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TOOLBOX TRAINING SERIES jachelors Enlisted Quarters, (BEQ) Manama Bahrain ECCI/KOOHEJI PROJECT NAMI PREPARED BY: Emmanuel Omeike CONDUCTED BY: Chinthu Raj SECC DATE: 02/04/2015 [oieortael WORKSHOP PRACTICE 1 Workshops shall be kept tidy and free from waste materials, rubbish, etc 2. Gangways shail be clearly marked and kept free of obstructions. 3. Each machine shall have its own clearly marked area. 4. Whore necessary guards or screens shall be placed to prevent patticles and chippings from machines striking persons on adjacent machines or in the walkways. 5. All rubbish shall be placed in bins or drums, which shall be emptied regularly. Oil rags shall not be accurmulating because of the risk of auto-ignition, 6. Welding areas shall be fully screened to prevent the UV light affecting non- involved workmen. 7. Oil spillages shall be cleaned up immediately. 8. Fire equipment must not be obstructed and must be in good working condition. 9. Eye protection must be wom be when operating workshop equipment. Hearing protection is also available and recommended for use when operating equipment, Corporate Office 41240 Bayshore Highway Burlingame, CA 94010 UsA Phone: 1.850.347.1555 Fax +1.850.347.8789 wawrece. net FEE epee eee eee eee aeeeroeee Compromising Safety