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LESSON PLAN (Whole Class Lesson)

DAY: Wednesday

DATE: 31st August, 2016

TIME: 60 mins


LEARNING AREA: Mathematics

TOPIC: Introducing the

Number Line


Recognise, model, read, write and order numbers to at least 100. Locate these numbers on a
number line (ACMNA013).
Students are able to count from 0-100 in both numbers and words. Students also have experience
in using the number track, in which they can identify numbers on the line and the placement of
such numbers.
The purpose of this task is for students to expand on their identification of the numbers 0-100 by
locating these on a linear representation. They will also expand on their knowledge of the
number track and learn to identify numbers on a line, without the surrounding boxes to help
Students will be able to place numbers on a
The lesson objective will be achieved when the
number track and a number line, recognising
students are able to clearly demonstrate and
the numbers between 0-100 and being able to
identify the numbers on a line in the order in
place numbers on the line with a 5-10 number
which they appear. This will be done by
questioning, discussion and observation
e.g. l------l------l------l------l------l------l------l------l
relating to the learning objectives.
What is this
Students will need:
- Their whiteboards and a non-permanent marker
- Their mathematics workbook
- The Introducing the Number Line worksheet (already printed)
- Lead pencil
- Glue
Teacher will need:
- An interactive whiteboard
- The PowerPoint presentation with flash cards of numbers to refresh their memory as well
as a representation of number lines
- A whiteboard
- A non-permanent marker
- The second Working with Number Lines worksheet (for students who need extra work)
- Masking tape and flash cards (for students who are struggling)
In order to cater for diversity, there is a second worksheet for the students who have finished the
first one with more complex number lines. If students are struggling, I will explain to them how
number lines work and ask them follow up questions to check for their understanding. For those
students who are having difficulty understanding, use masking tape and place a line of it on the

floor. Have numbers on the masking tape and flashcards ready for the students to place on the
tape or number line in order.

5 mins

Introduction/Warm Up
- Gain students attention by; asking for attention, asking the students to sit
on the mat, looking around the class, praise those who are attending and
sitting up beautifully, using their Super 6.
- Pose question what are some things that you know about numbers?
- Accept a range of answers, commenting on each.

5 mins

- Ask for students attention to the interactive whiteboard.
- Whilst students are watching the interactive whiteboard, show the
PowerPoint presentation with number flashcards.
- Prompt the students to call out the answer as a class.
- Repeat this with each flash card (20 flashcards).

5 mins

- Pose question what do you know about number tracks?
- Accept a range of answers, commenting on each.
- Show students the PowerPoint presentation on number tracks, prompting
them to answer which number belongs where.
- Repeat this with each flash card (15 flash cards).

5 mins

- Pose question so now you have been reminded of number tracks, what
are number lines?
- Accept a range of answers, commenting on each.
- Show students the PowerPoint presentation on number lines, prompting
them to answer which number belongs where.
- Repeat this with each flash card (10 flash cards).

5 mins

20 mins

- Ask one student to hand out Maths workbooks to each students desk.
- Once this is done, pick a feature (everyone with blue eyes, stand up and
quietly walk back to your desks). Praise those students who do this well and
let the rest of the class go to their desks.
- Once at the desks, as the students with the shortest hair to come up and
collect a worksheet from the front.
- Once the worksheets have been given to everyone, let them start the

Hand out a second worksheet to those students who quickly finish the first
Observe students, helping them if needed, praising the students on correct
answers and beautifully written numbers.
Go to each table and mark their work as they go, checking if the students
understand the content.

5 mins
- Ask the students to neatly glue the worksheet into their Maths books once
they have finished.
- After that, ask them to push their chairs in, stand up and fold their arms.
- Tribe points will be awarded to the group who packs up the quietest,
neatest and quickest.
5 mins

- Ask the students who packed up the quickest to sit down on the mat first,
praise them for their wonderful listening skills.
- Ask the other students to come to the mat too.

5 mins
- Do a DLIQ (what did we do?, what did we learn?, what did we find
interesting? and any questions about the lesson)
- Ask students to put their hands up, accept three answers for each question
and ask different students each time.