin- Jenny had not been home for 3 days, The fountain gurgled, its sparkling is wondering where it has come
phy, the voice continued, the words ing voice, and the other more slip- had she? Are you thick or just pre- chuckle glinted by a red setting sun. from’, 'when he is such a clean per-
cutting across the sludgy silence pery one. tending to miss the point here?' Looking at the sky, the oranges and son.’
that encircled them all. She went to the kitchen, and floating 'The point is that we were only hav- reds dribbled towards each other, Anita Ewing
I mean, it was all very amicable, there were more blank faces, greet- ing dinner, at the time. Nothing was like coloured ink on wet paper. The

GCR are
rom a small room somewhere ing the day with specialist

F in Battersea Court GCR pul-

sates across the airwaves.
Throughout the year you can find
Becca Pemble
Station Manager
music programmes and chat
shows from 7pm every
evening. The station also
them on 1602 AM but until 17th tions. Currently there are approxi- broadcasts in the union on
October GCR can be heard on 107.4 mately 30 people involved but they Friday and Saturday nights.
FM. This FM licence gives GCR still need more. With a move at Currently GCR is offering a Phot: Stuart Parker
the ability to reach a wider audience Christmas to new studios they need candle lit dinner for two at the
including potential sponsors and Mississippi Exchange as a prize on isations and many of their former
engineers, the current studio has
new station recruits. “GCR is its breakfast show. GCR would like students have gone on to work as
been in use for over 30 years since
LOUD across Guildford”. to thank Mississippi Exchange and journalists, engineers and presenters
the formation of the station. The
On the subject of new recruits GCR new studios will have much better the Odeon for their support.
needs enthusiastic budding DJs and The opportunities GCR offer to stu- For more information about GCR
behind the scenes bods to work in dents to work in radio are highly contact Becca Pemble extension
Tuning in to GCR you’ll be exposed
sales, journalism and public rela- valued by professional media organ- 9311
to the wonders of Indie music dur-
ed971003 Issue 914.qxd 07/05/98 14:41 Page 10 (1,1)

10 Notices and Personals Friday 3rd October 1997 n

Personals Notices
n Calling all old nightliners, ing. n Is ego inversely proportional Hiking Club change of venue TB Motor Club AGM 15th October at
please get in touch with new con- n Is a student really expected to to size?? 12A on Tuesdays at 1pm. Contact 6pm in the Grant Mitchell Room
tact numbers buy a TEXT BOOK for 85 n From the Tilly 4 lasses to Dave on 576981 or Lindsay on
n Stevie B....Cheers for neglect- POUNDS Lawrence : We missed you in the 451130. Science Fiction and Anime
ing us this week. Must be because n Happy Aniversary TIGER ..... Ram ! Society AGM Friday 19th October
we are not as attractive as the likes from the Mysterious GIRL n How many pints was that Cyprus Society AGM on the 8th 1997 at 2.30 pm in Lecture Theatre
of Claudia, Niaomi, Kate & Linda. n To MG from Tiger - Thinking again, Rachel ? Was the floor October at 6.00 PM in Lecture A
n We’re expecting double the of you always. XXXX comfy ? Theatre E.
attention next week Please! n To MG from Tiger I will n To the girl who loves Turkish Soc AGM on 14th
n Ste K,.....Keep smiling sweety H&S,S&K,K&H,H&S,S&K&MLT turquoise, I love you. LGB Soc AGM on Tuesday 7th October at 7pm in TB 23
as it will all be over in 22 U when I see you love tiger n FEST.......so have you yet.... October at 8.00 PM in TB12b
weeks!!!!!Scarey. n Frenulum in possible rehearsal with Melissa???? Chemical Society AGM on 10th
n Steve S.....Loads of first year shocker! Now we just need a drum n Kim...I feel a dips, alcohol and Rag Blind Date Audition for con- October at 1.15 pm in 9AZ19
potential, lets hope you make the program... gossip evening coming on!! testants on Suday 5th October at
most of it tonight!!!!!! n So, max forgot to ‘pick up’ n “This week I have been mostly 3pm Union Dance floor Chess Club AGM We do Exist!!
n Congratulations to the chair- Nina then!! ‘oo err missus’ eating flyers.” Meet on Thursday at 7pm Contact
man of the HCR committee - the n Long range drumming n Tickling is not the way to a Islamic Society AGM Tuesday Dan (ee41de) or Pete (me41ps)
Ram Raid was a great success - live(ish) from Essex! This could girl’s heart. October 21st at 7pm in Lecture
look forward to seeing you as a start a whole new trend. n Why do H&C students burn Theatre A. Al Farah Marriage Agency -
Dad tonight. n Someone help me, I’m getting everything?? steps on the way to find your
n To Benjie the bed- nostalgic for Physics lectures. Love n The best things come to those Tennis Club AGM Tuesday 14th dream partner. For more informa-
hopper....have you had any success Jo, somewhere in Essex. who try. October at 6pm in the Grant tion please contact Farah on 0171
with the freshers? n A four-pint wonder, a tasty bar n C - you seem to be making a Mitchell Room 723 1544 or write to Al-Farah
n Don’t worry, still plenty of of soap, a blocked sink and a lack habit of falling over lately! Bureau. PO Box 2369, London,
time!!!!! of sex. n UNCLE FESTER....please Green Society AGM Tuesday 21st W1A 2QH
n Duracell battery - stop making n Duracell Bunny - The cup- come home....your time is up!!!!! October at 6.30 pm in TB 21
so much noise at 1.30 in the morn- board is bare. n GAG - Next meeting TBA via Salsa Fever at Bar Mambo -
email, bring any ‘proposals’ you Thai Society AGM Friday 24th Latino Night Salsa and Merengue
have with you!! October at 6pm in Lecture Theatre & Cha-Cha clases rom 8 to 9 pm
n Antonia...Good night Sunday A Mondays
then?? Salsa Mania Salsa classes from 8
n So Duracell Bunny is taking Bare Facts Editorial Meetings to 9 pm Thursdays. Daning till 2
over from Liz M then - oh dear!! 6PM Every Monday in the Office am both nights. Students only
n I now know why Jeff wanted in Union House £2.00 wiht ID. Phone 0181 224
to burn something down. 9434 for more details.
n Thanks to all those Freshers
who moved in with only 2 suitcas-
n Nick that last sentence was for
you ! Crossword No. 52

1. Primitive Drum (3-3) Down
5. Hard limestone (6) 2. To stare down (7) Last Weeks Solution
9. Unemotional (6) 3. Land-cultivation (7) Across: 1. antiquated
10. Coined (6) 4. Presbyterian minis- 7. retinue 8. primp 10.
11. A festive occasion ter (9) garb 11. estimate 13.
(4) 6. In being (5) top-hat 15. Athens 17.
12. Recall to mind (8) 7. A rich sweet cake engaging 18. spin 21.
14. Fraud (6) (4,3) snake 22. elector 23.
16. Shot at (6) 8. Tolerated (7) streetcars
19. Practise before- 13. A silver white ele- Down: 1. alter 2. tint
hand (8) ment (9) 3. queasy 4. appoints
21. To bungle (4) 14. Most gloomy (7) 5. emirate 6. bright-
22. Introduced from a 15. US partnerships ness 9. pleasantry 12.
foreign land (6) (7) gangrene 14. pageant
23. Disregard (6) 17. Much below actual 16. invent 19. pates
24. An elephant, for value (7) 20. beta
example (6) 18. Compel (7)
25. Wooden hammer 20. An aromatic plant
(6) (5)
ed971003 Issue 914.qxd 07/05/98 14:41 Page 11 (1,1)

n Friday 3rd October 1997 Sports 11


he new programme is open to
all departments, clubs or
groups of University mem-
Chem Eng 70, Civ Eng 54, SSTL
45, SOBS 38, LIS 23, SEMS 22,
Robens 16, Elec Eng 15, DOMS 15,
bers - anyone who is interested in Psychology 6, Music 4, SDU 2,
playing sport at “A SOCIAL Nursing 2, Senate 1, Economics 1
PACE” - contact their departmental and the most improved department
sports representative for the match- was PHYSICS.
es starting from 20th October for 6 How about your department chang-
weeks. The overall points for partic- ing the face of the results table?!
ampusport staff member The fund helps patients of
ipation for last year were: AEB 171,
Maths & Computing 75, Physics 73,
C Catherine Wright plans to
run the New York Marathon
next month (November 2nd), rais-
cancer, a condition that 1 in
3 of us will suffer from at
some stage of our lives. Each
SPORTS REPRESENTATIVES ing more than £1,300 for the year they help another

MEETING Macmillan cancer relief fund - so

look out for those sponsorship
200,000 cancer sufferers to
cope with the impact cancer has
tors, nurses, one off grants even
clinics all, specialised in the diagno-
sheets! upon their lives. They provide doc- sis and treatment of cancer.
here is a SPORTS REPRE- needed from each academic year - if

you are interested in helping, or
signed up at the Freshers Fair, come
along to the meeting. o all you bastards who
Sunshine on a sporty day.
Ralphy boy was reprimanded by the
CENTRE, Campusport. Reps are


T walked past me with many
beers, for what seemed like
all day and all night at this fantabu-
I believe we had a record number of
freshers through the gates - and sign
stewards for running across the
track after the crash!!
Next week sees the long awaited
lous day, I say: Yah Boo Sucks to ups for a number of clubs, were start of BUSABUSABUSA!! So
you - and next time you want an huge. So congratulations!! bon Chance to the lads and lasses
e are running two 4 week Guildford Ski School Larchfield increase in you budget then you bet- who start. The home matches are

Thanks to Dickie’s “tiny” column I
dry ski courses beginning Avenue, Guildford. Sign up at the ter think twice! No seriously, the have plenty of space to write in but the first and second Rugby matches
on Monday 20th October Sports Centre reception day was great and a true credit to as usual not a lot to say of any inter- - so if you fancy watching God (coz
and Monday 11th November at the how Sport can work smoothly with est. However, as I write this I hope I apparently he apparently plays
sheer brilliance at the wheel! I’d am listening to the sounds of the, Rugby at Surrey??) or you just want
like to thank all of you who man- what I know to be plenty Scots in a beer while laughing at the boys
aged to keep me calm throughout come on down to the Varsity Centre
FIRST FREE WEEK ENDS. the day, to Stage Crew for blaring
the bar happily shouting goal! and
to the sounds of those Scousers’ at 2.30pm on Wed 8th Oct.
out GCR so tunefully all day, to walking alone back to the changing Anyway if I get any more yawn-
those who helped out from God room. some I’ll be banned from ever writ-
IRST WEEK FREE finishes need to sign up for courses: canoe-

F on Sunday 5th October.

FREE classes and facilities
continue if you have a Campusport
ing, golf, ski, yoga, dance, tai chi,
self defence, squash, badminton and
many more, by Monday 6th
knows what time in the morn ‘til
late at night, to whoever managed to
get Robbie Alter off the microphone
and I’d like to say ha! to USMC for
At least they might have more suc-
cess than Ralphy who thanks to his
bro now faces a nine point deficit,
while Villeneuve not even sweating
ing again.
Cheerio - Oh it was pointed out that
perhaps I should no longer call
myself Tiger Woods and should aim
membership card. However, you October.
once again only driving me up the glided on in. To make matters worse higher - perhaps Constantino
wall but not getting me to jump off. Rocca!
ed971003 Issue 914.qxd 07/05/98 14:41 Page 12 (1,1)

12 Sports Friday 3rd October 1997 n

Previews For
Campusdance Performances
osemary Butcher opens the minimal. She has a close affinity to never seen a dance performance Performances start at 8pm in the

R campusdance performance
season next week with two
works: Landings choreographed in
the visual arts, regularly collaborat-
ing with painters, sculptors’ film-
makers and musicians. In addition
Philippa Newis
artist performing in the campus-
dance season throughout the year,
before, or have just sat through the
obligatory Christmas Day ballet
offering in a drunken haze; I can
PATS building and normally last
about an hour, so after being truly
inspired and a committed ‘born
1976, and a new work entitled to this glittering introduction guarantee there will be something to again’ dance fan there’s still time to
(hooray, I hear you cry!!) The cam-
Fractures Landscape and Rosemary is also head of suit all tastes. This might be an leg it down to Bo’s and try out all
pusdance programme specialises in
Fragmented Narratives. Rosemary Choreography at the Dance depart- opportune moment to remind you those new moves on the dance floor.
small-scale independent dance artist
Butcher’s work spans twenty years ment here at Surrey. all, particularly those freshers
working at the cutting edge of dance
and she remains at the forefront of among us, that university life is For tickets call the box office on
in this country.
the independent dance scene in If, after this brief description, about broadening your horizons and 01483 259905.
Britain. Rosemary Butcher’s work Rosemary Butcher doesn’t sound trying new things.
It really doesn’t matter if you have
is, to use dance jargon, pure and like your cup of tea, there are dance

A Grand Day Out !

he sun was shining, the birds Surrey then began to find another A quick lineout was taken by surrey yours truly who crossed the line for

T were singing in the trees and

even link had a happy look
on his face as the University of
gear and soon the opposition’s try
line was the one under pressure, that
pressure finally telling when the
Boy Davis

the line with a Herculean effort of

determined running.
on their own ten metre line, Penfold
threw in to yours truly and before
anyone knew what was happening I
a second time! From then on in
Surrey were in a commanding posi-
tion finally putting the icing on the
Surrey 1st XV set off to play Raccal captain Ben McCauley stormed was embarked upon a half pitch cake when Rob Sheffield went over
Decca. over in the corner. Surrey’s inter- dash for the line, naturally I scored in the corner. A joyous time was had
Half time score Surrey 12, Raccal
It must be said that many players changing forward and back play with supreme style and elegance. by all ( myself especially ) which
Decca 0.
were out of position but all of soon had the opposition literally Okay ego trip over back to the certainly justified the antics in the
Surrey’s ferocious fighters were falling over themselves with amaze- game. Some more rucking play union later on that evening, with the
The second half began a
ready as soon as the referee’s whis- ment ( oh alright, not quite amaze- from surrey saw them coming ever new influx of freshers coming
little bit scrappily with the opposi-
tle was blown. Surrey were immedi- ment but they were as shocked as nearer to putting the game safe from there’s only one way up!
tion literally fighting their way
atley put under pressure by the we were ! ). It wasn’t long before the opposition when after a five
through Surrey’s line of defence.
oppostion but some good tackling Surrey had crossed the try line metre scrum the ball flew loose, Final score:
However out of this untidy rugby
and defending prevented the home again, this time in the form of James upon which paul gamble picked it Surrey 29 Raccal Decca 0.
came a moment of sheer brilliance.
side from taking an early lead. Balfour, who came crashing through up and popped up a little pass to

Dickie’s Interview
Dickie’s Pulsating Column Dickie’s 2nd
Rich Saulet NAME:
COURSE: nother week goes by and the world of top class sport. imagine what it would be like get-

Law and French my pen is, still looking for The crowds present at Valderrama ting jammed in between your girl- JOB:
LIKES: something to write about. I were incredible this year. Now friend’s opposite number’s thighs. Sports Rep.
The usual : bar, large overdraft, have also interviewed Cazza this Surrey sportsmen don’t expect to If competitive sports are not your LIKES:
parent’s money, student loan week. Hopefully there won’t be any see 10,000 people crowding round thing get involved away. There is so Rugby.
day, my girlfriend last minute articles submitted by the the touchlines to cheer the winning much going on that there is no DISLIKES:
DISLIKES: newly formed Conker Society, so try; or 15,000 to see the 5th team excuse for remaining a fat, unfit Semolina Pudding, Heights and
My arse after a curry, anyone’s you should get to read it this week! skipper knock home the vital penal- bastard!! Sub Aqua/ Diving
arse after a curry What a weekend! If you are half as ty to beat the Blackwater Cleaner’s Good luck to all those football SPORTS PLAYED:
SPORTS PLAYED: patriotic as I am, you have been 2nd XI. However all support at teams in Europe this week. They All. But I am Tiger Woods.
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