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Sean Hirshel L.

Embryology Fertilization
The fertilization of zebrafish is the same as the Xenopus, wherein fertilization
occurs externally and in the water, it can also be done in vitro. This is done by
spawning of the sperms of the male zebrafish and the eggs of the female. Upon entry
of the sperm to the egg cell, through the micopyle because the sperm has no
acrosome, there is a rise of intracellular calcium that triggers and resumes meiosis II.
Also, there is a formation of the nipple-shaped fertilization cone in the site of entry.
Exocytosis of the cortical granules causes the chorion to lift the eggs surface, causing
upward movement of the ooplasm which then cause cytoplasmic streaming process
where the non-yolk cytoplasm moves to the animal pole and creates a cytoplasmic
cap. The united egg and sperm will then undergo pronuclear stage and fuse to form
the zygote (at 17 mins after sperm entry) and begin cleavage formation through