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Tentative Outline

Raweewan Ruensai 570110083

Topic: Surrogate motherhood

Thesis statement: Legalization of surrogacy is not suitable procedure for having children.

A. Surrogacy: a process that a single/couple pays a fee to a woman for barring a
baby, after the birth, the child will be turned to the intended parents
1. Basic types of surrogate parenting: Traditional surrogacy and Gestational
2. Commercial surrogacy and Noncommercial surrogacy
B. Allows couples to have biological offspring to complete their family
1. Helpful for families which having the problem; the absence of child
2. Helpful for women who are naturally not in a position to become a
3. Almost of surrogate mothers come from poverty family
- They can lift up family by being the surrogate mother
C. Science progress
1. Reproductive scientists are able to produce the genetics by commissioning
parents contentment
D. Thesis statement: Legalization of surrogate motherhood in worldwide is not
suitable procedure for having children.

Present your claim.


Surrogate motherhood is not a practical way for having children to fulfill a family
A. Depersonalize reproduction and create a separation of genetic, gestational, and
social parenthood
B. The natural rules are broken because surrogacy is an immoral behavior
C. Effect on adoption
1. number of parentless children are increasing
2. childless couples better should adopt these children and take care of them
D. This process is more likely occurs in the patriarchal society that it degrades


women and also takes advantage of them

Opposing views
A. Noble action
1. Women sacrifices her time and health for the good of other
B. Many countries support surrogacy and do not treat it as crime such as Muslim
countries, European countries, India, etc.
C. Womens right
1. Surrogacy promote and support womens right to procreation
2. Making it illegal suggests that women are lacking ability to make
A. Social value
1. Family is the center of the human society
2. Human being is able to live and develop in a family

Tentative Outline

Raweewan Ruensai 570110083

Refute or concede opposing views

A. Noncommercial surrogacy are rarely occurred
1. Financial problem is a result that women decided to sign a surrogacy
B. Many countries protest against altruistic surrogate forms such as European
countries, states of the USA
C. Surrogate mothers are described as a vehicle for the exploitation of poor
women, breeder women
1. Poor but healthy women are drawn in by the money and offer themselves


to serve as surrogate mother

2. Surrogacy has violated the blessedness b/w mother, father, and a child
Conclude your argument
A. Surrogate mother may have started with good intention/willingness but
turned out to be a controversial issue
B. Family is totally important and some women might feel incomplete
without children in their lives, but surrogacy is the best solution
- Choosing adoption is the better way because world is over
populated by children who lost their home/parentless