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Mikrotik User Manager

Present By: Leangchea Gouv



What is User Manager


Installation User Manager

Using Usermanager

Connect from Radius to Router

Connect from Router to Radius

What is User Manager

User manager is a management system that can be used for:

HotSpot Users

PPP (PPtP/PPPoE) users

RouterOS users

It is a separate package for RouterOS.

User Manager is a RADIUS server application.


You should have the same version for RouterOS and the User Manager package.

The MikroTik User Manager works on x86, MIPS, PowerPC and TILE processor based

The router should have at least 32MB RAM and 2MB free HDD space.

Install User Manager

Check the Mikrotik, whether user-manager existing package.

Install User Manager

Download package "user-manager"

Install User Manager

Upgrade package user manager by upload pack to file and reboot the router.

Install User Manager

After reboot, Verify the package again.

Install User Manager

After verify the package go to New Teminal.

Install User Manager

Use this comment for create the customer user.

You can use this command for change the password of user.

After that you can use print command to see what you have added.

Log in to User Manager

To log on customer web interface type the following address in your web
browser: http://Router_IP_address/userman

where "Router_IP_address" must be replaced with IP address of your router.

Use login and password of the subscriber you have created in console.

Add a user

How to connect with router

Radius site

How to connect with Radius

Router site