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A measure of how well or how productively resources are used to achieve a

What's the main function of a manager?
Manage the resources of the organization in an efficient and effective way so
that it achieves its goals
Which are the managerial skills?
Conceptual, human, technical
The reliability of the source of information determines the effectiveness of
Effectiveness is a measure of how well or how productively resources are
used to achieve a goal.
When the manager chooses the right goals to pursue (High Effectiveness),
but does a poor job of using resources to achieve the goals (low efficiency)
the result is a product that customers want, but that is too expensive for
them to buy.
The ability of one organization to outperform other organizations because it
produces desired goods or services more efficiently and effectively than they
Competitive advantage
It is one of the building blocks of of competitive advantage
Innovation, quality, efficiency
The process of creating new or improved goods and services or developing
better ways to produce or provide them.
You have just been hired as a manager of a very important organization and
you need to formulate the strategy of your department for the next five
years, what would be the first thing to do?
A SWOT analysis
A formal system of task and reporting relationships that coordinates and
motivates organizational members so that they work together to achieve
organizational goals.

An organizational structure composed of all the departments that an

organization requires to produce goods or services
The more complicated it is in an organization, the more difficult it is to
regulate or control the organization because more unexpected events can
Identifying and selecting appropriate goals and courses of action
Structuring working relationships in a way that allows organizational
members to work together to achieve organizational goals
The process by which managers make specific organizing choices that result
in a particular kind of organizational structure
Evaluating how well an organization is achieving its goals and taking action
to maintain or improve performance
A cluster of decisions about what goals to pursue, what actions to take, and
how to use the resources to achieve goals