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The oneness of all things.

The ego, when it was caught up in a distinct body, instantly because possessive of
its appearance of individuality and started a war against the reality of all things
being one and able to free flow one between the other. It made that reality into
only an idea and then continued the war against that idea until even the slightest,
remotest possibility that everything is ONE has been completely debunked in the
deepest parts of every soul struggling in this separateness of individuality.
Divisions are now the only way that a soul can see the world. Everything into
boxes. The walls of those boxes are firm and solid so that nothing is free flowing
between those boxes. To break down the walls is as close to an impossibility as one
can get. For nothing is completely impossible. There is always the very slightest,
almost imperceptible exception in every seeming impossibility. It is through that
imperceptible crack in the egos construction of individuality and division that the
Spirit slips its way into the deepest part of every seemingly separate soul. Spirit
seeps in and starts to slowly, inexorably chip away at the foundations of those
seemingly unbreakable, unshakable walls of separateness. The walls of division
that stand in the way of a souls search for oneness through the inkling that maybe
there is a different reality to the one of being along that the ego has convinced
everyone to believe. Maybe, just maybe, we are not stand alone entities.
What would happen if suddenly, all the walls in all the conscious being of this world
suddenly collapsed into a heap of nothingness, crushing the ego in the falling and
leaving the soul bear to the true reality of ONENESS? The Spirit in each seemingly
individual soul finding the one crack in egos armor that brings to an end egos
dominance of separate identity. What would that bring?
In a rush, all would be laid bare. Each soul would recognize SOUL. The enemy we
imagine would suddenly be oneself. No division would stand. No boxes of race,
religion, ideals, nations, class, gender, privilege, depravity, even of organism, would
stand. All would blink in surprise and looking around for someone, something,
different from themselves, would find nothing but themselves in different forms.
That person they thought they hated is no longer other, but self. That place of
nature they wanted to destroy, their own nature. That animal they would harm but
an extension of themselves. Consciousness all ONE. Being all ONE. All things ONE.

Laura. 21 March 2016. Maralal. Samburu. Northern Kenya