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3. Comment on the State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte?

The current president, President Rodrigo R. Duterte has many plans and
ambitions for his country Philippines like our past presidents. He is so vigorous and ambitious in
terms of accomplishing so many things to benefit the Filipino people.
The following are mentioned in his SONA:
1. Finger pointing is not the way. The President does not want to waste time dwelling on
the sins of the past or even blame those who are perceived to be the causes of the
2. Vindictiveness in not in the system. The President has seen the problems in the justice
system; equal treatment and equal protection must be promoted and the speedy
disposition of cases must be improved.
3. No separation of God and State. The President believes that there is no separation of
God and State while he is a stickler to the principle of separation between church and
4. Fight against criminality, corruption and illegal drugs. The President is one who
strongly fight against drugs and criminality. He wants a peaceful country. He believes
that drugs become the causes of criminality in our land. He is committed deeply about
this fight in which he includes the Philippine National Police, the local executives,
both Province and municipalities, the NAPOLCOM, DILG and the like, not to lower
their guards. He wishes to stop criminality within his three to six month time as the
5. The rehabilitation of drug users. With the increase in the number of drug users and
pushers in the country, the rehabilitation of them is one big problem in the Philippines
as we lack areas/venues to cater to their needs. The president suggests that military
camps and facilities are better off to be used as ones.
6. Human approach to development and governance. The president wants to improve
peoples welfare in the areas of health, education, adequate food and housing,
environmental preservation and respect for culture.
7. Internal security threats. The President ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines to
enhance its capability to search and engage against the lawless elements like the Abu
Sayyaf group; the development of corporate partnerships with nations sharing

common interests and concerns; deepen security dialogues and expand cooperation on
human assistance, disaster response, and maritime security and counter terrorism.
8. West Philippine Sea. The president sees to it that it respects the outcome of the
ongoing case before the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
9. Unilateral ceasefire with the CPP/NPA/NDF. The president wants to restore peace.
10. Macroeconomic Policies fiscal and monetary. The president wants creation of more
job and reduction of poverty. He wants to build a stronger economy characterized by
solid growth, low and stable inflation, dollar reserves and robust fiscal position.
10.1 Taxation tax reforms on more efficient tax system (lower personal and
corporate tax rates) and the relaxation of bank secrecy laws.
10.2 Attract Investments for job availability - Sufficient income for all Filipino to
meet basic food and non-food needs for each family.
10.3 Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law
10.4 Government Financing Institutions.
10.5 Tourism
10.6 Road Development projects
10.7 Soil Analysis with rice farming
10.8 Fisheries/Aquaculture
10.9 Infrastructure
10.10 Pumping Stations
10.11 Pasig River Ferry Service System
10.12 Removal of Terminals (anti-colorum campaign)
10.13 Maximization of existing roads
10.14 Traffic
10.15 8888
10.16 LTO matters (drivers license)
10.17 DENR matters (mining)
10.18 Garbage
10.19 Increase in PAO lawyers and support staff
10.20 DFA (streamline documentary requirements)
10.21 WFI access to public places
10.22 OFW matters (financial education)
10.23 Relocation of squatters
10.24 4Ps (providence of in kind and no longer cash assistance)
10.25 DSWD ( on rice subsidies)
11 And other issues concerning the Philippines.
All in all, President Rodrigo R. Duterte wants to make his people feel secure about the upliftment
of the lives of the Filipino people. He assures that his administration shall be sensitive to the
States obligations to promote, protect and fulfill human rights of the citizens especially the poor
and the marginalized.

The president is a sensitive, loving and emotional president. I can feel the sincerity from deep
within. I can feel his compassion towards his people because he really wants peace a lasting
peace to reign over the land, especially in Mindanao.
As a Filipino citizen, I am with the President in his fight against criminality.