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Aug. 31 st, 2016


[OPCA = Organized Pseudo-legal Commercial Argument]

When the BC Law Society started this case, of me impersonating a lawyer, they handed me this over 1 inch thick Book of Authorities on case law for OPCAs. My last 2 criminal cases listed are before the term OPCA existed [2013] and these 2 files were retroactively added in. With this OPCA status, my entire secular /political defences were dismissed as an OPCA, because i used God as my authority to do what we do. With this precedent; anyone believing in a God given right to seek fundamental freedom, results where that individual is harming their case, by standing under this OPCA /in-stupor defence.

OPCA status is demonic at best, it holds inquisition-like powers of guilty until proven innocent. I never knew i was one; so how can i protest what harms me, when it's hidden? As many experts say - they are

the OPCA with veto rights to anyone else having a right to their own beliefs. We residents only have views, these private individuals hold opinions, [we're goyam /lesser humans, and they're divine /superior

When called an OPCA [it's like Hotel California] once in you never can get out.

- My first 2 cases [that hold this breach of trust of JP Kingsley] are not called OPCA , or they would be

in this book. This OPCA status is now destroying 'our free and democracy' and they really don't care.

- In my cases, my political convictions resulted in 2 CEOs of Elections Canada [EC] resigning, because

these BC courts trampled on my political rights [like- Judge Bruce – Nov. 14, 2005] caused JP Kingsley, to resign, and this Justice Bennette ruling also caused Marc Mayrand to resign, because these rulings were directly compromising the integrity of their Higher Office, and trust. The entire BC Court System is actually committing SEDITION [Sec 59 CC], because these resignations are proof that the Law Society

deliberately imposes fundamental governmental change by force, without the authority of law in Canada.

= Zionism.]

This court process organically lead to this date of August 2 nd , where i filed this Daniels 12 mandamus. The timing was perfect for me to file on this date, and frankly it's the only way out of this trap. - FACT - Two CEOs of EC in a row have resigned over me holding the last World War Bond in existence, and if no one involved can see the hand of God working thru a prophet, just confirms that they actually want bad

first fruit to occur.

pressed to choose] are failing to seize this moment, as pivotal.

of court dates, where i should be the CEO of EC, because i will literally own the C'estui Que Vie Trust.

In this case, they keep confirming Paul's lament of only a remnant [of those who were

I'm being blocked from getting a couple

Under the Elections Act, there is only supposed to be one natural human being. Marc Mayrand has

actually abandoned this post, so that i might take it.

and i'm being blocked from getting a court date, by clerks and sheriffs, and everyone in all branches of

government see this as a bad thing. The clock keeps ticking till this date of Sept 17 th; 2016.

i can do little to nothing to break their criminal racket. Those involved know that there are irrevocable

consequences by God to refusing to redeem the world with my bond.

i have no clue what goes down.

This case makes me the holder of this trust fund,

It's their call;

Somehow, redeeming all debt in the world with this C'estui Que Vie Trust is a such a bad thing that as to

Heb 10:28-on] these officers [who can't stop trampling on me] are risking the shameful responsibility for Jacob's ministry facing a merciless death, [and in spite of these dire warnings] they all just smile, and

they continue to insist that they will never allow my case to 'proceed'. It's insane, but

Tic tic tic.

They can continue to hold back, and block this file til Kingdom comes. But in the meantime, this VGMP case gets the same answer to whether they are all still in stupor [a powerful delusion]. This court date falls after this Dan12 timeline of Sept 17th, where we get an answer to whether this BC courts insist on being seditious, or they repent, by recognizing that we are entitled to our no jurisdiction defence, and if they don't, means they are all just confirming again that they are Hell-bent on serving demonic forces.

BOTTOM LINE: no one can do anything to save anyone who wants to go to Hell. If anyone involved in suppressing this case cares not to be destroyed, then they better instill a rebellion soon, to avoid being tossed into the abyss with the rest of them, who actually deeply desire to meet their maker. So be it. [