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Human Resources Department

1. Policy Objectives, RA 7796, Secs. 2 and 3
SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy. It is hereby declared the policy of the State
to provide relevant, accessible, high quality and efficient technical education and
skills development in support of the development of high quality Filipino middlelevel manpower responsive to and in accordance with Philippine development goals
and priorities.
The State shall encourage active participation of various concerned sectors,
particularly private enterprises, being direct participants in and immediate
beneficiaries of a trained and skilled work force, in providing technical education
and skills development opportunities.
SECTION 3. Statement of Goals and Objectives. It is the goal and objective
of this Act to:
a) Promote and strengthen the quality of technical education and skills development
programs to attain international competitiveness.
b) Focus technical education and skills development on meeting the changing
demands for quality middle-level manpower;
c) Encourage critical and creative thinking by disseminating the scientific and
technical knowledge base of middle-level manpower development programs;
d) Recognize and encourage the complementary roles of public and private
institutions in technical education and skills development and training systems; and
e) Inculcate desirable values through the development of moral character with
emphasis on work ethic, self-discipline, self-reliance and nationalism.
2. Apprentice
a) Definition, ART 58
"Apprenticeship" means practical training on the job supplemented by related
theoretical instruction.
An "apprentice" is a worker who is covered by a written apprenticeship
agreement with an individual employer or any of the entities recognized
under this Chapter.
Sec. 4 (j) (k), RA 7796
Apprenticeship training within employment with compulsory related
theoretical instructions involving a contract between an apprentice and an
employer on an approved apprenticeable occupation.
Apprentice is a person undergoing training for an approved apprenticeable
occupation during an established period assured by an apprenticeship

b) Apprenticeable Occupation
ART 58
An "apprenticeable occupation" means any trade, form of employment or
occupation which requires more than three (3) months of practical training on
the job supplemented by related theoretical instruction.
Sec. 4 (m), RA 7796
Apprenticeable Occupation is an occupation officially endorsed by a
tripartite body and approved for apprenticeship by the Authority;
c) Qualification,
Rule IV, Sec II. Omnibus Rules
SECTION 2. Citizenship requirement. Only Filipino citizens or corporations,
partnerships or entities at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the authorized
and voting capital stock of which is owned and controlled by Filipino citizens
shall be permitted to participate in the recruitment and placement of workers,
locally or overseas.
RA 7610, as amended by RA 7658, Sec. 12


R.A. 7610
Sec. 12.
Employment of Children. - Children below fifteen
(15) years of age shall not be employed except:
When a child works directly under the sole responsibility
of his parents or legal guardian and where only members of the
employer's family are employed: Provided, however, That his
employment neither endangers his life, safety, health and
morals, nor impairs his normal development; Provided, further,
That the parent or legal guardian shall provide the said minor
child with the prescribed primary and/or secondary education;
Where a child's employment or participation in public
entertainment or information through cinema, theater, radio or
television is essential: Provided, The employment contract is
concluded by the child's parents or legal guardian, with the

express agreement of the child concerned, if possible, and the

approval of the Department of Labor and Employment: and
Provided, That the following requirements in all instances are
strictly complied with:
The employer shall ensure the protection, health,
safety, morals and normal development of the child;
The employer shall institute measures to prevent the
child's exploitation or discrimination taking into account the
system and level of remuneration, and the duration and
arrangement of working time; and
The employer shall formulate and implement, subject to
the approval and supervision of competent authorities, a
continuing program for training and skills acquisition of the
In the above exceptional cases where any such child may be
employed, the employer shall first secure, before engaging
such child, a work permit from the Department of Labor and
Employment which shall ensure observance of the child.
The Department of Labor and Employment shall promulgate
rules and regulations necessary for the effective
implementation of this Section."