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1:- So Mr Xyz, I know few details about you from your resume, tell me
About yourself, about your graduation studies, family background?
ANS: - Sir my native place is ahmednagar, and I have completed my
From there itself, my specialization in b.com was HR management as I had
Since that time. And sir my family consist of my mom, dad and me.

2:- What are your strengths and weaknesses as a HR professional?

ANS: - Sir, as I said I have interest in human resource management since
I have a honest dedication towards my job, which is my biggest strength, I
have a
Good skill of making people work as a one team for organisation and I
have a good
Communication skills, my weaknesses is I get act hyper when things are
done fake
And I am a dominant personality.

3:- How will you work on your weaknesses, so as to overcome them and
Should not become threat for organization?
ANS: - Sir, I will be at a position where I have manage people and make
them work
Together, I will use my dominant nature in correct way that will be
assertive for
Organisation. And my strict approach towards dishonestly will be even
To maintain a crystal clear record of organization.

4: - According to you what qualities one need as a HR management

ANS: - One needs a core knowledge about the management, good
Communication skills, he/she should be easy to talk person, versatility,
On work, good coordination skill.

5:- Give your live experience from above qualities, where you have used
Qualities in your past job?
ANS: - Sir, I was good at communication skills and organising my trainee.
I have
Introduced many HR policy w.r.t employee training and there benefits, and
also helping
In working with marketing and financial policy.

6:- Mr Xyz, can you tell me why is training important for any employee,
and how
Can you make it more interesting for employee (considering it is usually a
less important
And boring process)
ANS: - Very true sir, sir one needs to understand the organisation and its
working pattern
For that purpose training is necessary, an IT company needs to train or
brush-up its newly
Joined employee with current software and the languages like JAVA, .NET
And sir we can making it interesting by making teaching process
attractive, ambiance
Food provided, organising activities and emphasizing on practical

7:- why did you left your previous job, or why you want to join us?

ANS: - Sir, ABC company can give me a growth aspect which is essential
for me
At this career point, I had a very good experience with my previous
company but I
Wanted a change in work structure and wanted to learn new things, and
ABC is a
Good platform for enhancing my qualities.

8: - If you had enough money to retire, would you?

ANS: - No sir, because I consider knowledge is important, and I havent
Enough yet to quit my job.

9: - Will you be ok with extra training session and workload on your

ANS: - Sir subjective, if I get paid to my extra work, than definitely I would
The extra work, and will do with whole headedly.

10: - Where do you see yourself in next 4 years in this organisation?

ANS: - I see a bright future in this company, and as a trainee
management I
Aspire to be the head of training and development department,
My qualities and image of this company I feel I can easily achieve my goal
Company will help me with that.

Checklist of preparations to be done by interviewee before the


Educational documents (SSC, HSC, GRADUATION, PG certificates).

Special achievement certificates (if any).
Past experience letter.
Identity proof.

These things should be carried by one while going to interview

Person should acquire proper knowledge of his own work field and also the
organisation he
Is applying for, Being honest with the answers he give is important. It is
important to be updated
With the current affairs and general knowledge.