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Tell us about your short term and long term goals and your plans to achieve them.

(300 words max)

Catalysts for inspiration can come from any place. Rikhia-peeth, an ashram established by
Swami Satyananda in a remote village of Jharkhand and a world-renowned abode for Yoga and
spiritual teachings, was that place for me. What makes this ashram distinctive is its contribution
towards making the village self-sustainable. Having visited the place in 2009, I was
overwhelmed by the measures they took towards accomplishing this mission. That experience
acted as a catalyst to my realization that attaining an objective which benefits a society as a
whole would be a fulfilling aspiration for me. As the years passed, I started exploring the modus
operandi through which I can see myself working towards a similar purpose. Now, I aim to work
for a social enterprise where I can administer problem-solving skills, business acumen and
efficient management principles to make the entire process of serving a motive fruitful.
In order to gain that knowledge about businesses and proficiency in management, a post
graduate degree in the same is imperative. Pursuing this degree would help me understand

Aspirations are what one strives to attain on the nitty-gritty of goals. Goals, both long term and
short term, are the stepping stones to accomplish ones ambitions. I aspire to be in a profession
where I can learn as well as use my prowess towards the betterment of the corporate world.
Society plays an imperative role in anybodys life and therefore I wish to give back, in all
capacity that is possible of me, to the society. In order to realize these, I intend to get a whiff of
the corporate world in the next 2 to 3 years by working at a consulting firm. The reason behind
consulting is that it is a gateway to enhance my awareness of various industries so that I
wouldnt be fixated to one at such an early career stage. Moreover, consulting can also open
avenues to industries I wish to be further associated with. I would also want to assimilate the
know-how of businesses which I would gain by a myriad of client interactions. After acquiring a
tincture of the corporate world, a PGP in management will equip me with better managerial
skills, a vast colleague network and a holistic and improved business perspective.
10 to 15 years down the line, I see myself working with a consulting firm or at a managerial or
consulting position in an industry of my choice. That way I will be using my proficiency towards
the amelioration of the corporate world. Funding education of the children of significant yet
ignored people like milkmen and watchmen can be one of the ways to fulfil my desire to give
back to the society. All in all, I wish to be a person with an equanimous demeanor, ethical
approach and sense of achievement.

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