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version and paste it ABOVE this sytem If you are using my Mouse System buttons s

cript make sure you have the latest version. Get the latest version at. http://f
alcaorgss.wordpress.com/ If you are using my Pets Servants paste the pet script
ABOVE the 10 pieces* Terms and license- Do credit me Falcao as the creator of th
is ABS system- You can modify anything you want - You are allowed to distribute
this material in any webpage- Do not remove the header of any script shelf- You
are free to use this script in non-comercial projects, for comercial projects co
ntact me falmc99@gmail.com* Features- Full and easy to use ABS engine- Create an
y tool from your imagination most easy than ever- Universal anime graphics, any
character can use the graphics including enemies- Advance Projectile system- Kno
ckdown feature enable (you give the tool a chance to knockdown a target)- Tool c
asting time enabled- Tool Cooldown enable (the time you have to wait before use
the tool again)- Cooldown coutdown displayed on the toolbar- Ammo system- Tool s
pecial movements (able to load a moveroute from a common event)- Tool multiproje
ctiles enable, you can load upto 8 projectiles at the time- Bombs, axes, hooshot
s, magis, shields, boomerangs, anything can be created- States animation anable
(up to 5 icons displayed on map)- Buffs and debuffs enable (up to 5 icons displa
yed on map)- You can assing up to 8 tools to the skillbar (overpowered dont?)- I
nput module, default keys are no used by this system- Area, ranged, spin attacks
, target selection enabled- Invoke skills for weapon and armors enabled- Interac
tive enemies with knockdown, sensor enabled- Enemies use any tool that the playe
r or follower does- Enemy battler enabled, so you decide if you want display the
battler graphic- Enemies are able to heal themselfs, have allies enemies etc- E
nemy die commands, collapse animations etc.- Party system! your followers have a
command to start figting- Followers are able to heal allies, player etc- Smart
targeting system, followers choose an individual enemy to attack- Agro system, f
ollowers and player have a chance to get the agro of the enemy- Token system (yo
u tag any event to start when was hit by a tool)- Tool targeting system, autotar
get, etc- Player selection scene enabled- Quick skill bar enabled- Item pop up e
nabled- Antilag enabled- Lag free- Summon system. you can command the tool to us
e tools by using a common event move route as manager action.- Enemies states, b
uff and debuff display- Combo system for the tools ( you can create an epic comb
o chain)- Mouse support! you can trigger tools by cliking the skillbar icons!* I
didnt mention all the features this script comes with, find the rest by yoursel
f -----------------------