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CXC Mathematics Past Paper Page | of II ‘MAVAUNE 3006 CxC MATHEMATICS Paper 02 - General Proficiency 2 hours 40 minutes Vote of pin length Volume ofeylinder heh Volume ofa ight pyrami beet. Circumference Area of cise ‘Aveaof wapezium ‘he pependiulr eight LIST OF FORMULAE \V= Ah whete A isthe area of erst-section and his the perpendicular \V- ar where isthe rads ofthe hase ani the perpendiclar Ab where A is the ares ofthe base and his the perpendicular (= ase wheres the radi ofthe cle ‘A= whore isthe radius ofthe cle A= (a+b) hwhere a andb arth longs ofthe paral Roos of quadratic equations ax + bx +e 0, then ,_ ot Vom “esnomety tos cepoit ie oe Bypotemse ‘ppeteaure i. lopposite fajacant im C=“ ajaceat ade Aref ime Are of 3 =the bis thle ofthe base and isthe perpendicular beh — Vee 8/1/2006 CXC Mathematics Past Paper Page 2 of IL Sine rule Cosine rule SECTION Answer al the questions in this ection, 1.(@) Using calculator, or otherwise, determine the valve of (12.3) = (0:26 © 3) and write the @ exaaty (i) comest oto significant figures 2 marks) (®) The table Below gives infomation onthe values and the rte of depreciation in value of wo motor vehicles. Mor Vebce] Ttavaloe | WartRauet | vatucater One yer Ta Ta000 ma 3 Fiza Car | 835000 oe SE alate (0 tevaluesofpand (i) the veh ofthe tan ater vo yea. (maria) (© GUY S1.00= US $0.07 and $1.00= US $0.37 Clout the value of GUY $60000inUSS @ marks) USSHSinECS. marks) “Total 12 marks 2.(@) Simplify @ marks) © @) Fasorze a) ese mary boxes mare) CG) Sipity marie (2) Two cassettes and thee 1 cost $175 while for casotes nd one CD cot $125 file://C:\CXC\Mathematics\Paper 2 June 2006.htm 8/1/2006 CXC Mathematics Past Paper Page 3 of II ©) Given that one caste costs Sx and one CD costs Sy, write two equations in x and yo represent the information, (2 marks) G)Calelate the ost fone cassette, (2 marks) ‘Total 12 marks 3.(a)_ Inthe qudblateral KLM, mot drawn to SUKN=AU le LM = LN~ LK, ¢KLM Mt Giving the reason fr cach step of your answer, calculate the sie of @