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A result driven, self-motivated and resourceful Site engineer with an in depth understanding
of all aspects project execution, coordination and implementation. Experience of Site
Engineer in Electrical Power Projects (T & D), Construction of Grid stations, EHV Cable
Installation, its jointing/ termination, and GIS terminations.

3 years plus experience in Electrical Power Projects (Transmission & Distribution), Sub
Stations and EHV Cable Laying Projects in Middle East.

Organization : Al Sharif Group and KEC LTD. CO-KSA

Period : July 2013 to Till Date
Position : Civil Engineer
Project : OETC#29/2012-Upgrading of Izki Grid Station to 220kV with 2X500MVA
Transformers (OCT 2013 to Till Date)
Installation of 220kV, 132kV XLPE cable in trench and substations (GIS) with associated
civil, mechanical activities, such as: Termination (outdoor & indoor), Erection of Cable
sealing end, OHL Gantry Structures.
Review of IFC drawings for Grid Stations, Switchgears, EHV cable laying & terminations
and Control-protections of the Substation equipments.
Installations of Power and Distribution Transformers with its control &protection
Installation of 220kV, 132kV Switchgear (GIS), Control and Relay Panels associate with its
connection arrangements.

Project : OETC#74/2010 Construction of Sur 220kv Grid station and Associated

Transmission line between Sur & Jahloot
(JUN 2013 - SEP 2013)
Handling and Controlling of 220KV/2500 Sq. mm XLPE Cable laying Works from OHL
Terminal Tower to 220kV GIS in Jhaloot Grid Station associates with all activities like as
Cable Pulling, Sheath leakage Current test, Terminations (GIS/outdoor)
Obtained PTW and Supervised the 220kV GIS Compartment opening for GIS cable
Involved in pre- commissioning Electrical tests of 220kV power cable, Such as: leakage
current test, link resistance test, Conductor Resistance, Capacitance & Impedance
measurement and its HVAC test.
Project : OETC#55/2011 Replacing Portions of Earth Wire in Muscat Governorate with
OPGW (Mar 2013 - May 2013)
Obtained PTW of 132 kV OHL Double circuit for shutdown works to replaced the Earth
wire with OPGW.
Handling and Controlling the Stringing works and its splicing & terminations of optical fiber
cable with OPGW.
Reported all the activities daily to Project Manager.
Manage & Coordinate with Client (OETC) & Sub-contractors.
Project : OETC#329/2009 Replacing Portions of 220&132kV Overhead Lines in Muscat
Governorate with Cables Phase1, Part3
(SEP 2010 - MAR 2013)
Performed Thermal Resistivity of Soil along the cable route for Selection of suitable
backfilling materials for EHV Cable
High way crossing by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Open Cut Road Crossing &
Tunneling works.

Construction of 132kV OHL gantry, CSE,SA foundations and Cable Concrete trenches
Handling and Controlling of132kV, 2500 Sq mm XLPE Cable laying job in this project,
such as Cable Pulling, Sheath leakage Current Verification, Jointing, Terminations
Involved in pre- commissioning Electrical Tests of 132kv power cable, Such as: leakage
current test, cross bonding verification, link resistance test, Conductor Resistance,
Capacitance, Impedance measurement & its HVAC test and partial discharge test
Prepared Daily&Monthly Progress Reports of project related activities and submitted to
Construction Manager
Manage & Coordinate with Consultant (MMC), Client (OETC) &sub-contractors.
Dismantling of Existing Overhead line Rusayl- Bousher132kV
double circuit associates all activities, such as De-stringing, fittings hardware dismantling,
tower getting down & parts dismantling.
Project : ADCOP-33kV Power Supply for Crude oil Pipeline (HABHAN-FUJAIRAH) Abu
Dhabi, UAE (MAR 2010 - AUG 2010)
Laying of 33kV Power Cable in Rig crossing area and GIS Room from Terminal tower with
its plug in & outdoor termination
Installation of 33 kV Load Break Switch in every Terminal Towers
Perform the Meggering of 33kV cable before & after termination of 33KV cable and its HiPot test before commissioning.
Review of Client Approved Drawings for the Construction works.
Coordination with execution team for project works about Progress of activities
Reviewing Project Quality Plan and Assist to QA/QC Engineer
Verifying and assist to site execution team for any quality defects.
Correction of t punch/ snag points for OHL and Substation given by Client/Consultant
Organization : Khalid Electrical and Mechanical Est. (KEMCO), Doha, State of Qatar

Period : Sep 2005 to Feb 2010

Position : Technical Asst. (ELECTRICAL)
Projects : Qatar Transmission System Expansion/ Power Cable Projects Phase VII&VIII
(AUG 2008 - FEB 2010)
(Main Contractors Marubeni Corp, LS Cable, Korea)
Involving &Controlling in Construction of 132/66/11Kv substations including civil works
Erections of 132&66kv Outdoor switching equipments with all protective and controlling
devices like as CTs, PTs, & Isolator, Breaker,Bus bar at Gharafa Substation in Qatar.
Supervising the Installation of Control & Relay panel In Control Room
Handling of 400, 220, 132, 66,33kV Cable laying works in various Cable Routes and
Installation 66/11kv, 20 MVA Transformer at NEW DOHA E Substation in direct supervision
of Kahramaa, Qatar.
Coordinate with execution team for daily work schedule Programme
Report the all related activities to Project Engineer.
Prepared Weekly Working Programmes according to Main Contractor Requirements.
Project : KAH/GTC-27/2003 Repair & maintenance of power EHV, HV, pilot
&communication, FO underground Cable System
(SEP 2005 - JUL 2008)
Operation, Maintenance and Repair of EHV cable (XLPE& Oil Filled) Outer Sheath repair,
jointing &cable Sealing End terminations.
Conducting hydraulic& electrical tests like RGP, Oil Flow test & HI-pot test before
commissioning the 66&132kv Oil filled cable Feeders
Replacement of 132/66 kV, 92 MVA Transformer with same Ratings New Transformer at
Abu Hamour Grid Station

Repairs of 11kv Cable terminal box and bushing in power& Distribution transformer
Fault location of pilot, Communication and Optic fibers Cable with its Repairs& required
Organization : Reeta Electro-Mechanical & Erectors Private Limited, Janakpur (Nepal)
Period : Sep 2004 to Aug 2005
Client : Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)
Position : Junior Engineer
Project : Visual Inspections and Routine maintenance / Repairs of power EHV, HV OHL
Feeder and Sub stations
Operation, Control & Maintenance of small hydroelectric power station (200kW)
Visual Routine Inspection of 132kV Over Head Line feeder and outdoor switchyard in
various sub stations
Replaced of 132, 66, 33&11 kV outdoor Switching equipments such as LA, CBs, Cts, Pts,
Support insulators & bus bar etc.
Certified Competent Person from Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC), Abu
Dhabi Transmission & Dispatch Company (TRANSCO) &KAHRAMAA (Qatar).
Underwent the certification trainings of HSE For Electrical Safety, Ministerial Manpower
Act OHS 286/2008,Risk Assessment, First Aid & Fire warden From Gulf Technical & Safety
Training Centre(GTSC),Abu Dhabi
Obtained Permit to Work (PTW) Authorization from Oman Electricity Transmission
Company (S.A.O.C) and KAHRAMAA
(State Of Qatar)
HSE Training attended in Qatar Petrochemical, Qatar gas, Qatar Fertilizer, Qatar Steel,
New Doha International Airport& Doha International Airport, Qtalum projects in State of

Course : Diploma in Engineering (DEL)

Period : 2001 2004(3 Years)
University : Tribhuvan University - Institute of Engineering
Western Regional College, Pokhara, NEPAL
Percentage : 73 % (First Class)
Name : Ajay Mahaseth
Fathers Name : Ram Narayan Mahaseth
Marital Status : Married
Passport Details : No. 2482638 (04/02/2005 - 03/02/2015)
Languages Knows : English, Hindi& Nepali
Email address : acbc02@r.postjobfree.com
Permanent Address : VDC-Gonarpura Ward No 4
Dist. Mahottari, Jaleswer
Zone Janakpur Dham
Mob: +977-984*******
I do hereby declare that all the information given by me is true to my knowledge. I will try my
best for your business and for the fulfillment of organizations objective and also promise to
mention a cordial working relation and atmosphere.