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Al-Qadir Jinnah Science Academy

ENGLISH BA Class (Lesson # 6 ) Paper (B)

Time: 3 hours
Marks: 100
Name: ___________
Date: 22-02-2016
1. Write an essay, with an outline, of 300-350 words on ONE of the following topics:
(i) Pleasures of Childhood
(ii) Interest Free Banking System
(iii) Iran's Nuclear Programme
(iv) Village Uplift
(v) Features of a Pakistani Wedding
2. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end. (The answer must be in your
own words.
Space travel is by far the most expensive type of exploration ever undertaken by man. The vast expenditure
of money and human effort now being devoted to projects for putting man into space might well be applied to
ends more practically useful and more conducive to human happiness. It is a strange world in which tens of
millions of pounds are spent to give one man a ride round the earth at thousands of miles an hour, while beneath
him in his orbit live millions for whom life is a daily struggle to win a few coins to buy their daily bread. The
money and effort that go into the development and construction of a single type of space-rocket would more
than suffice to rid several countries of suchscourge as malaria or typhoid fever, to name only two of the diseases
that medical science has conquered but still persist in the world simply because not enough money and effort
are devoted to theireradication.Why should the richer countries of the world be pouring their resources into
space when poverty and disease on the earth are crying out of relief? One could give a cynical answer to this
question and assert that man's expensive adventures into space are merely the by-products of the struggle
between great powers for prestige and possible military advantage.
(i) Why is it a strange world?
(ii) Why do malaria and typhoid still exist in the world?
(iii) Why is man pouring his resources into space?
(iv) Explain the meanings of the following words: (a) Scourge (b) Eradication
(v) Suggest a suitable title of the passage.
(vi) Make a summary of the passage.
3. Write an application to the District Health Officer about the absence as well as the maltreatment of
doctors of the rural areas with the patients.
Write a letter to the Nazim of your city regarding the poor sanitary conditions and broken sewerage line
of your area.
4. Correct any FIVE of the following sentences. (In case of over attempt only the First Five will be
(i) Poetries have their appeal to the heart.
(ii) This poultry belongs to him.
(iii) Unless you don't work hard, you cannot secure good marks.
(iv) I hate those sorts of men.
(v) He has been operated.
(vi) He is such a man who is linked by everyone.
(vii) He said to them if can you help me.
(viii) The rotten mangoes smell badly.
(ix) Please, do the needful.
(x) Leave was availed at once.
5. Use any FIVE of the following phrases in sentences. (No extra attempts will be marked.)
(i) Stick to the point (ii) Hush up (iii) Bring through (iv) Beat back (v) Die away (vi) Go about
(vii) Run down
(viii) Broken reed
(ix) Face the music (x) Flog a dead horse
6. Translate the following into English.

Write a dialogue between two friends about the waywardness among the youth.
Prepared By: Muhammad Qadir Rafique(MA,MSc)

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