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Sept 16, 2016


1. We were supposed to go to court on Sept 21, on # S- 165441. We made it clear in this August
2nd Mandamus [CA 43509] that we were trying to fulfill [as to] Daniels 12, of acting in good faith
by picking a date [for this S-165441 case] after this 40 day window mentioned in Dan-12.
1. In response to this notice and date set, both Mr. Khan for the AG, and Mr. Dixon for the
City then filed an Application to strike this case by a Master, and scheduled a court date of
Sept 15th. - 2 days before this timeline of God's grace occurring on Sept 17th [of 1330 days]
We walked into a rigged kangaroo court, where the Master agreed with every point the
Crown made, and accepted that this CA 43509 wasn't settled, BUT she assumed that we
could never win this case, therefore we are assumed guilty, and in so doing, she stuck this
S- 165441 case with no option to amend, and this court date [on Sept 21] was struck down.
2. In our last filing, we clearly contended that if this Master agreed with striking this case, that
another charge of 'seditious conspiracy' would result, because it's not really a seditious
conspiracy until after this Master confirmed to strike this case, with this seditious ruling.
3. This Master ruled that Our entirely common law defences were unintelligible, and an
embarrassment to Our Law in this court, when the Crest behind her head still reads:
Dieu et Mon Droit [and, with this Dan 12 timing] with intent, they chose to conspire to spit
in God's face by declaring that they hate God [as in - shun ignore want nothing to do with].
4. This is strike-2, [and the 3rd strike is in already in this in chambers ruling in file CA 43509];
where i'm testing the Registrar to strike this file [or] proceed on resolving these 2 cases,
which goes totally against the grain of their blind submission to these Satanic forces.
5. This rejection confirms that God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that could not see and
ears that could not hear, to this very day. and justifiably only a remnant [7000] are spared
from being destroyed for worshipping their god of money, unless a rebellion occurs by
delivering my C'estui Que Vie trust to a court room real soon, as prescribed by God's Law.
6. Apparently, i'm predestined for destruction of evil or the evil in mankind. It's not my choice
This was the invitation to a banquet, and on cue 'the Supremacy of God Almighty' was
confirmed dead in the water under this subversion by the Admiralty /UCC/ Papal Rule,
in a case that redeems all debt in the world [with the last World War bond - # 000665]

2. As i see it, all kinds of 'interested' bodies can hope that this rejection fits this prophecy of Rom
11:15, where it says that this rejection to proceed to redeeming all debt in file CA 45309
leads to bring reconciliation to the world, and this reconciliation makes good first fruit possible.
1. [on this] what this rejection is proving is that none of the wise [of Dan 12] are to be found
among those who trampled on me. The horror of Rom 11 10's curse of: :May their eyes be
darkened so they cannot see, and their backs be bent forever. should make them tremble
1. BECAUSE, with this Dan 12 timeline also coming into effect, means my God will act
with speed and finality. AND somehow there's this warning to tremble because God will
not spare them who insist on being evil, is exactly the choice that these chosen face.
2. This present situation is that: until this gag order is lifted, means all those contacted so
far [who i assumed should be among the first to choose to be among 'the wise' are not.]
Otherwise the message that the Redeemer has come from Zion would NOT still be
suppressed, because the message will quickly spread to the world by those 'wise men'

3. But then, in all fairness, we are just entering a time where the chosen must choose tribulation
good, or tribulation bad, and there really is no substitute for good first fruit. I personally think
it's ghoulish for everyone [notified by my weekly updates] to wait until what happens after this
Sept 17th timeline, but then i'm the victim. I'm not a wimpy prophet who fears being killed.
1. BOTTOM LINE: Evil itself is being destroyed, whether evil men want it destroyed or not.
Frankly i got here by asking for this conflict that started 11-years ago to reach this point,
AND without this hardening, i would not be so confident in winning the Heart of mankind.