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20 May 2016

3 Rathfarnham Rd
Asheville, NC 28803
Graduation Project Advisory Board
T.C. Roberson High School
250 Overlook Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803
Dear Graduation Project Advisory Board:
As a child, I was always focused on something related to art. If you followed me around
in my youth you would watch me go from project to project, often forgetting to take a
break even to eat something. The project topics and mediums would always vary, from
popsicle stick jewelry boxes to a cardboard towns for my Polly Pockets, I made it all. As
my craft developed throughout the years and I took a couple of art classes, I realized I
had a real love for sketching and painting. Now, in art class number six, I have used just
about every type of paint there is, but I have not yet achieved painting on every medium.
Of course, you can really paint on anything with a surface, but I would like to try my
hand at muraling.
The topics I plan on covering in my research paper will be how murals affect society and
the way that vandalizing private buildings with graffiti has turned into an art movement.
The resources I plan to use for my research paper will be any source I can find that relates
back to murals effect in society or the graffiti art movement.
For my practical experience, I plan to paint two murals. My mentor needs help with one
that is currently being done at my school and the second one is at O.P. Taylors, which is
a toy store in Biltmore Park. I plan on using the one at the school to get feel for painting
on a bigger canvas and the second one will be of my own design and idea. This relates
back to my research paper because after finishing the murals I will observe how the
people who are seeing them feel about it, which will show me the affect they have on the
community. I will document my time by taking pictures of the process of painting a mural
along the way. My mentor is Benjamin Clark, an art and photography teacher at T.C.
Roberson. He is an expert in the topic because he has painted many murals and knows a
number of tips and techniques for painting. I will utilize his assistance by planning the
murals with him and learning the technique of painting on a wall, rather than paper. I will
learn from him all the planning that goes into painting a mural. I anticipate that this
project will have no cost to me. The estimated time for completion is, very roughly, 6-10
hours for each mural. The resources I plan to use will simply be a wall, acrylic paint, and
various sizes of brushes.
I understand that it is unethical to use another persons ideas or writing as your own
because it would not be fair to them, or anyone else who did all the work on their own. I
understand that if I plagiarize, I can receive a zero on my project. MLA format will be
used to cite all my sources.


Olivia Berry
Attachments: Evaluation and Mentor/Parent Consent