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Joel Kingsley

Huntington Ave, Toronto, ON

H (416) -285-5418 l C (647)-907-5418

To add my educational and extra-curricular accomplishments. To provide my contribution to your

organization with my skills and in turn get an opportunity to gain exposure and expertise that
would help me to enhance my professional skills to build a promising and successful portfolio for
further education.


Excellent communication skill

Flexible team player who thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritize and
juggle multiple concurrent projects.
Effective team member
Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and
Very understanding

Volunteer Experience
Alter Server (Volunteer)
St. Maria Goretti Church (717 Kennedy Rd, Toronto)

June, 2007- February, 2014

Aided priest every Sunday during mass

School Parade and Drum Line (Volunteer/Base Drummer)

Jean Vanier Catholic High school (959 Midland Ave, Scarborough)

October, 2012- June, 2013

Criminology and Justice Bridge (Faculty of Social Science and Humanities) Sept, 2015 - Present
Oshawa University, UOIT (Downtown UOIT, 11 Simcoe Str. North, Oshawa)
Certificate/Diploma (Graduated)
Jean Vanier Catholic High school (959 Midland Ave, Scarborough)

September, 2012 - June 2015

Sports and Athletics

o Soccer

Played for Unionville Milliken Soccer Club on the team for six years
Playing for high school team engaging inter-school competitions at regional level

o Track and Field

Participating in the school team since grade four

Have attended school and regional level meets and won numerous medals

o Athletic Council

Joined the school Athletic Council HELPING school games and tournaments
Help organize various activities for school as well as Health and Wellness Day

School Clubs
o Best Buddy Club

Spend time with those in school with special needs

Play various games with them and help them learn

o Fusion Art Club

Started club up with a few of my friends in the school

Goal of promoting the arts and the hidden talent within the school
Working towards staging a school concert in May-2015

Dandy Balano - (Teacher, and responsible of all altar servers) (416)-265-1317
Mr Fanning - (Musician Teacher, and leader for the parades and music clubs) (416)-393-5554

Joel Kingsley
43 Huntington Ave - (H) 416-285-5418 - (C) 647-907-5418 - Joel.Kingsley@hotmail.com


Various ministries
The Ontario Public Service Careers

Dear Hiring Managers,

I am writing to express my interest in the current openings you have for the Office
Assistants in Ontario for summer jobs. Please accept my resume for your consideration. Want
to learn the new experience as a office assistant and learn to work with customers and with
other employees.
Some of the skills I have is being responsible, understanding, being a flexible and
effective team member. I have learned these skills throughout my high school career, and now i
have graduated and taking Criminology and Justice program at UOIT ( University of institute
The resume that i have included contains more of my skills and backgrounds and the
volunteering I have did in the past years. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to
discuss the qualifications I would bring to your summer job organization. Thank you for you


Joel A. Kingsley