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The Northern lights, or the Aurora Borealis, is one of natures most

dazzling spectacles. When it appears, there is often a crackling sound coming
from the sky. A huge, luminous, arc lights up the night, and this arc is
constantly in motion. Sometimes, the brilliant rays of light spread upward in
the shape of a fan. At other times, they flash here and there like giant
searchlights, or move up and down so suddenly that they have been called
the merry dancers. Farther north the aurora frequently looks like fiery
draperies which hang from the sky and sway to and from while flames of red,
orange, green, and blue play up down the moving folds.
According to scientific measurement, this discharge of light takes place
from 50 to 100 miles above the earth. But it doesnt reach its greatest
brilliance at the North Pole. It is seen as its best around the Hudson Bay
region in Canada, in northern Scotland, and in southern Northway and
Sweden. It may sometimes be seen even in the United States as it flashes
across the northern sky.
Science is still not certain regarding exactly what these lights are and
what causes them. But it is believed that the rays are due to discharges of
electricity in the rare upper atmosphere. The displays seem to center about
the earths magnetic poles, and electrical and magnetic disturbances often
occur when the lights are especially brilliant.


What is the topic of the passage?

what the northern lights look like
the cause of the northern lights
where to best see the northern lights
the northern lights


What does the second paragraph of the passage mainly discuss?

the northen lights at the North Pole
The brightness of Northern lights
The distance from earth of the discharge of light
Where the northern lights are observable

3. The passage discusses the findings of

a. Teachers
c. Northerners
b. Scientists
d. Artists
4. In which part of the passage does the author discuss what the
aurora looks like?
a. paragraph 1
c. paragrapgh 3
b. paragraph 2
d. the whole paragraph

What is the main idea of paragraph 3?

aurora comes from the atmosphere
the cause of northern lights is still undecided
scientists are investigating the electrical and
d. the earths magnetic pole is the center of aurora


6. The word luminous in line 3 is closest in meaning to

a. Curved
c. shining
b. Splendid
d. marvellous
7. The passage indicates that the northern lights
a. is the natures most dazzling spectacle
b. is best be seen in the United States

c. is followed by a crackling sound

d. is moving constantly

The word it in line 10 refers to

scientific measurements
the earth
the light
the North Pole

IQ or Intelligent Quotient, is defined as the ratio of a persons mental

age to chronological age, with the ratio multiplied by 100 to remove the
decimal. Chronological age is easily determined; mental age is generally
measured by some kind of standard test and is not so simple to define.
In theory, a standardized IQ test is set up to measure an individuals
ability to perform intellectual operations such as reasoning and problem
solving. These intellectual operations are considered to represent intelligent.
In practice, it has been impossible to arrive at consensus as to which
types of intellectual operations demonstrate intelligence. Furthermore, it has
been impossible to devise a test whithout cultural bias, which is to say that
any IQ tests so far proposed have been shown to reflect the culture of the
test makers. Test takers from that culture world, it follows, score higher on
such a test than test takers from a different countries with equal intelligence.

9. What type of information is included in the first paragraph?

a. an argument
c. an opinion
b. a definition
d. a theory
A persons chronological age is determined from
a. the persons mental age
c. a test
b. the persons IQ
d. the persons date of
Paragraph 3 mainly discusses about
a. the impossibility in doing IQ test
b. the bias on IQ test
c. the application of IQ test
d. who score higher on IQ test
According to the passage, the following are true except
a. IQ test measures a persons ability in giving reasons and solving
b. mental age is not easy to define
c. IQ test has benefits to certain people from certain culture
d. different culture makes different intelligence.
The word measure in line 5 can be best replaced by
a. amount
c. reckon
b. count
d. total
From the passage, we can learn that the problems in
applying IQ test are as follow, except
a. agreement on types of intellectual operations use on the test
b. cultural bias on the test
c. the test has advantages to test takers from certain culture
d. the test is standardized

Which of the following is not discussed about Camp david?
a. its location
c. its facilities
b. its cost
d. its uses
The word it in paragraph 1 refers to
a. Solitude
c. Camp David
b. Washington D.C
d. Mountain
According to the passage, who founded Camp David?
a. George Washington
b. the first family
c. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
d. Dwight David Eisenhower
Which of the following is not true about President
a. He had a grand son named David.
b. He attended a conference with Nikita Khrushchev
c. He named the presidential retreat Shangri-La
d. He visited Camp David
Khrushcev was at Camp David in
a. 1942
c. 1959
b. 1943
d. 1978
The word solitude is closest in meaning to
a. happiness
c. loneliness
b. soulmate
d. reflection
Which of the following is not true about Camp David?
a. It is a place to relax and find solitude
b. It was used to do important meetings with the Worlds leaders.
c. The named was given by President Eisenhower
d. The named was taken from a novel by James Hilton.
How many Presidents of United States mentioned in the
a. 2
c. 4
b. 3
d. 5

Vitamins, taken in tiny doses, are a major group of organic compounds

that regulate the mechanism by which the body converts food into energy.
They should not be confused with minerals, which is inorganic in their
makeup. Although in general the naming of vitamins followed the
alphabetical order of their identification, the nomenclature of individual
substances may appear to be somewhat random and disorganized. Among
the 13 vitamins known today, five are produced in the body. Because the
body produces sufficient quantities of some but not all vitamins, they must be
supplemented in the daily diet. Although each vitamins has its specific
designation and cannot be replaced by another compound, a lack of one
vitamin can interfere with the processing of another. When a lack of even one
vitamin in a diet is continual, a vitamin deficiency may result.
The best way for an individual to ensure a necessary supply of vitamins
is to maintain a balanced diet that includes a variety of foods and provides
adequate quantities of all the compounds. Some people take vitamin
supplements, predominantly in the form of tablets. The vitamins in such
supplements are equivalent to those in food, but an adult who maintains a
balanced diet does not need a daily supplement.
The ingestion of
supplements is recommended only to correct an existing deficiency due to
unba;anced diet, to provide vitamins known to be lacking in arestricted diet,
or to act as a therapeutic measure in medical treatment. Specifically, caution
must be exercised with fat-soluble substances, such as vitamins A and D,
because, taken in gigantic doses, they may present a serious health hazard
over a period of time.

In line 1, the word regulate is closest in emaning to
a. control
c. refresh
b. refine
d. confine
According to the passage, vitamins are
a. food particles
b. essential nutrients
d. major food groups
In line 4, the word nomenclature is closest in meaning to
a. conservation
c. concentration
b. classification
d. clarification
a. 5
b. 7

How many vitamins must be derived from nourishment?

c. 8
d. 13

The author implies that foods
a. supply some but not all necessary vitamins
b. should be fortified with all vitamins
c. are equivalent in vitamin content
d. supplement some but not all necessary vitamins
In line 7, the phrase daily diet is closest in meaning to
a. weight loss or gain
c. nourishment intake
b. sufficient quantities
d. vitamin tablets
A continual lack of one vitamin in a persons diet is
a. contagious
c. preposterous
b. desirable
d. dangerous

With which of the following statements would the author
be most likely to agree?
a. A varied diet needs to be supplemented with vitamins.
b. An inclusive diet can provide all necessary vitamins.
c. Vitamins cannot be consistently obtained from food.
d. Vitamins should come from capsules in purified form.
It can be inferred from the passage that vitamins
supplements can be advisable
a. in special medical cases
b. in most restricted diets
c. after correcting a dietary deficiency.
d. before beginning a therapeutic treatment
In line 17, the phrase act as is closest in meaning to
a. play the role of
c. fight for
b. pretend to be
d. attest to the fact
The author of the passage implies that
a. some vitamins are nit fat-soluble
b. vitamins can be taken in very small doses
c. most vitamins are water-soluble
d. all vitamins are found in measured doses
What doest the passage mainly discuss?
a. Adopting vitamins to control weight
b. The individuals diet for optimum health
c. Vitamin categorization and medical application
d. The place of vitamins in nutrition

Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
a. What the Eye Can See in the Sky
c. Planetary Movement
b. Bernards Star
d. The Everlasting Star
The expression naked eye in line 1 most probably refers
a. a telescope
c. a camera with powerful
b. a scientific method in observing stars
d. unassisted vision
According to the passage, the distance between the stars
and the Earth are
a. barely acceptible
c. huge
b. fixed
d. moderate

The word misconception in line 6 could be best replaced
a. idea
b. erroneous belief
b. fact
d. theory
This passage would most probably be assigned reading in
which course?
a. Astrology
c. Astronomy
b. Geophysics
d. Geography
The word negligible in line 8 could be best replaced by
a. negative
c. rapid
b. insignificant
d. distant

Course numbers are an indication of which courses are open to various

categoriesof students at the university. Undergradutae courses with the
numbers 100 or 200 are generally introductory courses appropriate for
freshmen or sophomores, whereas courses with the number 300 or 400 often
have prerequisites and are open to juniors and seniors only. Courses with the
numbers 800 above are open only to graduate students. Certain graduate
courses, generally those devoted to introductory material, are numbered 400
for undergraduate students who qualify to take them and 600 for graduate
students. Courses designe dfor students seeking a professional degree carry
a 500 number for undergraduate students and a 700 number for graduate
students. Courses numbered 99 or below are special interest courses that do
not carry academic credit. If students elect to take a special interest course, it
will not count toward the number of hours needed to complete graduation
A full-time undergraduate student is expected to take courses that
total twelve to eighteen credit hours. A full time graduate student is expected
to take courses than total ten to sixteen credit hours. Student holding
assistantships are expected to enroll for proportionately fewer hours, a part
time graduate student may register for a minimum of three credit hours. An
overload, that is, more than maximum number of hours, may be taken with
the approval of an academic advisor. To register for an overload, students
must submit the appropriate approval form when registering. Overloads
above 24 hours will not be approved under any circumctances.

Where would this passage most likely be found?
a. in a syllabus
b. in a college catalog
d. in an graduate
What is the purpose of the passage?
a. to inform
c. to criticize
b. to persuade
d. to apologize
The word prerequisites in line 4 is closest in meaning to
a. courses required before enrolling
b. courses needed for graduation
c. courses that include additional charges
d. courses that do not carry academic credit
The word those in line 6 refers to
a. graduate students
c. introductory courses
b. graduate courses
d. course numbers
Which classification of students would be eligible to enroll
in mechanical Engineering 850?
a. a graduate student
c. a full time student

b. a part time student

d. an undergraduate

If an undergraduate students uses the number 520 to
register for an accounting course, what number would a
graduate student probably use to register for the same course?
a. Accounting 520
c. Accounting 720
b. Accounting 620
d. Accounting 820
How is a credit student who registers for eight hours
a. Full time student
c. Part time graduate student
b. Part time graduate student
d. Non degree student
Which of the following courses would not be included in
the list of courses for graduation?
a. English 90
c. English 100
b. English 300
d. English 400
A graduate students may not
a. enroll in a course numbered 610
b. register for only one-hour course
c. register for courses if he has an assistantship
in an introductory course
The phrase under any circumstances in lines 20 is
closest in meaning to
a. without cause
c. without exception
b. without permission
d. without a good