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This agreement of rent is made and executed at Bangalore on this 1st

day of July2016 by and between:
Owner Name
Hereinafter called the OWNER of the one part; and in favor of:Tenant Name

Permanent Address:

Hereinafter called the TENANT (which term shall mean and include their legal
heirs, executors, representatives, administrators and assigns) of the other

part; witnesses as follows:And whereas the Owner is the sole and absolute owner of the premises
situated at (Address) and where as the Tenant has approached with the
Owner to let-out the schedule premises on a monthly rental basis. And
the Owner agrees to let-out the same under the following terms and
conditions:1. whereas the Owner agrees to let-out the schedule premises for a
monthly rent of
30000/-(Rupees Thirty Thousand only) per month, and the
Tenant agrees to
pay the same on every month by cash/cheque/bank transfer to the

2. Whereas the Tenant agrees to pay the monthly rent by on or before

5th of
Every English calendar month.

3. The TENANT has agreed and given a sum of Rs. 300,000 (Rupees
three hundred
thousands only) by cash/cheque/bank transfer to the
OWNER as security deposit and the
hereby agree to
the said amount free from interest at the time of the
TENANT, vacating
and delivering the said premises in the same condition in which it
waslet-out or on termination of this agreement and after deducting the
dues payable if any
by the

3. Whereas the Tenant shall use the schedule premises for

residential purpose only

and should not use for any illegal or immoral purposes.

4. The lease will be for period of 11(Eleven) months from the date
of this
greement, but it can be extended by mutual consen t.
The rent shall be enhanced
once in every 11 months @ 5% over the existing rent.
5. Whereas the lessee should not sub-let or underlet the schedule
premises to any
Other persons without written consent from the Owner

6. Whereas the Tenant agrees to keep and maintain the said premises
clean and in good tenantable condition without causing any other
neither damages in whatsoever manner not shall make any structural
addition or alterations to the said premises. If any damages caused by
the Tenant the cost for repair of such damages can be deducted from
the security deposit.

7. Whereas the Tenant shall keep the schedule premises in good and
conditions without any damages, t.

8. And whereas the lessee here by agrees to pay the maintenance,

water and electricity charges to the concerned authorities
without arrears during this tenancy period.
9. The Tenant shall vacate the premises on a one month notice from
the Owner. Similarly the Tenant can vacate the premises after
giving one month notice
to the Owner.
10. And whereas the Owner or his subordinates or agents is at full
liberty to inspect the rented premises at any reasonable hours.
11. Whereas the Tenant shall agree to pay one month rent towards
painting charges at
the time of vacating the schedule premises. (delete if not
require )
The accommodation consisting of:-two bed rooms one hall one kitchen,
one dining hall, two bath and lavatory water and electricity.
R.C.C.roofed building third floor with fittings and fixtures:1. Fans
- 4 Nos
2. CFL - lights
- 4 Nos
3. Geyser

4. Air-conditioner
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the above named Owner and Tenant has affixed
their respective signatures to this agreement on the day month and
year first above written.