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De-stress Calendar Template

This is a make-your-own calendar - and yes, it is one where you have to write in the
months and the days

1. Print off 12 copies of the Calendar Template.
2. Write the name of the months at the top of the page (you can be as fancy and
creative as you want, or just keep it simple)
3. Write the dates in the boxes for each month:
1-30 for September, April, June, November, 1-28 for February in years not
divisible by 4, 1-29 for February in years divisible by 4 and 1-31 for the rest)
4. Put in a note of the day beside each box if you want, or colour in the weekend,
or annotate it however you wish.
5. Punch holes in it and put it in your binder. Or staple it together with a piece of
card to keep it firm and hang it on the wall (this is what I like to do). Or pin it to
your notice board. Or use magnets to keep it on the fridge. Or any variation that
pleases you

Why bother?

It is pleasing to have personalised work around

It is relaxing to be creative as you beautify your calendar
It can be adapted to suit your needs without having first forked out sums of money
And the main one -
there is not much space to fill in details - and this is ESSENTIAL. In a bid to
make white space in our days, having space on the calendar to write only ONE
thing means that we are forced to remember that our days do not need to be
chock-full of activities. That margin of time allows pleasant things that come up to
be pleasant things, instead of a stress that is stopping us from getting on to the
next activity.

I hope this is a help in your bid to destress!