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LESSON (learning a practical skill such as playing a musical instrument,

swimming, or driving a car)

a piano lesson: I started having piano lessons (LDCE)

Shes started having driving lessons.
Dominic will be having his first driving lesson this Thursday.

LESSON (BrE) = CLASS (AmE) (In school)

Lessons start at 9 oclock.

Ive got a double maths lesson next.
He gives private lessons in Spanish.
She gives English lessons to business people in the evenings.

I go to English classes in the evening. (New Total English elem)

Cambridge: Shes been getting into yoga recently she does three classes a
Step To B2 p.26: I go to yoga class on Monday.
Oxford collocations: I go to yoga on Thursdays.

She goes to drama / dance classes. (Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge