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PROLOGIS..........................................................I JONAS...................................................DCCLXII
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LEUITICUS.............................................LXXXII ABACUK...........................................DCCLXVIII
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DEUTRONOMIE..........................................CXL AGGEY...............................................DCCLXXII
JOSUE.......................................................CLXIX ZACHARIAS.....................................DCCLXXIII
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I. KYNGIS..................................................CCXII II. MACHABEORUM..........................DCCCVIII
II. KYNGIS................................................CCXLI MATHEU..........................................DCCCXXVI
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ESTER....................................................CDXXIII COLOCENSIS......................................CMLXVII
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SAUTER...................................................CDLVII II. TESSALONYCENSIS.....................CMLXXII
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ECCLESIASTES.....................................DXXXV II. TIMOTHE......................................CMLXXVI
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WISDAM....................................................DXLV FILOMON............................................CMLXXX
ECCLESIASTICI........................................DLVII EBREWS..............................................CMLXXX
ISAYE........................................................DXCIV ACTUS APOSTOLORUM...............CMLXXXIX
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LAMENTACIOUN..............................DCLXXIX I. PETRE......................................................MXX
BARUCH..........................................DCLXXXIV II. PETRE.................................................MXXIII
EZECHIEL........................................DCLXXXIX I. JOON......................................................MXXV
DANIEL...............................................DCCXXXI II. JOON.................................................MXXVIII
OSEE..................................................DCCXLVIII III. JOON...............................................MXXVIII
JOEL.......................................................DCCLIV JUDAS......................................................MXXIX
AMOS....................................................DCCLVII APOCALIPS..............................................MXXX
What hal I peke of men of e world? i e apotle
PROLOGIS. Poul, e veel of eleccoun and e maiter of Gentilis,
e which of concience of o greet a get in hym ilf
Heere bigynni e epytle of aynt Jerom preet pak eiynge, "wheer echen e experyment of hym at
of alle e bokes of Goddis torye. peki in me Crit," after Damak and Arabe
enuyround, ede vp to Jerualem, at he myt e Peter,
Capitulum I. and dwelte wi hym fiftene daies; bi is foroe
Broer Ambroe, to me i litel iftis perfitli berynge, myterie of euene and eit e prechour of Gentilis to
ha brout wi and rit wete lettres, e whiche han comyng was to be enformyd; and eftones aftir fourtene
hewid ofatnes of now proued fei, fro e bigynnyng eer, takun to hym Barnaba and Tyto, expownede wi
of frenhipes, and newe ingis of olde frenhip. Verrei e apotlis e euangeli, let perauenture in veyn he
foroe at frenhip is, and ur e glew of Crit hulde renne, or hadde ronnen. e dede of e quyk vois
cowplid, e which not profit of famylier ing, not ha I not what of hidde inward worchyng, and into e
preens oonli of bodies, not graping and trecherous eris of e diciple fro e mou of e autour e vois
flateryng, but e drede of God and e tudies of Goddis ouerotun trengerli owne. Wherfor and Echyneus,
cripturys ioynen. We han redde in olde tories, um whan he was exylid into Rodi, and was redde ilk
men to han vyrounde prouynces, to han gon to new orioun of Demotens, at aens hym he hadde,
puplis, to han paid e ee, at hem whom ei han wondrynge alle men and preiynge, iynge ei, "what
knowun of bokis, myten een verreli preent. So if ilk beet e hadden herd tellinge his owne wordis!"
Pictagorax to e filoofers of Memphus, o Plato to
Egipte, and to Archite Tarentyne, and ilk brynk of Capitulum III.
Itali, e which um tyme was eid Grete Grece, ful Ne is Y eye, at ere be eny ing in me iche, at
traueilouli ede; at he at in Athenys was a maiter oer ou mytit of me here, or woldit lerne; but
and myti, and whos doctrine e todies of Achademy wheer wi i feruour and tudie of lernyng, alo wi
perfitli owneden, wolde be maad a pilgrym and a outen vs, hulde be proued bi hem ilf; a wit able to be
diciple, more wilnyng oer mennus ingis hamfatli taut and wi outen techer is preiable. Not what ou
to lernen, an his owne vnhamfatli `to prece for. fyndit, but what ou echit, we taken heed. Nehe wax
Aftirward whil he purue fleynge lettres as in al e and lit to formen, he, if e hondis of e crafti man
world, takun of ee eues and old, alo to a ful cruel and of e fourmer ceen, neuereles wi ynne oru
tiraunt pered, led cheytif, boundun, and ral. vertu is al what `euere may be. Poul e apotle at e
Neuerelater for he was a filoofre, he was more an feet of Gamaliel glorie hym ilf to haue lernyd e
his bier. To Tite Lyuy, wellynge wi e mylk welle of lawe of Moyes and e prophetis, at he, armed wi
faire peche, we han red, umme noble men to han pirytual daartis, aftyrward myte eie tritily, "foroe
comen fro e vtmot cotis of Spayne and of Fraune; e armes of our knithode ben not fleihli, but myti
and whom Rome drow not to his it, `o mannus fame oru God to e ditruccoun of holdis, at we be
fulli ledde. at age hadde a myracle vnherd, and to alle detruyinge outis, and al heines reiynge it ilf aens
worldis to ben ofte worhipid, at ei, gon in o greet a e kunnyng of God, and chatyuynge al vndirtondyng
cite, oer ing wold echen wi oute e cite. Apolony, for to obeihe to Crit, and redi to vndiroken al
or at deuynour, `or as e comunte peki, a filoofer, inobeihaunce." To Tymothe taut in holi lettres fro
as Pictagorax diciplis tellen, ede into Peres, paid childhode he wryte, and enorte e tudie of leoun,
Kaukaoun, Albanus, Scitus, and Maegetos, ede ur let he leue of e grace, e which is ouun to hym bi
e mot plenteuows kyngdomes of Inde; and at e end, impoicoun of e pretis hond. To Tite he comaundide,
e brodet flode of Phion paid, come to Bragmanon, among oer vertues of a bihop, whom in hort
at Hiearch ittynge in e golden trone, and drynkynge ermoun he depeyntid, at kunnyng alo he leue not of
of e welle of Tantali, among fewe diciplis techynge of cripturis, "holdynge," he ei, "at ermoun, e which
kynde, of maners, of coure of daies and of terres, he is aftir doctrine trewe ermoun, at he be myti to
myt heren; fro ens bi Elamytas, Babiloyns, Caldeos, myche tyre in holum doctryne, and e wieieris to
Medos, Ayrios, Parthos, Syros, Phenices, Arabes, witonde."
Paletyns, turned aen to Aliawndre, ede to Ethiop,
at he myt e e maitres of e tudies, and e mot Capitulum IIII.
famows borde of `e onne in grauel. at man fonde Holi foroe cherlhed to hym ilf alone profite; and as
ouer al at he mite lerne, and at euermore myche as he edifie of deert of lijf e chirche of Crit,
profitynge, euermore he myt be maad better an hym o myche he noie if to e detruyers he witonde not.
ilf. Vpon is `Philotratus wrote mot fullich in eit Malachie e prophete, he, bi Malachye e Lord, aki
volumes. pretis e lawe; in o myche e offis of e prete is,
akid, to anweren `of e lawe. And in Deutronomy we
Capitulum II. reden, "ake i fadre, and he hal telle ee; i pretis,
and ei hal eie to ee." In e palm foroe e

hundryd and eitetene, "i iutifiyngis were to me "Abraham aw e day of hym, and he was glad."
chauntable in e place of my pilgrimage." And in e Heuenes weren openyd to Ezechiel, e which weren
dicripcioun of e ritwiman, whan Dauid cloid to e ynful puple. "Opene," ei Dauid, "myn
comparyownede hym to a tree of lijf at is in paradie, eien, and I hal biholde e merueilis of i lawe." e
among oer vertues is he brout for, "in e lawe of lawe foroe is piritual, and nede it is openynge, at it
e Lord e wil of hym, and in his lawe he hal enk be vndirtondun, and wi opyn face we biholden e
dai and nyt." Daniel in e ende of e mot holi viioun glorie of God. e book in e Apocalipis is hewid eelid
ei ritwie men to hyne as terrys, and vndirtonders, wi euene eelis, which if ou yue to a man
at is, taut men, as e fermament. ou eet how kunnynge letteres at he rede, he hal anwere ee, I
myche ei ben atwyn, ritwie chirlehede and taut may not, it is foroe eelid. How feel to dai wenen
rytwinee. Oer men to terres, oer men to heuene hem to han knowun letteres, holden e eelid book, and
ben comparioned; al be it at, aftir e trewe of Ebrew mown not openen, but if he vnlowke, at ha e keye
tung, eier may be vndurtondun of lerned men. us of Dauyd, "e which opene and no man cloi, cloi
we reden anentis hem, "ilk foroe at weren taut and no man opene." In e Dedis of e Apotlis e holi
hulen hyne as e hynyng of e firmament, and oo geldyng, he, e holi man, o foro hym nemne holi
at techen many men to rightwines as terres into writ, whan he hulde rede Iaye e prophete, is akid of
perpetuel eternytees." Whi is Poul eid e veel of Philip, "wenet ou, wheer ou vndirtondit ingis
eleccoun? foroe for e veel of e lawe, and of holi at ou redet?" and he anweride, "how may I, but ony
cripture he was e almery. e Faryeus ben tonyed in man had taute me." I at among peke of my ilf, am
e doctryne of e Lord, and wondren in Petre and not holier an is geldyng, ne more tudious, e which
Joon, how ei kunnen e lawe, i lettres ei lerneden from Ethiope, at is, fro e vttermot cootis of e
not. What euer foroe to oer men excerice and ech world, come to e temple, foroke e kyngis halle, and
dai enkynge in e lawe was wont to yuen, at to hem was o greet a louer of Goddis kunnyng and lawe, at
e Holi Got tolde, and after at it is writin, "ei weren in a chare wold reden holy lettres; and it whan he
Goddis taut men," at is, able men to litli be taut of hulde hold e boke, and e wordis of e Lord hulde
God. Twelue eer e Saueour hadde fulfillid, and in e coneyue in his enkyng, wi tunge hulde turne, wi
temple ittynge, akynge of quetiouns of e lawe more lippis hulde peke, vnknewe hym whom in e book
teche, whil he prudentli demaunde. But perauenture unwitynge he worhipide. Philip com and hewide hym
we eyn chirl Petre, and cherl Joon, of whom eier Jheu, e which cloed atte pryue in e lettere. O
myt eyn, "and if I be vnwie in word, neuerelater not meruelous vertu of e doctour! e ame our bileuede e
in kunnyng." Chirl Jon fiher is vntaut; and whens geldyng, is baptiid, feiful and holi, and a maiter is
at vois, Y prey, "In e firt was e word, and e word maad of a diciple; more fonde in e deert welle of e
was anentys God, and God was e word?" Logos in chirche, an in e goldun temple of e ynagoge. es
Grece many ingis ignifie, for whi and word it is, ingis of me hortli ben fulli writun.
and reoun, and noumbre, and cheoun of eech ing, bi
e which alle ingis ben at ben; e whiche echoon we Capitulum VI.
vndurtonden ritli in Crit. Foroe e epitles treytnes uffryd not lenger is to
ben outtrayed, at ow mytet vndertonde ee not
Capitulum V. mown entre in holi criptures wi outen a forgoer and
Thes ingis taute Plato knewe not; es ingis hewynge e tye. I holde my pees of gramariens and
Demoteynes e fayre peker wite not; "I hal lee," he retorikis, filoferis, geometrers, logiians, muiians,
ei, "e widom of wie men, and e prudence of atronomers, atrologerys, fiiians, whos ciens is
prudent men Y hal reprouen." Verreye widom hal pil ynew, or ful profitable, to deedli men, and in re
e fals widom, and al be it at e foli of prechyng be partis it is diuidid, in doctrine, reoun, and ve. I hal
in e cros, neuerelater Poul peki widom among com to e lee craftys, and which not oonly wi tung,
perfit men; widom foroe not of is world, e which but wi honde ben mynytrid; ere tilyers, maouns,
is detruyed, ne of princes of is world; but he peki myes of metallis, and hewers of trees, alo wulle
widom of God in myterie hid, at God bifore graiers and fullers, and oer at forgen dyuere
ordeynede bifore worldis. e widom of God Crit is; purtynauncis to howis, and fowle litle werkis, mowe
"Crit foroe is e vertu of God and e widom of not be, wi outen a techer, at at ei coueyten. Lechis
God." is widom is in myterie hid, and of e which bihoten at at is of lechis, forgers treten forgeable
e title of e nyne alm is bifore notid, "for e hid ingis; e craft oneli of cripturys is e which alle
ingis of e one," in e whiche ben alle e treoures of chalengen to hem paemel. "We writen paemel poyet
widom and of e kunnyng of God hid; and `he at was awes, of taut and of untaut." is craft of cripturys
in myterie hid, is bifore ordeyned bifore e worldis; e olde chaterynge damme, is e dotid olde man, is
`bifore ordeyned foroe and bifore figuryd in lawe and e ofitre ful of wordis, is alle preumen, to-teren,
prophetis. Wherfore and prophetis weren clepid eers, techen or ei lernen. Oer, wi e brow born down,
for ei eien hym, whom oer men eien not. weiynge greet wordis, among ong wymmen

philoofien of holi lettres. Oer lernen of wymmen at God, my Saueour, whom Y my ilf am to e, and myn
is hame at at ei techen men; and wheer is be eien ben to biholden, and noon oere. is is myn hope
litle, wi a maner litnes of wordis, ee and hardynes, put vp into my boum." Y hal com to Jheu of Naue, e
hewen out to oer, at ei vndurtonden not. I holde which beri e figure of e Lord, not oonli in getis,
my pees of lijk to me, e which ou perauenture but alo in name. He pai Jordan, e rewmes of
comen after eculer lettris to holi cripturis, and wi a enemyes turne vpedoun, he deuyde e ere to e
feir ermoun deliten e eeris of e puple, what euere puple ouercomer, and bi alle cytees, villagis, hillis, and
ei eiyn, ei wenen it be e lawe of God, ne ei flodis, rennynge watres, and e ny cootis he
dedeynen to know what e prophetis, what e apotlis dicriuede of e chirche, and of e heuenli Jerualem
feleden; but to her owne cene hapen vncouenable e piritual rewmes. In e book of Juges how feel
witnee, as ou it were greet, and not vicyous maner princes of e puple, o feel figurys ere ben. Ruth
of eiyng, to depraue entenis, and to drawe at er wil Moabites fulfilli e prophecie of Yaie eiynge, "Lord,
holi writ repugnynge. As ou we had not red e bokys ende out e lomb, e lordhiper of ere, fro e toon of
drawun out of Omere, and of Virgile, and not o alo deert to e mownt of e dowter of Syon." Samuel
and Maronem we mowe eyn criten wi outen Crit, hewi e old lawe don awey in Heli deed, and in e
for he wroot, "Now turne aen and e mayden, turnun later of Saul. Foroe in Sadok and Dauid ben
aen Saturnus rewmes, nowe e newe kynrede is ent witneid e acramentis of e new prethod, and of
down fro e heie heuene," and e fadre pekinge to e new empyre. Malachym, at is, e rid and e fere
one, "one, my trenges, my greet power aloon;" and book of Kynges, dicryue e rewme of Juda, and e
after, e wordis of e Sauyour in e cros, "iche ingis rewme of Irael, fro Salomon to Jecony, and fro
he aue hauynge mynde, and ficchid he dwelt." Jeroboam, one of Nabath, vnto Oee, e which was led
Childihe ben es ingis, and like to e pley of into Ayries. If ow biholdit e torye, e wordis ben
childeren pleiynge in e ercle, to teche at ou ymple; if in e lettres ow biholdit e preuey witt, e
knowit not; he, and at I peke wi indignacoun, foli fewnee of e chirche, and e batails of eretikis aens
is at not foroe to knowe at ou knowit not. e chirche, ben told. e twelue prophetis, togidre artid
into e narewnes of o volym, myche oere an owne
Capitulum VII. in e lettre bifore figuren. Oee often nemne Effraym,
It is leueful to e, at `e torie of Geneis `be ful Samary, Joeph, Jezrael, and e fornycary wijf, and e
knowin, in e which of e creature of e world, of e onis of fornycacoun, and e auowtres cloid in e bed
bigynnyng of mankynde, of e deuyioun of e ere, of of e hubond to etten myche tyme wydow, and vndir
e confuioun of tungis and of folkis, and of e mornyng clo of e hubond to abide e comyng
decendyng of e folk of Ebrew vnto Egipt, and vnto e aen to hir. Joel, e one of Phatuel, dicryue e lond
goyng out is writun. Exodus is open wi e ten plagis, of e twelue lynagis watid ur e wort worm, bruk,
wi e ten hetis, wi mytik, and wi Goddis locute, ur rut watynge; and after e outturnyng of
preceptis. Pret is e book of Leuy, in e which alle e raer puple, e Holi Got hed out vpon e
acrifyces, he, and almot alle ilablis, and e clois of eruauntis of God and hond maydenes, at is, vpon an
Aron, and e hole ordre of Leuy, enpiren heuenli hundrid and twenty names of bileuers, and e unne
acramentis. Numeri foroe, wheer ei conteynen not hynynge like a reynbow held oute in e comune etyng
e `myteries of al e hole craft of noumbrarie, and of place of Syon, e whiche hundrid and twenti, fro oon
prophecie of Balaam, and of e two and fourti vnto fyftene, arawe and bi encrees aryynge, maken
maniouns ur wildernes? Deutronomy foroe e oute e noumbre of e fyftene grees, e whiche in e
ecounde lawe, and e prefiguracoun of e lawe of e Sawter ben mytili conteyned. Amos, hepherd and
euangelie, ha he not o ilk ingis, at ben raer, at cherl, and wel knowynge e beries of buhis, may not
neuereles alle ingis ben newe of e olde? Hider to be openyd in fewe wordes. Who foroe worili may
Moyes, `hider to Pentateuchon, at is, e fyue bokis, hew out e re and foure wickidneis of Damak, of
wi e which fyue wordis e apotle glorie hym ilf Gaze, of Tyry, of Ydume, of e ones of Amon, and of
wilne to peke in e chirche. Job, e awmpler of Moab, and, in e euen and eite degre, of Juda and of
pacience, e which wheir not myteries wi his word Irael? is peki to e fatt kien, at ben in e mownt
knytte? In proos he bigynne, in vere he go fore, of Samarie, and witnei e more hows and e lee to
in word a fote, at is, in meke word, he is endid; and fallen. He ee e maker of e locut, and e Lord
he determyne alle e lawes of dialatik, in tondynge vpon e dawbed wal and e adamauntyn,
propoicoun, aumpcoun, confirmacioun, concluioun. and e appel croke drawynge tourmentis to ynful men,
Ech wordis in it ben ful of wittis; and, at I holde my and hunger in e ere, not hunger of bred, ne rit of
pees of oer, e reurreccoun of bodies o profecie, at water, but of heryng of e word of God. Abdias, at is
no man of at, oere more open, or more lyly, myt as myche to eie as e eruaunt of e Lord, ful undre
wryte. "I wote," he ei, "at my forbier lyue, and in aens Edom, and e blodi and erli broer; alo e
e lat dai Y am to arye fro e ere; and eftones I hal euermore enemye of e broer Jacob, he myti wi a
be enuyround wi my fel, and in my flehs Y hal e gootli dart. Jonas, e moot fayre culuer, in his

hipbreche bifore figurynge e paioun of e Lord, loued of e Lord, mendi maneres, techi kynde,
clepi aen e world to penaunce, and, vndir name of ioyne Crit and e chirche, and e wete bryde ong
Nynyue, telli hele to Gentils. Micheas of ingi of e holi brydalis. Heter, in figure of e
Morachym, e wieire of Crit, telli e watyng of a chirche, delyueri e puple fro peril, and, Aman, at is
dowter of a priue ef, and he etti biegyng aens as myche to ey as wyckidnes, lawn, he endi partis
hire, for he mote e cheke bone of e iuge of Irael. of e feet, and a olempne day into e after geten.
Naum, coumfortour of e world, blame e citee of Perlipomynon, at is, e book of e olde intrument,
blodis, and after his turnyng awey peki, "Loo, vpon recapitulatour, word bregger, is uche and o myche,
e hillis e fete of e euangeliynge and tellynge pees." at who o euere wi outen it wole prowdli take to hym
Abacuc, a trong writeler and a harp, tondi vpon his kunnynge of criptures, corne he hym ilf; foroe be
waard, and ficche a weie of grees vpon e trenge, alle names `o rewe, and ioynters of wordis, outlaft
at Crijt in cros he biholde, and eie, "e glorie of tories in e boke of Kyngis ben towched, and
hym coueride heuenes, and of hys preiyng ful is e quetiouns vnnoumbrable of e euaungelye ben maad
ere; his hynyng hal be as lit, and hornes in his open. Edras and Neemy, helper, at is to ey, and
hondis, ere his trenge is hid." Sophonyas, e wayter coumfortour fro e Lord, ben artyd in o volume,
and e knower of e priuetees of e Lord, heri a cry entoren e temple, e walles of e citee maken out,
fro e aat of fihes, and ellynge fro e ecound, and and al at congregacoun of e puple aengoynge into
contricoun fro litle hillis; he telli alo e crie of her cuntre, and e dicripcoun of pretis, of deknes, of
weilynge to e dwellers of Pile; for al e puple of Irael, and of men takun fro heenes to e ryte of
Chanaan helde his pees togidre, and echon ben Jewis, and e deuydid werkis of walles and of toures bi
diparpulid, at weren inlappid wi iluer. Aggeus, inguler meynes, bryngen for oer yng in e rynde,
olempne and glad, e whiche ewe in teres at he repe and in e mergh oer ing wiholden. Seet ow me
in ioy, edifie e temple ditruyed, and ledi in God e for e loue of cripturys rauyhid to haue paid e
fadre pekinge, "it and a litle while and Y hal moue maner of a pitle, and it not haue fillid at I wolde?
to gider heuene and ere, e ee and e drye, and I hal We han herd oonlich, what we mowe know, what
moue al folk, and e deyred hal com to al folk." coueyten, and foroe at we mowe ey, "my oule
Zachary, mynde of his Lord, manyfold in profeie, coueytide to deire i jutyfyyngis in al tyme."
Jheus cloid wi fowle cloes, and e toon of euene Forermore at of Socrates is fulfyllid in vs, "is oonli
eien, and e goldun candiltik wi as feel lanternes as Y knowe at Y knowe not." I hal towche and hortly
eien, and two olyues fro e left yde of e lawmpe he e newe tetament. Mathew, Mark, Luke, and Joon, e
biholdi, and fro e rit ide; at after e reed horis foure hors plowes of e Lord, and e verrey cherubyn,
pecked whi, and catered plowes of fowre horis of at is to ey, plente of kunnyng, oru out al e bodi
Effraym, and e hors of Jerualem, he prophecie e ben ied, parklis hynen out, lites hidir and idir
pore kyng, and preche e kyng ittynge vpon e colt, rennen, han rit feet and treychynge into heie, rigges
one of e he ae ved to ok. Malachi, apertlich and feered, and holden hem to gidre ouer al fleynge, and
in e ende of alle prophetis, of e catyng out of Irael to hem iluen ben ur out pleitid, and as a wheel wi
and e clepyng of Gentilis ei, "Wil is not to me in ynne a wheel ben turned, and gon whidre euer e bree
ow, ei e Lord of ootis, and ift hal I not take of of e Holi Goot hem perfitly ledi. Poul e apotle
oure honde; fro e unne aryyng vnto e goyng down writi to euene chirches; e eit foroe to Ebrewis of
greet is my name in Gentilis, and a clene offryng is umme men out of e noumbre is put. Tymothe he
acrified, and offrid to my name in alle places." Yaie, enfourme, and Tite; Philomon he preie for e
Jeremye, Ezechiel, and Danyel, who may oer eruaunt fugitife, vpon e whiche I wene beter to be
vndirtond or expown? Of whom e firt is not eyn to til, an to few ingis write. e Actes of e Apotlis
me to weuen prophecie, but euangelie. e ecounde foroe nakid torye emen to ownen, and to weuen e
knytti e note erde, and e pot a fier fro e face of e childhood of e waxynge chirche; and for we knowen
nor, and e leparde puylide his colours, and e foure e wryter of hem Luke to ben a phiiian, whos
fold abice in dyuere metres. e rid ha bigynnyngis preyyng is in e euangelie, we taken hede ere wi
and ende wi o feel derkneis enuolued, at, as alle his wordis to ben medecyn of e langwiynge
anentis e Ebrewis, ilk partis wi e bigynnyng of oule. James, Petre, Joon, Jude, euene epitlis maden
Geneis hulde not be rad bifore retti wynter. e fere as wel mitik as redi, and hort togidre, and long; hort
foroe, e which and e late among e foure in wordis, long in entencis, at he be eldom, at not
prophetis, knower of tymes, a louer of tories of al e wexe blynd in e redyng of hem. e Apocalips of
world, feer bifore telli e toon before kit of e hil wi Joon o fele ha acramentis, how fele wordis. Litle Y
outen hondis, and al rewmes ubuertynge, wi a clere haue eid, and for e deert of e volym, al e preyyng
ermoun. Dauid, oure Symphonydes, Pyndarie, and is e lower; in euery wordis manyfold vndertondyngis
Alcheus, Flaccus, and Catullus, and Serenus, preche itten hid. I prey ee, dere broer, among ee ingis to
Crit wi e harp, and in e ten `cordid awtri arere lyuen, ee ingis to enken, noon ore ingis to
vp e arier fro helle. Salomon, e peible and e ful knowun, and no ing ellis to echen. Seme it not to

ee now here in eris a dwellyng place of heuenli e tabernacle of God for a lit porcoun ingis at I
kyngdom? I wole not, at ou be offendid in holi may, ne e richeis of an ore man to be defowlid wi
cripturis ur ymplenes, and as ur foulnes of e porenes of ore. e which ing at I hulde dore
wordis, e whiche, or ur e vice of e vndoers, or of don, me tyryde e tudie of Orygen, e which to olde
verrey purpoe, ben o pokun, at e litloker ei tranlacioun mengide e tranlacoun of Theodocioun,
myten enfourme a churlihe cumpany; and at in oon wi atericho, at is, wi e igne of a `terre, whan he
and e ame entence oer wie e taut, ore wie e maki clere e ingis at weren to litle, and wi obelo,
vntaut myten fele. I am not o lutum and dul, at I at is, wi igne of an arow, whan he any wat ing
hulde bihote es ingis me to know, and e fruytis of ditroie and crapi a wey, al his werk markynge; and
hem to gadere in e ere, whos rotis ben ficchid in moot o ingis e whiche e autoryte of e apotlis
heuene; but I knowelech to wiln, but I profee me to and of e euangelitis openyde; in e which many
enfore, I profer me to e itter; forakynge mayter Y ingis we reden of e olde tetament, e whiche ben
bihote a leder, "to e aker me yue, to e knocker me not had in oure bokis; as is at, "fro Egipt I clepid my
opene, e eker fyndi;" lerne we in eris whos nyng one;" and, "for he hal be clepid Nazare;" and, "men
to vs dwelli in heuene. I hal take ee wi met hondis hal een, in whom ei han pungid;" and, "flodis hal
aens ore, and at I heelde out um what vncouenably flowe of his womb quyk watres;" and, "ingis at
at be of e bolnyng of Ermagore, what euer ou neer eie ei, ne eere herde, ne in to e herte of man
hulde eek wi ee, I hal enfore to kunne. tiede, at God greiid to hem at hym louen;" and
many ore ingis, e whiche deyren propre ordre.
Capitulum VIII. Ake we anne hem, where es ingis ben wrytun; and
Thou hat here e moot louyd broer of ee Euebi, e whanne ei mown not eye, of e bokis of Ebrewe
which dowblid to me e grace of i lettres, tellynge e brynge we fore. e firt witnes is in Oee, e ecounde
honetee of i maners, e dipiyng of e world, e fei in Yaye, e rid in Zacharye, e fere in Prouerbis, e
of frenhip, e loue of Crit; for prudence and fayrnes fifte as wel in Yaye; e whiche many men
of peche alo wi outen hym ilke epitle tolde bifore. vnknowynge folwen e deceyuyngis of cripturys, whos
Hye, Y preye ee, and e corde of e boot dwellynge in autor is vnknowun, and etten bifore, Spanyhe onges
e ee raer kut of, an vnbynd; no man to renoune e vpon deed men, or of norees vpon er children,
world, wel may elle ingis at he ha dipiid for to autentik bokis. e caue of e errour is not myn to
elle. What euer into i cotagis of in ow taket, expown. Jewis eyn, at it is don wi wie counel, let
cownte it for wynnyng; in olde maner it is eid, to an Ptholome herier of o God, alo as anentis e Ebrewis
auerowe man lacki, as wel at at he ha, as at at hulde of take dowble Godhede; e whiche moot
he ha not; to hym at bileue al e world of richeis erfor ei diden, for he was knowen to falle into e
is, foroe, an vnfeiful man, he, nedi an half peny. techyng of Plato. Wherfore wher euere holi wrytt
So lyue we, as no ing hauynge and alle ingis witnei ony holi ing of e Fadre, and e Sone, and
holdynge in poeioun; lyuelod and cloing ben e Holy Goot, or ore wye ei vndiden, or algatis
richeis of criten men. If ow hat in i power i helden er pees, at ei myten do ae to e kyng,
ing, elle; if ow hat not, cat a wey; to hym at taki and at ei opened not e priuete of e bileue. And I
a wey i coote, e mantil is to be laft. And but ow not who, e firt auctour, ur his leyng maad out
euermore makynge aen moru fro moru, and drawynge euenti ellis at Alyawndre, in e whiche ei deuydide
day fro day, leli fote bi fote ow ille i litle e ame ingis hulde wryte; i Areteus, of e ame
poeiouns, ha not Crit wherof his pore men he Ptholome chefe couneylour, and keper of bokis, and
fede? Al he ha yuen to God, at offride hym ilf. e myche tyme aftir Joaphus, not uche inge tolden, but
apotlis oonli foroken e boot and e nettis; e widwe wryten hem, gadrid to gider in o chirche, to han pokin
putte two mytis into e treorye of God, and it is put togider, and not to haue prophecied. It is anoer to be a
bifore e richeis of Crei. Litli he dipii alle prophet, and an oer to ben an vndoer of langage; ere
ingis, e whiche hym ilf euermore enki to be to e piryt ei bifore ingis at ben to comen, here
dien. teching and plente of wordis, ingis at he
vndurtondi tranlate. But perauenture Tullyus is to
Capitulum IX. be wenyd enblowid wi e pirit of retorik, to haue
I haue takun deired epitlis of my man Deiderie, e tranlatid e boke at is eid Economyk of Zenofontes,
which, ur a maner bifore kunnynge of ingis at ben and e boke at is eid e Pictagore of Plato, and e
to com, wi Danyel is fallun e name of hym, boke at is eid Protheifontes of Demotynes; oer e
preiynge, at I hulde take to e erys of ourne e fyue Holi Got wenyde witneis of e ame bokis ore wie
bokis of Moyes tranlatid fro Ebrewe peche into Latyn bi e euenti vndoers of tungis, ore wie bi e apotlis,
tung. Certeyn a perylous werk, open to e berkyngis of at at ei helden er pees, es han liid to ben
backbyters, at eyn me to forgen new ingis for olde writun. What anne? dampne we e olde? nay, but
into e tranglyng of e euenti interpretours, o wit as after e tudies of e raer men, in e hous of e Lord
wyn prouing; i Y ful oft haue witneid me to offre in we traueilen at at we may. ei han undon cripturis

before e coming of Crit; and at at ei witen not, echon hauynge eed after his pecial kynde. And God
ei han pokin wi doutous entence, we after e ai at it were good.
paioun and e reurreccoun of hym not oonli profeie, xiii And maad is euen and moru, e rid day.
but torye wrytun. Ore weys foroe ingis een, oer xiiii God foroe eide, Be er maad lit yuers in e
wie ingis herd ben told; at we beter vndirtonden, firmament of heuene, and deuyde ei dai and nyt; and
beter we tellen. Here an, ou enemye, herkyn, ow be ei into ignes, and tymes, and daies, and eers;
backbiter; I dampe not, I reprehende not e euenti, but xv and litne ei in e firmament of heuene, and litne
trutily I putte bifore e apotlis to alle o; bi e mowe ei e ere; and maad it is o.
of ee to me Crit owne, whom before e prophetis xvi And God made two greet lit yuerys, e more lit
amonge piritual iftis Y rede ett, amonge e which e yuer at it were bifore to e day, and e lee lit yuer
vndoers of tungis holden fulli e lat degre. Wherto art at it were bifore to e nyt, and terres.
ou tourmentid wi enuy? what terit ow vnwie xvii And he putte hem in e firmament of heuene, at
mennus willis aens me? if where Y eme to ee erre in ei hulden yue lit vpon e ere,
e tranlating, ake e Ebrewis, coneil e maytrys of xviii and at ei were bifore to e day and to e nyt,
dyuere citees; at ei han of Crit, i bokis han not. It and hulde deuyde lit and derkneis. And God ai at
is anoer, if e witneis vurped of e apotlis after it wer good.
proueden aen hem eluen, and e Latyn aumplers ben xix And maad is euen and moru, e fere day.
more amendid an Grekis, Grekis an Ebrews. But es xx God alo eide, Watres bryng ei fore e crepynge
aenus e enuyows. Now, ful dere Deidery, I preye kynd of e lyuynge oule, and e fleeinge kynde vpon
ee, for at ou hat maad me to vndergon o greet e er, vndre e firmament of heuene.
werk, and to take e bigynnyng of Geneis, helpe ow xxi And God made of nout greet whallis, and al oule
wi preiers, at I mowe ur e ame pyryt, ur lyuyng and mouable, whom watres brouten for into
which e bokis ben wrytun, tranlaten hem into Latyn er pecial kyndes, and al fleynge ing after his kynd.
ermown. And God ai at it was good;
xxii and bliide to hem, eiynge, Growi, and be e
`Here endi e Prologis.
multiplyed, and fulfilli e watres of e ee, and e
briddis be multiplied vpon e ere.
GENESIS. xxiii And maad is euen and moru, e fyue day.
Here bigynne Geneis. xxiiii God foroe eide, Bryng fore e ere oule
lyuynge in his kynde, iumentis, and crepynge ingis,
Capitulum I. and beetis of e ere, after er pecial kyndis; and o it
is maad.
i In e firte made God of nout heuene and ere.
xxv And God made beetis of e ere aftir er pecial
ii e ere foroe was veyn wi ynne and void, and
kyndes, iumentis, and al e crepynge ing of e ere in
derkneis weren vpon e face of e ee; and e piryt
his kynde. And God ai at it was good;
of God was born vpon e watrys.
xxvi and ei, Make we man to e ymage and oure
iii And God eide, Be maad lit; and maad is lit.
lickenee, and bifore be he to e fihis of e ee, and to
iiii And God aw lit at it was good, and deuydid lit
e volatils of heuene, and to e beetis of e ere, and
fro derkneis;
to al creature, and to al e crepynge ing at moue in
v and clepide lit, day, and derkneis, nyt. And maad
e ere.
is `euen and moru, o day.
xxvii And God made of nout man to e ymage and his
vi eide foroe God, Be maad a firmament in e
lickenes; to e ymage of God he made hym; maal and
myddel of watres, and dyuyde it watres fro watrys.
femaal he made hem of nout.
vii And God made e firmament, and dyuydid watris
xxviii And God bliid to hem, and ei, Growe e, and
at weren vndre e firmament fro es at weren aboue
be e multiplied, and fulfille e e ere, and ogette e
e fermament; and it is maad o.
it, and haue e lordhip to e fihis of e ee, and to e
viii And God clepide e firmament, heuene. And maad
volatilis of heuene, and to alle ingis hauynge oule at
is euen and moru, e ecounde day.
mouen vpon e ere.
ix God foroe eide, Gadrid be watris, e whiche ben
xxix And God eyde, e! Y haue ouun to ow al erbe
vndre heuene, in to o place, and apere e drie; and
brynginge fore eed vpon e ere, and alle trees at
maad it is o.
han in hym ilf eed of er kynde, at ei ben to ow
x And God clepi e drie, ere; and gaderyngis of
vnto mete;
watris he clepide, ees. And God ai at it was good;
xxx and to alle ingis hauynge oule of e ere, and to
xi and ai, Burion e ere grene erbe and makynge
al foule of heuene, and to alle ingis at mouen in e
eed, and appletre makynge fruyt after his kynd, whos
ere, and in e which is oule yuynge lijf, at ei haue
eed ben in hym ilf, vpon e ere; and maad it is o.
for to eet; and maad it is o.
xii And e ere broute fore grene erbe and makynge
eed aftre his kynde, and tree makynge fruyt, and

xxxi AndGod ai alle ingis at he made, and ei names. To Adam foroe was not foundun an helper
weren ful good. And made it is euen and moru, e ixte like hym.
day. xxi anne end ynne e Lord God lep into Adam, and
whanne he was aleep, he toke oon of his ribbis, and
Capitulum II. fulfillide flehs for it.
i Therfor parfite ben heuene and ere, and al e xxii And e Lord God edifiede e rib, e which he toke
anowrnyng of hem. of Adam, into a woman, and broute hir to Adam.
ii And God fulfillide in e euene day his werk at he xxiii And Adam eide, is now boon of my bonys, and
made; and he retide e euene day fro al werk at he flehs of my flehs; is hal be clepid mannus dede, for
hadde fulfillid; he is takun of a man.
iii and he bliide to e euene day, and he halwide it; xxiiii Wherfor a man hal forake his fadre and modre,
for in it he had eyd fro al his werk at God hapide and hal draw to hys wijf, and two hal be in o flehs.
at he hulde make. xxv Eier foroe was nakid, Adam, at is, and his wijf,
iiii es ben e generaciouns of heuene and ere, whan and ei hameden not.
ei ben fourmed, in e day at e Lord God made
heuene and ere, Capitulum III.
v and ech buhe of e feeld or it were growun in e i But and e edder was feller an ony lifers of e ere,
ere, and al erbe of regioun bifore at it buriownde. e e which made e Lord God. e which eide to e
Lord God foroe had not reyned vpon e ere, and woman, Whi comaundide God to ow, at e hulden
was noo man at myte worche e ere; not ete of ech tree of paradis?
vi but a welle acendide fro e ere, watering al e ii To whom anweryde e woman, Of e fruyt of trees
ouermot of e ere. at ben in paradis we eten;
vii e Lord God anne fourmede man of e lyme of e iii of e fruyt foroe of e tree at is in e mydil of
ere, and piride `in to e face of hym an entre of bre paradis, commaundide us God, at we hulden not
of lijf; and maad is man into a oule yuynge lijf. eten, and at we hulden not towche it, let perauenture
viii Foroe e Lord God had plawntid paradie of we dien.
delice fro bigynnyng, in e which he ette man whom iiii Foroe e eddre eide to e woman, ur de e
he had fourmed. hal not die;
ix And e Lord God broute fore of e ere eche tree v God foroe wote, at in what euer day e eten erof,
fayre in it, and wete to ete; alo e tree of lijf in e oure eien hul be openyd, and e hal ben as Goddis,
mydle of paradys, and a tree of kunnyng of good and of knowynge good and yuel.
yuel. vi anne e woman ai at e tree were good, and
x And a flood ede out of e place of delice to watre wete for to ete, and fayre to e eien and delitable in
paradis, e which fro ens is deuydid in foure hedis; e it; and he toke of e fruyt of it, and ete, and aue
xi name of e toon Phion, he is at go abowt al e to hire man, e which ete.
ere of Euilath, where growi gold, vii And e eien of bo ben openyd; and whanne ei
xii and e gold of at ere is bet; and er is foundun knewen hem ilf to be nakid, ei oweden to gidre
bdelyum, and e toon onychynus; leeues of a fige tree, and maden hem brechis.
xiii and name to e ecounde flood Gyon, he is at goe viii And whanne ei herden e voys of e Lord God
abowt al e ere of Ethiope; goynge in paradis at e hynyng after myd dai, Adam
xiiii and name foroe of e rid flood Tigrys, he goe hid hym and his wijf fro e face of e Lord God in e
aens Ayrios; e fere foroe flood, he is Eufrates. myddel of e tree of paradis.
xv anne e Lord God toke man, and putte hym in ix And e Lord God clepide Adam, and eide to hym,
paradis of delice, at he hulde worche and kepe it. Where art ow?
xvi And he commaundide to hym, eiynge, Of ech tree x e which eide, i voys I herde in paradis, and I
of paradis ete; dredde, ere ur at I was nakid, and hidde me.
xvii of e tree foroe of kunnyng of good and of yuel xi To whom eide e Lord, Who foroe hewide ee at
ete ow not; in what euer day oeli ow etit ere of, ow was nakid, but at ow ete of e tree of e which
wi de ow halt die. Y had comaundid ee at ow huldit not ete?
xviii e Lord God foroe eide, It is not good man to be xii And Adam eide, e woman whom ow aue me
alone; make we to hym help like hym. felow, aue to me of e tree, and I ete.
xix Fourmed anne of e moit ere alle ingis of e xiii And e Lord eide to e woman, Whi didt ow at?
ere hauynge oule, and al volatile of heuene, e Lord e which anweryde, e eddre bigilide me, and Y ete.
God broute hem to Adam, at he hulde e what he xiiii And e Lord God eide vnto e erpent, For ow
hulde clepe hem; al ing foroe of oule lyuynge at hat do is, ow halt be curid among alle e oule
Adam clepid, at is e name of it. hauers and beetis of e ere; vpon i breet ow halt
xx And Adam clepide alle ingis hauynge oule, and al gon, and ere ow halt ete alle daies of i lijf;
volatile of heuene, and alle beetis of e ere, bi her

xv enemyte I hal put bitwix ee and e woman, and i ix And e Lord eide to Caym, Where is Abel i
eed and e eed of hire; he hal treed in hede and broer? e which anweryde, I wote neuere; wheer
ow halt apie to hyre heel. am I e keper of my broer?
xvi To e woman foroe God eide, I hal multiply i x And he eide to hym, What hat ow don? e vois of
myees and i conceyuyngis; in orwe ow halt bere, e blood of i broer crie to me fro e ere.
children; and ow halt be vndre power of i man, and xi Now an ow halt be curid vpon e ere, e which
he hal haue lordhip of ee. openyde his mowe, and toke e blood of i broer of
xvii To Adam foroe he eide, For ow hat herd e in honde.
vois of i wijf, and ow hat etun of e tree, of e xii Whanne ow worchit e ere, it hal not iue ee
which I comaundide ee at ow huldit not etun, his fruytis; vagaunt and fer fugitif ow halt be vpon e
curid is e ere in i werk; in traueyls ow halt ete of ere alle e daies of i lijf.
it alle e daies of i lijf; xiii And Caym eide to e Lord, More is my wickidnes
xviii it hal buriown to ee ornes and brembles, and an at I deerue foreuenes;
ow halt ete erbis of e ere; xiiii e! ow catit me out to day fro e face of e ere;
xix in e woot of i chere, `or face, ou halt ete i and fro i face I hal be hid, and I hal be vagaunt and
brede, to e tyme ow turne aen into e ere of e fer fugitif in e ere; al anne at hal fynd me hal le
which ow art take; for powdre ow art, and into me.
powdre ow halt turne. xv And e Lord eide to hym, It hal not be do o, but al
xx And Adam clepide e name of his wijf Eue, ur at at hal le Caym hal euene fold be punyhid. And e
at he was moder of alle ingis lyuynge. Lord ette a igne in Caym, at ech at fonde hym
xxi e Lord God foroe made to Adam and his wijf hulde not le hym.
leer cootis, and cloide hem; xvi And Caym, paid out fro e face of e Lord,
xxii and eide, e! Adam is maad as oon of vs, knowynge dwellide fer fugitif in e ere, at e eet plage of Eden.
good and yuel; now an, let perauenture he putte out xvii Caym foroe knewe his wijf, e which foroe
his hond, and take alo of e tree of lijf, and ete, and coneyuede, and bare Enok; and he bildide a citee, and
lyue euermore. callide e name of it after e name of his one Enok.
xxiii And e Lord God ente hym out of paradis of xviii Foroe Enok gate Yrad, and Yrad gate Manyael,
delyte, at he myte wyrk e ere, of e which he was and Manyael gate Mathuael, and Mathuael gate
takun. Lameth;
xxiiii And he rewe out Adam, and he ette cherubyn xix e which toke two wyues, e name of e toon Ada,
bifore paradis of delite, and a flawmynge werd and and name of `e toer Sella.
pleaunt to e weye of e tree of lijf to be kept. xx And Ada gate Jabel, at was fadre of dwellers in
tentis and of heepherdis;
Capitulum IIII. xxi and e name of his broer Tubal, he was e fadre of
i Adam foroe knewe Eue his wijf, e which yngerys in harp and orgon.
conceyuede, and bare Caym, eiynge, I haue had a man xxii Sella foroe gate Tubalcaym, at was an hamer
bi God. my, and a my into alle werkis of bras and of yrun;
ii And eft oons he bare his broer Abel. Foroe Abel e iter foroe of Tubalcaym, Noema.
was a heepherd of heep, and Caym an ere tilyer. xxiii And Lameth eide to his wijfes Ade and Selle, Here
iii And don it is after many dayes, at Caym hulde e my vois, wifes of Lameth, herken e my word; for I
offre of e fruytis of e ere iftis to e Lord; lowe a man into my wound, and a litle waxen man
iiii Abel foroe offride of e firt gotun of his flok, and into my wannee;
of e fatnes of hem. And e Lord bihelde to Abel and xxiiii veniaunce hal be ouun of Caym euene fold, of
to his iftis; Lameth foroe euenti ies euenfold.
v to Caym foroe and to e iftis of hym he bihelde xxv Foroe it Adam knewe his wijf, and he bare a
not. And Caym was greetli wro, and erwi felle his child, and callide e name of hym Seth, eiynge, God
chere. ette to me anoer eed for Abel, whom Caym lowe.
vi And e Lord eide to hym, Whi art ow wro, and xxvi But and to Seth is borne a one, whom he callide
whi erwi falli i face? Enos; is bigan inwardli to clepe e name of e Lord.
vii halt ow not reeyue wel, if ou wel dot; ellis
foroe euel, anoon in e atis i ynnes hal ben at Capitulum V.
ee? but vndre ee hal be e appetite of hym, and ow i This is e boke of e generacioun of Adam, in e day
halt haue lordhip of hym. in which God made of nout man. To e ymage and
viii And Caym eide to Abel his broer, Go we out. lyknes of God he made hym;
Whanne ei weren in e feeld, aroos ere wi Caym ii male and female he made hem of nout, and he
aens his broer Abel, and lowe him. bliide to hem, and he callide e name of hem Adam,
in e dai in e which ei weren maad of nout.

iii Adam foroe lyuede an hundrid and retti wynter, xxx And Lameth lyuede after at he gat Noe fyue
and he gat a one to e liknes and hys ymage, and hundrid and fyue and nynti eer, and he gat onys and
callide e name of hym Seth. dowtris.
iiii And e daies of Adam ben maad after at he gat xxxi And alle e daies of Lameth ben maad euene
Seth eite hundrid eer, and he gat ones and dowtres. hundryd and euenti and euene eer, and deed he is.
v And al e tyme is maad in e which Adam lyuede xxxii Noe foroe whan he was of fyue hundrid eers, he
nyne hundrid and ritti eer, and deed he is. gat Sem, Cam, and Japheth.
vi Seth foroe lyuede an hundryd and fyue eer, and he
gat Enos. Capitulum VI.
vii And Seth lyuede aftir at he gat Enos eit hundrid i Whan men bigunnen to be multiplied vpon e ere,
wyntir and euene, and he gat ones and dowtres. and hadden brout for dowtris,
viii And alle e daies of Seth ben maad nyne hundrid ii and e ones of God, eynge e dowtris of men at
and twelue eer, and deed he is. ei weren faire, token wyues to hem of alle e whiche
ix Enos foroe lyuede nynti eer, and he gat Caynan; ei choen.
x after whos bire he lyuede eit hundrid and fiftene iii And God eide, My piryt hal not dwel in man wi
eer, and he gat ones and dowtris. outen ende, for flehs he is; and e daies of hym hal
xi And alle e dayes of Enos ben maad of nyne hundrid ben an hundrid and twenti eers.
and fyue eer, and deed he is. iiii Giauntis foroe weren vpon e ere in o daies,
xii Caynan foroe lyuede euenti eer, and he gat aftir foroe at e onys of God weren gon ynne to e
Malalehel. dowtrys of men, and ei goten; es ben myti of e
xiii And Caynan lyuede after at he had gotun world and famows men.
Malalehel eit hundrid and fourty eer, and he gat v God foroe eynge at myche malice of men was in
ones and dowtris. e ere, and al out of e herte was ouun to yuel al
xiiii And alle e dais of Caynan ben maad nyne hundrid tyme,
and ten eer, and deed he is. vi it forout him at he had made man in ere; and
xv Malalehel foroe lyuede fyue and ixti eer, and he `bifore war in tyme to come, and towchid wi orwe of
gat Jared. herte wi ynfor,
xvi And Malalehel lyuede after at he gat Jared eit vii I hal do awey, he ei, man, whom I made of nout,
hundryd and ritti eer, and he gat ones and dowtrys. fro e face of e ere, fro man vnto ingis hauynge
xvii And alle e daies of Malalehel ben maad eit oule, fro crepynge beet vnto fowles of heuen; foroe
hundrid and nynti and fyue eer, and deed he is. it `o enki me to haue maad hem.
xviii And Jared lyuede an hundryd and two and ixti viii Noe foroe founde grace bifore e Lord.
eer, and he gat Enok. ix es ben e generaciouns of Noe. Noe a ritwis man
xix And Jared lyuede after at he gat Enok eit hundrid and a perfit was in his generaciouns; wi God he ede,
eer, and he gat ones and dowtris. x and he gat re ones, Sem, Cham and Japheth.
xx And al e daies of Jared ben maad nyne hundrid eer xi Foroe e ere is corupt before God, and is fulfillid
and two and ixti, and deed he is. wi chrewidnes.
xxi Foroe Enok lyuede fyue and ixti eer, and he gat xii And whanne God had een e ere to be corupt, al
Matuale. foroe flehs had coruptid his weie vpon e ere,
xxii And Enok ede wi God; and Enok lyuede after at xiii he eide to Noe, e ende of al flehs come bifore
he gat Matuale re hundrid eer, and he gat onys and me; e ere is fulfullid wi wickidnes fro e face of
dowtris. hem, and I hal cater hem wi e ere.
xxiii And alle e daies of Enok ben maad re hundrid xiiii Make to ee `an ark of planed trees; litel dwellyng
and fyue and exti eer. places in e ark ow halt make, and wi ynne and wi
xxiiii And he ede wi God, and he aperyde not, for God oute ow halt diten it wi glew.
toke hym. xv And o ow halt make it. e lenge of e ark hal
xxv Foroe Matuale lyuede an hundrid and euen and be of re hundrid cubytis, e brede of fifti cubitis, and
eiti eer, and he gat Lameth. e hit of it of retti cubitis.
xxvi And Matuale lyuede after at he had getun xvi A wyndow in e ark ou halt make, and in o cubite
Lameth euene hundrid and two and eiti wynter, and ow halt ende e hit of it; e dore foroe of e ark
he gat ones and dowtris. ow halt ett aide byneen; owpyng placis, and re
xxvii And alle e daies of Matuale ben maad nyne chaumbred ow halt make in it.
hundrid and ixti and nyne eer, and deed he is. xvii Se! I hal lede to watres of a flood vpon e ere,
xxviii Lameth foroe lyuede an hundryd and two and and I hal lee al flehs in e which piryt of lijf is vndre
eiti eer, and he gat a one; heuene, and alle ingis at ben in e ere, hal be
xxix and he callide e name of hym Noe, eiynge, is watid.
hal coumforte vs fro e werkis and e traueils of oure
hondis in e ere, e whiche werkis e Lord curide.

xviii And I hal ett my couenaunt of pees wi ee, and xv ben gon into Noe into e arke, two and two of al
ow halt gon into e ark, ow and i ones, i wijf, flehs, in e whiche was pirit of lijf.
and e wyfes of i children wi ee. xvi And e whiche ben gon ynne, maal and femaal of
xix And of alle ingis hauynge owle of ony flehs, two all flehs eden ynne, as God had comaundide to hym.
ow halt brynge into e ark, at maal ex and femaal And e Lord encloide hym fro wiout.
lyuen wi ee; xvii And e flood is maad fourti daies and fourti nytis
xx of fowles after er kynde, and of iumentis in er vpon e ere, and e watres ben multiplied, and
kynde, and of alle crepynge beet of e ere after his arereden e arke in hit fro e ere.
kynde; two of alle hulen go ynne wi ee, at ei xviii Greetli ei floweden, and alle ingis ei fulfilliden,
mown lyue. in e ouermot of e ere. Foroe e arke was born
xxi ou halt take anne wi ee of al maner metis at upon e watris.
mown be eten, and ow halt bere wi ee, and ei xix And e watris hadden ful myche maytry vpon e
hulen be boe to ee and to hem into meet. ere, and alle e heie hillis vndre alle heuenes ben
xxii anne Noe dide alle ingis at God comaundide coueryd;
hym. xx fiftene cubitis heier was e watre vpon hillis whiche
it couered.
Capitulum VII. xxi And al flehs is watid at was moued vpon e ere,
i Foroe e Lord eide to hym, Go ow yn and al in of fowlis, of hauynge owles, of beetis, and of alle
hows into e arke, ee foroe I haue een rytwis crepynge ingis at crepen vpon e ere.
bifore me in is generacioun. xxii Alle men, and alle ingis in e whiche is weie of
ii Of alle hauynge owles clene, ow halt take euene bree of lijf in e ere, ben deed.
and euene, maal and femaal; and foroe of vnclene xxiii And God dide awey al e ubtaunce at was vpon
hauynge owle, two and two, maal and femaal; e ere, fro man vnto beet, as wel crepynge as fowlis
iii but of e fowlis of heuene, euene and euene, maal of heuene; and ei ben don a wey fro e ere. Noe
and femaal, at e eed be auyd vpon e face of al foroe dwellyd aloone, and o at weren wi hym in
ere. e arke.
iiii it foroe and aftir euen daies I hal reyn vpon e xxiiii And e watris of e flood al abowt wi hilden e
ere fourti daies and fourti nytis, and I hal do awey al ere an hundryd and fifti dayes.
ubtaunce e which Y made, fro e ouermot of e
ere. Capitulum VIII.
v anne Noe dide all ingis at e Lord comaundide i The Lord foroe recordide of Noe, and of alle
him. hauynge oulis, and of alle iumentis, at weren wi
vi And he was of ixe hundryd eeris, whanne e watris hym in e arke; and he broute to a pirit vpon e ere.
of e flood floweden vpon e ere. ii And e watris ben leid, `and e wellys of e ee and
vii And Noe is gon ynne, and his children, hys wijf, and e goterys of heuene ben cloid, and reynes fro heuene
e wyues of his children wi hym into e arke for e ben forfendid.
watres of e flood. iii And e wateres fro e ere ben turned aen, goynge
viii Of e clene foroe hauynge owlis, and vnclene, and aen goynge; and ei bigunnen to be maad lee
and of e fowlis of heuene, and of alle at mouen vpon after an hundrid and fifty daies.
e ere, iiii And e arke retide e euene mone, e euene
ix two and two ben gon ynne to Noe into e arke, maal and twenti day of e mone, vpon e mowntis of
and femaal, as e Lord comaundide Noe. Armonye.
x And whan e euene daies weren paid, e watris of v And foroe e watres eden and decreeeden vnto
e flood floweden vpon e ere. e tene mone, e tene foroe mone, e firte day
xi e ixt hundrid eer of e lijf of Noe, e ecounde of e mone, aperyden e coppis of e hillis.
mone, e euentene day of e mone, ben broten vi And whan fourti dayes weren paid, Noe, openynge
alle e wellis of e greet ee, and e goteris of heuene e wyndow of his arke e which he made,
ben openyd, vii ente out a crow, e which ede out, and turnede not
xii and reyn is maad vpon e ere fourti daies and aen to e tyme at watris vpon e ere weren dried.
fourti nytis. viii Foroe he ente out a culuer after hym, at he
xiii In e poynt of at day Noe is gon ynne, Sem, and myte e, if now hadden eyd waterys vpon e face of
Cham, and Japheth, his ones, his wijf, and re wyues e ere;
of his onys wi hem, into e arke. ix e which whan he had not foundun where his foot
xiiii ei, and al beet after her kynde, and alle iumentis myte ret, is turned aen to him into e arke, watres
in her kynde, and al at moue vpon e ere in his foroe weren vpon al e ere; and he trawte out his
kynde, and al volatile after his kynde, alle bryddis and honde, and it takun putte into e erke.
alle fowlis, x Foroe forermore oer euene daies abiden, eftones
he lete out of e arke a culuer;

xi and he come to hym at euen, berynge a brawnche of viii es ingis foroe e Lord eide to Noe, and to his
olyue wi grene leeues in hir moue. an Noe onys wi hym,
vndirtode at wateres hadden ceyd vpon ere; ix e! I hal make table my couenaunt wi ou, and wi
xii and he abode neuer e later oer euene daies, and our eed after ou,
he ente out a culuer, e which is no more turned aen x and to alle oule lyuynge at is wi ou, as wel in
to hym. foulis as in iumentis and in beetis of e ere, and in
xiii anne in e ixte hundryd eer and oon of e lijf of alle at ben gon out of e arke, and in alle beetis of e
Noe, e firt mone, e firt day of e mone, ben ere.
leid e waterys vpon ere; and Noe, openynge e roof xi I hal make table my couenaunt wi ou, and no
of his arke, bihelde and aw at `al out dried was e more al fleh hal be layn of e watris of e flood, ne
ouermot of e ere. hal herafter be a flood caterynge al ere.
xiiii e ecounde mone, e euene and twenti day of xii And God eide, is igne of couenaunt of pees Y eue
e mone, e ere is maad drye. bitwix me and ou, and to al oule lyuynge at is wi
xv e Lord foroe pake to Noe, eiynge, ou, in to euerlatinge generaciouns.
xvi Go out of e arke, ow, and i wijf, i children, and xiii Y hal ette my bow in e clowdis, and e igne of
e wyues of i children wi ee; couenant of pees hal be bitwix me and e ere;
xvii and alle hauynge oules at ben wi ee of al flehs, xiiii and whan Y hal ouerhelde e heuen wi clowdis,
boe in volatylis, and in beetis, and in alle crepynge my bow hal apere in e clowdis,
at crepen vpon e ere, lede out wi ee; and go e xv and I hal recorde of my couenaunt of pees at Y
ynne vpon e ere, grow e, and be e multiplied vpon couenantide wi ou, and wi alle oulis lyuynge at
it. quikene fleh; and ere hal be no more watris of
xviii anne Noe ede out, and his children, and his wijf, flood to al fleh to be don a wei.
and e wyues of his children wi hym; xvi And my bow hal be in e clowdes, and I hal e it,
xix but and alle hauynge oules, iumentis, and crepynge and Y hal recorde of e euerlatynge boond of pees,
at crepen vpon e ere, aftir her propre kynde, ben at is couenauntid bitwix God and alle oule lyuynge of
gon out of e arke. al flehs at is vpon e ere.
xx Noe foroe bildide an auter to e Lord, and takinge xvii And God eide to Noe, is hal be tokne of e
of alle clene beetis and fowlis, offryde brent acrifices bonde of pees, at I haue ordeyned bitwix me and al
vpon e auter. flehs vpon ere.
xxi And e Lord mellid a mel of wetnes, and eide to xviii Weren anne e onys of Noe at ben gon out of e
hym, I hal no more cure to e ere for men, e witt arke, Sem, Cam, and Japheth; Cam foroe, he is e
foroe and e out of mannus herte ben redi in to fader of Chanaan.
yuel fro his tyme of waxyng; erfore I hal myte no xix es re ben e ones of Noe, and of es it is out
more ech oule lyuynge as Y haue don; edid al e kynde of men vpon al ere.
xxii alle e daies of e ere, eed and ripe, coold and xx And Noe, a man ere tylyer, bigan to excerie e
hete, omer and wynter, nyt and day, hulen not ret. ere, and he plauntid a vyne,
xxi and drynkynge wyn was drunkun, and nakid he lay
Capitulum IX. in his tabernacle.
i And God bliide to Noe, and to e onys of hym, and xxii e which whan Cham, e fader of Chanaan, had
eide to hem, Growe e, and be e multiplied, and een, at is, e priuey herneis of his fader to be nakid,
fulfilli e ere; he tolde it to his two brieren wi out.
ii and oure feer and oure tremblyng be vpon alle e xxiii And foroe Sem and Japheth putten a mantel
beetis of ere, and vpon alle fowlis of heuene, wi alle vpon her hulderis, and goynge in bacward couereden
at ben moued in ere; alle fihes of e ee ben takun e priuy harneis of her fader, and e faces of hem
to oure honde. weren turned a wey, and e mannus harneys of e
iii And al at is meued and lyue hal be to ow into fader ei awen not.
meet; as green wortis I haue takun to ow alle ingis, xxiiii Noe foroe wakynge of e wyn, whan he had
iiii out takun at flehs wi blood e hulen not ete, lerned e ingis at his onger one dide to hym, ei,
v blood foroe of owre owles I hal requyre of e xxv Curide child Chanaan, ral of alle rallis he hal
honde of alle beetis and of e honde of man, of e be to his brieren.
honde of man and of e broir of hym I hal requyre e xxvi And he eide, Bliid be e Lord God of Sem, be
oule of man. Chanaan his eruaunt;
vi Who o euer hal heed mannus blood, e blood of xxvii God prede abrood Japheth, and dwel he in e
hym hal be hed; to e ymage foroe of God man is tabernaclis of Sem, and Chanaan be e ral of hym.
maad. xxviii Noe foroe lyuede after e flood re hundrid and
vii e foroe growi, and be e multiplied, and go e in fifti wynter;
vpon e ere, and fulfille e it. xxix and alle e daies of hym ben fulfilled of nyne
hundrid and fifti eer, and deed he is.

Capitulum X. xxvi e which Jactan gat Elmodad, and Saleth, and
i Thes ben e generaciouns of e onys of Noe, Sem, Sarmoth, Jare,
xxvii and Adhuram, and Vzal, and Deda,
Cham, and Japheth. And onys ben born to hem after
xxviii and Ebel, and Abumael, Saba
e flood.
xxix and Ophir, and Euila, and Jobab; alle es e onys
ii e ones of Japheth, Gomer, and Magog, and Maday,
and Jauan, and Tubal, and Mooth, and Thiras. of Jactan.
xxx And e abitacioun of hem is maad o Mea, as men
iii e onys foroe of Gomer, Aenes, and Riphath,
and Thogorma. goon vnto Sephar, e et hille.
xxxi es e ones of Sem, after cognaciouns, and tungis,
iiii e ones foroe of Jauan, Helia, and Tais,
Cethym, and Dodanym; and regiouns, in her folkis.
xxxii es e meynes of Noe, aftir puplis and her
v of es ben diuydid yles of Gentils in her
generaciouns, echone aftir e tung and her meynes, in naciouns; of es ben dyuydid e gentilis aftir e flood
her naciouns. in e ere.
vi e ones foroe of Cham, Chus, and Meraym, Futh,
and Chanaan.
Capitulum XI.
vii e ones foroe of Chus, Saba, and Euila, and i Foroe e ere was of oo lip, and of e ame wordis.
Sabatha, and Regma, and Sabatatha. e onys of ii And whan men hulden go fro e et, ei founden a
Regma, Saba and Dadan. feeld in e lond of Sennaer, and ei dwelleden in it.
viii Chus foroe gat Nemeroth; he bigan to be myti in iii And e toer eide to his neibore, Come, and make
e ere, we tile toons, and ee we hem wi fier; and ei
ix and he was a trong hunter bifore e Lord; of at hadden tiles for toons, and tow cley for yment.
ede out a prouerbe, as Nemoroth, a trong hunter iiii And ei eiden, Come, and make we to vs a citee
bifore e Lord. and a towr, whos heit fulli ateyne vnto heuene; and
x e bigynyng foroe of his rewme was Babiloyn, and halow we oure name, or we ben dyuydid into alle
Arach, and Archad, and Thalamne, in e ere of londis.
Sennaar. v e Lord foroe decendide, at he myte e e citee
xi Of at londe was gon out Aur, and he bildide and e towre, e which e children of Adam bildeden;
Nynyuen, and e tretis of e cytee, and Chale, vi and eide, Se! e puple is oon, and oo lippe is to alle,
xii Reen alo bitwix Nynyuen and Chale; is is e greet and is ei han bigunnen to make, ne ei wolen leeue
citee. of fro her enkyngis, to e tyme at ei han fulfillid
xiii And foroe Meraym gat Ludym, and Anamym, hem in dede;
and Laabym, Neptym, vii anne come e, decende we, and confounde we ere
xiiii and Phetuym, and Cheluym; of e which ben gon e tung of hem, at noon here e vois of his neibore.
out Philitiym and Capturym. viii And o e Lord deuydide hem fro at place into alle
xv Chanaan foroe gat Sydonem, his firt gotun, londis; and ei eyden to bilde e citee.
Etheum, ix And erfor was callid e name of it Babel, for ere
xvi and Jebueum, and Amoreum, Gergeeum, was confoundid e lippe of al e ere; and fro ens e
xvii Eueum, and Aratheum, Cyneum, Lord diparpoilide hem vpon e face of alle regiouns.
xviii and Aradium, Samaryten, and Amatheum; and bi x es ben e generaciouns of Sem. Sem was of an
es ben owed out e puplis of Chananes. hundrid eeris whanne he gat Arfaxad, two eer aftre
xix And e termes of Chanaan ben maad to ilk at e flood.
comen fro Sidon Geraran, vnto Gazan, to e tyme at xi And Sem lyuede aftir at he gat Arfaxad fyue
ou come into Sodomam, and Gomorram, and hundrid wynter, and gat onys and dowtres.
Adamam, and Seboin, vnto Lea. xii Foroe Arfaxad lyuede fyue and retty wynter,
xx es ben e onys of Cham, in kynredis, and tungis, xiii and gat Sale; and Arfaxad lyuede aftir at he gat
and generaciouns, and eris, and her folkis. Sale, re hundrid and re eer, and gat onys and
xxi Of Sem foroe ben born e faderes of alle e onys dowtres.
of Heber, e more broer of Japheth. xiiii And Sale lyuede retti eer, and gat Heber;
xxii e onys of Sem; Elam, and Aur, and Arfaxad, and xv and Sale lyuede after at he gat Heber, fowre
Lud, and Aram. hundrid wynter and re, and gat onys and dowtris.
xxiii e onys of Aram; Vs, and Hul, and Gether, and xvi Heber foroe lyuede fowre and retti wynter, and
Mes. gat Phaleth;
xxiiii And foroe Arfaxad gat Sale, of whom is born xvii and Heber lyuede after at he gat Phaleth fowre
Heber. hundrid and ritti wynter, and gat onys and dowtres.
xxv And ere ben born to Heber two onys, name to e xviii Phaleth foroe lyuede ritti wynter, and gat Reu;
toon Phalig, ere ur at in e daies of him e ere is xix and Phaleth lyuede aftir at he had getun Reu two
dyuydid; and e name of his broer Jactan. hundrid and nyne eer, and gat onys and dowtris.

xx Reu foroe lyuede two and retti eer, and gat hauynge Betel fro e wet, and fro e et Hay. And he
Saruch; edefiede ere an auter to e Lord, and inwardli clepide
xxi Reu foroe lyuede aftir at he gat Saruch, two e name of hym.
hundrid and euene eer, and gat onys and dowtres. ix And Abram ede goynge, and ferermore paynge to
xxii Saruch foroe lyued retti eer, and gat Nachor; e wet.
xxiii and Saruch lyuede aftir at he gat Nachor, two x Foroe hungur was maad in e lond; and Abram
hundrid eer, and gat onys and dowtres. decendide into Egipt, at he myte pilgrimage ere;
xxiiii Nochor foroe lyuede nyne and twenti eer, and foroe hungir wex greet in e lond.
gat Thare; xi And whan he was nye at he hulde go into Egipt,
xxv and Nachor lyued after at he gat Thare an hundrid he eide to Saray, his wijf, I knew at a fayr woman
`and nyne ten eer, and gat onys and dowtres. ow art,
xxvi And Thare lyued euenti eer, and gat Abram, and xii and at whan Egipciens hulen e ee, ei ben to
Nachor, and Aran. eyn, e wijf of hym he is, and ei hal lee me, and
xxvii es ben foroe e generaciouns of Thare. Thare ee ei hal reerue.
gat Abram, Nachor, and Aran. Aran foroe gat Loth; xiii Seie anne, I preye ee, at ow art my itre, at it
xxviii and Aran was deed bifore Thare, his fadre, in e be to me wel for ee, and my owle lyue for e grace of
lond of his bire, in Vr of Caldeis. ee.
xxix Abram foroe and Nachor token hem wyues; e xiiii And o whan Abram was gon into Egipt, Egipciens
name of e wijf of Abram, Sarai, and e name of e awen e woman at he was ful fayre;
wijf of Nachor, Melcha, e douter of Aron, fadir of xv and e princis tolden to Pharao, and preyeden hir
Melche and fadir of Jee. anentys hym; and e woman was takun into e hows of
xxx Saray foroe was bareyn, and had no fre children. Pharao.
xxxi And alo Thare toke Abram, his one, and Loth, e xvi Abram foroe ei wel veden for hir; and ere
one of Aran, e one of hys one, and Saray, his onys weren to hym heep, and oxen, and he ais, and
wijf, e wijf of Abraam, his one, and he ledde hem out eruauntis, and meynes, and he ais, and camelis.
fro Vr of Caldeis, at ei myten go into e lond of xvii e Lord foroe courgide Pharao wi moot plagis
Chanaan; and ei comen vnto Aran, and dwelliden and e hows of hym, for Saray, Abrams wijf.
ere. xviii And Pharao clepide Abram, and eide to hym,
xxxii And e daies of Thare ben maad of two hundrid What foroe is is at to me ow hat don? why
and fyue eer, and deed he is in Aran. hewide ow not to me at he was i wijf?
xix for what caue eidit ow hir to be i iter, at to
Capitulum XII. me I hulde take hir into a wijf?
i The Lord foroe eide to Abram, Go out fro i lond, xx Now anne e! i wijf, and take hir and go. And
and fro i kynreden, and fro e hows of i fadir, and Pharao comaundide vpon Abram two men, and ei
com in to e lond at I hal hew to ee; conueyden hym, and e wijf of him, and al at he had.
ii and I hal make ee in to a greet folk of kynde, and I
hal blis to ee, and I hal magnyfie i name, and ow Capitulum XIII.
halt be bliid; i Abram anne acendide fro Egipt, he, and his wijf
iii and I hal blis to oo at blien ee, and I hal cure and al at he had, and Loth wi hym, to e ow
to oo at curen ee; and in ee hal be bliyd alle plaag.
coynages of e ere. ii He was foroe ful riche in poeioun of iluer and of
iiii And o Abraam ede out, as e Lord comaundide to gold.
hym, and Loth ede wi hym. Of euenti and fyue eers iii And he was turnyd aen bi e weye at he come fro
was Abram whan he hulde go fro Aran. e ow in Betel, vnto e place in e which biforhond
v And he toke Saray, his wijf, and Loth, e one of his he had ficchid a tabernacle, bytwix Betel and Hay,
broer, and al e ubtaunce at ei hadden, and e iiii in e place of e auter at he made bifore, and he
lyues at ei maden in Aran; and ei eden out at ei inwardli clepide ere e name of e Lord.
myten gon in to e lond of Chanaan. And whan ei v But and of Loth, e which was wi Abram, weren
weren comen into it, flockis of heep, and droues, and tabernaclis;
vi Abram paide ur e lond vnto e place of Sichim, vi and e lond myte not reeyue hem, at ei
and vnto e noble valeye. Chananeus foroe was dwelliden to giderys; foroe e ubtaunce of hem was
anne in e lond. myche, and ei myten not dwel comounli.
vii e Lord foroe apperyde to Abram, and eide to vii Wherfor and ere was trijf maad bitwix e
hym, I hal yue to i eed is lond. e which bildide hepherdis of e flockis of Abram and of Loth. at
ere an auter to e Lord, e which had apperyd to foroe tyme Chananeus and Fereeus dwelliden in at
hym, and he inwardly callide ere e name of him. lond.
viii And fro ens ouerpaynge to e mownt at was
aens e et of Betel, and traute ere his tabernacle,

viii Seide anne Abram to Loth, I bieche, be ere not viii And e kyng of Sodom, and e kyng of Gomorre,
trijf bitwix ee and me, and bitwix my heepherdis and e kyng of Adame, and e kyng of Soboym, alo
and i heepherdis; brieren foroe we ben. and e kyng of Bale, at is of Segor, eden out, and ei
ix Se! al e lond is bifore ee, I preye, go awey fro me; dreiden aens hem heltrun in e wodi valey,
if ow to e left ide got, Y hal hold e rit ide; if ix at is, aens Chodorlaomor, kyng of Elamytarum,
ow e rit ide cheit, Y hal go to e left. and Thadal, kyng of folk of kynde, and Amraphel, e
x And o Loth, his eyen heued vp, awe al e regioun kyng of Sennaar, and Arioth, e kyng of Ponty; foure
abowt of Jordan, e which al was watered, bifore e kynges aens fyue.
Lord hulde ouerturne Sodom and Gomor, as paradis of x e wodi valei foroe had manye pyttis of gluwy cley;
e Lord, and as Egipt to comers into Segor. and o e kyng of Sodom and of Gomor turneden
xi And Loth ches to hym e regioun abowt Jordan, and backis and fellen ere; and o at laften flowen to e
ede fro e et; and ei ben eier diuydid fro his hil.
broer. xi Foroe ei token al e ubtaunce of Sodom and of
xii Abram dwelte in e londe of Chanaan; and Loth Gomor, and alle ingis at parteyneden to mete, and
foroe abode in e borow townes at weren abowte eden awey;
Jordan, and dwellid in Sodomys. xii alo and Loth, e one of e broer of Abram, e
xiii Men foroe of Sodom weren e wert men, and which dwellid in Sodom, and e ubtaunce of hym.
ynners before e Lord mych. xiii And lo! oon at acapide, toolde to Abram Ebrew,
xiiii And e Lord eide to Abram, aftir at Loth was e which dwellid in valey of Mambre of Amorey,
dyuydyd fro hym, Heue vp in eyen euen ryt, and e broer of Ecol, and broer of Aner; es foroe
fro e place in e which ow art now, to e nor and hadden couenauntid bond of pees wi Abram.
ow, to e et and wet; xiiii e which whanne Abram had herd, `at is, Loth his
xv al e lond at ow biholdit, I hal yue to ee and to broer takun, he noumbride re hundrid ten and eit
i eed, for to euermore. men of his own howhold redi, and he puruede hem
xvi And I hal make i eed as powdir of e ere; if eny vnto Dan.
men myten nowmbre e powdre of e ere, and i xv And, his felows dyuydid, he felle vpon hem in e
eed he hal mow nowmbre. nyt, and he moot hem, and he puruede hem vnto
xvii Arye anne and ouergo e lond in lenge and in Saba, and Phenyem, e which is at e left ide of
brede, for I am to yue it to ee. Damak.
xviii Abram anne, mouynge his tabernacle, com and xvi And he broute aen al e ubtaunce, and Loth his
dwellide biide e valey of Mambre, e which is in broer wi e ubtaunce of hym, and wymmen and
Ebron, and bildide ere an auter to e Lord. puple.
xvii Foroe e kyng of Sodom ede out into e aen-
Capitulum XIIII. goyng of hym, after at he was aen turned fro e
i And it was don in at tyme, at Amraphel, e kyng of lawtir of Chodorlaomor, and of e kyngis at weren
Sennaer, and Aryoth, e kyng of Ponty, and wi hym, in e valey of Sabe, e which is e valey of
Chodorlaomor, e kyng of Elemytarum, and Thadal, e kyng.
kyng of folc of kynd, xviii And foroe Melchiadech, e kyng of Salem,
ii eden into a batail aens Bara, e kyng of Sodom, bryngynge for breed and wyne, foroe he was e
and aens Bera, e kyng of Gomor, and aens pret of e heiet God,
Sennaar, e kyng of Adame, and aens Sebamar, e xix bliide to hym, and eide, Bliid be Abram to e
kyng of Soboym, and aens e kyng of Bale, at is, of heye God, e which maad of nout heuene and ere,
Segor. xx and e heye God be bliid, whom defendynge, e
iii Alle es comen to gidre into e wodi valey, e which enemyes ben takun in in hondis. And he aue hym
now is e ee of alt. dymes of alle ingis.
iiii Foroe twelue eer ei erueden to Chodorlaomor, xxi Foroe e kyng of Sodom eide to Abram, yue me
and e rettene eer ei ede awey fro hym. e owlis; ore ingis take to ee.
v erfor e fourtene eer com Chodorlaomor, and e xxii e which anweride hym, I heeue vp myn hond to
kyngis at weren wi hym, and mytyn Raphaym in e Lord, e heye God, welder of heuene and ere,
Ataroth, Carnaym, and Zuzym wi hem, and Emim in xxiii at fro a reed of e weeft vnto a garter of an hoos
Sabe Chariathaim, I hal not take of alle ingis at ben in, let ow eye,
vi and Chorreos in e hillis Seher, vnto e feeldy placis I haue maad Abram ryche;
of Pharam, at is in wildernes. xxiiii out take es ingis at ong men han etun, and e
vii And ei weren turned aen, and comen vnto e partye of men at camen wi me, Aner, Echol, and
welle of Mephat; it is of Cades. And ei myten al e Mambre; es hulen take ere partyes.
regioun of Amalechitis, and Amorre, e whiche
dwellid in Aaon of Thamar. Capitulum XV.

i So es ingis pat ouer, e word of e Lord was maad i For Saray, e wijf of Abram, had not geet to hym fre
to Abram bi a viioun, eiynge, Abram, wolt ow not children; but hauynge an hand mayden Egipcian, Agar
dreed, I am i defendour, and i meed is ful greet. bi name,
ii And Abram eide, Lord God, what hal ow yue me? ii eyde to hir howbond, Loo! e Lord ha cloid me,
I hal go wiouten fre children, and e one of e at Y may not bere; go into myn hand maydyn, if
proctour of myn hows, is Damak of Elyzar, hal be perauenture at e lete of hir I take children. And
myn eyre. whanne he aentide to hir preiyng,
iii And Abram addide, To me foroe ow hat not iii he toke Agar e Egipcian, hir hand mayden, aftir ten
ouun eed, and, lo! e eruaunt of myn howhold hal eer at ei bigunnen to dwelle in e londe of
be myn eyre. Chanaan, and he aue hir a wijf to hir hubond.
iiii And anoon e word of God was maad to hym, iiii e which ede into hir; and he eynge hir ilf at
eiynge, is hal not be in eire, but he at hal gon out he had coneyued, dipiide hir ladi.
of i womb, hym ow halt make in eire. v And Saray eide to Abram, Vneuenli ow dot aens
v And he ledde hym out, and eide to hym, Biholde me; I haue yuun myn hand mayden into i boum, e
heuene, and noumbre e terrys, if ow mayt. And he which eynge at he ha coneyued, ha me to depit;
eide to hym, So hal be i eed. e Lord deme bitwix me and ee.
vi Abram leuede to God, and it was alowid to hym to vi To whom anwerynge Abram, Lo! he ei, in hand
rytwines. maydyn is in in hond; ve hir as it is leueful. anne
vii And he eide to hym, I e Lord, at out lad ee fro Saray ouertraueilynge hir, he ede into flyt.
Vr of Caldeis, at I hulde yue to ee is lond, and vii And whanne e aungel of e Lord hadde foundun
ow huldit haue it. hir biide e welle of water in wildirnes, e which is in
viii And he eide, Lord God, wherof may I knowe at I e weye of Sur in deert,
am to haue it? viii he eide to hir, Agar, e hand mayden of Saray,
ix And e Lord anweride, Take, he ei, to ee a kow whens comyt ow, and whiir got ow?
of re eer, and a he gehet of re eer, and a weir of ix e which anweride, Fro e face of Saray my ladi I
re eer, and a turtur, and a culuer. flee. And e aungel of e Lord eide to hir, Turne aen
x e which, takynge alle es ingis, dyuydide hem by to i ladi, and be meke vndir e hondis of hir.
e mydil, and putte eiir partis aens hemilf, eier to x And eft, Multipliynge, he ei, I hal multiplie i
ore; e briddis foroe he dyuydide not. eed, and it hal not be nowmbrid for e multitude.
xi And fowlis decendiden vpon e careyns, and Abram xi And herafterward, Loo! he ei, ow hat coneyued,
`droue hem awey. and ow halt bere a one, and ow halt cleep e name
xii And whanne e unne was goon down, feer felle of hym Ymael, erur at e Lord ha herd in
vpon Abram, and greet griynes and derk aaileden affliccioun;
hym. xii is hal be a feers man; e hoond of hym aens alle,
xiii And it was eid to him, Bifore knowynge know ow, and e hoond of alle aens hym; and `forn aens alle
at i eed is to be a pilgrym in e lond not his, and his brieren he hal ficche tabernaclis.
men hulen uget hem to raldom, and men hulen ouer xiii Agar foroe clepide e name of e Lord at pak to
traueile hem fowre hundrid wynter; hir, ow God at aw me; and he eide, Foroe here I
xiiii neeles I hal deme e folk of kynde to whom ei haue een e hyndirmore of ilk at aw me.
ben to erue; and after es ingis ei hulen gon out xiiii erfor he nemnyde at pytte, e pytte of hym
wi a greet ubtaunce. lyuynge and eynge me; ilk is bytwix Cades and
xv ow foroe halt go to i fadres in pees, biried alo Barad.
in god eld. xv And Agar bare to Abram a one, e which clepide e
xvi e fere foroe generacioun ei hulen turne aen name of hym Imael.
hidir, ne it foroe ben not fulfillid e hrewidnes of xvi Of eiti and ixe wynter was Abram, whanne Agar
e Amoreis, vnto e tyme at is now. bare to hym Imael.
xvii anne whan e unne is gon down, ere was maad
a derk clowd, and a furneys mekynge aperyde, and a Capitulum XVII.
lawmpe of fijr, paynge bitwix o dyuyiouns. i After foroe at he bigan to be of nynti and nyne
xviii In at day e Lord couenauntide wi Abram a eer, e Lord aperide to hym, and eide to hym, I God
bond of pees, eiynge, To i eed I hal yue is lond, Almyti; goo bifore me, and be ow perfite;
fro e flood of Egipt vnto e greet flood of Eufraten; ii I hal ett my couenaunt of pees bitwix me and ee;
xix Cyneos, and Cynyeos, and Sephmonios, and I hal multiplye ee ful hugeli.
xx and Etheos, and Pharieos, Raphaim foroe, iii And Abram felle down al redi in to e face.
xxi and Amorreos, and Chananeos, and Gergeeos, and iiii And God eide to hym, I am, and I hal ett my
Gebeeos. couenaunt wi ee, and ow halt be fader of many
folk of kynde;
Capitulum XVI.

v and i name hal no more be clepid Abram, but ow e flehs of e vttermor parti of er erde, anoon in at
halt be clepid Abraham, for I haue ordeyned ee fadir day, as God had comaundid hym.
of many folk of kynde; xxiiii Abraham was of nynti and nyne eer whan he
vi and I hal make ee grow moot hugeli, and I hall circumidide e flehs of e vttermore parti of his erde,
ett ee in folk of kynde, and kyngis hal gon out of xxv and Imael, his one, had fulfillid rittene eer in
ee; tyme of his circumicioun.
vii and I hal table my couenaunt bitwixe me and ee, xxvi And e ame day was Abraham circumidid, and
and bitwix i eed after ee, in i kynredis, wi Ymael his one,
euerlatynge boond of pees, at I be i God, and of i xxvii and alle men of hys hows, as wel fre men as bowt
eed after ee; and aliens, togideris weren circumidid.
viii and I hal yue to ee and to i eed aftyr ee e
loond of i pilgrimage, al e loond of Chanaan, into Capitulum XVIII.
euerlatyng poeioun, and I hal be e God of hem. i The Lord foroe aperyde to hym in e valey of
ix Eftones God eide to Abraham, And ow anne halt Mambre, ittynge in e dore of his tabernacle, in at
kepe my couenaunt, and i eed aftir ee, in her heet of e day.
kinredis. ii And whan he had areride vp e eyen, re men
x is is my couenaunt, at e hulen kepe bitwix me tondynge ny hym aperiden to hym. Whom whan he
and ow, and i eed after ee; ech maal of ow hal be had een, he ranne into e aen comyng of hem fro e
circumcidid, dore of his tabernacle, and he lowtide into e ere,
xi and e hulen circumide e flehs of e ferermore iii and eide, Lord, if I haue foundun grace in in eyen,
parti of oure eerde, at it be in tokne of bond of pees ouerpae ow not i eruaunt,
bitwix me and ow. iiii but I hal bringe to a litil meure of water, and oure
xii A child of eit dayes hal be circumidid in ow, ech fete be wayhid, and rete ow vnder a tree;
maal in oure kinredis, as wel e freman of oure v and I hal ett a morel of breed, and oure herte be
howhold as e bowt man hal be circumidid, and coumfortid; aftyrward e hulen pae fore; and erfor
who o euer were of oure lynage; foroe e boweden down to oure eruant. e whiche
xiii and my couenaunt hal be in oure flehs into eiden, Do as ow hat pokun.
euerlatynge boond of pees. vi Abraham hyede into e tabernacle, to Sara, and eide
xiiii e maal whos flehs of e vttermore parti of his to hir, Hye, and mynge togidre re half buyhelis of
erde were not circumidid, at oule hal be don a wey clene flowre; and make looues bakun vndur ayhen.
fro his puple; for he ha maad my couenaunt wat. vii He foroe ranne to e droue, and toke ens a calf
xv And God eide to Abraham, Saray, i wijf, ou halt moot tendre and bet, and aue a child, e which
not clepe Saray, but Sara; hyede, and eede it;
xvi and I hal blis to hir, and `of hir I hal yue to ee a viii and toke butter, and mylk, and e calf e which he
one, to whom I am to blis, and he hal be into had oun, and ette bifore hem; he foroe tode biide
naciouns, and kyngis of puplis hal grow of hym. hem vndir e tre.
xvii And Abraham fel into his face, and low in his ix And whanne ei hadden etun, ei eiden to hym,
herte, eiynge, Wenyt ow, wheir a one hal be born Where is Sara i wijf? He anweride, Loo! in hir
to a man of an hundrid wynter, and Sara nynti winter tabernacle he is.
hal bere? x To whom he eide, Turnynge aen I hal com to ee
xviii And he eide to e Lord, Wolde God Ymael lyue is tyme, e lijf ledere; and Sara, i wijf, hal haue a
bifore ee. one. e which ing herd, Sara low bihynde e dore of
xix And e Lord eide to Abraham, Sara, i wijf, hal e tabernacle.
bere to ee a one, and ow halt cleep e name of hym xi Foroe ei weren boe oold, and of greet age, and to
Yaac, and I hal ordeyne my couenaunt to hym into Sara fluxis of blood hadden laft to be maad.
euerlatynge boond of pees, and to his eed after hym; xii e which low priueli, eiynge, After at I am bicom
xx and vpon Imael I haue herd ee, loo! I hal blis to oold, and my lord is an olde man, hal I yue byynes to
hym, and I hal encrees, and I hal multiplie hym lut?
greetli; twelue dukis he hal gendre, and I hal make xiii e Lord foroe eide to Abraham, Whi low Sara,
hym into a greet folk of kynde. i wijf, eiynge, wheer I an oold woman am verreily
xxi But my couenaunt I hal maak tonde to Yaac, to bere child?
whom Sara hal bere to ee is tyme in e toer eer. xiiii wheer eny ing is to God hard? Aftir e awe
xxii And whan e ermoun of e peker wi hym was bitwix vs I hal turne aen to ee is ame tyme, e lijf
endid, God tiede vp fro Abraham. leder; and Sara hal haue a one.
xxiii Abraham foroe toke Ymael, his one, and alle e xv Sara denyede, eiynge, I low not, ur drede afeerd.
fre men of his hows, and alle whom he had bowt, alle e Lord foroe, It is not, he eide, o, but ow low.
e malis of alle men of his hows, and he circumidide

xvi anne whanne e men were ryun ens, ei ii and eide, I prey ow, yres, bowi down into e hows
dreiden her eyen aens Sodom; and Abraham ede of oure child, and dwelli ere; wayhi oure fete,
wi, ledynge for hem. and erly e hal go for into oure weye. e whiche
xvii And e Lord eide, Wheer I mow hide fro eiden, Nay, but in e treet we hulen dwel.
Abraham ingis at Y am to do, iii He myche contreynede hem, at ei hulden turne to
xviii i he is to be into a greet folk of kynde and moot hym. And hem goon into his hows, he made a feet,
trong, and alle naciouns of e ere ben to be bliid in eede erf breed, and ei eten.
hym? iiii Foroe bifore at ei hulden go to leggen, men of
xix I woot foroe at he is to comaunde his ones, and e cytee etten abowt his hows, fro child to oold man,
to his hows aftir hym, at ei kepen e wey of e Lord, al e puple to gider;
and at ei do rytwines, and dom, at e Lord brynge v and ei clepeden Loth, and eiden to hym, Where ben
to for Abraham alle ingis at he ha pokun to hym. e men at comen in to ee at nyt? lede hem out
xx And o e Lord eide, e cry of Sodom and Gomor is hidir, at we knowen hem.
multiplied, and e ynne of hem is myche agredgyd; vi Loth gon oute to hem bihynde e rigge, and
xxi I hal go down, and e wheer e cry at is comen to tyndynge to e dore, ei,
me ei han fulfillid in dede, or it is not o at I wyte. vii Wole e not, I preye, my brieren, wole e not is
xxii And ei turneden hem ilf ens, and eden awey to yuel don.
Sodom. Abraham foroe it tode bifore e Lord, viii I haue two doutren, e whiche it knewen not man;
xxiii and neiynge ei, Wheer ow halt lee e ritwis I hal lete hem out to ow, and mys vi hem as it hal
wi e wickyd? like to ow, o at e don no ing of yuel to es men,
xxiiii if ere ben fifti ritwis in e citee, hulen ei for ei ben comun ynne vndur e hadew of my roof.
peryhe to gidere, and halt ow not pare to at place ix And ei eiden, Go aen ider. And eftonys, ow art
for fifti ritwis, if ei hulen be in it? comen in, ei eiden, as a comelyng; wheer at ow
xxv Be it fer fro ee at ow do is ing, and le e deme? ee i ilf anne more an es we hulen
rytwis wi e wickid, and e ritwis be maad as e ouertraueyl. And foors ei maden to Loth moot
wickid; is is not in at demyt al e ere; ow halt hidowly. Now ny it was at ei hulden vp breke e
not do at dom. atis;
xxvi And e Lord eide to hym, If Y hal fynde in x and lo! e men putten to hoonde, and brouten into
Sodom fifti ritwis in e myddil of e cytee, I hal hem Loth, and cloeden e dore.
foryue to al e place for hem. xi And hem at weren wi out ei myten wi
xxvii Abraham anweride and ei, For oons I bigan, I blyndnes, fro e leet vnto e moot; o at e dore ei
hal peke to e Lord my God, whan Y am powder and myten not fynde.
ake; xii And ei eiden to Loth, Hat ow here eny man of
xxviii what if ere weren bi fyue lee an fifti rytwis, in, one in lawe, or ones, or doutres; alle at ben in
halt ow do awey al e cite for fyue and fourty? And lede out of is citee,
he ei, I hal not do awey, if I hal fynde ere fyue and xiii we hulen do awey is place, erur at e cry of
fourti. hem is ful encreid bifore e Lord, e which ende vs
xxix And eftonys he pake to hym, If foroe fourti at we leen hem.
weren foundun ere, what halt ow do? He ei, I hal xiiii And o Loth gon out, pake to his onys in lawe, e
not myte for fourti. whiche weren to take his douteres, and he eide, Rii,
xxx Y bieche ee, he ei, ne indeyne ow, Lord, if I and go out fro is place, for e Lord hal do aweie is
peke; what if ere weren foundun retti? He cite. And he was een to hem as pleiynge to peke.
anweryde, I hal not do, if I hal fynde retti. xv And whanne was morutyde, e aungels
xxxi For onus, he ei, I bigan, I hal peke to my Lord; contreyneden hym, eiynge, Arye, and take i wijf,
what if ere weren foundun twenti? He eyde, I hal not and i two dowtrys, at ow hat, let and ow wi
le for twenti. perihe in e wickidnes of e citee.
xxxii I bieche, he ei, Lord, be ow not wroo, if it xvi And hym denyinge, ei token e honde of hym, and
oons I peke; what if ere be foundun ten? He eide, I e honde of e wijf, and of e two dowtren of hym;
hal not do awey for ten. er ur at e Lord wolde pare to hym.
xxxiii e Lord ede aweie, after at he had ceeid to xvii And ei ledden hym out, and puttiden hym out of
peke to Abraham, and he was turnyd aen into his e cyte. ere ei peken to hym, eiynge, Saue i oule;
place. wole ow not bihold bihynde i bak, and tonde ow
not in al e regioun about, but in e hille make ee af,
Capitulum XIX. let and ow wi perihe.
i And two aungels comen to Sodom at euen, ittynge xviii And Loth to hem eide, My lord, I bieche,
Loth in e atis of e cyte. e whiche, whanne he had xix for i eruaunt ha foundun grace bifore ee, and
een hem, roos, and ede to mete wi hem, and ow hat magnyfied grace and i mercy, at ow hat
honowride bowide into e ere,

don wi me, at ow auedit my oule; I may not in e Capitulum XX.
hil be auyd, let perauenture yuel take me, and die; i Abraham ens gon into e ow londe, dwellide
xx ere is a cite here ny a litle, to which Y may fle,
bitwix Cades and Sur, and he was pilgrym in Gererys;
and I hal be af in it; wheer it is not litel? and my ii and he eide of Sara, his wijf, My ityr he is. anne
oule hal lyue in it. ende Abymalech, e kyng of Gerere, and toke hyr.
xxi And he eide to hym, Lo! in at I haue take i
iii God foroe com to Abymalech bi weuyn in e nit,
preieris, at I ubuerte not e citee for e which ow and eide to hym, Lo! ow halt die, for e wijf at
hat pokun; ow hat takun, for he ha a man.
xxii hye, and be ow maad af ere, for I hal not mow
iiii Abimalech foroe had not towchid hir, and ei,
do eny ing to e tyme at ow be gon yn idir. Lord, wheer an vnkunnynge folk of kynde and a
erfore e name of at citee is clepid Segor. rytwys ow halt lee?
xxiii e unne is gon out vpon e ere, and Loth is gon
v Seide he not to me, my itir he is, and he ei, my
in to Segor. broer he is? In ymplenes of myn herte, and clennes of
xxiiii anne e Lord reynede vpon Sodom and Gomor
myn hondis I dide is.
brentoon and fier, fro e Lord fro heuene, vi And e Lord eide to hym, I knowe at ur
xxv and he ubuertide es citees, and al e regioun
ymplenes of herte ow didit, and erfor Y kepte ee,
about, alle dwellerys of citees, and alle growynge at ow huldit not ynne in me, and I uffryde not at
ingis of e ere. ow huldit towche hyr;
xxvi And e wijf of hym, biholdynge bihynde her, was
vii now anne elde e wijf to hir man, for a prophet he
turned into an ymage of alt. is; and he hal preie for ee, and ow halt lyue; if
xxvii Abraham foroe aryynge eerly, where he tode
oeli ow wolt not eldyn, wite ow at ur dee
biforehond wi e Lord, ow halt die, ow and alle at ben in.
xxviii bihelde Sodom and Gomor, and al e ere of at
viii And anoon of e nyt ryynge, Abimalech clepide
regioun; and aw a multitude of parkis teiynge vp fro alle his eruauntis, and pake alle es wordis in e eeris
e ere, as mook of a furneys. of hem; and alle men dredden hem greetli.
xxix Whan foroe God had ubuertid e citees of at
ix Abymalech foroe clepide alo Abraham, and eide
regioun, he recordide of Abraham, and dylyueride Loth to hym, What hat ow don to vs? what han we ynned
fro e ubuerioun of citees in whiche he had dwellid. in ee, for ow hat brout ynne vpon me and vpon my
xxx And Loth tiede vp fro Segor, and dwellid in e hil,
rewme a greet ynne? ingis at ow huldit not do
and hys two dowtris wi hym, foroe he dredde to ow hat don to vs.
dwel in Segor; and he dwellide in a pelunc, `or a den, x And eftonys akynge ei, What hat ow een at
he and his two dowterys wi hym. at ow huldit don?
xxxi And e more eide vnto e lee, Our fadir is old,
xi Abraham anweryde, I oute wi my ilf, eiynge,
and noon of e men is left in e lond, at myten gon perauenture e drede of God is not in is place, and ei
into vs, after e maner of al londe; hal le me for my wijf;
xxxii come, and make we hym drunkun wi wyne, and
xii ellis foroe and verreili my iter he is, e dowter
lepe we wi hym, at we mown kepe e eed of oure of my fadir, and not e dowter of my modir; and I
fadir. toke her into a wyif;
xxxiii And o ei auen to her fadir to drynk wyne at
xiii and i God led me out fro e hows of my fadir, I
nyt, and e more was gon yn, and lept wi e fadir; eide to hir, is mercy ow halt do wi me in al place
and he felide noer whan e dowter ley down, ne to which we hulen go to; ow halt ey, at i broer Y
whan he aroos. am.
xxxiiii And e toer day e more eide to e lae, Lo!
xiiii anne Abymalech toke heep, and oxen, and
itirday I lept wi my fadir, yue we hym to drynk eruauntis, and handmaydens, and aue to Abraham;
wyne alo is nyt, and ow halt lepe wi hym, at and ildide to hym Sara, his wijf,
we auen e eed of oure fadir. xv and ei, e lond is bifore ow; where euer it hal
xxxv And ei auen alo at nyt to her fadir wyne for to
plee to ee, dwel.
drynk, and e lee gon ynne lept wi hym; and noer xvi And to Sara he eide, Lo! a owynd pens of iluer I
an foroe he felide whan he lay bi hir, or whan he haue ouun to i broer; is hal be to ee into veyl of
aroos. eyen to alle at ben wi ee; and whidir euer ow halt
xxxvi anne coneyueden e two dowtris of Loth of her
gon, haue mynde ee otaken.
fader. xvii Abraham foroe preiynge, God helide Abymalech,
xxxvii And e more bare a one, and clepide e name of
and wijf, and hand maydenes of hym, and beren child;
hym Moab; he is e fadir of Moabytes vnto e day at xviii God foroe had cloid al e womb of e hows of
is now. Abymalech, for Sara, Abrahams wijf.
xxxviii And e lee bare a one, and clepid e name of
hym Amon, at is, e one of my puple; he is e fadir Capitulum XXI.
of Amonytes it to is day.

i God foroe viitide Sara, as he had bihit, and xxiii anne were by God at ow noye not to me, ne to
fulfillide at at he pak. myn aftir comers, and to my lynage; but after e mercy
ii And he coneyuede, and bare a one in hir elde, in e at I haue do to ee, do ow to me, and to e loond in
tyme at God bifore eide to hir. which ow hat dwellid comelyng.
iii And Abraham clepide e name of his one, whom gat xxiiii And Abraham eide, I hal were.
to hym Sara, Yaac. xxv And he blamyde Abymalech for e pit of water, e
iiii And he circumidide hym e eite day, as God had which ur force token a wey e eruauntis of hym.
comaundid hym, xxvi And Abymalec anwerid, I wite not who dide is
v whan he was of an hundrid wynter; is foroe age of ing, but and ow hewedit not to me, and I herde not
e fadir Yaac was born. forto to day.
vi And Sara eide, e Lord ha lawyng maad to me, xxvii And o Abraham toke heep, and oxen, and aue to
and who o euer hal here hal wi lawe to me. Abymalech, and boe ei myten a boond of pees.
vii And eft he ei, Who to heren hulde leue Abraham, xxviii And Abrahame ordeynede euene he lambis of e
at Sara hulde yue a child to owk, whom he bare to flok ayde.
hym now oold? xxix To whom ayde Abymalech, What to hem wilne es
viii anne e child growide and was don awey fro euen he lambis, e which ow hat maad toond
owkyng; and Abraham made a greet feet, in e day of ayde?
e wanyng of hym. xxx And he, Seuen, he ei, he lambis ow halt take of
ix And whan Sara had een e one of Agar Egipcian myn honde, at ei be into witnes to me, for I deluyde
pleiynge wi Yaac, hir one, is pit.
x he eide to Abraham, row out is hand mayden, and xxxi erfore is place was clepid Berabee, for ere
e one of hir; e one of e hand mayden hal not be eiir wore,
eyre wi my one Yaac. xxxii and eden in couenaunt of pees for e pitt of oe.
xi Hard toke at Abraham for his one; Abymalech foroe aroos, and Phicol, e prince of his
xii to whom God eide, Sharp be it not een to ee vpon chyualrye, and turneden aen into e loond of
e child, and vpon i hand mayden; alle ingis at Paletynes.
Sara hal eye to ee, here e voys of hir, for in Yaac xxxiii Abraham foroe plauntide a wode in Berabee,
hal be clepid eed to ee; and inwardli clepide ere e name of euerlatynge
xiii but and e one of e handmaydyn I hal make into God;
a greet folk of kynde, for i eed he is. xxxiiii and was a tilier of e ere of Paletynes many
xiiii And o Abraham aroos erly, and takynge breed, and dayes.
a botel of water, leide to e huldur of hym, and bitoke
e childe, and lefte hir; e which, whanne he `was gon Capitulum XXII.
awey, erride in e wildirnes of Berabee. i Aftyr at es ingis weren doon, God temptide
xv And whan e water in e botel was doon, he rewe Abraham, and eide to hym, Abraham! Abraham! He
awey e child vndir a tree, anweride, I am ny.
xvi at ere was, and ede a wey, and he et forn aens ii He eide to hym, Tak in oonli gotun one, whom
`a fer, as myche as a bow may cat; he eide foroe, I ow louet, Yaac, and go into e loond of viioun, and
hal not e dyinge e child, and ittynge aens, heuede ere offre hym into acrifice al brent, vpon oon of e
vp hir voys, and wepte. hillis whiche I hal hewe to ee.
xvii And e Lord herde e vois of e child, and e iii anne Abraham on e nyt wi ryynge, dite his
aungel of e Lord clepide Agar fro heuene, eiynge, ae, ledynge wi hym two ong men, and Yaac his
Agar, what dot ow? wole ow not drede; God foroe one; and whanne he had hewid his wode into brent
ha herd e vois of e child, fro e place in which he acrifice, he ede to e place which comaundide hym
is. God.
xviii Arye, and take e child, and holde e honde of iiii And e rid day, e eyen heued vp, he awe a place
hym; for into a greet folk I hal make hym. `a feer;
xix And God openede e eyen of hir, e whiche eynge v and eide to his children, Abydi here wi e ae, I
e pit of water, ede, and fillide e botel, and aue e and e child vnto idir goynge, aftir at we han
child to drynk; onowryd, we hulen com aen to ow.
xx and was wi hym, e whiche wex, and dwellid in vi And he toke e wode of e acrifice, and putte vpon
wildyrnes, and he was maad a ong heter, Yaac, his one; he foroe bare in his hondis fier, and
xxi and dwellid in e deert of Pharan; and his modir a werd. And whanne ei two eden to gideris,
toke to hym a wijf of e lond of Egipt. vii eide Yaac to his fadir, My fadir! And he anweride,
xxii e ame tyme eide Abymalech, and Phicol, e What wilt ow, one? Lo! he ei, fier and wode, where
prince of his oot, to Abraham, God is wi ee in alle is e acrifice of at at hal be brent?
ingis at ow dot; viii Abraham eide, God hal puruey to hym, my one,
e acrifice of at at hal be brent.

ix anne ei eden togider, and comen to e place vii And Abraham aroos, and lowtide e puple of e
whom God hewide to hym, in e which he bildide an ere, e ones, at is, of Heth.
auter, and aboue made e wode; and whan he had viii And he eide to hem, If it plee to oure oule at I
boundun Yaac, his one, he putte hym in e auter, byrye my deed, here e me, and preye e for me anentis
vpon e heep of wode. Ephron, e one of Seor,
x And he trawte his honde, and toke e werd, at he ix at he yue to me e dowble pelunk, `or caue, at he
myt offre his one. ha in e vttermore party of his feeld; for e wor of
xi And loo! e aungel of e Lord fro heuene cryede, money take he it to me bifore ow into poeioun of a
eiynge, Abraham! Abraham! e whiche anweride, I epulcre.
am ny. x Ephron foroe dwellid in e myddil of e ones of
xii And he eide to hym, Strecche ow not in hond out Heth. And Ephron anweryde to Abraham, alle men
vpon e child, and do not eny ing to hym; now I haue herynge e which ede into e aat of e cite of hym,
knowun at ow dredit God, and ow hat not parid eiynge,
to in one goten one for me. xi My lord, o hal it not be, but ow more herkyn at I
xiii Abraham heuede vp his eyen, and awe bihynd his peke; e feeld I take to ee, and e pelunk at is in
bak a weer amonge ornes, tyed bi e hornes, whom yt, preent e onys of my puple; birye i deed.
takynge to offryd brent acrifice for e one. xii Abraham lowtide bifore e Lord, and e puple of e
xiiii And he clepide e name of e place, e Lord ee; loond,
wherfor it is day it is eid, In e hil e Lord hal e. xiii and pake to Ephron, tondynge aboute e folk of
xv And e aungel of e Lord clepide Abraham eftonys hym, I bieche, at ow here me; I hal yue money for
fro heuene, e feeld, take it, and o Y hal birye my deed in e
xvi eiynge, Bi my ylf I wore, ei e Lord, for ow feeld.
hat do is ing, and ow hat not parid to in oon xiiii And Ephron anweryde,
gotun one for me, xv My lord, here me, e ere at ow akit is wor
xvii I hal blis to ee, and I hal multiply i eed as foure hundryd icles of iluer, is is e pryis bitwix me
terris of heuene, and as grauel at is in e brenk of e and ee, but what is at? birye i deed.
ee; i eed hal weeld e atis of his enemyes; xvi e which whanne Abraham had herd, he peyide e
xviii and al folk of e ere hal be bleid in i eed, for money at Ephron had akyd, herynge e onys of
ow hat obeihid to my vois. Heth, foure hundrid iclys of iluer, and of preued
xix And Abraham turnyde aen to his children, and comune money.
ede to Berabee togider, and he dwellide ere. xvii And e feeld umtyme of Ephron, in e which was
xx And o es ingis don, it was told to Abraham, at e dowble pelunk, biholdynge to Mambre, as wel it as
Melcha foroe had getun ones to Nachor, his broer; e pelunk and alle e trees of it, in alle e termes of it
xxi Hus, e fyrt getun, and Buz, e broir of hym, and bi enuyroun,
Chamuel, e fadir of Sirus, xviii is confermyd to Abraham into poeioun, eynge
xxii and Caed, and Azan, and Pheldas, and Jedlaphat, e ones of Heth and alle at entreden e ate of e cite
and Batuel, of hym.
xxiii of whom Rabecca was born; es eit gat Melcha to xix And o Abraham byriede his wijf Sara in e dowble
Nachor, e broer of Abraham. pelunk of e feeld, e which bihelde Mambre; at is
xxiiii e ecundarie wijf foroe of hym, Roma bi name, Ebron in e londe of Chanaan.
bare Thabee, and Gaon, and Thaas, and Maacha. xx And e feeld is confermed, and e pit at was in it,
to Abraham, into poeyoun of a monument, of e
Capitulum XXIII. ones of Heth.
i And Sara lyuyde an hundrid and euen and twenti
eer, Capitulum XXIIII.
ii and he was deed in e citee of Arbee, at is Ebron, in i Foroe Abraham was oold, and of manye daies, and
e loond of Chanaan; and Abraham cam, at he myte e Lord in alle ingis had bliid to hym.
weyl and wepe hir. ii And he eide to e elder eruaunt of his hows, at was
iii And whanne he was ryun fro e office of e deed bifore in rulyng to alle ingis at he had, Put in
cors, he pake to e onys of Heth, eiynge, hoond vndir myn hip,
iiii A comelyng and a pilgrime I am anentis ow; yue iii at I adiure ee bi e Lord God of heuene and of
e to me ryt of a biryyng place wi ow, at I mow ere, at ow take not wijf to my one of e dowtris of
biry ynne my deed. Chananeys, among e whiche I duelle;
v And e ones of Heth anweriden, eiynge, iiii but go to e loond and to my cognacioun, and fro
vi Lord, here vs; e prince of God ow art anentis vs; ens take a wijf to my one Yaac.
in oure choun berielis birye i deed, and no man hal v e eruaunt anweride, If e womman wole not com
mow wern ee, but in e monument of hym ow byrye wi me into is loond, wheer I hal lede aen i one
i deed. to e place, of e which ow were goon out?

vi Abraham eide, Be war, let ony tyme ow lede aen xxv And he addide, eiynge, Of chaf foroe and of hey
ider my one; myche ere is at vs, and a large place to dwelle.
vii e Lord God of heuene at toke me fro e hows of xxvi e man bowide hym ilf, and onouryde e Lord,
my fadir, and fro e loond of my bir, e which ha eiynge,
pokun to me, and wore, eiynge, To i eed I hal yue xxvii Bliid be e Lord God of my lord Abraham, e
is loond, he hal end his aungel bifore ee, and fro which ha not takun awey mercy and his oefatnes
ens ow halt taak a wijf to my one; fro my lord, and in rit wei ha fulli lad me into e
viii and if e woman wole not folow ee, ow halt not hows of e broir of my lord.
`be holden to e o; neuerelater my one ne lede ow xxviii And o e damyel rennede, and tolde in e hows
aen idir. of hir modir alle ingis at he hadde herd.
ix anne e eruaunt putte his hoond vndir e hip of xxix Rabecca foroe hadde a broir, Laban bi name, e
Abraham, his lord, and wore to hym vpon is word. which hiynge ede out to e man, where he was wi
x And he tok ten camelis of e flok of his lord, and outen.
ede, berynge wi hym of alle e goodis of hym; and xxx And whan he had een e eer ryngis and e arm
goon he ede to Meopotany, to e citee of Nachor. erclis in e hondis of his iter, and he hadde herd alle
xi And whan he had maad e camelis reten out of e e wordis of hir tellynge, es ingis e man pak to
wallid town, biydis a pit of watre, at euen, at tyme me, he com to e man, at tode biidis e camelis, and
at womman ben wont to goon out to draw water, ny e welle of water,
eide, xxxi and eide to hym, Go ynne, ow bliid of e Lord;
xii Lord God of my lord Abraham, Y preye, to day aen- whi tondit ow wi oute? Y haue greiid e hows,
com to me, and do mercy wi my lord Abraham. and e place to i camelis.
xiii Loo! I toond ny e welle of water, and e dowtres xxxii And he ladde hym into e hows of herbergrye, and
of e dwellers of is citee hal goon out to draw watyr; unadelynge dichargide e camelis, and aue to hem
xiiii anne e mayden child, to whom I hal eye, chaf, and hey, and water for e camelis fete to be
Bouwe down i water pot at I drynke, and he hal wayhun, and mennys whiche comen wi hym.
anwere, Drynke, but and to i camels I hal yue xxxiii And ere was ett brede in his it, e which ei,
drynk, he is whom ow hat bifore ordeyned to i Y hal not eet, to e tyme Y peke my wordis. He
eruaunt Yaac; and bi is I hal vndurtond at ow anweride to hym, Spek.
halt do mercy wi my lord Abraham. xxxiiii And he, e eruaunt, he ei, Y am of Abraham,
xv Ne it fully wi ynne hym ilf he had fulfillid e xxxv and e Lord ha bliid to my lord ful myche, and
wordis, and loo! Rabecca ede out, e dowter of he is magnyfied; and he ha ouun to hym heep, and
Batuel, one of Melche, wijf of Nachor, broer of oxen, iluer, and gold, eruauntis, and hand maydens,
Abraham, hauynge a water pot in hir hulder; camelis, and ais.
xvi a ful embly damyel, and moot fayr mayden, and xxxvi And Sara, e wijf of my lord, ha born a one to
vnknowun to man. She decendide foroe to e welle, my lord in his eeld, and he ha yuun to hym al at he
and had fulfild hir water pot, and was turned aen. had.
xvii And e eruaunt ede aens hir, and eide, yue to xxxvii And my lord ha adiurid me, eiynge, ow halt
me a litle of water to drynk of i water pot. not take to my one a wijf of e dowtres of Chananeis,
xviii e which anweride, Drynk, my lord. And anoon in whos loond Y dwel,
he putte down e water pot vpon hir arm, and aue xxxviii but ow halt go to e hows of my fadir, and of
drynk to hym. my cognacyoun ow halt take a wijf to my one.
xix And whanne he had drunkun, he addide to, But xxxix I foroe anweride to my lord, What if e
and to i camelis I hal draw water, to e tyme ei han womman wole not go wi me?
drunkun. xl e Lord, he ei, in whos it Y goo, hal ende his
xx And he, heldynge out e water pot into e water aungel wi ee, and hal make redi i weye; and ow
trowis, and rennede aen to e pit, for to draw water, halt take a wijf to my one of my kynredun, and of e
and drawun he aue to alle e camelis. hows of my fadir.
xxi He foroe biheelde her tilli, wilnyng to wite xli ow halt be ynnocent fro my cure, whan ow halt
wheer e Lord had maad his weye welom, or noon. com to my ny kyn, and ei yue not to ee.
xxii anne after at e camelis hadden drunkun, e xlii I com anne to day to e welle of water, and eyde,
man broute for goldun eer ryngis, peiynge two e Lord God of my lord Abraham, if ow hat maad
icles, and as feel arm erclis, peiys of ten iclys. redy my weye, in e which now Y go,
xxiii And he eide to hir, Whos dowter art ow? hewe xliii loo! I tonde byides e welle of e water, and e
ow to me, is ere in e hows of i fadir place to maydyn at hal goon out to draw watre here of me,
dwelle? yue to me a lytil of water to drynke of i watre pot,
xxiiii e which anweryde, e dowter of Batuel Y am, xliiii and he eye to me, And ow drynke, and Y hal
one of Nachor, whom Melcha bar to hym. draw water to i camelis, he is e womman at e
Lord ha maad redi to e one of my lord.

xlv While es ingis Y turnede tilly wi my ilf, lxiiii And Rebecca, Yaac biholdyd, decendide of e
Rebecca aperide, comynge wi e water pot at he camel,
bare in hir huldir; and he decendide to e welle, and lxv and ei to e child, Who is is man at come bi
drowe water. And Y eide to hir, yf to me a litil to e feeld in aen comyng to vs? And he eide to hir, He
drynk; is my lord. And he anoon, takynge a mantel, coueride
xlvi e which hiynge dide down hir water pot fro hir hir.
hulder, and eide to me, And ow drynk, and to i lxvi And e eruaunt alle ingis at he had doon tolde
camelis Y hal yue drink; and I drank, and he to his lord Yaac;
wateryde e camelis. lxvii e which led hir wi ynne into e tabernacle of
xlvii And I akide hir, and eide, Whos dowter art ow? Sara, his modir, and toke hir to wijf; and in o mych he
e which anweryde, e dowter of Batuel Y am, one louede hir, at e orowe at of e de of e moder
of Nachor, whom bare to hym Melcha. And o I felle it wagid.
hengide eer ryngis to honoure e face of hir, and arm
erclis I putte in e hondis of hir, Capitulum XXV.
xlviii and bowid I honowride e Lord, bliynge to e i Abraham foroe toke anoer wijf, Cethura by name,
Lord God of my lord Abraham, e which ha ful lad ii e which bare to hym Zamram, and Jexam, and
me e ryt weye, at I hulde take e dowter of e Madan, and Madian, and Jeboth, and Sue.
broer `of my lord to e one of hym. iii And Jexam gat Saba, and Dadan. e ones of Dadan
xlix Wherfor if e doon mercy and oenes wi my lord, weren Aurym, and Latuim, Laomym.
hewi to me; if foroe oer ing plei, and at eie iiii And foroe of Madian was prongun Epha, and
ee, at Y go to e ryt or to e left. Epher, and Enoch, and Abida, and Eldaa; alle es e
l Laban and Batuel anweryden, Fro e Lord e word is onys of Cethure.
goon out; we mown not out of e pleyng of hym ony v And Abraham aue alle at he had to Yaac;
ing oir peke wi ee. vi to e onys foroe of e ecoundarye wyues he aue
li Loo! Rebecca is bifore ee; taak hir, and go, and be iftis; and he eueryde hem fro Yaac, his one, it
he e wijf of e one of i lord, as e Lord ha while he lyuede, to e et plage.
pokun. vii And e dayes of e lijf of Abraham weren an
lii e which whan e child of Abraham hadde herd, hundryd and euenti and fyue eir;
fallynge down in e ere honowrede e Lord. viii and failynge he was deed in a good elde, and of
liii And veelys of iluer, and of gold, and clois brout greet age, and ful of dayes, and he was gaderyd to his
for, aue hem to Rebecca for ifte, and to e brieren puple.
of hir and to e modir he offride iftis. ix And Yaac and Ymael, his onys, biryeden hym in
liiii And e feet bigun, ei etynge to gideris and e dowble pelunk, e which is et in e feeld of
drynkynge dwelliden ere. e child foroe ryynge Ephron, one of Seor Ethei, forn aens Mambre,
eerly, pak, Lat me, at Y go to my lord. x at he boute of e ones of Heth; ere he was byried
lv e brieren of hir and e modir anweryden, e and Sara his wijf.
mayde child at e leet dwelle ten dayes anentis vs, and xi And after e obite of hym God bliide to Yaac, his
aftirward che hal go. one, which dwellid biidis e pit of hym liuynge and
lvi Wiln e not, he ei, me aen-holde, for e Lord ha eiynge bi name.
maad redi my weie; late e me, at Y go to my lord. xii es ben e generaciouns of Ymael, e one of
lvii And ei eiden, Clepe we e maydyn child, and ake Abrahe, whom bare to hym Agar e Egipcian, e
we e wil of hir. eruaunt of Sare;
lviii And whan he clepid was comun, ei akiden, Wolt xiii and es e names of e ones of hym, in names and
ow wi is man go? She eide, I hal go. in his generaciouns. e firt gotun of Ymael,
lix anne ei leten hir, and Delbora, hir noryhe, and e Nabaioth, anne after Sedar, and Abdaeel, and Maban,
eruaunt of Abraham, and e wifolweris of hyr, xiiii and Mama, and Duma, and Maa,
lx inwardli preyinge weelom ingis of her ityr, and xv and Adad, and Thema, and Ychur, and Naphir, and
eiynge, Oure itir ou art, growe ow into owand Cedma.
owandis, and welden i eed e atis of in enemyes. xvi es ben e ones of Ymael, and es e names, bi
lxi anne Rebecca and e damyels of hir, e camelis catelis and towns of hem, e twelue princis of his
teied vp, foleweden e man, e which hyinge turnede lynages.
aen to his lord. xvii And e eers of e lijf of Ymael ben maad an
lxii at tyme Yaac ede bi e weye at ledi to e pit, hundrid and euene and ritti, and faylynge died, and
whos name is of hym lyuynge and eiynge; foroe he was put to his puple.
dwellide in e ow loond. xviii He dwellid foroe fro Euila to Sur, which biholdi
lxiii And he was goon out to bienk in e feeld, e day Egipt hem comyng ynne to e Ayryes; bifore alle his
now goon doun; and whan he had houun vp e eyen, brieren he died.
he aw camelis comynge afer.

xix And es ben e generaciouns of Yaac, e one of iiii And Y hal multiplie i eed as terrys of heuen, and
Abraham. Abraham gat Yaac, Y hal yue to in aftir comers alle es regiouns, and
xx e which, whan he was of fourti eer, took a wijf, alle folkis of e ere hulen be bliid in i eed,
Rebecca, e dowter of Batuel, of Syre of Meopotany, v erur at Abraham obeihid to my voys, and wolde
e iter of Laban. kepe myn heetis and maundementis, and wolde holde
xxi And Yaac preyede e Lord for his wijf, er ur at my eremonyes and lawis.
he was bareyn; e which herde hym, and aue vi And o Yaac dwelte in Gerarys.
conceyuyng to Rebecca. vii Which, whan he was akid of e men of ilk place
xxii But e litil children in e womb of hir weren vpon his wijf, anweride, My iter he is; foroe he
hurtlid to gidere; e which eide, If us it was to com dredde to knowlechen at he was to hym felowhipte
to me, what nede was to coneyue? And he ede to ur mariage, letyng let perauenture ei hulden lee
couneil e Lord, hym for e fairnes of hir.
xxiii e which anwerynge, ei, Two folk ben in i viii And whan many dayes weren paid, and ere
wombe, and two puplis of i wombe hulen be dyuydid, dwellyd, e kyng Abymalech of Paletynes biholdynge
and a puple a puple hal ouercom, and e moor hal ur a wyndow, aw hym pleiynge wi Rebecca, his
erue to e lee. wiyf.
xxiiii Now tyme of beryng was comen, and loo! ix And hym clepid ei, It is clere at he is i wijf; whi
twynlingis in e wombe of hir weren foundun. hat ow lyed hir to be i itir? He anweryd, I dredde,
xxv He at firt was goon out was brown, and al in let Y hulde dye for hir.
maner of a kyn row; and e name of hym was clepid x And Abymalech eide, Whi hat ow put blame to vs?
Eau. Sum man of e puple myte haue ley wi i wijf, and
xxvi Anoon aftir e toer goynge out, helde wi his ow haddit ynbrout vpon vs a greet ynne. And he
hoond e forer parti of his broer foot; and erfor he comaundide to alle e puple, eiynge,
clepide him Jacob. Sixti ere was Yaac whanne e xi Who towchi e wijf of is man, wi de he hal die.
children weren born. xii Iaac foroe owide in at loond, and he fonde at
xxvii e whiche wexen, Eau was maad a lei man of eer e hundryd foold; and God bliide to hym.
huntyng, and a man ere tilier; Jacob foroe a ymple xiii And e man fel ryche, and he ede profytynge and
man dwelte in tabernaclis. vndurgrowynge to e tyme at he was maad hugeli
xxviii Iaac louede Eau, ere ur at he ete of e greet.
huntingis of him; and Rebecca louede Jacob. xiiii And he hadde poeiouns of heep, and of droues,
xxix Jacob foroe hadde oun potage; to whom whan and of meyne mych. For at Paletynes noiynge to
Eau was comen wery fro e felde, hym,
xxx ei, if to me of is brown eing, for Y am ful xv toppiden alle e pittis e whiche e eruauntis of his
wery; for e which caue e name of hym was clepyd fader Abraham at tyme hadden doluun, fulfillynge
Edom. wi ere,
xxxi To whom eide Jacob, Sel me e rytis of i fyrt xvi in o myche at hym ilf Abymalech eide to Yaac,
getyng. Goo awey fro vs, for greetli ow art maad mytyer an
xxxii He anweride, Loo! I dye, what hal profyt to me we.
e ritis of my firt getyng? xvii And he goynge ens, at he come to e rennynge
xxxiii Jacob eide, anne weer to me. anne Eau woor, watir of Gerare, and dwelle ere,
and oold e ritis of his firt getyng. xviii eftones he deluyde oer pittis, e whiche e
xxxiiii And o breed takun and e owil of potage, ete, eruauntis of his fader Abraham delueden, and whom,
and dronk, and ede for, ettynge at nout at he hym deed, umtyme Philitiens toppiden; and he
hadde oold e ritis of his firte getyng. clepide hem e ame names, in e whiche e fader
hadde clepid bifore.
Capitulum XXVI. xix e deluyden in e rennynge watir, and ei fonden
i Hungur foroe proong vpon e ere, after ilk quyk watir.
bareynte at felle in e daies of Abraham, ede Yaac xx But and ere was triyf of e heepherdis of Gerare
to Abymalech, e king of Paletynes, in Gerera. aenus e heepherdis of Iaac, eiynge, Oure is e
ii And e Lord apperide to hym, and ei, Deend ow water; wherfor e name of e pit of at at felle he
not down into Egipt, but ret ow in e loond at I hal clepide chalange.
eye to ee, xxi And ei delueden anoir, and for ilk foroe ei
iii and be pilgrym in it; and I hal be wi ee, and I hal tryuen, and he clepide it enmytee.
blis to ee; to ee foroe and to i eed Y hal yue xxii Fro ens goon he deluyde anoer pit, for which ei
alle es regyouns, fulfillynge e o at Y bihit to tryuen not, and o he clepide e name of it breede,
Abraham, i fader. eiynge, Now God ha prad vs a brood, and he ha
maad growe vpon e ere.
xxiii Foroe fro at place he tei vp into Berabe,

xxiiii where e Lord aperyde to hym in at nyt, eiynge, x e whiche whan ow bryngit yn, and he eti, he
I am e God of Abraham, i fader; nil ou not drede, blie to ee or an he die.
for I am wi ee, and I hal blie to ee, and I hal xi To whom he anweride, ow hat know at Eau my
multiplie i eed for my eruaunt Abraham. broer is a man ful of heer, and I oft;
xxv And o he bildide ere an auter to e Lord; and xii if my fader groop and fele, Y drede let he wene me
inwardli clepid e name of e Lord, trawte out a wiln to bigile hym, and brynge on me malyoun for
tabernacle, and comaundide his eruauntis at ei benyoun.
hulden delue pittis. xiii To whom e moder, In me be, he ei, is
xxvi To e which place whan ei weren comen fro malioun, my one; oonli here my vois, and goynge
Geraris, Abymalech and Ochoat, frendis of hym, and for brynge to at Y eide.
Phichol, e duyk of knytis, xiiii He ede a wey, and broute to, and aue to his
xxvii Yaac pak to hem, What ben e comen to me, a modir. She greiide meetis, as he knewe e fader of
man whom e hatiden, and puttiden awey fro ow? hym wiln,
xxviii Whiche anweriden, We han e e Lord to be wi xv and wi e clois of Eau ful good, e whiche
ee, and erfor we eiden, Be ere an o bitwix vs, and anentis hyr he hadde at hoom, he cloid hym.
maak we to gider boond of pees, xvi And he dide about his hondis litel kynnes of
xxix at ow do not to vs eny ing of yuel, and as we kiddis, and he forcoueride e nakid of e nak;
towchiden no ing of in, ne han doon at hulde harm xvii and aue owil, and took e looues at he hadde
ee, but wi pees we han laft ee encreeid wi e oun.
bliyng of e Lord. xviii e whiche ingis brout to, eide, Fader myn! And
xxx anne he made hem a feet; and aftir meet and he anweryde, I here; who art ow, one myn?
drynke, xix And Jacob eide, Y am Eau, i firt getun. Y haue
xxxi aryynge eerli, ei weren to hem iluen to gidere; do to ee as ow hat comaundide me; arye, it, and
and Yaac peeibli laft hem into her place. eet of myn huntyng, at i oule blie to me.
xxxii Loo! foroe in at day comen e eruauntis of xx Eft Yaac to his one, How, he ei, o oone fynde
Yaac, tellynge to hym of e pit at ei delueden, and ow mytit, one myne? e which anweride, e wil of
eiynge, We han foundun watir. God was, at oone it hulde com to me at I wolde.
xxxiii Wher of he clepide it plente; and e name of e xxi And Yaac eide, Come nerre hider, at I towche
cyte is et Berabee, vnto e day at is now. ee, one myn, and proue wheir ow be my one Eau,
xxxiiii Eau foroe fourti wyntir olde took two wyues, or noon.
Judith, e dowter of Beery Ethei, and Bethamath, e xxii He com nerre to e fader; and, hym gropid, eide
dowter of Elon, of e ame place; Yaac, e vois foroe is e vois of Jacob, but e
xxxv e whiche boe hadden offendid e inwitt of Yaac hondis ben e hondis of Eau.
and Rebecca. xxiii And he knewe hym not, for e heery hondis
expreiden e liknes of e moor. anne blyynge to
Capitulum XXVII. hym, eide,
i Yaac foroe was olde, and his eyen wexen derk, and xxiiii ow art my one Eau? He anweride, I am.
he myte not e. And he clepide Eau, his moor one, xxv And he, Brynge for, he eide, to me meetis of in
and eide to hym, My one! e which anweryde, I am hunting, one myn, at my oule blie to ee. e which
ny. offryd, whan he hadde eet, alo and wyyn he offride, e
ii To whom e fader, ow eet, he ei, at Y am which drunkun,
wexun olde, and vnknowe e day of my dee. xxvi eide to hym, Come nerre to me, and yue to me a
iii Take in armes, quyuer and bowe, and go for oute; coe, one myn.
and whan ow hat wi huntyng eny ing takun, xxvii He com nerre, and coyde hym; and anoon at he
iiii make to me erof owil, as ow knowe me to wiln, felide e good mel of his clois, bliynge to hym ei,
and brynge to me at I ete, at my oule blis to ee or I Loo! e mel of my one as e mel of a ful feeld, to e
dye. which e Lord bliide.
v e which whan Rebecca hadde herd, and he was goon xxviii God yue to ee of e dew of heuen, and of fatnes
a wey in to e feeld, at he fulfille e heet of e fader, of e ere, plente of wheet, and of wyyn, and of oyle;
vi he eide to hir one Jacob, I herde i fader pekynge xxix and to ee eruen puplis, and lowten ee lynagis;
wi Eau, i broer, and eiynge to hym, be ow e lord of i brieren, and e onys of i moder
vii Brynge to me of in huntyng, and maak metis, at I be ei bowid bifore ee; who hal cure to ee, be he
ete, and Y hal blie to ee bifore e Lord or I dye. curid, and who hal blis to ee, wi bliyngis be he
viii Now anne aente to my couneyls, my one, fulfillid.
ix and goynge to e flok, brynge to me two e bet xxx Vnne Yaac had fulfillid e word, and Jacob goon
kyddis, at I make of hem meet to i fader, e which out, Eau com,
he eet gladly;

xxxi and oen meetis of e huntyng broute yn to e ii but go, and forpae into Meopotany of Syry, to e
fader, eiynge, Arye, fader myn, and eet of e huntyng hows of Batuel, e fader of i moder, and taak to ee
of i one, at i oule blie to me. fro ens a wijf of e dowtris of Laban, in vnkle.
xxxii And Yaac eide, Who foroe art ow? e which iii God foroe Almyti blie to ee, and make ee
anweride, Y am i firt getun one Eau. growe, and multiplie, at ow be into e cumpanyes of
xxxiii Iaac wexe adred in a hidows tonying, and more puplis;
an it may be leuyd wondrynge, ei, Who is anne he iiii and yue he to ee bliyngis of Abraham, and to i
at now rit broute to me huntyng takun, and Y ete of eed aftir ee, at ow haue e loond of i pilgrimage,
al bifore at ow com, and Y bliide hym? and he hal e which he ha bihoot to i graunire.
be bliid. v And whan Yaac had laft hym, he forpaid com into
xxxiiii Eau, e wordis of e fader herd, roride wi a Meopotanye of Syre, to Laban, e one of Batuel Siry,
greet crye, and tonyed eide, Alo blis and to me, fader e broer of Rebecca, his moder.
myn. vi Seynge foroe Eau at his fader hadde bliid to
xxxv e which eide, i broir com gilyngliche, and Jacob, and hadde ent hym into Meopotany of Syry,
took i bliyng. at fro ens he hulde taak hym a wijf, and at aftir e
xxxvi And he ekyde to, Jutli is e name of hym clepid bliyng he hadde comaundid hym, eyynge, ow halt
Jacob; he foroe ha ubplauntid me loo! anoir ie; not taak a wijf of e dowtrys of Canaan;
e ritis of my fyrt geting biforn he took a wey, and vii and at Jacob obeihynge to his fader and moder
now ecounde he ha vnder rauyhide my benyoun. hulde go into Syrye;
And eftonys to e fader, And wheir ow hat not viii and prouynge at his fader wolde not gladli biholde
reeruyd, he ei, to me i bliyng? e dowtris of Chanaan,
xxxvii Yaac anweryde, i lord I haue ordeynyde him, ix ede to Ymael, and took a wijf, wi out hem at he
and alle his brieren I haue vndir ockid to e eruyce hadde byfore, Melech, e dowter of Ymael, one of
of hym; wi wheet, and wyne, and oyle I haue tablid Abraham, e iter of Naboiot.
hym; and to ee, one myn, after ee ouer what hal Y x anne Jacob, goon out to Berabee, ede to Aran.
doon? xi And whan he was comun to a maner place, and he
xxxviii To whom Eau eide, Wheer oonlich o bliyng wolde ret in it after e unne goyng down, took of e
ow hat fader? And to me Y preie ee at ow blis; tonys at lyen, and vnderputting to his heed, lepte in
and wi a greet owlyng he wepte. e ame place.
xxxix Yaac moued, eide to hym, In e fatnes of e xii And he aw in his lepis a laddre tondynge vpon e
ere, and in e dewe of heuene fro aboue hal be i ere, and e heit of it towchynge heuene, and aungels
bliyng; foroe of God teiynge vp and goynge down bi it,
xl ow halt lyue in werd, and to i broer ow halt xiii and e Lord cleuynge to e ladder, eiynge to hym,
erue, and tyme hal come whanne ow halt haak out, Y am e Lord God of Abraham, i fader, and God of
and lowe e ok of hym of i nollys. Yaac; e loond in which ow lepit Y hal yue to
xli an Eau euermore hatide Jacob for e bliyng at ee, and to i eed.
e fader bliide to hym, and eide in his herte, e xiiii And i eed hal be as e powdre of e ere, ow
dayes of weilyng of my fader hal come, and I hal lee halt be prad a brode to e et, and wet, and nor, and
Jacob, my broer. ow; and alle lynagis of e ere hulen be bliid in
xlii es ingis weren tolde to Rebecca, e which ee and i eed.
endynge and clepynge hire one Jacob, eide to hym, xv And Y hal be i keper, whidir euer ow got; and Y
Loo! Eau, i broer, reti at he lee ee; hal brynge e aeyn into is loond, ne Y hal not leeue
xliii now anne, one, here my vois, and aryynge fle to forto Y fulfille alle e ingis at Y eide.
Laban, my broer, in Aran; xvi And whan Jacob was wakun of e leep, eide,
xliiii and ow halt dwelle wi hym a fewe dayes, to e Foroe e Lord is in is place, and Y wite not.
tyme at e woodnes of i broer rete, xvii And dredynge eide, Howe feerful is is place! Here
xlv and e indignacioun of hym ceee, and he foreete is noer but e hows of God, and e aat of heuene.
e ingis at ow hat doon to hym. Afterward Y hal xviii Aryynge anne eerly, took e toon, e which he
ende and lede ee fro ens hydir. Whi hal Y be priued hadde vnderput to his heed, and areryde into a igne of
of eiir one in o day? worhip, heeldynge oyle aboue.
xlvi And Rebecca eide to Yaac, It noie me of my lijf xix And he clepide e name of e cyte Bethel, at
for e dowtrys of Heth; if Jacob hal taak a wijf of e bifornhoond was clepid Luza.
lynage of is loond, Y nyl not lyue. xx And he a vowide a vowe, eiynge, If God were wi
me, and kepide me in e weye bi which Y goo, and
Capitulum XXVIII. yue me looues to etun, and cloo to be cloid,
i Ando Yaac clepide Jacob, and bliide hym, and xxi and hal be turned aen welumly to e hows of my
comaundide hym, eiynge, Wole ow not taak a wijf of fader, e Lord hal be to me into God.
e kynred of Chanaan;

xxii Andis toon, at I haue areryde into a igne of xxi And he eide to Laban, yf to me my wiyf, for e
worhip, hal be clepid e hows of God; and of alle tyme is fulfillid at Y hulde goo yn to hir.
ingis at ow halt yue to me Y hal offer dymes to xxii e which, manye cumpanyes of his frendis clepid to
ee. e feet, made e brydalis,
xxiii and at euen broute yn to hym Lya, his dowter,
Capitulum XXIX. xxiiii yuynge an handmayden to e dowter, Zelpha bi
i Jacob anne for goon, cam into e et loond. name. To whom whan after e maner Jacob was goon
ii And he aw a pit in e feeld, and re flockis of heep yn,
liggynge biidis it; for of it beetis weren wateryd, and xxv e morutide doon, aw Lya, and eide to his wyues
e mou of it was cloid wi a greet toon. fader, What is at ow woldit doon? wheer for
iii And e maner was, at alle e heep gaderyd to Rachel Y eruede not to ee? whi vndurputtit ow Lya
gidir, men hulden turne vp e toon, and, e flockis to me?
fulfillid, eftones ei hulden putte vpon e mou of e xxvi Laban anweride, It is not of cutom in oure place,
pit. at e lee bifore we taken to poeyls;
iiii And he eide to e heepherdis, Breeren, whens be xxvii fulfil e wike of dayes of is cowple, and is
e? e whiche anweriden, Of Aran. foroe I hal yue to ee for e werk at ow art to
v Whom akynge, Wheir, he eide, knowe e Laban, erue to me, euen oer eris.
e one of Nachor? ei eiden, We han knowun. xxviii He aentide gladli; and e wike ouerpaid,
vi Wheir is he, he ei, hool? ei eiden, He fari wel; xxix he took Rachel to wiyf; to whom e fadir aue a
and loo! Rachel, e dowter of hym, com wi his flok. eruaunt, Balam.
vii And Jacob eyde, Aboue ere is it myche of e day, xxx And at e late he vide e deirid poeyls, put
ne tyme is at flockys ben ladde aen to e fooldis; bifore to e raer e loue of hir at com after, eruynge
yue bifore drynke to e heep, and o lede e hem anentis hym euen oere erys.
aen to e pature. xxxi e Lord foroe eynge at he dipiide Lya, opnyde
viii e whiche anweryden, We mowen not, to e tyme e wombe of hir, hir iter bareyne dwellynge.
at alle beetis ben gaderyd togider, and we mouen xxxii e which a coneyued one gat, and clepide e
awey e toon fro e mow of e pit, at we watren e name of hym Ruben, eiynge, e Lord ha ey my
flok. mekenes, now my man hal loue me.
ix it ei peken, and loo! Rachel com wi e heep of xxxiii And eftonys he coneyuede, and bare a one, and
hir fader; for he fedde e flok. eide, For e Lord ha een me ben had to dipiyt, ha
x Whom whanne Jacob hadde een, and wite hir his yuun alo is to me; and he clepide e name of hym
vnkil dowter, and e heep of Laban his vnkle, he Symyon.
mouede awey e toon wi which e pit was cloid; and xxxiiii And e ridde tyme he coneyuede, and gat
e flok watered, anoer one, and eide, Now foroe myn huboond hal
xi he kiide hir, and wi areryd voys he wepte. be cowplid to me, erur at I bere to hym re onys;
xii And he hewide to hir at he was e broer of hir and erfor he clepide e name of hym Leuy.
fader, and e one of Rebecca; and he hiynge tolde to xxxv e fer tyme he coneyuede, and bare a one, and
hir fader. ei, Now I hal knowlech to e Lord; and for at he
xiii e which whan he hadde herd, Jacob, his iter one, clepide e name of him Juda; and he ceeide to bere
comen, ede aen metynge wi hym, and clippynge chyld.
him, and fallynge in cois, ladde hym into his hows.
Foroe e cauis herd of his weye, Capitulum XXX.
xiiii anweryde, My boon ow art, and my fleih. And i Seynge foroe Rachel at he was wiouten fruyt of
after at e dayes of a mone weren fulfillid, wombe, enuyede to e itir, and eide to e huboond,
xv he eide to hym, Wheer for ow art my broer, in yf to me free childryn, ellis Y hal dye.
veyn ow halt erue to me? Sey what of mede ow ii To whom wroo Jacob anweride, Wheer for a God
halt take. Y am, e which haue priuede ee e fruyt of i
xvi He hadde foroe two dowtrys, name of e more wombe?
Lya, e lee foroe was clepid Rachel; iii And he, I haue, he eide, a eruaunt, Balam, goo yn
xvii but Lya was wi blerid eyen, Rachel fayr in face, to hir, at he bere vpon my kneen, and I haue of hir
and wi eemly biholdynge. ones.
xviii Whom louynge Jacob, eide, I hal erue to ee for iiii And he aue to hym Balam into maryage; e which,
Rachel, i lae dowter, euen eer. e man goon yn to hir,
xix Laban anweryde, Betir is at Y yue hir to ee an v coneyuede, and bare a one.
to anoer man, dwelle wi me. vi And Rachel eide, e Lord ha hewid me, and he
xx anne Jacob erued for Rachel euen eer, and ei ha herd my vois, yuynge to me a one; and erfor he
emeden to hym fewe dayes for greetnes of loue. clepide e name of hym Dan.
vii And eftones Bala coneiuinge, bare anoer,

viii for e which eide Rachel, e Lord ha xxxi And Laban eide, What hal Y yue to ee? And he
compariownd me wi my iter, and I haue recouered; ei, Y wole noing, but if ow dot at I ake, eft I hal
and he clepide hym Neptalym. feede and kepe i beetis.
ix Lya felynge at he had laft for to bere children, he xxxii Turne abowt alle i flockis, and euer alle i
took to e huboond Zelpha, hir handmayden. peckid heep, and wi peckyd flee, and what euere
x e which aftir coneyuynge bryngynge for a child, olow, and peckid, and dyuere colourid were, as wel
xi eide, Gracyouly; and erfor he clepide e name of in heep as in geyt, hal be my mede.
hym Gad. xxxiii And my ritwines hal anwere to morwe, whan
xii And Zelpha bare anoir, tyme of pleaunce hal come bifore ee; and alle at
xiii and Lya eide, at for my blisfulnes; foroe alle weren not dyuere, and peckid, and alow, as wel in
wymmen hulen ey me blisful; erfor he clepide hym heep as in geyt, of eft ou halt vndirnym me.
Aer. xxxiiii And Laban eide, Agreede Y haue at ow akit.
xiiii And Ruben goon out in tyme of wheet heruet into xxxv And he euerde at day e he geyt, and e heep,
e feeld, fonde mandraggis, at he broute to Lya, e and e hye geyt, and e weeres, dyuere and potti.
moder. And Rachel eide, yue me parte of e And al e flok of o colour, at is, of whyet or of blak
mandraggis of i one. flee, he toke in e hoond of his ones;
xv She anweride, Ne emi it to ee a litil, at ow xxxvi and putte a pace of re daies weye bitwix hem
hat bifore takun e hubond to me, but alo e and his dowtir huboond, e whiche fedden e toer
mandraggis of my one ow taak? And he, Slep he wi flockis of hym.
ee is nyt for e mandraggis of i one. xxxvii anne Jacob takynge green popil erdis, and of
xvi And to Jacob comynge aen at euen fro e feeld Lya almanders, and of planes, a parti vnryendide hem; and
was goon out into e aencomyng of hym, and ei, To riendis drawun awey; in ilke at weren pilde emede
me, he ei, ow halt come yn, for ur mede I haue whytnes, ilke foroe at weren hool dwelten til
hyryde ee for e mandraggis of my one. He lepte green, and o in is maner was maad of dyuere colour.
wi hir at nyt; xxxviii And he putte hem in e water trowes, where e
xvii and God herde e preiers of hir, and he watyr was held out, at whanne e flockis weren
coneyuede, and bare e fift one; comen to drynke, bifore e eyen ei hulden han e
xviii and ei, God ha euun mede to me, for I haue erdis, and in e it of hem ei hulden coneyue.
ouun myn handemaiden to my man; and he clepide xxxix And o it was doon at in at heet of goynge
e name of hym Yachar. togidere e heep hulden biholde e erdis, and beere
xix Eftonys Lya coneyuynge bare e ixte one, potty, and peckid, and preyned wi dyuers colour.
xx and ei, e Lord ha enrychide me wi a good xl And Jacob dyuydide e flok, and putte e erdis in e
dower; alo is while wi me hal be myn huboond, watyr trowis, bifore e eyen of e rammys; foroe alle
erur at Y haue getun to hym ixe ones; and erfor e whyte and e blak weren of Laban, e toere
he clepide e name of hym Zabulon. foroe of Jacob, eueryd bitwix hem ilf e flockis.
xxi After whom he bare a dowter, Dyne bi name. xli anne whanne e firt tyme e heep weren teyed
xxii And e Lord, recordid of Rachel, herde hir, and vp, Jacob putte e erdis in e trowis of watrys, biforn
openyde e wombe of hir. e eyen of rammys and of heep, at in e it of hem
xxiii Which coneyuede, and bare a one, eiynge, God ei hulden coneyue.
ha doon awey my reprofe; xlii Whanne foroe e laat comyng togidere of beetis
xxiiii and he clepide e name of hym Joeph, eiynge, weren, and e lat conceyuyng tyme, he putte not hem.
e Lord adde to me anoer one. And ilke at weren of e later tyme ben maad of
xxv Joeph foroe born, Jacob eide to his wyues fader, Laban, and ilke of e fyrt tyme of Jacob.
Lat me at Y go aen into my cuntre, and to my loond. xliii And e man is maad ryche wonder myche, and he
xxvi yue to me wyues, and my free children, for e hadde manye flockis, handmaydenys, and eruauntis,
whiche I haue eruede ee, at I goo; ow foroe hat camels, and ais.
knowe e eruye at I haue eruyde to ee.
xxvii Laban eide to him, Shal I fynde grace in i it, Capitulum XXXI.
ur experyens Y haue lernyd for God ha bliid to me i After at he herde e wordis of e onys of Laban,
for ee; eiynge, Jacob ha takun alle at weren of oure fader,
xxviii ordeyn i mede at Y yue to ee. and of e faculte of hym richid is maad noble.
xxix And he anweryde, ou hat knowe what maner Y ii And he took hede to e face of Laban, at it was not
haue eruede to ee, and i poeioun how myche was towards hym as itirday and e rid day hens,
in myn hondis; iii moot e Lord eiynge to hym, Turne aen into e
xxx a litil ow haddit bifore at I com to ee, and now loond of i fadrys, and to i kynred, and Y hal be wi
ow art maad ryche, and God ha bliid to ee at myn ee.
yncomyng; anne it is ritful at umtyme alo Y iiii And he ente, and clepide Rachel and Lya into e
puruey to myn hows. feeld, where he fedde e flockis,

v and he eide to hem, Y e e face of oure fader, at it xxv And now Jacob hadde traute a tabernacle in e
is not toward me as itirday and e ridde day hens; hil; and whan he hadde takun hym wi his brieren, in
God foroe of my fader was wi me. e ame hil of Galaad, he ficchide a tent;
vi And e han knowun at wi alle my trengis Y haue xxvi and he eide to Jacob, Whi didit ow us, at
eruyd to oure fader; biyde me ow dryue awey my dowtris as caytyues wi
vii but and oure fader ha comen aboute me, and werde?
chaungide my mede ten iis; and neuerelater God xxvii Whi vnwitynge me woldit ow fle, ne hewe to
ha not letun hym at he hulde anoye to me. me, at Y myte for folwe ee wi ioye, and ongis,
viii If oerwhile he eide, e dyuers colourid hulen be and tympans, and harpis?
i medis, alle e heep beren coneyuyng of dyuers xxviii ow uffredit not at Y myte kie my ones and
colours; whanne foroe aenward he ei, Alle e dowtris; folily ow hat wrout.
whyet ow halt taak for i mede, alle e flockis beren xxix And now foroe myn hoond may eeld to ee yuel,
whyet; but God of i fader itirday eide to me, Be war let
ix and God ha taak e ubtaunce of oure fader, and ow peek wi Jacob eny ing harder.
euen to me. xxx And if ow coueytidit to goo to ine, and e hows
x Foroe bifore at e tyme of coneyuyng of heep of i fadir was in deiyr to ee, whi hat ow toln my
com, Y heuede vp myn eyen, and aw in leep e malis goddis?
teiyng up vpon femalis, varye, and potti, and of xxxi Jacob anweride, at us fro ee I am goon for, Y
dyuers colours. dredde let violentli ow huldit taak awey i dowtris;
xi And e aungel of e Lord eide to me in lepe, Jacob! xxxii at foroe ow vndirnymit me of efte, anentit
and I anweride, Y am ny. whom euer ow fyndit i goddis, be he law biforn our
xii e which ei, Rere up in eyen, and e alle e malis brieren; and erch what euer of i ing anentis me
teiyng up vpon e femalis, varye, and prynklid, and ow fyndit, and taak awey. es ingis eiynge, he
pottid; foroe Y haue een alle ingis at Laban ha knewe not at Rachel hadde toln e mawmetis.
doon to ee; xxxiii And o Laban, goon into e tabernacle of Jacob,
xiii Y am God of Bethel, where ow anoyntidit e and Lya, and of eier meyne, fonde nout; and whan he
toon, and ow vowedit auowe to me. Now anne was goon yn to e tentis of Rachel,
arye, and goo out fro is loond, turnynge aen into e xxxiiii he hiynge hidde e mawmetis vndur e literyng
loond of i bir. of a camele, and at aboue. And to hym, aerchynge al
xiiii And Rachel and Lya anweryden, Wheer han we e tent and no ing fyndynge,
eny ing of reidewe in faculteis and erytage of e xxxv he ei, Be not, my lord, wro at Y may not arye
hows of oure fader? bifore ee, for after e vage of wymmen now it is
xv Wheer as aliens ha he not holdun vs, and oold, fallun to me; and o bigilid is e biynes of hym
and ha etun oure pryis? echinge.
xvi But God ha takun e richeis of oure fader, and xxxvi And Jacob wellynge, ei wi triyf, For what my
euun hem to vs, and to oure onys; wherfor alle ingis trepas, and for what my ynne, hat ow us fulbrent
at God comaundi to ee, do. after me,
xvii Foroe Jacob aroos, and e fre children and his xxxvii and hat enerchid alle my necearyes of hows?
wyues put vpon camels, What hat ow foundun of eny ubtawnce of in hows?
xviii ede awey; and took al his ubtaunce, flockis, and Putte at bifore my brieren and toforn i breeren,
alle ingis at he hadde purchaid in Meopotany, and deme ei bitwix me and ee.
goynge to Yaac, his fader, in e loond of Chanaan. xxxviii erfor twenti wynter haue I ben wi ee? i hep
xix at tyme Laban was goon to e heep at hulden be and i geit weren not barein, e weeris of i flok Y
clippid, and Rachel hadde tolne e mawmetis of hir ete not,
fadir. xxxix ne takun of beet I hewide to ee; Y al e harm
xx And Jacob nolde knowleche to his wyues fader, at olde; al ing of efte at perihide, of me ow akidit;
he wolde flee; xl day and nyt wi hoot and coolde Y was treynyd,
xxi and whanne he was goon, boe he and alle ingis and leep flei fro myn eyen;
at weren of his rit, and e flode paid ouer hulde go xli o ur out twenti eer in in hows Y eruede to ee,
aens e hil of Galaad, fourtene for i dowtres, and ixe for i flockis; foroe
xxii it was tolde to Laban, e ridde day, at Jacob ow chaungedit my mede ten iis.
fleei. xlii But e God of my fader Abraham, and e drede of
xxiii e which, his brieren takun wi hym, puruede Yaac hadde ben to me, perauenture nakid now ou
hym euen dayes, and ouertook hym in e hil of haddit laft me; myn affliccioun and e traueil of myn
Galaad. hondis e Lord bihelde, and vndernam ee iterday.
xxiiii And he aw in his leep e Lord eiynge to hym, xliii Laban anweride to hym, My dowtres, and ones,
Be war let eny ing harply ow peek aens Jacob. and i flockis, and alle at ow biholdit, ben myne,
and what may Y do to my ones, and to my neces?

xliiii Com anne, and goo we into couenaunt of pees, aen into i loond, and into e place of i bire, and I
at witnee be bitwixe me and ee. hal wel do to ee,
xlv And o Jacob took a toon, and areryde it into a title, x Y am lae an alle i mercyes, and i treue at ow
xlvi and eide to his brieren, Bryngi to toons; e hat fulfillid to i eruaunt; in my taf I haue paid is
whiche gederynge togidere, maden an hillok, and eten Jordan, and now wi two companyes Y turne aen;
er vpon. xi delyuer me of e hoond of my broer Eau, for
xlvii e which Laban clepyde an hillok of witnes, and greetly Y drede hym, let perauenture comynge he
Jacob an hipil of wytneyng; eier after e proprete of myte e moders wi e children.
his tunge. xii ow hat pokun at ou huldit wel do to me, and
xlviii And Laban eide, is hillok hal be witnes bitwixe at ow huldit prede abrood my eed as e grauel of
me and ee to day, and erfor e name of it is clepid e ee, at for multitude may not be noumbred.
Galaad, at is, e hillok of witnes. xiii And whanne he hadde lept ere at nyt, he
xlix And Laban leide to, e Lord biholde, and deme eueride of at at he hadde iftys to Eau, his broer,
bitwixen vs, whanne we hulen goo from vs; xiiii he geyte two hundrid, hee geyte twenty, heepe two
l if ow turmente my dowtres, if ow bryngit yn oer hundrid, and weeris twenti,
wyues vpon hem, no man of oure word is witnes, aue xv camels fulle wi her coltis retti, kien fourti, and
God, at preent biholdi. bullis twenti, he ais twenti, and e coltis of hem ten.
li And eft he eide to Jacob, Loo! is hillok, and e xvi And he ente bi e hondis of his eruauntis eche oon
toon at I haue rerid bitwixe me and ee, after oer e flockis aide; and he eide to his children,
lii witnes hal be; is hilloc, and e toon ben into Goo e bifore me, and be ere a pace bitwixe flok and
witneyng, if foroe I hall pae it goynge to ee, or flok.
ow ouerpait yuel to me enkynge. xvii And he comaundide to e forer, eiynge, If ow
liii God of Abraham, and God of Nachor, deme bitwix mete my broer Eau, and he ake ee, whos art ow,
vs, e God of e fader of hem. anne Jacob wore by e or whidir ow got, or whos ben es at ow folwit,
drede of his fader Yaac; xviii ou halt anwere, Of i eruaunt Jacob, iftis he
liiii and, offrid layn acrifice in e hil, he clepide his ha ent to his lord Eau, and he come after vs.
brieren at ei hulden eete breed, e whiche whanne xix e ame wye he aue maundementis to e ecounde,
ei hadden etun, dwelten ere. and e ridde, and to alle at folweden e flockis,
lv Laban foroe at nyt aryynge, kiide e ones, and eiynge, In e ame wordis pek e to Eau, whanne e
his doutris, and bliide to hem, turnynge aen into his fynden hym,
place. xx and e hulen adde, And he i eruaunt Jacob oure
weie in folwi. He eide foroe, Y hal plee hym wi
Capitulum XXXII. iftis at goon bifore, and afterward Y hal e hym;
i Jacob foroe wente in his weie at he biganne, and perauenture he hal be maad pleid to me.
ere weren to hym met aungels of e Lord. xxi And o bifore eden e iftis bifore hym; he foroe
ii Whom whanne he hadde een, ei, e tentis of God dwelte at nyt in tentis.
ben es; and he clepide e name of at place Manaym, xxii And whanne obirly he was aryun, he toke his two
at is, tentis. wyues, and as feel eruauntis wi elleuen ones, and he
iii And he ente foroe meangeris biforn hym to Eau, ouerpaide e foor of Jaboth.
his broer, into e loond of Seyr, in e regioun of xxiii And, ouerladde alle ingis at to hym perteyneden,
Edom; xxiiii he dwelte aloon, and loo! a man writlide wi hym
iiii and he comaundide to hem, eiynge, us pek e to vnto e morwe.
my lord Eau, es ingis ei i broer Jacob, At xxv e which whanne he aw at he myte not
Laban I haue pylgrimagid, and was vnto e preent ouercome hym, he towchide e ynwe of his hip, and
day; anoon it wexe drye.
v I haue oxen, and ais, and heep, and eruauntis, and xxvi And he eide to hym, Leeue me, foroe now
handmaydens, and I ende now a meage to my lord, vpteye e morwetide. He anweride, I hal not leeue
at Y fynde grace in i it. ee, but if ow blie to me.
vi And e meangeris ben comun aen to Jacob, xxvii anne he ei, What is e name of ee? He
eiynge, We comen to Eau, i broer, and loo! he go anweride, Jacob.
into in aen-comyng, wi foure hundrid men. xxviii And he, No more, he ei, Jacob hal be clepid i
vii Jacob ful myche dred, and afeerd dyuydide his peple name, but Irael; for if anentis God ow hat ben
at wi him was, e flockis foroe, and heep, and trong, myche more anentis men ow halt haue e
oxen, and camels diuydid in two companyes; maytri.
viii eiynge, If Eau come to e too companye, and xxix Jacob akide hym, Sey to me what name art ow
myte it, e toer companye at is lafte hal be auyd. clepid? He anweride, Wherto akit ow my name, at
ix And Jacob eide, God of my fader Abraham, and God is merueilows? And he bliide hym in e ame place.
of my fader Yaac, ow Lord, at eidit to me, Turne

xxx And Jacob clepide e name of at place Phanuel, xvi And o Eau is turned aen at day in e weye at
eiynge, I haue een e Lord face to face, and my oule he come, into Seyr.
is maad aaf. xvii And Jacob com into Sachot, where a hows bild, and
xxxi And anoon is ryun to hym e unne, after at he e tentis fycchid, he clepide e name of at place
was ouerpaid Phanuel; he foroe haltide wi e too Sachot, at is, tabernaclis.
foote. xviii And he paide for into Salem, e cite of
xxxii For what caue e children of Irael eten not Sychymor, at is in e loond of Chanaan, aftir at he
ynwe, at wexe drie in e hipe of Jacob, vnto e day was turned aen fro Meopotany of Syrye, and dwellide
at is now, erur at he towchide e ynwe of his biydis e wallid town;
hipe, and it was toneyd. xix and bout a parti of e feeld, in e which he ficchide
tabernaclis, of e ones of Emor, e fader of Sichym,
Capitulum XXXIII. wi an hundrid lombis.
i Jacob foroe heuynge vp e eyen aw Eau comynge, xx And ere, an auter reryd, he inwardly clepide vpon
and wi hym foure hundrid men; and he departide e e moot trong God of Irael.
ones of Lya, and of Rachel, and of bo his eruauntis.
ii And he putte eier handmayden, and e fre children Capitulum XXXIIII.
of hem, in e bigynnynge; Lya foroe in e ecounde i Dyne, e dowter of Lya, foroe was goon oute, at
place, and e ones of hyr; Rachel and Joeph late. he myte e wymmen of at regioun.
iii And he bifore goynge anouride bowide into e ere ii Whom whanne hadde een Sichym, e one of Emor
euenies, to e tyme at e broer `of hym hulde Euey, e prince of at loond, louede hir, and rauyhide,
nei. and lepte wi hir, wi force oppreide a mayden.
iiii And o Eau rennynge to meete wi his broer, iii And e oule of hym was glewid wi hir, and hir ory
cleppide hym, and treynynge hys necke and kiynge he wagide wi oftneis.
wepte. iiii And he goynge to Emor, his fadir, Tak to me, he
v And e eyen heued vp, aw wymmen, and e ei, is damyele to wijf.
children of hem, and ei, What to hem wiln es? and v e which whanne Jacob hadde herd, abent e ones,
if ei perteynen to ee? He anweride, Litil children and in e foode of e beetis occupied, he heelde his
ei ben, whom God ha ouun to me, i eruaunt. pees, to e tyme ei comen aen.
vi And neiynge e handmaydens and e ones of hem, vi Emor foroe, e fader of Sichem, goon oute, at he
ben doun bowid. myte peke to Jacob,
vii And Lya wi hir children com nerre; and whanne e vii loo! e ones of hym comen fro e feelde. And e
ame maner ei hadden anowrned, e late Joeph and ing herd at was fallun, ei weren ful wro, erur
Rachel anowryden. at a fowle ing he hadde wrout in Irael, and e
viii And Eau eide, What foroe ben es companyes dowter of Jacob defowlid, an vnleueful ing hadde
at Y mette? He anwerde, at I hulde fynde grace fulfillid.
bifore my lord. viii And o Emor peke to hem, e oule of my one
ix And he ei, Y haue many ingis, broer myne, ben Sichem ha cleued to oure dowter, yue hir wijf to
i ingis to ee. hym,
x Jacob eide, Nyl ow o, Y preye, but if Y haue ix and ioyne we togidere maryagis; oure dowtres if
foundun grace in in eyen, taak a litil ift of myn e to vs, and oure dowtres taak e,
hoondis; o foroe Y haue eyn i face as Y e e chere x and dwel e wi vs; e loond is in oure power,
of God; be ow to me benygne, excerie e, chaffare e, and haue e it.
xi and taak e bliyng at Y haue brout to ee, and at xi But and Sichem to e fader and to e breeren of hir
God delyuerynge alle ingis ha ouun to me. Vnne, ei, Fynde Y grace bifore ow, and what ing e
e broer compellynge, takynge ei, ordeyne Y hal yue;
xii Goo we togideres, and Y hal be felowe of i weye. xii eche e dower, and ake e iftis, gladly Y hal yue
xiii And Jacob eyde, My lord, ow hat knowun at Y at e aken; oonly yf e to me is dameele to wijf.
haue tender litil children, and heep, and oxen ful xiii e ones of Jacob anweriden to Sichem and to e
wombe wi ynne, e whiche if more yn goynge Y do to fader of hym in trechory, waxynge cruel for e tupre of
traueyl, ei hulen o day alle e flockis dyen; e iter,
xiiii my lord go bifore his eruaunt, and Y hal folwe litil xiiii We mowen not doon at e aken, ne yue oure
mele e teppis of hym, as Y e my litil children to iter to a man vncircumidid, e which is vnleful and
mowen, to e tyme at Y come to my lord, in Seyr. wrongful anentis vs.
xv Eau anweride, Y preye ee, at of e puple at is xv But in at we mowen ben togidere boundun, if e
wi me, algatis felawis dwellen of i weye. It is not, he wole be like vs, and al kynde of maal be circumidid in
ei, nede; is oon oonlich Y nede, at Y fynde grace ow,
in i it, lord myne.

xvi anne we hulen yue and take togidere oure hem; and he indeluede hem vndur an theribynte, at is
dowtris and ouren; and we hulen dwelle wi ow, bihynde e cite of Sichem.
and we hulen be o peple. v And whanne ei weren goon, feerde of God ede
xvii If foroe e wolen not be circumidid, we hulen vpon alle e cytees by enuyroun, and ei weren not
take our dowtres, and goo awey. hardi to purue hem awey goynge.
xviii e profre of hem pleide to Emor and to Sichem, vi anne Jacob com to Luzam, at is in e loond of
his one, Chanaan, Bethel bi name, he and alle e peple wi
xix ne e onglyng tariede, but anoon at at was akid hym.
he hulde fulfil; foroe he louede ful greetli e vii And he bilde ere an auteer, and clepide e name of
damyele, and he was noble in al e hows of his fader. at place e hows of God; ere foroe aperyde God to
xx And ei goon yn e ate of e cite, peken to e hym, whanne he hulde flee his broer.
puple, viii e ame tyme was deed Delbora, e norich of
xxi es men ben peible, and wolen dwelle wi vs; Rebecca, and was byried at e rootis of Bethel, vndur
chaffare ei in e loond, and excerie ei it, e which an ook, and e name of e place is clepid e ook of
large and broode nedi tyliers; e dowtris of hem we weping.
hulen take wyues, and oure we hulen yue to hem. ix God foroe aperyde eftones to Jacob, after at he
xxii O ing is at putti off o myche good; if we was turnyd aen fro Meopotany of Syrye, and com into
circumiden oure males, folwynge e ryte of e folk, Bethel, and bliid to hym,
xxiii and e ubtaunce of hem, and e beetis, and al x eiynge, ow halt no more be clepid Jacob, but Yrael
at ei han hulen be ouren; oonli in at aent we, at hal be i name. And he clepid hym Yrael,
dwellynge togidrys we maken o peple. xi and eide to hym, Y God Almyti, grow, and be ow
xxiiii And alle ei ben aentid, alle e malis multiplied, folke of kynde and peplis of naciouns of
circumidid. ee hulen ben, kyngis of i leendis hulen goon oute;
xxv And loo! e ridde day, whanne e orwe of e xii e loond at Y haue ouun to Abraham and Yaac, Y
woundes is moot greuows, e two ones of Jacob, hal yue to ee, and to i eed after ee.
Symyon and Leuy, e brieren of Dyne, drawen to her xiii And he ede a wey fro hym.
werdis, ben goon into e cyte tritiliche, and leyn alle xiiii He foroe areride a tonen igne of worhip, in e
e males; place at God peke to hym, acrifiynge vpon it
xxvi Emor and Sichem togideres ei lewen, takynge acrifice of licowres, and heldynge oute oyle,
Dyne, her iter, fro e hows of Sichem. xv and clepynge e name of at place Bethel.
xxvii e which goon oute, e toer ones of Jacob fellen xvi And he goon out ens, com in veer tyme to e loond
vpon e layn men, and ei ditruyden e cyte, in to at ledi to Effratam, in e which whanne Rachel
vengeaunce of e tupre, hulde bere childe,
xxviii e heep of hem, droues, and aes, and alle ingis xvii for e hardnes of bir he biganne to perihe; and
watynge, at in e howis and in e feeldis weren; e meedwijf eide to hir, Wole ow not drede, for alo
xxix e litil children foroe, and e wyues of hem ei and is ow halt haue a one.
ladden cheytiues. e whiche ingis ful doon hardilich, xviii e oule foroe goynge oute for orwe, and now
xxx Jacob eyde to Symyon and Leuy, e han diturbid dee fallynge ynne, e name of hir one he clepide
me, and e han maad me haatum to Chananeis and Benony, at is, e one of my orwe; e fader foroe
Phareeis, e dwellers of is loond; we ben fewe, and clepide hym Beniamyn, at is, e one of e rit ide.
ei gederyd to giderys hulen myte me, and Y hall be xix anne Rachel was deed, and was biryed in e weye
doon awey and myn hows. at ledi to Effratam, at is Bethleem.
xxxi ei anweriden, Wheer as a trumpet ei hulden xx And Jacob reyide a igne of preying vpon e
myue oure itre? epulcre of hir; is is e title of e monument of Rachel
vnto e preent day.
Capitulum XXXV. xxi He goon out ens ficchide a tabernacle ouer e
i The mene tyme e Lord pak to Jacob, Arye, and tey towre of e flok.
to Bethel, and dwel ere, and mak an autere to e xxii And whanne he hulde dwelle in at regioun,
Lord, at aperide to ee whanne ou flow Eau, i Ruben ede, and lepte wi Bala, e ecundarye wijf of
broer. his fader, at to hym was not vnwit. Foroe e ones
ii Jacob foroe, al his hows clepid togidere, ei, Do of Jacob weren twelue;
awey alyen goddis, at ben in e mydil of ow, and be xxiii e ones of Lia, e firt gotun Ruben, and Symyon,
e clenid, and chaunge e oure clois; and Leuy, and Judas, and Yachar, and Zabulon;
iii rie e, and teye we vp in to Bethel, at we maken xxiiii e ones of Rachel, Joeph, and Beniamyn;
ere an autere to e Lord, e which ha herd me in e xxv e ones of Bale, e eruaunt of Rachel, Dan, and
day of my tribulacioun, and was felaw of my weye. Neptalym;
iiii anne ei yuen to hym alle alyen goddis at ei
hadden, and e eer ryngis, at weren in e erys of

xxvi e ones of Zelphe, e handmayden of Lye, Gad, xviii es foroe e ones of Oolybama, wijf of Eau;
and Aer. es e ones of Jacob, which ben born to hym duke Hyeus, duke Hyelon, duke Chore; es e dukis of
in Meopotanye of Syrye. Oolibama, dowter of Anee, wijf of Eau.
xxvii He cam alo to Yaac, his fadyr, into Mambre, e xix es ben e ones of Eau, and es e dukes of hem;
cyte of Arbee, is is Ebron, in e which pilgrimagid he is Edom.
Abraham and Yaac. xx es ben e ones of Seyr Horrey, e dwellers of e
xxviii And fulfillid ben e dayes of Yaac an hundryd loond, Jothan, and Sobal, and Sebeon, and Anam,
and eiti of eris; xxi and Dyon, and Eer, and Dyan; es e dukis of
xxix and endid ur age is deed, and he is put to his Horrei, ones of Seyr, in e loond of Edom.
peple, olde, and ful of dayes; and biryeden hym Eau xxii e ones foroe of Jothan ben maad, Horrey, and
and Jacob his ones. Theman; foroe e iter of Jothan was Thanna.
xxiii And es e ones of Sobal; Aluan, and Maneeth,
Capitulum XXXVI. and Ebal, Sephi, and Onam.
i Thes foroe ben e generaciouns of Yau; he is xxiiii And es e ones of Sebeon; Achaia, and Ana; is
Edom. is Ana, at fonde hoot watris in wildernes, whanne he
ii Eau took wyues of e dowtres of Chanaan, Ada, e fedde e he ais of Sebeon, his fadir;
dowter of Elom Ethei, and Oolibama, e dowter of a xxv and he hadde a one Dyan, and a dowter
one of Sebeon Euehi, Oolibama.
iii and Bethemath e dowter of Imael, e itir of xxvi And es e ones of Dyan; Amdam, and Jeban,
Nabaioth. and Jetran, and Charan.
iiii Ada foroe bare Eliphat; Bathemath gat Rahuel; xxvii And es e ones of Hear; Baalan, and Zauan,
v Oolibama gat Hyeus, and Hielon, and Chore. es e and Acham.
ones of Eau, at weren born to hym in e loond of xxviii And Dyan hadde ones, Hus, and Haran.
Chanaan. xxix es e dukis of Horreis; duke Jothan, duke Sobal,
vi Eau foroe took his wyues, and ones, and duke Sebeon, duke Ana,
dowtres, and al e oule of his hows, and ubtaunce, xxx duke Dyon, duke Heer, duke Dyan; es e dukis
and beetis, and al at he myte haue in e loond of of Horreis, at comaundeden in e loond of Seyr.
Chanaan, and ede into anoir regioun, and wente xxxi e kyngis foroe at regneden in e loond of
awey fro Jacob his broer; Edom, or at e children of Yrael hadden a kyng,
vii foroe ryche ei weren greetli, and togidere dwellen weren es;
myten not, and e loond of e pilgrimage of hem xxxii Balach, e one of Beor, and e name of his cyte
uteynede hem not, for e multitude of flockis. Denaba.
viii And Eau dwelte in e hil of Seyr; he is Edom. xxxiii Balach foroe died, and for hym regned Jobab, e
ix es foroe ben e generaciouns of Eau, fader of one of Zare of Bora.
Edom, in e hil of Seyr, xxxiiii And whanne Jobab was deed, regnede for hym
x and es e names of e ones of hym. Eliphath, e Huam of e loond of Thamaus.
one of Ada, wijf of Eau, and Rahuel, e one of xxxv is foroe deed, regnede for hym Adad, e one of
Bathemath, wijf of hym. Badady, e which mote Madyan in e regioun of
xi And e ones of Eliphat weren, Cheman, Emath, Moab, and e name of e cite of hym Abyuth.
Sephu, Gatan, Ceneth, and Chore. xxxvi And whanne Adad was deed, regnede for hym
xii Tanna foroe was e ecundarie wiyf of Elipath, Semla of Maarech.
one of Eau, at bare to hym Amalech. es ben e xxxvii And is deed, regnede for hym Saul of e flood of
ones of Ada, wijf of Eau. Robooth.
xiii e ones foroe of Rahuel, Naath, and Ara, Semma, xxxviii And whanne and is was deed, folwide into e
and Mera. es e ones of Bathemath, wijf of Eau. kyngdom Balaanan, e one of Achobor.
xiiii And es weren e ones of Oolibama, dowter of xxxix And is deed, regnede for hym Adad, and e
Ane, one of Sebeon, wiyf of Eau, whom he get to name of e cite of hym Phoa, and e wijf of hym was
hym; Hyeus, and Hielon, and Chore. clepid Meeabel, e dowter of Mathret, dowter of
xv es e dukis of e ones of Eau; e ones of Meaab.
Elyphath, e firt getun of Eau, duke Theman, duke xl es anne e names of e dukis of Eau, in kynredis,
Omar, duke Sephua, duke Seneth, and places, and her names; e duke Thanna, e duke
xvi duke Chore, duke Datan, duke Amelech. es e Alua, e duke Jezeth,
ones of Eliphath, in e loond of Edom, and es e xli e duke Oolibama, duke Ela, duke Phynon,
ones of Ade. xlii duke Zeneth, duke Theman, duke Mabar,
xvii And es e ones of Rahuel, one of Eau, duke xliii duke Madiel, duke Yram; es e dukys of Edom, e
Naath, duke Zara, duke Semma, duke Mera; es dwellers in e loond of his empire; he is Eau, e fader
foroe dukis of Rahuel, in e loond of Edom. es e of Ydumeis.
ones of Bathemath, wijf of Eau.

Capitulum XXXVII. xxi es ingis foroe herynge Ruben, enforide to
i Jacob foroe dwelte in e loond of Chanaan, in e delyuere hym of e hondis of hem, and eide, Slee we
which his fader pilgrimagide; not e lijf of hym,
xxii ne hede we blood, but row e him into e olde
ii and es ben e generaciouns of hym. Joeph whanne
he was of extene eer fedde a flok wi his breeren, it iterne, at is in wildernes, and kepe e oure hondes
a childe, and he was wi e ones of Bale and of vngilti. at foroe he eide, wilnynge to delyuer hym
Zelphe, wyues of his fader; and he accuide his fro e hondes of hem, and to elde to his fader.
xxiii anne anoon as he cam to his brieren, ei
breeren anentis e fader of e wert ynne.
iii Yrael foroe louede Joeph ouer alle his ones,
nakiden hym e ide coote to e hele, and of manye
erur at in elde he hadde getun hym; and he made colowrs,
xxiiii and puttiden into an olde iterne, at hadde no
hym a coote of dyuere colours.
iiii And e breeren of hym eynge at of e fader more
xxv And ittynge for to eet breed, ei een Ymaelitis
an alle e ones was loued, hatiden hym, and myten
not to hym eny ing peebli peken. weiegoers to comen fro Galaad, and camels of hem
v And it felle, at a een weuen he tolde to his
berynge wete pyces, and wete gumme, and myrre,
brieren, e which caue was eed of more haat. into Egipte.
xxvi anne Judas eide to his brieren, What hal it
vi And Joeph eide to his brieren, Here e my weuen
at Y aw, profit vs if we leen oure broer, and we hiden e blood
vii I wenede vs to bynden hondfullis in e feelde, and
of hym?
xxvii It is betere at he be old to Imaelitis, and our
myn hondful as to rye, and tonde, and oure
hondfullis tondynge al aboute to loute myn hondful. hondes ben not defoulid; foroe e broer and oure
viii And e brieren of hym anweriden, Wheer ow
fleh he is. e brieren aentiden to es wordes;
xxviii and e marchaundes Madyanytes goynge biides,
halt be oure kyng, oier we hal be vndirloute to i
bidding? is anne caue of weuenes and of wordis ei, drawynge hym oute of e iterne, olden hym to
mynytride norihynge of enuye and of haate. Ymaelytis for retti iluer pens; e whiche ladden hym
ix And anoer weuen he aw, at tellynge to his
into Egipte.
xxix And Ruben turned aen to e iterne, fonde not e
brieren, ei, I awe bi dreem as e unne, and e
mone, and e elleuen terrys to lowtun me. child; and e clois to-rent,
xxx goynge to his breeren, ei, e childe not aperi,
x at whan to his fader and brieren he hadde tolde,
blamede hym his fader, and eide, What to it ilf wole and whider Y hal go?
xxxi Foroe ei token e coote of hym, and in e blood
is weuen at ow hat een? Wheer Y, and i moder,
and i brieren hulen lowt ee vpon ere? of a kyde at ei hadden layn teyneden;
xxxii e which endynge hulden bere to fader, and eyn,
xi anne enuyeden to hym his brieren. e fader
foroe e ing tilli bihelde, is we han foundun, loke wheer e coote of i one it
xii and whanne e brieren of hym in e flockis of e
be or noon.
xxxiii e which whanne e fader knowi, ei, e coote
fader to ben fedde dwelliden in Sichem,
xiii Yrael eide to hym, i brieren feden heep in
of my one it is, e moot yuel wiylde beet ha etun
Sichemys; come, Y hal ende ee to hem. hym, a beet ha deuowrid Joeph.
xxxiiii And e clois to-rent, was cloid wi an heyr,
xiiii Who anwerynge, Y am redi, he ei, Go, and e if
alle ingis be welum anentis i brieren, and beetis, weilynge his one myche tyme.
xxxv And alle his free children gedered to gideres, at
and aen tel ow to me what is doon. He, ent fro e
valey of Ebron, cam into Sichym; ei myten wage e orow of e fader, he nolde
xv and a man fonde hym in e feelde errynge, and
coumfortyng take, but ei, Y hal decende to my one
akide, what he oute. weilynge into helle. And hym tedfatli dwellynge in
xvi And he anweride, My breeren Y eche, hew ow
xxxvi Madenytis olden Joeph in Egepte, to Putiphar, e
to me where ei feden e flockis.
xvii And e man eide to hym, ei wenten a wey fro is
geldyng of Pharao, e mayter of chyualrye.
place, foroe I herde hem eiynge, Go we into
Dothaym. And Joeph ede after his brieren, and
Capitulum XXXVIII.
fonde hem in Dothaym. i Judas decendynge e ame tyme fro his brieren,
xviii e whiche whanne ei eyen hym `a ferre, or he turnede to a man Odollamyte, Hyram bi name;
neiede to hem, outen to leen hym, ii and he aw ere e dowter of a Chanany man, Sue
xix and togidere ei peken, Loo! e dremer come, bi name. And a wijf takun, ede into hir,
xx go we, and le we hym, and putte we hym in an olde iii e which coneyuede, and bare a childe, and clepide
itern, and we hulen eye, e wert wiylde beet ha e name of hym Her.
deuowrid hym; and anne it hal apere what profiten to iiii And eftones conceyued e kynde, he nemnyde e
hym hys dremes. born one Onam.

v And e ridde child he bare, whom he clepide Sela, xxiii Judas ei, Haue he to hir ilf, certis of leynge
e which born, eeide to more bere childe. vndurnym vs he may not; I haue ente a kydde at Y
vi Judas foroe aue a wijf to his firt getun Her, bihite, and ow hat not foundun hir.
Thamar bi name. xxiiii Loo! foroe after re moneis men tolden to Jude,
vii And Her, e firt getun of Jude, was wickid in e it eiynge, Thamar, i ones wijf, ha doon fornycacioun,
of e Lord, and erfor was layn of hym. and e wombe of hir is een to wexe ful greet. And
viii anne Judas eide to Onam, his one, Go yn to e Judas eide, Bryng hir for, at he be brent.
wijf of i broer, and be ow felawhipte to hir, at xxv e which whanne he hulde be lad to e peyne, ent
ow rere eed to i broer. to her houbond fader, eiynge, Of e man whos es
ix He wytynge ones to be born not to hym, goynge to ben Y haue coneyued; know ow whos is e ryng, and
e wijf of his broer, hede e eed into e ere, let fre e arm ercle, and e taf?
children weren born in name of e broer; xxvi e which, e iftis knowun, ei, She is more
x and erfor e Lord mote hym, erur at a curid ritwie an Y, for I haue not takun hir to Sela, my
ing he dide. one; and neuerelater ouer at tyme he knewe hir not.
xi Wherfore Judas eide to Thamar, e wijf of his one, xxvii Foroe intondyng e beryng, gemels apereden in
Be ow a widwe in e hows of i fader, to e tyme at e wombe,
Sela my one growe; foroe he dredde let and he xxviii and in at heeldyng out of e children, e toon
hulde dye as e brieren of hym. e which ede, and putte for an hoond, in e which e medewife bonde a
dwelte in e hows of hir fader. reed reed, eiynge, is hal goon out raer.
xii And manye erys ouergoon, diede Sue, e wijf of xxix He foroe drawynge aen e hoond, ede out e
Jude, e which after weilyng coumfort takun, teiede toer, and e womman eide, Whi is e wal for ee
vp to e heepherdis of his heep, he and Yras, e dyuydid? And for at caue he clepide e name of hym
heepherd of e flok, Odollamyte, in Tampnas. Phares.
xiii And it was told to Thamar, at hir houbonde fader xxx Afterwarde ede out e broer of hym, in whos
teiede vp into Tampnas, to e heep at hulden be hoond was e reed reed, whom he clepyde Zaram.
xiiii e which, e clois of widewhed don down, toke to Capitulum XXXIX.
a roket, and e abite chaungid, at in e place of two i Thanne Joeph was lad into Egepte, and bout hym
weyes at lede to Tampnam; erur at Sela was Putiphar, e geldyng of Pharao, e prince of his oot
growun, and he hadde not takun hym to houbonde. Egipcien, fro e hondis of Imaelitis, of whiche he was
xv Whom whanne Judas hadde een, he trowide hir to brout.
ben a trumpet; he foroe hadde couerede hir chere, ii And e Lord was wi him, and he was a man in alle
let he were knowun. ingis welumly doynge. And he dwellide in e hows
xvi And he yngoynge to hir, ei, Lat me, at Y goo of his lord,
togidere wi ee; foroe he wite not at he was e iii e which alerbet knewe e Lord to be wi hym,
wijf of his one. e which anwerynge, What hal ow and alle ingis at he hulde doon, of hym to be
yue me, at ow ve me wi liggyng? greiid in e hoond of hym.
xvii he eide, Y hal ende to ee a kidde fro e flockis. iiii And Joeph fonde grace bifore his lord, and
And eft he eiynge, I hal uffre at ow wolt, if ow mynytride to hym, of whom bifore putte to alle ingis,
yue to me a wedde, to e tyme at ow ende at at gouernede e hows takun to hym, and alle ingis at to
ow bihotit. hym weren bitaut.
xviii Judas ei, What to ee wolt ow be ouun for a v And e Lord bliide to e hows of e Egipcyen for
wedde? She anweryde, i rynge, and in armercle, Joeph, and multipliede, as wel in howys as in feeldis,
and e taf at ow holdit in in hoond. anne at oon al e ubtaunce of hym;
togiders goynge e womman conceyuede, vi ne eny ing oer knewe but e breed at he eete.
xix and aryynge, he ede a wey; and e abite doon And Joeph was fayr in face, and eemly in it.
doun at he toke, he is cloid wi e clois of vii And o after many dayes e ladi kete hir eyen in
widewhod. Joeph, and ei, Sleep wi me;
xx Judas foroe ente a kidde bi his heepherd viii e which not aentynge to e hrewid dede, eide to
Odollomyte, at he hulde take a wedde at he aue to hir, Loo! my lord alle ingis to me takun, vnknowi
e womman; e which whanne he hadde not foundun what he ha in his hows,
hir, ix ne eny ing is, at is not in my power, or ha not
xxi akide e men of at place, Where is e womman takun to me, aue ee, at art e wijf of hym; how
at at in e two weies? anwerynge alle men, ere was anne may Y at yuel don, and ynne in my God?
not in is place a trumpet. x Wi iche maner wordis bi alle daies ei peken, and
xxii And he turnede aen to Juda, and eide to hym, I e womman was greuyd to e onge man, and he
haue not foundun hir, but and e men of at place refuide e hordom.
eiden to me, neuer ere to haue ittun a trumpet.

xi It felle foroe a day, at Joeph hulde goo into e x in e which weren re braunchis growun litil mele
hows, and umwhat of werk he hulde do wi outen into clutris, and after floures e grapes to wexe rijp,
witneis. xi and e chalice of Pharao in myn hoond; anne I toke
xii And he, e hemme takun of e cloing of hym, grapes, and wrong into e chalice at Y heelde, and
hulde eye, Slep wi me; e which, forakun e mantil toke drynke to Pharao.
in e honde of hir, flei, and ede oute. xii Joeph anweryde, is is e vndoyng of e weuen;
xiii And whanne e womman hadde een e clo in hir re braunches re it dayes ben,
hondes, and hir to be dipiid, xiii after whiche Pharao hal record of i eruyce, and
xiiii clepide to hir men of hir hows, and eide to hem, hal retore ee to e bifore had gree, and ow halt
Loo! he ha brout yn an Ebrew man, at he hulde yue to hym a chalice, after in office, as ow were
bigile vs; he was comun yn to me, at he hulde wont to do bifore.
togidere goo wi me, and whanne Y hadde vndercried, xiiii As myche haue mynde of me, whanne it were wel
xv and he herde my voys, he foroke e mantil at I wi ee, and mercy ow halt do wi me, at ow
heelde, and flei out. make uggetioun to Pharao, at he lede me out of is
xvi anne in argument of bileue, e holdun mantil he prioun;
hewide to e houbonde turnynge aen hoom. xv for euelich Y am had a wey fro e loond of Hebrew,
xvii And ei, To me is comun yn an Ebrew eruaunt, and here an ynnocent Y am ent into a laak.
whom ow hidir broutit, at he hulde bigijl me; xvi Seynge e mayter of bakers at he hadde vndo
xviii and whanne he hadde een me to crye, he foroke wieli e weuen, ei, And I aw a weuen, at I
e mantil at I heelde, and flei out. hadde ree baketis of melow vpon myn heed,
xix es ingis herd, and e lord to mych leueful to e xvii and yn e o baket, at was heier, Y trowide me to
wordis of e wijf, was ful wro; bere al maner metis at ben made wi bakers craft, and
xx and toke Joeph into pryoun, where e gyued men of bryddis to eet erof.
e kyng weren kept, and he was ere cloid. xviii And Joeph anweride, is is e vndoyng of e
xxi e Lord foroe was wi Joeph, and hauynge rewe weuen; re bakettis re it dayes ben,
of hym, aue to hym grace in e it of e prince of e xix aftir whom Pharao hal take a wey in heed, and
pryoun, hal honge ee in e croe, and fowlis hulen teere i
xxii e which toke in e hond of him alle e gyued men fleih.
at weren holdun in kepyng, and what ing was doon xx And fro ens e ridde day was e bire day of
was vndur hym, Pharao, e which makynge a greet feete to his
xxiii ne he knewe eny ing, alle ingis takun to hym; e children, recordid amonge e meetis of e mayter of
Lord foroe was wi hym, and made redi alle e botlers, and of e prince of bakers;
werkys of hym. xxi and retoryde e toer into his place, at he brynge
for drynke to e kyng,
Capitulum XL. xxii e toer he hongide in a gibite, at e ones of e
i And o es ingis doon, fel at two geldyngis remener were proued.
ynneden, e botler of e kyng of Egepte, and e baker, xxiii And neuerelater after fallynge welum ingis, e
to her lord. prouet of botelers forete of his dreem reder.
ii And Pharao wro aens hem, for e toer was bifore
to botlers, and e toir to bakers, Capitulum XLI.
iii putte hem into e prioun of e prince of knytis, in i After two eer Pharao awe a weuen; he trowide him
e which and Joeph was gyued. to tonde vpon a flood,
iiii And e kepere of e prioun tok hem to Joeph, e ii of e which teyden vp euene fayre oxen and ful
which and mynytryde to hem. A litil of tyme ede fatte, and ei weren fed in merhi places;
bitwixe, and ei in keping weren holdun, iii and oer euene out comen of e flood, fowle and al
v and bo een a weuen oon nyt, aftir couenable ouercomen wi leenee, and ei weren fedde in e
vndoyng to hem. brenke of e flood, in moot plenteuows grene places;
vi To whom whanne Joeph cam yn eerly, and aw hem iiii and ei deuouriden hem of whom was merueilows
drery, fayrnes and proporcioun of bodies. Pharao wakned,
vii akide hem, eiynge, Whi dreryer is oure face to day v lepte eftones, and aw anoer weuen; euene eerys
an it was wonte? buriounde in o talk and ful fayr,
viii e which anweryden, A weuen we han een, and vi and oer as feel eerys, inne and mytun wi
er is not at wol vndo it vs. And Joeph eide to hem, meldew, weren growun,
Wheer not of God is e vndoyng? Telle e to me what vii deuowrynge al e fayrnes of e firt. Pharao, a
e han een. wakynge after rete,
ix And e prouet of botlers bifore tolde his weuen; I viii and e morwetide bigunne, feerd for drede, ente to
aw bifore me a vyne, alle e reders of Egepte, and to all e wie men, and

hem clepid to, tolde e weuen, and ere was not at erur at e worde of God be doon, and wiftloker be
vndide it. fulfild.
ix anne at e lat e maiter of botlers remembrynge, xxxiii Now anne puruey e kyng a wie man and a redi,
ei, I knowleche my ynne; and bifore maak hym to e loond of Egipte,
x e king wro to his eruauntis, me and e mayter of xxxiiii e which ordeyn prouetis oru out alle
bakers comaundid to be put in prioun of e prince of regiouns, and e fifte part of fruytis ur out e euen
knytis, eer of plente,
xi where eier o nyt een a weuen, bifore hewynge of xxxv at now ben to comen, now geder he in to e
ingis at ben to comun. beernes; and al e wheet be leide vndur e power of
xii ere was `a eruant, Hebrew childe, of e ame duke Pharao, and be kepte in e cytee,
of knytis, to whom tellynge e weuenes, xxxvi and be bifore made redi to e hungur to come of
xiii we herden alle ingis at afterward e oute comyng e euen eer, e which is to oppree Egipte, and e
of e ing proued; foroe Y am oldun aen to myn loond be not conumed wi mychef.
office, and he was hongid in e croe. xxxvii e couneil pleide to Pharao, and to alle e
xiiii Anoon ei doddiden Joeph lad out of e prioun, at mynytris of hym,
e maundement of e kyng, and wi chaungid cloing xxxviii and he pake to hem, We mowen not fynde uch a
offreden to hym. man e which be ful of e piryt of God.
xv To whom he ei, I aw weuens, ne ere is at xxxix anne he eide to Joeph, For God ha hewed to
opni, e which I haue herd e moot wieli to cate. ee alle ingis at ow hat pokun, wheer a wier or
xvi Joeph anwerde, God wi outen me hal anwere a liyk to ee fynde Y may?
welum ingis to Pharao. xl ow halt be vpon myn hows, and at e maundement
xvii anne Pharao tolde at he aw; I wende me to of i mou al e puple hal obeihe; in o ing oonli in
tonde vpon e brynk of e flood, dignyte of e rewme ee Y hal go bifore.
xviii and euen oxen fro e flood togideres teyden vp, xli And eft Pharao eide to Joeph, Loo! Y haue
ful greetli fayr and ur oute wi fatt fleih, e whiche ordeynyde ee vpon al e loond of Egipte.
in e pature of merhe e grene lewis cheeden; xlii And he took a ryng of his hoond, and aue hym in
xix and loo! es folweden oer euen oxen, in as myche his hoond, and he cloide hym a tool of biys, and
defourme and leene, at neuer iche in e loond of putte aboute his necke a goldun beee,
Egipte Y aw; xliii and made him tey vpon his ecound chaar,
xx e whiche e raer deuowrid and watid, criynge a bedel, at alle men hulden bifore hym knele,
xxi no merke of fulfedyng ouun, but wi e ame and ei hulden wite hym to be prouet to al e loond
leenee and foulnes ei dwelten. A wakynge, of Egipte.
xxii eftones born doun wi leepe, I aw a weuen; xliiii And e kyng eide to Joeph, I am Pharao, wi
euene eeris buriounde in o talk, ful and moot fayr, outen i maundement hal not eny man meue hoond or
xxiii and oer euen, inne and mytun wi a brennynge foot in e loond of Egipte.
blate, growiden of e talk, xlv And he turnede e name of hym, and he clepide
xxiiii e whiche deuowreden e fayrnes of e raer. I hym in Egipcian tunge, e aueor of e world; and he
haue tolde to e reders e weuen, and no man is at aue to hym a wijf, Aenech, e dowter of Putifar,
out openi. preet of Helyopoleos. And o Joeph, goon oute to e
xxv Joeph anweride, e weuen of e kyng is oon; e loond of Egipte,
ingis at God is to do he hewede to Pharao. xlvi foroe was of ritti wynter whanne he tode in e
xxvi Seuen oxen fayr, and euen eerys fulle, euen eris it of kyng Pharao, and he ede aboute alle e
of plenti ben, and e ame trenge of weuen holdun; regiouns of Egipte.
xxvii and e euen oxen inne and leene, e whiche xlvii And plentines cam of e euen eer, and e cornes
teyden after hem, and euen eeris inne and mytun maad into handfullis ben gederyd into beernes of
wi a brennynge wynde, euen eris ben of hungur to Egipte,
comen, xlviii and al e plenti of fruytis in alle e citees was
xxviii e whiche bi is ordre hulen be fulfillid. leide to kepe,
xxix Loo! euen eres hulen come of greet plente in al xlix and e plentie of wheet was o myche, at to e
e loond of Egipte, grauel of e ee it was meurid euen, and e plenti
xxx whom hulen folwe oere euen eer of as greet paide meure.
bareynes, at to forgetyng be takun al e bihynd l To Joeph foroe weren borne two ones bifore at e
plentenes; hunger cam, whom to him bare Aenech, e dowter of
xxxi foroe to wate is hungur al e ere, and e Putifar, preet of Helyopoleos.
greetnes of myeys is to pille e greetnes of plentie. li And he clepide e name of e firt gotun Manaes,
xxxii at foroe ow hat eyn ecoundli a weuen eiynge, God ha maad me to forete alle my trauayls,
perteynyng to e ame ing, hewyng is of fatnee, and e hows of my fader;

lii and e name of e ecounde he clepide Effraym, xvi endi of ou oon, and bringe he him, e foroe
eiynge, God ha maad me growe in e loond of my hulen ben in boondis, to e tyme at e ingis at e
pornes. han eide ben proued, wheer fals or o ei ben; ellis
liii anne ouerpaed euen eer of plentie at weren in bi e hel of Pharao apies e ben.
Egipte, xvii anne he took hem to warde re daies;
liiii bigunne to come to e euen eer of meeys, whom xviii e ridde foroe dai ledynge out of prioun, ei,
Joeph eyde byfore, and in al e world hungur wex Do e at I eide, and e hulen lyue, God foro Y
greet; alo in al e loond of Egipte was hungur; drede;
lv e which hungring, e peple cryede to Pharao, xix if e be peible, oure o broer be boundun in
akynge lyuelod, to whom he anweride, Go to Joeph, prioun; e foroe go, and beri e whete at e han
and what euere he hal eye to ow, do. bout into oure howis,
lvi Foroe ech day hungur encreide in al e loond, xx and oure leet broer bryngi to me, at Y may
and Joeph openyde alle e beernes, and olde to proue oure wordis, and e not die.
Egipcyens, for and hem oppreide hungur; xxi And ei diden as he eide, and ei peken to gideres,
lvii and alle e prouynces camen into Egipte, at ei ur deert es ingis we uffren, for we han ynned in
myten bigge meetis and e yuel of myeis wagen. oure broer, eynge e angwihe of e oule of hym,
while he preyde vs, and we herden not, erfore come
Capitulum XLII. vpon vs is tribulacioun.
i Jacob foroe herynge at lyuelodes weren olde in xxii Of e whiche oon, Ruben, ei, Wheer Y eide not
Egipte, eide to his ones, Whi ben e necgligent? to ow, Nyle e ynne in e childe, and e herden not
ii I haue herd at wheet is olde in Egipte, decende e, me? loo! e blood of hym is out out.
and biggi to vs nedeful ingis, at we mowen lyue, xxiii ei witen not foroe at Joeph hulde
and we ben not conumed wi myeys. vndurtonde, erur at bi a mene perone vndoynge
iii anne decendynge e ten brieren of Joeph at ei bo e langagis he pak to hem.
myten bigge whete in Egipte, xxiiii And he turnyde hym ilf a wey a litil, and he
iiii Beniamyn wiholdun at home of Jacob, e which wepte, and turned aen he pak to hem;
eide to e brieren of hym, Let perauenture in e xxv and takynge Symeon, and byndynge hym, hem
weye eny ing he uffre of yuel. preent, and comaundide to e mynytris, at ei
v ei ben goon into e loond of Egipte, wi oere at hulden fille e ackis of hem wi whete, and leggen
eden to bigge; foroe ere was hungur in e loond of aen e money of eche in her ackis, euun ouer meetis
Chanaan. in e weie; e whiche diden o.
vi And Joeph was prince of Egipte, and at his bikenyng xxvi And ei berynge e whete in her ais eden for,
whete cornes weren olde to e peplis. And whanne his xxvii and e ak of oon openyd, at he myte yue to his
brieren hadden lowtid him, beet meete in an inturnyng place to rete, biholdun e
vii and he knewe hem, as to aliens harder he pak, money in e mou of e ak,
akynge hem, Whens cam e? e which anweryden, xxviii eide to his brieren, To me is oldun my money,
Fro e loond of Chanaan, at we biggen nedeful ingis loo! it is had in e ak; and ei tonyed al aboute and
to oure lyuelod. turbed, eiden togideres, What foroe is is at God
viii And neuerelater he e brieren knowinge is not ha doon to vs?
knowun of hem, xxix And ei comen to Jacob, her fader, in e loond of
ix and recordid of e weuen at umtyme he aw, ei Chanaan, and tolden to hym alle ingis at was fallun
to hem, A pies e ben, e ben comen at e myten e to hem, eiynge,
e febler ingis of e loond. xxx e lord of e loond hard pake to vs, and he wenyde
x e whiche eiden, It is not o, lord, but i eruauntis vs to be pies of e prouynce;
comen, xxxi to whom we anwerden, We ben peible, ne we ben
xi at ei myten bie meetis; alle e ones of o man we not aboute eny pies;
ben, peibli we comen, ne i eruauntis eny ing caten xxxii twelue brieren of o fadur getun we ben, e oon is
of yuel. not aboue, e leet wi e fadur dwelli in e loond of
xii To whom he anweryde, Oer weies yt is, e Chanaan.
vnwardid ingis of is loond e ben comen to biholde. xxxiii e which ei to vs, So I hal proue at e ben
xiii And ei eiden, Twelue brieren, ei eyn, i peible; oure o broer leeue e anentis me, and meetis
eruauntis we ben, e ones of o man in e loond of to oure houis nedeful take e, and go,
Chanaan; e leet is wi oure fader, e toer is not xxxiiii and oure leet broer ledi to me, at Y knowe
aboue. at e ben not apyes, and is at is holdun in boondis
xiiii at is, he ei, at I peke, a pies e ben, e mowen reeyue, and eraftir of biggyng at e wolen
xv for now experyment of ow I hal taak, bi e hele of e han leue.
Pharao e hulen not goon hens, to e tyme at oure
leet broer come;

xxxv es ingis eid, whanne eche heelden out whete, xiiii and my God Almyti make hym pleable to ow,
ei founden in e mou of e ackis boundun moneys. and end he aen wi ow oure broer, at he holdi
And alle togideres afeerd, in boondis, and is Beniamyn; Y foroe as priued wi
xxxvi e fader Jacob eide, Wi outen free children e outen free children hal be.
han maad me to be; Joeph is not aboue, Symeon is xv anne e men token iftis, and dowble money, and
holdun in bondes, Beniamyn e hulen take a wey fro Beniamyn, and decendiden into Egipte, and toden
me; alle es yuels in me han bacwarde fallun. bifore Joeph.
xxxvii To whom anwerde Ruben, My two ones le ou, xvi Whom whanne he hadde een, and Beniamyn
if Y brynge hym not aen to ee; taak hym in myn togidere, he comaundide to e dipenatowr of his
hoond, and Y hym to ee hal elde aen. hows, eiynge, Lede yn e men hoom, and lee e
xxxviii And he, My one, he ei, hal not decende wi beetis of acrifice, and ordeyne a feete; for wi me ei
ow; e broer of hym is deed, and he alone abidi; if ben to etun to day.
ony ing to hym of aduerite falle in e loond to e xvii And he dide as it was comaundid, and broute in e
which e hulen goon, e hulen lede doun myn hoore men hoom;
heeris wi orwe to helle. xviii and ere ei agat eiden to gideres, For e money
at we brouten bifore in oure ackis we ben lad yn, at
Capitulum XLIII. chalengyng he turne in vs, and violently ugette to
i The meene tyme hungur al e loond greetly bare raldom and vs and our ais.
doun; xix Wherfore in ilke atis goynge to, peken to e
ii and, e meetis brout to ende, at fro Egipte ei dipenatour,
hadden brout, Jacob eide to his ones, Turne e aen, xx Syre, we preyen ee, at ow here vs; now bifore we
and bigge e to vs a litil of meetis. decenden at we biggen meetis;
iii Judas anwerde, ilke man denounide to vs vndur xxi e whiche bout, whanne we comen to e place of
witneyng of oe, eiynge, e hulen not e my face, turnyng into rete, we opnyden oure ackis, and we
but oure leet broer e bryngen wi ow; fonden money in e mou of e ackis, at now in e
iiii if anne ow wolt ende hym wi vs, we hulen ame peye we han brout aen;
goon togidere, and to ee we hulen bye nedeful ingis; xxii but and oer money we han brout, at we biggen
v if foroe ou wolt not, we wolen not goon; e man ilke ingis, at ben necearye to vs; it ys not in oure
foroe, as we han ofte eide, denounide to vs, eiynge, concience, who it putte in oure bagges.
e hulen not e my face wi outen oure leet broer. xxiii And he anwerde, Pees wi ow, wole e not drede;
vi And Irael eide, is e han doon in to my oure God and e God of oure fader ha yue to ow
wrecchidnes, at e wolden hewe to hym and anoer treours in oure ackis; for e money at e yuen to
ow to han a broer. me, I haue it aproued. And he ladde out to hem
vii And ei anwerden, e man akide vs bi ordre oure Symeon;
progenye, if e fader lyued, if we hadden a broer; and xxiiii and ei in lad hoom, brout watir, and ei wechen
we anwerden to hym ewyngly, aftir at at he akide; her feet, and he aue fodder to e aes of hem.
wheer we myten wite at he was to eyn, Bryngi xxv ei foroe greiiden iftis to e tyme at Joeph
wi ow oure broer? hulde come yn at mydday, ei hadden herde foroe,
viii And Judas eide to his fader, Send e child wi me, at ere ei weren to etun breed.
at we goon for, and we mowen lyue, let dien we and xxvi anne Joeph cam into his hows, and ei holdynge
oure children; iftis in her hondis, offerden to hym, and lowtiden
ix I take e child, of myn hoond aen ake hym; but if I bowid into e ere.
come aen and take hym to ee, Y hal be gilti of ynne xxvii And he goodly hem aen alutid, akide hem,
in ee al tyme; eiynge, Wheer oure oold fader is aaf, of whom e
x if tariyng hadde not falle bitwix, now eftones we paken to me? it lyue he?
hadden comen. xxviii e whiche anwerden, He ys al hool, i eruaunt
xi anne Yrael, e fader of hem, eide to hem, If o it is oure fader it lyue; and ei bowid lowtiden hym.
nede, do what e wolen; take e of e bete fruytis of xxix And Joeph heuynge vp e eyen, aw Beniamyn,
e loond in oure veils, and beri iftis to e man, a his broer of o wombe, and ei, is is oure litil
litil of precious licoure of wete gumme, and of hony, broer, of whom e peken to me? And eft, God, he
and of licoure of e tree of torax, and of tactes, e ei, haue mercy of ee, one myne.
licoure of myrre tree, and of therebynt, and of xxx And he hiede into e hows, for e entrayls of hym
almaundis; weren moued vpon his broer, and teeris briten oute,
xii and dowble money bere e wi ow, and at at e and he, goynge in to e bed place, wepte.
han foundun in e ackis bere e aen, let perauenture xxxi And eft his face waihun, goon oute, tillide hym
ur errour it be doon; elf, and ei, Setti looues.
xiii but and oure broer taki, and go to e man; xxxii e whiche ett for, Joeph bi hym elf, and e
brieren bi hem eluen, and e Egipciens togideres

eetun bi hem eluen; foroe it is vnleueful to Egipciens xvii Joeph anwerde, Fer be it fro me, at Y us do; he
to etun wi Ebrews, and a fowle ing ei wenen ich a at ha tolne e cuppe be my eruaunt; e foroe go
manere feete. awey free to oure fader.
xxxiii ei etten bifore hym e firt geten, aftir e ritis xviii Foroe Judas comynge ner, ei tritily, My lord, Y
of his firt getyng, and e leete aftir his age; and ei preye, i eruaunt pek a word in in eeris, and ne
wondreden mych, wra ow to i eruaunt; ow art foroe after Pharao,
xxxiiii e partie takun at ei token of hym, and e my lord.
more party cam to Beniamin, o at bi fyue partis he xix ow akidit bifore i eruauntis, Haue e a fader or
paide; and ei drunken, and ben fulfillid wi hym. broer?
xx And we anwerden to ee, my lord, ere is to vs a
Capitulum XLIIII. fader oold, and a litil child, e which in eeld of hym is
i Joeph foroe comaundide to e dipenatour of his born, whos broer of o wombe is deed, and him oonli
hows, eiynge, Fille e ackis of hem wi whete, as ha his moder; e fader foroe tenderli loue him.
myche as ei mowen take, and ley e money of eche in xxi And ow eidit to i eruauntis, Bryngi hym to
e cop of her ak; me, and Y hal putte myn eyen vpon hym.
ii my ilueren foroe coppe, and e prie of whete at xxii We meueden to ee, my lord, e child may not
he af, putte in e mou of e ak of e onger; and it leeue his fader; if foroe he leeue hym, he hal dye.
is do o. xxiii And ow eidit to i eruauntis, But oure leete
iii And e morwetyde prongun, ei ben lete go wi her broer come to vs, e hulen no more e my face.
ais. xxiiii anne whanne we hadden teyed vp to oure fader,
iiii And now e cyte ei eden oute, and for eden a i eruaunt, we tolden hym alle ingis at my lord
litil; alo Joeph, e dipenatour of his hous clepid, pak;
ei, A rye, he ei, purue e men, and hem takun ey xxv and oure fader eyde, Go aen, and biggi vs a litil
ow, Whi han e oldun yuel for good? of whete;
v e coppe at e han toln, it is in e which my lord xxvi to whom we eiden, We mowen not goon; if oure
drynki, and in e which he is wonte to dyuyne; e leete broer hul decende wi vs, we hulen go
moot yuel ing e han do. togideres; ellis, hym abent, we dorun not e e face of
vi He dide as he comaundide, and, hem takun, bi ordre e lord.
pak. xxvii And he anwerde, e witen at two children gat to
vii e whiche anwerden, Whi us peki oure lord, at me my wijf;
i eruauntis o meche of wickidnes hulden han doon? xxviii e oon is goon oute, and e eiden, a beet ha
viii e money at we founden in e cop of e ackis we deuowryd hym, and it hidir to he aperyde not;
han brout aen to ee fro e loond of Chanaan, and xxix and if I take is, and eny ing to hym hal falle in
what maner is it folwynge at we hulden haue tolne e weye, e hulen doun lede myn hoore heeris wi
fro e hows of i lord gold or iluer? mournyng to helle.
ix Anentys whom euere of i eruauntis it were foundun xxx anne if I hal goo to i eruaunt, oure fader, and e
at ou ekit, be he deed, and we e eruauntis hulen child were ens, i e lijf of hym hongi of e lijf of
be of oure lord. is,
x e which eide to hem, Be it doon after oure entens; xxxi and e hym not be wi vs, he hal dye, and i
anentis whom it be foundun, be he my eruaunt; e eruauntis hulen down lede e hoore heeris of hym
foroe hulen be giltles. wi orwe to helle.
xi And o blyue doynge down into e ere e ackis, xxxii Be I propirli i eruaunt, e which haue reeyued
eche opnyde; is into my fei, and haue bihoote, eiynge, But I
xii e which aerchinge, bigynnynge fro e more vnto brynge aen hym, Y hal be gilti of ynne in my fader al
e leete, fonde e coppe in e ak of Beniamyn. tyme;
xiii And ei e clois to-rent, and eft chargid e ais, xxxiii and o Y hall dwelle i eruaunt for e child in to
ben turned aen into e wallid town. e eruyce of my lord, and e child acend wi his
xiiii And Juda e firte wi e breeren wente in to brieren;
Joeph; ne foroe it fro e place he hadde goon; and xxxiiii foro Y may not turne aen to my fader, e child
alle to e ere togidere fallen. abent, let a witnes I tonde to of mychef, at is to
xv To whom he ei, Whi us wolden e doon? wheir oppree my fader.
e vnknowen, at ere is noon lijk me in kunnynge of
dyuynynge? Capitulum XLV.
xvi To whom Juda, What, he ei, hulen we anwere to i Joeph myte no ferere wi holde hym elf, many
my lord, or what hulen we pek, or ritwily we biforn tondynge ny; wherfor he comaundide at alle
mowen aen tryue? God ha foundun e wickidnes of men hulden goon out, and noon alien were amonge to
i eruauntis; loo! alle eruauntis we ben of my lord, e knowyng togideres.
and we and anentis whom e cuppe is foundun.

ii And he arerid a voys wi wepyng, at Egipcyens xxii and to echone he comaundide to be brout for two
herden, and al e hows of Pharao. tolys; foroe to Beniamyn he af re hundryd ilueren
iii And he eide to his breeren, I am Joeph; it my pens, wi fyue e bet tolis;
fader lyue? e brieren myten not anwere, for ful xxiii as feele of money and of cloing eendynge to his
myche drede afeerd. fader, addynge to hem ten hee ais, at hulden karye
iiii To whom he goodliche, Come ner, he eide, to me. of alle e riccheis of Egipte, and as feele he ais,
And whanne ei weren comun ny, Y am, he ei, whete in e weye, and breed berynge.
Joeph oure broer, whom e olden in to Egipte; xxiiii anne he lafte his brieren, and to hem for
v wole e not drede, ne eme it to ow to be harde, at goynge ei, Ne wrae e in e weye.
e han oold me in es regiouns; foroe for oure xxv e whiche teyynge vp fro Egipte camen into e
hele God ha ent me bifore ow into Egipte. loond of Chanaan, to her fader Jacob;
vi Two eer it ys at hungur began to be in e loond, it xxvi and tolden to hym, eiynge, Joeph, i one, lyue,
fyue eers leeuen, in e whiche it may not be eerid, ne and he is lord in al e loond of Egipte. e which herde,
ropun; Jacob as of a greet leep awakynge; neuerelater he
vii and God ha bifore ent me, at e ben kepte vpon trowide not hem.
ere, and meetis to lyue han e mowen. xxvii ei aenward tolden al e ordre of e ing; and
viii Not ur oure couneil, but ur e wil of God Y whanne he hadde eyn e caryagis, and al at he hadde
am ent hydir, e which ha maad me as e fader of ent, aen quyckenyd e piryt of hym,
Pharao, and lord of al e hows of hym, and prince in al xxviii and ei, It uffici to me, if it Joeph my one
e loond of Egipte. lyue, I hal go and hal e hym or Y dye.
ix Hye e, and tye e vp to my fader, and e hulen eye
to hym, is biddi i one Joeph; God me ha maad Capitulum XLVI.
lord of al e loond of Egipte; decende to me, ne abide i And Yrael for goon wi al at he hadde, cam to e
ow, pit of oo; and lawn ere e beetis of acryfice to e
x and dwel in e loond of Geen; and ow halt be God of his fader Yaac,
biide me, ow, and i ones, and e ones of i ones, ii herde hym bi a vyioun e nyt clepynge hym, and
i heep, and i droues, and al at ou hat, eiynge to hym, Jacob! Jacob! To whom anwerde, Loo!
xi and ere Y hal fede ee; it foroe fyue eer ben I am ny.
leeued of hungur, let and ow perihe, and in hows, iii God ei to hym, Y am e moot trong God of i
and al at ow hat. fader; nyl ou not drede, decend into Egipte, for into a
xii Loo! oure eyen, and e eyen of my broer greet folk of kynde Y hal make ee ere;
Beniamyn een, at my mou peki to ow; iiii I hal decende wi ee idir, and Y hal ens lede
xiii telli to my fader al my glorie, and alle ingis at ee comynge aen, and Joeph hal leye his honden
e han een in Egipte; hye e, and bryng e hym to me. vpon in eyen.
xiiii And whanne cleppid hadde rit to hym e necke of v Jacob aroos fro e pit of oo, and his ones token
Beniamyn, his broer, he wepte, and hym wepynge alo hym, wi e children, and his wyues, in e waynes at
vpon e necke of hym. Pharao ente to bere e oold man,
xv And Joeph kiide alle his brieren, and wepte vpon vi and al at he hadde in e loond of Chanaan; and he
echone; aftir at ei weren hardi to peke to him. cam into Egipte wi al his eed,
xvi And it is herd, and wi olempne word pupplihid in vii and e ones of hym, and coyns, dowteres, and al
e halle of e kyng, e breeren of Joeph ben comun. e progenye togideres.
And Pharao ioyede, and al e meyne of hym; viii es ben foroe e names of e ones of Yrael, e
xvii and he eide to Joeph, at he hulde comaunde to whiche ben goon into Egipte; he wi his free children.
his brieren, eiynge, Chargynge e beetis go into e e firte getun Ruben;
loond of Chanaan, ix e ones of Ruben, Enoch, and Phallu, and Erom,
xviii and taki fro ens oure fader, and kynrede, and and Carmy.
come to me, and I hal yue to ow al e goodis of x e ones of Symyon, Jemuhel, and Jamyn, and
Egipte, at e eeten e mary of e loond. ahoth, and Jachyn, and Sab, and Saber, and Saul, e
xix Comaunde alo, at ei taken e waynes of Egipte one of Chanynytidis.
to e kariyng of her children, and wiues, and ey ow, xi e ones of Leuy, Geron, Caath, and Merary.
Taki oure fader, and anoon as e mowen comynge xii e ones of Juda, Her, and Onam, and Sela, and
maki redi, Phares, and Zara. Deed foroe ben Her and Onam in
xx ne leue e not eny ing of eny purtenaunce to oure e loond of Chanaan; and born ben e ones of Phares,
howhold, for al e ryches of Egipte hulen be ouren. Erom, and Amul.
xxi e children of Yrael diden, as it was bodun to hem; xiii e ones of Yachar, Thola, and Phua, and Jobab,
to whom Joeph af waynes, after e heete of Pharao, and Semron.
and metis in e weye; xiiii e ones of Zabulon, Sared, and Thelom, and

xv es e ones of Lye, at he gat in Meopotanye of Capitulum XLVII.
Syrie, wi Dyna hir dowter; alle e oulis of e ones i Joeph anne goon yn tolde to Pharao, eiynge, My
of hir and of doutres, ree and retti. fader and breeren, e heep of hem, and droues, and
xvi e ones of Gad, Sephyon, and Aggy, Suny, and
alle e ingis at ei han, ben comen fro e loond of
Heebon, Hery, and Arodi, and Arely. Chanaan; and loo! ei ben in e loond of Geen.
xvii e ones of Aar, Jamne, and Jeua, and Jeuy, and
ii And fyue men, e lat of his breeren, he ette bifore
Berya; and Sara, e douter of hem. e ones of Berya, e kyng,
Heber, and Melchiel. iii whom he akide, What han e of werke? ei
xviii es e ones of Zelphe, whom Laban af to Lye, his
anwerden, Sheepherdes of heep we ben, i eruauntis,
douter, and es gat Jacob, ixtene oules. and we and our fadres;
xix e ones of Rachel, wijf of Jacob, Joeph, and
iiii to pilgrimage into i loond we ben comen, for ere
Beniamyn. is noon eerbe to e flockis of i eruauntis; hungur
xx And born ben e ones of Joeph in e loond of
meche wexynge greuows in e loond of Chanaan, and
Egipte, e which gat to hym Aenech, e douter of we axen at ow comaunde vs to be i eruauntis in e
Putyphar, of e preet of Heliopoleos, Manaes, and loond of Geen.
Effraym. v And o e kyng eide to Joeph, i fader and i
xxi e ones of Beniamyn, Bela, and Becor, and
breeren ben comen to ee;
Abelgora, and Naaman, and Jethi, and Reemophym, vi e loond of Egipte is in i it, in e bete place make
and Ophyn, and Ared. hem to dwelle, and tak to hem e loond of Geen; and
xxii es e ones of Rachel, e whiche gat Jacob; alle e
if ow hat knowe to be redi men in hem, ordeyne hem
oules fourtene. maytrys of my beetis.
xxiii e ones of Dan, Vym.
vii After es ingis Joeph ladde yn his fader to e
xxiiii e ones of Neptalym, Jayel, and Gumy, and Jeer,
kyng, and ette hym beforn hym, e which bleynge to
and Salem. hym,
xxv es e ones of Bale, whom af Laban to Rachel,
viii and akyde of hym, How feele ben e dayes of e
his douter. es gat Jacob, alle e oules euen. eris of i lijf?
xxvi And alle e oules at ben goon wi Jacob into
ix He anwerde, e dayes of e pilgrimage of my lijf
Egipte, and goon out of e leende of hym, wi oute ben of an hundrid and retti eer, litil and yuel, and ei
wyues of his children, exti and exe. comen not vnto e dayes of my fadris, in e whiche ei
xxvii e ones foroe of Joeph, at ben born to hym in
han pilgrimagid.
e loond of Egipte, oules two. Alle e oules of e x And e kyng bliid, he ede oute.
hows of Jacob, at ben goon into Egipte, weren xi Joeph foroe to e fader and to his breeren af
euenty. poeyoun in Egipte, in e bet oyl of e loond of
xxviii Jacob foroe ente Juda before hym to Joeph, at
Ramees, as comaundyde Pharao;
he hulde telle to hym, and he hulde aen come into xii and he fedde hem, and al e hows of his fader,
Geen. yuynge meetis to eche oon.
xxix Whider whanne he was comun, Joeph, ioyned his
xiii Foroe in al e world breed lackide, and hungur
chare, teiede vp to mete wi his fader at e ame oppreide e ere, moot of Egipte and of Chanaan;
place. And eynge hym, felle vpon e nek of hym, and xiiii of e whiche al e money he gederyde togider for
bitwix e clippyngis wepte. e ellyng of whete, and putte it to e treorye of e
xxx And e fader eide to Joeph, Now glad Y hal dye,
for I haue een i face, and at in aboue ee Y leeue. xv And whanne to e biggerys faylide prijs, cam al
xxxi And he pak to his breeren; and to al e hows of
Egipte to Joeph, eiynge, if to vs breed; whi dien we
his fader, Y hal teye, and telle to Pharao, and Y hal bifore ee, faylynge money?
eie to hym, My breeren, and e hows of my fader, e xvi To whom he anwerde, Bryngi oure beetis, and Y
whyche weren in e loond of Chanaan, ben comen to hal yue to ow for hem meetis, if prijs e han not.
me, xvii e whiche, whanne ei hadden brout, he af to
xxxii and ben men kepers of heep, and han biynes of
hem foode for horis, and heep, and oxen, and ais;
flockys to ben fedde; her beetis, and her droues, and al and he uteynede hem at eer for chaungyng of
at ei mowen haue, ei brouten wi hem. beetis.
xxxiii And whanne he hal clepen ou, and eie, What is
xviii And ei camen e ecounde eer, and eiden to
oure werke? hym, We hiden not to oure lord, at failynge e money
xxxiiii e hulen anwere, Men heepherdes we ben, i
and e beetis togideres han failid, ne it is priue fro
eruauntis, fro oure childhod vnto e tyme at is now, ee, at wi outen bodies and loond we han not;
and we and oure faders. es ingis foroe e hulen xix whi anne hulen we dye, ee eynge? and we and
eye, at e mowen dwelle in e loond of Geen, for our loond of ee hulen ben, bie vs in to e kyngis
alle Egipcyens haten alle heepherdes of heep. raldom, and if vs eedes, let peryhynge e tilyer, e
loond be turned aen into wildernes.

xx anne Joeph boute al e loond of Egipte, echoon Effraym and Manaes as Ruben and Symeon hulen
ellynge his poeiouns, for e greetnes of hungur; ben acountid to me;
and he ugettide it to Pharao, vi e toer foroe whom ow halt gete after hem
xxi and al e puplis of it, fro e late termes of Egipte hulen be ine, and bi name of her breeren hulen be
vnto e vttmet cootis of it, clepid in her poeiouns.
xxii out takun e loond of pretis, e which of e kyng vii To me foroe whanne Y cam fro Meopotanye,
was take to hem, to whom and certeyn meetis of e Rachel was deed in e loond of Chanaan, in at weie,
comoun beernes weren ouun, and erfor ei ben not and it was veer tyme; and Y cam into Effratam, and Y
nedid to ellen her poeiouns. biryede hir biide e weie of Effrathe, e which in
xxiii anne eide Joeph to e peplis, Loo! as e anoer name is clepid Bethleem.
beholden, and ow and oure loond Pharao ha; taki viii And Jacob, eynge e ones of hym, eide to hym,
eedis, and owi feeldis, Who ben es?
xxiiii at e mowen han lyuelodis; e fyfe part e ix He anwerde, My ones ei ben, whom God ha
hulen yue to e kyng, e toer foure partis Y leeue to ouun to me in is place. Bryng hem, he ei, to me,
ow into eed, and into metys, to meynes, and to oure at I blie to hem.
children. x e eyen foroe of Yrael weren derke for greet eelde,
xxv e whiche anwerden, Oure hele is in in hoond; and cleerli he myte not e; and hem put to hym,
oure God oonly bihold vs, and gladliche we hulen kiynge and cleppynge hem,
erue to e kyng. xi eide to his one, Y am not bigilid of i it;
xxvi Fro at tyme vnto e day at is now, in al e loond forermore God ha hewid to me i eed.
of Egipte e fife part to kyngis is payed, and yt is xii And whanne Joeph hadde takun hem fro e boum
maad as into a lawe, wi outen e preetis loond, at of e fader, he anowride, bowid into e ere.
free was fro is condicioun. xiii And he putte Effraym at his rit hoond, at is, at e
xxvii anne Yrael dwelte in Egipte, at is, in e loond left yde of Irael; Manaes foroe in his lift ide, at e
of Geen, and hadde it, and was encreeid and rit ide of e fader, and he putte boe to hym.
multiplied greetly. xiiii e which trecchynge out e rit hoond, putte vpon
xxviii And he lyuede in it ixtene eer, and alle e dayes e heed of Effraym, e lae broer; e left foroe
of e lijf of hym ben maad of an hundryd and euene vpon e heed of Manae, e which was more ur
and fourti eer. bire.
xxix And whanne he bihelde e day of dee to nei, he xv Jacob togidere chaungynge e hondes bliide e
clepide his one Joeph, and eide to hym, If Y haue ones of Joeph, and ei, God, in whos it eden my
foundun grace in i it, putte in hoond vnder myn fadres Abraham and Yaac; God, at fedde me fro my
hippe, and ow halt do to me mercy and treue, at onge into e day at is now;
ow byrie me not in Egipte; xvi at aungel at delyueride me fro alle yuels, blee to
xxx but I hal leepe wi my fadris, and ow halt take es children, and my name be inwardly clepid vpon
me fro is loond, and birye me in e epulcre of myn hem, and e names of my fadris Abraham and Yaac;
eldres. To whom Joeph anwerde, I hal do at ow in multitude vpon ere growe ei.
hat bodun. xvii Joeph foroe eynge at his fader hadde putte e
xxxi And he, Sweer anne, he ei, to me; whom rit hoond vpon e heed of Effraym, greuowly tok, and
werynge, Yrael anowrede God, turned to e heed of e e hoond of e fader takun, enforide to heue fro e
bedde. heed of Effraym, and to ber ouer vpon e heed of
Capitulum XLVIII. xviii And he eide to e fader, Not o, fader, it falli to
i And o es ingis paid ouer, it was toold to Joeph, be, for is is e firt getun; put i rit hoond vpon e
at e fader of hym wex ik. e which wi hym takun heed of hym.
two ones, Manaes and Effraym, for eden to go. xix e which forakynge ei, I knowe, one myne, Y
ii And it was eide to e olde man, Loo! i one Joeph knowe; and is foroe hal be into puples, and hal be
is comen to ee; e which coumfortid at in e bedde. multiplied; but e broer of hym lae more an he hal
iii And to Joeph comun in to him, ei, God Almyti be, and e eed of hym hal growe into folk of kynde.
aperyde to me in Luza, at is in e loond of Chanaan, xx And he bliide hem in at tyme, eiynge, In ee
and he bliide to me, Yrael hal be bliid, and hal be eide, God do to ee as
iiii and ei, Y ee hal encreee and multiplie, and to Effraym and Manae; and he ette Effraym bifore
make into cumpanyes of peples, and Y hal yue to ee Manae.
is loond, and to i eed after ee, into euerlatynge xxi And he ei to Joeph, his one, Loo! Y dye, and
poeioun. God hal be wi ow, and he hal brynge ow aen to
v anne i two ones, at ben born to ee in e loond e loond of oure fadris;
of Egipte bifore Y com hider to ee, hulen ben myne, xxii Y yue to ee o parti oute of i breeren, at Y tok
of e hoond of Amorrey, in werde and in my bowe.

Capitulum XLIX. xxiii but ei eggiden hym out, and treuen, and enuyden
i Jacob foroe clepide his ones, and eide to hem, Be to hym, hauynge dartis.
xxiiii Sat in e trong e bowe of hym, and vnbounden
e gederid togidris, at Y telle at ben to comen to ou
in e late daies; ben e bondis of armes, and of e hondis of hym bi e
ii be e gadered togidris, and here e, e ones of Jacob,
hoond of e myti of Jacob; ens a hepherde ede out,
here e Yrael oure fader. e toone of Yrael.
xxv God of i fader hal be in helper, and e Almyti
iii Ruben, my firt getun, ow my trenge, and e
bigyning of my orwe; firt in iftis, and more in hal blee to ee wi bleynges of heuene fro aboue,
comaundyng; and wi bleyngis of e ee liggyng bene, and wi
iiii ow art held out as water; ne grow ow, for ow hat
bleyngis of tetis, and of e wombe;
xxvi e bliyngis of i fader ben coumfortid wi e
teied up e cowche of i fader, and ow hat defoulid
e bedde of hym. bliyngis of e fadris of hym, to e tyme at were
v Symeon and Leuy, breeren, e veels of hrewidnes,
comen e deyre of euerlatynge hillis; ben ei maad in
makynge batails; e heed of Joeph, and in e heed of Nazarei amonge
vi in e couneil of hem come not my oule, and in e
his breeren.
xxvii Beniamyn, a wulf raumpynge, e morwen tide he
cumpanye of hem be not my glorie; for in her woodnes
ei lewen a man, and in her owne wil ei hall eete a pray, and e euentide he hal dyuyde
vndurdelueden e wal; poylis.
xxviii Alle es in e lynagis of Irael twelue; es ingis
vii curid is e woodnes of hem, for it is tedfat, and e
indignacioun of hem, for it is hard; Y hal deuyde hem pak to hem her fader, and bleide hem eche wi
in Jacob, and I hal cater hem in Yrael. propre bleyngis.
xxix And he comaundide hem, eiynge, Y am gedered to
viii Juda, ee hulen preye i brieren, in hondis in e
kulles of in enemyes, e ones of i fader hulen my puple, birye e me wi my faders in e dowble
lowte ee. pelunk, at is in e feeld of Effron Ethei,
xxx aens Mambre, in e loond of Chanaan, at
ix e whelp of lyon Juda; to e prey, one myne, ow
teydit vp; retynge ow ley down as a lyon, and as a Abraham boute wi e feeld of Effron Ethei, into
lionee who hal arere hym? poeioun of a epulcre.
xxxi ere ei birieden hym, and Sara, e wijf of hym;
x e eptre fro Juda hal not be takun awey, and a duke
fro e leende of hym, to e tyme at he come at is to ere alo byried is Yaac, wi Rebecca e wijf; ere
be ent, and he hal be e abidynge of folk of kynde, and Lya biried lie.
xxxii And endid e maundementis wi whiche e ones
xi byndynge to a vynerd his colt, and to a vyn, O! my
one, his he ae; he hal wahe in wyne his toole, and he enfourmyde, he gederede togedere his feet vpon e
in blood of a grape his mantil; bed, and dyed, and put he is to his puple.
xii fayrer ben e eyen of hym an wyn, and e tee of
hym whitter an mylk.
Capitulum L.
xiii Zabulon in e brynke of e ee hal dwelle, and in i That eynge Joeph, fel vpon e face of e fader,
e tacioun of hippes, arechynge vnto Sidon. wepynge, and kyynge hym,
xiiii Yachar, an hee ae trong, liggynge bitwix e ii and comaundide to e eruauntis, his leches, at wi
teermes, wete oynementis ei hulden anoynte e fader.
xv aw ret at it was good, and e loond at it was iii e whiche e maundementis fulfillynge, paiden
bet, and vnderputte his huldur to bere, and he is maad ouer fourti dayes; is foroe manere was of bodies
to tributis eruynge. anoynt, and Egipte wepte hym euenti dayes.
xvi Dan hal deme his puple, and as anoer lynage in iiii And fulfillid e tyme of weilyng, Joeph to e meyne
Yrael. of Pharao pak, If Y haue founde grace in oure it,
xvii Be maad Dan an eddre of hadowe in e weie, and pek e in e eeris of Pharao,
an horned eddre in e pa, bitynge e cleen of an hors, v erur at my fader ha chargid me wi oo,
at e teyer up of hym falle bacward; eiynge, Loo! Y dye, in my epulcre at I deluede to me
xviii and i yuer of hele Y hal abyde, Lord. in e loond of Chanaan, ow halt byrye me; anne I
xix Gad gird hal feit bifore hym, and he hal be gird hal teie vp at Y byrye my fader, and hal turne aen.
bihynde. vi And Pharao eyde to hym, Stey vp, and byry i fader,
xx Aer, e fat breed of hym, and he hal eue delices to as ow hat worne.
kyngis. vii Whom tiynge vp, eden wi hym alle e oold men
xxi Neptalym, e herte ent out, and yuynge e pechis of e hows of Pharao, and alle e more ur bire of
of fayrnes. e loond of Egipte,
xxii e one acreeynge, Joeph, e one acreynge, and viii e hows of Joeph wi his breeren, wi outen litil
emly in it; e doutres hidir and ider renneden children, and flockis, and droues, at laften in e loond
vpon e wal, of Geen.

ix And he hadde in his ledyng chares, and rydynge EXODI.
men, and ere was maad e companye not a litil.
x And ei camen to e rehyng feelde of Adad, e Here bygynne Exodi.
which is et bionde Jordan, where holdynge e offices
for e deed, wi greet weilyng and hydows, fulfilliden Capitulum I.
euen dayes. i Thes ben e names of e ones of Yrael, at eden
xi at whanne hadden een e dwellers of e loond of into Egipte wi Jacob; eche wi her houholdes eden
Chanaan, eiden, A greet weilyng is is to e yn;
Egipcyens, and erfor ei clepiden e name of at ii Ruben, Symeon, Leuy, Judas,
place e weylyng of Egipte. iii Iachar, Zabulon, and Beniamyn,
xii anne e children of Yrael diden as it was iiii Dan, and Neptalym, Gad, and Aer.
comaundid hem, v anne weren alle e oules of hem at eden out of e
xiii and berynge hym into e loond of Chanaan, hipe of Jacob euenti and fyue. Joeph foroe was in
byryden hym in e dowble pelunk, at Abraham Egipte;
boute wi e feelde, into poeioun of a epulcre, of vi e which deed, and alle hys breeren, and al his
Ephron Ethei, aens e face of Mambre. coynage,
xiiii And Joeph is turned aen into Egipte, wi his vii e ones of Yrael wexen, and as burionynge ben
brieren, and wi al e cumpanye, e fader beryed. multiplied, and ei trengid fulfilliden e ere.
xv e which deed, dredynge e breeren of hym, and viii anne a newe kyng roos vpon Egipte, at knewe not
togidere pekyng, let perauenture he haue mynde of e Joeph,
wrong at he uffrede, and eelde to vs al e yuel at ix and he eide vnto his puple, Loo! e puple of e
we han do, ones of Yrael is myche, and tronger an we;
xvi enten to hym, eiynge, i fader comaundide vs or x come, wieli oppree we it, let perauenture ei ben
he hulde die, multiplied, and, if batayle arye aens vs, it be addid to
xvii at es wordes to ee we hulden eye, Y preye, at oure enemyes, and, we ouercomen, he go out of e
ow forete e wickidnes of i breeren, and of e loond.
ynne, and of e malyce at ei wrouten in ee; and xi And o he bifore putte to hem maytris of werkis, at
we preyen, at to e eruaunt of God, i fader, ow ei hulden ouertraueylen hem wi birens. And ei
foreue is wickidnee. e whiche ingis herd, Joeph bildeden to Pharao e citees of tabernacles, Phiton, and
wepte. Ramees.
xviii And to hym comen his breeren, and mekid into xii And in as myche as ei oppreiden hem, o myche
e ere lowtiden, and eiden, i eruauntis we ben. more ei weren multiplied, and wexen. And e
xix To whom he anwerde, Wole e not dreden, wheer Egipciens hatiden e ones of Yrael,
mowen we aentonde e wil of God? xiii and tourmentiden, cornynge to hem, and enuyinge;
xx e outen of me yuel, and God turne it into good, xiiii and to bitternes ei brouten her lijf wi harde
at he hulde enhaunce me, as e now een, at aaf he werkis of cley and tyle, and wi al eruage, ur e
make many puples; which ei weren rit down in werkys of e ere.
xxi wole e not dreden, Y hal fede ow, and oure xv And e kyng of Egipte eide to e mydwyues of
children. And he coumfortide hem, and fayre and oftly Ebrews, of e whiche oon was clepid Sephora, and `at
he pak, oer Fua,
xxii and dwelte in Egipte, wi al e hows of his fader, xvi comaundynge hem, Whanne e hulen erue e
and lyuede an hundrid and ten eer, wymmen of Ebrew, to taken her children of her
xxiii and aw e ones of Effraym vnto e ridde wombe, and e tyme of bire come, if it be a maal,
generacioun; and e ones of Machir, one of Manae, lee hym; if a femaal, kepi.
ben born in e kneen of Joeph. xvii Foroe e mydwyues dredden God, and diden not
xxiiii e whiche ingis ouerpaid, he pak to his after e heete of e kyng of Egipte, but kepten e
breeren, After my dee God hal viite ow, and make males.
ow teyen vp fro is loond to e loond at he fatnede xviii e whyche to hym clepid, eide e kyng, What now
wi oo to Abraham, Yaac, and Jacob. is is e wolden do, at e knaue children e wolen
xxv And whanne he hadde adiuryd hem, and eide, God kepe?
hal viite ow, bere e wi ow my bones fro is place, xix e whiche anwerden, Wymmen of Ebrew ben not as
xxvi he diede, fulfillid an hundred and ten erys of his e wymmen of Egipte, ei foroe han e kunnyng of
lijf, and anoyntide wi wete oynementis, was leid in to mydwyuyng, and er we comen to hem, ei ben
towmbe in Egipte. delyuered.
xx anne God dide wel to e mydwyues; and e puple
Heere endi Geneis and now bigynne Exodus.
growide, and was coumfortid greetli.
xxi And for e mydwiues dredden God, he byldyd to
hem houis.

xxii anne Pharao comaundide to al his puple, eiynge, xviii e whiche, whanne ei were turnyd aen to Jetro,
What euer of maal kynde hal be born, rowe e it in to her fader, he eide to hem, Whi ben e comen wifter
e flode; what euer of femaal, kepi. an e ben wonte?
xix ei anwerden, A man of Egipte ha delyuered vs
Capitulum II. fro e hoond of e hepherdis; alo and he ha drawun
i Aftir is ede out a man of e hows of Leuy, and tok a water wi vs, and yue drynke to e heip.
wijf of his lynage, xx And he, Where is he? he ei, whi han e laft e
ii at conceyuede, and bar a child, and, eynge hym man? clepe e hym, at he eete breed.
haply, hydde hym re moneis. xxi an Moyes were, at he hulde dwelle wi hym;
iii And whanne he myte hide hym no lenger, he tok a and he tok a wijf, Sephoram, e douter of hym.
ionket of rehen, and glewide it wie glewihe cley, xxii e which bar to hym a one, at he clepide Geran,
and wi picche, and putte e litil faunt wi ynne, and eiynge, A comlyng Y was in a traunge loond. And
ette out hym in e flaggi place of e brinke of e anoer foroe he bar, whom he clepide Elieer,
flode, eiynge, oe e God of my fader is myn helper, and
iiii his iter tondynge afer, and biholdynge e auenture ha delyuered me fro e hoond of Pharao.
of e ing. xxiii After myche foroe of tyme died e kyng of
v And, loo! e douter of Pharao decendide for to be Egipte, and inwardly weilynge e ones of Yrael for e
wahid in e flode, and hir mayden eruauntis eden bi werkis, crieden out, and e crye of `hem to God of her
e brynke of e flode. e which, whanne he hadde werkis teyde vp.
een e ionket in e growyng place of rehes, ente oon xxiiii And he herde e weilyng of hem, and was
of hir mayden eruauntis, and, it broute for, recordid of e boond of pees, at he couenauntide wi
vi opnynge and biholdynge in it a litil child wepynge, Abraham, Yaac, and Jacob;
hauynge rew of it, ei, Of e children of Ebrews he xxv and he bihelde e children of Yrael, and knewe
is. hem.
vii To whom e iter of e child, Wolt ow, he ei,
at Y go, and clepe to ee a womman of Ebrew, at Capitulum III.
may norihe e child? i Moyes foroe fedde e heip of Jetro, hys wyues
viii She anwerde, Go. e mayden child ede, and fader, preet of Madian; and whanne he had dreuen e
clepide hir moder. flok to e ynnermore partis of deerte, he cam to e hil
ix To whom pak e dowtir of Pharao, Tak, he eide, of God, Oreb.
is child, and norich to me, and Y hal yue to ee i ii And e Lord apperide to hym in a flawme of fier fro
mede. e womman tok, and norihide e child, e mydle of a buhe, and he aw at e buhe was
x and ful waxen tok to e dowter of Pharao, whom he ofier, and was not brent.
clepide to hir in teede of a one; and he clepide his iii anne eide Moyes, Y hal go, and e is greet it,
name Moyes, eiynge, For of e water Y tok hym. whi e buhe is not brent.
xi In ilke daies, after Moyes was waxen, goon out to iiii And e Lord biholdynge at he ede to een, clepide
his breeren, aw e tourmentyng of hem, and a man hym fro e mydle of e buhe, and ei, Moyes!
of Egipte mytynge oon of e Ebrews, his brieren. Moyes! e which anwerde, Y am ny.
xii And whanne he hadde beholdun al abowt hider and v And he, Ne come ow, he ei, no nerre hidur, but
ider, and no man he hadde een to be ny, e Egipcien lowe ow i hoyng fro i feyt; e place foroe at
mytun he hidde in e oonde. ow tondit yn is an holi loond.
xiii And goon out anoer day, he bihelde two Ebrews vi And he ei, Y am e God of i fader, God of
chidynge, and he eide to hym at dyde e wrong, Whi Abraham, and God of Yaac, and God of Jacob. Moies
mytit ow i broer? hidde his face, foroe he dort not loke aens God.
xiiii e which anwerde, Who ordeynede ee prince and vii To whom e Lord ei, I haue een e affliccioun of
domeman vpon vs? Wheer ow wole lee me, as ow my puple in Egipte, and Y haue herd e crye of it, for
lewe itirday e Egipcien? Moyes dradde, and ei, e hardnes of hem at ben before to e werkis. And
What manere is maad opyn is word? knowynge e orwe of it,
xv And Pharao herde is word, and oute to lee viii Y decendide to delyuere it fro e hoondis of
Moyes, e which fleynge fro hys it, dwelte in e Egipciens, and Y hal lede out fro at loond into a good
loond of Madyan, and at biidis a pitt. loond and a wide, into a loond at flowi mylk and
xvi Foroe ere weren to e preet of Madian euen hony, to e places of Chananey, and Ethey, Amorrei,
doutres, e whiche `comen to drawe watir; and, e and Phereei, Euehey, and Jebuey.
water goters fillid, ei coueytiden to water e flok of ix anne e crye of e children of Yrael is comen to
hyr fader. me, and Y haue een e affliccioun of hem, wi e
xvii ere ouercamen hepherdes, and rewen hem out; which ei ben oppreid of e Egipcyens.
and Moyes aroos, and, e mayden children defendid, x But come, and Y hal ende ee to Pharao, at ow
he watride her heep. lede my puple, e ones of Yrael, out of Egipte.

xi And Moyes eide to God, Who am Y, at I hulde iiii And e Lord eide, Strecch out in hoond, and tak
goo to Pharao, and lede out e ones of Yrael fro his tayle; he traute out, and helde, and it was turned
Egipte? into a erde.
xii e which eide to hym, I hal be wi ee, and is v at ei bileuen, he ei, at God of i fadres aperide
ow halt haue to tookun, at I haue ent ee, whanne to ee God of Abraham, and God of Yaac, and God of
ow halt lede my puple fro Egipte, ow halt do Jacob.
acryfice to God vpon is hil. vi And e Lord eide eftones, Putte in hoond into i
xiii Moyes ei to God, Loo! Y hal goo to e ones of boum; e which whanne he hadde putt into his boum,
Yrael, and Y hal eie to hem, e God of oure fadris he broute it for leprows, at liknes of now.
ha ent me to ow; if ei eyn to me, what is his name, vii Drawe aen, he ei, e hoond into i boum: he
what hal Y eye to hem? aen drew, and broute it for eftones, and it was lijk
xiiii e Lord eyde to Moyes, I am e which Y am; he vnto e toer flehe.
ei, us ow halt eye to e children of Irael, He at viii If ei leuen not, he ei, to ee, ne here e word of
is ha ent me to ow. e former igne, ei hulen leue to e word of e igne
xv And eftones God ei to Moyes, es ingis ow at folwe;
halt eye to e ones of Yrael, e Lord God of oure ix and if foroe ey leuen not to es twey ignes, ne
fadrys, God of Abraham, and God of Yaac, and God of heren i voys, tak water of e floode, and heeld it out
Jacob, ha ent me to ow; is is name to me wiouten vpon e drye loond, and what euere ow drawit of e
ende, and is my memoriale in generacioun and into floode, it hal be turned into bloode.
generacioun. x Moyes ei, Lord, Y bieche, I am not wel pekynge
xvi Goo, and gedere togidere e aldyr men of Yrael, and fro iterday and fro e ridde dai hens; and i ow
ow halt eye to hem, e Lord God of oure fadris ha pak to i eruaunt, Y am of more latum and of more
apeeryd to me, God of Abraham, and God of Yaac, low tonge.
and God of Jacob, eiynge, Viytynge Y haue viitid xi e Lorde eide to hym, Who made e mou of man,
ow, and Y haue een alle ingis at haue fallun to ow or who forgide e dowmbe and e deef, e eer and e
in Egipte; blynde? wheer not Y?
xvii and Y eyde, at Y hal lede ow out fro e xii Goo anne, I hal be in i mou, and Y hal teche
affliccioun of Egipte into e loond of Chananei, and ee what ow halt pek.
Ethei, and Amorrei, Phereey, and Euehi, and Jebuey, xiii And he, Y bieche, he ei, Lord, ende whom ow
to e loond flowynge mylk and hony. art to ende.
xviii And ei hulen here i voyce; and ow halt goon xiiii e Lord wroo aens Moyes, ei, Aaron, i
yn, and e alder men of Yrael to e kyng of Egipte, broer, Leuyte, I wote at he is a fayr peker; loo! he
and ow halt eye to hym, e Lord God of Ebrews ha hal goo out into in aen goynge, and eynge ee he
clepid us; we hulen goon a weye of re dayes into hal `be glad in herte.
wildernes, at we doon acrifice to e Lord oure God. xv Spek to him, and put my wordis in his mou, and Y
xix But Y wote, at e kyng of Egipte hal not yue ow hal be in i mou and `in his mou; and Y hal hewe
leue at e goon, but bi trong hoond; to ou what e hulen do.
xx foroe Y hal trecche out myn hoond, and Y hal xvi He hal peke for ee to e puple, and he hal be i
myte Egipte in alle my merueyles, at Y am to do in mou; ow foroe hal be to hym in es inges, at
e mydle of hem, and after es ingis he hal yue to pertenen to God.
ow leue. xvii And is erde tak in in hoond, in e which ow
xxi And Y hal eue grace to is puple bifore e art to doon ignes.
Egipciens, at whanne e gon out, e hulen not goon xviii Moyes ede, and turned aen to Jetro, his wyues
out voyd; fader, and he eide to hym, Y hal goo, and turn aen to
xxii but a womman hal ake of hir neibore and of hir my breeren in to Egipte, at Y e if ei it lyuen. To
get ilueren and goldun veels, and cloes, and e whom eide Jetro, Goo in pees.
hulen ligge hem vpon oure ones, and vpon oure xix anne e Lord eide to Moyes in Madian, Goo, and
doutres, and e hulen poyle Egipte. turn aen into Egipte; foroe alle ei ben deede, at
outen i lyf.
Capitulum IIII. xx Moyes tok his wyf, and his ones, and putte hem
i Moyes anwerde, and ei, ei hulen not leue me, ne upon an ae, and he is turned aen into Egipte,
here my voyce; but eyn, e Lord apeeryde not to ee. berynge e erde of God in his hoond.
ii anne he eide vnto hym, What is at at ow holdit xxi And e Lord eide to hym turnynge aen into
in in hoond? He anwerde, A erde. Egipte, Looke, at alle e ignes wori to be hewid
iii And e Lord eide, row it into e ere; he rewe it, ow do, e whiche Y haue putte in in hoond, before
and it was turned into a boke eddre, o at Moyes Pharao; Y hal hardun his herte, and he hal not leeue
flei. e puple;

xxii and ow halt eye to hym, es ingis ei e Lord, x anne, goon out, e maytris of werkis and e
My one firt getun Yrael; contreyners eyden to e puple, us ei Pharao, Y
xxiii Y eide to ee, leeue my one, at he erue to me; yue ou not chaf;
and ow woldit not leeue hym; loo! Y hal lee i firt xi go, and gederi, where euer e mowen fynde; ne
gotun one. eny ing hal be lae of oure werk.
xxiiii And whanne he was in e weie, in e yde turnyng xii And e puple is caterid ur out al e loond of
place to rete, e Lorde ede aens hym, and wold lee Egipte to be gadered chaf.
hym. xiii And e maytris of werkis greetly toden, eiynge,
xxv Anoon Sephora tok a ful harp toon, and kitte al Fulfille oure werk eche day, as before e weren wont
aboute e vttermore kynne of e erde of hir one, and to doon, whanne chaf was ouun to ou.
it touchide his feet; and he ei, A poue of blodis ow xiiii And ei ben tourmentid, at weren maytris to e
art to me. werkis of e children of Yrael, of e contreyners of
xxvi And he lafte hym, for e circumicioun, aftir at Pharao, eiynge, Whi han e not fulfillid e meure of
he hadde eid, A poue of blodes ou art to me. tylis, as bifore, nower itirday ne to day?
xxvii e Lord foroe eide to Aaron, Goo into e aen xv And e maytrys of e children of Yrael camen, and
comyng to Moies, into deert; e which ede to mete crieden out to Pharao, eiynge, Whi dot ow us aens
wi hym into e hil of God, and he kyide hym. i eruauntis?
xxviii And Moyes tolde Aaron alle e wordis of e xvi Chaf ben not ouun to vs, and tiles aliche many ben
Lord, for e whiche he ente hym, and e toknes at he comaundid. Loo! we i eruauntis ben betun wi
comaundyde. courges, and wrongfuli it is doon aens i puple.
xxix And ei comen togidere, and ei gadereden xvii e which ei, e tenden to ydelnes; and erfor e
togidere alle e alder men of e ones of Yrael. eyn, Go we and acrifye to e Lord;
xxx And Aaron pak alle e wordis, at e Lord hadde xviii go anne and worchi; chaf hal not be ouun to
eyde to Moyes; and he dide e ignes beforn e puple; ow, and e hulen elde e cutomyd noumbre of tilys.
xxxi and e puple bileuede; and ei herden at e Lord xix And e maytris of e ones of Yrael een hem
hadde viitid e ones of Yrael, and at he hadde eluen into yuel, for at it was eide to hem, ere hal
biholdun e affliccioun of hem; and redi ei anourden. not be maad lae eny ing of e tiles bi eche daies.
xx And ei aen wenten to Moyes and to Aaron, at
Capitulum V. toden euen aens, goynge out fro Pharao,
i Aftir es ingis eden in Moyes and Aaron, and xxi and ei eiden `to hem, Se e Lord, and deme, for to
eiden to Pharao, es ingis ei e Lord God of Yrael, tynken e han maad oure mel before Pharao and his
Leeue my puple, at ei doo acrifice to me in deert. eruauntis; and e han ouun hym a werd, at he lee
ii And he anwerde, Who is e Lord, at I here his vs.
voys, and leeue Yrael? Y knowe not e Lord, and Yrael xxii And Moyes turnede aen to e Lord, and ei,
Y hal not leeue. Lord, whi hat ow turmentid is puple? whi hat ow
iii ei eiden, e God of Ebrews ha clepid vs, at we ent me?
goon e weie of re dayes into wildernes, and acrifye xxiii Fro at tyme foroe at Y ede yn to Pharao for to
unto e Lord oure God, let perauenture falle to us pek in i name, he turmentide i puple, and ow hat
petilence, or werd. not delyuered hem.
iiii e kyng of Egipte ei to hem, Whi, Moyes and
Aaron, biyen e e puple fro her werkis? Go e to Capitulum VI.
oure charges. i And e Lord eide to Moyes, Now ow halt een,
v And Pharao eide, Mych is e puple of e loond; e what ingis Y am to do to Pharao; foroe bi a trong
eyn at e folk vudur growi; myche more, if e yuen hoond he hal leeue hem, and in a myti hoond he hal
hem rete fro werkis. rowe hem out of his loond.
vi He comaundide anne at day to e maytris of ii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, Y e Lord,
werkis, and to e contreyners of e puple, eiynge, iii at aperyde to Abraham, and to Yaac, and to Jacob
vii No more e hal yue chaf to e puple, at tiles ben in e God Almyti; and my name Adonay Y hewyde
maad as before; but goo ei hem iluen, and gadere not to hem;
toble; iiii and I couenauntide a boond of pees wi hem, at Y
viii and e meure of tyles at ei before maden, e hulde yue hem e loond of Chanaan, e loond of her
hulen putt vpon hem, and e hulen not laen eny pilgrimage, in e which ei weren comlyngys.
ing; foroe ei ben voyd, and erfor ei cryen out, v Y haue herd e weylyng of e children of Yrael, in e
eiynge, Goo we, and acrifye we to oure God; which e Egipciens han oppreid hem, and Y haue
ix be ei oppreid wi werkis, and fulfille ei hem, at recordide of my couenaunte.
ei aenten not to leynge wordis. vi erfore ey to e ones of Yrael, Y e Lord, at hal
lede ow out of e traueilous prioun of Egipciens; and

delyuere fro eruage; and forbigge in an ouerpayng xxvi is is Aaron and Moyes, to whom e Lord
arm, and in greet domes; comaundide, at ei hulden lede e ones of Yrael out
vii and Y hal tak ow to me into a puple, and Y hal be of e loond of Egipte be her companyes;
oure Lord; and e hulen knowe, at Y am e Lord xxvii es ben at peken to Pharao, e kyng of Egipte,
oure God, at ha ladde ow out fro e traueylows at ei leden e ones of Yrael out of Egipte;
prioun of Egipciens, xxviii is is Moyes and Aaron, in e day at e Lord
viii and broute ow into e loond, vpon e which Y pak to Moyes in e loond of Egipte.
haue lift up myn hoond, at Y yue it to Abraham, xxix And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, Y e Lord;
Yaac, and Jacob, and Y hal yue it to be had to ow; I pek to Pharao, kyng of Egipte, alle ingis at Y peke
a Lord. to ee.
ix anne Moyes tolde alle es ingis to e ones of xxx And Moyes ei bifore e Lord, Loo! Y am
Yrael, e whiche aentiden not to hym for e angwich vncircumcidid in lippys, what manere hulde Pharao
of pyryt, and e moot hard werk. here me?
x And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
xi Goo yn, and pek to Pharao, e kyng of Egipte, at Capitulum VII.
he leeue e ones of Yrael from his loond. i And e Lord eide to Moyes, Loo! Y haue ordeyned
xii Moyes anwerde before e Lord, Loo! e ones of ee e god of Pharao; and Aaron, i broer, hal be i
Yrael heren me not, and what manere hal Pharao prophete.
here, namelich i Y am vncircumcidid in lippes? ii ow halt pek to hym alle ingis at Y eende to ee,
xiii And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, and af a and he hal pek to Pharao, at he late e ones of
maundement to e ones of Yrael, and to Pharao, e Yrael out of his loond.
kyng of Egipte, at ei leden e ones of Yrael out of iii And Y hal ful harden his herte, and Y hal multiplie
e loond of Egipte. toknes and ignes wori to be hewid in e loond of
xiiii es be e princis of e houholdis bi her meynee. Egipte, and he hal not here ow;
e ones of Ruben, e firt goten of Yrael, Enoch, and iiii and Y hal eend yn myn hoond upon Egipte, and Y
Fallu, Erom, and Carmy; es e cognaciouns of hal lede myn oot, and my puple, e ones of Yrael,
Ruben. out of e loond of Egipte bi e grettit domes;
xv e ones of Symeon, Jamuel, and Jamyn, and Adod, v and e Egipciens hulen knowe, at Y am a Lord, at
and Jachym, and Soer, and Saul, e one of may trecche out myn hoond vpon Egipte, and lede e
Chananytidis; es e progenyes of Symeon. ones of Yrael out of e myddil of hem.
xvi And es e names of e ones of Leuy bi her vi And o diden Moyes and Aaron; as e Lord
cognaciouns, Geron, and Caath, and Merary. Foroe comaundide, o ei diden.
e eres of e lijf of Leuy weren an hundred and euen vii Foroe Moyes was of eiti eris, and Aaron of eity
and retti. and re, whanne ei paken to Pharao.
xvii e ones of Geron, Lobny and Semei, by her viii And e Lord eide to Moyes and Aaron,
cognaciouns. ix Whanne Pharao hal ey to ou, Shew to us ignes,
xviii e ones of Caath, Amram, and Yuar, and Ebron, ow halt ey to Aaron, Tak in erde, and row it
and Oziel; e eris foroe of e lijf of Caath an bifore Pharao, and be it turned into a bok eddre.
hundryd and ix and retti. x And o Moyes and Aaron, goon yn to Pharao, diden
xix e ones of Merary, Mooly and Mui. es e as e Lord comaundide; and Aaron tok e erde bifore
cognaciouns of Leuy bi her meynee. Pharao and his eruauntis, at was turnyd into a boke
xx Amram foroe tok a wijf, Jochabed, e douter of addre.
e broer to hys fader, e which bar to hym Aaron, and xi Pharao foroe clepid ages, and clepers of deuels to
Moyen, and Mary; and e eris of e lijf of Amram doon yuel, and ei alo diden bi Egipciens
weren an hundryd and euen and retti. enchauntyngis, and um priue ingis lyik manere;
xxi And e ones of Yuar, Chore, and Naphes, and xii and eche rewe for her erdes, at weren turned
Zethry. into dragouns; but e erde of Aaron deuouride her
xxii e ones foroe of Oziel, Myael, and Elizaphan, erdes.
and Sethri. xiii And e herte of Pharao was myche hardid, and he
xxiii Aaron foroe tok a wijf, Elizabeth, e dowter of herde hem not, as e Lord comaundide.
Amynadab, e iter of Naaon, e which bar to hym xiiii Foroe e Lord eide to Moyes, Engregid is e
Nadab, and Abyut, and Aleazar, and Ythamar. herte of Pharao, he wole not leeue e puple;
xxiiii e ones foroe of Chore, Aer, and Elchana, and xv go to hym eerli; loo! he hal goon out to e watris,
Abiaab; es ben e cognaciouns of Chorytis. and ow halt toond into his aen comyng upon e
xxv And foroe Eliazar, e one of Aaron, tok a wijf of brynk of e floode; and ow halt tak e erde, at was
e dowtris of Phatiel, e which bar to hym Phynees. turned into a dragoun, in in hoond,
es ben e princis of e Leuytis meynee bi her xvi and ow halt ey to hym, e Lord God of Ebrews
cognaciouns. ha ent me to ee, eiynge, Leeue my puple, at ei

acrifye to me in deert; and vnto now ow woldit not vii And e clepers of deuels diden by her enchauntyngis
heren. lijk maner; and brouten out frogges vpon e loond of
xvii anne es wordis e Lord ei, In at ow halt Egipte.
knowe, at Y am a Lord; loo! Y hal myit wi e viii Foroe Pharao clepide Moyes and Aaron, and
erde, at is in myn hoond, e water of e floode, and eiden to hem, Preye e e Lord, at he do awey
it hal turne into bloode; frogges fro me, and fro my puple; and Y hal lat e
xviii e fihis foroe, at ben in e floode, hulen dye; puple, at ei acryfye to e Lord.
and e water hal tynke, and turmentid hulen be e ix And Moyes eide to Pharao, Ordeyn me a tyme,
Egipciens drynkynge of e water of e floode. whan Y hal preye for ee, and for i eruauntis, and
xix And e Lord eid to Moyes, Sey ow to Aaron, Tak for i puple, at e frogges ben dreuen a wey fro ee,
i erde, and trecche in hoond out vpon e watris of and fro in hows, and fro y eruauntis, and fro i
Egipte, and vpon her floodes, and her ryuers, and puple; and oonly in e floode ei abiden.
merhis, and alle lakis of watris, at ei ben turned x e which anwerde, To morwe. And he, After i word,
into bloode; and at ere be corrupte rennying bloode he ei, Y hal do, at ow knowe, for ere is not a
in al e loond of Egipte, as wel in treen veel as in Lord as oure God;
tony. xi and e frogges hulen goon awey from ee, and from
xx And o Moyes and Aaron diden, as e Lord in hows, and fro i children, and fro i eruantis, and
comaundide; and arerynge e erde, he mote e watris fro i puple; and oonli in e floode ei hulen abijd.
of e floode before Pharao and his eruauntis, e which xii And Moyes and Aaron eden out fro Pharao. And
was turned into blood; Moyes criede to e Lord, for e biheete of froggis, at
xxi and e fihes, at weren in e floode, dieden; and he couenauntide to Pharao.
e floode tonke, at e Egipciens myten not drinke xiii And e Lord dide after e word of Moyes; and e
e water of e flood; and ere was bloode in al e frogges weren deed of e howis, and of e townes, and
loond of Egipte. of e feeldes;
xxii And e clepers of deuels to doon yuel of e xiiii and ei gedered hem togidere into greet heepes
Egipciens diden in liyk manere in her enchauntyngis; wiouten noumbre, and e ere tonke.
and e herte of Pharao was myche hardid; and he xv Pharao foroe eynge at ere was eue ret, his
herde hem not, as e Lord comaundide. herte engredgide, and herde not hem, as e Lord
xxiii And he turnede hym elf awey, and ede into his comaundide.
hows, ne he putte not to e herte, alo is while. xvi And e Lord eide to Moyes, Spek to Aaron,
xxiiii Foroe alle e Egipciens deluyden bi enuyroun of Strecche out i erde, and myit e powdre of e ere,
e floode, at ei myten drynk e water; foroe ei at ere ben tynggynge gnattes in al e loond of
miten not drynk of e water of e floode. Egipte.
xxv And euen dayes weren fulfillid, after at e Lord xvii And he dide o; and Aaron traute out e hoond,
hadde myten e floode. holdynge e erde, and he mote e powdre of e ere;
and ere weren maad tynggynge gnattes in men, and
Capitulum VIII. in beetis; al e powdre of e ere is turnyd into
i Foroe e Lord eide to Moyes, Goo into Pharao, tynggynge gnattes ur out al e loond of Egipte.
and ow halt ey to hym, es ingis ei e Lord, xviii And liyk manere diden e clepers of deuels in her
Leeue my puple, at he acrifye to me; enchauntyngis, at ei myten dryue out e tynggynge
ii ellis foroe if ow wolt not leeue hem, loo! Y hal gnattes, and ei myten not; and tynggynge gnattes
myte alle i cootis wi frogges; weren boe in men and in beetis.
iii and e floode hal boyl up froggis, at hulen teyn xix And e clepers of deuels eiden vnto Pharao, e
vp, and goo in to in hows, and into i bedchaumbre, fyngur of God ys here. And e herte of Pharao was
and vpon i beddynge, and into e houes of i greetli hardid, and he herde hem not, as e Lord hadde
eruauntis, and into i puple, and into i ouenes, and comaundide.
in to e relyues of i metis; xx And e Lord eide to Moyes, Arye eerli, and toond
iiii and to ee, and to i puple, and to alle i eruauntes before Pharao, foroe he hal goon out to e watris;
hulen goon yn froggis. and ow halt ey to hym, es ingis ei e Lord,
v And e Lord eide to Moyes, Sey to Aaron, Strecche Leeue my puple, at ei acrifye to me;
out i hoond vpon floodes, and vpon ryuers, and xxi and if ow late hem not, loo! Y hal eende into ee,
merhes; and brynge out frogges vpon e loond of and into i eruauntis, and into i puple, and into in
Egipte. howes, al kynde of fliis; and e howis of Egipte
vi And Aaron traute out e hoond vpon e watris of hulen be fulfillyd wi fliis of dyuere kynde, and al e
Egipte; and ere teyden vp frogges, and couerden e loond in which ei hulen ben.
loond of Egipte. xxii And Y hal mak merueylows in at day e loond of
Geen, in e which is my puple, at ere ben not ere

fliis; and wyte ow at Y am Lord in e myddel of e ix and be ere powdre vpon al e loond of Egipte; and
ere; ere hulen ben in men and yn beetis biles, and
xxiii and Y hal ette partynge bitwix my puple and i bleynes wellynge, in al e loond of Egipte.
puple; to morwe hal be is tokne. x And ei token aken of e chymney, and ey toden
xxiiii And o dide e Lord. And ere cam e moot before Pharao; and Moyes prengide it into heuene;
greuows flie in to e hows of Pharao, and of his and ere ben maad woundes of e wellynge bleynes in
eruauntis, and into al e loond of Egipte; and e loond men, and in beetis;
was corrupte of lyche maner fliis. xi ne e clepers of deuels myten toonde before
xxv And Pharao clepide Moyes and Aaron, and ei to Moyes, for e woundis at weren in hem, and in al e
hem, Goo, and acrifie to e Lord oure God in is loond of Egipte.
loond. xii And e Lord hardid e herte of Pharao, and he
xxvi And Moyes ei, It may not be doo o; e herde not hem, as e Lord pak to Moyes.
abhomynaciouns foroe of Egipciens hulen we offre xiii And e Lord eide to Moyes, Eerli arye, and toond
to oure Lord? at if we leen es ingis at Egipciens before Pharao, and ow halt ey to hym, es ingis
heryen beforn hem, ey hulen felle us down wi ei e Lord God of Ebrews, Lat my puple, at he
tones. acrifie to me;
xxvii We hulen goon e weye of ree dayes into xiiii for in is while Y hal ende alle my veniaunces
wildernes, and we hulen acryfie to e Lord oure God, vpon in herte, and vpon i eruauntis, and vpon i
as he ha comaundid vs. puple, at ou knowe, at ere is noon like me in al e
xxviii And Pharao eid, Y hal leeue ow, at e acrifie loond.
to e Lord oure God in deerte; neuereles go e a wey xv Now foroe I hal tretche out e hoond, and Y hal
no ferere; preie for me. myit ee and i puple wi petilence, and ou halt
xxix And Moyes ei, Y goon out fro ee hal preye e perihe fro e ere;
Lord; and e flie hal goo a wey fro Pharao, and fro xvi erfor foroe Y haue ett ee, at Y hewe my
his eruauntis, and fro his puple to morwe; neuereles trenge in ee, and my name be toold in eche loond.
wole ou no more deceyue me, at ow lat not e xvii it ow holdit my puple, and wole not leeue it?
puple acryfie to e Lord. xviii Loo! Y hal reyne to morwe is ame our ful myche
xxx And Moyes goon out fro Pharao preiede e Lord, hawle, what maner was not in Egipte, fro e day at it
xxxi at dide aftir his word, and he tok awey flies fro was ett, vnto e tyme at is now.
Pharao, and fro e eruauntis, and fro his puple; ere xix Seend anne now rit, and gedere togidere i
ouerlafte not oon foroe. beetis, and al at ou hat in e feelde; men foroe,
xxxii And e herte of Pharao was engredgid, o at it and beetis, and alle at hulen be foundun wiouten,
is while he wolde not leeue e puple. and not gedered togidere fro watres, and e hawle fal
vpon hem, ei hulen die.
Capitulum IX. xx He at dradde e word of e Lord, of e eruauntis
i To Moyes foroe eyde e Lord, Goo yn to Pharao, of Pharao, made his eruauntis and beetis flee togidere
and pek to hym, es ingis ei e Lord God of into howis;
Ebrews, Leeue my puple, at it acrifie to me; xxi he foroe at route not e word of e Lord, left his
ii at if it ow forakit, and holdit hem, eruauntis and beetis in e feeldis.
iii loo! myn hoond hal be vpon i feeldis, vpon horis, xxii And e Lord eide to Moyes, Strecche out in
and ais, and chamels, and oxen, and heip, a ful hoond into heuene, at ere be maad hawle in al e
greuows petilence; loond of Egipte, vpon men, and vpon beetis, and vpon
iiii and e Lord hal do a meruelows ing bitwix al erbe of e feelde in e loond of Egipte.
poeiouns of Yrael and e poeions of Egipcyens, xxiii And Moyes traute e erde into heuene; and e
at no ing algatis perihe of es ingis at pertenen to Lord af undres, and hawle, and dyuerly rennynge
e ones of Yrael. leytis vpon e ere; and e Lord reynede hawle vpon
v And e Lord ordeynede a tyme, eiynge, To morwe e e loond of Egipte;
Lord hal do is word in e loond. xxiiii and hawle, and fier mengid togidere weren brout;
vi e Lord dide anne is word e toer day, and alle and it was of o greet mychelnes, how greet bifore
e beetis of Egipciens dyeden; of e beetis foroe of neuer apeeride in al e loond of Egipte, i at folk
e children of Yrael no ing algat perihide. was maad.
vii And Pharao ent to looke, ne eny ing was deed of xxv And e hawle moot in al e loond of Egipte alle
es ingis at Yrael hadde; and e herte of Pharao was at weren in feeldes, fro man vnto beet; and al erbe of
inwardly agreued, and he lafte not e puple. e feelde moote e hawle, and eche tree of e cuntree
viii And e Lord eyde to Moyes and Aaron, Tak e it breke togidere;
hoondes ful of aken fro e chymney, and Moyes xxvi oonly in e loond of Geen, where weren e
prenge it into heuene before Pharao; children of Yrael, e hawle fel not.

xxvii And Pharao ente, and clepide Moyes and Aaron, ix Moyes ei, Wi oure children and aldren we hulen
eiynge to hem, Y haue ynned alo now; e Lord is goon; and wi ones, and doutres, wi heip, and
ritwiys, Y and my puple wickid; droues; it is foroe e olempnyte of e Lord oure
xxviii preye e e Lord, at e undres of God and e God.
hawle leeuen of, and Y hal leten ow, and e hulen x And Pharao anwerde, So e Lord be wi ow, what
dwelle here no more. maner anne Y hal leeue ow and oure children? to
xxix Moyes ei, Whanne Y hal goon out fro e citee, whom is it dout, at ful yuel e enken?
Y hal trecche out my hoond to e Lord, and e xi It hal not be doon o, but go e oonly men, and
undres hulen ceee, and hawle hal not be, at ow acryfye to e Lord; is foroe and oure eluen
knowe, for of e Lord is e ere; akiden. And anoon ei weren put out fro e it of
xxx foroe Y knowe, at ow and i eruauntis dreden Pharao.
not it e Lord God. xii And e Lord eide to Moyes, Strecche out in
xxxi e flax anne and barlich was hurt, for at at e hoond vpon e loond of Egipte, to a locut, at it tey
barlich was grene, and e flax now buriownde coddes; vp vpon e loond, and deuowre al herbe at to e
xxxii whete foroe and corn weren not hurt, for ei hawle was laft of.
weren of late growyng. xiii And Moyes traute out e erde vpon e loond of
xxxiii And Moyes goon out fro Pharao, and out of e Egipte, and e Lord broute yn a brennynge wynde al
citee, traute e hondes to e Lord, and undres and at day and nyt; and e morwe tyde biganne, a
hawle ceeiden, and no more droppide e reyn vpon e brennynge wynd reride vp locutes,
loond. xiiii e whiche teiden vp fro al e loond of Egipte, and
xxxiiii Pharao foroe eynge at e reyne hadde ceeid, eeten in alle e cootis of Egipciens vnnoumbrable,
and hawle, and undres, encreeid e ynne; and e whiche maner before at tyme weren not, ne afterward
herte of hym and of hys eruauntis is engredgid, ben to comen.
xxxv and his herte was ful myche hardid; and he lafte xv And ei couerden al e vttermot party of e loond,
not e ones of Yrael, as e Lord comaundide by e watynge alle ingis; anne e heerbe of e loond was
hoond of Moyes. deuowryd, and what euer ing of apples at was in
trees, at e hawle hadde laft; and algatys no grene
Capitulum X. ing was laft in e trees and in heerbis of e loond, in
i And e Lord eide to Moyes, Goo yn to Pharao, Y al Egipte.
foroe haue hardid e herte of him, and of his xvi Wherfor hiynge Pharao clepide Moyes and Aaron,
eruauntis, at Y make es my ignes in hym; and eide to hem, Y haue ynned in e Lord oure God,
ii and ow telle in e erres of i one and of i coyns, and yn ow;
how ofte ies Y haue born doun togidere e Egipciens, xvii but now foryue e e ynne to me; alo is ie
and haue doon toknes in hem; and knowe e for Y a prey e e Lord oure God, at is dee he doo a wey
Lord. fro me.
iii anne Moyes and Aaron eden yn to Pharao, and xviii And Moyes ede out fro e it of Pharao, and
eiden to hym, es ingis ei e Lord God of preide e Lord;
Hebrews, How long wolt ow not be uget to me? xix e which made blow e moot hidows wynde fro e
Leeue my puple, at it acrifie to me; wet, and e locut takun he rewe a fer into e reed
iiii yf foroe ow witonde, and wole not leeue it, loo! ee; and ere laft not foroe oon in alle e cootis of
Y hal leede yn to morwe a locut into i cootis, Egipte.
v at hal couer e vttermot of e ere, at eny ing of xx And e Lord hardide e herte of Pharao, and he lafte
it hal not apeere, but be etun at was lafte to e hawle; not e children of Yrael.
foroe he hal gnawe alle trees at buriounen in e xxi Foroe e Lord eide to Moyes, Strecche out in
feeldes; hoond into heuene, and be ere derknes vpon e loond
vi and ei hulen fulfille in howes, and of i of Egipte, o ik at ei mown be gropid.
eruauntis, and of alle e Egipcyens, how many han xxii And Moyes traute out e hoond into heuene, and
not een i fadris, ne her fadris, i ei weren born orrible derknees ben maad in al e loond of Egipte;
vpon ere, vnto e day at is now. And he turnede hym xxiii re dayes no man `myte e his broer, ne mouede
a wey, and ede out fro Pharao. him out of at place at he was ynne; where euer e
vii And e eruauntis of Pharao eiden to hym, How children of Yrael dwelten, was lit.
long hulen we uffre is claundre? Leeue e men, at xxiiii And Pharao clepide Moyes and Aaron, and eide
ei acrifye to e Lord her God; eet ow not, at to hem, Goe, and acrifie to e Lord; oure heep
Egipte perihi? oonli and droues abiden ei til; oure children goo ei
viii And ei clepeden aen Moyes and Aaron to Pharao, wi ow.
e which eide to hem, Go, and acrifie to e Lord xxv Moyes ei, Foroe ootis and brent acrifices ow
oure God; who foroe ben at ben to goon? halt yue to vs, at we offren to e Lord oure God;

xxvi allee flockis hulen goon wi vs; ere hal not iiii ifforoe e noumbre is to litil, at it may not
leeue a clee of e ingis at ben necearie into e uffice to eet e lombe, he hal tak his neibore, at is
heriyng of e Lord oure God, namely, whan we ioyned to his hows after e noumbre of e oules, at
knowen not what hal be offryd, to e tyme at we may uffice to e etyng of e lombe.
comen fullich to at place. v Foroe it hal ben a lombe wiouten wemme, a maal
xxvii And e Lord hardide e herte of Pharao, and he of o eer; after e which riyt e hulen take alo a
wold not leeue hem. kydde;
xxviii And Pharao eide to Moyes, Goo awey fro me, vi and e hulen kepe it vnto e fourtene day of is
and be war at ow e no more my face; what euer day mone; and al e multitude of e ones of Yrael hal
ow aperit to me, ow halt dye. offre it at euen.
xxix Moyes foroe anwerde, So be it doon, as ow vii And ei hulen take of his bloode, and leggen vpon
hat pokun; Y hal e no more i face. eier pot, and in e rehwoldes of e howes, in e
whiche ei hulen eet it;
Capitulum XI. viii and ei hulen eet fleh at nyt, rotid wi fier, and
i And e Lord eide to Moyes, it wi o veniaunce Y erf looues wi wylde letue.
hal touche Pharao and Egipte, and aftyr es ingis he ix e hulen not eten of it eny ing raw, ne oun wi
hal leeue ow, and contreyne to goon out. water, but oneli rotid wi fier; e heed wi his feet
ii anne ow halt eie to al e puple, at a man ake of and entrayls e hulen vowre;
his freend, and a womman of hir neibore, ilueren and x ne ere hal not leeue of it eny ing to to morwen;
goldun veels, and clois; and if eny ing be laft, wi fier e hulen brenne it.
iii foroe e Lord hal yue grace to his puple befor e xi So foroe e hulen eten it; e hulen girde about
Egipcyens. And Moyes was a ful greet man in e oure reynes, and e hulen haue hoon in oure feet,
loond of Egipte, before e eruauntis of Pharao and al holdynge taues in hoondis; and e hulen eete
e puple; hatiliche; it is foroe phae, at is to eye, e payng
iiii and ei, es ingis ei e Lord, At myd nyt Y hal for of e Lord.
goon yn to Egipte; xii And Y hall pae ur al e loond of Egipte at
v and ere hulen dye alle e fyrt gotun in e loond of nyt, and Y hal myit alle e firt gotun in e loond of
Egipciens, fro e firt gotun of Pharao, at itti in his Egipte, fro man vnto beete; and in alle e goddis of
ee, vnto e firt gotun of e handmayden, at is at e Egipte Y hal make domes; Y a Lord.
queern; and alle e firt gotun of beetis; xiii e bloode foroe hal be to ow into tokne, in e
vi and ere hal be a greet crye in al e loond of Egipte, houis in e which e hulen be; and Y hal e e
what maner was not bifore, ne aftirward is to come. bloode, and Y hal ouerpae ow; and ere hal not be
vii Anentis foroe alle e children of Yrael ere hal in ow a veniaunce detruyinge, whanne Y hal myit
not grucche a dog, fro man vnto beete; at e knowen, e loond of Egipte.
bi how myche myracle e Lord dyuydide e Egipciens xiiii Foroe e hulen han is day into mynde, and e
and Yrael. hulen halwe it olempne to e Lord in oure
viii And alle es i eruauntys hulen decende to me, generaciouns wi heriyng euerlatynge.
and ei hulen preye for me, eyynge, Go out ow, and xv Seuen daies e hulen eten erf breed; in e firt day
al e puple at is uget to ee; after es ingis we ere hal be no our dow in oure howes; who o euer
hulen goon out. And greetly wroo he ede out fro eti owred breed, hal perihe at oule fro Yrael, fro
Pharao. e firt day vnto e euene day.
ix e Lord foroe eyde to Moyes, Pharao hal not xvi e firt day hal be holy and olempne, and e
here ow, at many ignes be doon in e loond of euene day hal be wurhipful in e ame feete; no
Egipte. ing of werk e hulen doon in hem, out tak es at
x Moyes foroe and Aaron diden alle e ignes and perteyne to etyng;
alle e toknes wori hewynge, at ben wrytun, before xvii and e hulen kepe erf breed. Foroe in at ame
Pharao; and e Lord hardide e herte of Pharao, ne he day Y hal leede oure oot out of e loond of Egipte;
lafte e ones of Yrael fro his loond. and e hulen kepe is day in oure generaciouns in
ryte euerlatynge.
Capitulum XII. xviii e firte mone, e fourten day of e mone, at
i The Lord foroe eyde to Moyes and Aaron in e euen, e hulen eet erf breed, vnto e oon and twenti
loond of Egipte, day of e ame mone at euen.
xix Seuen dayes oure breed hal not be foundun in
ii is mone to ow e bigynnynge of e moneis hal
be e firt in monees of e eer. oure howes; who o eti oure breed, his oule hal
iii Spek e to al e cumpanye of e ones of Yrael, and
perihe fro e companye of Yrael, as wel of cumlyngis,
ey e to hem, e tene day of is mone tak echon a as of wi ynne borne of e loond.
xx Al oure breed e hulen not eet, and in alle oure
lombe bi meynee and her howis;
dwellyng places e hulen eet erf breed.

xxi Moyes foroe clepide alle e eldren of e ones of xxxix And ei bakiden meele, at a litil before prengide
Yrael, and eyde to hem, Goe, takynge a beete bi ei token out of Egipte, and ei maden erf looues
oure meynee, offre e pake; vnder aken; and ei myten not be maad owre, e
xxii and e litil prynkil of yop weti in bloode, at is Egipciens contreynynge to goon out, and not uffrynge
in e neir rewold, and prengi of it e to mak eny dwellyng, ne eny ing of owel ere com to
ouerrewold, and eier pot; noon of ow alle hal go to maken redi.
out of e dore of his hows vnto e morwen tyde. xl e dwellyng places foroe of e ones of Yrael, at
xxiii e Lord foroe hal pae for mytynge e ei dwelliden yn Egipte, was of four hundred and retti
Egipciens; and whanne he ee e bloode in e eer;
rewald, and in eier pot, he hal ouer goo e dore of xli e whiche fulfillid, e ame day ede al e oot of e
e hows, and he hall not uffre e myter goo into Lord out of e loond of Egipte.
oure howis, and hurten. xlii is is nyt of e Lord able to be kept, whanne he
xxiiii Kepe ow is word lawful to ee and to i ones ladde hem out of e loond of Egipte; is owen to kepe
vnto wiouten ende. alle e ones of Yrael in her generaciouns.
xxv And whanne e hulen goon into e loond at e xliii e Lord foroe eide to Moyes and Aaron, is is
Lord is to yue to ow, as he ha bihotun, e hulen e religioun of phak; ech alien hal not ete erof;
kepe es cerymonyes; xliiii al foroe eruaunt bout be he circumcidid, and o
xxvi and whanne oure ones hulen eye to ow, What is eet he;
is religioun? xlv comlyng and hyryd eruaunt hulen not eet ereof;
xxvii e hulen eye to hem, It is e acrifice for e xlvi in oon hows it hal be etun, ne e hulen not bere of
ouercomun enemys of e paing of e Lord, whanne his flehe out, ne boon of it e hulen breek.
he paide fore vpon e hows of e ones of Irael in xlvii Alle e companye of e ones of Yrael hal doo it;
Egipte, mytyng e Egipciens, and oure hows xlviii at if eny of pilgrymes wole come into oure
delyuerynge. And e puple bowid anowryde. heriyng of religioun, and do e pak of e Lord, before
xxviii And e ones of Yrael goon out, diden as e Lord eche maal child of him hal be circumcidid, and anne
comaundyde to Moyes and Aaron. wi rit he hal halewe, and he hal be togidere as a
xxix It was doon foroe in e myddil of e nyt, e wi ynne gotun of e loond; if eny foroe be not
Lord moot alle e fyrt gotun in e loond of Egipte, circumcidid, he hal not ete erof.
fro e fyrt gotun of Pharao, at at in his ee, vnto e xlix e ame lawe hal be to e wi ynne gotun, and to
firt gotun of e caytif womman, at was in prioun, e comlyng tilyer, at pilgrimagi anentis ow.
and alle e firt gotun of beetis. l And alle e ones of Yrael diden as e Lord
xxx And Pharao aroos e nyt, and alle his eruauntis, comaundide to Moyes and Aaron.
and al Egipte; and er was prongun a greet crye in li And in e ame day e Lord ladde e ones of Yrael
Egipte; and foroe ere was not an hows, in e which out of e loond of Egipte, bi her companyes.
leye not e deed.
xxxi And Moyes and Aaron clepid in e nyt, Pharao Capitulum XIII.
ei, Rye, and go out fro my puple, and e and e i Foroe e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
ones of Yrael; goe, and acrifie to e Lord, ii Halwe to me alle e fyrt gotun at openi e wombe
xxxii as e eyn; oure heip and oure droues taki, as in e ones of Yrael, as wel of men as of beetis, alle
e han akid; and goynge a wey blee e to me. foroe ben myne.
xxxiii And e Egipciens nediden e puple to goon out of iii And Moyes eide to e puple, Ha mynde of is day,
e loond wiftly, eiynge, Alle we hulen dye! in e which e ben goon out of Egipte, and of e hows
xxxiiii anne e puple tok prengid meel, or it were of raldom, for yn a trong hoond e Lord ha lad ow
owrid; and byndynge it in chaf, putte vpon her out of is place, at e eeten not owrid breed.
huldres. iiii To day e goon out, in e mone of new fruytis;
xxxv And e ones of Yrael diden as e Lord v and whanne e Lord hal leede ee into e loond of
comaundide to Moyes; and ei akiden of e Egipciens Chananey, and Ethei, and Amorrei, and Euehi, and
ilueren and goldun veels, and myche cloing. Jebuei, at he woore to i fadrys, at he hulde yue
xxxvi Foroe e Lord af grace to e puple before e to ee, e loond flowynge mylk and hony, and e
Egipciens, at ei wolden leene hem; and ei hulen halwe is manere of holy ingis is mone.
puyleden e Egipciens. vi Seuen dais e hulen eete erf breed, and in e
xxxvii And e ones of Yrael eden fro Remee into euene day hal be e olempnyte of e Lord;
Sochoth, almoot ix hundryd owynd of foot men, vii erf breed e hulen eete euen dayes, ere hal not
wi outen children and wymmen; apere anentis ee eny ing maad owre, ne in alle i
xxxviii but and e comoun of eier ex `or kynde cootis.
vnnoumbrable teyden vp wi hem; heip, and droues, viii And ow halt telle to i one at day, eiyng, is is
and ful many hauynge lijf of dyuere kynde. at e Lord ha doon to me, whanne Y ede out of

ix And it hal be as a tokne in in hoond, and as mynde iiii And Y hal harden his herte, and he hal purue ow,
before in eyen, at e lawe of e Lord euermore be in and Y hal `be glorified in Pharao, and in alle his
i mou; foroe in trong hoond e Lord ladde ee out ootis; and e Egipciens hulen wyte for Y am a Lord;
of Egipte, and of e hows of raldom. and ei diden o.
x ow halt kepe is maner heriyng e ordeyned tyme, v And it is told to e kyng of Egipciens, at e puple
fro dayes into dayes. `hadde flowun; and ful myche chaungid is e herte of
xi And whanne e Lord hal leede ee into e loond of Pharao, and of his eruauntis vpon e puple, and ei
Chananei, as he ha worn to ee, and to i fadris, and eiden, What wole we doon, at we leeuen Yrael, let it
hal yue it to ee, erue not to vs?
xii ow halt euer al at opene wombe, to e Lord, vi anne he ioynede e chare, and al his puple he tok
and at at cheef is in i beetis; what euer ow halt wi hym;
haue of maal kynde, ow halt halwe it to e Lord. vii and he tok ix hundryd choun charys, and al at of
xiii e firt gotun of an ae ow halt chaunge for a chares was in Egipte, and e leders of his oot.
heip, e which if ow `aen biyt not, ow halt leen; viii And e Lord hardide e herte of Pharao, e kyng of
alle. foroe e firt gotun of man of i ones ow halt Egipte, and he puruede e ones of Yrael; and ei
`aen bye in priys. weren goon out in a hie hoond.
xiiii And whanne i one hal ake ee to morwe, ix And whanne e Egipciens purueden e teppes of e
eiynge, What is is? ow halt anwere to hym, In a goers before, ei fonden hem in e tentis vpon e ee;
tronge hoond e Lord ha lad us out of e loond of alle e ridynge, and e chares of Pharao, and al e oot
Egipte, fro e hows of raldom; weren in Phyayroth, aens Beelephon.
xv for whanne Pharao was hardyd, and wold not leeue x And whanne Pharao was ny, e ones of Yrael,
vs, e Lord lowe al e firt gotun in e loond of heuynge vp her eyen, eyen e Egipciens after hem,
Egipte, fro e firt gotun of man vnto e firt gotun of and ei dradden greetli; and ei crieden to e Lord,
beetis; erfor Y offre to e Lord al at opene wombe xi and eiden to Moyes, Perauenture ere weren not
of maal kynde, and al e firt gotun of my ones Y epulcris in Egipte, erfor ow tok vs, at we dieden in
`aen bye. wildernes? what woldit ow do is, at ow woldit
xvi It hal be anne as a tokne in in hoond, and as a lede vs out of Egipte?
ing hongid vp for recordyng before in eyen, erur xii Was not is e word at we paken to ee in Egipte,
at in a trong hoond e Lord ha lad vs out of Egipte. eyinge, Goo awey fro vs, at we eruen to e
xvii anne whanne Pharao hadde leten out e puple, Egypcyens? it is foroe myche betere to erue to hem,
God ladde hem not out bi e weie of e loond of an to dye in wildernes.
Philiten, e which is ny; holdynge let perauenture it xiii And Moyes eide to e puple, Wole e not drede,
`hulde oenkyn hym, if it hadde een bateyls aens tonde, and ee e greet wondres of God, at he is to
hym to arye, and turnen aen into Egipte; doon to day; foroe e Egipciens at e now een, e
xviii but he ladde hem about bi e weie of deert, at is hulen een no more vnto wi outen ende;
biide e reed ee. And armed teyden vp e ones of xiiii e Lord hal fit for ow, and e hulen hoold oure
Yrael fro e loond of Egipte. pees.
xix Foroe Moyes tok e boons of Joeph wi hym, xv And e Lord eide to Moyes, What cryet ow to
erur at he hadde wi oo chargid e ones of me? Spek to e ones of Yrael, at ei goon for;
Yrael, eiynge, God hal vyyte ow, and ber e my xvi ow foroe arere in erde, and trecche out in
boons out hens wi ow. hoond vpon e ee, and dyuyde it, at e ones of Yrael
xx And ei goon from Sochoth, etten tentis in Etham, goon ur e drye, in e myddil ee.
in e vttermet cootes of wildirnes. xvii Y foroe hal harden e hertes of e Egipciens, at
xxi e Lord foroe wente beforn hem to be hewide e ei purue ow, and Y hal be glorified in Pharao, and
weie, bi day in e pilere of a clowde, and bi nyt in a in al his oot, and in e chares, and in e riders;
piler of fier, at he were leder of e weye eier tyme; xviii and e Egipciens hulen wyte at Y am Lord God,
xxii neuer faylide of e piler of e clowde bi day, ne e whanne Y hal be glorified in Pharao, and in chares,
piler of fier bi nyt, before e puple. and in his ryders.
xix And e aungel of e Lord, at ede before e catels
Capitulum XIIII. of Yrael, takynge hym elf ede after hem, and wi
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, hym togidere e pilere of e clowde, e forermore
ii Spek to e ones of Yrael; turned etteei tentis `forn leeuynge bihynde e bak,
aens Phyayroth, at is bitwix Magdalum and e ee, xx tode bitwix e tentis of Egipciens and e tentis of
aent Beelephon; in his it e hulen ett tentis vpon Yrael; and ere was a derk clowde, and litynge e
e ee. nyt, o at to hem elf togidere al e tyme of e nyt
iii And Pharao is to ey vpon e ones of Yrael, ei ben ei myten not cum ny.
artid togidere in a loond, deert ha encloid hem. xxi And whanne Moyes hadde traut out his hoond
vpon e ee, e Lord tok it awey, blowynge an hidous

wynde, and brennynge al nyt, and he turnede it into viii And in e pirit of i woodnes watris ben gederid
drowt; and e watir was dyuydid. togidere; e flowynge water tode, e depe watris ben
xxii And e children of Irael `wenten yn thur e gederid to gidere in e myddil ee.
myddel of e drye ee; foroe e water was as a wal at ix e enemye eide, Y hal purue, and Y hal tak;
e rit yde of hem and e lefte. robries Y hal dyuyde, my oule hal be fulfillid. I hal
xxiii And e Egipciens puruynge, eden yn after hem, drawe out my werd; and myn hoond hal lee hym.
al e horyng of Pharao, his chares, and his ryders, bi x i piryt blewe, and e ee couerde hem; and ei ben
e myddil of e ee. vnder dreynt as leed in hidows watris.
xxiiii And now was comun e morwetide, and loo! e xi Who, Lord, is lijk to ee in trong ingis, who is lijk
Lord biholdynge vpon e tentes of e Egypciens, by e to ee? ow doer of greet ingis in holynes, and
pilere of fyer, and of e clowde, lewe e oot of hem; feerful, and preyable, and doynge merueyls.
xxv and he turnede vpedown e wheles of e chares, xii ow hat traut out in hoond, and e ere ha
and ei weren born into e depe. anne eiden e deuourid hem;
Egipciens, Flee we Yrael; foroe e Lord fyti for xiii a duke ow hat ben in i merci to i puple, at ow
hem aens us. hat aenbout; and ow hat born it in i trenge to
xxvi And e Lord ei to Moyes, Strecche out in in holi dwellyng place.
hoond vpon e reed ee, at e watris turnen aen to xiiii Puples teiden vp, and ben wroo; orwes
Egipciens, vpon e chares, and e hormen of hem. wiheelden e dwellers of Philitien.
xxvii And whanne Moyes hadde traut out e hoond xv anne ben diturbid e princes of Edom; tremblyng
aens e ee, fyrt e morwetide it was turned aen to wiheelde e trong men of Moab. Alle e dwellers of
e raer place; and e Egipciens fleynge, watres aen Chanaan aenfruhiden for ferde;
comen, and e Lord wrapte hem wi ynne in e xvi inward drede fal vpon hem, and outward drede in e
myddel floodes. mykilnes of in arme. Be ei maad vnmouable as a
xxviii And e watris weren turned aen, and ei toon, to e tyme, Lord, at i puple pae; to e tyme
couerden e chares, and e hormen of al e oot of at i puple pae, is at ow hat weeldid.
Pharao, e whiche folwynge weren goon into e ee; ne xvii ow halt lede hem yn, and ow halt plaunt in e
oon foroe ouerlafte not of hem. hil of in heritage; wi i moot tedfat dwellyng,
xxix Foroe e ones of Yrael fulliche eden ur e Lord, at ow hat wrout; Lord, i eyntuarye, at in
myddil of e drye ee, and e watris weren to hem as hondes fatiden.
for a wal, fro e ryt half and fro e left half. xviii e Lord hal regne wiouten ende and ouer.
xxx And e Lord delyuerede Irael in at day fro e xix Foroe Pharao, rydynge wi charys, and his
hoond of e Egipciens, and ei een e Egipciens deed hormen eden yn to e ee, and e watris of e ee e
vpon e brenk of e ee, Lord aenbroute vpon hem; e ones foroe of Yrael
xxxi and e greet hoond at e Lord hauntide aens eden ur e drye, in e myddil of it.
hem; and e puple dredde e Lord, and leueden to e xx anne Mary, a prophetee, e iter of Aaron, tok a
Lord, and to Moyes his eruaunt. tympan in hir hoond, and alle e wymmen eden out
after hir, wi tympanes and daunes;
Capitulum XV. xxi wi e whiche he before onge, eiynge, Synge we
i Thanne Moyes oong, and e ones of Irael, is ditee to e Lord, gloriouly foroe he is magnyfyed; e hors
to e Lord; and eiden. Synge we to e Lord, foroe and his teier up he rew doun into e ee.
gloriouly he is magnyfied; e hors and e teyer up he xxii Foroe Moyes tok Yrael fro e reed ee, and ei
rewe down into e ee. eden out into e deert of Sur, and ei eden re dayes
ii My trenge and my preyyng e Lord; and he is ur wildirnes, and ei fonden no watyr.
maad to me into hele. is my God, and hym Y hal xxiii And ei camen into Marath, and ei myten not
gloryfie; e God of my fader, and hym Y hal drynk e watris of Marath, fori at ei weren bitter;
enhaunce. wherfor and a couenable name he putte to e place,
iii e Lord as a man fiter, Almyti his name; clepynge it Mara, at is, bitternes.
iiii e chare of Pharao and his oot he rewe fer into e xxiiii And e puple grucchide aens Moyes, eiynge,
ee. His choun princes weren turned vpedoun in e What hulen we drynk?
reed ee; xxv And he cryede to e Lord, e which hewide hym a
v e depe watris couerden hem; ei decendiden into e tree; e which whanne he hadde put into e watris, ei
depe as a toon. weren turned into wetnes. ere he ordeynede to him
vi Lord, i rit hoond is magnyfied in trenge; y ryt heetis and domes, and ere he temptide hym,
hoond, Lord, ha mytun e enemye. xxvi eiynge, If ow herit e voys of e Lord i God,
vii And in multitude of i glorie ow hat put doun alle and dot at at is ryt before hym, and obeyhit to his
myn adueraryes; ow hat ent i wra, at deuowride maundementis, and kepit alle his heetis, al e langour
hem as toble. at I putte in Egipte, Y hal not brynge yn vpon ee; I
foroe am e Lord i Sauyour.

xxvii eones of Yrael foroe camen into Helym, Moyes ei, is is e breed at e Lord ha ouun to
where weren twelue welles of watris, and euenti palme ow for to eete.
trees, and ei meueden tentis biides e waters. xvi is is e word at e Lord comaundide, Echon
gedere of it how myche it uffici for to eete, e tene
Capitulum XVI. part of re buhels bi ech heedes, after e noumbre of
i And ei eden for fro Helym, and al e multitude of oules at dwellen in e tabernacle, o e hulen taak.
e ones of Yrael cam into deert of Syn, at is bitwix xvii And o dyden e ones of Yrael, and ei gadreden
Helym and Synai, e fiftene day of e ecounde anoer more, anoer lee;
mone after ei weren goon out of e loond of Egipte. xviii and ei meurden it at e meure of gomor, at is,
ii And alle e congregaciouns of e ones of Yrael of rettene pownde, wi e tene part of two pownde;
grucchiden aens Moyes, and aens Aaron, in ne he at gederede more hadde more, ne he at
wildernes. gaderyde lee foond lee, but eche after at at he
iii And e ones of Yrael eiden to hem, Wolde God we myte eete gadreden.
hadden be deed bi e hoond of e Lord in e loond of xix And Moyes eide to hem, No man leeue erof vnto
Egipte, whanne we eeten vpon e pottis of fleh, and e morwen;
eten breede in fulnes; whi hat ow ladde vs into is xx e whiche herden him not, but um erof lafte vnto
deert, at ow mytit lee al is multitude wi e morwen, and it biganne to boyle wormes, and tonk;
hungur? and Moyes was wroo aens hem.
iiii e Lord foroe eide to Moies, Y hal reyn to ow xxi Foroe eche gaderede e morwetide as myche as
looues fro heuene; e puple goo out at he gadere at myte uffice to ete, and whanne e unne bigan to
ufficen bi eche dayes; at Y tempte hym, wheer he heet, it moltid.
goo in my lawe, or noon. xxii e ixte day foroe ei gadreden dowble metis, at
v e ixte day foroe greie ei at ei bryngen yn, is to eye, two gomors bi eche man. And alle e princes
and dowble be ere at ei weren wont to gedere bi of e multitude camen, and tolden to Moyes,
eche dayes. xxiii e which ei to hem, is is at e Lord pak, e
vi And Moyes and Aaron eiden to alle e ones of ret of e holy day is halwid to e Lord, to morwe al
Yrael, At euen e hulen wyte at e Lord ha lad ow at is to worchynge doe, and `at ben to eeing
out of e loond of Egipte; eee, and what euer hal be relif, lei vp til to
vii and e morwetide e hulen e e glorye of e Lord; morwe.
I haue herd foroe oure grucchyng aens e Lord; xxiiii And ei diden o as Moyes hadde comaundide,
what foro ben we, at e grucchen aens vs? and it tonk not, ne worme was founde ere yn.
viii And Moyes ei, e Lord hal yue to ow at euen xxv And Moyes eide, Eti at to day, for it is e aboth
fleh for to eete, and eerli looues in fulnes, for i at he of e Lord, yt hal not be founde to day in e feelde;
ha herd oure grucchyng, e which e han grucchid xxvi ix dayes gedere e, in e euene day foroe is e
aens hym; what foroe ben we? ne aens vs is oure aboth of e Lord, erfor it hal not be foundun.
grucchyng but aens e Lord. xxvii e euene day cam, and goon out of e puple at
ix And Moyes eide to Aaron, Sey to al e ei myten gedere, ei fonden not.
congregacioun of e ones of Yrael, Goo e to before e xxviii And e Lord eide to Moyes, How long wolen e
Lord, foroe he ha herd oure grucching. not kepe my maundementis, and my lawe?
x And whanne Aaron pak to al e companye of e xxix See at e Lord hal yue to ow a aboth, and
ones of Yrael, ei bihilden to wildernas, and loo! e erfore he hal yue to ow e ixt day dowble meetis;
glorye of e Lord aperyde in a clowde. dwel euerechon anentis hym ilf, no man goo out of his
xi Foroe e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, place e euene day.
xii Y haue herd e grucchyng of e ones of Yrael; pek xxx And e puple halowide e euene day.
ow to hem, At euen e hulen eete fleh, and eerli e xxxi And e hows of Yrael clepide e name of it man,
hulen be fillid wi looues, and e hulen wyte at Y at was as e eed of coliaundre white, and e taat of
am e Lord oure God. it as of tryed floure wi hony.
xiii anne it was doon at euen, and teiynge vp a curlew xxxii And Moyes eyde, is is e word at e Lord
couerde e tentis, and eerly dew cam by e enuirown of comaundide, Fulfil ow gomor of it, and be it kept into
e tentis. generaciouns afterward to comen, at ei knowen e
xiiii And whanne it hadde couerde e vttermore parti of breed wi e which Y norhide hem in wildernes,
e ere, it aperid in wildernes laid, and as wi a whanne e weren lad out of e loond of Egipte.
petel pownyd, into e lyknes of an hoore frot vpon e xxxiii And Moyes eide to Aaron, Tak a veel, and putte
ere. er yn man, how myche may take gomor, and ley vp
xv e which ing whanne e ones of Yrael hadden before e Lord, to kepe into oure generaciouns,
een, ei eiden togidere, Man hu? at bitokne, what xxxiiii as e Lord comaundide to Moyes; and Aaron
is is? foroe ei knewen not what it was. To whom putte it in e tabernacle, to be reerued.

xxxv And e ones of Yrael eten man fourti wynter, to xvi eiynge,For e hoond of e Lord oonli, and e
e tyme at ei camen into a loond able to dwel yn; batayle of God it was aens Amalech, fro generacioun
wi is meet ei weren norihid forto ei towcheden to into generacioun.
e cootys of e loond of Chanaan.
xxxvi Gomor foroe is e tene party of ephi, at is, a Capitulum XVIII.
meure of re buhels. i And whanne Jethro, e preet of Madian, coyn to
Moyes, hadde herd alle ingis at God dide to Moyes,
Capitulum XVII. and to Yrael his puple, fori at e Lord hadde ladde
i Thanne goon for al e multitude of e ones of Yrael Yrael out of Egipte,
fro e deert of Syn, bi her maniouns, after e word of ii he tok Sephoram, e wijf of Moyes, whom he ente
e Lord, `etten tentis into Raphidym, where was not aen,
water to e puple for to drynke. iii and e two ones of hym, of whom oon was clepid
ii e which ianglynge aens Moyes, ei, if to vs Geran, eiynge e fader, a comlyng Y was in an alien
water, at we drynken. To whom anwerde Moyes, loond,
What iangle e aens me, whi tempte e e Lord? iiii e toer foroe Eliezar, God foroe, ei, myn
iii e puple anne ritide ere, for mechef of water, helper of my fader, and he ha delyuered me fro e
and it grucchide aen Moyes, eiynge, Whi hat ow werd of Pharao.
maad vs to goo out of Egipte, at ow myte lee vs, v anne cam Jetro, coyne to Moyes, and e ones of
and oure fre children, and beetes, ur rit? hym and his wijf, to Moyes in deert, where he hadde
iiii Moyes foroe criede to e Lord, eiynge, What hal ett tentis biide e hil of God.
Y do to is puple? it a litil while, and it hal tonen vi And he ente to Moyes, eiynge, I, i coyn Jethro,
me. come to ee, and i wijf, and i two children wi hir.
v e Lord eide to Moyes, Goo before e puple, and tak vii e which, goon out into e aencomyng of his coyn,
wi ee of e aldren of Yrael, and e erde, wi e lowtide, and kiide hym, and ei alutiden hem ilf
which ow moot e floode tak in in hoond, and goo; togidris wi peible wordis. And whanne he was goon
vi loo! Y hal toond before ee ere, vpon e toon of into e tabernacle,
Oreb, and ow halt myte e toon, and ere hal goon viii Moyes tolde to his coyn alle ingis at God hadde
out of it water, at e puple drynk. Moyes dide o doon to Pharao, and to e Egipciens, for Yrael, and al
beforn e eldren men of Yrael; e traueyle at hadde fallun to hem in e weye, fro e
vii and he clepide e name of at place Temptynge, for which e Lord hadde delyuered hem.
e ianglyng of e ones of Yrael, and for ei temptiden ix And Gethro was glad vpon alle e goodis at e
e Lord, eiynge, Wheer is God in vs, or noon? Lord dide to Yrael, fori at he hadde delyuered hym
viii Foroe Amalech cam, and faute aen Yrael in fro e hoondis of e Egipciens;
Raphidym. x and ei, Bliid be e Lord God at ha delyuered
ix And Moyes eide to Joue, Chees men, and ow ou fro `e hondes of e Egipciens, and fro e hoond
goon out, fit aens Amalech, to morwen; and Y hal of Pharao, at ha drawun out his puple fro e hoond
toond in e frount of e hil, hauynge e erde of God of Egipte;
in myn hoond. xi now I haue knowun for greet is e Lord aboue alle
x Joue dide as Moyes had pokun, and he faute aens goddis, fori at ei prowdli diden aens hem.
Amalech. Moyes foroe, and Aaron, and Hur teiden xii anne Jethro, e coyn to Moyes, offrede to God
vp vpon e cop of e hil; brent acrifices, and ootes; and Aaron, and alle e
xi and whanne Moyes rereden vp e hoondes, Yrael aldren of Yrael, camen, at ei myten eete breed wi
ouercom; ellis foroe if he a litil abatide, Amalech hym before God.
ouercam. xiii Anoer foroe day Moyes at for to deme e puple,
xii Foroe e hoondes of Moyes weren heuy; anne e which tood ni to Moyes, fro morwe to euen.
ei, takynge a toon, puttiden vnder hym, in e which xiiii e which ing whanne his coyn hadde een, at is,
he ete. Aaron foroe and Hur uteyneden e hoondes alle ingis at he dide in e puple, ei, What is is
of hym, on eier yde; and it was doon, at e hoondes at ow dot in e puple? whi alone ittit ow, and al
of hym werieden not, vnto e goyng down of e unne. e puple abidi fro morwetide vnto euen?
xiii And Joue made Amalech to flee, and e puple of xv To whom anwerde Moyes, To me come e puple,
hym, in e mou of e werd. echynge e entence of God;
xiiii And e Lord eide to Moyes, Wryte is in e book xvi and whanne ere falli to hem eny trijf, ei comen
for mynde, and tak in e eeris of Joue; foroe Y hal to me, at Y deme betwix hem, at Y hewe e heetis
do a wey e mynde of Amalech vnder heuene. of God, and his lawe.
xv And Moyes bilde an auter, and clepide e name of it xvii And he, Not good ing, he ei, ow dot,
e Lord myn enhaunyng, xviii ow art conumyd wi foli labour, and ow and i
puple at is wi ee; ouer i trenges is is doyng of
cauis, alone `at ow halt not mowe uteyne.

xix But here my wordis and counels, and e Lord hal ix e Lord eyde to hym, Now rit Y hal com to ee in
be wi ee; be ow to e puple in es ingis at derknes of a clowde, at e puple here me pekynge to
perteynen to God, at ow telle to hem at ben eyd; ee, and leue to ee, into wi outen eende. anne
xx and ow hewe to e puple e erymonyes, and e Moyes tolde e wordes of e puple to e Lord,
ryte of heriyng, and e weie bi e whych ei owen to x at eide to hym, Goo to e puple, and halwe hem to
goon yn, and e werk at ei owen to doon. day and to morwen, and wahe ei her clois,
xxi And puruey of al e puple men myti, and dredinge xi and be ei redi into e ridde day; in e ridde day
God, in whom be trewe, and e whiche haten auerye; foroe e Lord hal deende before al e folk vpon e
and ordeyne of hem rewlers vpon owaundes, and hil of Synay.
rewlers vpon hundrees, and rewlers vpon fifti, and xii And ow halt ordeyn termes to e puple, bi
rewlers vpon ten, enuyroun; and ow halt eye to hem, Be war at e
xxii at mowen deme e puple al tyme; and what euer teyen not into e hil, ne touche e endes of it; eche at
`hal be more, telle ei it to ee, and deme ei e lae touchi e hil, wi de hal dye.
ingis oonli, at liter it be to ee, e charge partid xiii Hondes hulen not touche hym, but wi tones he
vnto oere. hal be preid down, or he hal be tickid wi dartis;
xxiii And if ow dot us, ow halt fulfil e wheer he be beet, or man, he hal not lyue; whanne
comaundement of God, and his heetis ow may e trumpe begynne to crie, anne tey ey vp into e
uteyne; and al is puple hal turne wi pees to her hil.
places. xiiii And Moyes decendide fro e hil to e puple, and
xxiiii e whiche ingis herd, Moyes dide alle ingis at halowede yt; and whanne ei haddun wahun her
he meuyde to. cloes,
xxv And dowti men, choun of al Yrael, he ordeyned xv he ei to hem, Be e redi into e ridde day, and
hem princes of e puple, rewlers vpon owandes, and neie e not to oure wyues.
rewlers vpon hundreis, and rewlers upon fifti, and xvi And now e ridde day was comen, and e
rewlers vpon ten, morwetide was ful cleerid; and loo! undres biganne to
xxvi at demeden e puple al tyme; what euer foroe be herd, and leytes to hynen, and e moot ik clowd
were harder, ei tolden to hym, oonli e liter ingis to couer e hil; and e crye of e trump more hidouly
demynge. made noye, and e puple dredde, at was in e tentes.
xxvii And he lafte his coyn, e which turnyd aen, ede xvii And whanne Moyes hadde led hem out into e
into his loond. aen comyng of God, fro e place of e tentes, ei
toden at e rotes of e hil.
Capitulum XIX. xviii And al e hil of Synay mokide, fori at e Lord
i The ridde mone of e goyng of Yrael out of e decendide vpon it in fier; and e meek teyde vp of it
loond of Egipte, in is day ei camen into e wildernes as of a furneys, and al e hil was ful feerful;
of Synai; xix and e own of e trompe litil mele pronge into
ii for ei goon for fro Raphidym, and comynge vnto more, and lenger was trecchid. Moyes pak, and e
deerte of Synay, `etten tentis in e ame place; and Lord anwerde hym,
ere Yrael ficchid tentis, `forn aens e hil. xx and e Lord decendide vpon e hil of Synay, in at
iii Moyes foroe teyde vp into e hil to God; and e cop of e hil, and he clepide Moyes in e heit of it.
Lord clepide hym fro e hil, and ei, es ingis ow Whider whanne he hadde teied vp,
halt eye to e hows of Jacob, and ow hal telle to e xxi he eide to hym, Decende, and as wi oo charge
ones of Yrael, e puple, let perauenture it wole pae ouer e termes
iiii oure elf han een what I haue doon to e to e e Lord, and of hem perihe a myche multitude;
Egipciens, what maner wie Y haue born ou vpon e xxii e preetis foroe at camen ny to e Lord, be ei
weenges of eglis, and haue takun to me. halewed, let Y myte hem.
v If anne e heren my voys, and kepen my couenaunt, xxiii And Moyes eide to e Lord, e comounte may not
e hulen be to me into my propre treour of alle tey vp into e hil of Synay; ow foroe hat witneid,
puples; myn foroe is al e ere; and comaundid eiynge, Put e termes about e hil,
vi and e hulen be to me into a preetis kyngdom, and and halwe it.
an holi folk; es ben e wordis at ou halt pek to e xxiiii To whom ei e Lord, Goo, decende, and ow
ones of Yrael. halt tey vp, and Aaron wi ee; e preetis foroe
vii Moyes cam, and clepide togidere e more men ur and e puple pae ei not e termes, ne teye ei vp to
bire of e puple, he expownede alle e wordes at e e Lord, let perauenture he lee hem.
Lord hadde comaundid. xxv And Moyes teiede vp to e puple, and alle ingis
viii And al e puple anwerde togidere, We hulen doon tolde to hem.
alle e ingis at e Lord ha pokun. And whanne
Moyes hadde told e wordis of e puple to e Lord, Capitulum XX.
i And e Lord pak alle es wordes `to Moyes,

ii Y am e Lord i God, at ha lad ee out of e loond xxv at if a tonen auter ow makit to me, ow halt
of Egipte, fro e hows of raldom. not edifie at of hewun toons; if foroe ow rerit i
iii ow halt not haue alyen goddis before me. `grauynge yrun vpon it, it hal be polutid.
iiii ow halt not mak to ee grauen ing, ne eny liknes xxvi ow halt not tey vp bi greees to myn auteer, let
at is in heuene aboue, and at is in ere benee, ne of i file be hewyd.
hem at ben in watrys vnder ere;
v ow halt not anoure hem, ne herye hem; I foroe Capitulum XXI.
am e Lord i God, trong gelows, viitynge e i Thes ben e domes, at ow halt purpoe to hem.
wickidnes of fadris in ones into e ridde and e fere ii If ow bye an Ebrew eruaunt, ixe eer erue he to
generacioun of hem at hatiden me, ee, in e euene eer he hal goo out fre, freliche;
vi and doynge merci into ouyndes to hem at louen iii wi what maner cloing he com yn, wi iche he go
me, and kepen myn heetis. out; and if he is hauynge a wijf, and e wijf goo out at
vii ow halt not tak e name of e Lord i God in ones.
veyn, ne foroe e Lord hal haue innocent hym, at iiii If foroe e lord yue to hym a wijf, and he ber
taki e name of e Lord his God in ydel. ones and dowtris, e womman and e fre children of
viii Haue mynde to halwe in holy day; hir hulen be of his lord; he foroe hal goo out wi
ix ixe daies ow halt worche, and doon alle i werkis; his cloing.
x e euene foroe day is e haliday of e Lord i v at if e eruaunt eie, Y loue my lord, and wijf, and
God; ow halt not doon al werk, ow, and i one, and fre children, I hal not goon out fre;
i dowter, and i eruaunt, and in handmayden, i vi e lord offre hym to e goddis, and he hal be
beete, and comlyng at is wi ynne i atis; preentid to e dore, and potes; and he hal ril his eer
xi ixe foroe daies God made heuene and ere, e ee, wi an alle, and he hal be to hym a eruaunt into e
and alle ingis at ben in hem, and he retide e world.
euene day; erfore e Lord bliide to e holi day, vii If eny ille his dowter into a eruaunt, he hal not
and halwide it. goo out as handmaydens weren wont to goon out;
xii Honour i fader and i moder, at ou be of long lijf viii if he diplee in e eyen of hir lord, to whom he
vpon ere, at e Lord i God hal yue to ee. was takun, he hal leeue hir; foroe to an alyen puple
xiii ow halt not lee. he hal not haue power of illyng, if he leeue hir.
xiiii ow halt `do no leccherye. ix If foroe he poue hir to his one, after e maner of
xv ow halt not do efte. dowtres he hal do to hir;
xvi ow halt not pek aens i neibore fals witnes. x and if he tak anoer womman to hym, he hal puruey
xvii ow halt not coueyte e hows of i neibore, ne to e mayden bridalis and cloes, and e prye of e
ow halt deyre e wijf of hym, ne eruaunt, ne clennes he hal not denye.
hoondmayden, ne oxe, ne ae, ne alle ingis at ben of xi If es re ingis he do not, he hal goon out frelich
hym. wi outen money.
xviii Al e puple foroe herde voyces, and aw xii Who myti a man, wilnynge to lee, wi dee die
lawmpes, and herde e own of e trompe, and e hil he;
mokynge; and ferde and mitun togidere wi xiii who foroe is not aweytid, but God ha takun hym
vttermore drede, ei toden afer, into his hondes, Y hal ordeyne to ee a place whidyr
xix eiynge to Moyes, Spek ow to vs, and we hulen hym awe to flee.
here; pek not e Lord to vs, let perauenture we dien. xiiii If eny man of auyement le his neibour and by
xx And Moyes eide to e puple, Wole e not drede, at apyes, fro myn auteer ow halt pul hym, at he be
foroe God proue ow he cam, and at e drede of layn.
hym were in ow, and at e ynnen not. xv Who myti his fader, or moder, wi dee dye he.
xxi And e puple tood afer; Moyes foroe cam ny to xvi Who curi his fader, or moder, be he deed.
e derknes, in e which was God. xvii Who teli a man, and elli hym, conuycte of e
xxii And e Lord eide forermore to Moyes, es trepas, wi dee dye he.
ingis ow halt eye to e ones of Yrael, e han een xviii If men chiden, and `at oon myte his neibour wi
at from heuene I haue pokun to ow; toon, or wi fit, and he be not deed,
xxiii e hulen not mak wi me ilueren goddis, ne xix but lye in e bed, if he arye and goo out vpon his
goldun goddis e hulen mak to ow. taf, he hal be ynnocent at moot; o neuereles at
xxiiii An auter of ere e hulen mak to me, and e he retore e biy traueils of hym, and e expenis into
hulen offre vpon it oure `brent acrifices, and peible, leches.
oure heep, and oxen, in al place in e which hal be xx Who o myte his eruaunt, or handmayden, wi a
mynde of my name; I hal com to ee, and Y hal blee erde, and ei dien in her hondes, he hal be gilti of
to ee. deedly blame.
xxi If foroe he lyue ouer a day, or two, he hal not be
vndurcat to at peyne, for e money of hym he is.

xxii If men chiden, and a man myte a womman wi v If eny man harme feeld, or vyneerd, and leeue his
child, and make foroe e child deed born, but he beete, at it wate oer mennus ingis, what euer bet
lyue, he hal be vndurcat to e harme, as myche as e ing he ha in his feeld, or vyneerd, he hal retore for
houbond of e womman wole ake, and domes men etymacioun of e harm.
hulen deme. vi If fyer goon out fynde eeres, and cacche e rekes of
xxiii If foroe hir dee folwe, he hal eld lijf for lijf, corn, or e corn tondynge in feeldis, he hal eeld e
xxiiii eye for eye, too for too, hoond for hoond, foot harm at tynde e fier.
for foot, vii If eny man leene money to a freend, or veel into
xxv brynnyng for brynnyng, wounde for wounde, blones kepyng, and fro hym at tok ei weren takun awey bi
for blones. eft, if e eef be foundun, he hal eeld e dowble.
xxvi If eny man myte e eye of his eruaunt, or of viii And if e eef is vnknowun, e lord of e hows hal
hondmayden, and make hem `pure blynde, he hal be preentid to e goddis, and he hall weer, at he
leeue hem free for e eye at he ha drawun out. traute not hoond into e ing of his neibore,
xxvii A too foroe if eny man myte out to his ix for to be don gijl; as wel in oxe, and in ae, and
eruaunt, or to his handmayden, liyk maner he hal heep, and cloing; and what euer of harm he maye
leeue hem free. brynge yn, to e goddis e caue of eier hal com, and
xxviii If an oxe wi e horn myte a man, or a womman, if ei demen, he hal eeld e dowble to his neibour.
and ei weren deed, he hal be rowun doun to dee x If eny leene to his neibore oxe, ae, heep, and al
wi tones, and his fleh hal not be etun, and e lord beete to kepynge, and it were deed, or feblihid, or
hal be innocent of e oxe. takun of enemyes, and no man e it,
xxix And if an oxe be an hornputter fro iterday and e xi ere hal be e lawe of oo in e mydle, at he
ridde day hens, and ei han warned e lord of hym, traute not out e hoond to e ing of his neibore;
befor witnes, and e lord ha not holdun hym yn, and and e lord hal tak e oo, and he hal not be
he lee a man, or womman, e oxe hal be row doun contreyned to eeld aen.
to e dee wi tones, and e lord of it ei hulen lee; xii at if ru eft it were takun awey, he hal retore e
xxx and if pryis be et to hym, he hal yue for his lijf harm to e lord;
what euer be akid. xiii and if it be etun of a beete, brynge he fore to hym
xxxi e one foroe and e douter if it myte wi horn, at at is layn, and he hal not retore.
to e lijk entence he hal vnderligge. xiiii Who of his neibore eny ing of es aki to borwe,
xxxii If eruaunt and hondmayden it aeyl, retti ownces and it were enfeblihed, or deed, e lord not preent, he
of iluer he hal yue to his lord; e oxe foroe hal be hal be compellid to eeld;
rowun down wi toons. xv and if e lord were preent, he hal not retore, moot
xxxiii If eny man open a cytern, and delue, and not if e hirid was oold, for mede of his werk.
coueri it, and oxe or ae fal into it, xvi And if eny man bere down a mayden not it
xxxiiii e lord of e citern hal eeld e prijs of e powid, and he leep wi hir, he hal dowe hir, and he
beetis, and at at is deed hal be his. hal haue hir to wijf.
xxxv If an alyen oxe wounde an oxe of anoer mannus, xvii And if e fader of e mayden wole not yue, he hal
and he were deed, e quyk oxe ei hulen elle, and ei eeld e money, after e maner of dowyng, at
hulen dyuyde e prijs; e careyn foroe of e deed ei maydens weren wont to tak.
hulen depart bitwix hem. xviii Clepers of deuels ow halt not uffre to lyue.
xxxvi If foroe he wite, at e oxe was an hornputter xix What man o goe togidere wi a beete, wi dee
fro iterday and fro e ridde day hens, and his lord die he.
kepide hym not, he hal eeld oxe for oxe, and e hool xx Who offre to goddis, but to e Lord oonly, be he
careyn he hal al take. layne.
xxi A comlyng ow halt not mak ory, ne turment hym;
Capitulum XXII. foroe comlyngis and oure eluen weren in e loond
i If eny man ha toln heep, or oxe, and lee, or elli, of Egipte.
fyue oxen for oon oxe he hal retore, and foure heep xxii To e wydowe and e faderles child ow halt not
for o heep. anoye.
ii If a eef brekynge an hows, or were foundun xxiii If ow harmet hem, ei hulen crye to me, and Y
vndurmynynge, and wi a wounde takun were deed, e hal here e crye of hem,
myter hal not be gilti of e blood; xxiiii and my woodnes hal dedeyn, and Y hal myte
iii and if e unne prongne he do at, he ha doon ow wi werd, and oure wyues hulen be wydewes,
manlauter, and he hal die. And if he haue not to and oure ones faderles.
elde for e efte, he hal be oold; xxv And if ow leenyt money to my pore faderles child,
iiii and if ere be founde anentis hym lyuynge at at at dwelli wi ee, ow halt not contreyn hym, as a
he ha toln, eier oxe, or ae, or heep, e dowble he fraward aker, ne ow halt not oppree him wi
hal retore. vurys.

xxvi If ow takit of i neibore a cloo wed, before e xvi and e olempnete of e mone of e cheef fruytes
goynge down of e unne ow halt eeld it to hym; of i werk, what euer ingis ow halt owe in i
xxvii at is foroe al oonli ur which is couerid e feelde; and e olempnete in e goyng out of e eer,
cloing of his fleh, ne he ha noon oer, in e which when ow hat gedered togidere alle i fruytis fro e
he leep; if he crye to me, Y hal here hym; for Y am feeld.
mercyable. xvii ries aeer hal apere al i maal child before e
xxviii To e goddis ow halt not bacbite, and to e Lord i God.
prince of i puple ow halt not cure. xviii ow halt not offer vpon `our dow e blood of i
xxix y dymes and fyrt fruytis ow halt not tarye to acrifice; ne ere hal not leeue e talow of my
offre. e firt gotun of i ones ow halt yue to me; olempnete vnto e morwen.
xxx of oxen foroe, and heep ow halt doon lijk xix e cheef fruytis of e tile of in ere ow halt
maner; euen dayes be he wi his moder, and e eiti bere into e hows of e Lord i God. ow halt not
day ow halt eeld hym to me. eee a kydde in e mylk of his moder.
xxxi e hulen be holy men to me; e fleh at were xx Loo! Y hal eende myn aungel, at he goo before
before tatid of beetis e hulen not eete, but e hulen ee, and kepe in e weye, and lede into e place at Y
cate it to doggis. haue greiid.
xxi Wayt hym, and here his voys, ne wene ow hym to
Capitulum XXIII. be dipiid, for he hal not foryue, whanne ou ynnet,
i Thow halt not tak e voys of leeynge, ne ligge to in and my name is in hym.
hoond, at for e vnpyteuows ow eye fals witnes. xxii at if ow here hys vois, and dot alle ingis at Y
ii ow halt not folwe e puple to doon yuel, ne in peke, Y hal be enemy to in enemyes, and Y hal
dome of many ow halt aente to e entence, at ow turmente hem at turmenten ee;
goo out of e weye of trewe. xxiii and myn aungel hal goo before ee, and he hal
iii Of e pore foroe ou halt not haue merci in caue lede ee into Amorre, and Ethe, and Phereze,
of trijf. Chanane, and Eue, and Jebuze, whom Y hal totreede.
iiii If ou aen come to e ox of in enemy, or to e xxiiii ou halt not anowre e goddis of hem, ne ou
errynge ae, lede aen to hym. halt not herye hem; ow halt not do e werkis of
v If ow e an ae of hym at hati ee lye vnder e hem, but detrye hem, and al to breek e ymagis of
charge, ow halt not ouerpae, but ow halt hem.
vnderheue wi hym. xxv And e hulen erue to e Lord oure God, at Y
vi ow halt not bowe awey in e dome of e pore. blee to i looues, and watris, and Y hal take awey
vii Leyng ow halt flee. e innocent and e rytwis wickidnes fro e myddil of ee;
ow halt not lee, for Y am aduerarye aens e xxvi ne i loond hal be vnfructuous, ne bareyn; e
unpiteuows. noumbre of i dayes Y hal fulfille.
viii Ne tak ou iftes, at alo blynden wie men, and xxvii My feerde Y hal eende into i before comyng,
turnen vpedoun e wordis of ritwys men. and Y hal lee al e puple, to whom ow halt goon
ix To e pilgrime ow halt not be greuous; e knowen yn, and of alle in enemyes before ee Y hal turne e
foroe e lyues of comlyngis, for and e oure ilf backis;
weren pylgrimys in e loond of Egipte. xxviii endynge out before tynggynge flies, at ben
x Sixe eer ow halt owe i loond, and ow halt prungun of deed bodies, hauynge e tonges
gedere togidere e fruytis of it; enuenymd, e which hulen make flee Eue, and
xi e euene foroe eer ow halt leeue it, and ow Chanane, and Ethe, er ow goon yn.
halt mak rete, at pore men of i puple eeten, and xxix Y hal not rowe hem out fro i face o eer, let e
what euer `hal be relif, eete e beetis of e feeld; o loond be turned into wildernes, and beetis growen
ow halt doon in i vyne eerd, and in in oliue eerd. aens ee;
xii Sixe dayes ow halt worche, e euene day ow xxx litil meele Y hal putte hem out fro i it, to e
halt ceee, at e oxe rete, and in ae, and e one tyme ow be encreeid, and weelde e loond.
of in handmayden be refrehid, and e comlyng. xxxi Foroe Y hal ette i termes fro e reed ee vnto
xiii Alle ingis at Y haue eyd to ow, kepi; and bi e e ee of Paletynes, and fro e deert vnto e flood. Y
name of traunge goddis ow halt not weer, ne hal hal take to oure hoondes e dwellers of e loond, and
not be herd of oure mou. Y hal rowe hem out fro oure it;
xiiii re ies ur eche eer feete dayes ow halt xxxii ow halt not goon wi hem into couenaunt of
halowe to me. pees, ne wi e goddis of hem.
xv e olempne of erf looues ow halt kepe; euen xxxiii Dwelle ei not in i loond, let perauentur ei
dayes ow halt eete erf looues, as Y haue comaundid maken ee ynne aens me, if ow eruet to e goddis
to ee, in e tyme of e mone of new fruytis, whanne of hem, at certis hal be to ee into claundre.
ow edit out of Egipte; ow halt not apere in my it
voyde; Capitulum XXIIII.

i To Moyes foroe he eide, Stye vp to e Lord, ou, ii Spek to e ones of Yrael, at ei taken to me e fyrt
and Aaron, Nadab, and Abyu, and e euenti aldren of fruytis; of ech man at wilfuly offeri, e hulen tak
Yrael; and e hulen anowrn afer, ilke ingis.
ii and oonly Moyes tey vp to e Lord, and ei hulen iii And es ben e ingis at e hulen take, gold, and
not neiz to hym, ne e puple hal tye vp wi him. iluer, and brae,
iii anne Moyes came, and tolde to e puple alle e iiii and iaynkt, at is, `ilk of violet blew, and purpur,
wordis of e Lord, and e domes; and al e puple at is, angwyn ilk, and coctun twyes died, at is, ilke
anwerde wi o voys, Alle e wordis of e Lord at he `of flawme colour, and biys, at is, e fynet lynen
ha pokun, we hulen do. cloo of Egipte, and heeris of geyt,
iiii Moyes foroe wrote alle e wordes of e Lord; and v and kynnes of weeres maad reed, and kynnes
eerli ryynge, he bildide an auteer to e Lord at e rotis iacynktynes, and trees of Sychym,
of e hil, and twelue titlis by twelue lynagis of Yrael. vi and oyle to make lites, and wete mellynge ingis
v And he ente e ong men of e ones of Yrael, and into oynement, and enenis of good mel,
ei offreden alle brent acrifices, and ei offreden vii onychen toonus and gemmes to anowrn ephoth, at
peible acrifice to e Lord, twelue calues. is, a preetis ouermet cloing, at we cleepen a coope,
vi And o Moyes took e half parti of e blood, and and e racionale, at is, e cloo in e bret of e
putte it into chalices; and `at oer party he hedde coope, and in e bret of e preet.
vpon e auteer. viii And ei hulen make to me a eyntuarye, and Y hal
vii And takynge to e book of e couenaunt of pees, dwelle in e myddil of hem,
radde, herynge e puple, e whiche eiden, Alle ingis ix after al e liknes of e tabernacle at Y hal hewe to
at e Lord ha pokun we hulen do, and we hulen be ee, and of alle e veels into e heriynge of it. And
obeyaunt. us e hulen make it;
viii He foroe e blood takun prengide into e puple, x e hulen ioyne of e trees of Sychym an arke, whoe
and ei, is is e blood of e boond of pees, at e lenge haue two cubites and an half, e brede o cubijt
Lord couenauntide wi ow vpon alle es wordes. and an half, e heit o cubijt alo and an half.
ix And Moyes, and Aaron, Nadab, and Abyu, and e xi And ow halt gilte it wi moot clene gold wi ynne
euenty of e aldren of Yrael, tieden vp, and wi oute; and ou hal make aboue a goldun
x and een e God of Yrael, vndur e feet of him, as a coroun bi enuyroun,
werk of a aphire toon, as heuene whanne it is bryt. xii and foure goldun cerclis, e whiche ow halte putte
xi Alo vpon hem at eden fer awey fro e ones of vp on e foure corners of e arke; be ere two cercles
Yrael he ente his hoond; and ei een God, and eten in `at o yde, and two in `at oer.
and drunken. xiii And ow halt make berynge taues of e trees of
xii e Lord foroe eide to Moyes, Stye vp to me into Sychym, and ow halt couere hem wi gold,
e hil, and be ere, and Y hal yue to ee tonun xiiii and bryng yn ur e cerclis at ben in e ides of
tablis, and e lawe, and mawndementis at Y haue e arke, at it be born in hem,
wrytun, at ow teche hem. xv e which euermore hal be in e cerclis, ne eny tyme
xiii And Moyes and Joue his eruaunt ryen, and hal be drawun out of hem.
Moyes tiynge vp into e hil of God, xvi And ow halt putte in to e arke e witneyng, at
xiiii ei to e aldren, Abide e here to e tyme at we Y hal yue to ee.
turnen aen to ow; e han Aaron and Hur wi ow, if xvii And ow halt make a propiciatorye, at is, a place
eny ing of quetioun were prongun, e hulen telle it of purchayng mercy, of moot cleene gold; e lenge
to hem. of it hal holde two cubitis and an half, and e brede of
xv And whanne Moyes hadde tyed vp, a clowd it o cubijt and an half.
couerde e hil, xviii And two goldun cherubyns and forgid wi hamers,
xvi and e glorye of e Lord dwellide vpon Synay, ow halt make on eier party of e preiyng place;
couerynge it wi a clowd ix dayes; e euene foroe xix at o cherubyn be in e o yde of `Goddis anweryng
day e Lord clepide hym fro e mydil of e derknes; place, and `at oere in `at oere, at ei coueren
xvii and e liknes of e glorie of e Lord was as eier yde of e propiciatorye, trecchynge out e
brennynge fyer vpon e cop of e hil in e it of e wenges, and couerynge `Goddis anweryng place;
ones of Yrael. xx and beholde ei hem eluen togidere, e cheeres
xviii And Moyes goon into e myddil of e clowd, turned into e propiciatorie,
tyede vp into e hil, and was ere fourti dayes and xxi wi e whiche is to be couered e arke of e Lord,
fourti nytis. in e whiche ow halt putte e witneyng, at Y hal
yue to ee.
Capitulum XXV. xxii Fro ens Y hal comaunde, and peke to ee vpon
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, e propiciatorye, `at is, and fro e myddil of e two
cherubyns, at hulen be vpon e arke of witneyng,

alle ingis at I hal comaunde bi ee to e ones of ii e lenge of o curtyn hal haue eit and twenti
Yrael. cubitis, e brede hal be of foure cubitis; of o meure
xxiii And ow halt make a meet bord of e trees of hal be made alle e tentis.
Sichym, hauynge two cubitis `of lenge, and in brede o iii Fyue curtyns to hem eluen hulen be ioyned to
cubiyt, and in heit o cubijt and an half. gidere, and oer fyue hulen ioyne togidere lijk manere
xxiiii And ow halt gilte it wi moot purid gold, and ioynynge.
ow halt make to it by enuyroun a goldun mergyn; iiii Litil oyletis iacyntyns in e ides, and in e ouermet
xxv and to ilk mergyn eueramong grauen coroun wi of e curtyns, ow halt make, at ei mowen be
foure fingur mele heit, and vpon it anoer goldun cowplid togidere.
coroun. v e curtyn hal haue fifti oiletis in eier parti, o et in,
xxvi And foure goldun cerclis ou halt greie, and ow at o oylete may come aen anoer, and `e oer may
halt putte hem in e foure corners of e ame bord, bi be leide to `e oer.
eche feet. vi And ow halt make fifty goldun cerclis, wi e
xxvii Vnder e corouns hulen be goldun cerclis, at whiche e veyles of e curtyns ben to be ioyned, at o
beryng taues mowen be put ur hem, and e bord tabernacle be maad.
may be born. vii And ow halt make elleuen `heeren arges to couer
xxviii ilke berynge taues ow halt make of e trees of e roof of e tabernacle;
Sychym, and ow halt enuyroun wi gold, to `be born viii e lenge of e too arge hal haue retti cubitis,
e bord. and e brede foure; euen meure hal be of alle e
xxix And ow halt greie eyel veelis, and phiols, arges.
cenures, and litil cuppis, in e whyche `acrifices of ix Of e whiche fyue ou halt ioyne aide, and ixe to
lycours ben to be offred, of moot clene gold. hem ilf ou halt couple togider, o at e ixt arge
xxx And ow halt putte vpon e bord looues of ou double in e frount of e roof.
propiciioun, euermore in my it. x And ou halt make fifti oiletis in e hemme of e too
xxxi And ow halt make a candeltik `betun out wi arge, at it mai be ioyned wi e toer; and fifti oiletis
hamers, of moot cleene gold, e taf of it, and e in e hemme to e toer arge, at it mai be couplid
erdes, cuppes, and litil balles, and lilyes goynge out of wi e toer;
it. xi and fifti knoppis of bras wi whiche e oyletis
xxxii Six erdes hulen goon out of e ides, re of `at o mowen be ioyned, at ere be maad o couertour of alle.
ide, and re of `at oer. xii at foroe at leeue of in e arges, at ben
xxxiii re cuppes as into maner of a note bi eche erdes, greiid to e roof, at is, o arge at is e larger, of e
and e litil balles togidere, and lylye, and e ame wye half of it, ow halt couere e hyndermore parties of e
ree cuppes at e lyknee of a note in `at oer erde, tabernacle;
and balles, and lilye; and is hal be e werk of ix xiii and o cubijt hal hong on `at o parti, and anoer on
erdes, at ben to be brout for out of e candeltaf. `at oer, at is more ouer in e lenge of e arges,
xxxiiii In at foroe candeltik hulen be foure cuppes in eier ide of e tabernacle wardynge.
maner of a note, and balles bi eche and lilies; xiiii And ou halt make anoer couertour to e roof, of
xxxv and e balles vndur e two erdes bi re places, e e kynnes of weeres maad reed, and vpon at
whiche ix to gidere ben maad, goynge for from o eftones anoer couertour of blew kynnes.
candeltaf; xv And ow halt make e tables tondynge of e
xxxvi and e balles anne, and e erdes of it hulen be, tabernacle, of e trees of Sichym,
al `betun out of moot puyr gold. xvi e whiche echon han in lenge ten cubitis, and in
xxxvii And ow halt make euen lanternes, and ow brede eche oon and an half.
halt put hem vpon e candeltik, at ei liten eche xvii In e ides of e tabernacle be ere made two
aens oer. rabitis, wi e whiche e to table be ett fat to e
xxxviii Candelquenchers, and foroe where e noffes toer; and o in is manere alle e tablis hulen be
ben quenchid, be ei maad of moot puyr gold. greiid.
xxxix And al e weit of e candeltyk wi alle his xviii Of e whiche twenti hulen be in e mydday ide,
veels hal haue a talent of moot clene gold. at drawi toward e ow;
xl Bihold and do after e awmplere, at to ee is xix to e whiche and fourti ilueren takis ow halt
hewid in e hil. eete, at two takis ben vnderput to ech table, bi two
Capitulum XXVI. xx And in e ecounde yde of e tabernacle, at drawi
i The tabernacle foroe ow halt make us; ten to e nor, ere hulen be twenti tablis,
curteyns of biys aenfoldid, and iacynkt, and purpur, xxi hauynge fourti ilueren takis; two takis to eche
and coctyn twies died, dyuerid wi nedle werk, ow table hulen be vnderput.
halt make. xxii Foroe to e wet coot of e tabernacle ow halt
make ixe tables;

xxiii and eftones oer two, e whiche in e corners ben vi And ow halt make two beryng taues of e auteer,
arerid, bihynde e bak of e tabernacle; of e trees of Sichym, e which ow halt couere wi
xxiiii and ei hulen be to hem eluen ioynd to gidere fro braun plates;
byne vnto aboue, and o ioynyng hal holde hem alle. vii and ow halt lede ynne ur cercles, and ei hulen
To e two foroe tables at ben to be put in e corners be on eier ide of e auteer, to bern.
lijk manere ioynyng hal be kept, viii ow halt make it not may, but wi inne voyde,
xxv and ere hulen be togidere eyt tablis; e ilueren and wi ynne holow, as it is hewid to ee in e hil.
takis of hem ixtene, two takys noumbrid by o table. ix And ow halt make e porche of e tabernacle, in
xxvi And ow halt make fyue beryng taues of e trees whos ow coot aen e ow hulen be tentes of bijs
of Sichym, to `be holdun to gidere e tablis in e o ide aen foldid; e to ide hal holde an hundred cubites in
of e tabernacle, lenge,
xxvii and fyue oer in e toer, and of e ame noumbre x and twenti pilers, wi o feele braun feet, e whiche
at e wet coot; hulen han ilueren heedes wi her grauyngis.
xxviii at hulen be putte bi e myddel tables fro e xi Alo in e ide of e nor, bi e lenge, hal be tentis
heiet vnto e heiet. of an hundryd cubites, e pilers twenti, and braun foot
xxix And ilke tablis ou halt gilden, and ou halt takes of e ame noumbre; and e heedes of hem wi
eten in hem goldun rynges, bi e whiche e taues here grauyngis ilueren.
holden togidere e bordid ides, e whiche ow halt xii In e brede foroe of e porche, at biholdi to e
couere wi goldun plates. wet, ere hulen be tentis bi fifti cubitis, and ten pilers,
xxx And ow halt arere e tabernacle, after e and as feele foottakis.
aumplere at is hewid to ee in e hil. xiii In at foroe brede of e porche, at biholde to e
xxxi And ow halt make a veyle of iacynkt, and purpur, eet, hal ben fifty cubitis,
and coctun twies died, and bijs foldun aen wi nedle xiiii in e whiche tentis of fiftene cubitis hulen be
werk, and wi fayre dyuerite weuyd togidere; ordeyned to `at o ide, and re pilers, and o feele
xxxii e whiche ow halt honge before e foure pilers foottakes;
of e trees of Sichym, e whiche alo hulen be gilt; xv in e toer ide hulen be tentis holdynge fiftene
and ei hulen han goldun heedes, but ilueren feet. cubitis, and re pilers, and as feele foottakis.
xxxiii e veyle foroe be it ett yn bi cercles, wi ynne xvi In e entre foroe of e porche ere hal be maad a
e whiche ou halt put e arke of tetymonye, and wi tente of twenti cubitis, of iacynkt, and purpur, and
e which e eyntuarye and e eyntuarye of e cocto twies died, and bijs foldid aen wi nedle werk;
eyntuarie hulen be dyuydid. and he hal haue foure pilers, wi as feele foottakis.
xxxiiii And ow halt putte e propiciatorie vpon e arke xvii Alle e pilers of e porche bi enuyroun hulen be
of tetymonye, into e parti of e tabernacle at is cloid wi ilueren platis, e heedes ilueren, and e
clepid holi of halowes; feet braun.
xxxv and e bord wi outen e veyle, and aen e bord xviii In lenge e porche hal ocupie an hundred cubitis,
e candeltik in e ow ide of e tabernacle; e bord in brede fifti; e heit hal be of fyue cubitis; and it hal
foroe hal tonde in e parti of e nor. be maad of bijs foldun aen, and it hal haue braun
xxxvi And ow halt make a tent in e goyng ynne of e foottakis.
tabernacle, of iacynkt, and purpur, and coctun twies xix Alle e veels of e tabernacle, into alle vis and
died, and bijs foldun aen wi nedle werk. erymonyes, as wel e litil takes of it as of e porche,
xxxvii And fyue pilers ow halt gilte of trees of Sichym, ow halt make of brae.
before e whiche hal e tente be lad, of e whiche xx Comaunde to e ones of Yrael, at ei bryngen to
hulen be goldun heedes, and braun feet. ee oyle of olyue trees moot puyre, and powned wi a
petel, at e lanterne brenne euer more.
Capitulum XXVII. xxi In e tabernacle of witnes wi outen e veyle, at is
i Thow halt make an auteer of trees of Sichym, at hal aentraut to e tetymonye; and Aaron and his ones
haue fyue cubites in lenge, and as feele in brede, at hulen ette it, at it yue lit vnto e morwen before e
is to eye, quaar, and re cubites in heit. Lord; it hal be euerlatynge by e ucceioun of hem
ii Hornes foroe bi e foure corners hulen be of it; and of e ones of Yrael.
ow halt couere it wi brae.
iii And ow halt make into e vis of yt cawdrones, to Capitulum XXVIII.
be takun e aken, and toonges, and hokes, and fyer i And preent to ee Aaron, i broer, wi his ones, fro
veels; alle e veels ow halt forge of brae. e myddil of e ones of Yrael, at ei beren pretis
iiii And a braun gredyrne in e manere of a nett, bi office to me, Aaron, Nadab, and Abiut, Eliezer, and
whos foure corners hulen be foure braun rynges, Ythamer.
v e whiche ow halt putte vnder e `fier panne of e ii And ow halt make to Aaron, i broer, an holi
auteer; and e gredyrne hal be to e myddil of e cloo, into glorie and fayrnes.

iii And ow halt peke to alle e wie men in herte, at xxv and e eendis of ilke cheynes ow halt cowple to
Y haue fulfillid wi e piryt of prudence, at ei make e two hokes in eier ide of e coope, at e breet
e clois of Aaron, in e whiche he halowid mynytre broche biholdi.
to me. xxvi And ow halt make two golden rynges, e whiche
iiii es foroe hulen be e vetmentis at ei hulen ou halt putte in e creetis of e breet broche, and in
make; e breet broche, and coope, coote, and a rochet, e hemmes, e whiche ben `forn aen of e huldre
and a treyt myter, and a girdil ei hulen make; to cloo, and byholden e hyndermore of it.
Aaron, i broer, and to e ones of hym, holi xxvii Alo and oer two goldun rynges, e whiche ben
cloingis, at ei beren pretis office to me. to be ette in eier ide of e coope benee, at
v And ei hulen take gold, and iacynkt, and purpur, biholde aens e face of e neermore ioynyng, at it
and coctun twies died, and bijs; may be leyd to wi e coope.
vi and ei hulen make e coope of gold, and iacynkt, xxviii And e breet broche wi his rynges be treyned
and purpur, and coctun twies died, and bijs aen foldid, wi e rynges of e coope, wi a iacynctyne filete, and
wi nedle werk of dyuere colours. e ioynyng dwel forgid, at e breet broche and e
vii Two hemmes ioyned he hal haue in eiir ide of e coope mowen not be eueryd atwynne.
heites, at ei goon into oon. xxix And Aaron hal bere e names of e ones of Yrael
viii at weuyng, and al e dyuerite of e werk hal be in e breet broche of dome vpon his breet, whanne he
of gold, and of iacynkt, and of purpur, and of coctun goe into e eyntuarye, a memoryale before e Lord
twies died, and of bijs aen foldid. into wi outen eende.
ix And ow halt take two onychen tonus, and ow xxx And ow halt `putt in e breet broche of dome,
halt graue in hem e names of e ones of Yrael, doctryne and trewe, at hulen be in e breet of
x ix names in `at o toon, and ix in `at oer, after e Aaron, whanne he hal go ynne before e Lord; and he
ordre of her bire; hal bere e dome of e ones of Yrael in his breet, in
xi in e werk of e grauer, and in e grauyng of e e it of e Lord euermore.
gemmarye ow halt graue hem, wi e names of e xxxi And ow halt make e coote of e coope al
ones of Yrael, encloid wi gold, and enuyround. iacynctyne,
xii And ow halt put in eier yde of e coope a xxxii in whos myddil aboue hal be an hood, and a
memoryale to e ones of Yrael; and Aaron hal bere e weuyd hemme bi enuyroun of it, as it is wont to be
names of hem before e Lord vpon eier huldre, for maad in e eendis of clois, let it litly to-breke.
recordynge. xxxiii Benee foroe at e feet of e ame coote, bi
xiii And ow halt make e hokys of gold, enuyroun, ow halt make as powm garnettis, of
xiiii and two litil cheynes of moot puyre gold, to hem iacynkt, and purpur, and coctun twies died, and bijs
eluen togidere cleuynge to, e whiche ow halt ett aen foldid; in e myddil litel belles menged,
into e hokis. xxxiiii o at e litel belle be gold, and a powm garnet;
xv e breet broche foroe of dom ou halt make wi and eftones anoer litel goldun belle, and a powm
werk of dyuere colours, after e weuyng of e coope, garnet.
of gold, iacynkt, and purpur, and coctun twies died, xxxv And Aaron hal be cloid it in e office of e
and bijs foldun aen. eruyce, at e own be herd whanne he goe yn and
xvi Foure cornerd it hal be, and dowble; e meure of a out e eyntuarye, in e it of e Lord, and at he dye
panne it hal haue, as wel in lenge as in brede. not.
xvii And ow halt put in it foure ordres of tonus; in e xxxvi And ow halt make a plate of moot puyre gold,
firt vere hal be e ardo toon, and topazi, and in e which ow halt graue wi werk of a grauer, e
maragdo; hooly to e Lord.
xviii in e ecounde, carboncle, aphijr, and iap; xxxvii And ow halt bynde it wi a iacynctyne filete,
xix in e ridde, ligyre, achates, and amatyt; and it hal be vpon e coyif `tondinge ouer to e
xx in e fere, criolide, onychen, and beril; ei hulen forheed of e bihop.
be encloid wi gold, bi her ordres, xxxviii And Aaron hal bere e wyckidnes of ilke
xxi and ei hulen han e names of e ones of Yrael; ingis at e ones of Yrael hulen offre, and halowe,
wi twelue names ei hulen be graued, eche tonus `bi in alle iftis to men, and in her iftes to God; and e
e name of eche, bi e twelue lynagis. plate hal be euermore in e frownt of hym, at e
xxii And ou halt make in e breet broche cheynes to Lord be pleid to him.
hem eluen togidere cleuynge, of moot puyre gold, xxxix And ou hal treyne e coote wi bijs, and e coif
xxiii and two goldun ryngis, e whiche ow halt putte of bijs, and ou halt make e girdil wi werk of a
in eier creete of e broche. broderere.
xxiiii And ow halt ioyne e goldun cheynes to e xl Foroe to e ones of Aaron ow halt greie lynnen
rynges at ben in e mergyns of it, cootes, and girdlis, and coyfes, into glorye and fayrnes.
xli And ow halt cloe wi alle es Aaron, i broer,
and his ones wi hym; and of hem alle ow halt acre

e hondes; and ow halt halwe hem, at ei beren e xvii And ow halt kutte at weer in gobettis, and e
office of prethode to me. entrayls of it wahid, and e feete, ow halt putte vpon
xlii And ow halt make lynnen brecches, at ei e cut fleh, and vpon his heed;
coueren e fleh of her filehed, fro e reynes vnto e xviii and ow halt offre al e weer into enence vpon
hippes. e auter; offrynge it is to e Lord, e moot wete mel
xliii And ve ei hem Aaron and his ones, whanne ei of e lawn acrifice of e Lord.
hulen goo into e tabernacle of witnes, or whanne ei xix And ow halt take anoer weer, vpon whos heed
neien to e auteer, at ei mynytre in e eyntuarye, Aaron and his ones hulen putte hondes,
let ei gylti of wickidnes dyen; lawful euerlatynge it xx e which whanne ow hat offrede, ow halt take of
hal be to Aaron, and to his eed after hym. e blood of it, and ow halt putte vpon e eende of e
ryt eer of Aaron, and of his ones, and vpon e
Capitulum XXIX. oumbis of e hoond of hem, and of e rit foot; and
i But and is ou halt doon, at ei be acrid to me in ow halt heelde e blood vpon e auter, bi enuyroun.
prethode; tak a calf from e droue, and two wheeris xxi And whanne ow hat takun of e blood, at is vpon
wi outen wemme, e auter, and of e oyle of anoyntyng, ow halt
ii and erf looues, and a cake wi outen our dow, e prenge Aaron and his cloes, e ones and e
whiche ben ei preynde wi oyle, and erf cramcakes cloingis of hem. And o hem acryd,
wett wi oyle; and of puyr whete meele ow halt make xxii and e cloes, ow halt take e talw of e weer,
alle ingis, and e tayle, and e vttermore fatnes at couere e
iii and put in a leepe ow halt offre. e calf foroe, entrayls, and e fatt calle of e mawe, and e two
and e two weeris, reynes, and e fat at is vpon hem, and e rit huldre,
iiii and Aaron and his children, ou halt brynge to e fori at it is e weer of conecracioun;
dore of e tabernacle of witnes; and whanne ow hat xxiii and a cake of a loof, a crutid cake preynde wi
wahe e fader wi e ones wi water, oyle, a crompid cake, of e leepe of erf looues, at is
v ow halt cloe Aaron wi his cloes, at is to eie, ett in e it of e Lord.
wi rocket, and coote, and coope, and breet broche, xxiiii And ow halt putte al vpon e hondes of Aaron,
at ow halt treyne wi a girdel. and of e ones of hym, and ow halt halowe hem,
vi And ow halt putte a coyif in to his heed, and e areryng vp before e Lord.
holi plate vpon e coyif, xxv And ow halt take alle e ingis fro e hondes of
vii and e oyle of anoyntynge ow halt heelde vpon his hem, and ow halt teende vpon e auter, into alle
heed, and wi is ryte he hal be acrid. brent acrifice, e moot wete mel in e it of e
viii e ones foroe of hym ow halt preente, and ow Lord, for it is e offryng of hym.
halt cloe wi lynnen cloes, xxvi And ow halt take e litel breet of e weir, wi
ix and ow halt girde wi a girdle, at is, Aaron and e which Aaron is acrid, and ow halt halowe it,
his free children; and ow halt putte vpon hem arerid vp before e Lord, and it hal falle into i part.
mytrys, and ei hulen be my preetis wi euerlatynge xxvii And ou halt halwe e acrid litel breet, and e
religioun. And after at ow hat acryde e hondes of huldre at ow euerdit fro e weer, wi which
hem, Aaron was halowed, and his children;
x ow halt brynge for and a calf before e tabernacle xxviii and ei hulen falle into e part of Aaron, and e
of witnes, and Aaron and his ones hulen putte yn ones of hym, ur euerlatynge rit, fro e ones of
hondes vpon e heed of it; Yrael; for ei ben e firt fruytis, and e bigynnynges
xi and ow halt lee it in e it of e Lord, biide e of e peeible leyne acryfice of hem at ben offred to
dore of e tabernacle of witnes. e Lord.
xii And at at is takun of e blood of e calf, ow halt xxix And e hooli clo at Aaron hal ve, e ones of
putte vpon e hornes of e auter wi i fyngre; e relif hym hulen haue after hym, at ei ben anoyntid in it
blood foroe ow halt heelde beide e foot of it. and acrid e hondes of hem.
xiii And ow halt take al e fatnes at couere e xxx Seuen daies he hal ve it, at `hal be of his ones
entreyls, and e calle of e mawe, and e two ordeynd bihop for hym, and at hal goo into e
kydneers, and e fatt at is vpon hem, and ow halt tabernacle of witnes, at he mynytre in e eyntuarye.
offre encene vpon e auter. xxxi And ow halt take e weer of halowyng, and
xiiii e fleh foroe of e calf, and e kynne, and e ow halt eee e fleh of it in e holy place,
dryt, ow halt outfor brenne out of e tentis, fori xxxii of e which Aaron hal eete, and e ones of hym;
at it is for ynne. and e looues at ben in e leepe ei hulen eete in e
xv And ow halt take o weer, vpon whos heed Aaron vetiarye of e tabernacle of witnes,
and his ones hal ligge e hondes; xxxiii at it be a peible acrifice, and at e hondes of
xvi e which whanne ou hat lawe, ow halt take of e offrers ben halowid. A man of oer kynne an e
e blood of it, and ow halt heelde aboute e auter. ones of Aaron, hal not eete of ilke ingis, for ei ben

xxxiiii at if ere leeue of e acrid fleh, or of e looues, vii And Aaron hal brenne e enence wete mellynge
vnto e morwetide, ow halt brenne e relif wi fier; vpon it erly; whanne he hal araye e lanternes, he hal
ei hulen not ben etun, for ei ben halowid. teenden it;
xxxv Alle ingis at Y comaundide to ee, ow halt do viii and whanne he etti hem at euen, he hal brenne
vpon Aaron, and vpon e ones of hym. Seuen daies e euerlatynge maad enene before e Lord, into
ow halt acre e hondes of hem, oure generaciouns.
xxxvi and ow halt offre a calf for ynne bi eche dayes ix e hulen not offer vpon it enence of oer makynge,
to perfitely clene; and ou halt clene e auter, ne offrynge, ne acrifice, ne offrynge loues e hulen
whanne ow offret e acrifies of parfite clenyng, and tate.
ow halt anoynte it into e halwyng. x And Aaron hal preye vpon e hornes of it ones bi e
xxxvii Seuen daies ow halt clene e auter, and eer, in blood at is offerd for ynne, and he hal plee
halowe, and it hal be holy of halowis; eche at vpon it in oure generaciouns; e holy of halowen it
towchi it hal be halowid. hal be to e Lord.
xxxviii is is at ow halt do in e auter; two loombes xi And e Lord pake to Moyes, eiynge,
of o ere bi eche day biili, xii Whanne ow takit a owme of e ones of Yrael,
xxxix o loombe at morwetide, and anoer at euen tide; eche hal yue prijs after e noumbre for her oules to
xl e tene part of e tried flowr preynd wi oyle, e Lord, and ere hal be no veniaunce in hem,
powned, at haue a meure, e foure part of hyn, at whanne ei hulen be nowmbred.
is a extarye, at is a meure of two pownd, and wyn to xiii And eche hal yue is at pai to a name, half `an
offre of e ame meure, in o lombe. nounce after e meure of e temple; a icle, `at is, a
xli Anoer foroe lombe ou halt offre at euen, after nounce, ha twenti half cripilles; e half perty of a
e riyt of e morwetide offryng, and after `o ingis icle hal be offerd to e Lord.
at `we han eid, into e mel of wetnes; xiiii He at is had in e noumbre, fro twenti eer and
xlii a acrifice to e Lord it is wi euerlatynge offryng aboue, hal yue e prijs;
into oure generaciouns, at e dore of e tabernacle of xv e riche hal not adde to an half icle, and e pore no
witnes before e Lord, where Y hal ordeyne at I ing hal lee.
peke to ee; xvi And e money takun, at is gederid of e ones of
xliii and ere Y hal comaunde to e ones of Yrael, and Yrael, ow halt take in to e ves of e tabernacle of
e auter hal be halowid in my glorye. witneynge, at ere be e mynde of hem before e
xliiii And I hal halowe e tabernacle of witnes wi e Lord, and he haue mercy to e oules of hem.
auter, and Aaron wi e ones of hym, at ei beren e xvii And e Lord pake to Moyes, eyynge,
office of preethod to me. xviii And ow halt make a braun lauatory wi his foot
xlv And Y hal dwelle in e myddil of e ones of Yrael, to wahe wi, and ow halt putte it betwix e
and Y hal be to hem a God; tabernacle of witnes and e auter; and e water put yn,
xlvi and ei hulen knowe, for Y am e Lord God of xix Aaron and his ones hulen wahe in it her hondes
hem, at ha ladde hem out of e loond of Egipte, at and feete,
Y myt dwelle among hem; Y e Lord God of hem. xx whanne ei ben to goynge ynto e tabernacle of
witneyng, and whanne ei ben neiynge to e auter
Capitulum XXX. at ei offren in it maad enence to e Lord,
i And ou halt make an auter, for to brenne `e maad xxi let perauenture ei dyen; lawful euerlatynge it hal
enence of e trees of Sichym, be to hym and to e eed of hym bi ucceyouns.
ii hauynge o cubijt of lenge, and anoer of brede, at xxii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
is foure cornerd, and two cubites in heit; hornes xxiii Tak to ee wete mellynge ingis, of e firt myrre
hulen goo out of it. and choen, fyue hundryd iclis; and e half of e
iii And ow halt cloe it wi moot puyr gold, as wel canel, at is, two hundrid and fifti iclis; and of
e litel fier panne of it, as e walles bi enuyroun, and chaalamy alo two hundryd and fifti,
e hornes; and ow halt make to it a coroun of gold bi xxiiii and of chaee fyue hundryd icles, in e weit of e
enuyroun, eyntuarye; oyle of e olyues, e meure of hyn, `at is,
iiii and two rynges of gold vnder e hornes bi eche of two pownd;
ides, at e berynge taues mowen be putte into hem, xxv and ow halt make e holy oyle of anoyntyng, an
and e auter born. oynement maad wi e werk of ungwentarye.
v And ilke berynge taues ow halt make of e trees xxvi And ow halt anoynt of it e tabernacle of
of Sichym, and gilden; witneynge, and e arke of tetament,
vi and ow halt ette e auter aens e veyle, at xxvii and e bord wi his veels, and e candeltik, and
hongi before e arke of tetymonye before e e necearyes of it, e auter of enence,
propiciatorye, wi e which is couerd e witneynge, xxviii and of al brent acrifice, and al e necearye at
where Y hal peke to ee. perteyne to e heriying to hem.

xxix And alle ow halt halowe, and ei hulen be e xii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
holi ingis of halowes; he at towchi hem, hal be xiii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eie to hem,
halowid. Looke at e kepen myn holy day, for it is a tokne
xxx ow halt anoynt Aaron, and e ones of hym, and bitwix me and ow in oure generaciouns; at e witen
ow halt halwe hem, at ei beren e office of for Y a Lord, at halowi ow.
preethod to me. xiiii Kepi myn holi day, holi foroe it is to ow; who
xxxi And to e ones of Yrael ow halt eie, is oyle of o polute it, wi de dye he; who o do in it werk,
anoyntyng holy it hal be to me into oure hal perihe e lijf of hym fro e myddil of his puple.
generaciouns. xv Six dayes e hulen do werk; in e euene day is
xxxii e fleh of man hal not be anoyntyde of it, and holy day, e holi rete to e Lord; eche at do werk in
biide e compoicioun of it e hulen not make anoer, at day hal dye.
for it is halowid, and hooli hal be to ow. xvi e ones of Yrael kepe ei e holy day, and halowe
xxxiii What euer man make ich on, and yue of it to an ei it in her generaciouns; a couenaunt it is euer
alyen, he halle be putte out of his puple. durynge bitwix me and e ones of Yrael,
xxxiiii e Lord foroe eyde to Moyes, Tak to ee wete xvii and a perpetuel tokyn; ix foroe dayes God made
mellynge inges, tacten, and onycha, galbantum of heuene and ere, and in e euene day fro e werk he
good mel, and enence moot litynge, and alle ei ceide.
hulen ben of euen weite. xviii And e Lord af to Moyes fulfillid es maner
xxxv And ow halt make e maad enence wi werk of wordes, in e mownt of Synay, two tonen tablis of
oynement makynge, meyngid biily, and puyr, and witneyng, writun wi e fyngre of God.
moot wori wi halowyng.
xxxvi And whanne ow hat pownede alle togidere into Capitulum XXXII.
moot mal powdre, ow halt putte of it before e i The puple foroe, eynge at Moyes made abidyng
tabernacle of wytneynge, in e which place Y hal of comyng doun fro e hil, gederid to gidere aens
apere to ee; hooly of halowes hal be to ow e maad Aaron, ei, Arie, mak to vs goddis, at goon beforn
enence. vs; to is man Moyes, at ha ladde vs out fro e
xxxvii Siche a makynge e hulen not make into oure loond of Egipte, we knowen not what is fallyn.
owne ves, for hooli it is to e Lord. ii And Aaron eide to hem, Tak e e goldun eer rynges
xxxviii Eche man at do lyik ing, at he ful ve e fro e eerys of wyues, and of ones, and of oure
mel of it, he hal peryhe fro his puplis. dowtres, and bryngi to me.
iii e puple dide at he comaundide, bryngynge e eer
Capitulum XXXI. rynges to Aaron;
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, iiii e whiche whanne he hadde takun, he fourmyde wi
ii Loo! I haue clepid Beeleel bi name, e one of Hury, etun werk, and made of hem a otun calf. And ei
one of Hur, of e lynage of Juda; eiden, es ben i goddis, Yrael, at ladde ee out of
iii and Y haue fulfillid hym wi e piryt of God, wi e loond of Egipte.
widom, and vndertondyng, v e whiche ing whanne Aaron hadde eeyn, he made
iiii and kunnyng in al werk, to cate what euer ing may vp an auter before it, and in voys of a bedel he cryede,
be forgid of gold, and of iluer, and of brae, eiynge, To morwe is e olempnyte of e Lord.
v marble, and gemmes, and dyuerte of trees. vi And ei aryun erly offreden acrifices al brent and
vi And Y haue euen to hym a felaw, Ooliab, e one of peeible acrifices; and e puple at to ete and to
Achiamech, of e lynage of Dan; and in e herte of drynke, and aryen to pleyen.
eche tawt I haue putte widomes, at ei maken alle vii e Lord foroe pak to Moyes, eiynge, Go,
ingis at I haue comaundide to ee; decende, i puple ha ynned, whom ow hat ladde
vii e tabernacle of e boond of pees, and e arke of out of e loond of Egipte.
witneyng, and e propiciatorye at is vpon it, and alle viii Soone ei han goon backward fro e weie at ow
e veels of e tabernacle; hewedit to hem, and ei han made to hem a otun
viii and e meet bord, and e veels of it, e moot puyr calf, and anourden, and offrynge to it acrifices eiden,
candeltik wi his veels, and e auteers of e maad es ben i goddis, Irael, at han ladde ee out of e
enence, loond of Egipte.
ix and of e albrent acrifice, and alle e veels of hem; ix And eftones e Lord ei to Moyes, Y e wel at is
e lauatorie wi his foot; puple is of hard nol;
x e holi cloes in e eruyis to Aaron e preet, and to x late me at my woodnes wre aen hem, and at I do
e ones of hym, at ei ven hyr office in acrid hem awey; and ee I hal make into a greet folk of
ingis; kynde.
xi e oyle of anoynting, and e maad enence of wete xi Moyes foroe preyede e Lord his God, eiynge,
mellynge ingis in e eyntuarye; alle ingis at I Whi, Lord, wrai i woodnes aen i puple, whom
haue comaundide to ee, ei hulen make.

ow hat ladde out of e loond of Egipte in greet xxx And anoer dai begun Moyes pake to e puple, e
trenge, and in a troong hoond? han ynned e moot ynne; Y hal tye vp to e Lord, if
xii Let, Y bieche, e Egipciens eyn, fellich he ha eny manere Y may preye hym for oure gilt.
ladde hem out, at he myte lee in e hilles, and doon xxxi And he goon aen to e Lord, ei, Lord, Y bieche,
a wey fro e ere, rete i wrae, and be peeyble is puple ha ynned a greet ynne, and ei han made
vpon e wickidnes of i puple. to hem goldun goddis;
xiii Record of Abraham, Yaac, and of Yrael, i xxxii ouer forif hem is gilt, or if ow dot not, do me
eruauntis, to whom ow hat worn bi i eluen, out of i book, at ou hat wrytun.
eiynge, Y hal multiplie oure eed as e terres of xxxiii To whom e Lord anwerde, Who o ynne to me,
heuene, and al is loond of e which Y haue pokun, Y Y hal do hym out of my book;
hal yue to oure eed, and e hulen welde it xxxiiii ow foroe goo, and lede is puple whider Y
euermore. pake to ee; myn aungel hall goo before ee, and Y in
xiiii And e Lord was pleid at he dide not e harme, e day of veniaunce hal viite is ynne of hem.
at he pake aens his puple. xxxv an e Lord moot e puple for e gilt of e calf,
xv And Moyes is turned aen fro e hil, berynge in at Aaron made.
hoond two tablis of tetymonye wrytun on eiir ide,
xvi and maad wi e werk of God; e wrytyng foroe Capitulum XXXIII.
of God was grauen in e tables. i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, Go, and tye vp
xvii Joue foro herynge e noye of e puple criynge fro is place, ow, and i puple, at ow hat ladde out
out, eide to Moyes, ellynge of fitynge is herd in e of e loond of Egipte, in to e loond at Y wore to
tentis. Abraham, Yaac, and Jacob, eiynge, To i eed Y hal
xviii To whom he anwerde, It is not a crye of men yue it.
biddynge to fityng, ne an out crye of men compellynge ii And Y hal ende an aungel, i before renner, at Y
to flee, but a voys of men yngynge Y here. rowe out Chanane, and Amorre, and Ethe, and
xix And whanne he was ny to e tentis, he aw e Phereze, and Eue, and Jebuze,
calf, and companyes of men al abowt; and ful wroo he iii and ow go into e loond flowynge mylk and hony;
rewe e tablis out of e hoond, and he brake hem at foroe Y hal not tie vp wi ee, for a puple `it is of
e rotes of e hil. hard nol, let perauenture Y kater ee in e weie.
xx And cacchynge e calf at ei hadden made, he iiii e puple herynge is wert word weilide, and noon
brente, and gronde it al to dot, e which he prengide after e wonne was cloid his ournyng.
`in to water, and af of it drynke to e ones of Yrael. v And e Lord eide to Moyes, Spek to e ones of
xxi And Moyes eide to Aaron, What dide is puple to Yrael, A puple of hard nol ow art; ones Y hal tye vp
ee, at ow woldet brynge vpon hem e moot ynne? in e myddil of ee, and Y hal do ee awey; now rit
xxii To whom he anwerde, Ne endeyn, my lord, ou put down in ournement, at I knowe, what Y hal do
foroe knewe is puple, at it is redy to yuel; to ee.
xxiii ei eiden to me, Make to vs goddis, at goon vi anne e ones of Yrael diden doun her ournement
beforn vs, to is Moyes foroe, at ladde vs out of e fro e hil of Oreb.
loond of Egipte, we knowen not what is befaln. vii And Moyes takynge a tabernacle traute it afer out
xxiiii To whom Y eide, Which of ow ha gold? ei of e tentis, and he clepyde e name of it e tabernacle
token, and auen to me, and Y rewe it into e fier, of e boond of pees. And al e puple at hadde eny
and ere ede out is calf. quetioun, ede out to e tabernacle of e boond of
xxv Seynge anne Moyes e puple, at it was nakid; pees, out of e tentis.
Aaron foroe hadde poylde it for e enhip of e viii And whanne Moyes ede out to e tabernacle, alle
file, and among e enemyes he hadde ette it nakid; e puple aroos, and echon tode in e dore of his tente,
xxvi and tondynge in e atis of e tentis, ei, If eny and ei biheelden e bak of Moyes, to e tyme he ede
man be of e Lord, be he ioyned to me; and ere ben into e tente.
gedered to hym alle e ones of Leuy. ix He foroe goon into e tabernacle of e boond of
xxvii To whom he ei, es inges ei e Lord God of pees, dicendide a piler of a clowde, and tode at e
Yrael, Put a man a werd vpon his hippe, go, and dore; and `e Lord pak wi Moyes,
turne aen fro ate vnto ate by e myddel of e x alle men beholdynge at e piler of e clowde tode at
tentis, and lee echon broer, and frende, and his e dore of e tabernacle; and ei toden, and lowtiden
neibore. ur e ates of her tabernaclis.
xxviii e ones of Leuy diden after e word of Moyes, xi e Lord foroe pak to Moyes face to face, as a man
and ere fellen in at day as re and twenti owynd of is wonte to peke to his freende; and whanne he
men. turnede aen into e tentis, e eruaunt of hym, child
xxix And Moyes ei, e han acrid oure hoondes to Joue, e one of Num, ede not fro e tabernacle.
day to e Lord, echon in one, and in his broer, at xii And Moyes eide to e Lord, ow comaundis, at I
ere be eue to ow bliyng. lede out is puple, and ow hewit not to me, whom

ow art to endynge wi me, namelich i ow eit, Y viii And Moyes hatynge is bowid redi into e ere,
knewe ee bi name, and ow hat founde grace before and anowrynge,
me. ix ei, If Y haue founde grace in i it, Lord, I bieche
xiii If anne Y haue founde grace in i it, hew to me at ow goo wi vs, foroe e puple is of hard nol,
i face, at I knowe ee, and fynde grace before in and at ow do awey oure wickidnes, and ynnes, and
eyen; behold i puple, and is folk. at ow welde vs.
xiiii And God eide, My face hal goo before ee, and x e Lord anwerde, Y hal goo in couenaunt, eynge
rete Y hal yue to ee. alle men, I hal do ignes, at neuere weren een vpon
xv And Moyes ei, If ow i ilf got not before, ne ere, ne in eny folkis of kynde, at is puple een, in
lede ow vs fro is place; whos myddil ow art, e feerful werk of e Lord, at Y
xvi in what foroe mowen we knowe, I and is puple, am to do.
at we han founde grace in i it, but if at ow go xi Kep alle ingis at to day I haue comaundide to ee;
wi vs, at we ben glorrifyed of alle puples at dwellen Y my ilf hal rowe out before i face Amorrey,
vpon e ere? Chananey, and Ethei, Phereei foroe, and Euei, and
xvii e Lord foroe ei to Moyes, And is word at Jebuzei.
ow hat pokun, Y hal do; ow hat foroe founde xii Be war, let eny tyme ow ioyne frendhips wi e
grace before me, and i ilf Y haue knowe bi name. dwellers of at loond, at ben to ee into fallyng.
xviii e which ei, Shew to me i glorie. xiii But and e auteers of hem detrye, brek togidere e
xix He anwerde, Y hal hewe al good to ee, and Y ymages, and e mawmete woodes hew down;
hal be clepid in e name of e Lord before ee, and Y xiiii wole ow not anowre an alien God; e Lord gelows
hal haue mercy to whom Y wole, and goodliche Y hal e name of hym, God is a louer;
be to whom it liki to me. xv ne go ow not into couenaunt wi men of at
xx And eft he ei, ow halt not mowe e my face, regioun, let whanne ei han do fornycacioun wi her
foroe ere hal not mowe e me a man, and lyue. goddes, and anourden e mawmetis of hem, eny man
xxi And eft, Loo! he ei, ere is a place anentis me, clepe ee, at ow eete of e ingis at ben offerd.
and ow halt tonde vpon a toon; xvi Ne wijf of e dowtris of hem ow halt tak to i
xxii and whanne my glorie hal pae, Y hal putte ee in ones, let after at ei han do fornycacioun, ei maken
e hool of e toon, and I hal defende wi my rit to do fornycaciouns and i ones into her goddis.
hoond, to e tyme at Y pae; xvii otun goddis ow halt not make to ee.
xxiii and I hal take myn hoond, and ow halt e myn xviii e olempnyte of erf looues ow halt kepe; euen
hyndermore, my face foroe ow halt not mowe e. dayes ow halt eete erf looues, as I haue comaundide
to ee, in e tyme of e mone of new inges; in e
Capitulum XXXIIII. mone foroe of veer tyme ow edet out of Egipte.
i And erafter, Cut, he ei, to ee two tonun tables at xix Al at openi e wombe of maal kynde hal be myn,
e liknes of e former, and Y hal write vpon hem e of alle hauynge lijf, as wel of oxen, as of heep, hal be
wordes at hadden e tablis, at ow brak. myne.
ii Be redi eerli, at ow tie vp anone into e hil of xx e firt goten of an ae ow halt bigge wi a heep;
Synay; and ow halt tonde wi me vpon e cop of e ellis foroe if ow yuet not for it e priys, it hal be
hil; lawn. e firt gotun of i ones ow halt `aenbigge;
iii no man tie vp wi ee, ne be een eny man ur out ne ow halt not apere in my it voide.
al e hil; oxen foroe and heep, be ei not fedde ere xxi Six dayes ow halt worche, e euene day ow
aens. halt ceee to eeren and to repen.
iiii anne he hewide out two tonun tables, what manere xxii e olempnyte of weekis ow halt make to ee in
ei weren before, and fro nyt aryynge he tiede vp e firt bigynnyng of fruytis of i whete heruet, and e
into e hil of Synay, as e Lord comaundide to him, olempnete whanne, e tyme turnynge aen of e eer,
berynge wi hym e tables. alle inges ben putte vp.
v And whanne e Lord had tiede vp bi e clowde, xxiii re tymes of e eer hal apere eche maal child at
Moyes tood wi hym, inwardli clepynge e name of is in in e it of e Almyti Lord, i God, Yrael.
e Lord, xxiiii Whanne foroe Y hal take e gentiles fro i face,
vi whom paynge before hym, ei, Lordhiper, Lord and I hal prede abrood i teermes, no man hal putte
God, mercyable, and goodliche, and pacient, and of pies to i loond, ee tyinge vp and apperynge in e
myche mercy, and verrey, it of e Lord i God, ries in e eer.
vii at kepit couenaunt and mercy into owandes, at xxv ou halt not offre vpon e owr dow e blood of
dot awei wickidnes, and hidows giltis, and ynnes, and my acrifice, neer hal not leeue vnto e morwe tide of
no man anentis ee bi him ilf is innocent, at eldit e acrifice of e olempnyte of pak.
wickidnes of fadris to ones and neces, into e ridde xxvi e chefe of e fruytes of i loond ow halt offre in
and e fere progenye. e hows of e Lord i God. ow halt not eee a kidde
in e mylk of his moder.

xxvii And e Lord eide to Moyes, Write to ee es xiii e meetbord wi berynge taues, and e veels, and
wordes, wi whiche Y haue couenauntide a boond of e looues of propoicioun;
pees, wi ee and wi Yrael. xiiii e candeltik to uteyne e lites, e veels of it,
xxviii anne Moyes was ere wi e Lord fourti dayes and lanternes, and oyle to e norihyng of fyres;
and fourti nytis, and eete no breed, ne drank water; xv e auter of e maad enence, and e beryng taues;
and he wroot in e tables e ten wordes of e boond of oyle of anoynting, and e maad enence of e wete
pees. mellynge pices; e tente at e dore of e tabernacle;
xxix And whanne Moyes decendide fro e mownt of xvi e autere of e al brent acrifice, and e braun
Synay, he held two tables of tetymonye, and he wite gredeyrne of it, wi e berynge taues, and his veels;
not at his face was horned of e cumpanye of e word e lauatorie, and e feet of it;
of God. xvii e cortynes of e porche, wi pilers, and feet; e
xxx Aaron foroe and e ones of Yrael, eynge e face tentis in e atis of e vetiarie;
of Moyes horned, ei dredden to comen ny, xviii e litil takis of e tabernacle, and of e porche,
xxxi and ei clepid of hym turneden aen, as wel Aaron wi her cordes;
as e princes of e ynagoge; xix e cloes whoe ve is in e eruyce of e
xxxii and after at he had pokun, comen to hym alo eyntuarye; e cloes of Aaron e bihop, and of his
alle e ones of Yrael; to whom he comaundide alle ones, at ei beren e office of preethod to me.
inges at he hadde herd of e Lord in e mownt of xx And al e multitude of e ones of Yrael goon out fro
Synay. e it of Moyes,
xxxiii And fulfillid e wordes, he putte a veyle vpon his xxi offerde wi moot redi mynde and deuoute e chefe
face; inges to e Lord, to make e werk of e tabernacle of
xxxiiii e which, he goon yn to e Lord, and pekynge tetymonye, what ing to e heriyng and to e holy
wi him, dide awey, to e tyme at he hulde goo out; cloes was neearye.
and anne he pak to e ones of Yrael alle inges, at xxii Men wi wymmen euen hongynge rynges, and eer
to hym weren comaundid; rynges, and hoond rynges, and beeis; al gilden veel
xxxv e whiche een e face of Moyes goynge out be is euerd into e iftis of e Lord.
horned, but eft he couerde his face, if eny tyme he pak xxiii Who o euer hadde iacynct, and purpur, and cocco
to hem. twies died, bijs, and heeris of goote, weer kynnes
maad reed, and blew,
Capitulum XXXV. xxiiii e metals of iluer, and of brae, ei offreden to e
i Therfore alle e cumpanye of alle e ones of Yrael Lord, and e trees of Sichym into dyuere vis.
gedered, he eid to hem, es ben at e Lord ha xxv But and wymmen yuen at come ur dower,
comaundide to be doon. iacynct, and purpur, and reed ilk, and bijs,
ii Six daies e hulen doo werk, e euene day hal be xxvi and e heeris of goote, wilfully alle propre ingis
to ow holy, an holi day and e rete of e Lord; who o euynge.
do werk in it he hal be layn. xxvii e princes foroe offerden onychyn tonus and
iii e hulen not tiende fier in al oure dwellyng place gemmes, to e coope and breet broche,
bi e holi day. xxviii and wete mellynge pices, and oyle to make e
iiii And Moyes ei to alle e companyes of e ones of lites, and to greie e oynement, and to make e
Yrael, is is e word at e Lord comaundide, eiynge, encene of moot wete mel.
v Seuer e anentis ow e chefe fruytis to e Lord; eche xxix Alle men and wymmen wi a deuowt mynde
wilful and of redi inwit offer hem to e Lord, gold, and offerden iftis, at e werkis `hulden be maad, at e
iluer, and brae, Lord comaundide bi e hoond of Moyes; alle e ones
vi iacynct, and purpur, and cocto twies died, and bijs, of Yrael halowiden wilful inges to e Lord.
heeris of goote, xxx And Moyes eide to e ones of Irael, Loo! e Lord
vii and e kynnes of weers maad reed, and ha clepid Beeleel bi name, e ones of Hury, e one
iacynctyne, e trees of Sichym, of Hur, of e lynage of Juda;
viii and oyle to e lites `to be maad, and at ere be xxxi and he ha fulfillede hym wi e piryt of God, of
maad an oynement, and e moot wete enence, widom, and vndertondyng, and of kunnyng, wi al
ix onychyn tonus and gemmes, to e anowrnnyng of e doctrine,
coope, and of e breet broche. xxxii to cat and to make e werk, in gold, and iluer,
x Who o euere of ow is wijs, come he, and mak at e and brae,
Lord ha comaundide, xxxiii and in tonus to ben graued, and in carpentarye
xi at is, e tabernacle, and e roof of it, and e werk; what ing craftily may be founde,
coueryng; rynges, and e `tablid ides, wi e berynge xxxiiii he ha ouun in his herte; and Ooliab, e one of
taues, litil takes, and feet; Achymaech, of e lynage of Dan;
xii e arke, and e berynge taues; e propicyatorie, and xxxv boe he ha taute wi widom, at ei maken e
e veyle, at before it is prad abrood; werkis of carpentarye, of browdrye, and of werkyng

wi needlis, of iacynct, and purpur, and cocto twies xxii Two rabitynges weren bi eche tables, at e tone to
died, and of bijs, and alle inges weue ei, and alle `at oer myt be ioyned;
newe ingis fynde ei. xxiii o he made in alle e tablis of e tabernacle. Of e
whiche twenti weren at e mydday coot aens e
Capitulum XXXVI. ow,
i Thanne diden Beeleel, and Oliab, and eche wie man, xxiiii wi fourti ilueren foottakys; two foottakis vndur
to whom e Lord aue widom and vndirtondynge, at o table weren put at eiir parti of e corners, where e
ei cowden craftili worche at ben necearie into e rabityngis of e ides in e corners weren endid.
ves of e eyntuarie, and at e Lord ha comaundide xxv At e coot foroe of e tabernacle at biholdi to
to be maad. e nor he made twenti tablis,
ii And whanne Moyes hadde clepide hem, and eche xxvi wi fourti ilueren foottakis, two foottakis bi eche
tawt man, to whom e Lord hadde eue widome, and tablis.
at wilfulli hadden offerd hem to make e werk, xxvii Aens e wet foroe, at is at at parti of e
iii he toke to hem alle e iftis of e ones of Yrael. e tabernacle at biholdi e ee, he maad ix tables,
whiche whanne ei toden tedfatly to her werk eche xxviii and two oer bi eche corners of e tabernacle
daye, eerly e puple offerde e auowes. bihynde,
iiii Wherfor e crafti men contreyned to come, xxix e whiche weren ioyned fro benee vnto abouen,
v eiden to Moyes, e puple more offeri an is nede. and in to o ioynyng togidere ei weren born; o he
vi anne Moyes comaundide in e voyce of a bedel to made on eiir parti bi e corners,
be cryde, Neier man ne womman eny ing more offre xxx at eit tablis weren togidere, and hadden ixtene
in e werk of e eyntuarie; and o was ceeide fro e ilueren foottakis, at is, two ilueren foottakis vnder
iftis to ben offerd, eche tablis.
vii fori at e offred inges ufficeden, and aboundide xxxi And he made berynge taues, fyue of e trees of
more ouer. Sichym to hold togidere e tablis of e to ide of e
viii And alle e wie men in herte maden to fille e tabernacle,
werk of e tabernacle ten cortyns of bijs foldun aen, xxxii and fyue oere to make togidere e tables of e
and iacynct, and purpur, and cocto twies dyed, wi toer ide, and wiouten es, fyue oere berynge taues
diuers werk, and wi browdrye craft. at e wet coot of e tabernacle aens e ee.
ix Of e whiche oon hadde in lenge eite and twenti xxxiii And he made anoer berynge taf, at hulde
cubites, and in brede foure; o meure was of alle e come ur e myddil tables fro corner vnto corner.
cortyns. xxxiiii And ilk tablid ingis he giltide, otun e iluer
x And he ioynede fyue cortyns eier to oer, and oere foottakis of hem, and he made e cercles of hem
fyue he cowplede togidere to hem eluen; golden, bi e whiche e berynge barres myten be lad
xi and he made iacynctyne oyletis in e hemme of e o ynne, e whiche and hem he couerde wi golden
cortyn on eier yde, and in e hemme of e oer alo, platis.
xii at e oyletis myten come aens hem eluen xxxv And he made e veyle dyuere and ondrye, of
togidere, and togidere be ioyned; iacynct, and purpur, `reed ilk, and bijs foldid aen,
xiii wherfore and fifti golden cerclis he eetide, at wi browdrye werk;
myten hold e oiletes of e cortyns, and at ere were xxxvi and foure pileris of e trees of Sichym, e whiche
maad o tabernacle. wi e heedis he gildide, oten e iluer foottakis of
xiiii And he made enleuen arges of e heeris of goote, hem.
to couere e roofe of e tabernacle; xxxvii And he made a tente in e entre of e tabernacle,
xv o arge in lenge hadde retti cubitis, and in brede of iacynct, and purpur, reed ilk, and bijs foldid aen,
foure cubitis; of o meure weren alle e arges; wi e werk of nedlis;
xvi of whom fyue he ioynede a ide, and oere ix xxxviii and fyue pylers wi her heedis, e whiche he
atwynne. couerde wi gold, and e braun foottakis of hem he
xvii And he made fifty oyletis in e hemme of e o etide, e whiche he couerde wi gold.
arge, and fifti in e hemme of e toir arge, at to
hem eluen ei myten be ioynede to gidere; Capitulum XXXVII.
xviii and fifti braun knoppis wi whiche e roof myte i Beeleel foroe made alo e arke of e trees of
be knyt, and o mantil be made of alle e arges. Sichym, hauynge two cubites and an half in lenge,
xix And he made e couertour of e tabernacle of and oer half cubijt in brede, and e hite was of oer
kynnes of weers maad reed, and anoer aboue e half cubijt; and he cloid it wi moot puyr gold wi
veyle of kynnes maad blew. ynne, and wi oute.
xx And he made e tablis of e tabernacle of e trees of ii And he made to it a goldun crown bi enuyroun,
Sichym tondynge; iii etynge foure goldun rynges bi foure corners of it,
xxi of ten cubites was e lenge of e to table, and oer two rynges in e to ide, and two in e toer.
half cubijt e brede heeld. iiii And he made berynge taues of e trees of Sichym,

v which he cloide wi gold, and e whiche he putte xxvi And he cloide it wi moot clene gold, wi e fier
into e rynges at weren in e ides of e arke, to bere panne, and walles, and hornes; and he made to it a litel
it. golden crown by enuyroun,
vi And he made e propiciatorye, at is, Goddis xxvii and two goldun rynges vnder e crown, bi eche
pekynge place, of moot puyr gold, of two cubites and ides, at in hem ben put yn e berynge taues, at e
an half in lenge, and of oer half cubijt in brede. auter may be born.
vii Alo two cherubyn of gold forgid, whiche he putte xxviii ilke foroe berynge taues he made of e trees of
on eier ide of e propicyatorie, Sichym, and he couerde wi goldun plates.
viii o cherub in e ouermet heit of e o parti, and `at xxix And he made oyle to oynement of halowyng, and
oer cherub in e ouermet heit of `at oer parti; two e maad enence of moot clene wete mellynge pices,
cherubyn in eier heitis of e propiciatorye, wi e werk of pymentarye.
ix trecchynge out e wenges, and couerynge e
propiciatorye, and hem eluen togidere, and it Capitulum XXXVIII.
aenbiholdynge. i And he made e auter of brent acrifyce of e trees of
x And he made e meet bord of trees of Sichym, in Sichym, of fyue cubitis bi quare, and of ree in heit;
lenge of two cubites, and in brede of o cubijt, at ii whoe hornes eden out of e corners; and he couerde
hadde in heit o cubijt and an half. it wi braun plates.
xi And he enuyrounde it wi moot clene gold, and he iii And he greiide into e ves of it dyuere veels of
made to it a goldun brerde bi enuyroun; brae, cawdrowns, toonges, flehhokes, hokes, and fier
xii and to ilke brerde a goldun coroun bitwix grauen of pannes.
foure fyngris, and vpon it anoer goldun coroun. iiii And e gredyrne of it in manere of a nett he made
xiii And he etide foure goldun cercles, e whiche he braun, and vnder it in myddil of e auter a `fier panne.
putte into e foure corners, bi eche feet of e bord aen v Foure ryngis otun, be o feele heites of e netwie
e coroun, gredyrne, to e berynge taues to be put yn, for to bere;
xiiii and he putte into hem berynge taues, at e bord vi e whiche and hem he made of e trees of Sichym,
myte be born. and he couerde wi braun plates.
xv And ilk berynge taues he made of trees of Sichym, vii And he ladde yn cercles, e whiche `toden ouer in
and enuyrounde hem wi gold. e ides of e auteer. And ilk auter was not maye,
xvi And e veels to dyuere ves of e bord, eyel but holw of tabled ingis, and wi ynne voyde.
veels, fiols, and litil cuppes, and eneners of moot viii And he made a braun lauatorye, wi his foot, of e
clene gold, in e whiche ben acrifice `of licours to ben hewers of wymmen, e whiche wacchiden in e
offerd. porche of e tabernacle.
xvii And he made a candiltik, forgid of moot clene ix And e porche, in whos owe coot weren e tentis
gold, of whoe berynge taf, eerdis, cuppis, and bollis, of bijs folden aen of an hundrid cubites,
and lilies eden out; x twenti braun pilers wi her feet, e heedes of e
xviii ixe in eier ide, ree eerdes on o ide, and re on pilers and al e grauyng of e werk iluer;
e toer; xi euen at e nor coot e tentis, pilers, and feet, and
xix re cuppes in e maner of a note ur eche erdes, e heedes of pilers weren of e ame meure and of
and litil ballis togidere, and lilies; and ree cuppes at werk and of metal.
e liknes of a note in o eerde, and ballis togidere, and xii In at foroe coot e which biholde e wet,
lilyes; e werk was euen of ix eerdes, at eden out of weren tentis of fifti cubites, ten pilers wi her feet
e tok of e candeltik. braun, and e heedes of e pilers, and al e grauyng
xx In at foroe berynge taf were foure cuppes, in of e werk, ilueren.
maner of a note, and balles ur ech, and lilies; xiii Foroe aen e et he greiide tentis of fifti cubites,
xxi and e balles vnder e two eerdes bi re places, e xiiii of e whiche o ide helde fiftene cubites of ree
whiche togidere maken ix eerdes, goynge out of o pilers wi his feet;
berynge taf; xv and in `at oer party, for bitwix eier he made e
xxii and anne e ballis, and eerdes of it weren alle entre of e tabernacle, weren e tentis euen of fiftene
forgid of moot clene gold. cubites, re pilers, and o feele feete.
xxiii And he maad euen lanternes wi her xvi Alle e tentis of e porche bijs folden aen hadde
candelquenchers, and e veels, where e nuffes ben couerde.
quenchid, of moot clene gold. xvii e feet of e pilers weren braun, e heedes foroe
xxiiii A talent of gold peyide e candeltik wi alle his of hem wi alle her grauyngis ilueren; but and ilk
veels. pilers of e porche he cloide wi iluer.
xxv And he maade e auter of maad enence of e trees xviii And in e entre of it he made a tent wi nedle
of Sichym, hauynge ur quare eche cubitis, and in werk, of iacynct, and purpur, and reed cloo, and of
heit two, of whoe corners eden out hornes. bijs folden aen, e whiche hadde twenti cubites in

lenge, e heit foroe was of fyue cubitis, aftir e v and a girdil of e ame colours, as e Lord
meure at alle e tentis of e porche hadden. comaundide to Moyes.
xix e pilers foroe in e comyng ynne weren foure, vi And he greiide two onychyn tonus, boundun and
wi braun feete, and e heedes of hem, and e cloid wi gold, and grauen wi gemmarye craft wi
grauynges ilueren; e names of e ones of Yrael; ix names in `at o
xx e litil takis foroe of e tabernacle and of e toon, and ix in `at oer, after e ordre of e bire of
porche by enuyroun he made braun. hem.
xxi es ben e intrumentis of e tabernacle of vii And he putte hem in e ydes of e coope, into
witneyng, at ben noumbred out after e heetis of mynde of e ones of Yrael, as e Lord comaundide to
Moyes in e erymonyes of Leuytis, by e hoond of Moyes.
Ythamer, one of Aaron, preet. viii And he maade e breet broche wi browdrye craft,
xxii e whiche ingis Beeleel, e one of Hury, e one after e werk of e coope, of gold, iacynct, purpur, and
of Hur, of e lynage of Juda, e Lord bi Moyes cocto twies died,
comaundynge, hadde fulfillid; ix and bijs foldun aen, dowble, foure cornerd, of e
xxiii ioyned to hym a felawe, Ooliab, e one of meure of a panne.
Achiamech, of e lynage of Dan, e which and he was x And he putte in it foure ordres of gemmes; in e firt
a noble crafti man of trees, and a browdrer, and a veers was aarde, topazi, maragd;
worcher wi nedlis, of iacynct, and purpur, `reed xi in e ecounde, carbuncle, aphijr, iap;
cloo, and bijs. xii in e ridde, ligury, achatee, amatit;
xxiiii Al e gold at was pendid in e werk of e xiii in e fere, criolit, onychin, and beril; enuyround
eyntuarye, and at was offerd in iftis, was of twenti and encloid wi gold, bi her ordres.
and nyne talentis, and of euen hundrid and retti xiiii And ilke twelue tonus weren graued wi e
iclis, at e meure of e eyntuarie. names of e twelue lynages of Yrael, eche after e
xxv ere was foroe offerd of hem at camen to e name of eche.
noumbre, fro twenti eer and aboue, of ix hundrid re xv And ei maden in e breet broche litle cheynes,
owynd and of fyue hundrid and fifti men of aarmes. cleuynge to hem eluen togidere, of moot puyr gold,
xxvi ere weren forermore an hundryd talentes of xvi and two hokis, and as feele goldun rynges. Foroe
iluer, of e which ben otun e foottakis of e e rynges ei putten in eier ide of e breet broche,
eyntuarye, and of e entre, where e veyle hongi; xvii fro e whiche hulden honge e two goldun
xxvii an hundred foottakis ben maad of an hundrid cheynes, e whiche ei etten yn wi hokis,
talentes, eche talentis countid bi eche foottakis. xviii e whiche toden ouer aferre in e corners of e
xxviii Of a owynd foroe and euen hundrid and coope.
euenti and fyue icles he made e heedes of e pilers, xix es ingis and beforn and bihynde o acordiden to
e whiche and hem he cloide wi iluer. hem eluen,
xxix Of brae foroe ere weren offred talentis euenti xx at e coope and e breet broche treyt myten be
and two owynd, and foure hundrid ouermore icles. knyt to gidere to e girdil,
xxx Of e whiche ben oten foottakis in e entre of e xxi and wi rynges trengere cowplid, e whiche e
tabernacle of witneyng, and a braun auter wi his iacynctyne filete ioyned, let large ei myten looe,
fier panne, and alle e veels at perteyneden to e ve and be meuyd togidere fro hem eluen, as e Lord
of it, comaundide to Moyes.
xxxi and e foottakis of e porche, as wel in e xxii And ei maden e coope coote, al iacynctyne;
enuyroun as in e comyng yn of it, and litle takis of e xxiii and a hode in e oueret parti, aens e myddel,
tabernacle, and of e porche al aboute. and a hemme weuyd al aboute e hode;
xxiiii benee foroe at e feete powmbe garnettis of
Capitulum XXXIX. iacynct, purpur, and reed cloo, and bijs folden aen;
i Off iacynct foroe, and purpur, `reed cloo, and bijs, xxv and litil bellis of moot puyr gold, e whiche ei
he made e clois, wi whiche Aaron was cloid yn, puttiden bitwix e powmbe garnettis, in e neer more
whanne he mynytryde in e hoolie, as e Lord party of e coote bi enuyroun;
comaundide to Moyes. xxvi a litel golden belle and a powmbe garnet; wi
ii anne he made a coope of gold, iacynct, and purpur, which anowrned e bihop ede, whanne he vid e
and cocto twies died, and bijs aen foldid, wi office, as e Lord comaundide to Moyes.
browdrye werk; xxvii And ei maden bijs cootis, wi weuen werk, to
iii and he cutte er yn goldun peees, and he made hem Aaron and to ones of hym,
into redes, at ei myten be plattid wi e weft of e xxviii and mytrys wi her litil crownes of bijs, and bijs
raer colours; lynnen breches;
iiii and two hemmes to hem eluen cowplid to gidere in xxix e girdil foroe of bijs foldun aen, iacynct,
eier ide of e heitis, purpur, and `reed cloo, twynned wi nedle craft, as e
Lord ha comaundide to Moyes.

xxx And ei maden e plate of holi worhipyng of moot xii And ow halt ett Aaron and e ones of hym at e
puyr gold, and ei graueden in it wi gemmary werk, dore of e tabernacle of witneyng; and, wahen wi
e holi of e Lord. water,
xxxi And ei treyneden it wi e mytre wi a xiii ow halt cloe wi holi cloes,
iacynctyne filete, as e Lord comaundide to Moyes. xiiii at ei mynytre to me,
xxxii anne was ful maad al e werk of e tabernacle, xv and e anoyntyng of hem profit into euerlatynge
and of e roofe of witneyng; and e ones of Yrael prethod.
maden alle ingis at e Lord comaundide to Moyes. xvi And Moyes dide alle inges at e Lord
xxxiii And ei offerden vp e tabernacle, and e roofe, comaundid.
and alle e necearies, rynges, tablis, berynge taues, xvii anne e firt mone of e ecounde eer, e firt
pilers, and foottakis; day of e mone, e tabernacle was ett.
xxxiiii a couertour of weer kynnes maad reed, and xviii And Moyes areryde it, and ette e tables, and e
anoer couertour of blew kynnes; e veyle, foottakis, and e berynge taues, and he ette e pilers.
xxxv e arke, e berynge taues, e propiciatorye; xix And he traute e roofe vpon e tabernacle, e
xxxvi e meetbord wi e veels, and e looues of couertour in ett aboue, as e Lord comaundide.
propoicioun; xx And he putte e witneyng in e arke wi ynne,
xxxvii e candeltik, lanterns, and e vable ingis of it, berynge taues vnder ett, and Goddis anwerynge place
wi e oyle; er aboue.
xxxviii e goldun auter, and e oynement, and e maad xxi And whanne he hadde brout yn e arke into e
enence of e wete pices; and e tente in e entree of tabernacle, he hongide beforn it e veyle, at he fulfille
e tabernacle; e heet of e Lord.
xxxix e braun auter, e netwie gredyrne, berynge xxii And he putte e meetbord in e tabernacle of
taues, and alle e veels of it; e lauatorie wi hys witneyng, at e nor coot, wi outen e veyle,
foote; xxiii ordeynd before e looues of propoicioun, as e
xl e tentis of e porche, and e pilers wi her feet; e Lord comaundide to Moyes.
tente in e entre of e porche, and e litil cordis of it, xxiiii And he putte e candetik in e tabernacle of
and e litil takis. No ing failide of e veels, at witneyng, `forn aens e meetbord, in e ow parti,
weren comaundid to be maad into e eruyce of e xxv ett bi ordre e lanterns, after e heet of e Lord.
tabernacle, and into e roofe of e boond of pees. xxvi And he putte e goldun auter vnder e roofe of
xli And e cloes whiche e pretis ven in e witneyng, aens e veile,
eyntuarye, Aaron, at is, xxvii and he brent vpon it encene of wete mellynge
xlii and e ones of hym, offerden e ones of Yrael, as pices, as e Lord comaundide to Moyes.
e Lord comaundide. xxviii And he putte e tente in e entre of e tabernacle,
xliii e whiche ingis after at Moyes aw alle ingis xxix and e auter of alle brent acrifices in e vetiarie
fulfillid, bliide to hem. of witneyng, offrynge in it al brent acrifice, and
acrifices, as e Lord hadde comaundide.
Capitulum XL. xxx e lauatorie foroe he ette betwix e tabernacle of
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, witneyng and e auter, fulfillynge it wi water.
ii e firt
mone, e firt day of e mone, ow halt xxxi And Moyes and Aaron and e ones of hym
rere e tabernacle of witneyng. wahen her hoondes and feet,
iii And ow halt putte in it e arke, and ow halt leue xxxii whanne ei eden in e roof of e couenaunt of
before it e veile. pees, and `neie eden to e auter, as e Lord hadde
iiii And e meetbord browt for ow halt putte vpon comaundide to Moyes.
it, at wi rit ben comaundid. e candeltyk hal xxxiii And he reride e porche, bi enuyroun of e
tonde wi his lanterns, tabernacle and of e auter, a tent lad in e entre of it.
v and e goldun auter, in whiche hal be brent e After at alle ingis ben fulfillid,
encene before e arke of witneyng. e tente in e xxxiiii a clowd couerde e tabernacle of witneyng, and
entre of e tabernacle ow hal ett; e glorie of e Lord fulfillide it;
vi and beforn it e auter of alle brent acrifices, xxxv ne Moyes myte goo in e roofe of e couenaunt
vii e lauatorie betwix e auter and e tabernacle, of pees, e clowd couerynge alle inges, and e maiete
which ow halt fulfille wi water. of e Lord litnynge, for alle ingis e clowd hadde
viii And ow halt enuyroun e porche wi tentis into couerede.
e comyng yn of it. xxxvi And if eny tyme e clowd lafte e tabernacle, e
ix And e oyle of an oyntyng takun ow halt anoynte ones of Yrael eden for bi her companyes;
e tabernacle, wi his veels, at ei ben halowid; xxxvii if it hongide ere aboue, ei dwelten in e ame
x e auter of al brent acrifice, and al e veels of it; place;
xi e lauatorye wi his foot. Al wi e oyle of an
oynting ow halt acre, at ei ben holi of halowes.

xxxviii e
clowd foroe of e Lord lenyde in day to e xvii and he hal breke e wynges of it, and not kyt, ne
tabernacle, and fier in e nyt, and e puple of Yrael wi yrun dyuyde it; and he hal brenne it vpon e
eynge, bi alle her dwellyngis. auter, fier vnder put to e wodde; al brent acrifice it is
Here endi Exodus and now bigynne and offryng of moot wete mel to e Lord.
Leuyticus. Capitulum II.
i Whanne a lijf offre offryng of acrifyce to e Lord,
LEUITICUS. tryed flour hal be e offryng of him. And he hal
Here begynne e bok of Leuiticus. heelde vpon it oyle, and putte cene,
ii and brynge to e ones of Aaron, e preet, of whom
Capitulum I. oon hal take an handful of tried flour, and of oyle, and
i The Lord foroe clepide Moyes, and pak to hym al e cene; and putte e memorial vpon e auter, into
from e tabernacle of witneyng, eiynge, moot wete mel to e Lord.
iii at foroe at leeue of e acrifice hal be of Aaron
ii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eie to hem,
e man at offre of ow an oot to God of e beetis and of his ones, holi of halowes `of offrynges to e
at is, of oxen, and of heep, offrynge lawn acrifices, Lord.
iiii Whanne foroe he hal offre baake acrifice of tried
iii if al brent acrifice were e offryng of hym, and of e
droue, a maal wi outen wemme he hal offre at e flour in e ouen, at is, looues wi outen ourdow,
dore of e tabernacle of witneyng, to plee to hym e preynt wi oyle, and e erf kaakis medlid wi oyle;
v if in offryng hal be fro e friynge panne, of tryed
iiii And he hall putte e hondes vpon e heed of e flour preynt wi oyle and wi outen our dow,
vi ow halt dyuyde it in litil parties, and heelde vpon it
oot, and it hal be acceptable, and profytynge into e
clenyng of hym. oyle.
vii If foroe fro e gridil acrifice, euen maner e tried
v And he hal offre a calf before e Lord, and e ones
of Aaron, e preet, hulen offre e blood of it, flour hal be preynt wi oile;
viii e which offrynge to e Lord ou halt take in e
hedynge bi enuyroun of e auter, at is before e dore
of e tabernacle. hondis of e preet. e which whanne he hal offre it,
ix he hal take a memorial fro e acrifice, and make
vi And e kyn of e oot drawun of, e greet lemes ei
hulen kit in gobetis; brenne vpon e auter into mel of wetnes to e Lord.
x What euer foroe leeue, hal be of Aaron and his
vii and ei chulen leye fier in e auter maad bifore e
heep of wodde; ones, holi of halewis of offringis to e Lord.
xi Al offryng at is offred to e Lord, hal be maad wi
viii and e lemes at ben kyt a boue ordeynynge, e
heed, at is, and alle at cleuen to e mawe, outen our dow, ne eny ing of our dow, and of
ix e entrails and e feet wahe wi watir; and e
hony, hal be brent in e acrifice of e Lord.
xii e cheefe fruytys oonly e hulen offre of hem, and
preet hal brenne hem vpon e auter in to al brent
acrifice, and wete mel to e Lord. iftis; vpon e auter foroe hal not ei be leyde, into
x at if of e beetis is e offeryng, e al brent acrifice mel of wetnes.
xiii What euer ow halt offre of acrifice, ow hal
of heep, or of geyt, he hal offre a loombe of o eer wi
outen wemme, anoynte it wi alt, ne ow halt not take a wey alt of
xi and he hal offre at e ide of e auter at biholdi to
e boond of pees of e Lord i God fro i acrifice; in
e nor, bifore e Lord. e blood foroe of it e ones al offring ow halt offre alt.
xiiii If foroe ow halt offre a yfte of e cheef ingis
of Aaron hulen heelde vpon e auter bi enuyroun,
xii and ei hulen dyuyde e lemes, e heed, and alle of i fruytis to e Lord, of eerys it green, ow hal
at cleuen to e mawe, and leie vpon e wodde, to e parche it wi fier, and breke in maner of bryid corn; o
which fier is to be vnder putte; ow halt offre i cheefe fruytis to e Lord,
xv heeldynge vpon hem oyle, and encene puttynge yn,
xiii e entrayls foroe, and e feet ei hulen wahe
wi water; and e preet hal brenne alle ingis offred for e offryng of e Lord it is.
xvi Of e whiche e preet hal make brynne, into
vpon e auter into brent acrifice, and moot wete mel
to e Lord. mynde of e ifte, a part of e bride corn, and of e
xiiii If foroe of e briddis e offryng of brent acrifice
oyle, and al e cene.
were to e Lord, of turturs, or culuer briddis,
xv e preet hal offre it at e auter; and e heed crokid
Capitulum III.
aen to e necke, and e place of a wounde broke, he i And if e oot of peible ingis were e offryng of
hal make e blood renne down vpon e brenke of e hym, and of e oxen he wole offre, a maal, or a femaal,
auter. wi outen wemme he hal offre before e Lord.
xvi e litil bleedre foroe of e root, and e feeres, ii And he hal putte e hoonde vpon e heed of his
he hal cat out biide e auter, at e eet coot, in e lawe acrifice, e which hal be offred in e entryng of
place where akis ben wonte to be cat out;

e tabernacle; and e ones of Aaron, e preet, hulen iiii and hal lede it to e dore of e tabernacle of
heelde e blood bi enuyroun of e auter. witneyng before e Lord, and he hal putte e hoond
iii And ei hulen offre of e oot of peible ingis into vpon his heed, and he hal offre it to e Lord.
offryng to e Lord, e talw at couere e entrailes, v And he hal take of e blood of e calf, berynge it in
and what euer of fatnes is wi ynfor; to e tabernacle of witneyng.
iiii e two reyns, wi e talw wi e which ben couerd vi And whanne he ha wette e fyngre in e blood, he
e reyn guttis, and e calle of e mawe wi e male hal prenge it euene ies before e Lord, aens e
reyns. veyle of e eyntuarye.
v And ei hulen brenne hem vpon e auter, in to al vii And he hal putte of e ame blood vpon e hornes
brent acrifice, e fier vnder put to e wodde, into of e auter of moot kyndli encene to e Lord, at is in
offryng of moot wete mel to e Lord. e tabernacle of witneyng; al foroe e laft blood he
vi If foroe of heep were e offeryng of hym, and oot hal helde into e foot of e auter of brent acrifice in
of peible ingis, wheer maal or femaal he hal offre, e entre of e tabernacle.
ei hulen be wi outen wemme. viii And e talw of e calf he hal offre for ynne, as
vii If he hal offre a loombe before e Lord, wel it at coueri e entreyles, as alle at ben wi
viii he hal putte his hoond vpon e heed of his lawn ynfor,
acrifice, e whych hal be offerd in e vetiarye of e ix two lytil reynes, and e calle at is aboue hem biide
tabernacle of witneyng; and e ones of Aaron hulen e reyne guttes, and e talw of e mawe, wi e litil
heelde e blood of it bi enuyroun of e auter. reynes,
ix And ei hulen offre of e oot of peible ingis a x as it is doon awey fro e calf of e oot of peible
acrifice to e Lord, talw, and al e tail wi e reynes, ingis; and he hal brenne hem vpon e auter of brent
and e fatnes at couere e wombe, and alle e acrifice.
entrayls, xi e kynne foroe, and al e fleh wi e heed, and
x and eier litil reyne, wi e talw at ys biide e feet, and e entreyles, and e dryt,
reyne guttes, and e calle of e mawe, wi e litil xii and e laft body he hal bere out of e tentis into a
reynes. clene place, where e aken ben wont to be held out;
xi And e preet hal brenne hem vpon e auter, into and he hal tende hem vpon e hepe of wode, e which
foode of e fier, and of e offryng to e Lord. in e place of heeld out aken hulen be brent.
xii If a he goet were e offryng of hym, and he hulde xiii And if al e companye of e ones of Yrael bi
offre it to e Lord, vnknowyng and bi vnwidam do at at is aens e
xiii he hal putte his hoond vpon e heed of it, and he comaundement of e Lord,
hal offre it in e entre of e tabernacle of witneyng; xiiii and afterward vndertonde his ynne, he hal offre
and e ones of Aaron hulen hede e blood of it bi for e ynne a calf, and he hal lede it to e dore of e
enuyroun of e auter. tabernacle.
xiiii And ei hulen take of it, into foode of e Lordis xv And e eldre of e puple hal putte hoondes vpon e
fier, talw at couere e wombe, and at heli alle e heed of it before e Lord; and e calf offred in e it
entrayles, of e Lord,
xv two litil reyns wi e calle at is on hem biide e xvi e preet at is anoyntid hal bere yn of e blood of
reyne guttes, and e fatt of e mawe, wi e litil it into e tabernacle of witneyng,
reynes. xvii wi e weet fyngre prengynge euen ies aens e
xvi And e preet hal brenne hem vpon e auter, into veyle.
foode of e fier, and of moot wete mel; al e talw xviii And he hal putte of e ame blood in e hornes of
hal be of e Lord, e auter, at is before e Lord in e tabernacle of
xvii ur perpetuel rit, in kynredes and alle oure witneyng; e lafte foroe blood he hal helde biide
dwellyng places, and blood, and fat algatis hulen e e foot of e auter of brent acrifices, at is in e dore
not ete. of e tabernacle of witneyng.
xix And al e talw of it he hal take, and he hal
Capitulum IIII. brenne vpon e auter;
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, xx and o doynge of is calf, as he dide before, and e
ii Spek to e ones of Irael, Whanne a lijf ynne bi preet preyinge for hem e Lord hal haue mercy.
ignoraunce, and of alle e heetis of e Lord, e xxi at foroe calf he hal bere out of e tentis, and he
whiche he ha comaundide at ei hulden not be do, hal brenne as e oer calf, for it is for e ynne of e
eny ing do; multitude.
iii if e preet at is anoyntid, ynne, makynge e puple xxii If a prynce ynne, and doo oon of manye bi
to trepae, he hal offre for his ynne a calf wi outen ignoraunce, at is defendid in e lawe of e Lord,
wemme to e Lord; xxiii and afterwarde vndertonde his ynne, he hal offre
an oot before e Lord, an hee geit of e geetis, wi
outen wemme,

xxiiii and he hal putte his hoond vpon e heed of it. vi do he penaunce for e ynne, and offre he of e
And whanne he hal offre it in e place, where is wont flockis an hee lombe, or a hee geyt; and e preet hal
to be lawe e brent acrifice before e Lord, for it is preye for hym, and for his ynne.
for ynne; vii If foroe he may not offre a beete, offre he two
xxv e preet hal wete e fyngre in e blood of e oot turturs, or two culuer bryddis to e Lord, oon for e
for ynne, towchynge e hornes of e auter of brent ynne, and anoer into brent acrifice.
acrifice, and e relif heldynge at e foot of it. viii And he hal yue hem to e preet, e which, e firt
xxvi e talw foroe he hal brenne a boue, as in lawn offrynge for e ynne, hal bowe aen e heed of it to
acrifices of peible ingis is wont to be doon, and he e feers, o at it cleue to e nek, and not fullich it be
hal prey for hym, and for his ynne, and it hal be broke.
foreuen to hym. ix And he hal prenge of e blood of it e wal of e
xxvii at if a lijf of e puple of e loond ynne bi auter; what euer foroe were lefte he hal make to
ignoraunce, at he doo eny ing of es inges at ben drop at e foundement of it, for it is for ynne.
defendid in e lawe of e Lord, and trepai, x e toer foroe he hal brenne in to brent acrifice,
xxviii and knowlechi his ynne, offre he an hee geyt as it is wont to be doo, and e preet hal preye for hym
wi outen wemme, and for his ynne, and it hal be foreuen hym.
xxix and `he hal putte e hoond vpon e heed of e oot xi And if his hoond mowe not offre two turturs, or two
at is for e ynne, and he hal offre it in e place of e culuer briddes, offre he for his ynne of tried flowre e
brent acrifice. tene part of ephi; he hal not putte into it oyle, ne leye
xxx And e preet hal take of e blood in his fyngre, yn eny ing of encene, for it is for ynne.
and towchynge e hornes of e auter of brent acrifice, xii And he hal take it to e preet, e which takynge of
e relif he hal helde at e foot of it. it a ful hoondful, hal brenne vpon e auter, into e
xxxi Al foroe e talw takynge a wey, as yt is wont to mynde of hym at offrede,
be takun fro e lawn acrifices of peible inges, he xiii preiynge for hym, and purgynge; at oer foroe
hal brenne vpon e auter into mel of wetnes to e part he hal haue in ifte.
Lord; and he hal preye for hym, and it hal be foreue xiiii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
hym. xv If a lijf ynne, forfetynge e cerymonyes bi errour, in
xxxii If foroe of e beetis he hall offre lawn acrifice es ingis at ben halowed to e Lord, offre he for his
for ynne, at is, a heep wi outen wemme, trepas a weer wi out wemme of e flockis, e which
xxxiii he hal putte e hoond vpon e heed of it, and he may be bout wi two icles, after e weite of e
hal offre it in e place where ben wonte to ben lawun eyntuary.
e ootis of brent acrifices. xvi And at at he ha doo of harm he hal retore, and
xxxiiii And e preet hal take of e blood of it wi his e fife part he hal putte aboue, takynge to e preet,
fyngre, and towchynge e hornes of e auter of brent e which hal preye for hym, offrynge a weer, and it
acrifice, he hal heelde e relif at e foot of it. hal be forouen hym.
xxxv And al e talw takynge a wey, as e talw of a xvii e lijf at ynne bi ignoraunce, and doo oon of
weer is wonte to be takun a wey at is offrid for es ingis at ben defendid bi lawe of e Lord, and
ynnes, and he hal brenne vpon e auter e encene of gilti of e ynne vndertonde his wickidnes,
e Lord; and he hal preye for hym, and for his ynne, xviii he hall offre a weer wi outen wemme of e
and it hal be forouun hym. flockis to e preet, after e meure and eymyng of e
ynne; e which hal preye for hym, for vnknowynge
Capitulum V. he dide, and it hal be foreue to hym,
i If a lijf ynne, and here e voyce of a werer, and were xix for bi errour he trepaide in e Lord.
witnes, at oer he ee, or to hym ilf is knowun gilti,
but if he hewe, he hal bere his wickidnes. Capitulum VI.
ii e lijf at towchi eny vnclene ing, oer at is lawe i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
of a beet, oer bi hym ilf deed, or eny oer crepynge ii e lijf at ynne, and, e Lord depiide, denye to his
beet, and he were forgeten of his vnclennes, he is gilti, neibore e laft ing at to his fei was takun, or wi
and ha trepaid. fors eny ing taki, or do wrong chalenge,
iii And if he towche eny ing of e vnclennes of man, iii or fynde lot ing, and denyynge ouermore forweri,
after al vnclennes wi e which he is wont to be and eny oer of manye doo in e whiche men ben
defowlid, and foreten afterward knowe, he hal wonte to ynne,
vnderlye to e trepas. iiii he ateynt of e trepas hal elde alle ingis hool at
iiii e lijf at weri, and peki wi his lippes, at or ur frawde he wolde wi hoolde,
eny ing yuel hal do, or wel, and do not, and e ame v and ferermore e fife part to e lord, to whom he
ing wi oo or word table, dide e harm.
v and foreten afterward vndirtonde his trepas,

vi For his ynne foroe he hal offre a weer wiouten xxvii What euer hal towche e fleihe of it, hal be
wemme of e flok, and he hal yue it to e preet, after halowid; if a cloo be preynt of e blood of yt, it hal
e eymyng and meure of e trepas; be wahe in an holy place.
vii e which hal preye for hym before e Lord, and it xxviii e bretil veel foroe in e which it is oen, hal
hal be foreue to hym, for al at in doynge he ynnede. be broken; at if it were a braun veel, it hal be
viii And e Lord pake to Moyes, eiynge, rubbid, and wahe wi water.
ix Comaunde to Aaron and his ones, is is e lawe of xxix Eche maal of e preetis kynrede hal eete of e
e brent acrifice; it hal be brent in e auter al nyt flehe of it; for holi of halowis it is.
vnto e morwen; fyer it hal be of e ame auter. xxx An oot foroe at is lawe for ynne, whos blood is
x e preet hal be cloid wi a coote, and wi lynnen born into e tabernacle of witneyng to clene in e
breches; and he hal take e aken, e whiche e fier eyntuarie, hal not be eete, but brent wi fier.
vowrynge brent out, and puttynge biyde e auter
xi he hal be poylid e raer cloes, and cloid wi Capitulum VII.
oer he hal offre hem out of e tentes, and in moot i And is lawe of oot for trepas is holy of halowis.
clene place vnto a litil parcle he hal make to be ii erfore where e brent acrifice is offred, and e
watid. acrifice for e trepas hal be lawe; e blood of it bi
xii e fier foroe in e auter euermore hal brenne, e enuyroun of e auter hal be heelde.
which e preet hal norihe, vnder puttynge wode eerly iii ei hulen offre of it e tayl, and e talw at
bi eche dayes; and putte yn aboue e brent acrifice, he couere e entrayls,
hal brenne e talw of e peible ingis. iiii e two litel reynes, and e fatnes at is biide e
xiii is fier is perpetuel at hal neuer fayle in e auter. reyne guttes, and e calle of e mawe, wi e litil
xiiii is is e lawe of acrifice and of acrified licours, reynes.
e whiche e ones of Aaron hulen offre before e v And e preet hal brenne hem vpon e auter; e
Lord, and before e auter. encene it is of e Lord for e trepas.
xv e preet hal take an handful of tryed flour, e vi Eche maal of e preetes kynrede in holi place hal
which ys preynt wi oyle, and al e encene at is ete is fleh, for holi of halowis it is.
putte vp on e tryed flour, he hal brenne it in e auter, vii As for a ynne is offred an oot, o and for a trepas,
in to mynde of moot wete mel to e Lord. of eier hoot hal be o lawe; to e preet at it hal
xvi e laft foroe part of e tryed flour Aaron wi his offre it hal perteyne.
ones hal ete, wi outen our dow; and he hal ete in viii e preet at offre e lawn offryng of brent
e holi place of e porche of e tabernacle. acrifice, hal haue e kynne of it.
xvii erfore foroe it hal not be ouryd, for e part of it ix And alle e acrifice of tried floure, at is bake in e
is offred into e encene of e Lord; holi of halowes it ouen, and what euer ing in e gredyrne, or in friynge
hal be, as for e ynne and for e trepas. panne is greiid, of at preet it hal be, of whom it is
xviii e maalis oonlich of e lynage of Aaron hulen ete offred,
it; lawful and euerlatynge it is in oure kynredes, of e x wheer ei ben preynt wi oyle, or drye. To alle e
acrifices of e Lord; eche at touchi o inges hal ones of Aaron euen meure bi echon hal be dyuydid.
be halowid. xi is is e lawe of e oot of peible inges, at is
xix And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, offerd to e Lord.
xx is is e offryng of Aaron, and of e ones of him, xii If for doynge of ankyngis were e offryng, ei
at ei hulen offre to e Lord in e day of her chulen offre looues wi outen our dow preynt wi
anoyntyng; e tene part of ephi ei hulen offre of e oyle, and inne erf cakis anoynt wi oyle, and bakun
tried flour, in euerlatynge acrifice, e half of it eerli, tryed floure, and litil rownd looues preynt wi
and e half of it at euen; mengyng of oyle;
xxi e which in a panne preynt wi oyle hal be fryed. xiii and looues maad wi our dow, wi e oot of
xxii And e preet at to e fader ur ryt come after, ankynges at is offerd for e peible inges;
hal offre it hoote, into e moot wete mel to e Lord; xiiii of e whiche oon for e chefe fruytis hal be offerd
and al hal be brent in e auter. to e Lord, and it hal be of e preet at hal heelde e
xxiii Al foroe acrifice of preetis wi fier hal be blood of e oot,
conumyd, ne eny hal eete of it. xv whos flehe at ame day hal be etun, ne ere hal
xxiiii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, leeue of it eny ing vnto e morwe.
xxv Spek to Aaron and his ones, is is e lawe of oot xvi If ur a vow, or wylfully, eny man offre an oot,
for ynne; in e place where is offred brent acrifice, e ame day alo it hal be eten; but if eny ing leeue to
hal it be offerd before e Lord; holi of halowis it is. e morwe, it is leful to eete;
xxvi e preet at offre it, hal eete it in holi place, in xvii what euer foroe e ridde day fynde, e fier hal
e porche of e tabernacle. conume.
xviii If eny man eete e ridde day of e fleh of e oot
of peible inges, his offrynge hall be ett at not, ne it

hal profyte to e offrer; but raer ech lijf at defowli ii Tak Aaron wi his ones, e cloes of hem, and e
hym ilf wi yche meete, hal be gilti of trepayng. oyle of e anoyntyng, a calf for ynne, two weers, a
xix e fleh at eny vnclene ing touchi, hal not be leepe wi erf loues;
etun, but brent wi fier; he at is clene, hal eete it. iii and ow halt gedere togidere al e companye at e
xx A lijf defowlid, at eti of e fleh of e oot of dore of e tabernacle.
peible ingis, at is offred to e Lord, hal perihe fro iiii Moyes dyde as e Lord comaundide; and al e
his puplis. puple gadered before e ates of e tabernacle,
xxi And he at towchi e vnclennes of man, or of v he ei, is is e word at e Lord comaundide to be
beete, or of eny ing at may defowle, and eti of do.
iche maner fleh, hal pille fro his puples. vi And anoon he offred Aaron and his ones; and
xxii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, whanne he hadde wahe hem,
xxiii Spek to e ones of Irael, e talw of heep, and of vii he cloide e bihop wi a lynnen herte, girdynge
oxe, and of geyt, e hulen not eete; hym wi a gyrdle and cloing hym wi a blewe coote,
xxiiii e talw of deed careyn, and of at beete at is viii and putte aboue e coope, e which treynynge wi
takun of a wilde beete, e hulen haue into dyuere a lace ioyned it to e bret broche, in e which was
ves. loore and oenes.
xxv If eny man eete e talw, at hulde be offred into ix And he couerde e heed wi a mytre, and vpon it,
e encene of e Lord, he hal perihe fro his puple. aboute e frownt, he putte a goldun plate, acrid in
xxvi And e blood of eche beete e hulen not take in halowyng, as e Lord comaundide to him.
meete, as wel of bryddes, as of beetis; x And he took e oyle of anoyntyng, wi e which he
xxvii eche lijf at eti blood hal perihe fro his puplis. anoyntide e tabernacle wi alle his ournementis;
xxviii And e Lord pak to Moyes, xi and whanne halowynge he hadde preynt e auter
xxix eiyng, Speke to e ones of Yrael, He at offre euen ies, he anoyntide it; and alle e veels of it,
lawn offryng of peible inges to e Lord, offre he and e lauatorye wi his foot he halowide wi oyle.
erwi and acrifice, at is, his offrynges of licours. xii e which heeldynge vpon e heed of Aaron, he
xxx He hal holde wi hondes e talw of e oot, and anoyntide hym, and acrede, and his ones offrede he
e litil bret; and whanne boe, offred to e Lord, he acride,
ha acred, xiii and cloid wi lynnen cootys, and girde wi
xxxi he hal take to e preet, e which hal brenne e girdles, and putte on hem mytrys, as e Lord
talw vpon e auter; e litil bret foroe hal be of comaundide.
Aaron and his ones; xiiii And he offrede a calf for ynne; and whanne Aaron
xxxii and e rit huldre of e ootis of peible ingis and his ones hadden putte her hondes vpon e heed of
hal falle into chefe fruytis of e preet. it,
xxxiii He at offre e blood, and e talw, of e ones xv he offrede it, takynge e blood; and e fyngre wett,
of Aaron, hal haue and e rit huldre in his porcioun. he towchede e hornes of e auter bi enuyroun, e
xxxiiii e litil bret foroe of areryng, and e huldre of which clenid and halowid, he heelde e laft blood at
eueryng, Y haue take fro e ones of Yrael of e e foundementis of it.
peible hootes of hem, and haue yue to Aaron e xvi e talw foroe at was vpon e entrayles, and e
preet and his ones, ur perpetuel lawe, fro al e calle of e mawe, and e two litil reynes wi her grece
puple of Yrael. he brent vpon e auter;
xxxv is is e anoyntyng of Aaron and his ones, in e xvii e calf wi e kynne, fleh, and dryt, brennynge
cerymonyes of e Lord, e day at Moyes offred hem out of e tentes, as e Lord comaundide.
at ei hulden ve preethod, xviii And he offred a weer into brent acrifice; vpon
xxxvi and e inges at e Lord comaundide to be eue whos heed whanne Aaron and his ones hadden putte
to hem of e ones of Yrael, ur perpetuel relygioun in her hondes,
her generaciouns. xix he offred it, and heelde e blood of it bi enuyroun of
xxxvii is is e lawe of e brent acrifice, and of e auter.
acrifice for ynne, and for trepas, and for e acryng, xx And ilk weer cuttynge in gobetis, e heed of it,
and for lawn offrynges of peible inges, and e lemes,
xxxviii at e Lord ordeyned to Moyes in e mownt xxi and e talw he brente wi fier, wahed before e
Synay, whanne he comaundide to e ones of Yrael at entraylis and e feete; and al e weer he tende to
ei hulden offre her offrynges to e Lord, in e deert gidere vpon e auter, fori at it was brent acrifice of
of Synay. moot wete mel to e Lord, as he comaundide to hym.
xxii And he offrede e ecounde weer, into e acringe
Capitulum VIII. of preetis; and Aaron and his ones puttiden her
i The Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, hondes vpon e heed of it.
xxiii e which whanne Moyes hadde offride, takynge of
e blood towchid e ende of e rit eere of Aaron, and

e owmbe of his rit hoond, alo and of e foote. And iiii an oxe and a weer for peible ingis; and offre e
he offred e ones of Aaron. hem before e Lord, in e acrifice of echon offrynge
xxiiii And whanne of e blood of e offred weer he tried flour preynt wi oyle; to day foroe e Lord hal
hadde towchid e eende of e rit eere of echon, and e apere to ow.
oumbe of e hoond, and of e rit foote, e relif he v anne ei token alle ingis, at Moyes hadde
heelde vpon e auter bi enuyroun. comaundide, at e dore of e tabernacle, where,
xxv e talw foroe, and e tayle, and al e fatnes at whanne al e multitude toode,
couere e entrayles, and e calle of e mawe, and e vi Moyes ei, is is e word at e Lord comaundide,
two reynes wi her talwes, and e ryt huldre he do e, and e glorie of hym hal apere to ow.
euerede. vii And he eide to Aaron, Come ny to e auter, and
xxvi Takynge foroe of e leepe of erf looues, at was offre for i ynne; offre brent acrifice, and prey for
before e Lord, looues wi outen our dow, and a litil ee, and e puple; and whanne ou leet e hoot of e
rownd loof preynt wi oyle, and a inne caake, he puple, prey for hem, as e Lord ha comaundide.
putte vpon e talwes, viii And anoon Aaron goynge to e auter offred a calf
xxvii and e rit huldre, takynge alle togidere to Aaron for his ynne;
and hys ones. ix whos blood his ones offreden to hym, in e which
xxviii e which whanne ei hadden rerede hem beforn wetynge e fyngre he towchide e hornes of e auter,
e Lord, eftones takynge of e hondes of hem, he and heelde e relyf at e foot of it;
brente vpon e auter of brent acrifice, fori at it was x and e talw, and e litil reynes and e calle of e
e offring of conecracioun, into mel of wetnes of mawe at ben for ynne, he brent vpon e auter, as e
acrifice to e Lord. Lord comaundide to Moyes.
xxix And he took e litil breet, rerynge it before e xi e fleh foroe, and e kynne of it wi out e tentis
Lord, of e weer of conecracioun into his part, as e he brent wi fier.
Lord ha comaundide hym. xii And he offrede e lawn offryng of e brent acrifice,
xxx And takynge e oynement, and e blood at weren and his ones offreden e blood of it to hym, e which
in e auter, he preynde vpon Aaron, and his he heelde bi enuyroun of e auter;
vetementes, and upon his ones, and her clois. xiii at alo oot cutt in to gobetis, wi e heed, and alle
xxxi And whanne he hadde halowide hem in her e lymes ei offriden; e whiche alle vpon e auter he
cloinge, he comaundide hem, eiynge, Seee e e brente wi fier,
fleh before e atis of e tabernacle, and er eti it; xiiii before wache wi water e entrayles, and e feet.
and e looues of conecracioun eti, at ben putte in e xv And offrynge for e ynne of e puple he lewe a
leepe, as God ha comaundide to me, eiynge, Aaron goote,
and his ones chulen eete hem; xvi and e auter clenid he made brent acrifice,
xxxii what euer foroe were laft of e fleh and of e xvii echynge into e acrifyce offrynges of licours at
looues, e fier hal conume. ben offryd togidere, and brennynge hem vpon e auter,
xxxiii Fro e dore foroe of e tabernacle e hulen not wi out e cerymonyes of e morutide brent acryfice.
goo out euen daies, vnto e day in e which e tyme xviii And he offrede an oxe, and a weer, e peible
of oure conecracioun hal be fulfillid; euen foroe ootes of e puple; and his ones offreden e blood to
daies is endid e conecracioun, hym, e which he heelde vpon e auter in enuiroun.
xxxiiii as now it is doon, at e ryte of e acrifice be xix e talw foroe of e oxe, and e tayl of e weer,
fulfild. and e litil reynes wi her talwes, and e calle of e
xxxv Day and nyt e hulen dwelle in e tabernacle, al mawe,
about kepynge e wardes of e Lord, let e dien; o xx ei putten vpon e breetes. And whanne e talwes
foroe it is comaundide to me. weren brent in e auter,
xxxvi And Aaron and his ones diden alle ingis, at e xxi e breetis of hem, and e rit huldres Aaron
Lord pak bi e hoond of Moyes. arerynge before e Lord euerde, as Moyes
Capitulum IX. xxii And trecchynge out hondes to e puple he bleide
i The eit day foroe doon, Moyes clepide Aaron, and hem; and o fulfillid e ootes for ynne, and e brent
his ones, and e greet men ur bire of Yrael; and he acrifices, and e peible inges, he decendide.
eide to Aaron, xxiii Moyes foroe and Aaron goon into e tabernacle
ii Tak fro e droue a calf for ynne, and a weer into of witneyng, and erafter goon out bliiden to e
brent acrifice, eiir wi out wemme, and offre hem puple; and e glorie of e Lord aperyde to al e
before e Lord. multitude.
iii And ow halt peke to e ones of Yrael, Take e a xxiiii And loo! fier goon out fro e Lord deuowrede e
geyt for ynne, and a calf, and a lombe of o eer and brent acrifice, and e talwes, at weren vpon e
wiout wemme, into brent acrifice, auter; e which whanne e puple hadde een, ei
preieden e Lord, fallynge doun in to her faces.

Capitulum X. aens Eliazar and Ytamar, e ones of Aaron at laften,
i And Nadab and Abiu, e ones of Aaron, caut e ei,
xvii Whi han e not eetun in hooli place e oot for
cenerys, putten fier and encene ere aboue, offrynge
before e Lord alien fier, at to hem was not ynne, at is holy of halowes, and yue to ow, at e
comaundid. bere e wickidnes of e multitude, and preye for it in
ii And fier goon out fro e Lord, deuowrede hem, and
e it of e Lord;
xviii nameliche i of e blood of it is not brout wi
ei ben deed before e Lord.
iii And Moyes eide to Aaron, is is at e Lord ha
ynne e halowes, and e hulen eete it in e eyntuarie,
pokun, Y hal be halowid in hem at neien to me, as e Lord ha comaundide to me?
xix And Aaron anwerde, To day is offred e lawn
and in e it of al e puple Y hal be glorified; e
which ing herynge, Aaron helde his pees. offryng for ynne, and brent acrifice before e Lord; to
iiii Moyes foroe, Myael, and Elizaphan, e ones of
me foroe is faln at ou eet; what manere myte I
Oyel, e vncle of Aaron, clepid, ei to hem, Goe, eete it, and plees to e Lord in cerymonyes wi
and taki oure brieren fro e it of e eyntuarie, weilynge mynde?
xx e which ing whanne Moyes hadde herde, he
and beri out of e tentis.
v And anoon goynge ei token hem, as ei lien cloid
reeyuede atysfaccioun.
wi her lynnen cloes, and ei keten hem out, as it
was comaundid to hem.
Capitulum XI.
vi And Moyes pak to Aaron, and to Eliazar and to i And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eiynge,
Ytamar, his ones, Wole e not make oure heedes ii Sey e to e ones of Yrael, Kepe e alle ingis at Y
nakid, and wole e not kutte oure cloes, let haue writun to ow, at I be oure God. es ben e
perauenture e dien, and vpon al e cumpanie prenge beetis at e hulen eete, of alle at beren lijf on ere;
indignacioun; oure breeren and al e hous of Yrael iii alle at han e clee dyuydid, and chewi kude, in
weilen ei e brennyng at e Lord ha reryde. beetis e mowen eete;
vii e foroe hulen not goon out e ates of e iiii what euer foroe chewi kude, and ha clee, but
tabernacle, ellis e hulen peryhe; e oyle foroe of e dyuydi it not, as camel and oere, e hulen not eete
holi anoyntyng is vpon ow. e whiche diden alle it, and among vnclenne inges e hulen holde it.
inges after e heete of Moyes. v An vrchon, at chewi kude, and dyuide not e clee,
viii And e Lord eide to Aaron, is vnclene;
ix Wyn, and alle at may make dronke, ow and i vi an haar foroe, for and he chewi kude, but e clee
ones hulen not drynke, whanne e hulen goo into e he dyuidi not;
tabernacle of witneyng, let e dien; for e vii and a owe, at al be it at che dyuidi e clee, he
euerlatynge heete it is into oure generaciouns; chewi not kude.
x and at e han kunnyng of demyng bitwix holy and viii Of e fleh of es eete e not, ne towche e e
curid, bitwix defowlid and clene; careyns, for ei ben vnclene to ow.
xi and at e techen e ones of Yrael alle my lawful ix es ben alo at ben getun in watris, and it is leeful
inges, at e Lord ha pokun to hem bi e hoond of to eete; alle at han fynnes and caales, as wel in e
Moyes. ee, as in e floodes and tondynge watris, e hulen
xii And Moyes pak to Aaron, and to Eliazar and to eete;
Ytamar, his ones, at weren laft, Tak e e acrifice x what euer foroe ha no fynnes and caales, of hem
at was laft of e offryng of e Lord, and eti it wi at in watris ben meued and lyuen, hulen be
outen ourdow, biide e auter, for holy of halowis yt abhomynable to ou,
is. xi and as curid; e hulen not eete e fleh of hem, and
xiii e hulen eete foroe in holy place at at is euen e faln to dee e hulen honne.
to ee and to i ones, of e offrynges of e Lord, as it xii Alle at han not fynnes and caales in watris, hulen
is comaundid to me. be polute.
xiiii And e litil breet at is offered, and e huldre at xiii es ben at e hulen not eete of bryddes, and ben to
is euered, e hulen eete in e moot cleene place, ow, be honed of ow; an egle, and a griffyn, and a
and i ones, and i doutren wi ee; to ee foroe merlyoun;
and to i free children ben put vp, of e hoolum ootis xiiii and kijt, and a grijp after his kynde;
of e ones of Yrael; xv and alle of crowe kynde into his liknes;
xv fori at e huldre, and e breet, and e talwes xvi `an otriche, and a nyt crowe, and a coote, and an
at ben brent in e auter, ei han arerede before e hawke after his kynde;
Lord; and perteynen to ee, and to i ones, ur xvii an owle, and a deuedep, and e vnclene watir foule,
perpetual lawe, as e Lord ha comaundide. at wi his bille puttynge water into his ars, purgi
xvi Among es ingis e goot at was offred for ynne hym ilf;
whanne Moyes oute, he foonde ful brent, and wroo xviii a wan, a cormaraunt, and a pellicane; and a

xix and a iay after his kynde; and a lapwynk, and a xxxvi e welles foroe and iterns, and al e gederyng
reremous. togidere of watris, hulen be clene. He at touchi e
xx Alle of foules at go on foure feete, hal be faln to de of hem, hal be polutid.
abhomynable to ow; xxxvii If it falle vpon e eede, it hal not polute it;
xxi what euer foroe go on foure feete, but ha lenger xxxviii if foroe eny man wi water helde vpon e
eis bihynde, bi e whiche he lepi vpon e ere, e eede, and afterward wi e faln to de were touchid,
hulen eete; anone it hal be polutid.
xxii as is bruk in his kynde, `at is e kynde of locut er xxxix If e beete at is leeful to ow to eete were deed,
it haue wenges, and attachus, `at is e kynde of locut, he at touchi e careyn of it hal be vnclene vnto
whanne it bigynne to flee, and opymachus, `at is a euen;
foule enemy to erpentes, and a locut, eche after his xl and he at eti of it eny ing, or beri, hal wahe
kynde. his cloes, and he hal be vnclene vnto euen.
xxiii What euer foroe of foules at oonli ha foure xli Al at crepi vpon ere hal be abhomynable, ne
feete, hal be to ow as curid ing; hal be take vnto meet.
xxiiii and who o euer towchi e faln to dee of hem, xlii What ing of foure feete go vpon e breet, and
hal be polutid and vnclene vnto e euentyde; ha many feete, or bi e ere is drawun, e hulen not
xxv and if it were nede at he bere eny of hem deed, he eete, for it is abhomynable.
hal wahe his cloes, and he hal be vnclene vnto e xliii Nyl e defoule oure oules, ne touche eny ing of
goyng doun of e unne. hem, let e ben vnclene;
xxvi Eche foroe beete at ha a clee, but dyuide not xliiii Y foroe am e Lord oure God; be e holy, for Y
it, ne chewi kude, hal be vnclene; and what euer am hooli. Ne defoule e oure oules in eny crepynge
touchi it, hal be defoulid. ing at is meuyd vpon ere;
xxvii at at go vpon hondes, of al at beri lijf at xlv Y foroe am e Lord, at ha ladde ow fro e
goon on foure feete, hal be vnclene; who o touchi e loond of Egipte, at Y hulde be to ow into God; e
faln to de of hem, hal be polutid vnto euen; hulen be holy, for Y am holy.
xxviii and who o beri iche maner careyns, hal wahe xlvi is is e lawe of e berynge lijf, and of foules, and
his clois, and he hal be vnclene vnto e euen; for alle of al lyuynge oule at is meuyd in water, and crepi in
es ben vnclennes to ou. ere;
xxix es foroe among polutid inges hulen be holde, xlvii at e mowen knowe e differences of clene and of
of hem at ben meued in ere; a weil, and a moue, vnclene, and at e witen what e owen to eete, and
and a cokedril, eche after his kynde; `at is a beet of what to forake.
foure feete, hauynge e neer cheke lap vnmeuable,
and meuynge e ouere; Capitulum XII.
xxx a mygal, `at is a beete born trecherows to bigile, i The Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
and moot gloterous, a camelion, `at is a beete varyed ii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eye to hem,
in to diuere colours, after diuere lokingis, and a A womman, if ur reeyued eed he bare a maal, he
tellioun, `at is a werme depeyntid as wi terris, and hal be vnclene euen dayes after e daies of e
a lacert, `at is a erpent at is clepid a lierd, and a eueryng of e flux of rotun blood;
moldwerp. iii and e eit day e fawnt hal be circumcidid.
xxxi Alle es ben vnclene; who touche e faln to de iiii She foroe re and retti daies hal dwelle in e
of hem, hal be vnclene vnto e euen; blood of hir purifiyng; al holi ing he hal not touche,
xxxii and vpon what ing fal eny ing of e faln to de ne goo in to e eyntuarie, to e tyme at e daies of
of hem, hal be polut, as wel e treen veel and hir purifiyng ben fulfillid.
cloing, as kynnes and heren hertes; and in what v If foroe he bere a maydyn child, he hal be
ing is werk maad, it hal be wett wi water, and ei vnclene twey wekes, after e ryte of e flux of e rotun
hulen be polut vnto e euen, and o afterward ei blood, and ix and ixty dayes he hal dwelle in e
hulen be clenid. blood of hir puryfiyng.
xxxiii A britel veel foroe, in e which eny of es vi And whanne e daies of hir purifiyng weren fulfillid,
falli wi ynne, hal be polut, and erfor it is to be oer for one, or for douter, he hal bere a lomb of o
broke. eer in to brent acrifice, and a culuer brid, or a turtil,
xxxiiii Al e meete at e hulen eete, if water were hed for ynne, at e dore of e tabernacle of witneyng;
vpon it, hal be vnclene; al meltynge ing, at hal be and he hal take to e preet,
dronke of eny veel, hal be vnclene; vii e which hal offre it before e Lord, and hal preye
xxxv and what ing of iche ing faln to dee falle vpon for hir, and o he hal be maad clene fro e flux of hyr
it, hal be vnclene, oer forneyes, `or ketels, hulen be blood. is is e lawe of e berynge maal and femaal.
detruyed, and hulen be vnclene. viii And if e hoond of hir fynde not, ne may offre a
lombe, he hal take two turturs, or two culuer bryddes,
e oon into brent acrifice, and at oir for ynne; and

e preet hal preye for hir, and o he hal be maad xxi at if e heere is of e raer colour, and e fel
clene. wounde vnder derk, and anne e ny fleh is not
lower, he hal reclue hym euen dayes;
Capitulum XIII. xxii and if foroe it wax, he hal deme hym of e lepre;
i The Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eiynge, xxiii if foroe it toonde in his place, it is e fel wounde
ii A man in whos kynne and fleh were prongun of e bocche, and e man hal be clene.
dyuere colour, or bleyne, oer eny ing lityng, at is xxiiii e fleh and e kynne, at e fyer breki out, and,
to eie, a plaage of lepre, he hal be brout for to heelid, haue a whijt or a reed fel wounde,
Aaron, e preet, or to oon of eny of his ones; xxv e preet hal biholde it, and loo! if it is turned into
iii e which whanne he ee e lepre in e kynne, and whijtnes, and e place of it is lower an at oer
e heeris chaungid into whijt colour, and ilk pice of kynne, he hal defoule hym, for e plaage of e lepre
lepre lower an e kynne and at oer fleh, a plaage is prongun in e fel wounde.
of lepre it is, and at e dom of hym he hal be euered. xxvi at if e colour of e heeres were not fulle
iiii If foroe litynge whitnee were in e kynne, and chaungid, ne e plaage lower an at oer flehs, and
no more lowe an at oer fleh, and e heeris of ilke pice of lepre were vnder derk, he hal reclue
before hadden colour, e preet hal reclue hym euen hym euen daies;
daies; xxvii and e euene day he hal loke; and if e lepre
v and he hal beholden e euene day, and if foroe wax in e kynne, he hal defoule hym;
e lepre be no forermore runne, ne pae in e kynne xxviii if foroe in his place tonde whijtnes not cleer
e former termes, eftones he hal reclue hym euen ynow, a plaage of brennyng it is, and erfor it hal be
oer dayes; clenid, for a fel wounde of brennyng `it is.
vi and e euene day he hal loke, if more derker were xxix Man or womman, in whos heed or beerde
e lepre, and not waxed in e kynne, he hal clene borioune a lepre,
hym, for it is a cab; and e man hal wahe his clois, xxx e preet hal loke hem; and if foroe e place
and he hal be clene. were lower an at oer fleh, and e heer alow, and
vii at if afterward at he is een of e preet, and otiler an it is wont, he hal defoule him, for lepre of
oldun to clennee, eftone e lepre wexi, e heed it is, and of e beerde.
viii he hal be broute to hym, and of vnclennes he hal xxxi If foroe he e e place of e wemme euen to e
be condempnyd. ny fleh, and e heer blak, he hal reclue hym euen
ix e plaage of lepre if it were in a man, he hal be daies,
brout to e preet, xxxii and e euene day loke; and if e wemme growe
x and he hal e hym; and whanne whijt colour were in not, and e heer is of his colour, and e place of e
e kynne, and of e heeres chaungi e it, ilke plage to at oer fleh euen,
foroe quyk fleh apeeri, xxxiii e man hal be hauen, out-take e place of e
xi e moot olde lepre it hal be demyd, and fulle rootid wemme, and he hal be recluyd euen oer daies.
to e kynne; and o e preet hal defoule hym, and xxxiiii If e euene day e plaage were een `to haue
not reclue, for it is of vnclennee ful open. toonde in his place, ne lower an at oer fleh, he
xii If foroe out flowe e rennynge lepre in e kynne, hal clene hym, and his cloes wahid he hal be
and couer al e fleh, fro e heed vnto e feet, what clene.
ing vndir e it of e eyen falli; xxxv If foroe after e clenyng eftones growe a wemm
xiii e preet hal beholde hym, and deme it to be in e kynne,
holdun moot clene lepre, `for i at al be turned into xxxvi he hal na more eche, wher e heer be chaungid
whitnes, and erfor e man hal be clene. in to alow colour, for apertly he is vnclene.
xiiii Whanne foroe quyk fleh aperyde in hym, xxxvii Foroe if e wemme toonde, and e heeris
xv anne ur e dome of e preet he hal be polut, weren blak, know he at e man is hool, and trutili
and among vnclene he hal holdun; if e quyk fleh is pronounce he hym clene.
preynt wi lepre, it is vnclene. xxxviii A man or a womman, in whos kynne whijtnes
xvi at if eftones it were turned into whitnee, and aperi,
couere al e man, xxxix e preet hal loke hem; if he perceyue vnder derk
xvii e preet hal behoolde hym, and deme to be clene. whijtnes to hyne in e kynne, know he at it is no
xviii e fleh and e kynne, in e whiche a bocche is lepre, but a wemme of whijt colour, and at e man is
growun, and helid, clene.
xix and in e place of e bocche aperi a fel wounde, xl A man of whos heed e heeres fallen, he is ballid,
whijt, or derk reed, e man hal be brout to e preet; and clene;
xx e which whanne he ha een e place of e lepre xli and if fro e frount fallen e heeres, he is bihynde
lower an at oer fleh, and e heeris turned into ballid, and clene;
whitnes, he hal defoule hym; a plaage foroe of lepre xlii if foroe in e ballidnes, or in e bihynde
is prongun in e bocche. ballidnes, whijt or reed colour were prongun out,

xliii and at e preet eey, he hal condempne hym, hal late goo e quyk parowe, at he flee awei into e
not of dowtows lepre it is, at is prongun in e feelde.
ballidnes. viii And whanne e man ha wahide his cloes, he
xliiii Whoo euer were anne defoulid wi lepre, and hal haue alle e heeres of e bodi, and he hal be
euered at e dome of a preet, wahe wi water, and purified he hal goo into e
xlv he hal haue his clois vnewyd, e heed nakid, e tentis; o oonli at he dwelle out of his tabernacle euen
mou couered wi e clooe, and he hal crye hym daies;
wemmed, and foule; ix and e euene day at he haue e heeris of e heed,
xlvi al tyme at he is leprows and vncleene, alone he and beerde, and browes, and e heeres of al e body.
hal dwelle out of e tentes. And eftones e cloes and e body wahid,
xlvii A wullun cloo, or lynnen, x e eit day he hal take two lombes wi outen
xlviii at ha a lepre in e oof, or in e werpe, oer of a wemme, and a heep of o eer wi outen wemme, and
certeyn kynne, or out at is maad of kynne, re dymes of tried floure, into acrifice, at be preynt
xlix if it were infect wi whijt or reed wemme, it hal be wi oyle, and biides a extarie of oyle.
holdun a lepre, and hal be hewid to e preet; xi And whanne e preet, puryfiynge e man, ordeyne
l e which, it lokid, hal reclue euen daies. hym and alle es ingis before e Lord, in e dore of
li And e euene day eftones biholdynge, if he e tabernacle of witneyng,
pereyue at it ha wox, it hal be a tedfat lepre; he xii and he hal take a lombe, and offre it for trepas, and
hal deme e cloo polut, a extarye of oyle; and alle ingis offred before e
lii and al ing in e which it were founde; and erfor it Lord,
hal be brent wi flawmes of fier. xiii he hal offre a lombe, where is wont to be offred e
liii at if he e at it ha not waxen, oot for ynne and e brent acrifice, at is, in holy
liiii he hal comaunde, and ei hal wahe it in e place; foroe as for ynne o for trepas to e preet
which is e lepre, and he hal reclue it euen oer perteyne e oot; holi of halowes it is.
daies; xiiii And e preet takynge of e blood of e oot at is
lv and whanne he ee foroe e raer face not turned offrid for trepas, he hal putte vpon e ende of his rit
aen, and neuerelater e lepre not to haue woxe, he ere at is clenid, and vpon e oumbes of e rit
hal deme vnclene, and wi fier he hal brenne, fori hoond and foot.
at it is pred in e vttermot of e cloo, oer `al ur. xv And of e extarie of oyle he hall putte in his left
lvi A lepre, if foroe e place of e lepre were derker, hoond,
after at e cloo is wahun, he hal breke it, and fro xvi and he hal wete e rit fyngre in it, and he hal
e hoole dyuyde. prenge before e Lord euen ies.
lvii at if forermore apere in at places, e whiche xvii at foroe of e oile at is laft in e left hoond, he
weren before vndefoulid, e lepre fleynge and vagaunt, hal heelde vpon e eende of his rit eere at is clanid,
hal be brent wi fier; and vpon e oumbes of hoonde and of rit foot, and
lviii and if it ceee, he hal wahe ecoundlich o inges vpon e blood at is hed for trepas,
at ben pure, and ei hal be clene. xviii and vpon his heed. And he hal preye for hym
lix is is e lawe of e lepre of wullen cloo, and before e Lord,
lynnen, of oof and of warpe, and of al leerin xix and he hal doo acrifice for ynne; anne he hal
purtenaunce, how ei hal be clenid, or be defoulid. offre brent acrifice,
xx and putte it in e auter wi his offryng of licours,
Capitulum XIIII. and e man lawfullich hal be clenid.
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, xxi at if he is a pore man, and his hoonde may not
ii is is e rijt of e leprows, whanne he is to be maad fynde at ben eyde, he hal take for e trepas a lombe
clene. He hal be brout to e preet, to e offryng, at e preet preye for hym, and e tene
iii e which goon out of e tentis, whanne he fyndi at part of tried flour preynt wi oyle, into acrifice, and a
e lepre is clenid, extarie of oyle,
iiii he hal comaunde to hym at is purified, at he offre xxii and two turturs, and two culuer bryddis, of whom
for hym ilf two quyk parowes, whom it is leeful to eet, e oon be for ynne, and e oer into brent acrifice;
and cedre tree, and `flawm reed ilk, and yope. xxiii and he hal offre hem e eit day of his purifiyng to
v And oon of e parows he hal comaunde to be offred e preet, at e dore of e tabernacle of witneyng,
in a britil veel, vpon quyk watris; before e Lord.
vi at oer foroe quyk, wi cedre tree, and `reed ilk, xxiiii e which takynge a lombe for trepas, and a
and yope, he hal weete in e blood of e parowe at extarie of oile, hal rere togidris;
is offred, xxv and e lombe offryd, of e blood of it he hal putte
vii wi e which he hal prenge hym at is to be vpon e eende of e rit eere of hym at is clenid, and
clenid euene ies, at ur rit he be purgid; and he vpon e oumbes of his hoonde and of e ryt foote.

xxvi Of e oyle foroe a part putte he into his left xlix In e purifiynge of it he hal take two parows, and
hoonde, e cedre tree, and `fier reed ilk, and yop.
xxvii in e which wetynge e fyngre of e rit hoonde, l And at oon parow offred in a britil veel, vpon quik
prenge he euen ies aens e Lord; watris,
xxviii and weet he e eende of e ryt eere of hym at is li he hal take e cedre tree, and yop, and `fier reed
clenid, and e oumbes of e hoonde, and of e rit ilk, and a quyk parow, and he hal weete alle ingis
foot, in e place of e blood at is hed out for trepas. in e blood of e offrid parow, and in quyk watres;
xxix e laft foroe part of e oyle at is in e lefte and he hal prenge e hows euen ies;
hoonde, putte he vpon e heed of e purified, at he lii and he hal purifie it, as wel in e blood of a parow
plee e Lord for hym. as in quyk watrys, and in e quyk parow, and in e
xxx And a turtre, or a culuer bryd, he hal offre, cedre tree, and yop, and `fier reed ilk.
xxxi oon for trepas, and anoer into brent acrifice, wi liii And whanne he ha late e parow freliche flee
her offrid licours. awey in e feelde, he hal preye for e hows, and ur
xxxii at is e acrifice of e leprows, at may not haue ryt it hal be maad clene.
alle ingis in e clenyng of hym. liiii is is e lawe of al lepre, and hurtynge,
xxxiii And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eiynge, lv and of lepre of cloes, and howis,
xxxiiii Whanne e weren goon into e loonde of lvi and of fel wounde, and of bleynes brekynge out, and
Chanaan, at Y hal yue to ow into poeyoun, if of wemme litynge, and in dyuere pices e colours
ere were a plaage of lepre in howis, chaungid,
xxxv whos is e hows hal goon tellynge to e preet, lvii at it may be knowe what tyme eny ing be clene,
and eie, As a plage of lepre it is een to me to be in or vnclene.
myn hows.
xxxvi And he hal comaunde, at alle ingis be born out Capitulum XV.
of e hows or he goo into it, and be een wheer it be a i And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eynge,
lepre, let alle inges at ben in e hows ben maad ii Speke ye to e ones of Yrael, and ei to hem, e
vnclene; and afterward he hal goon yn, at he man at uffre e flux of eede, hal be vnclene;
behoolde e lepre of e hows. iii and anne he hal be demyd to vndur ligge to is
xxxvii And whanne he ee in e walles of it as litil vice, whanne bi eche momentis it cleue to e fleh of
valeys defourmed wi paalnes, or wi reednes, and hym, and to gidere growe e foule humour.
lower an at oer vttermore partie, iiii Al e bed at he leepi yn hal be vnclene, and
xxxviii he hal goo out of e dore of e hows, and anoon where euer he itte.
he hal cloe it euen dayes. v Who o euer of men towchi hys bed, he hal wahe
xxxix And e euene day turned aen he hal beholde his cloes, and he wahid wi water hal be vnclene
it; and if he fynde at e lepre ha waxen, vnto e euen.
xl he hal comaunde e tonus, in e whiche is e lepre, vi And if he itte where he att, he hal wah his cloes,
to be drawe out, and hem to be rowe `a ferre out of e and wahid wi water hal ben vnclene vnto e euen.
cyte, in an vnclene place; vii He at towchi e flehe of hym, hal wahe his
xli at foroe hows to be parid wi ynfor bi enuyroun, cloes, and he wahid wi water hal be vnclene to e
and e powdre of e paryng to be preynt out of e euen.
citee, in an vnclene place, viii And if iche a man cate out potil vpon hym at is
xlii and oer tonus to be put aens for hem at were clene, he hal wahe his cloes, and wahid wi water
takun awey, and wi oer cley e hows to be dawbid. hal be vnclene vnto e euen.
xliii If foroe after at e tonus ben drawen out, and ix e adel vpon e which he hall ytt, hal be vnclene;
e powdre born out, and wi oer ere dawbid, x and what euer were vnder hym at uffre flux of
xliiii and e preet goon yn e e lepre turned aen, and eede, hal be vnclene vnto e euen. He at beri eny
e walles aen preynt wi pottis, it is a tedfat lepre, ing of es, hal wahe his cloes, and he wahid wi
and e hows vnclene; water hal be vnclene vnto e euen.
xlv e whiche anoon ei chulen ditruy; and e tonus xi Eche whom he at is uchon towchi wi not
of it, and trees, and al e powdre ei hulen rowe afer wahun hondes before, hal wahe his cloes, and
out of e wallid town, in an vnclene place. wahid wi water hal be vnclene vnto e euen.
xlvi Who go into e hows, whanne it is cloid, hal be xii e britil veel at he towchi, hal be tobrokun; e
vnclene vnto e euen, treen veel foroe hal be wahid `wi water.
xlvii and who lepi in it, and eti eny ing, hal wahe xiii If he were helid, at uffre iche a maner paioun,
his cloes. he hal noumbre euen daies after his clenyng, and e
xlviii at if e preet goynge in e at e lepre ha not cloes wahid, and al e bodi in qwik watris, he hal
waxen in e hows, after at it is newe dawbid, he hal be clene.
purifie it, hele oldun aen. xiiii e eit day foroe he hal take two turturs, oer
two culuer briddes, and he hal come in e it of e

Lord, at e dore of e tabernacle of witneyng, and he ii and comaundide to hym, eiynge, Spek to Aaron, i
hal yue hem to e preet; broer, let alle tymes he goo into e eyntuarye, at is
xv e which hal doon oon for ynne, and at oer into wi ynne e veile before e propiciatory, wi e which
brent acrifice; he hal preye for him bifor e Lord, at e arke is couerd, at he dye not; for in a clowde Y hal
he be clene fro e flux of his eede. apeere vpon e heuenli anwerynge place;
xvi e man of whom go out e eede of goyng togidris, iii but if es inges he do before. He hal offre a calf for
hal wahe wi water al his body, and he hal be ynne, and a weer in to brent acrifice;
vnclene vnto e euen. iiii wi a lynnen coote he hal be cloid, and wi
xvii Cloo and kynne at he ha, he hal wahe wi lynnen breches he hal hile e hame wori membres;
water, and it hal be vnclene vnto e euen. he hal be gyrd wi a lynnen gyrdil, and a lynnen
xviii e womman wi whom he go togider wi, hal be mytre he hal putte to e heed; es foroe ben e holy
wahe wi water, and he hal be vnclene vnto e cloes, wi e whiche al he hal be cloed, whanne he
euen. were wahid.
xix e womman at, turnynge aen e mone, uffre v And he hal take of al e multitude of e ones of
e flux of blood, euen daies hal be euerd; eche at Yrael two gootes for ynne, and a weir into brent
towchi hir hal be vnclene vnto euen, acrifice;
xx and e place in which he leepi or itti e daies of vi and whanne he offre a calf, and preie for hym ilf,
her eueryng, hal be polut. and for his hows,
xxi He at towchi her bed, hal wahe his cloes, and vii two gootes he hal make toonde before e Lord, in
he wahid wi water hal be vnclene vnto e euen. e dore of e tabernacle of witneyng;
xxii Eche veel vpon which he itti who o euer viii puttynge vpon eier loot, oon to e Lord, and
towchi, hal wahe his cloes, anoer to e goot at hal be ent out.
xxiii and he wahid wi water hal be polut vnto e ix Whos loot go out to e Lord, hal offre ilke for
euen. ynne;
xxiiii If man go togidere wi hir in e tyme of hir x whos foroe into e goot at hal be ent out, hal
blood flowynge bi monees, he hal be vnclene euen ordeyne him quik before e Lord, at he heelde preiers
daies, and al e bed in which he lepi hal be polut. vpon hym, and ende hym out into wildernes.
xxv e woman at uffri manye daies e flux of blood, xi es ingis lawfully olempnyid, he hal offre a calf,
not in tyme of e flux bi e mone, oer at aftir e and preiynge for hym ilf, and for his hows, hal offre
flux of blood bi e mone cei not to flowe blood, as it.
longe as he hal vnderligge to is paioun he hal be xii And e cenure taken to, e whiche he ha fulfillide
vnclene, as it be in tyme of e flux of blood bi e of e coolis of e auter, and takynge wi hoond e
mone. maad enence of dyuers pices into enenyng, he hal
xxvi Al e bed in which he lepi, and e veel in goo yn bionde e veile, in to e hooli ingis;
which he itti, hal be polut. xiii at e wete mellynge pices putt vp on e fier, e
xxvii Who o towchi hir, hal wahe hys clois, and he clowde of hem and e bree couer Goddis anweryng
wahid wi water hal be vnclene vnto e euen. place, at is vpon e witneynge, and die not.
xxviii If e blood toonde, and ceee to flowe, he hal xiiii And he hal take of e blood of e calf, and he hal
noumbre euen daies of hir purifiyng, prenge wi e fyngre euen ies aens e
xxix and e eiti day he hal offre for hir ilf to e propiciatorye, at e eet.
preet two turturs, or two culuer briddis, at e dore of xv And whanne he ha lawe e goot, for e ynne of
e tabernacle of witneyng; e puple, he hal bere ynne his blood wi ynne e
xxx e which hal do oon for e ynne, and at oer into veile, as it is comaundid of e blood of e calf, at he
brent acrifice; and he hal preye for hir before e Lord, preynge forn aen Goddis anweryng place,
and for e flux of e vnclennes of hir. xvi and purge e eyntuarye fro e vnclennes of e
xxxi e hulen teche erfore e ones of Yrael, at ei ones of Yrael, and fro e trepaynges of hem, and fro
honnen vnclennes, and die not in her fluxes, whanne alle ynnes. After is rijt he hal doo in e tabernacle of
ei defoulen my tabernacle at is among hem. witneyng, at is ficchid betwix hem, in e myddil of
xxxii is is e lawe of hym at uffre flux of eede, and e ortes of dwellyng of hem.
at is polutid ur goynge togidris, xvii No man be in e tabernacle, whanne e bihop hal
xxxiii and of hyr at ur mone tymes of flowing of goo into e eyntuarye, at he preye for hym ilf, and
blood is euerd, and at flowi ful oft blood, and of e for his hows, and for al e companye of Yrael, to e
man at lepi wi hir. tyme at he goo out of e tabernacle.
xviii And whanne he go out to e auter at is before e
Capitulum XVI. Lord, prey he for hym ilf, and e taken blood of e
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, after e dee of e two calf, and of e goot, heelde he vpon e hornes of it, bi
ones of Aaron, whanne ei offrynge alien fier were enuyroun;

xix and prenge wi e fyngre euen ies, purge he, ii Spek to Aaron and his ones, and to alle e ones of
and halowe it fro e vnclennes of e ones of Yrael. Yrael, eiynge to hem, is is e word at e Lord ha
xx After at he ha clenide e eyntuarye, and e comaundide, eiynge,
tabernacle, and e auter, anne offre he a quyk goot; iii Eche man of e hows of Yrael, if he lee an oxe, or a
xxi and eier hoond put on his heed, knowleche he al heep, or a he goot in e tentes, or out of e tentes,
e wickidnes of e ones of Yrael, and alle e giltis, iiii and offre not at e dore of e tabernacle offrynge to
and alle e ynnes of hem, e which inwardly preiynge e Lord, he hal be gilti of blood; as he hadde hedde
to his heed, he hal ende it out bi a man al redy into blood, o he hal perihe fro e myddil of his puple.
deert. v erfor e ones of Yrael hulen offre to e preet her
xxii And whanne e goot ha born al e wickidnes of ootes, at ei lewen in e feelde, at ei ben halowid
hem into olitarye loonde, and were left in deert, to e Lord, before e dore of e tabernacle of
xxiii Aaron hal turne aen into e tabernacle of witneyng, and offre ei e ootes peible to e Lord.
witneyng; and e cloes doon of, wi e whiche he vi And e preet hal heelde e blood vpon e auter of
was cloed before, whanne he entride e eyntuarye of e Lord, at e dore of e tabernacle of witneyng; and
God, and hem laft ere, he hal brenne e talw into mel of wetnes to e Lord.
xxiiii he hal wahe his fleh in an holi place, and hal vii And ei hulen no more offre her ootes to feendes,
be cloid wi his owne cloes, and afterward at he, wi e whiche ei han do fornycacioun; lawful
goon out, ha offred his and e puples brent acrifice, euerlatynge it hal be to hem, and to e after comers of
he hal preye as wel for hym ilf, as for e puple; hem.
xxv and e talw at is offred for ynne he hal brenne viii And to hem ow halt eye, A man of e hows of
vpon e auter. Yrael, and of e comlinges at pilgrimagen anentis
xxvi He foroe at leti goo e ent out goot, hal ow, at offri brent acrifice, oer layn offryng,
wahe his cloes and his bodi wi water, and o he ix and to e dore of e tabernacle of witneyng bryngi
hal goo into e tentis. it not, at it be offred to e Lord, he hal pille fro his
xxvii e calf foroe and e goot, at weren offred for puple.
ynne, and whos blood is brout in eyntuarye, at e x Eche man of e hows of Yrael, and of comlyngis at
clenyng were fulfillid, ei hulen bere out of e tentis; pilgrimagen among ow, if he eete blood, Y hal aen
and ei hulen brenne wi fier, as wel e kynnes, as e fatne my face aens e oule of hym, and Y hal lee
fleh of hem and e drit. hym fro his puple;
xxviii And who o euer brenne hem, hal wahe his xi for e oule of fleh is in blood, and I haue ouun it to
cloes and e fleh wi water, and o he hal go into e ow, at e purgen myn auter for oure oules, and
tentes. blood be fore e hidows gilt of oule.
xxix And is hal be to ow lawful euerlatyng; e xii And erfor Y eide to e ones of Yrael, Eche lijf of
euen mone, e tene day of e mone, e hulen ow ete no blood, ne of e comlyngis at pilgrymagen
traueyle oure oules, and no werke e hulen do, among ow.
wheer wi ynne bore or comlyng at pilgrimagen xiii Eche man of e ones of Yrael, and of e
among ow. comelyngis at pilgrymagen anentis ow, wheer wi
xxx In is day hal be e purgyng of ow, and clenyng huntyng or wi foulyng, take wilde beete, or bridd, e
fro alle oure ynnes, before e Lord e hulen be maad which it is leeful to eete, heed he his blood, and couer
clene; it e ere;
xxxi e holiday foroe of retyng it is, and e hulen xiiii e oule foroe of al fleh is in blood. Wherfor Y
traueil oure oules ur perpetuel religioun. eide to e ones of Yrael, e blood of al fleh e hulen
xxxii e preet foroe, at were anoynt, hal purgen out, not eete, for e oule of fleh is in blood, and who o
and whos hondes ben acrid, at he bere e office of euer eti it, hal dye.
preethod for his fader; and he hal be cloid wi a xv e lijf at eti faln to de, oer e takun of a beete,
lynnen toole, and wi holy cloes, as wel of wi ynne getun, as of comlyngis, hal wahe
xxxiii and he hal purge e eyntuarie, and e tabernacle his clois and hym ilf wi water, and he hal be
of witneing, and e auter, and e preetis, and alle e defowlid vnto e euen, and bi is ordre he hal be
puples. maad clene;
xxxiiii And is hal be lawful to ow euermore, at e xvi at if he wahe not his cloes, or body, he hal bere
preyen for e ones of Yrael, and for alle e ynnes of his wickidnes.
hem, ones in e eer. He dide anne, as e Lord hadde
comaundide to Moyes. Capitulum XVIII.
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
Capitulum XVII. ii Speke to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eie to hem,
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, Y am e Lord oure God;
iii after e cutome of e loond of Egipte, in e which
e han dwellid, e hulen not doo; after e maner of e

regioun of Chanaan, to e whiche Y am to bryng ow xxv of whom e ere is polut, whos hidows ynnes Y
yn, e hulen not don, ne in e lawful ingis of hem e hal viite, at it cate out his dwellers.
hulen goo. xxvi Kepe e my lawes and my domes, at e do not of
iiii e hulen doo my domes, and e heetis e hulen alle es abomynaciouns, as wel e wi ynne gotun as
kepe, and e hulen goo in hem; Y e Lord oure God. e dwellers at pilgrymagen anentis ow.
v Kepi my lawes and domes, e whiche doynge, a xxvii Alle foroe es curidneis diden e tiliers of e
man hal lyue in hem; Y e Lord oure God. ere at weren bifore ow, and polutide it.
vi Eche man to e nexte woman of his blood hal not xxviii Shone erfor, let and alo ow it cate out,
goo to, at he opne e filed of hir; Y Lord. whanne e ame inges e doon, as it kete out folk at
vii e filheed of i fader and e filheed of i moder was before ow.
ow halt not dicouer; i moder he is, ow halt not xxix Eche lijf at do of es abomynaciouns eny ing,
opne e fileheed of hir. hal perich fro e myddil of his puple.
viii e filheed of e wijf of i fader ow halt not xxx Kepe e myn heetis, and wole e not doo ingis at
dicouer; e filheed foroe of i fader it is. diden es at weren before ow, let e ben polut in
ix e filheed of i iter, of fader or of moder, at at hem; Y e Lord oure God.
home or wi outen is gotun, ow halt not opne.
x e filheed of e dowter of i one, or of i douter Capitulum XIX.
douter, ow halt not opne, for i filheed it is. i The Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
xi e filheed of e douter of e wijf of i fader, at ii Spek to al e companye of e ones of Yrael, and ow
he ha bore to i fadir, and is i iter, ow halt not halt eie to hem, Be e holy, for Y am holy, e Lord
opne. oure God.
xii e fil of e iter of i fader ow halt not dicouer; iii Echon drede his fader and moder. Kepe e myn holy
e fleh he is of i fader. day; I e Lord oure God.
xiii e filhed of e iter of i moder ow halt not iiii Nyle e be conuertid to mawmetis, ne goddis otun
opne, for i at he is fleh of i moder. to gidere make e to ow; I e Lord oure God.
xiiii e filheed of e broer of i fadir ow halt not v If e offren an oot of peible ingis to e Lord, at he
opne, ne ow halt goo to e wijf of hym, e which is be pleable,
ioyned to ee ur affynyte. vi ilk dai at it were offryd e hulen eete it, and at
xv e filheed of e wijf of i one ow halt not opne, oer day; what euer ing foroe were laft into e
for e wijf of i one he is, ne ow halt dycouer e ridde day, e hulen brenne wi fier.
henhyp of hir; and no man take e wijf of his broer. vii If eny after two dayes eti of it, he hal be curid,
xvi e filheed of e wijf of i broer ow halt not and gilti of vnpitownes;
opne, for e filhed of i broer it is. viii he hal bere his wickednes, for e holy of e Lord
xvii e filheed of i wijf, and of e douter of hir, ow he ha polutide, and at oule hal perih fro `e
halt not opne; e douter of e one of hir, and e myddil of his puple.
douter of e douter of hir ou halt not take, at ow ix Whanne ow repit e tiles of i loond, ow halt
opne hir henhip, for e fleh of hir ei ben, and iche not kitte vnto e grounde e vttermot of e ere, in e
a goyng togidere is incet. leeuyng eerys ow halt gedere;
xviii e iter of i wijf into liggyn bi hir ow halt not x ne in i vyne eerd e reyonus and cornes fallynge
take, ne opne e filhede of hir, it he lyuyng. down ow halt not gedere, but to pore men and
xix To e womman at uffre flux of blood ow halt pilgrimes to ben leid ow halt leeue; Y e Lord oure
not goo, ne opne e tynkyngnes of hir. God.
xx Wi e wijf of i neibore ow halt not goo togidir, xi e hulen do no eft. e hulen not lie, ne deeyue
ne wi mengyng togidere of eede ow halt `be eny man his neibore.
defoulid. xii ou halt not forwere in my name, ne ou halt
xxi Of i eede ow halt not yue, at it be acryd to e polut e name of i God; Y a Lord.
mawmet of Moloch, ne ow halt defowle e name of xiii ow halt not doo wronge chalenge to i neibore,
i God; Y a Lord. ne wi force bere hym down. er hal not bide anentis
xxii Wi a maal ow halt not be mengid, bi maner of ee e werke of in hyred eruant vnto e morwen.
goyng to gidere wi womman, for abhomynacioun it is. xiiii ou halt not cure to e deef, ne before e blynde
xxiii Wi alle beetis ow halt not goo to gidere, ne ow halt putte ing of offence; but ou halt drede e
ow halt be defoulid wi it. A womman hal not vnder Lord i God, for I am a Lord.
ligge to a beete, ne hal be mengid to it, for hidows xv ow halt not do at is wickid, ne vnrytwily ow
ynne it is. halt deme; ou halt not biholde e perone of e pore,
xxiiii Ne be e polut in alle es inges, wi e whiche ne ow halt onoure e chere of e myti; ritwily
alle gentilis ben defoulid, at Y hal rowe out before deme ow to i neibore.
oure it,

xvi ow halt not be a wrongful acuer of greuous ynne, xxxvi rit
balaunce, and euen ben e weitis, ryt buhel,
ne a pryue yuel peker in peplis; ne ou halt toonde and euen extarye; Y e Lord oure God, at haue
aens e blood of i neibore; Y a Lord. ladde ow out of e loond of Egipte.
xvii Haat ow not i broer in in herte, but opynli xxxvii Kepe e myn heetis, and alle e domes, and do
vndernym hym, let ow haue on hym ynne. e hem; `I e Lord.
xviii ow halt not eche veniaunce, ne ow halt haue
mynde of e wronge of i citeeynes; ow halt loue i Capitulum XX.
frende as i ilf; Y a Lord. i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
xix Kepe e my lawes. i beetis ow halt not make goo ii es inge pek to e ones of Yrael, e man of e
to gidere wi beetis of anoer kynde. A feelde ow ones of Yrael, and of e comlyngis at dwellen in
halt not owe wi dyuere eede. A cloo at is wouen Yrael, if eny of his eede yue to e mawmet of
of two, ow halt not be cloid. Moloch, ur de die he; e puple of e loond hulen
xx A man if he leepe wi a womman, bi goyng to tonen hym.
gidere of eede, e which is boond womman, alo iii And Y hal putte my face aens hym, and Y hal kitte
noble, and neuerelater bi prijs not bout, ne e fredam hym doun fro e myddil of my puple, fori at he aue
yuen, boe hulen be courgid, and ei hulen not die, of his eede to Moloch, and ha defowlide my
for he was not free. eyntuarye, and polut myn holy name.
xxi For her trepas foroe, he hal offre to e `Lord at iiii at if e puple of e loond necgligent, and as
e dore of e tabernacle of witneyng, a weer; depiynge myn heetes, foryue e man at ha ouun
xxii and e preet hal preye for hym, and for his of his eede to Moloch, ne wole lee hym,
trepas, before e Lord; and he hal eft haue mercy to v Y hal putte my face vpon at man, and his kynrede,
hym, and e ynne hal be foreuen. and I hal kitte hym down, and alle at conenten to
xxiii Whanne e weren gon in to e loond, and hym, at ei doon fornycacioun wi Moloch, fro e
plauntiden in it apple trees, e hulen doo awey e firt myddil of his puple.
fruytis of hem; e apples at buriounen hulen be vi e lijf at declyne to dyuynours, and herkeners to
vnclene to ow, ne e hulen eete of hem. deuels, and do fornycacioun wi hem, I hal putte my
xxiiii e fere foroe eer al e fruyt of hem hal be face aens hym, and I hal lee hym fro e myddel of
halowid and preyable to e Lord; his puple.
xxv e fift eer foroe e hulen eete e fruytis, vii Be e maad holy, and be holy, for I am holi, e
gedrynge to gidere apples at ei bringen fore; Y e Lord oure God.
Lord oure God. viii Kepe myn heetes, and do hem, for Y am e Lord
xxvi e hulen not eete fleh wi e blood. e hulen not at halowi ou.
dyuyne in bryddis, ne e hulen ette kepynges vpon ix Who o curi to his fader, or moder, wi dee die
weuenes; he; who o to his fader or moder curi, his blood be
xxvii ne e hulen in rownde dodde heer, ne haue vpon hym.
beerde; x Who o do leccherie wi wijf of anoer, and ha
xxviii and vpon e deed e hulen not kitte oure fleh, wroute auowtrye wi e wijf of his neibore, ur de
ne eny figuris, or pryckyngis, e hulen make to ow; Y dye bo e lecchour and e auowtres.
a Lord. xi He at lepi wi his tepdam, and opne e henhip
xxix Ne putt ow i douter to bordel, and e loond be of his fader, ur de dien ei boe; e blood of hem
defoulid, and it be fulfillid wi trepas vnto de. be vpon hem.
xxx My holi dayes kepe e, and my eyntuarie drede e; xii If eny man leepe wi his ones wijf, eier be deed,
Y a Lord. for hidows trepas ei han wrout; e blood of hem be
xxxi Ne declyne ow to dyuynours, ne aerche eny ing vpon hem.
of takers her anweris of deuels, at e ben polut bi xiii He at lepi wi a maal, bi maner of goyng
hem; I e Lord oure God. togidere wi a womman, eier ha wrout ful vnleeful
xxxii Before e hoor heed arye, and onour e perone of ing, ur de die ei; e blood of hem be vpon hem.
e oolde, and drede e Lord i God; Y am a Lord. xiiii He at vpon e wijf taki e douter, e moder `of
xxxiii If a comlyng dwelle in oure loond, and were hyre, hidows trepas ha wrout; ful myche he hal
abidynge amonge ow, ne myey e to hym, bren wi hem, and o greet vnleeful ing hal not
xxxiiii but be he among ow as a wi inne born; and e dwelle in e myddil of ow.
hulen loue hym as oure elf; foroe and e weren xv He at wi hows beete or feelde beete go togider,
comelyngis in e loond of Egipte; Y e Lord oure wi de die he, and e beete lee e.
God. xvi e womman at lie to eny beete, to gidere be he
xxxv Nyle e do eny wickid ing in dome, in rewle, in layn wi it; e blood of hem be vpon hem.
weit, in meure; xvii He at taki his itir, e douter of his fader, or e
douter of his moder, and ee e filheed of hir, and
he bihoolde e henhip of e broer, a ful vnleeful

ing ei han wrout, boe hulen be layn in e it of viii and looues of propoicioun he offre; be anne he
her puple; fori at her filheed ei opneden to gidere, holi, for Y am holi, e Lord at halowi ow.
and ei hulen bere her wickidnes. ix e douter of e preet, if he were takun in hordam,
xviii He at go to gidere wi a womman in e flux of and defoule e name of hir fader, wi fier flawmes
e mone blood, and opne hir filehed, and he he hal be brent.
opne e welle of hir blood, boe hulen be layn fro e x e bihop, at is e moot preet amonge his brieren,
myddel of her puple. vpon whos heed is heelde e oyle of anoyntyng, and
xix e filheed of i moder iter, and i fader iter, whos hondes in preethod ben acrid, and is cloid wi
ow halt not dicouer; who at do is, e henhip of holi cloes, his heed he hal not dicouer, his clois he
his fleh he hal nakyn, and bo hal bere her hal not kitt,
wickidnes. xi and to al deed he hal not goo yn algate; and vpon his
xx He at go togidere wi e wijf of his fader broer, fader and moder he hal not be defoulid,
or of his vncle, and opne e henhip of his kynrede, xii ne he hal goo out fro e halowes, let e eyntuarie
boe ei hulen ber her ynne, and wi out free of e Lord be polut, for e oyle of holi anoyntynge of
children ei hulen dye. his God is vpon hym; I e Lord.
xxi Who o wedde e wijf of his broer, an vnleeful xiii A mayden he hal take to wijf;
ing do; e filheed of his broer he ha opned, and xiiii a widewe, and a departid, and a defoulid oon, and a
wi out fre children he hal be. trompat, he hal not take, but a maydyn child of his
xxii Kepe e my lawes, and my domes, and do hem, puple;
let and e loond cat ow out, at e ben to goynge yn, xv ne menge he e lynage of his kynde to e comounte
and to dwellynge. of his puple, for Y a Lord, at halowe hym.
xxiii Nyle e goo in e lawful ingis of naciouns, e xvi And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
whiche Y am to puttynge out before ow; alle foroe xvii Spek to Aaron, A man of i eed, bi e meynees, at
es inges ei han do, and Y haue wlatid hem. ha a wemme, offre he not breed to his God,
xxiiii To ow foroe Y peke, Weeldi e loond of hem, xviii ne go he to e eruice of hym; if he were blynde; if
at Y hal yue to ow in to erytage, e loond flowynge halt; if oer wi litil, or wi greet, and crokid nooe;
mylk and hony; Y e Lord oure God, at ha euerde xix if wi brokun foot, or hoond;
ow fro oer puples. xx if crokid rigge, or bleer eyed; if whijt perle hauynge
xxv And e anne euer a clene beete from vnclene, in e eye; if contynuel cab; if a drye cab in e body;
and clene bryd fro vnclene, let e poluten oure oules or broten.
in beetis, and in bryddis, and in alle at mouen in xxi Eche at ha a wemme, of e eed of Aaron e
ere, and at to ow Y haue hewid to be polut. preet, he hal not goo to offre ootis to e Lord, ne
xxvi e hulen be holi to me, for Y e Lord am holy, and looues to his God;
haue euerd ow fro oer puples, at e ben myne. xxii he hal neuerelater eete looues at ben offred in e
xxvii A man or womman, in e which is a pirit of eyntuarye,
wicchecraft, or of dyuynynge, wi de die ei, and wi xxiii o oonli at wi ynne e veyle he goo not, ne goo
tonus men hulen ouer-falle hem; e blood of hem be to e auter, for a wemme he ha, and he hal not
vpon hem. defoule my eyntuarie; I a Lord at halewe hem.
xxiiii anne Moyes pak to Aaron, and his ones, and to
Capitulum XXI. al Yrael, alle at weren comaundid to hym.
i And e Lord eide to Moyes, Spek to e preetis,
ones of Aaron, and ow halt eye to hem, Be not e Capitulum XXII.
preet defoulid in e deed of her cyteeyns, i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
ii but oonly in coyns, and ny, at is, vpon fader and ii Speke to Aaron, and his ones, at ei hunnen fro
moder, and one and douter, and broer, es ingis at ben acrid of e ones of Yrael, and
iii and iter, mayden, at is not pouid to man; defoule ei not e name of halowid ingis to me at
iiii but and in e prynce of his puple he hal not be ei offren; Y a Lord.
defoulid. iii Sey to hem, and to e aftercomers of hem, Eche man
v ei hulen not haue heed, ne beerd, ne in her fleh at go to, of oure lynage, to ilk inges at ben
ei hulen make in kyttynge; acrid, and at e ones of Yrael offreden to e Lord, in
vi holi ei hulen be to her God, and ei hulen not e whiche is vnclennes, he hal perihe before e Lord;
polute his name; enence foroe of e Lord, and e Y am a Lord.
looues of her God ei offren, and erfor holi ei hulen iiii e man of e eed of Aaron at were leprows, or
be. uffrynge flux of eed, hal not eete of es ingis at
vii A trompet, and foule hordam, e hulen not take to ben halowid to me, to e tyme at he be heelid. He at
wijf, ne hir at is forakun of her houboond, for he is towchi e vnclene vpon e deed, and of whom go
acryd to his God, out e eed as of goynge togidere,

v and at hal touche crepynge beete, and eny vnclene, xxv Of e hoond of e alyen e hulen not offre looues
whos touchynge is hoory, to oure God, and what euer oer ing he wole yue,
vi hal be vnclene vnto e euen, and he hal not eete es for alle ei ben corrupt and defoulid; e hulen not take
inges at ben halowid to me; but whanne he wahi hem.
his fleh wi water, xxvi And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
vii and e unne is goon down, anne, clenid, he hall xxvii Oxe, heep, and geet, whanne ei weren geten,
eete halowid inges, for it is e meete of hym. euen dayes ei hulen be vnder e teete of her damme;
viii e fallid to de, and taken of a beete, he hal not e eit foroe day, and erafter, ei mowen be offrid to
eete, ne he hal be polut in hem; I e Lord. e Lord,
ix ei hulen kepe myn heetis, at ei vndur liggen not xxviii wheer hee oxe, oer hee heep; ei hulen not
to ynne, and dyen in e eyntuarie, whanne ei be offryd o day wi fruytis in her wombe.
poluten it; I e Lord at halowe ow. xxix If e offren an oot for doynge of onkyngis to e
x Eche alyen hal not eete of e halowid ingis; e Lord, at it may be pleable,
alien tilier of e preet, and hyrid eruaunt, hulen not xxx e ame day at it is offred e hulen eete it; ere
eete of ilk inges. hal not leeue eny ing vnto e morwe of at oer day;
xi Whom foroe e preet biggi, and he at were a I a Lord.
free man of his hows, es hulen eete of ilk ingis. xxxi Kepe e myn heetis, and do e hem; Y a Lord.
xii If e douter of e preet to eny of e puple were xxxii Ne polute e myn holy name, at Y be halowid in
pouid, of es inges at be halowid, and of e cheef e myddel of e ones of Yrael; Y e Lord at halowe
fruytys he hal not eete; ow,
xiii if foroe a widewe, or departyd, and wi oute free xxxiii and haue ladde ow out of e loond of Egipte, at
children weren turned aen to e hows of hir fader, as Y were to ow into God; I e Lord.
a child mayden was wont he hal be norihid of e
meetis of hir fader; eche alien of etyng of ilk ingis Capitulum XXIII.
ha no power. i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
xiiii He at eti of e halowid inges bi ignoraunce, ii Speke to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eie to hem,
hal adde e fife part wi at he eti, and he hal yue es ben e ceynge dayes of e Lord, e whiche e
to preet in e eyntuarie, hulen clepe holi.
xv ne ei hulen defoule e halowid ingis of e ones iii Sixe daies e hulen do werk, e euene day, for it is
of Yrael, at ei offren to e Lord, e rete of e weke, it hal be clepid holi; al werk e
xvi let perauenture ei uteynen e wickidnes of his hulen not do in it; e day of e Lord it is in alle oure
trepas, whanne halowid ingis ei eeten; I e Lord at dwellynges.
halowe hem. iiii es ben e holy ceyng daies of e Lord, e whiche
xvii e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, e hulen halowe in oure tymes.
xviii Spek to Aaron, and his ones, and to alle e ones v e firt mone, e fourtene day of e mone, at
of Yrael, and ou halt eie to hem, A man of e hows euen, is e pak of e Lord;
of Yrael, and of comlynges at dwellen anentis hem, vi and e fiftene day of is mone is e olempnyte of
at offri his offrynge, oer vowes eeldynge, or e erf looues of e Lord; euen dayes e hulen eete
wilfuly offrynge, what ing at he offre into brent erf looues;
acrifice of e Lord, vii e fyrt day hal be to ow moot olempne and holy;
xix at it be offrid bi ow, a maal wi outen wemme it al eruyle werk e hulen not doo in it,
hal be, of e oxen, and of e heep, and of e geet; viii but e hulen offre acrifice in fier to e Lord euen
xx if it haue a wemme, e hulen not offre, ne hal be dais; e euene foro dai hal be more olempne and
acceptable. holier, and no eruyle werk e hulen do in it.
xxi e man at offre layn acrifice of peible ingis to ix And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
e Lord, oer vowes eeldynge, oer wilfully offrynge, x Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eie to hem,
as wel of oxen as of heep, wi outen wemme he hal Whanne e weren goo into e loond at I hal yue to
offre, at it be acceptable; al wemme hal not be in it. ow, and han ropun e tile, e hulen bere hondfullis
xxii If it were blynde, if broken, if hauynge fel wounde, of eeris, e firt fruytis of oure repyng, to e preet;
if litil bleynes, or hab, or drye rownd hab, e hulen xi e which hal rere vp e litil biren before e Lord,
not offre hem to e Lord, ne e hulen brenne of hem at it be acceptable for ow, at oir day of e weke;
vpon e auter of e Lord. and he hal halowe it;
xxiii Ox and heep, wi eer and tayl kit, wilfully may be xii and in e ame day at e hondful is acryd, hal be
offred; e vowe foroe of es ingis may not be quyt. layn a lomb wi outen wemme of o eer into brent
xxiiii Al beete, at ouer wi al tobrokun, or crippid, or acrifice of e Lord;
kitt and taken awey e ballokes is, e hulen not offre xiii and e offryngis of e licours hal be offred wi it,
to e Lord, and in oure loond es inges algatis e two dymes of tryed flour preynt wi oyle, into e
hulen not do.

enence of e Lord, and moot wete mel, and xxxiii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
offryngis of wyn, e four part of hyn. xxxiiii Spek to e ones of Yrael, Fro e fiftene day of
xiiii Breed, and brokun corn, and potage e hulen not is euene mone hulen be e ceynge dayes of e
ete of e corn, vnto e day at e offren of it to oure tabernacles, in euen dayes to e Lord;
God; euerlatynge heet it is in oure generaciouns, and xxxv e firt day hal be clepid moot olempne and
in oure dwellynge places. moot holy, alle eruyle werkes e hulen not do in it;
xv e hulen noumbre anne fro at oer day of e xxxvi and euen dayes e hulen offre brent acrifices to
weke, in e which e han offred e hoondful of firt e Lord, e eit foroe day hal be moot olempne
fruytis, euen wekis fulle, and moot holy; and e hulen offre brent acrifice to e
xvi vnto at oir day of fulfillynge of e euen weke, Lord, it is foroe of companye, and of quelet; al
at is, fifti daies; and o e hulen offre a newe acrifice eruyle werk e hulen not doon in it.
to e Lord xxxvii es ben e ceynge dayes of e Lord, e whiche
xvii of alle oure dwellynge places, two looues of e firt e hulen clepe moot olempne and moot holy; and e
fruytes, of e two dymes of tried flour, oured, e hulen offre in hem offryngis to e Lord, brent
which e hal baake into e firt fruytis to e Lord. acrifices, and acrifices of licours, after e ryte of
xviii And e hal offre wi e looues euen loombes euery day,
vnwemmed of o eer, and a calf of e droue, and two xxxviii out take e holy dayes of e Lord, and oure
weers, and ei hulen be in brent acrifice, wi her iftis, and e whiche e hulen offre of a vowe, oere
offryngis of licours, into e moot wete mel to e e whiche `wilfullich e han euen to e Lord.
Lord. xxxix anne fro e fiftene day of e euene mone,
xix And e hulen do a geit for ynne, and two lombes of whanne e hulen gadere to gidere alle e fruytis of
o eer, e oot of peible ingis. oure ere, e hulen halowe e ceynge day of e Lord
xx And whanne e preet arere hem, wi e looues of euen dayes; in e firt day and e eit day hal be holy
e fyrt fruytes, before e Lord, ei hulen falle into e day, at is, ret.
ve of hym. xl And e hulen take to ow e firt day fruytis of e
xxi And e hulen clepe is day moot olempne, and moot fayr tree, and e braunches of palmes, and
moot holi; al eruyle werk e hulen not do in it; braunches of a tree of ykke burionyngis, and wiies of
lawful euerlatynge it hal be in alle dwellynge places, e rennynge water, and e hulen glaad before e Lord
and oure generaciouns. oure God;
xxii And afterward, whanne e repen e tile of oure xli and e hulen halowe e olempte of hym euen
loond, e hulen not kitt it vnto e ground, ne e dayes, bi e eer; lawful euerlatynge it hal be in oure
leeuyng eeris e hulen gadere, but to pore men and generaciouns. e euene mone e hulen halowe e
pilgrymes e hulen leeue hem; Y e Lord oure God. feete daies,
xxiii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, xlii and e hulen dwelle euen dayes in hadewe places;
xxiiii Spek to e ones of Yrael, e euene mone, e eche at is of e lynage of Yrael, hal dwelle in
firt day of e mone, hal be to ow an holi day tabernaclis,
memoryale, wi ownynge trompes, and it hal be xliii at oure aftercomers leernen, at in tabernaclis Y
clepyd holi; haue made to dwelle e ones of Yrael, whanne Y ladde
xxv alle eruyle werkes e hulen not do in it, and e hem out of e loond of Egipte; Y e Lord oure God.
hulen offre brent acrifice to e Lord. xliiii And Moyes pak vpon e olempnytees of e Lord
xxvi And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, to e ones of Yrael.
xxvii e tene dai of is euene mone, a day of
purgynge hal be moot olempne, and it hal be clepid Capitulum XXIIII.
holy; e hulen traueyl oure oules to God, and e i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
hulen offre brent acrifice to e Lord; ii Comaund to e ones of Yrael, at ei bryngen to ee
xxviii al werk e hulen not doo in tyme of is day, for a oyle of olyues, moot pure, and bryt, to e lanternes to
day of hauynge mercy it is, at e Lord oure God haue ben tende contynueli wi oute e veyle of witneynge,
mercy to ow. iii in e tabernacle of e boond of pees; and Aaron hal
xxix Al oule at were not traueilid is day, hal peryhe ette hem fro euen vnto morwen before e Lord, ur
fro his puple, heriynge and ryte perpetuel in oure generaciouns;
xxx and he at do eny ing of werk, Y hal do hym a iiii vpon e moot clene candiltik ei hulen be ett
wey fro his puple; euermore in e it of e Lord.
xxxi no ing erfore of werk e hal do in it; lawful v ow halt take foroe tried floure, and ow halt
euerlatynge hal be to ow in alle generaciouns and baak of it twelue looues, e whiche echon hal haue
oure dwellyngis; two dymes,
xxxii e dai of retynge it is. e hulen traueyl oure vi of whom ou halt ette yx anentis oer ix, vpon e
oules e nyne day of e mone; fro euen to euen e moot clene bord before e Lord;
hulen halowe oure holi dayes.

vii and ow halt putt on hem enence moot brit, at halt not gedere; e eer foroe it is of e retynge of
e breed be into mynde of e offrynge of e Lord; e loond;
viii bi eche holi day ei hulen be chaungid before e vi but ei hulen be to ow into meet, to ee, and to i
Lord, takne of e ones of Yrael ur euerlatynge eruauntis, to in handmayde, and to in hyryd man,
boond of pees; and to e comlyng at pilgrimagi anentis ee;
ix and ei hulen be of Aaron and his ones, at ei eten vii to hous beetis and i feelde beetes, alle ingis at
hem in holy place, for holy of halowes it is, of e growen hulen yue meete.
acrifices of e Lord, ur perpetuel rit. viii And ow halt noumbre to ee euen wekes of
x Loo! foroe a one goon out of a womman of Yrael, eerys, at is, euen ies euen, e whiche togidere
at beer of an Egipcyen man, amonge e ones of maken nyn and fourty eer;
Yrael, ha treuen in tentis wi a man of Yrael, ix and ow halt owne wi trompe e euene mone,
xi and whanne he hadde blasfemyd e name of e Lord, e tene day of e mone, in e tyme of doyng mercy,
and hadde curid to hym, is brout fore to Moyes; in al oure loond.
and e moder of hym was clepid Salumyth, e douter x And ow halt halowe e fyfti eer, and clepe it
of Dabry, of e lynage of Dan; forifnee to alle e dwellers of i loond; he is foroe
xii and ei puttiden hym in to prioun, to e tyme at e iubilee; a man hal turne aen to his poeioun, and
ei knewen what e Lord comaundide. eche hal turne aen to his before hadde meyne,
xiii e which pak to Moyes, eiynge, xi for e iubilee it is, and e fyftee eer. e hulen not
xiiii Leed ow out e blasfeme out of e tentis, and putt owe, ne reepe e free growynge ingis in e feelde,
alle at herden her hoonden vpon his heed, and al e and e firt fruytis of e vyndage e hulen not gedere,
puple tone hym. xii for e halowynge of e iubile; but anone offryd e
xv And to e ones of Yrael ou halt peke, e man at hulen eete;
curi to his God, hal bere his ynne, xiii e eer of iubilee alle goo ei aen to her
xvi and he at blasfeme e name of e Lord, ur de poeiouns.
die he; al e multitude of e puple wi tonus hal xiiii Whanne ow halt elle eny ing to i cyteeyn,
rowe hym down; wheer he were cyteeyn or pilgrym oer bigge of hym, ne peire ow i broir,
at blasfeme e name of e Lord, ur de dye he. xv but aftir e noumbre of e eeris of iubilee ow halt
xvii He at myti and lee a man, ur de die he; bigge of hym, and after e noumbre of fruytis he hal
xviii he at myte a beete, eeld he anoer of e ame elle to ee.
kynde, at is, lijf for lijf. xvi As myche as mo eeris dwellen after e iubilee, o
xix He at wrongfuli yue a wemme to eny of his myche and e prijs hal creee, and as myche as lae of
cyteeyns, as he ha doon, o be it do to hym; tyme ow halt nowmbre, o myche lae and e
xx bruur for bruur, eye for eye, too for too he hal biggynge hal cote; e tyme foroe of fruytis he hal
eelde; what maner of wemme he wrongfuli yue, elle to ee.
ichon be he contreyned to uffre. xvii Nyle e wrongfully traueyl oure men of o lynage,
xxi He at myti a beete, eeld he anoer; he at but echon drede his God; for Y e Lord oure God.
myti a man, be he punyhid. xviii Do e myn heetis and domes, kepi and fulfille e
xxii Euen doom be ere among ow, wheer pilgrime or hem, at e mowen dwelle in e loond wi outen eny
cyteeyn ynne, for I am e Lord oure God. drede,
xxiii And Moyes pak to e ones of Yrael, and ei xix and e ere brynge for to ow his fruytis, e
brouten hym fore at blaphemede out of e tentis, whiche e eten vnto fulfillynge, dredynge e feernes of
and ei beren hym down wi tonus. And e ones of no man.
Yrael diden, as e Lord comaundide to Moyes. xx And if e eyn, what hulen we eete e euene eer,
if we owen not, ne gadren oure fruytis?
Capitulum XXV. xxi Y hal yue my bleynge to ou e ixte eer, and it
i And e Lord pak to Moyes in e mownt of Synay, hal make e fruytis of ree eer;
eiynge, xxii and e hulen owe e eite eer, and e hulen eete
ii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eye to hem, oolde fruytes vnto e nyne eer; to e tyme at newe
Whanne e weren in goon into e loond at I hal yue be growen e hulen eete oolde.
to ow, `halowe e e holiday of e Lord; xxiii e loond foroe hal not be olde `in to wi outen
iii ix eer ow halt owe i feelde, and ix eer ou ende, for myn it is, and e comlingis and myn ere
halt kytte i vyn, and geder e fruytis of it; tyliers ben;
iiii e euene foroe eer of e loond hal be e aboth xxiiii wherfor al e regioun of oure poeioun vndur
of e retynge of e Lord; feelde ow halt not owe, condicioun of aenbiggyng hal be olde.
and vyn ow halt not kitte, xxv If i broer maad pore, elle his litil poeioun,
v ingis at e ere frely bryngi for ow halt not and he wole, e ny kyn of hym may aenbigge at at
reepe, and grapes of i firt fruytis and vyndage ou he olde;

xxvi if foroe he haue noon neibore, and he mowe xlvi and ur rit of erytage e hulen ouerleeuen hem to
fynde e prye to aenbigge, e after comers, and e hulen welde hem wi outen
xxvii e fruytis hulen be countid fro at tyme at he ende; oure foroe brieren, e ones of Yrael, e
olde, and at at is laft eelde he to e bigger, and o hulen not oppree bi power.
he hal reeyue his poeyoun. xlvii If anentis ow e hoond of e comlyng and of e
xxviii And if his hoond fynde not, at he eelde e prijs, pilgrym wax greet, and i broer bicome pore, elle
e bigger hal haue at he boute, vnto e iubilee eer; him ilf to hym, or to eny of e lynage of hym,
in at foroe eer al biggyng hal turne aen to e xlviii after e elling he may be aenbout; who o wole
lord, and to e raer hauer. of his brieren, bigge he hym;
xxix Who elli his hows, wi ynne e walles of e xlix and e fadres broer, and e fader broer one, and
cytee, he hal haue leue of biggynge aen to e tyme e coyn, and e alye. If foroe and he mowe, aenbie
at o eer be fulfillid; he hym ilf,
xxx and if he bigge not aen, and e cercle of e eer l noumbred oonli e eeris fro e tyme of his illynge
were ouer cate, e bigger hal welde it, and his vnto e iubilee eer; and e money wi e which he
aftercomers into wi outen ende, and it may not be was oold, after e noumbre of eeris, and ur reoun
bout aen, alo in e iubilee. of an hirid man rekened.
xxxi If foroe in a town at ha no wallis were e li If ere were many eris at leeuen vnto e iubilee,
hows, ur rit of e feeldes it hal be old; if foroe it and after at he hal eelde e prijs;
were not aenbout in e iubilee, it hal turne aen to lii if fewe, he hal leye reoun wi hym after e
his lord. noumbre of eeres; and he hal eelde to e bigger at
xxxii e hows of e Leuytes, at ben in e cytees, at is laft of e eeris,
euermore mowen be aenbout; liii in e whiche before he eruede, e medis wi ynne
xxxiii if ei weren not aenbout, in e iubilee ei rekenyd; he hal not traueil hym violentlich in i it.
hulen turne aen to e lordes; for e houes of cytees liiii And if bi at he may not be aeynbout, e iubilee
of Leuytes ben for e poeiouns among e ones of eer he hall goon out wi his free children;
Yrael; lv myn foroe eruauntis ben e ones of Yrael, e
xxxiiii e uburbes foroe of hem ei hulen not elle, whiche Y haue ladde out of e loond of Egipte; I e
for euerlatynge poeioun it is. Lord oure God.
xxxv If i broer were maad pore, and feble in hoond,
and ow reeyuet hym as a comlyng and a pilgrym, Capitulum XXVI.
and lyue wi ee, i e hulen not make to ou a mawmett, and grauen
xxxvi ne take ow of hym vurys, ne more ouer an ow ing, ne titlis e hulen rere, ne huge toon e hulen
hat ouun; dreed i God, at i broer mowe lyue putte in oure ere, at e honouren it; Y foroe am e
anentis ee. Lord oure God.
xxxvii i money ow halt not yue to him to vure, and ii Kepe e myn halidaies, and inwardli drede e at my
of e fruytes ouer aboundaunce ou hal not axe; eyntuarye; Y a Lord.
xxxviii Y e Lord our God, at haue ladde ou out of e iii If e goon in myn heetis, and my maundementis
lond of Egipte, at I yue ow e loond of Chanaan, kepen, and doon hem,
and at Y were oure God. iiii Y hal yue to ow reynes in her tymes, and e loond
xxxix If ur porenee compellid, i broer elle hym hal brynge for his burionynge, and wi apples e
ilf to ee, ow halt not oppree hym ur raldom of trees hulen be fulfillid;
eruauntis, v and e rehynge of repyn tiles hal atake e
xl but as an hiryd man and a dweller he hal be; vnto e vyndage, and e vyndage hal occupie e owynge
iubilee eer he hal worche anentis ee, tyme, and e hulen ete oure breed in plente `in fulnes,
xli and aftirward he hal goo out wi his free children, and wi outen drede e hulen dwelle in oure loond.
and turne aen to e kyn, and to e poeioun of his vi I hal yue pees in oure cootis; e hulen leepe, and
fadres. ere hal not be at hal afeere ou; I hal take aweie
xlii Foroe ei ben my eruauntis, and Y haue ladde yuel beetis, and werd hal not ur pae oure termes.
hem out of e loond of Egipte; ei hulen not be old bi vii e hulen purue oure enemyes, and ei hulen falle
condiciouns of ralles; before ow;
xliii ne ouer traueyle ou him bi i power, but drede viii fyue of ow hal purue an hundryd aliens, and an
ow i Lord. hundred of ow ten ouyndes; oure enemyes hulen
xliiii ral and `boond womman ben to ow of e falle wi werd in oure it.
naciouns at ben in oure enuyroun, ix Y hal beholde ow, and make growe; e hulen ben
xlv and of e comlynges at pilgrimagen anentis ow, multiplied, and I hal fatne my couenaunt wi ow;
oer at of hem weren bore in oure loond; es e x e hulen ete e moot oold ingis of oold, and e
hulen haue eruauntis, newe vpon comynge, e oold e hulen cat aweye;

xi and I hal ette my tabernacle in e myddil of ow, eyntuaries, ne more ouer Y hal reeyue e moot
and my oule hal not cat ow aweie; wete mel;
xii I hal goo among ow, and I hal be oure God, and xxxii and I hal cater oure loond, and oure enemyes,
e hulen be to me a puple. whanne ei weren dwellers of it, hulen wondre vpon
xiii I e Lord oure God, at haue ladde ow out of e it;
loond of Egipcyens, at e eruen not to hem, and e xxxiii ow foroe Y hal catre amonge gentiles and I
whiche haue brokun e chaynes of oure nolles, at e hal drawe out a werd after ow, and oure loond hal
myten goo vp ryt. be deert, and oure cytees fallen down.
xiiii But if e heren me not, ne doon alle myn heetis, xxxiiii anne her holi dayes hulen pleee to e ere, alle
xv and if e purne my lawes, and my domes depien, e daies of her wildirnes; whanne e weren in enemyes
at e doon hem e whiche ben ordeyned of me, and loond, it hal halowe,
my couenant e fulli bryngen to nout, xxxv and ret in e euene tymes of his wildernes, fori
xvi I anne is ing hal do to ow; Y hal viyte ow at it retide not in oure euene tymes, whanne e
wiftly in nedynes, and in brennynge, at make fayl dwelten in it.
oure eyen, and wate oure lyues; in veyn e hulen xxxvi And whiche of ow leeuen, Y hal yue drede in
owe our eed, at of e enemyes hal be deuowryd; e hertes of hem, in regiouns of e enemyes; e own
xvii I hal putte my face aens ow, and e hulen falle of a fleynge leef hal fere hem, and o ei hulen flee it
before oure enemyes, and e hulen be uget to hem as e werd; ei hulen falle, no man puruynge,
at hatiden ow; e hulen flee, no man puruynge. xxxvii and eche vpon his brieren hal falle togidere, as
xviii If foroe and o e obeihen not to me, I hal adde men fleynge batailes; no man of ow hal be hardi to
oure correccions euen foold for oure ynnes; witoonde to enemyes;
xix and I hal altobreke e prijd of oure hardnes, and I xxxviii e hulen perihe among e gentiles, and e
hal yue heuene to ow aboue as of yrun, and e ere enemyes loond hal wate ow.
braun; xxxix But and if of hem eny leeuen tille, ei hulen wax
xx oure traueyl in veyn hal be watyd, ne e ere hal tynkynge in her wickidnes, in e loond of her
brynge for burionyng, ne e trees hulen yue apples. enemyes, and for e ynne of her fadres and her owne
xxi And if e goon ouerwart to me, ne wolen here me, ei hulen be turmentid,
I hal adde oure veniaunces vnto e euen foold for xl to e tyme at ei knowlechen her wickidnees, and
oure ynnes; of her yuels ei recorden, in e whiche ei han
xxii and I hal ende out to ow beetis of e feeld, at trepaid aens me, and han goo ouerwert to me.
waten and ow and oure beetis, and to karnes alle xli erfor Y hal goo aens hem, and I hal lede hem
inges ei hulen brynge, and at oure weies be maad into e enemyes loond, to e tyme at e
deert. vncircumidid out of hem wax ahamed; an ei
xxiii And if e wolen not reeyue diciplyne, but goon hulen preie for her vnpytownees,
ouerwart to me, xlii and I hal recorde of my boond of pees, at I haue
xxiiii I foroe contrarius aens ow hal goo, and I hal couenauntide wi Jacob, Yaac, and Abraham; of e
myte ow euen ies for oure ynnes; loond foroe I hal haue mynde,
xxv and I hal brynge vpon ow a werd, vengeoure of xliii at whanne it were forakun of hem, it hal pleee
my boond of pees; and whanne e fleen into oure to hym ilf in his euene tymes, uffrynge wildernees
cytees, I hal ende petilence into e myddil of ou, for hem; ei foroe hulen preye for her ynnes, fori
and e hulen be take in e hoondes of oure enemyes, at ei han cat aweie my domes, and my lawes
xxvi after at I breke e taf of oure breed, o at ten depieden;
wymmen in oon ouen baken looues, and elden hem at xliiii and neuereles alo whanne ei weren in e
weit; and e hulen eete, and not be fulfillid. enemyes loond, Y kete hem not aweie fulli, ne o Y
xxvii If foroe and bi es inges e heren not me, but depiide, at ei weren conumed, and at I hulde
goon aens me, make my couenaunt brout to nout wi hem; Y
xxviii and I hal go aens ow in contrarye woodnes, and foroe am e Lord God of hem.
I hal vndernym ow wi euen veniaunce for oure xlv And I hal recorde of my raer boond of pees,
ynnes, whanne I ladde hem out of e loond of Egipte, in e
xxix o at e eten e fleh of oure ones, and of oure it of gentils, at I were e God of hem; Y e Lord
doutres; God.
xxx and I hal detruye oure hey inges, and oure xlvi es ben e heetis, and domes, and lawes, at e
mawmetis Y hal breke; e hulen falle amonge e Lord af bitwix hym and betwix e ones of Yrael, in
fallynges of oure mawmetis, and my oule hal wlaate e mownt of Synay, bi e hoond of Moyes.
xxxi in o myche at oure cytees Y hal brynge down in Capitulum XXVII.
to wildernes, and e deertis I hal make oure i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,

ii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eie to hem, xxiii e preet hal noumbre e prijs, after e noumbre
e man at do avowe, and bihoti to God hijs oule, of eeres vnto e iubilee, and he hal yue, e which
vndir eymyng he hal yue e prijs. auowide it to e Lord;
iii And if it were a maal, fro e twentie eer vnto e xxiiii in e iubilee foroe it hal turne aen to e raer
ixtie eer, he hal yue fifty icles of iluer, at e lord at olde it, and hadde into e oort of his
meure of e eyntuarye, poeioun.
iiii if a womman, ritti; xxv Al eymynge hal be peyid wi e cycle of e
v fro e fife foroe eer vnto e twentie, a maal hal eyntuarye; e icle ha twenty halpens.
yue twenti cycles, e womman ten; xxvi e firt getun at perteyne to e Lord no man may
vi fro o mone vnto e fife eer, for e maal hal be halowe and vowe, wheer oxe or heep it were, of e
yue fyue cyclis, and for e femaal ree; Lord ei ben.
vii of ixti wynter and more, a maal hal yue fiftene xxvii And if e beete is vnclene, he at offre hal
iclis, e womman ten. aenbigge aftir his eymynge, and hall adde e fife
viii If he were a pore man, and at e eymynge he hal part of e prijs; if he wole not aenbigge, it hal be
not mowe eelde, he hal toonde before e preet, and oold to anoer, how myche euer it were eymed.
how myche he eyme, and ee at he may eelde, o xxviii Al at to e Lord is acrid, wheer it were man, or
myche he hal yue. beete, or feelde, it hal not be oold, ne may be
ix A beete foroe at may be offred to e Lord, if eny aenbout; what euer ing ones were acrid, holi of
auowi, holi it hal be, halowes it hal be to e Lord,
x and it may not be chaungid, at is, noer betere for xxix and eche acrid ing at is offryd of man, hal not
yuel, ne e wors for good; but if he hal chaunge, and be bout aen, but ur dee die.
at at is chaungid and it for e which it is chaungid xxx Alle e dymes of e ere, wheer of e cornes, or
hal be acryd to e Lord. of e apples of trees, ben of e Lord, and to hym ei
xi e vnclene foroe beete at may not be offred to ben halowid;
lautre, whoo auowi, it hal be brout before e xxxi if eny man wole bigge aen his dymes, adde he e
preet, fife part of hem;
xii e which demynge wheer it be good or yuel, hal xxxii of alle e dymes of heep, or of oxe, and of geyte,
ette e prijs; at vndur e eerde of e heepherd goon, what euer
xiii and if he at offre wole not yue, he hal adde dyme come, it hal be halowid to e Lord;
aboue e eymynge e fife part. xxxiii it hal not be choen, noir good noer yuel, ne for
xiiii A man if he auowe his hows, and halowe it to e anoer chaungid; if eny man chaunge, and at, at is
Lord, e preet hal behoolde, wheer it be good or chaungid, and at, for what it is chaungid, hal be
yuel, and after e prijs, at of hym were ordeyned, it halowid to e Lord, and hal not be aenbout.
hal be oold; xxxiiii es ben e heetis at e Lord comaundide to
xv if foroe he at auowi wole bigge it aen, he hal Moyes, and to e ones of Yrael, in e mownt of
yue e fife part of e eymynge aboue, and he hal Synay.
haue e hows. Here endi e book of Leuiticus, and now
xvi And if e feelde of his poeioun he auowe, and
bigynne e book of Numeri.
halowe to e Lord, after e meure of e eed hal be
eymed e prijs; if wi ritti buhels of barly e feelde
is owun, for fifti iclis of iluer it hal be oold. NUMERI.
xvii And if anoon fro e eer of e biginnyng iubilee he
auowe e feeld, as myche as it may be wor, o myche Capitulum I.
hal be eymed; i The Lord pak to Moyes in deeert of Synay, in e
xviii if foroe a litil of tyme, e preet hal noumbre e tabernacle of e boond of peee, e firt day of e
money after e noumbre of eeris at ben laft vnto e ecounde mone, at oer eer of e goyng of hem out
iubilee, and it hal be drawe aweie fro e prijs. of Egipte, eiynge,
xix And if he at auowide wole bigge e feeld aen, he ii Take e e owme of al e congregacioun of e ones
hal adde e fife part of e eymed money, and he hal of Yrael, by kynredis, and her howes, and e names of
weelde it; eche, what euer of e maal kynd,
xx if foroe he wole not aenbigge, but to eny oer iii fro e twentie eer and aboue, of alle e tronge
were old ouer hym at auowede, he may not men of Yrael; and e hulen noumbre hem bi her
aenbigge; companyes, ow and Aaron.
xxi for whanne e day of e iubilee come, it hal be iiii And ere hulen be wi ow e prynces of e
halowid to e Lord, and e poeioun acrid perteyne lynages, and of e howis, in her kynredes,
to e ryt of preetis. v whos names ben es; of Ruben, Eliur, e one of
xxii If a feelde is bout, and not of e poeioun of e Sedeur;
more men, were halowid to e Lord, vi of Symeon, Salamyel, e one of Sury of Sadday;

vii of Juda, Naaon, e one of Amynadab; xxxiiii Foroe of e ones of Manae, bi generaciouns,
viii of Yachar, Nathanael, e one of Suar; and meyneis, and houes of her kynredes, ben
ix of Zabulon, Eliab, e one of Elon; noumbred by e names of echon, fro twenti eer and
x of e ones foroe of Joeph, of Effraym, Elizama, e aboue, alle at myten goo fore to batail,
one of Amyud; of Manae, Gamaliel, e one of xxxv two and retti owynd and two hundri.
Phadaeur; xxxvi Of e ones of Beniamyn, bi generaciouns, and
xi of Beniamyn, Abidan, e one of Gedeon; meyneis, and houes of her kynredes, ben noumbred
xii of Dan, Aiezer, e one of Amyadday; wi e names of echon, fro e twenti eer and aboue,
xiii of Aer, Phegiel, e one of Ochran; alle at myten goo fore to batail,
xiiii of Gad, Elizaphan, e one of Duel; xxxvii fyue and ritti owynd and foure hundri.
xv of Neptalym, Ayra, e one of Henam. xxxviii Of e ones of Dan, bi generaciouns, and
xvi es e moot noble princes of e multitude, bi e meyneis, and houes of her kynredes, ben noumbred
lynages, and her kynredes, and e heedes of e oot of wi e names of echon, fro twenti eer and aboue,
Yrael, alle at myten goo fore to batayl,
xvii e whiche Moyes and Aaron token, wi al e xxxix two and exti ouynd and euen hundre.
multitude of e comoun. xl Of e ones of Aer, bi generaciouns, and meyneis,
xviii And ei gadreden to gidere e firt day of e and houis of her kynredes, ben noumbred bi e names
ecounde mone, noumbrynge hem bi kynredes, and of echon, fro e twenti eer and aboue, at myten
howes, and meynees, and heedes, and names of echon, goo for to batail,
fro e twenti eer and aboue, xli fourti ouynd and a ouind and fyue hundre.
xix as e Lord comaundide to Moyes; and ei ben xlii Of e ones of Neptalym, bi generaciouns, and
noumbred in e deert of Synay. meyneis, and houes, and her kynredes, ben noumbred
xx Of Ruben, e fyrt goten of Yrael, bi generaciouns, wi e names of echon, fro e twenti eer and aboue,
and meyneys, and his howes, and e names of e alle at myten goo to batail,
heedes of echon, and al at is of maal kynde, fro twenti xliii re and fifti ouynd and foure hundri.
eer and aboue, of men goynge for to batayl, xliiii es ben whom noumbred Moyes and Aaron, and
xxi ix and fourti owynd and fyue hundre. e twelue princes of Yrael, eche bi e houes of her
xxii Of e ones of Semeon, bi his generaciouns, and kynredes.
meyneis, and howes of his kynredes, ben noumbred bi xlv And `ere were alle togidere of e ones of Yrael, bi
names and heedes of echon, al at is of maal kynde, fro howes, and her meyneis, fro twenti eer and aboue,
e twenti eer and aboue, of men goynge to bateil, alle at myten go for to batail,
xxiii nyn and fyfti owynd and re hundre. xlvi ix hundri re ouyndis of men, fyue hundri and
xxiiii Of e ones of Gad, by generaciouns, and meyneis, fifti.
and alle at hulden goo to batail, xlvii Leuytes foroe in e lynage of her meyneis ben
xxv fyue and fourti owynd and ix hundri and fifti. not noumbrid wi hem.
xxvi Of e ones of Juda, by generacyouns, and meyneis, xlviii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
and howes of her kynredes, bi e names of echon, fro xlix e lynage of Leuy wole ow not noumbre, ne putte
e twenti eer and aboue, alle at myten goo fore to e owm of hem wi e ones of Yrael;
batails, l but ow halt ordeyne hem vpon e tabernacle of
xxvii ben noumbred foure and euenti owyndes and ix witneynge, alle e veels of it, and what euer ing to
hundri. e erymonyes perteyne. ei hulen bere e
xxviii Of e ones of Yachar, bi kynredys, and meyneis, tabernacle, and alle e vable inges of it, and ei
and howes of her kynredes, bi e names of echon, fro hulen be in e eruyce, and bi enuyroun of e
e twenti eer and aboue, alle at hulden goo to tabernacle ei hulen ette her tentes.
batail, li Whanne it were to go for, e Leuytes hulen ett
xxix ben noumbred foure and fifti ouynd and four down e tabernacle, whanne ei hulen arere e tentis
hundri. to be ett; who o euer of oer lynages comen ere nei,
xxx Of e ones of Zabulon, bi generaciouns, and hal be layn.
meyneis, and houes of her kynredes, ben noumbred bi lii And e ones of Yrael hulen ette tentes, eche bi e
names of echon, fro e twenti eer and aboue, alle at companyes, and felowhips, and her ootis;
myten goo fore to batayl, liii foroe e Leuytes bi enuyroun of e tabernacle
xxxi euen and fifti ouyndes and foure hundri. hulen ficche tentes, let ere be maad indignacioun
xxxii Of e ones of Joeph, of e ones of Effraym, bi vpon e multitude of e ones of Yrael; and ei hulen
generaciouns, and meyneis, and houes of her watche in e waardes of e tabernacle of wytneynge.
kynredes, ben noumbred bi e names of echon, fro e liiii anne e ones of Yrael diden after alle ingis at
twenti eer and aboue, alle at myten goo for to e Lord hadde comaundide to Moyes.
xxxiii fourti ouynd and fyue hundri. Capitulum II.

i And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eiynge, xxvi al e oot of his fiters, at ben noumbred, two and
ii Eche bi companyes, toknes, and baners, and howes fourti owyndes and euen hundryd.
of her kynredes, hulen ette e tentis of e ones of xxvii Biides hym fitchiden tentis of e lynage of Aer,
Yrael, bi enuyroun of e tabernacle of e boond of whos prynce was Phegyel, e one of Othran;
pees. xxviii and al e oot of his fiteres, at ben noumbred,
iii At e eet Judas hal picche tentis, bi companyes of fourti ouyndis and a ouynd and fyue hundrid.
his oot; and Naon, e one of Amynadab, hal be xxix Of e lynage of e ones of Neptalym prince was
prynce of his ones; Ahyra, e one of Henan;
iiii and al e owme of fitynge men of his lynage, foure xxx and al e oot of his fiters, re and fifti owynd
and euenti ouynd and ix hundre. and foure hundryd.
v Biides hym etten tentes, of e lynage of Yachar, xxxi Alle at ben noumbred in e tentes of Dan, weren
whos prynce was Nathanael, e one of Suar; an hundred euen and fifti owyndes and ix hundred;
vi and al e noumbre of his fiters, foure and fifti aler lat ei hulden go for.
ouynd and foure hundre. xxxii is noumbre of e ones of Yrael, bi howis of her
vii In e lynage of Zabulon, prynce was Eliab, e one kynredes, and companyes of e dyuydid oot, ix
of Elon; hundrid re owyndes fyue hundrid and fifti.
viii al e oot of fitynge men of his lynage, euen and xxxiii Leuytes foroe ben not noumbred among e ones
fifti ouynd and foure hundre. of Yrael; o foroe comaundide God to Moyes.
ix Al at in e tentis of Juda ben noumbred, weren an xxxiiii And e ones of Yrael diden after alle inges at
hundry ix and eiti ouyndis and foure hundri; and e Lord comaundide; ei ettiden tentes bi her
bi her companyes firt ei hulen go out. companyes, and goon fore bi meyneis, and howes of
x In e tentes of e ones of Ruben, at e oue plage, her fadres.
hal be prynce, Eliur, e one of Sedeur;
xi and al e oot of his fiters, at ben noumbred, ix Capitulum III.
and fourty owynd and fyue hundre. i Thes ben e generaciouns of Aaron and of Moyes, in
xii Biide hym etten tentes, of e lynage of Symeon, e day at e Lord pak to Moies, in e mownt of
whos prynce was Salamyel, e one of Sury Sadday; Synay.
xiii and al e oot of his fyters, at ben noumbred, nyn ii And es e names of e ones of Aaron; e firt goten
and fifti owynd and re hundri. of hym Nadab; aftirward, Abyu, and Eliazar, and
xiiii In e lynage of Gad, prince was Eliaaph, e one Ythamar;
of Duel; iii es e names of e ones of Aaron, pretis, at ben
xv and al e oot of his fiters, at ben noumbred, fyue anoynt, and of whom e hoondes fulfillid and acrid
and fourti ouand ix hundri and fifti. ben, at ei ven preethod.
xvi Alle at ben noumbred in e tentes of Ruben, an iiii Nadab and Abyu dieden, whanne ei offerden alien
hundre fifti ouynd and a ouynd foure hundre and fier in e it of e Lord, in deert of Synay, wi outen
fifty, bi her companyes; in e ecounde place ei hulen free children; and Eliazar and Ythamar veden
goo fore. preethod before Aaron her fader.
xvii And e tabernacle of witneynge hal be arered bi v And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
offices of Leuytes, and e companyes of hem; what vi Sett e lynage of Leuy, and mak tonde in e it of
maner wye it hal be areryd, and o it hal be ett Aaron, e preet, at ei mynytren to him;
down; eche bi places and her ordres hulen goo fore. vii and waken, and weyten aboute al ing at to e
xviii At e wet plage hulen be e tentis of e ones of heryynge perteyne of e multitude, before e
Effraym, whos prince was Elizama, e one of Amyud; tabernacle of witneynge;
xix and al e oot of his fiters, at ben noumbred, viii and at ei kepen e veels of e tabernacle,
fourti ouynd and fyue hundre. eruynge in e eruyce of hym.
xx And wi hem e lynage of e ones of Manae, ix And ow halt yue bi iftis Leuytes to Aaron, and to
whos prynce was Gamaliel, e one of Phadaur; e ones of hym, to e whiche ei ben take of e ones
xxi al e oot of his fiters, at ben noumbred, two and of Yrael.
retti ouynd and two hundri. x Aaron foroe and his ones ow halt ordeyne vpon
xxii In e lynage of e ones of Beniamyn prynce was e heriynge of preethod; of anoer kynrede at go to
Abidan, e one of Gedeon; mynytre, he hal die.
xxiii and al e oot of his fiters, at ben noumbred, fyue xi And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
and retti ouynd and foure hundryd. xii I toke e Leuytes fro e ones of Yrael for al e firte
xxiiii And alle at ben noumbred in e tentes of geten at opene e wombe in e ones of Yrael; and
Effraym, an hundryd eit owyndis and an hundrid, bi ei hulen be my Leuytes,
her companyes; e rid ei hulen goo fore. xiii myn is foroe al e firt goten; ien I moot e firt
xxv At e nor part ettiden tentes e ones of Dan, gotun in e loond of Egipte, I halowide to me al ing
whos prince was Abiazar, e one of Amyadday;

at is firt born in Yrael; fro man vnto beete myn ei xxxviii ei hulen ette tentes before e tabernacle of e
ben; I e Lord. boond of pees, at is, at e eet plage, Moyes, and
xiiii And e Lord pak to Moyes, in deert of Synay, Aaron wi his ones, hauynge warde of e eyntuarye,
eiynge, in e mydil of e ones of Yrael; `who o euer alien
xv Noumbre e ones of Leuy, bi e howes of her come er to, hal die.
faders, and meyneis, eche maal from a mone and xxxix Alle e Leuytes, e whiche noumbreden Moies
aboue. and Aaron, after e heet of e Lord, bi her meyneis, in
xvi And Moyes noumbred, as e Lord comaundide. maal kynde, fro o mone and aboue, weren two and
xvii And ere ben founden e ones of Leuy, bi her twenti ouyndes.
names, Geron, and Caath, and Merary; xl And e Lord ei to Moyes, Noumbre e firte geten
xviii e ones of Geron, Lebyn, and Semey; of maal kynde of e ones of Irael, fro o mone and
xix e ones of Caath, Amram, and Jeaar, and Ebron, aboue; and ou halt haue e owm of hem;
and Oiel; xli and ou halt take Leuitis to me for alle e firt
xx e ones of Merary, Mooly, and Muy. gotyn of e ones of Irael; I am e Lord; and e beetis
xxi Of Geron weren twey meyneis, Lebyntica, and of hem for alle e firt gotyn of e ones of Irael.
Semetica; xlii And Moies tolde, as e Lord comaundide, e firt
xxii of e whiche is noumbrid a puple of maal kynde, goten of e ones of Irael;
fro o mone and aboue, euen owyndes and fyue xliii and ere weren maalis bi her names, fro o mone
hundred. and aboue, two and twenti ouandis two hundrid and
xxiii es after e tabernacle hulen ette tentis at e euenti and re.
wet, xliiii And e Lord pak to Moies, eiynge,
xxiiii vndur e prince Eliaaph, e one of Jael. xlv Tak Leuites for e firt goten of e ones of Yrael,
xxv And ei hulen haue wacches in e tabernacle of e and e beetis of Leuytes for e beetis of hem, and
boond of pees, ilke tabernacle, and his couertour, e Leuytes hulen be myn; I am e Lord.
tente at is drawen before e ates of e roof of xlvi In e prijs foroe of two hundri euenti and re,
witneynge of boond of pees; at paen e noumbre of Leuytes, of e fyrt gotun of
xxvi and e cortyns of e porche, and e tente at is e ones of Yrael,
hongid in e entre of e porche of e tabernacle, and al xlvii ow halt take fyue iclis bi eche heedes, at e
ing at to e rijt of e auter perteyne, e coordes of meure of e eyntuarie; a cicle ha twenti halfpens;
e tabernacle, and alle vable inges of it. xlviii and ou halt yue e money to Aaron and his
xxvii e kynred of Caath hal haue e puples ones, e prijs of hem at ben aboue.
Amramytas, Jeaarytas, and Ebronytis, and Eielites; xlix erfor Moyes toke e money of hem at weren
es ben e meyneis of Caatices, more ouer, and e whiche ei aenbouten of e
xxviii noumbrid bi her names, of al maal kynd, fro a Leuytes,
mone and aboue, eit ouyndes and ix hundri. And l for e firt gotun of e ones of Yrael, of a ouynd
ei hulen haue biy wardes of e eyntuarie, re hundrid and fyue and ixti icles, after e weit of
xxix and ei hulen ette tentes at e ow plage; e eyntuarie;
xxx and e prince of hem hal be Elyzaphan, e one of li and he aue it to Aaron and his ones, after e word
Oziel. at e Lord comaundide to hym.
xxxi And ei hulen kepe e ark, and e table, and e
candeltik, e auters, and e veels of e eyntuarie in Capitulum IIII.
e which it is mynytryd, and e veyl, and al iche i And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eyynge,
maner purtenaunce. ii Take e owm of e ones of Caath, fro e myddil of
xxxii e prince foroe of e princes of Leuytes, Eleazar, Leuytes, bi houes, and her meyneis,
e one of Aaron, preet; and he hal be vpon e wakers iii fro e rytti eer and aboue vnto e fifty eer, of alle
of e warde of e eyntuarie. at goon in, at ei tonden and mynytren in e
xxxiii And foroe of Merarye hal be puples, Moolites, tabernacle of e boond of pees.
and Muites, iiii is is e heriynge of e ones of Caath; e
xxxiiii noumbred bi her names, of al maal kynde fro o tabernacle of e boond of pees,
mone and aboue, ix ouyndes and two hundre; v and e holi of halowis hulen go yn Aaron and his
xxxv e prynce of hem Suryel, e one of Abiahiel; in e ones, whanne e tentis ben to be moued; and ei
nor plage ei hulen ette tentes. hulen ette down e veile at hongi before e atis,
xxxvi ere hulen be vnder e warde of hem e tables of and ei hulen wrap wi ynne it e ark of witneynge;
e tabernacle, and e berynge taues, and e pilers, and vi and ei hulen eftones couer it wi e couerynge of
e feet of hem, and alle inges at to uche maner iacynctyne kynnes, and ei hulen trecche aboue a
heriynge perteynen, mantel al iacynctyne, and ei hulen lede in e berynge
xxxvii and e pilers of e porche bi enuyroun, wi her taues.
feet, and e takis, wi e coordes.

vii e table foroe of propoicioun ei hulen wrappe xxii Tak alo e owm of e ones of Geron, bi howes,
wi ynne e iacynctyne mantil, and ei hulen putte and meyneis, and his kynredes;
wi it e enceneris, and goldun morters, litil cuppes, xxiii fro retti eer and aboue and vnto e eres of fifti,
and e eryd chalices to e acrifices of licours to ben noumbre alle at goon yn, and eruen in e tabernacle
heelde; looues euermore hulen be in it. of e boond of pees.
viii And ei hulen trecche ere aboue e reed mantil, xxiiii is is e office of e meyne of Geronytes,
e whiche eft ei hulen couer wi e couerynge of xxv at ei beren cortyns of e tabernacle, and e roof
iacynctyn kynnes, and ei hulen lede ynne e berynge of e boond of pees, at oer couertour, and vpon alle
taues. e iacynctyn couerynge, and e tente at hongi in e
ix And ei hulen take e iacynctyn mantil, wi e entre of e tabernacle of e boond of pees;
which ei hulen couer e candeltik, wi e lanterns, xxvi e cortyns of e porche, and e veil in e entre at
and her toonges, and nyters, and wi alle e veels of is before e tabernacle. Alle ingis at perteynen to e
oyle, e whiche ben neceary to e lanterns to be maad auter, litil coordes, and e veels of eruyce,
redi; xxvii comaundynge Aaron and his ones, e ones of
x and vpon alle ei hulen putte e couerynge of Geron hulen bere; and eche hal knowe to what
iacynctyn kynnes, and ei hulen lede ynne her charge ei owen to be takun.
berynge taues. xxviii is is e heriynge of e meyneis of Geronytes, in
xi Alo and e goldun auter ei hulen wrappe wi ynne e tabernacle of e boond of pees; and ei hulen be
e iacynctyn cloing; and ei hulen trecche out ere vndir e hoond of Ythamar, e one of Aaron, preet.
aboue e couerynge of iacynctyn kynnes, and ei xxix e ones foroe of Merarye, bi meyneis and howes
hulen lede yn e beryng taues. of her fadris,
xii Alle e veels, wi e whiche it is mynytryd in e xxx ou halt noumbre, fro retti eer and aboue vnto e
eyntuary, ei hulen wrappe wi inne e iacynctyn eers of fifti, alle at goon into e office of his eruyce,
mantel, and trecch ere aboue a couertour of iacynctyn and heriynge of e boond of pees of witneynge.
kynnes, and ei hulen lede yn e berynge taues. xxxi es ben e charges of hem; ei hulen bere e
xiii But and e auter ei hulen clene wi aken, and tablis of e tabernacle, and his berynge taues, e
ei hulen wrappe it wi a purpur cloinge. pilers, and e feet of hem;
xiiii And ei hulen putt wi it alle e veelis, e xxxii and e pilers of e porche bi enuyroun, wi her
whiche ei ven in e eruyce of it, at is, e feet, and takys, and her coordes; alle veels and
reeyuable inges of fiers, flehokis, and `hokys of re purtenaunce at noumbre ei hulen take, and o ei
tee, and hokes, and fyre pannes; alle e veels of e hulen bere.
auter ei hulen couer togyder wi a couerynge of xxxiii is is e office of e meyne of Merarytes, and e
iacynctyn kynnes, and ei hulen lede yn e berynge eruyce in e tabernacle of e boond of pees; and ei
taues. hulen be vndir e hoond of Ythamar, e one of
xv And whanne Aaron and his ones han inwrappid e Aaron, preet.
eyntuary, and alle e veels of it, in e meuynge of xxxiiii anne Moyes and Aaron, and e princes of e
tentes, anne hulen goon yn e ones of Caath, at ei ynagoge, noumbreden e ones of Caath, bi kynredes,
beren wi ynne wrappid, and at ei touchen not e and howes of her fadres,
veels of e eyntuary, let ei dien. es ben e charges xxxv fro retti eer and aboue vnto fifti eer, alle at
of e ones of Caath, in e tabernacle of e boond of goon into e eruyce of e tabernacle of e boond of
pees, pees;
xvi vpon whom hal be Eliazar, e one of Aaron preet; xxxvi and ere ben foundun two owyndes euen
to whos cure it perteyne oyle to e lanterns to be hundred and fifti.
maad redi, and e encene of compoicioun, and e xxxvii is is e noumbre of e ones of Caath, at goon
acrifice at euermore is offred, and e oyle of into e tabernacle of e boond of pees; `es
anoyntinge, and what euer ing to e heriynge `of e noumbreden Moyes and Aaron, aftir e word of e
tabernacle perteyne, and of alle e veels at ben in Lord, bi e hoond of Moyes.
e eyntuarye. xxxviii And ones of Geron ben noumbred, bi kynredes,
xvii And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eyynge, and howes of her fadris,
xviii Wole e not lee e puple of Caath fro e myddel of xxxix fro retti eer and aboue vnto e fifti eer, alle
Leuytes; at goon yn at ei mynytren in e tabernacle of e
xix but is do to hem, at ei lyuen, and dien not, if boond of pees;
ei towchen e holi ingis of halowes. Aaron and his xl and ere ben foundun two owynd ix hundre and
ones hulen go yn, and ei hulen dypoe e werkis of retti.
echon, and ei hulen dyuyde what eny owi to bere. xli is is e puple of Geronytes, e which noumbreden
xx Oer ur no curioute een at ben in e eyntuarye, Moyes and Aaron, after e word of e Lord.
before at ei ben inwrappid, ellis ei hulden die. xlii e ones of Merarye ben noumbred, bi kynredes,
xxi And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, and houes of her fadres,

xliii froretti eer and aboue vnto e fifty eer, alle at xv he hal lede hire to e preet, and he hal offre for hir
goon yn to fulfille e rytis of e tabernacle of e boond an offrynge, e tene part of a buhel of barly melowe;
of pees; and he hal not heelde vpon it oyle, ne putte enence,
xliiii and er ben foundun re owyndes and two for e acrifice of geloute it is, and offrynge
hundri. enerchynge auowtrye.
xlv is is e noumbre of e ones of Merarye, e whiche xvi erfor e preet hal offre it, and ette before e
noumbreden Moyes and Aaron, aftir e heet of e Lord;
Lord, bi e hoond of Moyes. xvii and he hal take e holy watre in a britil veel, and
xlvi Alle at ben noumbred of e Leuytes, and e a litil of e ere of e pament of e tabernacle he hall
whiche he dide to be noumbred at e name, of Moyes putt into it.
and Aaron, and e princes of Yrael, bi kynredis, and xviii And whanne e womman tondi in e it of e
howes of her fadres, Lord, he hal dicouere her heed, and putt vpon hir
xlvii fro retti eer and aboue vnto e fifti eer, goynge hondis e acrifice of recordynge, and offryng of
into e eruyce of e tabernacle, and berens to be gelowte. He foroe hal holde e mot bittir watris, in
bore, e whiche wi curid curyng he cat togidir.
xlviii and ere weren togidir eit owyndes fyue xix And he hal were to her, and eie, If anoer man
hundrid and eity. ha not lept wi ee, and if ow art not polut,
xlix After e word of e Lord Moies noumbred hem, foraked e bedde of e houboond, es moot bittre
echon aftir his office and his charges, as e Lord watris hulen not anoye ee, into e whiche curid
comaundide to hym. inges I haue gederyd to gydere;
xx if foroe ow hat bowide a weie fro in houboond,
Capitulum V. and art polut, and hat leyn wi anoir man,
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, xxi to es curingis ow halt vndurligge; e Lord yue
ii Comaund to e ones of Yrael, at ei caten out of ee into curynge, and enaumple of alle in his puple;
e tentes alle leprows, and at flowi eed, and is polut mak he in hippe to tynke, and i wellynge wombe be
vpon e deed; al to brotun;
iii as wel e maal as e femaal cate out of e tentis, xxii goon in ee curyd watris into i wombe, and
let ei defoulen hem, whanne ei dwellen wi ow. wellynge i wombe tynke in hippe. And e womman
iiii And e ones of Yrael dyden o, and ei cateden hal anwere, Amen! amen!
hem out of e tentes, as e Lord hadde pokun to xxiii And e preet hal wryte in a libel es curid
Moyes. ingis, and he hal do hem out wi e moot bittir
v And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, watris,
vi Spek to e ones of Irael, A man or womman, xxiiii into e whiche curid inges he dide togidris, and
whanne ei doon of alle e ynnes at ben wont to falle he hal yue hir to drynke. e which whanne he ha
to men, and bi negligence ouer paid e maundement dronkun vp,
of e Lord, and trepaen, xxv e preet hal take of hir hoond e acrifice of
vii ei hulen knowleche her ynne, and ei hulen gelowte, and he hal arere it vp before e Lord, and he
eelde at heed, and e fife part ere aboue, to hym in hal putte vpon e auter;
whom ei ynneden. xxvi o oonli, at before he take an hondful of acrifice
viii If foroe ere weren not at hulde reeyue, ei of it at is offerd, and tynde vpon e auter, and o yue
hulen yue to e Lord, and it hal be of e preet, out drynke to e womman e moot bitter watres.
take e weer at is offryd for e purgynge, at e oot xxvii e whiche whanne he drinki, if he is polut, and,
be pleable. depiid e man, he is gilti of auowtrie, e watres of
ix Alle foroe e firt fruytis at offren e ones of curynge hulen pae ur hir, and e womb blow wi
Yrael, to e preet perteynen; ynne, e hippe hal tynke, and e womman hal be
x and what ing in e eyntuarye is offred of eche, and into curynge, and into enaumple to al e puple.
is takun to e hondes of e preet, hal be of hym. xxviii And if he were not polut, he hal be harmles,
xi And e Lord pak to Moyes, eyynge, and make free children.
xii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eye to hem, xxix is is e lawe of gelownes, if e womman bowe
A man, whos wijf erre, and, e houbonde depiynge, doun fro hir man, and were polut,
xiii lepe wi anoer man, and at e houbonde may xxx and e houboond, ur piryt of gelownes tired,
not knowe of, but e auowtrye is hidde, and wi witnes brynge hir in e it of e Lord, and e preet do to hir
may not be vndurnom, for he is not foundun in e after alle inges at ben writun,
hordom; xxxi e houboond hal be wi outen blame, and he hal
xiiii if e piryt of gelounes tire e man aens his wijf, reeyue hir wickidnes.
e which ouer is polut, or wi fals upecioun is
coueitid, Capitulum VI.
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,

ii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eye to hem, inne erf caake, and he hal take in e hoondes of e
A man or womman, whanne he do auowe, at ei ben Nazare, after at were hauun e heed of hym.
halowid, and ei wolen him elf acre to e Lord, xx And e takun ingis eftones of hym he hal arere in
iii fro wiyn, and fro al at may make dronkun, ei e it of e Lord. And e halowid inges hal be of e
hulen abteyne; eiel of wiyn, and of eny oir maad preet, as e litil bret at is comaundid to be euered,
drynke, and what ing of grape is out preid, ei and e hippe. Aftir es ingis e Nazare may drynke
hulen not drynke; new grapes and dried ei hulen not wiyn.
eete, xxi is is e lawe of e Nazare, whanne he auowi his
iiii alle e daies in e which of auowe to e Lord ei offrynge to e Lord, e tyme of his conecracioun, out
ben acryd; what ing may be of vyn, of grape dried taak es ingis e whiche e hoond fynde. Aftir at
vnto e popyn, ei hulen not eete. at he ha auowid in out, o he hal do, to e
v Al e tyme of his euerynge a raour hal not pae perfeccioun of his holynes.
vpon his heed, vnto e fulfillid day in e which he is xxii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
acred to e Lord; he hal be holy, growynge e heer of xxiii Spek to Aaron and his ones, So e hulen blee to
his heed. e ones of Yrael, and e hulen eie to hem,
vi Alle tyme of his acrynge he hal not goo yn vpon e xxiiii e Lord blee to ee, and kepe ee;
deed, xxv e Lord hewe his face to ee, and haue mercy of
vii ne vpon faders foroe, and moders, and breeren, ee;
and itren careyn he hal be defoulid, for e acrynge xxvi e Lord conuerte his chere to ee, and eue to ee
of his God is vpon his heed; pees.
viii eche day of his euerynge hal be holy to e Lord. xxvii ei hulen inwardly clepe my name vpon e ones
ix If foroe eny man were odeynlich deed before hym, of Yrael, and Y hal blee to hem.
e heed of his conecracioun hal be polut, e which
anoon he hal haue in e ame day of his purgacioun, Capitulum VII.
and eftones e euene day; i It is doon foroe in e day in e whiche Moyes
x in e eiti foroe day he hal offre two turturs, or fulfillide e tabernacle, and areryde it, and anoyntide
two culuer briddes, to e preet, in e entre of e boond and halowede wi alle his veels, e auter alo, and his
of pees of witneynge. veels.
xi And e preet hal do oon for e ynne, and anoir in ii And e prynces of Yrael, and e heedes of e
to brent acrifice; and he hal preye for hym, for he ha meyneis at weren bi eche lynages, e maytres of hem
ynned vpon e deed, and he hal halowe e heed of at weren noumbred,
hym in at day. iii offerden iftes before e Lord, ix waynes couered,
xii And he hal acre to e Lord e daies of his wi twelue oxen; o wayne offreden two dukes, and oon
euerynge, offrynge a lombe of o eer for e ynne, o ox eche. ei offerden ilk ingis in e it of e
neuerelater at e raer daies ben maad as for not, tabernacle.
for polut is e halowynge of hym. iiii And e Lord eide to Moyes,
xiii is is e lawe of conecracioun. Whanne e daies v Tak of hem, at ei myten erue in e eruyce of e
which of auow he demed ben fulfillid, he hal brynge tabernacle, and tak ow ilk ingis to e Leuytis, after
hym to e dore of e tabernacle of e boond of pees, e ordre of her eruyce.
xiiii and he hal offre his offrynge to e Lord, a lombe of vi And o whanne Moyes hadde take e waynes, and
o eer wi outen wemme, into brent acrifice, and a e oxen, he took hem to e Leuytes.
heep of o eer wi outen wemme, for ynne, and a vii Two waynes and foure oxen he af to e ones of
weir wi outen wemme, a peible oot; Geron, aftir at ei hadden nede.
xv a leepe foroe of eerf looues, at ben preynt wi viii Foure oer waynes and eit oxen he af to e ones
oyle, and inne cakys wi out ourdow, anoynt wi of Merary, aftir e office and her heriynge, vndir e
oyle, and of echon e acrifices of licours; hoondis of Ythamar, e one of Aaron, preet.
xvi e whiche e preet hal offre before e Lord, and ix To e ones foroe of Caath he af not carrys and
he hal doo as wel for ynne as into brent acrifices. oxen, for in e eyntuarie ei eruen, and birens ei
xvii A weir foroe he hal offre a peible oot to e beren wi her propre huldres.
Lord, offrynge to gidre a leepe of erf looues, and x anne e dukes offreden, in e dedicacioun of e
acryfices of licours, at of maner ben owed. auter, in e day e which it is anoyntid, her offrynge to
xviii anne e Nazare hal be haued at e dore of e e Lord, before e auter.
tabernacle of e boond of pees, fro e heere of his xi And e Lord eide to Moyes, Alle duykis bi eche
conecracioun; and he hal take his heeres, and putte daies offren ei iftes, into e dedicacioun of e auter.
vpon e fijr, at is vndurput to e acrifice of peible xii e firte day offrede his offrynge Naon, e one of
inges; Amynadab, of e lynage of Juda;
xix and a huldre oen of e weer, and a caake of xiii and ere weren in it a ilueren eiel veel, peye of
breed wi outen owrdow, oon of e leepe, and o an hundred and retti icles, a ilueren fiole, hauynge

euenti icles aftir e peye of e eyntuarye, eiir ful of xxxix an oxe of e droue, and a weir, and a loomb of o
tryed floure preynt wi oyle, into acrifice; eer, into brent acrifice;
xiiii a litil morter, of ten iclis of gold, ful of encene; xl and a geet, for ynne.
xv an oxe of e droue, and a weir, and a loomb of o xli And into e ootis of peible inges, oxen two,
eer, into brent acrifice; weers fyue, geet fyue, loombes of o eer fyue. is was
xvi and a goot, for ynne; e offrynge of Salamyhel, one of Suryadday.
xvii and in e acrifices of peible inges, two oxen, xlii e ixte day e prince of e ones of Gad,
fyue weeres, fyue geet, lombes of o eer fyue. is is e Helizaphat, e one of Duel,
offrynge of Naaon, e one of Amynadab. xliii offerde a ilueren eyel veel, peyynge an hundrid
xviii e ecounde day offrede Nathanael, e one of and retti icles, a ilueren fyol, hauynge euenti icles
Suar, duke of e lynage of Yachar, at e weit of e eyntuarye, eier ful of tried flour
xix a ilueren eiel veel, peyynge an hundrid and preynt wi oyle, into acrifice;
retti icles, a ilueren fiole, hauynge euenti icles aftir xliiii a golden morter, peiynge ten icles,
e weit of e eyntuary, eier ful of tryed flour preynt xlv ful of encene; an oxe of e droue, and a weer, and
wi oyle, into acrifice; a loomb of o eer, into brent acryfice;
xx a litil golden morter, hauynge ten icles, ful of xlvi and `o geet, for ynne.
encene; xlvii And into ootis of peible inges, oxen two, weers
xxi an oxe of e droue, and a weir, and a loomb of o fyue, geet fyue, loombes of o eer fyue. is was e
eer, into brent acrifice; offrynge of Elizaphat, one of Duel.
xxii and a goot, for ynne; xlviii e euene day e prynce of e ones of Effraym,
xxiii and in acrifice of peible inges, two oxen, and Elizama, e one of Amyud,
weris fyue, geit fyue, lombes of o eer fiue. is was e xlix offrede a ilueren eiel veel, peyynge an hundred
offrynge of Nathanael, e one of Suar. and retti icles, a ilueren fyol, hauynge euenti icles
xxiiii In e ridde day e prince of e ones of Zabulon, at e weit of e eyntuarye, eier ful of tried flour
Elyab, e one of Elon, preynt wi oyle, into acrifice;
xxv offride a ilueren eyel veel, peyynge an hundryd l a goldun morter, peiynge ten icles, ful of encene;
and retti icles, a ilueren fyole, hauynge euenti icles li an oxe of e droue, and a weer, and a loomb of o
at e peye of e eyntuary, eier ful of tried flour eer, into brent acryfice;
preynt wi oyle, into acrifyce; lii and a geet, for ynne.
xxvi a litil golden morter, peyynge ten icles, ful of liii And into ootis of peible ingis, oxen two, weers
encene; fyue, geet fyue, loombes of o eer fyue. is was e
xxvii an oxe of e droue, and a weir, and a loomb of o offrynge of Elizama, one of Amyud.
eer, into brent acrifice; liiii e eiti day e prynce of e ones of Manae,
xxviii and a geit, for ynne; Gamaliel, e one of Phadaur,
xxix and in e acrifice of peible inges, two oxen, lv offerde a ilueren eyel veel, peyynge an hundryd
weris fyue, geit fyue, lombes of o eer fyue. is is e and retti icles, a ilueren fyol, hauynge euenti icles
offrynge of Heliab, e one of Helon. at e weit of e eyntuarye, eier ful of tried flour
xxx e fire day e prynce of e ones of Ruben, preynt wi oyle, into acrifice;
Heliur, e one of Sedeur, lvi a goldun morter, peyynge ten icles, ful of encene;
xxxi offred a ilueren eyel veel, peyynge an hundrid lvii an oxe of e droue, and a weir, and a loomb of o
and retti cyclys, a ilueren fyole, hauynge euenti iclis eer, into brent acrifice;
at e weit of e eyntuarie, eier ful of tryed flour lviii and a goot, for ynne.
preynt wi oyle, into acrifice; lix And into ootis of peible inges, oxen two, weers
xxxii a golden morter, peyynge ten icles, ful of encene; fyue, geet fyue, loombes of o eer fyue. is was e
xxxiii an oxe of e droue, and a weer, and a loomb of o offrynge of Gamaliel, one of Phadaur.
eer, into brent acrifice; lx e nyne day e prynce of e ones of Beniamyn,
xxxiiii and a geit, for ynne; Abidan, e one of Gedeon,
xxxv and into e ootis of peible inges, oxen two, lxi offerde a ilueren eiel veel, peyynge an hundred
weers fyue, geit fyue, lombes of o eer fyue. is was and retti icles, a ilueren fyol, hauynge euenti icles
e offrynge of Elyur, e one of Sedeur. at e weit of e eyntuarye, eiir ful of tried flour
xxxvi e fife day e prynce of e ones of Symeon, preynt wi oyle, into acrifice;
Salamyel, one of Suryadday, lxii a golden morter, peiynge ten icles, ful of encene;
xxxvii offrede a ilueren eyel veel, peyynge an lxiii an oxe of e droue, and a weer, and a loomb of o
hundrid and ritti icles, a ilueren fyole, hauynge eer, into brent acrifice;
euenti icles at e weit of e eyntuarye, eiir ful of lxiiii and a goot, for ynne.
tried flour preynt wi oyle, in to acrifice; lxv And into e ootis of peible ingis, oxen two,
xxxviii a goldun morter, peyynge ten icles, ful of weers fyue, geet fyue, loombes of o eer fyue. is was
encene; e offrynge of Abydan, one of Gedeon.

lxvi e tene day e prynce of e ones of Dan, Abiezer, lxxxix Andwhanne Moyes went into e tabernacle of
e one of Amyadday, e boond of pees, at he coneile e anwer of God, he
lxvii offerde a ilueren eyel veel, peiynge an hundrid herde a voyce of pekynge to hym fro e propiciatorye,
and retti icles, a ilueren fyol, hauynge euenti icles at was vpon e arke of witneynge, bitwix e two
at e weit of e eyntuarye, eier ful of tried flour cherubyn, and fro whens he pak to hym.
preynt wi oyle, into acrifice;
lxviii a goldun morter, peiynge ten icles, ful of encene; Capitulum VIII.
lxix an oxe of e droue, and a weer, and a lomb of o i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
eer, into brent acrifice; ii Spek to Aaron, and ow halt eie to hym, Whanne
lxx and a goot, for ynne. ow ettit e euen lanterns, e candeltyke be arered
lxxi And into ootes of peible inges, oxen two, weers in e ow part; is anne comaund, at e lanterns
fyue, geet fyue, loombes of o eer fyue. is was e aen e nor `forn aens biholden to e table of e
offrynge of Abiezer, one of Amyadday. looues of propoicioun, aens at part at e candiltik
lxxii e enleuee day e prince of e ones of Aer, biholdi, ei owen to liten.
Phegiel, e one of Ochran, iii And Aaron dyde, and putte yn lanterns vpon e
lxxiii offride a ilueren eiel veel, peyynge an hundryd candeltyk, as e Lord comaundide to Moyes.
and retti icles, a ilueren fiol, hauynge euenti icles iiii is foroe was e makynge of e candeltik; of
at e weit of e eyntuarie, eier ful of tried flour betun out golde, as wel e myddil tok as al e inges
preynt wi oyle, into acrifice; at of eier ide of e erdes weren born out; after e
lxxiiii a goldun morter, peyynge ten icles, ful of enaumple at e Lord hewide to Moyes, o he
encene; wroute e candeltyk.
lxxv an oxe of e droue, and a weer, and a loomb of o v And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
eer, into brent acrifice; vi Tak e Leuytes fro e myddil of e ones of Yrael;
lxxvi and a goot, for ynne. and ow halt purifie hem aftir is rijt.
lxxvii And into ootes of peible inges, oxen two, vii Be ei preynt wi water of purgynge, and haue ei
weers fyue, geet fyue, loombes of o eer fyue. is was alle e heerys of her fleh. And whanne ei han
e offrynge of Phegiel, e one of Ochran. wahun her cloes, and weren clenid,
lxxviii e twelf day e prynce of e ones of Neptalym, viii take ei an oxe of e droue, and his acrifice of
Ahira, e one of Henan, licours, tried flour preynt wi oyle; and anoir oxe of
lxxix offerde a ilueren eiel veel, peiynge an hundryd e droue ow halt take for ynne;
and retti icles, a ilueren fyol, hauynge euenti icles ix and ow halt ette to e Leuytes before e tabernacle
at e weit of e eyntuarie, eiir ful of tried flour of e boond of pees, clepid togidere al e multitude of
preynt wi oyle, into acrifice; e ones of Yrael.
lxxx a golden morter, peiynge ten icles, ful of encene; x And whanne e Leuytes weren before e Lord, e
lxxxi an oxe of e droue, and a weer, and a loomb of o ones of Irael hulen putte her hoondes vpon hem;
eer, into brent acrifice; xi and Aaron hal offre e Leuytes, a ift in e it of e
lxxxii and a goot, for ynne. Lord of e ones of Yrael, at ei eruen in e eruyce
lxxxiii And into ootis of peible ingis, oxen two, of hym.
weers fyue, geet fyue, loombes of o eer fyue. is was xii And e Leuytes hulen putte her hoondes vpon e
e offrynge of Ahyra, one of Henan. heedis of e oxen, of e whiche oon ow halt doo for
lxxxiiii es offrynges in e dedicacioun of e auter ben ynne, and anoer into brent acrifice of e Lord, at
offred of e prynces of Irael, in e day e which it is ow preye for hem.
acred; ilueren eiel veels twelue, ilueren fiols xiii And ow halt ette e Leuytes in e it of Aaron,
twelue, golden morters twelue; and of his ones, and ow halt acre hem offred to e
lxxxv o at an hundred and retti icles of iluer hadde Lord;
oon eiel veel, and euenti icles o fiol, at is, in xiiii and euer fro e myddil of e ones of Yrael, at ei
comune of alle veels of iluer, icles two owand be myyn.
foure hundred, by peye of e eyntuarie; xv And afterward goo ei in e tabernacle of e boond
lxxxvi golden morters twelue, ful of encene, ten icles of pees, at ei eruen to me; and o ow halt puryfye
peiynge bi weit of e eyntuarie, at is, togider, icles and acre hem, into e offrynge of e Lord, for ur ift
of gold an hundrid and twenti; ei ben eue to me of e ones of Yrael.
lxxxvii oxen of e droue into brent acrifice twelue, xvi For e firt goten at opnen al wombe in Yrael Y
weers twelue, loombes of o eer twelue, and e haue takun hem;
acrifice of licours of hem, twelue geet for ynne; xvii myyn foroe ben al e fyrte goten of e ones of
lxxxviii e ootis of peible ingis, oxen foure and twenti, Yrael, as wel of men as of beetis, fro e day at I
weers exti, geet exti, loombes of o eer exti. es moot al e firte goten in e loonde of Egipte, I haue
inges ben offrid in e dedicacioun of e auter, halowed hem to me.
whanne it is anoynt.

xviii And Y haue take e Leuytes for al e firte goten of xii ei hulen not leeue of it eny ing vnto e morwe,
e ones of Yrael; and boon of it ei hulen not breeke; al e rijt of phae
xix and Y haue take hem bi ifte to Aaron and his ones, ei hulen kepe.
fro e myddil of e puple, at ei eruen to me for xiii And if eny foroe is clene, and was not in e weye,
Yrael, in e tabernacle of e boond of pees, and preien and it dide not e pake, at oule hal be out putte fro
for hem, let ere be in e puple veniaunce, if ei his puples, for acrifice he offrede not to e Lord in his
weren hardi to nei to e eyntuarye. tyme; his ynne he hal bere.
xx And Moyes and Aaron diden, and al e multytude xiiii A pilgrime foroe and a comlynge, if ere were
of e ones of Yrael, vpon e Leuytes, at e Lord anentis ow, do he pake to e Lord, aftir e
comaundide to Moyes. cerymonyes and iutifiyngis of it; e ame heet hal be
xxi And ei ben purified, and ei waheden her cloes; anentis ou, as wel of e comlyng as of e wi ynne
and Aaron arerede hem in e ite of e Lord, and born.
preiede for hem, xv erfor e day in e which e tabernacle is arerid,
xxii at puryfyed ei weenden into her offices, into e couerde it a clowd; fro euen foroe vpon e tent was
tabernacle of e boond of pees, before Aaron and his as liknes of fier vnto e morwe.
ones, as e Lord comaundide to Moyes, of e Leuytes xvi So it was doon contynuly, bi e day couerde it a
o it is doon. clowd, and bi e nyt as liknes of fier.
xxiii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, xvii And whanne e clowd was takun awey, at kepte
xxiiii is is e lawe of e Leuytes; fro twenti eer and e tabernacle, anne wenten fore e ones of Yrael,
aboue ei hulen weende in, at ei mynytren in e and in e place where tood e clowd, ere ei etten
tabernacle of e boond of pees; tentes.
xxv and whanne e fyftie eer of age ei han fulfillid, xviii At e maundement of e Lord ei wenten fore,
ei hulen ceee to erue. and at e maundement of hym ei picchiden e
xxvi And ei hulen be e eruauntes of her bryeren in tabernacle. Al e daies in e whiche tood e clowd
e tabernacle of e boond of pees, at ei kepen inges vpon e tabernacle, ei dwelten in e ame place.
at weren comaundid to hem; o foroe werkis doo xix And if it felle at myche tyme it dwelte vpon it, e
ei not; o ow halt dipoe e Leuytes in her wardis. ones of Yrael weren in e bii waardes of e Lord, and
ei wenten not fore,
Capitulum IX. xx as feel dais as e clowde were vpon e tabernacle. At
i The Lord pak to Moyes, in deeert of Synay, e e maundement of e Lord, ei arereden tentes, and at
ecounde eer aftir at ei weren went out of e loond e maundement of hym ei putten down.
of Egipte, e firt mone, eiynge, xxi And if e clowd were fro euen to e morwe, and
ii e ones of Yrael doo ei pake in his tyme, anoon e morwe tide laft of, ei wenten fore; and if
iii e fourtene day of is mone, at euen, aftir alle e aftir day and nyt it ede awey, ei caterden e tentes.
erymonyes and e iutifiyngis of it. xxii Wheer twey or o mone, or lenger tyme, it were
iiii And Moyes comaundide to e ones of Irael, at ei vpon e tabernacle, e ones of Yrael dwelliden in e
hulden doo pake; ame place, and wenten not fore; anoon foroe as it
v e whiche diden in his tyme, e fourtene day of e wente a wey, ei meueden e tentes.
mone, at euen, in e mount of Synay; aftir alle ingis xxiii Bi e word of e Lord ei piten tentes, and bi e
at e Lord comaundide to Moyes, diden e ones of word of hym ei wenten fore; and ei weren in e
Yrael. biy waardes of e Lord, after e heet of hym, bi e
vi And loo! umme vnclene vpon e oule of man, at hoond of Moyes.
myten not doo pake in at day, goynge to Moyes and
Aaron, Capitulum X.
vii eiden to hem, Vnclene we ben vpon e oule of a i The Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
man; whi be we bigilid, at we mowen not offre e ii Mak to ee two beten out ilueren trompes, wi e
offrynge to e Lord in his tyme, amonge e ones of whiche ow mayt clepe togidere e multitude, whanne
Yrael? e tentis ben to be meued.
viii To whom anwerde Moyes, Stoonde e, at I iii And whanne ow ownet wi i trompes, al e folk
couneil, what e Lord comaundi of ow. hal be gederid `to ee at e dore of e tabernacle of e
ix And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, boond of pees.
x Spek to e ones of Yrael, A man at were vnclene iiii If onys ow ownet, hulen come to ee e princes
vpon a oule, oer in e fer weye, in e folk of oure and e heedis of e multitude of Irael;
kynde, v if foroe lenger and towndmeel trompynge owne,
xi do he pake to e Lord e ecounde monee, e e firte, at ben at e eet plage, hulen meue e
fourtene day of e mone, at euen; wi erf looues tentis.
and wijlde letues he hal eete it. vi In e ecounde foroe ownynge and euen ollynge
of e trompe, hulen rere e tentys at dwellen at e

ow; and aftir is maner at oer hulen doo, ollynge xxviii ee ben e tentes and e goyngis fore of e
e trompes into weendynge fore. ones of Yrael, bi her companyes, whanne ei wenten
vii Whanne foroe e puple is to gederynge togidre, out.
hal be ymple criynge of trompes, and not towndmeel xxix And Moyes eide to Heliab, e one of Raguel
ei hulen olle. Madianyte, his coyn, We goon fore to e place at e
viii e ones of Aaron preet hulen owne wi e Lord is to yuynge to vs; com wi vs, at we doon good
trompes, and is hal be lawful euerlatynge in oure to ee, for e Lord good ingis ha bihoot to Irael.
generaciouns. xxx To whom he anwerde, I hal not goo wi ee, but I
ix If e goon out to batayle fro oure loond aens e hal turne aen into my loond, in e which Y am bore.
enemyes at tryuen aens ow, e hulen crye wi xxxi And he, Wole ow not, he ei, vs foraak; ow
ollynge trompes, and it hal be recordynge of ow foroe hat knowe in what places bi deeert we owen
before e Lord our God, at e ben delyuerid fro e to ette tentes, and ow halt be oure leder;
hondes of oure enemyes. xxxii and whanne ow comyt wi vs, what ing bet
x And if eny tyme e hulen haue meethip, and feete were of e ritcheis at e Lord is to yuynge to vs, we
daies, and kalendes, e hulen ynge wi trompes vpon hulen yue to ee.
e brent acrifices and e peible leyn acrifices, at xxxiii anne ei wenten fore fro e mownt of e Lord,
ei ben to ow into recordynge of oure God; Y e weie of re daies; and e arke of e boond of pees of e
Lord oure God. Lord wente before hem, bi ree daies, purueiynge e
xi e ecounde eer, e ecounde mone, e twentie place of e tentes.
day of e mone, e clowd rered vp fro e tabernacle xxxiiii And e clowd of e Lord was vpon hem bi e
of e boond of pees. day, whanne ei hulden goon.
xii And e ones of Yrael ben goon fore bi her xxxv And whanne e arke hulde be arered, Moyes
companyes, fro e deeert of Synay; and e clowd eide, Arye, Lord, and be cateryd in enemyes, and
retyde in e wildernes of Pharan. flee ei fro i face at haten ee;
xiii And e firt meueden tentes, after e heet of e xxxvi whanne foroe it was ette down, he eide, Torn
Lord doon in e hoond of Moyes, aen, Lord, to e multitude of e oot of Yrael.
xiiii e ones of Juda bi her companyes, of whom e
prince was Naaon, e one of Amynadab. Capitulum XI.
xv In e lynage of e ones of Yachar prince was i Ther amonge was prongun a grucchynge of e puple,
Nathanael, e one of Suar. as of men orwynge for e traueyl aens e Lord; e
xvi In e lynage of Zabulon prince was Heliab, e one whiche whanne he hadde herde, he was wroo; and e
of Helon. fier of e Lord, tend into hem, deuowride e latter part
xvii And e tabernacle is ett down, e which berynge of e tentes.
wenten out e ones of Geron, and of Merarye. ii And whanne e puple hadde cryede to Moyes,
xviii And e ones of Ruben wenten fore bi companyes Moyes preiede to e Lord, and e fier is owpyd vp.
in her ordre, whos prince was Eliur, e one of Sedeur. iii And he clepide e name of at place Tendynge, fori
xix In e lynage foroe of e ones of Symeon prince at e fier of e Lord was tende aens hem.
was Salamyel, e one of Suryadday. iiii e comoun foroe of eiir kynde at hadde teyd vp
xx Foroe in e lynage of Gad was prynce Heliaphat, wi hem, brent wi deijr of fleh, ittynge and
e one of Duel. wepinge, ioynede to hem togider e ones of Yrael, and
xxi And wenten fore e Caatthites, berynge e ei, Who hal yue to vs to eete fleh?
eyntuarie; as longe e tabernacle was bore, to e tyme v We recorden of e fihes at we eten in Egipte
at ei camen to e rerynge place. gladly; into mynde come to vs e goordis, and e
xxii And e ones of Effraym meueden tentis, by her peponys, and e leeke, and e vniowns, and e
companyes, in whos oot prince was Elizama, e one garlekes;
of Amyud. vi oure oule is drye; noon oir ing byholden our eyen
xxiii In e lynage foroe of e ones of Manae prynce but manna.
was Gamaliel, e one of Phadaur. vii Manna foroe was as e eed coryaundre, of e
xxiiii And in e lynage of Beniamyn duke was Abidan, colour of bdelli.
e one of Gedeon. viii And e puple wenten abowt, gederynge it, and
xxv Late of alle e tentes wenten fore e ones of Dan, breke in a gryndtoon, or powned in a morter, eeinge
bi her companyes, in whos oot prynce was Aiezer, e in a pot, and makynge of it litil inne kakis of auour,
one of Amyadday. as of oylid breed.
xxvi In e lynage foroe of e ones of Aer prynce was ix And whanne e dewe decendide e nyt vpon e
Phegiel, e one of Ochran. tentes, decendide togider and manna.
xxvii And in e lynage of e ones of Neptalym prince x anne Moyes herde e puple wepynge bi meynees,
was Ahira, e one of Henan. and eche bi e dores of his tent; and e woodnes of e

Lord was ful wroo, but and to Moyes it was een a vpon whom retide e piryt; for and ei weren
ing vnuffrable. dicryued, and ei wenten not out to e tabernacle. And
xi And he ei to e Lord, Whi hat ow tourmentid i whanne ei propheciden in e tentis,
eruaunt? whi fynde I not grace before ee, and whi xxvii rennede a child, and toolde to Moyes, eiynge,
hat ow put e biren of al e puple vpon me? Heldad and Medad prophecien in e tentes.
xii wheer Y haue conceyued al is multitude, and xxviii Anoon Joue, e one of Nun, e eruaunt of
goten it, at ow ey to me, Ber hem in i boum, as a Moyes, and choun of many, ei, My lord, Moyes,
noryhe is woned to bere a litil child, and bere into e defend hem.
loond for e which ow hat wore to e faders of hem? xxix And he, What, he ei, enuyet ow for me? who
xiii wherof to me fleh at Y yue to o myche a yue at e puple prophecie, and God yue to hem his
multitude? ei wepen before me, eiynge, if to vs piryt?
fleh, at we eten; xxx And Moyes is turned aen, and e more ur bire
xiiii Y may not aloone uteyne al is puple, for it is of Yrael into e tentes.
greuows to me. xxxi A wynde foroe goynge out fro e Lord, broute
xv If oir weies it is een to ee, Y preye at ow lee caut curlowis ouer ee fro e Lord, and he lafte into e
me, and Y fynde grace in in eyen, at wi o myche tentis, bi e weye, as myche as o day myte be maad
yuels Y be not turmentide. redy, on eche ide of e tentis bi enuyroun; and ei
xvi And e Lord eide to Moyes, Geder to me euenti flowen in e eyre two cubitis on heit vpon e ere.
men of e aldren of Yrael, e whiche ow hat xxxii anne e puple ariynge al at day and nyt and
knowun, at ei ben oolde of e puple, and maytris; at oer day, gederide a multitude of curluwis; e
and ow halt lede hem to e dore of e tabernacle of which made redi ten chorys; a chore is a meure of
e boond of pees, and ow halt make ere to toonde retti buhels; and drieden hem bi enuyroun of e
wi ee, tentes.
xvii at Y decende, and peke to ee; and Y hal take a xxxiii it fleh was in e teee of hem, ne defautide
wey of i piryte, and yue to hem, at ei uteynen iche a maner meet; and loo! e wodenes of e Lord
wi ee e biren of e puple, and not ow alone be tyrid into e puple, moot hem wi a ful greet
greued. veniaunce.
xviii To e puple foroe ow halt eye, Be e halowid, xxxiiii And at place is clepid e epulcris of couetynge;
to morwe e hulen eete fleh; Y foroe haue herde ere foroe ei byrieden e puple at deyride fleh.
ow to eye, Who hal yue to vs metis of fleh? wel it xxxv And ei goon out fro e epulcres of Lut, camen
was to vs in Egipt; at e Lord yue to ow fleh, into Aeroth, and dwelten ere.
xix and eete not o day, ne two, ne fyue, or tenne, ne
twenti foroe, Capitulum XII.
xx but vnto e mone of days, to e tyme at it come i And Mary pak and Aaron aens Moyes, for e
out bi oure nooe rillis, and be turnyd into fomynge; Ethiopis his wijf, and eiden,
fori at e han putte abak e Lord, e which is in e ii Wheer oonli bi Moyes ha e Lord pokun? wheer
myddil of ow, and han wepte before hym, eiynge, not and to vs alo he ha pokun? e which whann e
Whi wenten we out of Egipte? Lord hadde herde, he was ful wroo.
xxi And Moyes ei to e Lord, Six hundryd ouandes iii Moyes foroe was moot mylde man, ouer alle men
of foot men ben of is puple, and ou eyt, Y hal yue at dwelten on ere.
to hem etynge of fleh an hool mone. iiii And e Lord anoon pak to hym and Aaron and
xxii Wheer a multitude of oxen and of heep hal be Mary, Goo e re alone out to e tabernacle of e
layn, at it may uffice to meete, or alle e fihes of e boond of pees.
ee hulen be gedryd in oon, at ei fulfillen hem? v And whanne ei weren comyn ynne, e Lord
xxiii To whom anwerde e Lord, Wheer e hoond of decendide in a piler of a clowde, and tood in e entre
e Lord be vnmity? now now ou halt e, wheer my of e tabernacle, clepynge Aaron, and Marye; e which
word in dede be fulfillid. whanne weren goon, eide to hem,
xxiiii anne Moyes came, and toolde to e puple e vi Here e my wordes; if eny were amonge ow e
wordis of e Lord, gedrynge euenti men of e aldren prophete of e Lord, in viioun Y hal apere to hym,
of Yrael, e whiche he made tonde about e oer bi weuen I hal peke to hym.
tabernacle. vii And he ei, And not ichon my eruaunt Moyes,
xxv And e Lord cam down bi e clowd, and pak to at in al myn hows is moot trewe;
hym, takynge of e piryt at was in Moyes, and viii mou foroe to mou I hal peke to hym, and
yuynge to e euenty men; and whanne e piryte opynly, and not bi derknees and figuris he ee God.
hadde retid in hem, ei profecyden, ne more ouer Whi anne dreden e not to bacbite to my eruaunt
ceiden. Moyes?
xxvi ere dwelten foroe in e tentis two men, of ix And wroo aens hem, wente aweie.
whom oon was clepid Heldad, and at oer Medad,

x e clowde foroe wente awey, at was vpon e xxi And whanne ei teyden vp, ei enerchiden e
tabernacle, and loo! Marye aperide hynynge wi lepre loond, fro e deeert of Syn vnto Rohob, hem entrynge
as nowe. And whanne Aaron hadde beholdun hir, and Emath.
aw hir ur hilid wi lepre, xxii And ei tyeden vp to e ow, and camen into
xi ei to Moyes, My lord, Y preye, ne ett ow not to Ebron, where weren Achyman, and Siay, and
vs is ynne, at folily we han doon, Tholmay, e one of Enath; foroe Ebron euen eris
xii ne is be maad as deed, and as deed wi ynne before Thannyn, e cytee of Egipte, is maad.
wombe at is rowun out fro e wombe of his moder; xxiii And ei goynge vnto e rennynge watir of e
loo! now e myddil of her fleh is deuowrid wi lepre. clutre, kyttiden a vyn wi his grape, e which two
xiii And Moyes cryed to e Lord, eiynge, Lord, I men beeren in a taf; of e powmgarnettis foroe, and
preye, heel hir. of e figis of at place ei token,
xiiii To whom anwerde e Lord, If e fader of hir xxiiii e which is clepid Nehelecol, at is, e rennynge
hadde pitte into hir face, wheer hulde he not water of e clutre, for i at e children of Yrael
namelich euen days wi reednes be vnderhilid? Be he brouten ens a clutre.
euered euen days out of e tentis, and afterward he xxv And e piers of e loond turneden aftir fourti days,
hal be aen clepid. al e regioun goon about,
xv And o Mari is putte out of e tentis euen dayes; xxvi ei camen to Moyes, and to Aaron, and to al e
and e puple is not meued fro at place, to e tyme at companye of e ones of Yrael, into deeert of Pharan
Marye is aenclepid. at is in Cades. And ei peken to hem, and to al e
xvi And e puple wente fore fro Aeroth, pite e multitude ei hewiden e fruytis of e loond.
tentes in e deeert of Pharan. xxvii And ei tolden, eiynge, We camen to e loond, to
e which e enten vs, e whiche foroe flowi mylk
Capitulum XIII. and hony, as of es fruytis it may be knowe;
i And ere e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, xxviii but moot tronge dwellers it ha, and greet citees,
ii Seend men at biholden e loond of Chanaan, at I and wallid; e lynage of Enachym we han een ere;
am to yuynge e ones of Yrael, eche of eche lynagis, xxix Amalech dwelli in e ow; Etheus, and Jebuzeus,
of e princes. and Amorreus in e mownteyns; Chananeus foroe
iii And Moyes dide at e Lord hadde comaundid, fro dwelli biide e ee, and about e flodis of Jordan.
e deeert of Pharan eendynge men princes, xxx Amonge es ingis Caleph wagynge e
iiii of whom es ben e names. Of e lynage of Ruben, grucchynge of e puple, at pronge aens Moyes,
Semmya, e one of Zeccur. ei, Stie we vp, and weeld we is loond, for we
v Of e linage of Symeon, Saphat, e one of Hury. mowen gete it.
vi Of e lynage of Juda, Caleph, e one of Jephone. xxxi Oer foroe at weren wi hym, eiden, Nay, to
vii Of e lynage of Yachar, Agal, e one of Joeph. is puple we ben not myti to tye vp, for trenger an
viii Of e lynage of Effraym, Oee, e one of Nun. we he is.
ix Of e lynage of Beniamyn, Phalti, e one of Raphu. xxxii And ei myeiden of e loond at ei bihelden,
x Of e lynage of Zabulon, Gedihel, e one of Sody. anentis e ones of Yrael, eiynge, e loond at we han
xi Of e lynage of Joeph, Gaddi, of e eptre of paid deuowri his dwellers; e puple e which we
Manae, e one of Suy. han biholde is of huge tature;
xii Of e lynage of Dan, Ammyhel, e one of Gemalli. xxxiii ere we eyen ingis paynge e coure of kynde,
xiii Of e lynage of Aer, Sur, e one of Mychael. of e ones of Enach, of e kynde of geauntis, to
xiiii Of e lynage of Neptalym, Nabdi, e one of Naphi. whiche comparyound as locutis we weren een.
xv Of e lynage of Gad, Guhel, e one of Machi.
xvi es ben e names of e men, e whiche Moyes ent Capitulum XIIII.
to biholde e loond of Chanaan; and he clepide Oee, i Therfore rerynge crye al e puple, wepte at nyt,
e one of Nun, Joue. ii and grucchiden aens Moyes and Aaron, at is alle
xvii anne Moyes ente hem to biholde e loond of e ones of Yrael, eiynge, Wolde God we weren deed
Chanaan, and eyde to hem, Stye e vp bi e ow in Egipte, and not in is wat wildernes;
plage; and whanne e come into e hillis, iii wolde God we perihen, and at e Lord lede vs not
xviii beholde e e loond, what it is; and e puple at is into is loond, let we fallen bi werd, and wyues and
dweller of it, wheir it be tronge, or feble, fewe in oure free children ben lad caytyues; wheir were it not
noumbre, or many; beter to turne aen into Egipte?
xix at loond, good, or yuel; what maner citees, wallid, iiii And ei eiden oon to at oere, Ordeyn we to vs a
or wi outen wallis; duke, and turne we aen into Egipte.
xx e ere, fat, or bareyn, wodi, or wi outen trees. Be v e which ing herd, Moyes and Aaron fellen redy
e comfortyd, and brynge e to vs of e fruytis of at into e ere, before al e multitude of e ones of
loond. It was foroe tyme, whanne now e before rijp Yrael.
grapes myte be eete.

vi And foroe Joue, e one of Nun, and Caleph, e xxv For e Amelechites and Chanane dwellen in e
one of Jephone, e whiche and ei hadden goon e valeys, to morwe `meue e e tentis, and e hulen
loond, renten her cloes, torne aen into wildirnes, bi e weie of e rede ee.
vii and to al e multitude of e ones of Yrael peken, xxvi And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eiynge,
e loond at we han enuyrownde is ful good; xxvii How longe is moot hrewid multitude grucchy
viii if e Lord were mercyful, he hal lede vs into it, and aens me? e pleyntes of e ones of Yrael Y haue
take e loonde flowynge mylk and hony. herde.
ix Wole e not be rebel aens e Lord, ne drede e e xxviii Sey anne to hem, Y lyue, ei e Lord; as e han
puple of is loond, for as breed o we may deuowre pokun, herynge me, o Y hal do to ow;
hem; ere is goo from hem al helpe, e Lord is wi vs, xxix in is wildirnes hulen ligge oure careyns. ee alle
wole e not drede. at ben noumbrid, fro twenti eer and aboue, and han
x And whanne al e multitude cryede, and wi tonus grucchid aens me,
wolden rowe hem down, e glorye of e Lord aperide xxx e hulen not goon into e loond, vpon e which Y
vpon e roof of e boond of pees, eynge alle e ones haue reryde myn hoond, at Y make ow to dwelle, out
of Yrael. take Caleph, e one of Jephone, and Joue, e one of
xi And e Lord eide to Moyes, How longe hal is Nun.
puple bacbite to me? How longe hulen ei not leue to xxxi oure litil children foroe, of which e han eyde,
me, in alle e ignes at Y haue doon before hem? at ei hulen be to preye to e enemyes, Y hal lede
xii Y hal erfor myte hem wi petilence, and waat; yn, at ei een e loond, e which dipleid to ow.
ee foroe Y hal make a prince vpon a greet folk of xxxii oure foroe careyn hal ligge in wildirnes;
kynde, and a trenger an is is. xxxiii oure ones hulen be vagaunt in deeert fourti
xiii And Moyes eyde to e Lord, at e Egipcyens eer, and ei hulen bere oure fornycacioun, to e
heren, of whos myddil ow hat ladde out is puple, tyme at e careyns of oure faders ben watid in
xiiii and e dwellers of is loond, e whiche han herde, deeert,
for ow, Lord, in is puple be, and wi face to face xxxiiii after e noumbre of fourti days, in e whiche e
ow be een, and i clowde defende hem, and in a han biholdun e loond; a eer for a day hal be in
pyler of a clowde ow goo before hem bi day, and in a noumbrid, and fourti eer e hulen reeyue oure
pyler of fier bi nyt, wickidnees, and e hulen knowe my veniaunce.
xv at ow lee o myche a multitude as o man, and xxxv For as I haue poke, o I hal doo to al is
eyn, multitude moot hrewid, at ha togidir ryun aens
xvi ow mytit not brynge yn is puple in e loond for me in is wildernes; it hal fayle, and dye.
e whiche he wore, and erfor he lew hem in xxxvi erfor alle e men at Moyes ente to beholde e
wildernes. loond, and e whiche turned aen, maden al e
xvii anne e trenge of e Lord be magnyfied, as ow multitude grucchen aens hym, myeiynge of e loond,
hat worne, eiynge, xxxvii at it was yuel, ben deed, and mytun in e it of
xviii e Lord pacient, and of myche mercy, doynge e Lord.
aweye wickednee and hidows trepais, and no man xxxviii Joue foroe, e one of Nun, and Caleph, e
giltles forakynge, e which viitit e ynnes of fadres one of Jephone, lyueden, of alle at wenten to beholde
into ones into e ridde and e fere generacioun. e loond.
xix Foryue, Y preye, e ynne of is i puple, aftir e xxxix And Moyes pake alle es wordes to alle e ones
greetnes of i mercy, as ow were merciable to hem of Yrael, and e puple weilide ful myche.
goynge out fro Egipte into is place. xl And, loo! eerly firte aryynge, ei teiden vp e cop
xx And e Lord eide, Y haue foryue to hem, after i of e hil, and eiden, We ben redi to tye vp to e place,
word. of e which e Lord ha pokun, for we han ynned.
xxi Y lyue; and fulfillid hal be e glorye of e Lord, in xli To whom Moyes, Whi, he ei, ouerpaen e e
al e loond; word of e Lord, e which ing hal not falle to ow
xxii neeles al men at han een my maiete, and my into good pede?
ignes, and at Y haue do in Egipte and in wildernes, xlii Wole e not tye vp, foroe God is not wi ow, let
and han temptid me now bi ten ies, ne han obehid to e fallen before oure enemyes.
my voys, xliii Amalechitees and Chanane ben before ow, bi whos
xxiii hulen not een e loond for e which Y haue wore werd e hulen falle, for i at e wolden not aent to
to e fadris of hem, ne eny of hem at han bacbytide to e Lord, ne e Lord hal be wi ow.
me, hal e it. xliiii And ei blyndid togidere tyeden vp into e cop of
xxiiii My eruaunt Caleph, at ful of anoer pyryt ha e hil; e arke foroe of e tetament of e Lord and
folwid me, I hal lede into is loond, at he ha goon Moyes wenten not fro e tentis.
about, and e eed of hym hal welde it. xlv And Amalecchite decendide, and Chanane, at
dwelten in e hil, and mytynge hem, and hewynge
togidere, purueden hem vnto Horma.

Capitulum XV. xxvi and it hal be forouun to al e folk of e ones of
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
Irael, and to e comlyngis at pilgrymagen amonges
ii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eye to hem, hem, for e blame is of al e puple bi ignoraunce.
xxvii at if a lijf vnknowynge ynne, he hal offre a he
Whanne e weren goon into e loond of oure
dwellynge at I hal yue to ow, goot of o eer for his ynne;
xxviii and e preet hal preye for hym, for vnwityngly
iii and hulen doo offrynge to e Lord into brent
acrifice, or layn peible acrifice, quytynge e auowes, he ynnede before e Lord; and he hal purchae to
oir wilfulli offrynge iftis, oer in oure olempnytees hym foryuenes, and it hal be foreue to hym.
xxix As wel to e wiynne born as to e comlyngis, o
brennynge melle of wetnes to e Lord, of oxen, or of
heep; lawe hal be of alle at ynnen vnknowynge.
xxx A lijf foroe at bi pride eny ing of ynne do,
iiii who o euer offri layn offrynge, e acrifies of
tryed flour, e tene part of ephi, preynt wi oyle, e wheer citeeyn he be, oer pilgrime, for aens e Lord
which e meure hal haue e foure part of hyn, he was rebel, he hal perihe fro his puple;
xxxi e word foroe of e Lord he dipiide, and e
v and wyn to helde e acrifices of licours, of e ame
meure, he hal yue into brent acrifyce, or into layn. heet of hym he made at nout; erfor he hal be doon
vi Bi eche loombis and weers hal be e acrifice of
awey, and he hal bere his wickidnes.
xxxii And it was doon whanne e ones of Yrael weren
tryed flour, of two dymes, at be preynt wi oyle, of e
ridde part of hyn; in wildernes, and ei fonden a man gederynge tikkis
vii and wyn to e acrifice of licour, of e ridde part of
in e holi day,
xxxiii ei brouten hym to Moyes and Aaron, and to al
e ame meure, he hal offre into e melle of wetnes
to e Lord. e multitude;
xxxiiii e whiche cloeden hym into prioun,
viii Whanne foroe of oxen he do brent acrifice, oer
oot, at ow fulfille e vowe, oer peible layn vnknowynge what vpon hym ei oweden to doo.
xxxv And e Lord eide to Moyes, Bi dee die is man;
ix ow halt yue, bi eche oxen, of tryed flour ten
row hym down wi tonus al e folk `wi out e
dymes, preynt wi oyle, at hal haue half of e tentis.
xxxvi And whanne ei hadden ladde hym wi out, ei
meure of hyn,
x and wyn to e acrifices of licours to ben helde, of e
rewen hym down wi tonus, and he was deed, as e
ame meure, into offrynge of moot wete mell to e Lord comaundide.
xxxvii And e Lord eide to Moyes,
xxxviii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ou halt eie to
xi So e hulen doo bi eche oxen,
xii and weers,
hem, at ei maken to hem hemmes bi foure corners of
xiii and loombes, and geetis;
e mantils, puttynge in hem iacynctyn filetis;
xxxix e whiche whanne ei een, ei recorden of alle
xiiii as wel wi ynne getun as pilgrymes wi e ame
rijt hulen offre acrifices; e maundementis of e Lord, at ei folowen not her
xv o maundement hal be and dome,
owne outis and eyen, by dyuere ingis lecherynge;
xl but more ei hauynge mynde of e heetis of e Lord,
xvi as wel to ow as to e comlyngis of e loond.
xvii e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
doon hem, and ben holy to her God.
xli I e Lord oure God, at haue ladde ow out of e
xviii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eie to
hem, Whanne e comen into e loond at I hal yue to loond of Egipte, at Y were oure God.
xix and eete of e looues of at regioun,
Capitulum XVI.
xx e hulen euer e firt fruytis to e Lord of oure i Loo! foroe Chore, e one of Yuar, e one of
meetis; as of e flores e firt fruytis e hulen euere, Caath, e one of Leuy, and Datan and Abyron, e
xxi o and of owelis e hulen yue e firt fruytis to e ones of Heliab, and Hon, e one of Pheleph, of e
Lord. ones of Ruben,
xxii at if bi ignoraunce e paen biides eny ing of ii aryen aens Moyes, and oer of e ones of Yrael,
es at e Lord ha pokun to Moyes, two hundryd and fifty noble men of e ynagoge, and
xxiii and ha comaundide bi hym to ow, fro e day at e whiche in tyme of couneil bi names weren clepid.
he bigunne to comaunde, and ouer, iii And whanne ei toden aens Moyes and Aaron, ei
xxiiii and weren foretun to do, e multitude hal offre a eiden, It uffici to vs, for al e multitude of halowis
calf of e droue, brent acrifice into moot wete melle is, and in hem is e Lord; whi ben e arered vpon e
to e Lord, and acrifices of it, and offerd lycours, as e puple of e Lord?
cerymonyes of it axen, and a goot for ynne. iiii e whiche ing whanne Moyes hadde herde, he
xxv And e preet hal preye for al e multitude of e felle redy into e face;
ones of Irael, and it hal be foreuen, for not wilfuli v and he pak to Chore, and to al e multitude; Eerly,
ei ynneden; neeles offrynge e encens to e Lord he ei, e Lord hal make knowun whiche perteynen
for hem ilf, and for ynne, and her errour;

to hym, and e halowis he hal ett to hym; and whom xxvii And whanne ei weren goon fro e tentes of hem
he chei, hal nei to hym. bi enuyroun, Dathan and Abiron goon out, toden in e
vi is erfor doo e; tak echon his cenere, ow Chore, entre of her tentes, wi wyues, and free children, and
and al i couneil; al e felowhipe.
vii and to morwe e fier drawun vp, put e ere aboue xxviii And Moyes ei, Yn is e knowen at e Lord
e maad encene before e Lord, and whom euer he ente me, at I doo alle e ingis at e een, and not
chei, he hal be holy. Myche e ones of Leuy ben of propre herte hem I brynge fore.
areryd. xxix If ur vid dee of men ei dien, and viyte hem a
viii And eft he eide to Chory, Heri, e ones of Leuy. veniaunce, wi e which and oer ben woned to be
ix Wheer litil it is to ow, at God of Yrael ha viytid, e Lord ha not ente me;
euerde ow fro al e puple, and ioynede to hym ilf, xxx if foroe a newe ing e Lord doo, at e ere
at e eruen to hym in heriynge of e tabernacle, and opnynge his mou welowe hem, and alle ingis at to
toonden before e myche comynge of e puple, and hem perteynen, and goon down lyuynge into helle, e
mynytre to hem? hulen wyte at ei han blasfemyd e Lord.
x erfor to hym ilf he ha maad ee to come ny, and xxxi Anoon anne as he ceyde to peke, e ere is
alle i brieren e ones of Leuy, at to ow alo brokun vndur e feet of hem,
preethood e chalengen, xxxii and openynge his mou deuowride hem, wi her
xi and al i glubbe toonde aens e Lord? What is tabernaclis, and al e ubtaunce of hem;
foroe Aaron, at e grucchen aens hym? xxxiii and ei deendiden quyk into helle, couerd wi
xii anne Moyes ente for to clepe Datan and Abyron, e ere, and ei perhyden fro e myddil of e
e ones of Helyab; whiche anwerden, We comen not. multitude.
xiii Wheer litil it is to ee, at ow hat ladde vs fro e xxxiiii And foroe al Irael at tood bi enuyroun, flee
loond at flowide mylk and hony, at ow lee in fro e crie of hem perihynge, eiynge, Let perauenture
deeert, but and ow haue lordhip on vs? and vs e ere welow.
xiiii Foroe ow hat lad vs into e loond at flowi xxxv But and fier goon out fro e Lord, lew two
ryuers of mylk and hony, and ow hat yue to vs hundrid and fifti men at offerden encene.
poeiouns of feeldes, and of vynes; wheer and oure xxxvi And e Lord paak to Moyes, eiynge,
eyen ow wolt drawe out? We comen not. xxxvii Comaund to Eleazar, e one of Aaron, preet, at
xv And Moies ful wroo ei to e Lord, Bihold ow he take e enceners at liggen in e brennynge, and
not e acrifices of hem; ow wot at and a litil ae e fier hidir and idir cater he; for ei ben halwid in
foroe Y neuer took of hem, ne wrongfully traueylde e deis of ynful men;
eny of hem. xxxviii and beet he hem fore into platis, and fitche he
xvi And he eide to Chore, ow and al i congrygacioun to e auter, fori at ere is offerd in hem encene to
tondi aijd before e Lord, and Aaron to morwe e Lord, and be halwid, at e ones of Yrael biholden
atwynne. hem for tookne and mynde.
xvii Take e eche oure enerys, and putti vpon hem xxxix anne Eleazar, e preet, took e braen cenerys,
encene, offrynge to e Lord, two hundrid and fifti in e whiche offerden es whom e tendynge
cenerys; Aaron foroe holde he his cener. deuowride, and he bette hem fore into plates,
xviii e which ing whanne ei hadden doo, toondynge fitchynge to e auter;
Moyes and Aaron, xl at aftirward e ones of Yrael myten haue, bi e
xix and ei hadden gederyde on an heepe aens hem al whiche ei hulden take mynde, let eny of oer
e multitude at e dore of e tabernacle, to alle aperyd kynrede, and at is not of e eed of Aaron, come ni to
e glorye of e Lord. offre encene to e Lord, let he uffre as Chore
xx And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, and ei, uffrede, and al e multitude of hym, pekynge e Lord
xxi Be e euerd fro e myddil of is congregacioun, at to Moyes.
hem grijlich Y make lot. xli Foroe al e multitude of e ones of Irael grutchide
xxii e whiche fellen redi into e face, and eiden, e day folwynge aens Moyes and Aaron, eiynge, e
Moot troong God of e pirytis of al fleh, wheer oon han layn e puple of e Lord.
ynnynge, aens alle i wra hal waxe cruel? xlii And whanne ere was prongun diencioun, and
xxiii And e Lord ei to Moyes, noye wi ynne waxed,
xxiiii Comaund to al e puple, at it be euerd fro e xliii Moyes and Aaron flowen to e tabernacle of e
tabernaclis of Chore, and Datan, and Abiron. boond of pees; e whiche aftir ei ben goon ynne,
xxv And Moyes aroos, and wente to Datan and Abiron; couerde a clowde e tabernacle, and aperyde e glorie
and folwynge hym e aldren of Yrael, of e Lord.
xxvi he eide to e puple, Go awey fro tabernaclis of xliiii And e Lord eide to Moyes and Aaron,
vnpitows men, and wole e not touche at to hem xlv Go a wey fro e myddil of is multitude, alo nowe
parteynen, let e be wrapped in e ynnes of hem. I hal doo hem awey.

xlvi And whanne ei lyen in e ere, Moyes eide to wickidnes of e eyntuarie; and ou and i ones
Aaron, Take a cener, and fier drawun vp fro e auter, togidere hulen uffre e ynnes of oure preethod.
put incene ere aboue, goynge anoon to e puple, at ii But and i brieren of e lynage of Leuy, and e
ow preye for hem; now foroe is goon out wra fro eptre of i fader tak wi ee, and redi be ei, and
e Lord, and a veniaunce waxi wood. mynytre to ee. ow foroe and i ones hulen
xlvii e whiche ing whanne Aaron hadde do, and mynytre in e tabernacle of witneynge;
hadde runne to e myddil multitude, at nowe watid iii and e Leuytes hulen wake to in heetis, and to alle
e brynnynge, he offrede e maad encene; e werkis of e tabernacle; o oonlich at to veels of
xlviii and tondynge betwix e deed and e lyuynge, for e eyntuarie, and to e auter ei comen not ny, let
e puple preyde, and e veniaunce ceide. and ei dien, and e perihen togidre.
xlix ere weren foroe at weren myttun fourtene iiii Be ei foroe wi ee, and waake ei in e wardis
owynd of men and euen hundrid, wi outen hem at of e tabernacle, and in alle e cerymonyes of it. Of
perhiden in e diencioun of Chore. anoer lynage hal not be meengid to ow.
l And Aaron turnede aen to Moyes, at e dore of e v Wake e into e waarde of e eyntuarye, and in e
tabernacle of e boond of pees, aftir at retide e eruyce of e auter, let indignacioun prynge vpon e
dee. ones of Yrael.
vi Y haue yue to ow e Leuytes oure brieren, fro e
Capitulum XVII. myddil of e ones of Yrael, and I haue takun a ift to
i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, e Lord, at ei eruen in e eruyces of his tabernacle.
ii Spek to e ones of Yrael, and tak of hem ondry vii ow foroe and i ones, kepe e oure prethod;
eerdis, bi her kynredis, of alle e princes of e lynagis and alle ingis at to e heriynge of e auter
twelue erdes; and of echon e name ow halt vpon perteynen, and wi ynne e veil ben, bi e preetis hal
write to his erde; be mynytred; and if eny of oer lynage come ni, he
iii e name foroe of Aaron hal be in e lynage of hal be layn.
Leuy, and o erde alle e meynees of hem hal conteyn. viii And e Lord pak to Aaron, Loo! Y haue yue to ee
iiii And ow halt putte hem in e tabernacle of e kepynge of my cheef fruytis; alle ingis at ben
boond of pees, before e witneynge, where I hal halowid of e ones of Yrael, to ee I haue take, and to
peke to ee; i ones, for e preetis office lawful euerlatynge.
v whom of hem Y hal chee, hal buriowne his erde; ix es ingis anne ow halt take of es ingis at ben
and I hal chatye fro me e pleyntes of e ones of halowid, and offerd to e Lord; al offrynge, and
Yrael, in e whiche aens ow ei grutchen. acrifice, and what euer ing for ynne and for trepas
vi And Moyes pak to e ones of Yrael; and alle e is oldun to me, and falli into holy of halowis, in
princes auen to hem erdes, bi alle e lynages; and hal ben, and of i ones.
ere weren twelue erdes, wi out e erde of Aaron. x In e eyntuarye ow halt eete it; maalis oonli hulen
vii e whiche whanne Moyes hadde putte before e eete of it, for it is acryd to e Lord.
Lord, in e tabernacle of witneynge, xi e cheef fruytis foroe at e ones of Yrael han
viii e day folwynge he goon aen, foond at e erde of vowid and offred, Y haue ouun to ee, and to e ones,
Aaron, `in e houe of Leuy, hadde buriowned; and and i doutres, bi perpetuel rit; he at is clene in in
wellynge e gemmes, breken out flowres, ei pred a hows, hal eete hem.
brood wi leeues, into almaundes be fourmed. xii Al e mary of oyle, and of wyne, and of whete, what
ix anne Moyes broute fore alle e erdes fro e it euer ing ei hulen offre of firt fruytis to e Lord, to
of e Lord to alle e ones of Yrael; and eche een, and ee Y haue euen.
token her erdes. xiii Alle e bigynnyngis of fruytis at e ere geti, and
x And e Lord eide to Moyes, Ber aen e erde of to e Lord ben brout, ei hulen falle into in vis; he
Aaron into e tabernacle of witneynge, at it be kept at is clene in in hows, hal eete of hem.
ere into tokne of e rebel ones of Irael, and e xiiii Al ing at of auowe e ones of Yrael euen, hal
querels of hem reten fro me, let ei dien. be in.
xi And Moyes dide, as e Lord comaundide. xv What euer ing firte hal breek out of e wombe of
xii e ones of Yrael foroe eiden to Moyes, Loo! we al fleh, at ei offren to e Lord, wheer of men, or of
ben watid, and alle we perihen; beetis it were, of i rit hal be; o oonlich at for e
xiii who o euer come ni to e tabernacle of e Lord, firt getun of man prijs ow halt take, and al beete at
die; wheer vnto e dee alle we ben to be doon is vnclene, ou make be aen bout;
awey? xvi whos aenbiggynge hal be after o mone, wi fyue
iclis of iluer, bi peie of e eyntuarie; a icle ha
Capitulum XVIII. twenti halpens.
xvii e firt goten foroe of oxe, and of heep, and of
i And e Lord eide to Moyes and Aaron, ow, and i
ones, and e hows of i fader wi ee, hal bere e hee goot, ou halt not maak be aen bout, for ei ben
halowid to e Lord; oonli e blood of hem ow halt

heelde vpon e auter, and e talw ow halt brenne iiii and wetynge e fyngre in hir blood, hal preynge
into moot wete mel to e Lord. aens e ates of e tabernacle euen ies.
xviii e fleh foroe hal falle in to in ve, as e acryd v And he hal bren hir, alle men eynge, as wel wi
litil bret and e rit hulder, hulen be in. kynne and fleh of hir as wi e blood and dryt, to e
xix Alle e firte fruytis of e eyntuary, at e ones of flawme e hulen take.
Yrael offren to e Lord, to ee I haue eue, and to i vi Cedre foroe tree, and yoop, and `fijr reede ilk
ones and i dowtren, bi perpetuel rit; e couenaunt twies died, e preet hal putte into e flawme at
of alt is euer latynge before e Lord, to ee, and to i vowri e kowe.
ones. vii And anne at e lat, e clois wahid, and his
xx And e Lord eide to Aaron, In e loond of hem no body, he hall goo into e tentes, and he hal be
ing e hulen weelde, ne e hulen haue part amonge defoulid vnto e euen.
hem; Y e part and i herytage, in e myddil of e viii But and he at hal brenne hir, hal wahe his
ones of Yrael. clois, and bodi, and vnclene hal be vnto e euen.
xxi To e ones foroe of Leuy Y haue yue alle e ix A clene foroe man hal gedre e aken of e kowe,
dymes of Yrael into poeioun, for e eruyce at ei and heelde hem out of e tentes in e moot clene
eruen to me in e tabernacle of e boond of pees; place, at ei ben to e multitude of e ones of Yrael
xxii at e ones of Yrael comen nomore ny to e into kepynge, and into water of prengynge; for for
tabernacle of e boond of pees, ne doo ynne at ynne e kowe is brent.
bryngi yn dee, x And whanne he ha wahe his cloes, at beer e
xxiii oonly e ones of Leuy, to me in e tabernacle akis of e kowe, he hal be vnclene vnto e euen. And
eruynge, and berynge e ynnes of e puple; lawful e ones of Yrael, and comlyngis at dwellen amonge
euerlatynge it hal be in oure generaciouns. hem, hulen han is holi bi perpetuel rijt.
xxiiii Noon oer ing ei hulen weelde, of e offrynge xi He at towchi e careyn of a man, and for at euen
of dymes payed, e whiche into e vis of hem and daies were vnclene,
necearies Y haue euerde. xii he hal be preynt of is water e ridde day, and e
xxv And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, euene, and o he hal be clenid. If e ridde day he
xxvi Comaund to e Leuytes, and tel out, Whanne e were not preynt, e euene day he may not be maad
taken dymes of e ones of Yrael, at Y haue yue to vtterly clene.
ow, e firte fruytis of hem offre e to e Lord, at is, xiii Al at towchi of mannus oul e faln to dee, and
e tene part of e dyme, wi is mengynge were not preynt, he poluti e
xxvii at it be put to ow in e offrynge of e cheef tabernacle of e Lord, and hal perihe fro Yrael; for
ingis, as wel of e flores as of e preis; wi e water of purgynge he is not preynt, he hal be
xxviii and of alle ingis of e whiche e taken e firte vnclene, and his file hal dwelle vpon hym.
fruytis, offre e to e Lord, and yue to Aaron, e xiiii is is e lawe of man at die in e tabernacle;
preet. eche at go into e tente of hym, and alle e veels
xxix Alle ingis at e offren of dymes, and into e at ere ben, hal be polutid euen daies.
iftis of e Lord e hulen euere, e bet and choen xv e veel at ha not a couerynge, ne byndynge ere
alle hulen be. aboue, hal be vnclene.
xxx And ow halt eye to hem, If e more clene and e xvi If eny man towche in e feelde a careyn of a layn
beter eche ingis e offren to e Lord of e dymes, it man, or of e bi hym ilf deed, oir e mou of hym,
hal be put to ow, as of e flore and of e pree e or e epulcre, hal be vnclene euen daies.
euen e firte fruytis. xvii And ei hulen take of e akes of brennynge, and
xxxi And e hulen eete hem in alle oure places, as wel of ynne, and ei hulen putte quyk waters vpon hem,
e as oure meyne, for prijs it is for e eruyce at e into e veel;
eruen in e tabernacle of witneynge. xviii in e which whanne a clene man weti yoop, he
xxxii And e hulen not ynne vpon at, e noble and e hal prenge of it e tente, and al e purtenaunce, and
fatt to ow reeruynge, let e poluten e offrynge of e e polut men wi iche a maner towchynge.
ones of Yrael, and dyen. xix And wi is maner e clene hal goo about e
vnclene, e ridde and e euene day; and clenid e
Capitulum XIX. euene day, he hal wahe hym ilf, and his clois,
i And e Lord pak to Moyes and Aaron, eiynge, and vnclene he hal be vnto e euen.
ii is e religioun of layn offrynge, at e Lord ha xx If eny man wi is rijt were not purgid, hal perihe
ordeynde. Comaunde to e ones of Yrael, at ei e oule of hym fro e myddil of e chirche; for e
brengen fore a reede kowe of hool age, in e which no eyntuarie of e Lord he polutide, and he is not preynt
pot be, ne beri ok. wi e water of enuyrownynge.
iii And e hulen take hir to Elyazar, e preet, e xxi is hal be e heet lawful euerlatynge. He foroe
which hir, lad out of e tentes, hal offre in e it of at hal prenge e watrys, hal wahe his clois; eche

at towchi e watris of purgynge, hal be vnclene xvi and what maner wye we han cried to e Lord, and
vnto e euen. he ha herd vs, and he ha ent an aungel, at ha
xxii What ing e vnclene towchi, he hal make ladde vs out of Egipte. And loo! we ett in e cytee of
vnclene; and e oule at of es ingis eny ing Cades, at is in in uttermoot cootis,
towchi, hal be vnclenem vnto e euen. xvii biechen, at to vs it be leueful to pae bi i loond;
we hulen not goo bi feeldis, ne bi vynes, ne we hulen
Capitulum XX. drynke watris of i pittis; but we hulen goo e comoun
i And e ones of Yrael camen, and al e multitude into weye, ne to e ryt ne to e left bowynge, to e tyme
e deeert of Syn, e firte mone. And e puple dwelte at we paen i cootis.
in Cades; and Mary is ere deed, and byryed in e xviii To whom anwerde Edom, e hulen not pae bi
ame place. me, ellis armed Y hal come aens ee.
ii And whanne e puple nedide water, ei camen aens xix And e ones of Yrael eyden, Bi e beryd weye we
Moies and Aaron, and, turned into diencioun, eiden, hulen goon, and if we hulen drynke i watris, we and
iii Wold God we hadden perihide amonge oure oure beetis, we hulen yue at is rit; no difficulte
brieren, before e Lord. hal be in e prijs, oonli wiftly pae we.
iiii Whi han e ladde out e chirche of e Lord into xx And he anwerde, e hulen not pae. And anoon
wilderenes, at and we and oure beetis dyen? metynge he wente out, wi a multitude wi out
v Whi han e maad vs to tie vp fro Egipt, and e han noumbre, and wi a tronge hoond,
ladde into is wort place, at may not be owid, e xxi and he wolde not aente to hym preiynge, at he
whiche ne fige geti, ne vynes, ne powmgarnettis, graunte paynge bi his cootis. Wherfor turnede aide
`more ouer and water it ha not to drynke? fro hym Yrael.
vi And Moyes and Aaron, e multitude laft, goon into xxii And whanne ei hadden meuyde tentis fro Cades,
e tabernacle of e boond of pees, fellen down redi into ei camen into e hil of Hor, at is in e cootis of e
e ere, and cryeden to God, and eiden, Lord God, loond of Edom;
here e crye of is puple, and opyn to hem i treour, xxiii where e Lord pak to Moyes,
e welle of quyk water, at, hem fillid, ceee her xxiiii Aaron, he ei, go he to his puplis; foroe he hal
grutchynge. And e glorye of e Lord aperide vpon not goo into e loond at I haue eue to e ones of
hem; Yrael, fori at he were harde of bileue to my mou, at
vii and e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, e watris of contradiccioun.
viii Tak e erde, and gedre e puple, ow, and Aaron xxv Tak Aaron, and his one wi hym, and ow halt
i broer; and peke e to e toon before hem, and it lede hem into e hil of Hor;
hal yue watris. And whanne ow hat ladde out water xxvi and whanne ow hat made nakyd e fader of his
fro e toon, hal drynke al e multitude, and e beetis cloo, ow halt cloe wi it Eleazar, his one, and
of it. Aaron hal be leide togidre, and die ere.
ix anne Moyes took e erde, at was in e it of e xxvii And Moyes dide as e Lord comaundide; and ei
Lord, as he comaundide to hym, tieden vp into e hil of Hor, before al e multitude.
x e multitude gedryd before e toon; and he eyde to xxviii And whanne Aaron he hadde puylid his clois,
hem, Here e, rebells and harde to bileue; wheer of he cloide wi hem Eleazar, his one; and hym deed in
is toon water to ow we mowen cat out? e brenk of e hil, he decendide wi Eleazar.
xi And whanne Moyes hadde areryde e hoond, xxix Al foroe e multitude eynge Aaron to haue died,
mytynge wi e erde twijs e flynt, wenten out moot wept vpon hym retti dayes, bi alle her meynees.
large watris, o at e puple myt drynke, and e
beetis. Capitulum XXI.
xii And e Lord eide to Moyes and Aaron, For e i That whanne Arad, e Chanane kyng, at dwellide at
bileueden not to me, at e halweden me before e e ou, hadde herde, at Yrael was comen bi e
ones of Irael, e hulen not lede in es puples into e epiours weye, faute aens hym, and ouercomer
loond at I hal yue to hem. beynge, broute of hym a prey.
xiii is is e water of contradiccioun; ere e ones of ii And Yrael bi vowe hym ilf to e Lord oblechynge,
Yrael iangleden aens e Lord, and he is halwid in ei, If ow takit is puple in myn hoond, Y hal doo
hem. awey his citees.
xiiii Moyes ere amonge ente meengers fro Cades to iii And e Lord ha harde e preyers of Yrael, and ha
e kyng of Edom, e whiche hulden eie, es ingis take Chanane; e which he ha layn, turned vpedoun
endi to ee i broer Yrael. ow hat knowun al e e citees of hym; and he clepide e name of at place
traueyl at ha caut vs, Horma, at is, a curynge.
xv what maner oure faders decendiden into Egipt, and iiii And foroe ei wenten for fro e hil of Hor, by e
we han dwelte ere myche tyme, and e Egipciens han weie at ledi to e reede ee, at ei myten goo about
tourmentide vs, and oure fadres; e loond of Edom; and it biganne to greue e puple, of
e weie and of e traueyl.

v And peken aens e Lord and Moyes, ei, Whi hat xxv anne Irael took alle e citees of hym, and dwelte
ow ladde vs out of Egipte, at we dien in wildirnes? in e wallid towns of Amorrey, in Eebon at is, and in
ere fayli to vs breed, watris ere ben not; oure oule e litil touns of it.
now wlati vpon is moot lit meet. xxvi e cytee of Eebon was of Seon, e kyng of
vi Wherfore e Lord ha ente into e puple eddres a Amorrey, at faute aen e kyng Moab, and took al e
fier; at whos woundis and dees of manye, loond at was of his comaundynge, vnto Arnon.
vii ei comen to Moyes, and eiden, We han ynned, for xxvii erfor it is eyd in prouerbe, Come e into Eebon,
we han poken aens e Lord and ee; prey, at he take be bilde, and maad vp e citee of Seon;
fro vs eddres. And Moyes preiede for e puple; xxviii fier went out of Eebon, and flawme of e wallid
viii and e Lord pak to hym, Mak a braun addre, and town of Seon, and deuowryde Arnon of Moabites, and
put it for a tokne; who mytun biholdi it, hal lyue. e dwellers of e hie ingis of Arnon.
ix anne Moyes maade a braun eddre, and putte for a xxix Woo to ee, Moab! ow, puple of Chamos, hat
igne; whom e mytun biholdynge, were maad hool. perihid; he ha yue e ones of hym into flit, and e
x And e ones of Yrael goon fore, etten tentis in doutren into caytiftee to Seon, e kyng of Amorreis;
Oboth; xxx e ok of hem he catrede, fro Eebon vnto Dibon;
xi fro whens goon out, ei piten tentis in Jeabarym, in wery ei camen into Ophe, and vnto Medaba.
e wildernes, at biholdi Moab, aens e eet coot. xxxi And o Yrael dwelt in e loond of Amorrey.
xii And fro ens meuynge, ei camen to e rynnynge xxxii And Moyes ente `e whiche hulden apie Jaar,
water of Zareth; whos litil towns ei token, and weeldeden e dwellers.
xiii e whiche leuynge, ei etten tentis aens Arnon, xxxiii And ei turneden hem ilf, and tieden vp bi e
at is in deeert, and fer tondi ouer in e cootis of weie of Baan. And aen wente to hem Og, e kyng of
Amorrey. Foroe Arnon is e eende of Moab, Baan, wi al his puple, to fitynge in Edray.
dyuydynge Moabites and Amorreis. xxxiiii And e Lord eide to Moyes, Ne drede ow hym,
xiiii Wherfor it is eide in e book of bateyls of e Lord, for in in hoond Y haue takun hym, and al e loond,
As he ha doo in e rede ee, o he hal doo in e and e puple of hym; and ow halt doo to hym as ow
rennynge watris of Arnon; hat doon to Seon, e kyng of Amorreis, e dweller of
xv e roches of e rennynge watris ben bowid, at ei Eebon.
reten in Arnon, and at ei liggen in e cootis of xxxv ow hat mytun erfore and is wi his ones, and
Moabites. al his puple, vnto e de; and ei weelden e loond of
xvi Of at place aperide a pitt, vpon e which e Lord hym.
pak to Moyes, Geder e puple, and I hal yue to hym
watir. Capitulum XXII.
xvii anne Yrael ong is ditee, Sty vp e pit; ei i And ei goon fore, ettiden tentes in e wijlde
ongen togidre, feeldes of Moab, where bionde Jordan Jericho is et.
xviii e pit at delueden e prynces, and greieden e ii Seynge foroe Balach, e one of Sophor, alle inges
dukis of e multitude, in e euer of e lawe, and in at Yrael dide to Amorrei,
her taues. And ei wenten fro e wildrenes of iii and at Moabites dredden hym, and e feernes of
Mathana, hym ei myten not bere,
xix fro Mathana to Naaliel, fro Naaliel into Bamoth; iiii he eide to e more ur bire of Madian, So is
xx Bamoth is a valey in e regioun of Moab, in e puple hal doo awey alle at in oure cootis dwellen,
frount of Phaga, at biholdi aens e deeert. what maner is woned an oxe to take eerbe vnto e
xxi And Yrael ent meangers to Seon, e kyng of rotys. He foroe was kyng at tyme in Moab.
Amorreys, eiynge, v anne he ente meangers to Balaam, e one of
xxii I bieche at it be leueful to me to pae bi i loond; Beor, dyuynour, at dwelled vpon e flood of e loond
we hulen not bowe down to e rit ne to e left; we of e ones of Amon, at ei myten clepe hym, and
hulen not pae bi feelds and vynes, ne we hulen not eye, Loo! a peple is goon out of Egipte, at couere e
drynke watris of pittis; e kyngis weye we hulen goo, vttermoot of e ere, ittynge aens me.
to e tyme at we paen i cootis. vi Com erfore, and curs to is puple, for it is trenger
xxiii e which woold not graunt at Yrael myte pae bi an I, if eny maner Y may myte, and rowe hym out
his cootis, but rair, e oot gedryd togidre, wente out of my loond; Y haue knowun foroe, at he is bliid
to mete in deeert. And he cam into Jaa, and he faute to whom ow bliit, and curid in whom ow catit
aens hym; curyngis.
xxiiii of whom he is mytun in e mou of e werd, and vii e aldren of Moab and e more ur bire of
his loond is weeldid fro Arnon vnto Jebboth and to e Madian wenten fore, hauynge prijs of e dyuynynge
ones of Amon; for wi a tronge helpe weren holde e in e hoondes; and whanne ei weren comen to
cootis of Amonytes. Balaam, and hadden toold alle e wordes of Balach,

viii he anwerde, Dwelle e here e nyt, and Y hal xxx And e ae eide, Wheir Y am not i beete, to e
anwere what ing hal eie to me e Lord. Hem which euermore ow were wont to itte vnto e day at
foroe dwellynge anentis Balaam, is now? ey, what ing lijk euer Y dide to ee? And he
ix cam God, and eide to hym, What to hem wolen es ei, Neuer.
men anent ee? xxxi Anoon e Lord openyde e eyen of Balaam, and he
x He anwerde, Balac, e one of Sephor, kynge of ee an aungel tondynge in e weie, holdynge a
Moabites, ente to me, eynge, drawun werd in e hoond; and he lowtide hym redi to
xi Loo! e puple at is goon out of Egipte couere e e ere.
vttermot of e loond; come, and cure to hem, if eny xxxii To whom e aungel, Whi, he ei, ries ow hat
maner Y fitynge may dryue hem out. bette in ae? Y am comen, at I be aduerarie to ee,
xii And God eide to Balaam, Wol ow not goo wi for hrewid is i weie, and contrarie to me;
hem, ne curs ow to e puple, for it is bliid. xxxiii and but e ae hadde bowide fro e weye,
xiii e which eerli aryynge, eide to e prynces, Goo e yuynge tede to e witonder, ee I hadde layn, and
into oure loond, for God ha defended me to come he hulde haue lyued.
wi ow. xxxiiii And Balaam eide, I haue ynned, vnwitynge at
xiiii e princes, turned aen, eiden to Balac, Balaam ow tood aens me; and now, if it diplee to ee at Y
wold not come wi vs. goo, Y hal turne aen.
xv Eftones he many mo, and nobler an he bifore xxxv e aungel ei, Go wi ee, but be war let eny
hadde ent, ende; oer ing an Y comaunde to ee ow peke. He wente
xvi e whiche whanne ei weren comen to Balaam, anne wi e prynces.
eiden, us ei Balac, e one of Sephor, And tary ow xxxvi e which ing whanne Balac hadde herde, he
not to come to me, redi to worhipe ee; wente out into aenmetynge of hym, in e wallid town
xvii and what euere ow wolt, Y hal yue to ee; com, of Moabitis, at is ett in e vttermoot cootis of
and curs to is puple. Arnon.
xviii Balaam anwerde, If Balac yue to me his hows ful xxxvii And he eide to Balaam, Y haue ent meangeris,
of iluer and of gold, Y hal not mowe chaunge e word at I clepe ee; whi anoon come ow not to me?
of my God, at oer more or lae I peke. wheer for I mite not eelde mede to i comynge?
xix Y bieche, at here e dwellen alo in is nyt, at Y xxxviii To whom he anwerde, Loo! I am ny, wheer
may wite what to me eft e Lord anweri. oir ing Y may peke but at God hal putte in my
xx anne e Lord cam to Balaam e nyt, and ei to mou?
hym, If es men comen to clepe ee, arye, and go wi xxxix anne ei wenten fore togidre, and camen into
hem, o oonly at at Y comaunde to ee, ow doo. e cytee, at was in e vttermoot coot of his
xxi Balaam roos eerlich, and maad redy e hee ae, kyngdom.
wente fore wi hem. xl And whanne Balac hadde layn heep and oxen, he
xxii And God is wroo. And an aungel of e Lord tood ente to Balaam and e prynces at wi hym weren,
in e weye aens Balaam, at att to e ae, and two iftis.
children wi hym he hadde. xli Morwnynge foroe doon, he ladde hym to hye
xxiii e ae biholdynge an aungel tondynge in e weye, ingis of Baal, and he beheelde e vttermoot part of
wi a werd drawun out, turnede hir out of e weie, e puple.
and wente bi e feelde. e which whanne Balaam
bette, and wold lede aen to e pa, Capitulum XXIII.
xxiiii e aungel tood in e narwenes of two tonen i And Balaam eide to Balac, Bilde to me here euen
wallis, to e whiche vynes weren boundun. auters, and mak redi as feel calues, and of e ame
xxv Whom eynge, e ae ioynede hym ilf to e wal, noumbre weers.
and briide e foot of e itter; and he eftones bette. ii And whanne he hadde doon after e word of Balaam,
xxvi And neuerelater e aungel to a treyt place ei putten to gydre a calf and a weer vpon e auter.
goynge, where noer at e rit ne at e left myt goon iii And Balaam eyde to Balac, Stoond a litil while
out of e weie, metynge tood. biide i brent acrifice, to e tyme at Y goo, if
xxvii And whanne e ae hadde een e aungel perauenture e Lord aen come to me; and what euer
tondynge, he felle down vndir e feet of e itter, e ing he comaunde I hal peke to ee. And whanne he
which more hydowly wroo, bette wi a taf e ides hadde goon awey wiftli,
of hir. iiii God aen come to hym; and Balaam pak to hym,
xxviii And e Lord openyde e mou of e ae, and he Seuen, he ei, auters Y haue areryd, and putte in a calf
pak, What haue I doo to ee? whi mytit ow me, loo! and a weer ere aboue.
now e ridde tyme? v e Lord foroe putte e word in e mou of hym,
xxix Balaam anwerde, For ou hat deeruyde, and and ei, Turn aen to Balac, and es ingis ow halt
bigilide me; wold God Y hadde a werd, at I myte peke.
myte ee.

vi He turned aen, foonde Balac toondynge biidis his xxvii And Balac eide to hym, Com, and Y hal lede ee
brent acrifice, and alle e prynces of Moabitees. to anoer place, if perauenture it plee to God at fro
vii And takun to his parable, ei, Fro Aran ha ladde ens ow cure to it.
me Balac, e kyng of Moabites, fro e hillis of e eet; xxviii And whanne he hadde ladde hym out vpon e cop
Com, he ei, and curs to Jacob; go fore, and wari to of e hil of Phegor, at biholdi e wildernes,
Irael. xxix Balaam eide to hym, Bilde here to me euen
viii What maner wie hal I cure to whom God ha not auters, and mak redy o feel calues, and of e ame
curid? bi what reoun hal Y wary whom God warie noumbre weers.
not? xxx Balac dide as Balaam eide, and putte yn calues and
ix Fro e hiet flyntis Y hal ee hym, and fro e hillis Y weers, bi eche auters.
hal biholde to hym; e puple aloon hal dwelle, and
amonge e gentilis he hal not be rekned. Capitulum XXIIII.
x Who may ful noumbre e powdre of Jacob, and i And whanne Balaam hadde een at he hulde plee to
knowe e noumbre of e lynage of Yrael? Dye my e Lord for to blee to Yrael, he wente not as he wente
oule ur e dee of ritwie men, and ben maad my bifore, for to eche dyuininge, but dreynge his chere
lat lijk to es! aens e deeert,
xi And Balac eide to Balaam, What is at at ow ii and arerynge e eyen, aw Irael in e tentis
dot? at ow huldit cure to myn enemyes, Y clepide dwellynge bi her lynagis. And e Spirit of God fallynge
ee, and ow aenward bliit to hem. into hym,
xii To whom he anwerde, Wheer oer ing Y may iii takun to a parable, ei, Balaam, e one of Beor,
peke but at e Lord hal comaunde? eide, a man whos eye is toppid eide,
xiii anne Balac eide to Balaam, Com wi me into iiii e herer of e wordes of God eide, e which e it
anoer place, whens a part of Irael ow ee, and al of e almyti God ha inwardli lokid, e which falli,
ee ow may not; ens curs ow to hym. and o ben openyd his eyen,
xiiii And whanne he hadde ladde hym into an hye place, v How feyr i tabernaclis, Jacob, and i tentis, Yrael!
vpon e cop of e hil of Phaga, he bilde to Balaam vi as wodi valeys, and as watri gardeyns biide e
euen auters, and putt yn ere aboue calues and weers, flodis, as e tabernacles at e Lord pite,
xv he eide to Balac, Stond here biide i acrifice, to vii as cedres biide watres; and watris hal flowe of his
tyme at Y go metynge. boket, and e eed of hym hal be into many watris. e
xvi To whom whanne e Lord was aen comen, and kyng of hym for Agag hal be take a wey, and e
hadde putte e word in e mou of hym, ei, Turn kyngdom of hym hal be doon a wey.
aen to Balac, and es ingis ow halt peke to hym. viii God ha ladde hym out of Egipte, whos trenge is
xvii Turned aen, he fonde hym tondynge biidis his lijk to an vnycorn; gentilis hulen deuowre e enemyes
acrifice, and e princes of Moabites wi hym. To of hym, and e boonus of hem ei hulen breek, and
whom Balac, What ing, he ei, ha e Lord pokun? rille wi arwis.
xviii And he takid to his parable, ei, Stoond Balac, ix Liggynge he hal leep as a lioun, and as a liones, at
and herkne; here, ow one of Sephor. no man hal be hardi to rere. Who blei to ee, he
xix God is not as man, at he lye, ne as e one of man, hal be bleid; and who curi, into curynge hal he be
at he be chaungid; anne he eide, and hal not doon? rettyd.
he ha pokun, and hal not fulfille? x And Balac wroo aen Balaam, wi wrongun hoondis
xx To blee I am brout fore, bleynge Y may not ei, To cure to my enemyes I haue clepid ee, to
defende. whom aenward e ridde tyme ow hat bliid.
xxi ere is no mawmet in Jacob, ne fals liknes is een in xi Turn aen to i place; Y ordeynede foroe hugeli to
Yrael; e Lord God of hym is wi hym, and e noye honoure ee, but e Lord ha priuyde ee i worhip
of e victorie of e kyng is in hym. et down.
xxii e Lord God ha ladde hym out of Egipte, whos xii Balaam anwerde to Balac, Wheer eide Y not to i
trenge is lijk to an vnycorn; meangers, at ow endit to me,
xxiii ere is no dyuynynge bi briddis in Jacob, ne xiii If Balac yue to me his hous ful of iluer and gold, Y
dyuynacioun in Yrael. In his tymes it hal be eide to may not ouerpae e word of e Lord my God, at
Jacob and to Yrael, What e Lord ha wrout! oer of good or of yuel I peke of myn herte, but what
xxiiii Loo! e puple as a liones hal arye togidre, and as ing ei e Lord, at I hal peke?
a lioun hal be reryd; e lioun hal not ligge, to e tyme xiiii Neeles goynge to my puple, I hal yue to ee
at he deuowre e pray, and drynke e blood of e counel, what i puple to is puple hal doo e lat
layn. tyme.
xxv And Balac eide to Balam, Ne curs ow to hym, ne xv anne e parable taken, eft ei, Balaam, e one of
blie ow. Beor, eide, a man whos toppid is e eye, eide,
xxvi And he eie, Wheer eide Y not to ee, at what
euer ing God comaundide to me, at Y wolde doo?

xvi e herer of e wordis of God eide, at knewe e xii erfore pek to hym, Loo! I yue to hym e pees of
lore of alir heiet, and e eynge of e Almyti eei, my boond of pees,
at fallynge ha e eyen openyd, xiii and it hal be, as wel to hym as to his eed,
xvii I hal e hym, but not now; I hal inwardly loke euerlatynge couenaunt of prethod; for he ha loued
hym, but not ny; a terre hal prynge of Jacob, and a for his God, and ha purgid e hidows ynne of e
eerde hal rye of Yrael; and he hal myte e dukis of ones of Yrael.
Moab, and he hal wat alle e ones of Seth; xiiii e name foroe of e man of Yrael, at was layn
xviii and Ydume hal be e poeioun of hym, e wi e Madianyte, was Zambri, e one of Salu, duke
herytage of Seir hal falle to his enemyes; Yrael foroe of e kynrede of e lynage of Symeon.
trongly hal doo, xv Foroe e womman of Madianyte at togidre was
xix of Jacob hal be at lordhip, and leee e relykes of layn, was clepid Chobry, e doutre of Sur, moot
e cytee. noble prynce of Madianytees.
xx And whanne he hadde een Amalech, takynge to a xvi And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
parable, ei, e bigynnynge of gentiles Amalech, whos xvii Enemyes feele ow e Madianytees, and myte e
eendis hulen be lot. hem;
xxi He ee foroe Cyneum, and taken to a parable, xviii for and ei enemylich han doo aeyns ow, and han
ei, Stronge foroe is i dwellynge place, but if yn a bigilid bi apies, bi e mawmet of Phegor, and e
toon ow puttit i net, doutre Chobry of e duke of Madian, hys iter, at is
xxii and were choen of e lynage of Synne, how longe mytun in e day of veniaunce, for e acrilegie of
mowe ow dwelle? Aur foroe hal take ee. Phegor.
xxiii And taken to a parable, eft pak, Alas! who to
lyuynge, whanne e Lord hal doo es ingis? Capitulum XXVI.
xxiiii ei hulen come in greet hippis fro Ytalie, and ei i Aftir at e blood of gilti men is hed, e Lord eide
hulen ouercome Airies, and ei hulen waat e to Moyes and to Eleazar, e one of Aaron, e preet,
Ebrewis, and at e lat ei alo hulen perihe. ii Noumbre e al e umme of e ones of Yrael, fro
xxv And Balaam roos, and is turned aen into his place; twenti eer and aboue, by howes, and er kynredis,
Balac foroe e weye at he cam, turnyde aen. and alle at mowen goo for to batails.
iii And o peken Moyes and Eleazar, e preet, in e
Capitulum XXV. wijlde feeldes of Moab, vpon Jordan,
i Irael foroe dwelt at tyme in Sechym, and e puple iiii aens Jerico, to hem at weren of twenti eer and
dide fornycacioun wi e doutres of Moab; aboue, as e Lord comaundide; of whom is is e
ii e which clepen hem to her tabernacles, and ei eten, noumbre.
and honoureden e goddis of hem; v Ruben, e firt getun of Yrael; of is e one Enoch,
iii and Irael acrifiede to Belphagor. And e Lord was of whom e meyne of Enochitees; and Fallu, of whom
wroo to Moyes; e meyne of Falluytees;
iiii Tak, he ei, alle e prynces of e puple, and honge vi and Erom, of whom e meyne of Eromytees; and
hem aens e unne in iebettis, at my woodnes be Charmy, of whom e meyne of Charmytis.
turned a wey fro Yrael. vii es ben e meyneis of e lynage of Ruben, whos
v And Moyes eide to e domemen of Yrael, Sle noumbre is foundun re and fourty owandes euen
echon his neibors, at han acrifiede to Belphegor. hundrid and retti.
vi And loo! oon of e ones of Yrael wente yn before his viii e one of Fallu of Heliab;
bryeren to a Madyanyte trompet, eeynge Moyes, ix of is e ones, Namuel, and Datan, and Abiron. es
and al e puple of e ones of Yrael, e whiche wepten ben Dathan and Abyron, e princes of e puple, at
before e atis of e tabernacle. ryen aens Moyes and Aaron, in e diencyoun of
vii e which inge whanne hadde een Phynees, e one Chore, whanne aens e Lord ei rebelden,
of Eleazar, one of Aaron, preet, roos fro e myddil of x and e ere openynge his mou, deuowride Chore,
e multitude, and, caut a werd, diynge many, whanne e fier brente two hundrid and
viii wente yn after e man of Yrael into e hoorhows, fifti men; and a greet myracle was done,
and he tikide ur bo togidre, e man, at is, and e xi at Chore perihynge, his ones perhiden not.
womman, in e genytale places. And e veniaunce xii e ones of Symeon bi her kynredes; Namuel, of is
ceide fro e ones of Yrael, e meyne of Namuelitis; Jamyn, of is e meyne of
ix and ere ben lawe foure and twenti owandis of Jamynytees; Jachym, of is e meyne of Jachymytis;
men. xiii Zare, of is e meyne of Zarenytis; Saul, of is e
x And e Lord eide to Moyes, meyne of Saulitis.
xi Phynees, e one of Eleazar, one of Aaron, preet, xiiii es ben e meynees of e lynage of Symeon, of
ha tak awey my wra fro e ones of Irael; for ur whom al e noumbre was two and twenti ouandis
my loue he is tyryd aens hem, at I my ilf dide not a and two hundrid.
wey e ones of Yrael in my geloute.

xv e ones of Gad bi her kynredes; Sephon, of is e xxxvii es ben e kynredis of e ones of Effraym, of
meyne of Sephonytis; Aggy, of is e meyne of Aggitis; whom e noumbre was two and retti owand and
Sumy, of is e meyne of Sumytis; fyue hundrid. es ben e ones of Joeph, bi his
xvi Ozny, of is e meyne of Oznytis; Hery, of is e meynees.
meyne of Hereytis; xxxviii e ones of Beniamyn in his kynredis; Bale, of
xvii Arod, of is e meyne of Aroditis; Ariel, of is e whom e meyne of Baleytis; Abel, of whom e meyne
meyne of Aryelitis. of Azbelitis; Ahiram, of whom e meyne of
xviii es ben e meyne of Gad, of whom al e noumbre Ahyramytis;
was fourti owand and fyue hundred. xxxix Suphan, of whom e meyne of Suphanytis;
xix e ones of Juda, Her and Onan, e whiche bo ben Huphan, of whom e meyne of Huphanytis.
deed in e loond of Chanaan. xl e ones of Bale, Hered, and Noeman; of Hered e
xx And ere weren e ones of Juda bi his kynredis, meyne of Heredytis; of Noeman e meyne of
Sela, of whom e meyne of Selaytis; Phares, of whom Noemanytis.
e meyne of Phareitis; Zare, of whom e meyne of xli es ben e ones of Beniamyn bi his kynredis, of
Zareitis. whom e noumbre was fyue and fourti owand and ix
xxi Foroe e ones of Phares; Erom, of whom e hundryd.
meyne of Eromytis; and Amul, of whom e meine of xlii e ones of Dan bi his kynredis; Suhan, of whom e
Amulitis. meyne of Suhanytis. es ben e kynredis of Dan bi his
xxii es ben e meynees of Jude, of whom al e meynees;
noumbre was euenti owynd and fyue hundrid. xliii alle weren Sunanitis, of whom e noumbre was
xxiii e ones of Yachar bi her kynredis; Thola, of foure and ixti owynd and foure hundrid.
whom e meyne of Tholaytis; `Phua, of whome e xliiii e ones of Aer bi his kynredes; Jemma, of whom
meyne of Phuaytis; e meyne of Jemmanytis; Jeuy, of whom e meyne of
xxiiii Jaub, of whom e meyne of Jaubitis; Semram, of Jeuitis; Brye, of whom e meyne of Brieytis.
whom e meyne of Semramytis. xlv e ones of Brye; Haber, of whom e meyne of
xxv es ben e kynredis of Yachar, of whom e Haberytis; and Melchiel, of whom e meyne of
noumbre was foure and exti owandis and re Melchielitis.
hundrid. xlvi e name foroe of e douter of Azar was Sara.
xxvi e ones of Zabulon bi her kynredes; Sared, of xlvii es ben e kynredes of e ones of Aer, and e
whom e meyne of Saradites; Helon, of whom e noumbre of hem foure and fyfty owand and foure
meyne of Helonytis; Jalel, of whom e meyne of hundryd.
Jelelitis. xlviii e ones of Neptalym bi his kynredis; Jeyel, of
xxvii es ben e kynredis of Zabulon, of whom e whom e meyne of Jeyelitis; Guny, of whom e meyne
noumbre was exti ouynd and fyue hundrid. of Gunytis;
xxviii e ones of Joeph bi his kynredis, Manaes and xlix Jeer, of whom e meyne of Jeerytis; Sellem, of
Effraym. whom e meyne of Sellemytis.
xxix Of Manae `is commen Machir, of whom e l es ben e kynredis of e ones of Neptalym bi his
meyne of Macherytis. Machir gat Galaad, of whom e meynees, of whom e noumbre was fyue and fourti
meyne of Galaditis. ouyndis and foure hundrid.
xxx Galaad hadde ones; Yezer, of whom e meyne of li is is e umme of e ones of Yrael, at ben
Yezerytis; and Helech, of whom e meyne of noumbred, ix hundryd owand and a owand and
Helechitis; euen hundrid and retti.
xxxi and Ariel, of whom e meyne of Arielitis; and lii And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
Sechem, of whom e meyne of Sechemytis; liii To es hal e loond be dyuydid, aftir e noumbre of
xxxii and Semyda, of whom e meyne of Semydaytis; e names into her poeiouns;
and Epher, of whom e meyne of Epherytis. liiii to e moo e more part ow halt yue, and to e
xxxiii Epher foroe was fader of Saphaad, at had no fewer e lae; to eche as ei ben noumbred hal be take
ones, but oonli doutres, of whom es ben e names; e poeioun;
Maala, and Noha, and Egla, and Melcha, and Thera. lv o oonli at lot dyuyde e loond to e lynagis and
xxxiiii es ben e meynees of Manae, and e noumbre meynes.
of hem two and fifti owand and euen hundryd. lvi What euer ing bi lot falle, at oere mo taken or
xxxv e ones foroe of Effraym bi her kynredis weren fewe.
es; Suthala, of whom e meyne of Suthalitis; Bether, lvii is foroe is e noumbre of e ones of Leuy bi her
of whom e meyne of Betheritis; Theen, of whom e meynees; Geron, of whom e meyne of Geronytis;
meyne of Theennytis. Caath, of whom e meyne of Caathitis; Merary, of
xxxvi Foroe e one of Suthala was Heram, of whom whom e meyne of Meraritis.
e meyne of Heramytis. lviii es ben e meynees of Leuy; e meyne of Lobny,
e meyne of Ebron, e meyne of Mooli, e meyne of

Muy, e meyne of Chory. And foroe Caath geet xiii And whanne ow eet it, and ow halt goo to i
Amram, puple, as wente i broer Aaron;
lix at hadde a wijf, Jochobeth, e dowter of Leuy, at xiiii for ow hat offendide me in e deeert of Syn, in
is bore to hym in Egipte. es geet to hir man Amram e contradiccioun of e multitude, ne halowe me e
ones, Aaron, and Moyen, and Mary, e itir of hem. wolden before it, vpon e watris. es ben e watris of
lx Of Aaron ben comen fore Nadab, and Abyu, and contradiccioun in Cades, of e deeert of Syn.
Eleazar, and Ythamar; xv To whom anwerde Moyes,
lxi of whom Nadab and Abyu ben deed, whanne ei xvi Puruey e Lord God of e pyritis of al flehe a man
hadden offred alien fier before e Lord. at be vpon is multitude,
lxii And alle at ben noumbred weren re and twenty xvii and may goo out, and goo yn before hem, and leden
owynd of maal kynde, fro o mone and aboue, e hem out, or leden hem yn; let e puple of e Lord be
whiche ben not noumbred amonge e ones of Yrael, as heep wi out heepherd.
ne to hem wi oere is ouen poeioun. xviii And e Lord eyde to hym, Take Joue, e one of
lxiii is is e noumbre of e ones of Yrael, at ben Nun, a man in whom is e pirit of God, and put in
dicryued of Moyes and Eleazar, e preet, in e wijld hoond vpon hym;
feeldis of Moab, vpon Jordan, aens Jerycho; xix e which hal toond before Eleazar, e preet, and
lxiiii among whoom noon of hem was at before ben al e multitude.
noumbred of Moyes and Aaron, in e deeert of Synay; xx And ow halt yue to hym heetys, alle men eynge,
lxv e Lord foroe eide before, at alle ei hulden and a part of i glorye, at al e ynagoge of e ones
dye in wildernes, and noon of hem abood but Caleph, of Yrael here hym.
e one of Jephone, and Joue, e one of Nun. xxi For at if eny ing hal be to doynge, Eleazar, e
preet, hal couneil e Lord; at e word of hym hal
Capitulum XXVII. goo out, and hal goo yn; he, and al e ones of Yrael
i Camen ny foroe e doutres of Salphaad, one of wi hym, and at oer multitude.
Ephor, one of Galaad, one of Machir, one of xxii Moyes dide as e Lord comaundide, and whanne
Manae, at was e one of Joep; of whom es ben e he hadde takun Joue, he ette hym before Eleazar, e
names; Maala, and Noba, and Egla, and Melcha, and preet, and al e myche comynge of e puple;
Thera. xxiii and putt e hoondis to his heed, alle ingis aen
ii And ei toden before Moyen and Eleazar, e preet, told at e Lord comaundide.
and alle e prynces of e puple, at e dore of e
tabernacle of e boond of pees; and eiden, Capitulum XXVIII.
iii Oure fader is deed in deeert, and was not in e i The Lord foroe eide to Moyes,
diencioun, at is tyryd aens e Lord, vndur Chore, ii Comaund to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eye to
but in his ynne is deed; is hadde not maal children. hem, Myn offrynge, and looues, and encene of moot
iiii Whi is take e name of hym fro his meyne, for he wete melle offre e bi oure tymes.
hadde no one? yfe e to vs poeions amonge e iii es ben e acrifices at e hulen offre; loombes of o
coynes of oure fader. eer, vnwemmed, two eche day into brent acrifice
v And Moyes toolde e caue of hem to e doom of e euerlatynge.
Lord; iiii Oon e hulen offre eerliche, and anoer at euen.
vi e which eide to hym, v e tene part of ephi of tryed flour, at be preynt wi
vii Rytwie ingis aken e doutres of Salphaad; yf to moot pure oyle, and haue e fere part of hyn.
hem poeiouns amonge e coyns of her fader, and to vi e biy acrifice is, at e offreden in e mownt of
hym in heritage come ei aftir. Synay, into melle of moot wete enence to e Lord.
viii To e ones foroe of Yrael ow halt peke es vii And e hulen offre of wyn e fere part of hyn, bi
ingis, A man whanne he were deed wi out one, to e eche loombes, in e eyntuarye of e Lord.
douter hal pae e herytage; viii And anoer loomb alo e hulen offre at euen, and
ix if he haue no douter, he hal haue ucceours his aftir al e rijt of e morwtide acrifice, and of e offryd
brieren; licours of it, an offrynge of moot wete melle to e
x and if ere weren no brieren, e hulen yue e Lord.
herytage to e brieren of e fader of hym; ix e aboth day foroe e hulen offre two loombes of
xi if foroe he haue not men brieren to his fader, e oo eer, vnwemmed, and two dymes of tried flour
herytage hal be eue to hem at ben next to hym. And preynt wi oyle, in e acrifice, and e offryd licours,
is hal be hooly to e ones of Yrael, bi perpetuel law, x at lawfullich ben held, bi eche abotis, into brent
as e Lord comaundide to Moyes. acrifice euerlatynge.
xii e Lord foroe eide to Moyes, Sty vp into is hil xi In e calendis foroe, at is, in e bigynnyngis of
of Abarym, and bihold fro ens e loond, at I am to mones, e hulen offre brent acrifice to e Lord,
yuynge to e ones of Irael. calues of e droue two, o weer, euen loombis of o
eer, vnwemmed,

xii and re dymes of tryed flour preynt wi oyle, in ii And e hulen offre brent acrifice, into moot wete
acrifice, bi eche calues, and two dymes of tryed flour mel to e Lord, a calf of e droue oon, o weer, and
preynt wi oyle, bi eche weers; loombes of o eer, vnwemmed, euen;
xiii and e tene of e tene of tried flour of oyle, in iii and in e acrifices of hem, of tried flour preynt wi
acrifice, bi eche loombis; brent acrifice, and of moot oyle, re dymes bi eche calues, two dymes bi a weer,
wete melle, and of encene it is to e Lord. iiii o dyme bi a loomb, at ben togidre euen loombes.
xiiii e offryngis foroe of wyn, at bi eche layn v And a goot for ynne hal be offred, in clenynge of e
acrifices ben to be held, hulen be es; half part of hyn puple,
bi eche calues, e ridde bi a weer, e fere bi a vi biide e brent acrifice of calendis, wi her
loomb; is hal be e brent acrifiis bi eche monis, acrifices, and brent acrifice euerlatynge, wi woned
at to hem ilf e eer turnynge about comen aftir. offred licours; wi e ame erymoyns e hulen offre
xv A goot foroe hal be offred to e Lord for ynnes, into e moot wete mel, encene to e Lord.
into brent acrifice euerlatynge, wi is offryngis of vii e tene foroe day of is euene mone hal be to
licours. ow hooly and worhipful, and e hulen traueyl oure
xvi e firte foroe mone, e fourtene day of e oulis; al eruyle werk e hulen not doo in it.
mone, hal be e pak of e Lord; viii And e hulen offre brent acrifice to e Lord, into
xvii and in e fiftene day e olempnyte of erf looues. moot wete mel; a calf of e droue oon, a weer oon,
Seuen daies ei hulen eete erf looues; loombis of o eer, vnwemmed, euen;
xviii of e whiche e firte day worhipful and holy hal ix and in e acrifices of hem, of tried flour preynt wi
be; al eruyle werk e hulen not doon in it. oyle re dymes bi eche calues, two dymes bi a were,
xix And e hulen offre into encene brent acrifice to e x a dyme of e tie bi eche loombis, at ben togidir
Lord, calues of e droue two, o weer, loombes of o euen loombis;
eer, vnwemmed, euen; xi and o goot for ynne, wi outen hem at ben woned
xx and e acrifices of eche, of tried flour, at be preynt to be offred for trepas in purgynge, and e brent
wi oyle, re dymes bi eche calues, acrifice euerlatynge in acrifice, and offrid licours of
xxi and two dymes bi o weer, and e tie of e tie bi hem.
eche loombis, at is, bi euen loombis; xii e fiftene foroe day of e euene mone, e
xxii and o goot for ynne, at it be purgid for ow, which to ow hal be holi and worhipful; al eruyle
xxiii biide e morwtide brent acrifice, at euermore e werk e hulen not doo in it, but e hulen halwe e
hulen offre. olempnyte to e Lord euen days;
xxiiii So e hulen doo bi eche dayes of e euen dayes, xiii and e hulen offre brent acrifice, into e moot
into e norihynge of e fier, and into e moot wete wete mel to e Lord, calues of e droue reteen,
mel to e Lord, e which hal rye of e brent weers two, loombis of o eer, vnwemmed, fourteen;
acrifice, and of e offred licours of echon. xiiii and in e acrifices of licours of hem, of tryed flour
xxv e euene foroe day hal be moot olempne and preynt wi oyle re dymes bi eche calues, at ben to
holi to ou; al eruyle werk e hulen not don in it. gidre calues retteen, and two dymes to o weer, at is,
xxvi e dayes alo of e fyrte fruytis, whanne e hulen to two weers to gidre, to o weer oon,
offre newe cornys to e Lord, e `euen wykis fulfillid, xv and e tie of a dyme to eche loombis, at ben to
worhipful and holy hal be; al eruyle werk e hulen gidre loombis fourteen;
not do in it. xvi and o goot for ynne, wi out e brent acrifice
xxvii And e hulen offre brent acrifice to e Lord, into euerlatynge, and e acrifice, and e acrified licour of
moot wete mel; calues of e droue two, o weer, it.
loombes of o eer, vnwemmed, euen; xvii In at oer day e hulen offre calues of e droue
xxviii and in e acrifices of hem, of tried flour preynt twelue, weers two, loombis of o eer, vnwemmed,
wi oyle, ree dymes bi eche calues, bi weers two, fourteen;
xxix bi loombes e tene of e tie, e whiche ben to xviii and acrifices, and acrified licours of echon, bi e
gidre euen loombes; calues, and weers, and loombis, dulich e hulen
xxx a goot foroe at is offred for e purgynge, biyde halwe;
e brent acrifice euerlatynge, and e offrid licours of xix and a goot for ynne, wi outen brent acrifice
it; euerlatynge, and e acrifice of it, and e offrynge of
xxxi e hulen offre alle ingis vnwemmed, wi her licours.
acrified licours. xx e ridde day e hulen offre calues elleuen, weers
two, loombis of o eer, vnwemmed, fourteen;
Capitulum XXIX. xxi and e acrifices, and e acrified licours of echon,
i Ofe euene mone foroe e firte day holy and bi calues, and weers, and loombs, dulich e hulen
worhipful hal be to ow; al eruyle werk e hulen not halwe;
doon in it, for e day of noye it is, and of trompes.

xxii and a goot for ynne, wi outen brent acrifice iii A womman if eny ing he auowi, and hir ilf
euerlatynge, and e acrifice, and e offryng of licours treyn bi oo, e which is in e hows of hir fader, it in
of it. childis age,
xxiii e fere day e hulen offre calues ten, weers two, iiii if e fader knowe e vowe, at he ha bihoot, and
loombs of o eer, vnwemmed, fourteen; e oo, bi e which hir oul he ha oblihid, and holde
xxiiii and e acrifices, and e acrified licours of echon, his pees, he hal be gilti of e auowe; what ing he
bi calues, and weers, and loombis, duelich e hulen ha bihoot and weri, in werk he hal fulfil.
halwe; v If foroe anoon as e fader heri, he wiei it, and
xxv and a goot for ynne, wi oute e brent acrifice e vowis and e oois of hir hulen be at nout, ne he
euerlatynge, and e acrifice of it, and e offringe of hal `be holdun gilti to e biheet, fori at e fader
licours. aeneide it.
xxvi e fife day e hulen offre nyne calues, weers vi If he haue an houboond, and auowe eny ing, and
two, loombis of o eer, vnwemmed, fourteen; onys a word of hir mou goynge out e oul of hir
xxvii and e acrifices, and e offrynge of licours of oblihe bi oo,
echon, bi calues, and weers, vii what day e man heri, and wiei not, he hal be
xxviii and loombs, duelich e hulen halwe; and a goot gilti of e vowe; what ing euer he ha bihoot, he
for ynne, wi out e brent acrifice euerlatynge, and hal elde.
e acrifice of it, and e offrynge of licours. viii If foroe anoon herynge he wiei, and he maki
xxix e ixte day e hulen offre calues eit, and weris at nout al e bihet of hir, and e wordis by e which
two, loombes of o eer, and vnwemmed, fourteen; he treynede hir oul, e Lord hal foryue to hir.
xxx and e acrifices, and e offryngis of licours of ix A widew, and a departid, what ing ei auowen ei
echon, bi calues, and weers, and loombis, duelich e hulen eelde.
hulen halwe; x A wijf in e hows of hyr man, whanne he byndi hir
xxxi and a goot for ynne, wi out e brent acrifice bi auowe, and bi oo,
euerlatynge, and e acrifice of it, and e offrynge of xi if e man here, and holde his pees, ne wiei to e
licours. biheet, he hal eeld what euer ing he ha bihoot.
xxxii e euene day e hulen offre calues euen, xii If foroe anoon he wiei, he hal not `be holdun
weers two, loombs of o eer, vnwemmed, fourteen; gilti of e biheet, for e huboond wiei, and e
xxxiii and e acrifices, and e offryngis of licours of Lord hal foryue to hir.
echon, bi calues, and weers, and loombs, duelich e xiii If he auowe, and bi oo treyne hir elf, at bi
hulen halwe; fatynge and abtynens of oer ingis he traueyl hir
xxxiiii and o goot for ynne, wi oute e brent acrifice oul, in e dome of e man it hal be, at he do it, or
euerlatynge, and e acrifice of it, and e offrynge of not do it.
licours. xiiii And if e man herynge holde his pees, and into
xxxv e eiti day at is moot olempne, al eruyle anoer day deferre e entence, what euer ing he ha
werk e hulen not doo, vowid and bihoot, he hal eeld, for anoon as he herde,
xxxvi offrynge brent acrifice into e moot wete mel to he heelde his pees.
e Lord, o calf, o weer, loombis of o eer, vnwemmed, xv If foroe he wiei, after at he aentide, he hal
euen; bere e wickidnes of hir.
xxxvii and e acrifices, and e offryngis of licours of xvi es ben e lawes at e Lord ordeynde to Moyes,
echon, bi calues, and weers, and loombs, duelich e bitwix man and womman, bitwix fader and douter at
hulen halwe; is it in childis age, oer at in e hows of fader and
xxxviii and a goot for ynne, wi out e brent acrifice modir dwelle.
euerlatynge, and e acrifice of it, and e offrynge of
licours. Capitulum XXXI.
xxxix es ingis e hulen offre to e Lord, in oure i And e Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge,
olempnytees, biide e vowes, and wilful offryngis, in ii Venge firt e ones of Yrael of e Madianytis,
and o
brent acrifice, in acrifice, in offrynge of licour, and in ow halt be gedryd to i puple.
peible ootis. iii And anoon Moyes, Arme e, he ei, of ow men to
e fit, at mowen e veniaunce of e Lord out take of
Capitulum XXX. e Madianytis.
i Moyes foroe tolde to e ones of Yrael alle ingis iiii A owand men of ech lynagis ben choun of Yrael,
at e Lord comaundide hym. And he pak to e at ben ent to batayl.
princes of e lynagis of e ones of Yrael, is is e v And ei euen owandis of eche lynagis, at is,
word at e Lord comaundide, twelue owandis of men, redy to e fit;
ii If eny of men auowe to e Lord auowid, oer hym ilf vi whom Moyes ente wi Fynees, e one of Eleazar,
bi oo treynede, he hal not make at not his word, but e preet. Foroe e hooli veels, and e trumpes to
al at he bihit he hal fulfil. crye, he took to hem.

vii And whanne ei hadden fout aens Madianytes, hundrid, as wel of men, as of oxen, and ais, and
and hadden ouercomen, alle e maalis ei lewen, heep.
viii and e kyngis of hem, Euy, and Reem, and Sur, and xxix And ow halt yue it to Eleazar, e preet, for e
Hur, and Rebe, fyue princes of e folk of hem. Balaam cheef fruytis of e Lord ei ben.
foroe, e one of Beor, ei lewen wi werd. xxx Of e half foroe part of e ones of Irael, ow
ix And ei token e wymmen of hem, and children, and halt taak e fifti heed of men, and of oxen, and of
alle e beetis, and al purtenaunce; aes, and of heep, and of al hauynge oule; and ow
x what ing euer ei myten haue, ei detruyden; as halt yue hem to e Leuytes, at waken in e waardis
wel cytees as litil towns and catels bi flawme he brent. of e tabernacle of e Lord.
xi And ei token praye, and alle at ei token, as wel of xxxi And Moyes and Eleazar diden as e Lord
men as of beetis, comaundide.
xii and brouten to Moies, and Eleazar, e preet, and xxxii Foroe e pray was at e oot took, of heep ix
to al e multitude of e ones of Yrael. Foroe oer hundrid fyue and euenti owand,
vable ingis ei beren to e tentis, in e wijld feeldis xxxiii of oxen two and euenti owand,
of Moab, biide Jordan, aen Jericho. xxxiiii of ais exti owand and o owand;
xiii And Moyes and Eleazar, e preet, wenten out, and xxxv e oules of men of wymmen kynde, at knowen
alle e prynces of e ynagoge, into aencomynge of no men, two and retti owand.
hem, out of e tentis. xxxvi And e half part is euen to hem at weren in e
xiiii And Moyes wroo to e prynces of e oot, leders batayl, of heep re hundrid euen and retti owand
of ouandis, and gouernours of hundredis, and fyue hundrid;
xv at camen fro e batayl, ei, Whi han e kept e xxxvii of e whiche into e part of e Lord ben
wymmen? noumbred heep ix hundryd and euenti and fyue;
xvi ben not es at han deeyued e ones of Yrael, at xxxviii and of oxen ix and retti owand, oxen euenti
e uggetioun of Balaam, and han maad ow trepae and two,
in e Lord, vpon e ynne of Phegor, wherfor and e xxxix of ais retti owand and fyue hundrid, ais exti
puple was mytun? and oon;
xvii erfor al lee e what euer ing is of maal kynde, xl of e oules of men ixtene owand, fellen into e
and litil children; and wymmen at han knowun men part of e Lord, two and retti oulis.
in goynge togidre, kytte e e rootis; xli And Moyes took e noumbre of e chefe fruytis of
xviii mayde children, and alle wymmen maydens kepe e Lord to Eleazar, e preet, as it was comaundid,
e to ow, xlii of e half part of e ones of Irael, at he euerde to
xix and dwelli out of e tentes euen days. Who lee a hem at in e batayl weren.
man, or a man leyn touchi, hal be paid about e xliii Of e half part foroe at felle to at oer
ridde day, and e euene; multitude, at is, of heep re hundryd euen and retti
xx and of al e praye, wheer cloing it were, oer ouand and fyue hundrid,
veel, and eny ing into vable ingis maad redi, of e xliiii and of oxen ix and retti ouand,
kynnes of gootis, and heerys, and tree, it hal be xlv and of retti owand ais and fyue hundrid,
purgid. xlvi and of ixtene owand men,
xxi Eleazar foroe, e preet, to e men of e oot at xlvii Moyes took e fifti heed, and af to e Leuytis,
hadden fowt, us pak, is is e maundement of e at wakiden in e tabernacle of e Lord, as e Lord
lawe, at e Lord comaundide to Moyes, comaundide.
xxii Gold, and iluer, and brae, and yren, and tynne, xlviii And whanne e prynces of e oot weren goon to
and leed, Moyes, and e leders of owandis, and rewlers of
xxiii and al at may pae bi flawmes, hal be purgid hundredis, eiden,
ur fier; foroe what euer ing fier hal not mowe xlix We i eruauntis han tolde e noumbre of fiters, e
uteyn, wi water of clenynge hal be halowid. which we hadden vndre oure hoond, and not oon
xxiiii And e hulen wahe oure clois e euene day; foroe faylid;
and puryfied afterward e hulen goo into e tentes. l for what caue we offren in e places of e free iftis
xxv And e Lord eide to Moyes, of e Lord, eche, at in e praye of gold we myten
xxvi Take e umme of hem at ben takun, fro man vnto fynde, wymmens ournementis about her reynes, and
beet, ow, and Eleazar, e preet, and alle e prynces ournementis about her huldres, and rynges, and
of e comoun. ournementis about her armes, and ournementis about
xxvii And ow halt dyuyde euen e praye among hem her neckis, at ow preye e Lord for vs.
at fauten and wenten out to e batayl, and among al li And Moyes and Eleazar e preet, token al e gold
e laft multitude. in dyuers pices,
xxviii And ow halt euer a part to e Lord, of hem at lii bi peye of e eyntuarye, ixtene ouand euen
han fouten, and weren in e batayl, o oule of fyue hundrid and fifti iclis, of e leders of owandis, and
rewlers of hundredis.

liii Foroe echon at he caute in e praye, was his; xix ne eny ing we hulen eche bionde Jordan, for
liiii and e taken ei brouten into e tabernacle of nowe we han oure poeioun in e eet coot of it.
witneynge, into mynde of e ones of Irael, before e xx To whom ei Moies, If e doon at e bihooten,
Lord. fulpede goo e before e Lord into fit;
xxi and eche fitynge man armed pae he ouer Jordan,
Capitulum XXXII. to e tyme at e Lord turne doun his enemyes,
i The ones foroe of Ruben and Gad hadden many xxii and al e loond be uget to hym; anne e hulen be
beetis, `and er was to hem in betis ubtaunce wi vnculpable anentis God, and anentis Irael, and e
outen noumbre. And whanne ei hadden een Jaer and hulen weeld e regiouns, `e whiche e wolen, before
Galaad, able loondis to beetis to be fedd, e Lord.
ii ei camen to Moyes and Eleazar, e preet, and xxiii If foroe at e eyn, e doon not, to no man dowt
prynces of e multitude, `and eyden, is, at ne e ynnen aens God; and wite e, at our
iii Ataroth, and Dibbon, and Jaer, and Nemra, Eebon, ynne hal catche ow.
and Eleale, and Sabam, and Nebo, and Beon, xxiiii Bilde e anne cytees to oure children, and
iiii e loond at e Lord moot in e it of e ones of fooldis and tablis to heep and beetis; and at e han
Yrael, is of a regioun moot plenteuous to e food of bihoot, fulfilli.
beetis; and we i eruauntis han many beetis; xxv And e ones of Gad and Ruben eiden to Moyes,
v and we preyen, if we han foundun grace before ee, i eruauntis we ben; we hulen doo at e Lord
at ow yue to vs i eruauntis it into poeioun, ne comaundi.
maak ow vs pae ouer Jordan. xxvi Oure litil children, and wymmen, and feeldbeetis,
vi To whom anwerde Moyes, Wheer oure brieren and howbeetis we hulen leeue in e cytees of Galaad;
hulen go to e fit, and e here hulen itte? xxvii foroe we i eruauntis alle fulpede hulen goo to
vii Whi myturnen e e outes of e ones of Irael, at batayl, as ow, lord, halt peek.
ei doren not pae into e place at e Lord is to xxviii anne Moyes comaundide to Eleazar, e preet,
yuynge to hem? and to Joue, e one of Nun, and to e prynces of e
viii Wheer diden not o oure fadres, whanne Y ente meynees, bi e lynagis of Irael,
fro Cades Barne to apie e loond, xxix and he eide to hem, If e ones of Gad and e
ix and whanne ei camen to e valey of Cluter, al e ones of Ruben wi ow paen ouer Jordan alle armed,
regioun about paid, ei myturneden e herte of e to bateil before e Lord, and to ow were e loond
ones of Yrael, at ei wenten not in to e cootis, at uget, yue e to hem Galaad into poeioun;
e Lord af to hem. xxx if foroe ei wolen not pae wi ow into e loond
x e which wroo, waar, eiynge, of Chanaan, among ow take ei places of dwellynge.
xi es men hulen not een, at tieden vp fro Egipte, xxxi And e ones of Gad and e ones of Ruben
fro twenti eer and aboue, e loond at `under oo Y anwerden, As e Lord ha poken to his eruauntis, o
bihite to Abraham, Yaac, and Jacob, and ei wolden we hulen doon;
not ue me, xxxii we armed hulen goo before e Lord, into e loond
xii aue Caleph, e one of Jephone, Ceneze, and Joue, of Chanaan, and we knowlechen, at we han take now
e one of Nun; es fulfilden my wille. poeioun bionde Jordan.
xiii And e Lord wroo aens Yrael, ladde hym about xxxiii And o Moyes af to e ones of Gad and of
by deeert fourti eer, to e tyme at were endyd al e Ruben, and to e half lynage of Manae, e one of
generacioun at dide e yuel in e it of hym. Joeph, e kyngdam of Seon, kyng of Amorrei, and e
xiiii And, Loo! he ei, e han ryen for oure fadres e kyngdam of Og, kyng of Baan, and e loond of hem,
waxyngis and e norhid of ynful men, at e encreen wi her cytees, bi enuyroun.
e woodnes of e Lord aens Yrael. xxxiiii anne e ones of Gad maden out Dibon, and
xv And if e wolen not folwe hym, in wildirnes e Ataroth, and Aroer,
puple he hal foraak, and e e encheoun hulen be of xxxv and Roth-Sophan, and Jazer, and Jeebaa,
e dee of alle. xxxvi and Beth-Neura, and Betharan, waardid citees;
xvi And ei ny comynge to, eiden, We hulen make vs and fooldis to her beetis.
fooldis of heep, and tablis of beetis, to oure litil xxxvii e ones foroe of Ruben edifieden Eebon,
children foroe waardid cytees. xxxviii and Eleale, and Cariathiarym, and Nabo, and
xvii Foroe we oure ilf armed and gyrd, we hulen goo Balmyon, turned e names, Sabama foroe; puttynge
to batayl before e ones of Irael, to e tyme at we names to e cytes at ei maden out.
leden hem into her places; oure children, and what xxxix Foroe e ones of Machir, one of Manae,
euer ing we mowen han, hulen be in e waardid wenten for into Galaad, and watiden it, Amorre
citees, for e apies of e dwellers. layn, e dweller of it.
xviii We hulen not turnen aen into oure howis, into e xl an Moyes af e loond of Galaad to Machir, one of
tyme at e ones of Yrael welden her herytage; Manae, at dwellide in it.

xli Foroe Jair, e one of Manae, wente, and xxvii And fro Thaat ei ettiden tentis in Thare;
ocupiede e tretis of it, e whiche he clepide xxviii fro whennus gon out, ei fitchiden tentis in
Anochiair, at is, e townes of Jayr. Methcha.
xlii Foroe Nobe wente, and caute Canath, wi his xxix And fro Methcha ei ettiden tentis in Emona.
litil townes, and he clepide it, of his name, Nobe. xxx And gon for fro Emona, ei camen `into
Capitulum XXXIII. xxxi and fro Moeroth ei ettiden tentis in Benelachan.
i Thee ben e dwellyngis of e ones of Yrael, at xxxii And goon for fro Benelachan, camen into e hil
wenten out fro Egipte, bi her companyes, in e hoond of Galgad;
of Moyes and Aaron; xxxiii fro whens goon for, ei ettiden tentes in
ii e whiche Moyes dicryuede biide e places of e Jethebacha.
tentis, e whiche weren chaungid ur e heet of e xxxiiii And fro Jethebaca ei camen into Ebrona.
Lord. xxxv And goon out fro Ebrona, ettiden tentis in Aion
iii erfor ei goon for fro Ramee, e firte mone, e Gaber;
fiftene day of e firte mone, diden at oer day pak xxxvi and ens goon for, camen into e deeert of Syn;
e ones of Yrael, in an hi hoond, eiynge alle e is is Cades.
Egipciens, xxxvii And goon out of Cades, ettiden tentes in e hil of
iiii and byryyng e firt gotun, e whiche e Lord hadde Hor, in e vttermoot of e loond of Edom.
mytun; foroe and in e goddis of hem he enhauncide xxxviii And Aaron, e preet, teyede vp in to e hil of
veniaunce. Hor, comaundynge e Lord, and ere died, e fourtie
v ei etten tentis in Socoth, eer of e goynge out of e ones of Yrael fro Egipte,
vi and fro Socoth ei camen in to Etham, at is in e e fife mone, e fyrt day of e mone;
vttermet cootis of wildirnes; xxxix whanne he was of eres an hundrid and re and
vii ens ei goon out, camen aens Phiairoth, at twenti.
biholdi Beelephon, and ei etten tentis before xl And Chanane, e kyng Arad, at dwelt at e ou, in
Magdalun. e loond of Chanaan, herde at e ones of Yrael
viii And ei goon for fro Phiairoth, paiden ur e weren comen.
myddil e in wildirnes, and ei goynge re dayes ur xli And goon for fro e hil of Hor, ettiden tentis in
e deeert of Ethan, etten tentis in Maara. Salmana;
ix And ei goon for fro Maara, camen into Helym, xlii fro ens goon out, camen into Phynon.
where weren twelue wellis of water, and euenti xliii And goon for fro Phynon, ei ettiden tentes in
palmes; and ere ei ettiden tentis. Oboth.
x But and ennes ei goon out, piten tentes vpon e xliiii And fro Oboth camen into Jeabarym, at is in e
Reed See. cootis of Moabitis.
xi And ei goon for fro e Reed See, ettiden tentis in xlv And goon for fro Jeabarym, ei piten tentis in
e deeert of Synay, Dibongad;
xii fro whens ei goon out, camen into Delpheca. xlvi fro whens goon out, ei ettiden tentis in Helmon
xiii And ey goon for fro Delpheca, ettiden tentis in Deblathaym.
Halijs. xlvii And goon out of Helmon Deblathaym, camen into
xiiii And ei goon fro Halijs, piten tentes in Raphidyn, e hillis of Nabarym, aens Nabo.
where to e peple water faylide to drynke. xlviii And goon fro e hillis of Abarym, wenten to e
xv And ei goon for fro Raphidyn, ettiden tentes in wijld feeldis of Moab, vp Jordan, aens Jericho.
deeert of Synay. xlix And ere ei ettiden tentis, fro Bethymon vnto
xvi But and fro e wildirnes of Synay goon out, ei Belathym, in e more pleyn places of Moabites,
camen to e Sepulcres of Lut. l where e Lord pak to Moyen,
xvii And ei goon for fro e Sepulcris of Lut, ettiden li Comaund to e ones of Yrael, and ey to hem,
tentes in Aeroth. Whanne e paen Jordan,
xviii And fro Aeroth ei camen into Rethma. lii goynge into e loond of Chanaan, cater e alle e
xix And ei goon for fro Rethma, ettiden tentes in dwellers of at region; breeke e e calues, and e
Remmon Phares; ymagis detrye e, and alle e hye ingis wate e,
xx fro whens ei goon out, camen into Lemphna. clenynge e loond,
xxi And fro Lemphna ei ettiden tentis in Rea. liii and alle e dwellers in it. Y foroe haue eue to ou
xxii Goon out fro Rea camen in Celatha; it into poeioun,
xxiii fro whens goon for, ettiden tentis in e hil of liiii e which e hal dyuyde to ou bi lot; to e mo e
Sepher. hulen yue e bradder, and to e fewer e narwer; to
xxiiii Goon out fro e hil of Sepher, camen into Arada; ech as e lot falli, o hal be eue e herytage; bi
xxv ens goynge for, ettiden tentes in Maceloth. lynagis and meynees e poeioun hal be dyuydid.
xxvi And goon for fro Maceloth, camen into Thaat.

lv Foroe if e wolen not le e dwellers of e loond, xxi of e lynage of Beniamyn, Elyad, e one of
at abiden, ei hulen be to ow as nayles in eyen, and Caelon;
peris in idis; and ei hulen contrarye ou in e loond xxii of e lynage of e ones of Dan, Bochri, e one of
of oure dwellinge; Jogli;
lvi and what euer ing I owt to do to hem, I hal doo xxiii of e ones of Joeph and e lynage of Manae,
to ow. Hamyel, e one of Ephoth;
xxiiii of e lynage of Effraym, Camuel, e one of
Capitulum XXXIIII. Septhan;
i The Lord pak to Moyes, eiynge, xxv of e lynage of Zabulon, Elizaphan, e one of
ii Comaunde to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eye to Pharnath;
hem, Whanne e goon into e loond of Chanaan, and xxvi of e lynage of Yachar, duke Phaltiel, e one of
into poeioun to ow felle bi lot, wi es eendis it Ozan;
hal be endid. xxvii of e lynage of Aer, Abyud, e one of Salomy;
iii e ou part hal bigyn fro e wildirnes of Syn, at is xxviii of e lynage of Neptalym, Fedahel, e one of
biide Edom, and it hal haue termes aens e eet, and Amyud.
moot alt ee, xxix es ben, to whom e Lord comaundide, at ei
iiii e which hal enuyroun e ou coot bi e tiyng up hulden dyuyde to e ones of Yrael e loond of
of corpioun, o at ei paen into Sennam, and camen Chanaan.
to e ou, vnto Cades Barne; fro whens hulen goo
oute, e ny cootis, to a toun, Abder bi name, and ei Capitulum XXXV.
hulen trecche vnto Aemonam; i Thee ingis foroe pak e Lord to Moyes, in e
v and e coot hal goo bi enuyroun fro Aemona vnto wijlde feeldis of Moab, vpon Jordan, aens Jerycho,
e rennynge water of Egipte, and it hal be endid in e ii Comaunde to e ones of Irael, at ei yuen to e
brenk of e greet ee. Leuytis, of her poeiouns, citees to dwellen yn, and
vi e wet plage foroe hal begynne fro e greet ee, e uburbs of hem bi enuyroun,
and wi at his eend hal be cloid. iii at ei dwellen in wallid towns, and e uburbis ben
vii Foroe to e nor plage, fro e greet ee teermes to feelde beetis, and houbeetis;
hulen begynne, ful comynge vnto e moot hie hil, iiii e whiche fro e wallis of e citees wi outen for
viii fro e which ei hulen come into Emath, vnto e bi enuyroun ben tretchid, bi pace of a owand paae;
eendis of Sedeba; v aens e eet, two owand hulen be e cubitis, and
ix and e ny cootis hulen go vnto Effrona, and e aens e ou, alo two owand; foroe at e ee at
town of Enan. es hulen be e teermes in e part of e biholdi to e wet, e ame meure hal be, and e
nor. nor plage bi euen teerme hal be eendid. And citees
x ens hulen be ett e eendis aens e eet plage, fro hulen be in e myddil, and uburbis wioute.
e toun of Henam vnto Sephama; vi Foroe of ilk wallid townes alo to e Leuytes e
xi and fro Sephama e termes hulen decende vnto hulen yue, ix hal be euerd into e helpes of
Reblath, aens e welle of Daphym; ens ei hulen fugityues, at he at hedi blood, flee to hem; and
come aens e eet to e ee of Cenereth; out taken hem, oir two and fourti wallid townes,
xii and ei hulen tretche vnto Jordan, and at e lat vii at ben to gidre eit and fourti, wi her uburbis.
ei hulen be cloid wi e moot alt ee. is loond e viii And ilk citees at hulen be euen, of e
hulen haue bi oure cootis in enuyroun. poeiouns of e ones of Yrael, of hem at more han,
xiii And Moyes comaundide to e ones of Yrael, mo hulen be take awey, and at lae, fewer; eche aftir
eiynge, is hal be e loond at e hulen welde bi lot, e meure of her herytage, hulen yue wallid townes to
and at e Lord comaundide to be euen to nyne e Leuytes.
lynagis, and to e half lynage; ix e Lord ei to Moyes,
xiiii foroe e lynage of e ones of Ruben bi her x Spek to e ones of Yrael, and ow halt eye to hem,
meynees, and bi e lynage of e ones of Gad, aftir e Whanne e goon ouer Jordan, into e loond of
kynrede and noumbre, and e half lynage of Manae, Chanaan,
xv at is, two lynagis and an half, token her parte xi biholdi what citees owen to be into e helpis of
beonde Jordan, aens Jericho, at e eet plage. fugityues, at not wilnyng heeden blood.
xvi And e Lord ei to Moyes, xii In e whiche whanne e for fleer fleei, e coyn
xvii es ben e names of e men at hulen dyuyde e of e layn man hal not mowe lee hym, to e tyme at
loond to ow, Eleazar, e preet, and Joue, e one of he toond in e it of e multitude, and e caue of
Nun, hym be demed.
xviii and alle e prynces of alle lynagis; xiii Of ilk foroe citees at ben euerd to e helpis of
xix of whom e names ben es, of e lynage of Juda, e fugityues,
Caleph, e one of Jephone; xiiii re hulen be beonde Jordan, and ree in e loond
xx of e lynage of Symeon, Samuel, e one of Amyud; of Chanaan;

xv as wel to e ones of Yrael as to comlyngis and Yrael, and at to e doutres of Salphaad, oure broer,
pilgrimes; at he flee to hem, `e which not wilnynge ow huldet yue poeioun duwe to e fader.
hedi blood. iii e whiche if men of anoer lynage taken to wyues,
xvi If eny man myti a man wi yren, and were deed, hulen folwe her poeioun, and tranlatid to anoer
he at is myter hal be gilti of mannus lauter, and he lynage, of oure herytage hal be laid;
hal dye. iiii and o hal be doo, at whanne e iubyle, at is e
xvii If a toon he rowe, and wi e cat lee, lijk fiftie eer of remyioun, come, be confoundid e
maner he hal be punihid. delynge of lottis, and oer mennus poeioun pae to
xviii If wi a tree myten he dye, in blood of e myter oir.
he hal be vengid. v And Moyes anwerde to e ones of Yrael, and, e
xix e ny kynne of e layn e man leer hal lee; Lord comaundynge, ei, Ryt e lynage of e ones of
anoon as he catchi hym, he hal lee. Joeph ha poken,
xx If bi haat eny man a man aen putti, oer rowi vi and is lawe vpon e doutren of Salphaad of e
eny ing into hym bi apies, Lord is opynly hewid; wedden ei to whom ei wolen,
xxi oer whanne he were enemye wi hoond myti, oonly to e men of her lynage;
and he were deed, e myter hal be gilti of vii let e poeyouns of e ones of Yrael be mengid
manlauter. Anoon e coyn of e layn, whanne he fro lynage into lynage. Foroe alle men hulen take
fyndi hym, hal kyt his root. wyues of her lynage, and of her kynrede,
xxii And if bi hap, and wi outen haat and enemytees, viii and alle wymmen houboondes of e ame lynage
xxiii eny ing of ee do; take ei, at e herytage dwelle in e meynees,
xxiiii and at herynge e puple were pryuyd, and bitwix ix ne to hemilf be mengid e lynagis, but o dwelle ei,
e myter and e ny of e blood e quetyoun were as of e Lord ei ben euerd.
meuyd, x And e douters of Salphaad diden, as to hem was
xxv e innocent hal be delyuerd fro e hoond of e comaundid.
vengeour, and he hal be brout aen bi entence into xi And Maala, and Thera, and Egla, and Melcha, and
e cytee, to e which he flee, and he hal dwelle ere, Noha, weren weddid to e ones of e broer of her
to e tyme at e greet preet at wi hooli oyle is fader,
anoynt, dye. xii of e meynee of Manae, at was e one of Joeph.
xxvi If e leer out of e cootis of e cytees at to And e poeioun at was to hem delyuerd, abood in
outlawis ben ordeynd, were foundun, e lynage and e meynee of e fader of hem.
xxvii and mytun of hym at is vengeour of e blood, xiii es ben e maundementis and domes, at e Lord
wiouten gilt hal he be at lewe hym; comaundide bi e hoond of Moyes, to e ones of
xxviii e for fleer foroe hulde vnto e dee of e Yrael, in e wijlde feeldis of Moab, vpon Jordan, aens
bihop in is citee dwelle til; aftirward foroe at he Jericho.
dye, e manleer hal turne aen in his loond. Here endi e book of Numeri and nowe
xxix es ingis euerlatynge hulen be, and lawful in
bygynne e book of Deutronomy.
alle oure dwellyngis.
xxx A manleer vndur witnee, hal be punihid; at e
witneynge of oon no man hal be condempnyd. DEUTRONOMIE.
xxxi e hulen not take prijs of hym at is gilti of blood, Here begynne e bok of Deutronomie.
anoon and he hal dye.
xxxii Outlawis, and ferre fleeers, before e dee of e Capitulum I.
bihop no wie into her citees mowen turne aen,
i Thes ben e wordis at Moies pak to al Yrael,
xxxiii let e poluten e loond of oure dwellynge, e
which is defoulid bi e blood of e innocentis, ne oer bionde Jordan, in e wijld feeldi wildernes, aens e
wayes may be purgyd, but bi his blood, at at oers Reed See, bytwix Pharan and Tophel and Laban and
blood hedde. Aeroth, where is mych ing of gold,
ii bi enleuen days fro Oreb bi e wey of e hil of Seyr,
xxxiiii And o hal be clenid oure poeioun, me
dwellynge wi ou; foroe Y am e Lord, at dwelle vnto Cades Barne.
iii e fourteene eer, e enleuen mone, e firt day
among e ones of Irael.
of e mone, Moyes pak to e ones of Yrael alle
Capitulum XXXVI. ingis at e Lord hadde comaundid to hym at he
hulde eye to hem,
i Camen ny foroe and e prynces of e meynees of iiii after at he moot Seon, e kyng of Amorreis, at
Galaad, e one of Machir, e one of Manae, of e dwellid in Eebon, and Og, e kyng of Baan, at
lynage of e ones of Joeph, and peken to Moyes dwellid in Aeroth and in Edray,
before e princes of Yrael, v bionde Jordan, in e loond of Moab. And Moyes
ii and eyden, To ee oure lord comaundide e Lord, biganne to opne e lawe, and eie,
at e loond bi lot ow huldit dyuyde to e ones of

vi e Lord oure God ha poke to vs in Oreb, eiynge, It xxv takynge of e fruytis of it, at ei myten hewe e
uffii to ow at in is hil e han dwelt; plenteuoute, ei brouten to vs, and eiden, Good is e
vii turne aen, and come to e hil of Amorreis, and to loond at e Lord oure God is to yuynge to vs.
oer at ere ben next, feeldi, and hilli, and e more xxvi And e wolden not tye vp, but mybileuynge to e
lower places aens e ou; and to e loond biide e word of e Lord oure God,
brenk of e ee of Chananees, and of Libany, vnto e xxvii e grutchiden in oure tabernaclis, and eiden, e
greet flood of Eufraten. Lord hati vs, and erfore he ha ladde vs out of e
viii Loo! he ei, I haue take it to ow; goo e yn, and loond of Egipte, at he take vs in e hoond of Amorrei,
weelde e it, vpon e which e Lord ha worn to and doo awey.
oure fadres Abraham, Yaac, and Jacob, at he yue it xxviii Wheer hulen we tie vp? e meangeris han
to hem, and to e eed of hem after hem. feerde oure hertis, eiynge, e moot multitude is, and
ix And I haue eid to ow in at tyme, I may not aloone in tature more happlych an we; greet citees, and in
uteyne ow, to heuene wallid; e ones of Enachym we han een
x for e Lord oure God ha multiplied ow, and e ben ere.
many as e terres of heuene; xxix And I eide to ow, Wole e not be feryde, ne drede
xi e Lord God of oure fadris adde to is noumbre e;
many owandis, and blee to ow, as he ha pokun. xxx e Lord God, at is oure ledere, for vs he hal fite,
xii Y may not alone oure nedis uteyn, and birens, as he ha doo in Egipte, alle men eynge.
and tryues; xxxi And in wildernes, e han een, e Lord i God ha
xiii yue e of ow wye men, and herti, and whos born ee, as a man is wonyd to bere a litil child, his
conueracioun be preued in oure lynagis, at I putte one, in alle weie bi e which e han goo, to e tyme
hem to ow princes. at e comen to is place.
xiiii an e anwerden to me, A good ing it is at ou xxxii And it not us foroe e leeueden to e Lord
wolt doon. oure God, at wente before ou in e weie,
xv And I took of oure lynagis wie men, and noble; xxxiii and ha et e place in e whiche e hulden
and I haue ordeynd hem princes, and tribunes, and picche tentis, e nyt hewynge e weie to ow bi fier,
centuriouns, and quynquagenaryes, and denes, at and e dai bi piler of a clowde.
techen ow alle ingis. xxxiiii And whanne e Lord hadde herde e voyce of
xvi And I haue comaundide to hem, eiynge, Here e oure wordis, wroo he wore, and ei,
hem, and at is ritwie deme, wheer he be cyteeyn, xxxv ere hal not e eny man of e men of is wort
or pilgrime. generacioun e good loond, at vndur oo Y haue
xvii Noon hal be ditaunce of perones; o e litil e bihoot to oure fadris,
hulen here as e more, ne e hulen accept eny xxxvi aue Caleph, e one of Jephone; he foroe hal e
mannus perone, for e dome of God it is. And if eny it, and to hym I hal yue e loond at he ha troden,
ing hard to ow were een, telli to me, and I hal and to his ones, for he ha folwid e Lord.
here. xxxvii Ne e indignacioun aen e puple is to be
xviii And I comaundide alle ingis at e hulden doo. meruelid, i to me foroe e Lord wroo for ow,
xix And goon for fro Oreb, we paiden bi feerful eide, Ne ow halt go in idir,
deeert and moot wildernes, at e han een, bi e xxxviii but Joue, e one of Nun, i eruaunt, he hal
weye of e hil of Amorrei, as e Lord oure God ha goo yn for ee; is enfourme ow, and trenge, at he
comaundide to ow. And whanne e weren comen into e loond bi lot dyuyde to Yrael.
Cades Barne, xxxix oure litil children, of e whiche e han eid, at
xx Y eide to ow, e ben comen to e hil of Amorrei, cheytif ei hulen be lad, and e ones at to day of
at e Lord oure God is to yuynge to vs; good and yuel vnknown e ditaunce, ei hulen goon
xxi looke e loond at e Lord i God hal yue to ee; yn; and to hem Y hal yue e loond, and ei hulen
and ty vp, and weelde it, as e Lord oure God ha weeld it.
poken to i fadris; nyl ow drede, ne eny ing be xl e foroe turne aen, and go ens into wildernes,
agat. bi e weie of e Reed See.
xxii And e comen to me alle, and eiden, ende we xli And e anwerden to me, We han ynned to e Lord;
men, at biholden e loond, and tellen to vs bi what we hulen tie vp, and fiten, as e Lord oure God ha
weie we hulden tye vp, and to what cytees goon. comaundid. And whanne e, taut in armes, wolden
xxiii And whanne to me e word pleide, Y ente of ow goo into e hil,
twelue men, eche by her lynagis. xlii e Lord ei to me, ey ou to hem, Wole e not tie
xxiiii e whiche whanne ei weren goon, and hadden vp, ne fite; foroe Y am not wi ow, let e fallen
tied vp into e hillis, ei camen into e valeye of before oure enemyes.
Clutre; and e loond biholdid, xliii I pak, and e herden not, but contrariynge to e
heet of e Lord, and bolnynge bi pride, e tieden vp
into e hil.

xliiii And o Amorre gon out, at dwelt in e hillis, and xix and comynge ny into e ide cootis of e ones of
aen comynge puruede vs, as been ben wont to be Amon, be war let ow fite aens hem, ne be ou
purued, and lewen doun fro Seyr vnto Horma. meued to batayl; foroe Y hal not eue to ee of e
xlv And whanne turned aen e wepten before e Lord, loond of e ones of Amon, for to e ones of Loth I
he herde ow not, ne to our voys wolde aent; haue eue it into poeioun.
xlvi e eeten erfor in Cades Barne myche tyme. xx e loond of geauntis it is holdun, and in it um tyme
dwelten geauntis, whom e Ammonytes clepen
Capitulum II. Zoumym;
i And goon for ens, we comen into wildernes at xxi myche puple, and greet, and of feyre lenge, as
ledi to e Reed See, as e Lord eide to me; and we Enachym, whom e Lord dide awey fro e face of hem,
enuyrounden e hil of Seyr long tyme. and made hem to dwelle for hem,
ii And e Lord eide to me, xxii as he dide to e ones of Eau, at dwellen in Seyr,
iii Suffice it to ow to goon about is hil; goo e aens doynge awey Horreis, and e loond of hem to hem
e nor. takynge, e which ei weelden vnto e tyme at is
iiii And to e puple comaund, eiynge, e hulen pae nowe.
bi e cootis of oure brieren, e ones of Eau, at xxiii Foroe Eueos, at dwellen in Aerym vnto
dwellen in Seyr, and ei hulen drede ow. Gazam, men of Capadoce putten out; e whiche goon
v Se e erfor biilych, at e ben not meued aens out fro Capadoce, diden hem awey, and dwelliden for
hem; ne foroe I hal eue to ow of e loond of hem hem.
as myche as e tap of a foot may treede, for into e xxiiii Rye e, and pai e treem of Arnon; loo! Y haue
poeioun of Eau Y haue yue e hil of Seyr. takun in in hoond Seon, e kyng of Eebon, and
vi Meetis e hulen bigge of hem for money, and eten; Amorreis; and e loond of it bigynne to take
water bout e hulen drawe, and drynke. poeioun, and doo aens hym batayle.
vii e Lord i God ha bleid to ee in al e werk of xxv To day Y hal bigynne to ende drede and i feerde
in hoondes; he ha knowun i weie, what maner wie into puplis at dwellen vndur al heuen, at i name
ow hat paid is greet wildernes, bi fourti eer, e herd, ei dreden, and bi maner of wymmen berynge
Lord i God dwellynge wi ee, and no ing failed to child ei bigynnen to tremble, and wi orwe biholden.
ee. xxvi Y ente erfore meangeris fro e wildernes of
viii And whanne we hadden paid bi oure brieren, e Cademoch to Seon, e kyng of Eebon, bi peible
ones of Eau, at dwelliden in Seyr, bi e feeldi weie wordis, eiynge,
fro Elath, and fro Aiongaber, we camen to e weie at xxvii We hulen pae bi i loond, e comoun weye we
ledi into deeert of Moab. hulen goo; we hulen not goo aide, ne to e ryt ne to
ix And e Lord eide to me, Fit ow not aens e left.
Moabites, ne go ou in aens hem to bateyl; foroe I xxviii Lyuelodis bi prijs el to vs, at we eeten; water for
hal not yue to ee eny ing of e loond of hem, for to money if, and o we hulen drynke. Oonlich is, at
e ones of Loth Y haue take Ar into poeioun. ow graunte to vs payng for,
x Emyn weren e firt dwellers of it, a greet puple, and xxix as e ones of Eau diden, at dwellen in Seyr, and
a troong, and o hie, Moabitis, at dwellen in Ar, to e tyme at we comen
xi at of Enachym lynage as geauntis ei ben trowed, to Jordan, and pae to e loond at e Lord oure God
and weren lijk of e ones of Enachym; erfor is to yuynge to vs.
Moabites clepen hem Emyn. xxx And Seon, e kyng of Eebon, wolde not yue to vs
xii In Seyr foroe raer dwelten Horrey, e whiche put paynge; for e Lord, i God, inwardly hardide e
out and doon awei, e ones of Eau dwelliden, as pirite of hym, and aen fetnede e herte of hym, at
Yrael dide in e loond of his poeioun, at e Lord o he were take into in hoondis, as now ow eet.
af to hym. xxxi And e Lord eide to me, Loo! Y haue begunne to
xiii anne aryynge, at we myten pae e treem of take to ee Seon, and e loond of hym; bigynne to
Zareth, we camen to it. weelde it.
xiiii Foroe e tyme, in e which we wenten fro Cades xxxii And Seon goon out to mete wi vs, wi al his
Barne vnto e paynge of e treem of Zareth, was of puple, to e batayle in Jaa.
eit and retti eer, to e tyme at al e congregacioun xxxiii And e Lord oure God took hym to vs, and we
of men of bateyl weren watid fro e tentis, as e Lord han myten hym, wi his ones, and al his puple.
wore; xxxiiii And alle e cytees in at tyme we token, leyn e
xv whos hoond was aens hem, at ei dien fro e dwellers of hem, `men, and wymmen, and children; we
myddil of e tentis. laften not in hem eny ing,
xvi Foroe aftir at alle e fiters fellen, xxxv out take beetys at camen into e part of e praye
xvii e Lord pak to me, eiynge, takers, and poylis of e citees whiche we token.
xviii ou halt pae to day e cootis of Moab, e citee, xxxvi Fro Aroer, at is vpon e brenke of e treem of
Ar bi name; Arnon, fro e wallid town at in e valeye is et, vnto

Galaad, was no treet or cytee, at oure hoondis treem, and e ny cootis vnto e treem of Jeboch, at
akapide. Alle e Lord oure God took to vs; is e teerme of e ones of Amon;
xxxvii wi oute e loond of e ones of Amon, to e xvii and e pleyn of wildirnes, and Jordan, and teermes
which we comen not ny, and alle at liggen to e of Cenereth vnto e ee of deeert, at is moot alt, to
treem of Jeboch, and e mounteyn citees, and alle e e rotis of e hil of Phaga, aens e eet.
places fro e whiche e Lord oure God ha defendid xviii And Y haue comaundid to ow in at tyme,
vs. eyynge, e Lord oure God yue to ow is loond into
herytage; fulpeed goo e before oure brieren, e
Capitulum III. ones of Yrael, alle e tronge men,
i And o turned we tieden vp bi e weye of Baan; and xix wi outen wyues and litil children and beetis. I
Og, e kyng of Baan, wente out into aencomynge to haue knowun foroe at e han manye beetis, and in
vs wi his puple, to fite in Edray. es citees hulen abide, `e whiche Y af to ow,
ii And e Lord eide to me, Ne drede ow hym, for in xx to e tyme at e Lord yue ret to oure brieren, as
in hoond he is taak, wi al e puple, and his loond; he ha yue to ow; and alo at ei weelden e loond
and ow halt doo to hym as ow didit to Seon, e at he is to yuynge to hem, bionde Jordan; anne
kyng of Amorreis, at dwellid in Eebon. hal turne aen echon into his poeioun, at Y haue
iii e Lord oure God took alo anne in oure hoondis eue to ow.
Og, e kyng of Baan, and al e puple of hym; and we xxi To Joue foroe in at tyme I haue comaundid,
han mytun hym vnto e dee, eiynge, in eyen han een at e Lord oure God dide
iiii watynge alle e cytees of hym o tyme; ere was no to es two kyngis; o he hal do to al e rewmes,
wallid town at vs myte akape; exti citees, al e xxii to e whiche ow art to paynge; ne drede ow
regioun of Argob, of e kyngdom of Og in Baan. hem; e Lord oure God hal fit for us.
v Alle e cytees weren trengid wi moot hie wallis, xxiii And I preyede e Lord in at time, eiynge,
atis, and barris; wi outen townes vnnoumbrable, at xxiiii Lord God, ow hat bigunne to hewe to i
hadden no wallis. eruaunt i mochilnes, and moot trong hoond, ne
vi And we diden hem awey, as we diden to Seon, e foroe ere is anoer God or in heuene or in ere, at
kyng of Eebon, detruyinge al citee, and men, and may doo i werkis, and be comparyound to i
wymmen, and litil children; trenge.
vii beetis foroe and puyles of e cytees we han xxv I hal pae erfor, and e is bet loond bionde
frodrawen. Jordan, and is noble hil and Liban.
viii And we han take at tyme e loond fro e hoond of xxvi And e Lord was wroo to me for ow, ne herde
two kyngis of Amorreis, at weren bionde Jordan, fro me, but eide to me, It uffici to ee; namore pek ow
e treem of Arnon vnto e hil of Hermon, of is ing to me.
ix at Sydonys Saryon clepen, and Amoreis Sanyr; xxvii Sty vp to e cop of Phage, and in eyen turn
x alle e cytees at ben et in pleyn, and al e loond of about to e wet, and nor, ou, and eet, and bihold;
Galaad, and Baan, vnto Sewa and Edrai, e citees of ne foroe ow halt pae is Jordan.
e kyngdom of Og, in Baan. xxviii Comaund to Joue, and trenge hym, and
xi Oonli foroe Og, e kyng of Baan, left of e tok of comfort; for he hal goo before is puple, and dyuyde
geauntis; and e bedde of hym is hewid yren, at is in to hem e loond at ou art to eynge.
Rabath, of e ones of Amon, ten cubites hauynge of xxix And we dwelliden in e valeye, aens e `mawmet
lenge, and foure of brede, at e meure of e cubite of temple of Phegor.
mannus hoond.
xii And e loond we weeldiden in at tyme, fro Aroer, Capitulum IIII.
at is vpon e brenk of e treem of Arnon, vnto e i And nowe, Irael, here e heetis and domys, at Y
myddil part of e hil of Galaad; and e cytees of it Y teche ee; at doynge em ow lyue, and goynge yn
haue euen to Ruben and Gad. ow weelde e loond at e Lord God of oure fadres
xiii Foroe at oer part of Galaad, and al Baan, of e is to eue to ow.
kyngdom of Og, Y haue take to e half lynage of ii e hulen not adde to e word at Y peke to ow, ne
Manae, al e regioun of Argob. Al Baan was clepid take awey from it; kepe e e heetis of e Lord oure
e loond of geauntis. God, e whiche Y comaunde to ow.
xiiii Jayr, e one of Manae, weeldide al e regioun of iii oure eyen han een alle ingis at e Lord dide
Argob, vnto e teermes of Geuri, and Machati; and aens Belphegor; what maner wie he ha bruid down
he cleep Baan bi his name, Anothiayr, at is, e towns al e heriers of it, fro e myddil of ou.
of Jayr, vnto e day at is nowe. iiii Foroe e at cleuen to e Lord oure God, lyuen
xv Foroe to Machir Y haue eue Galaad; alle, to e day at is nowe.
xvi and to e lynage of Ruben and Gad Y haue eue e v e witen at I taut ow heetis, and ritwinees, as
loond of Galaad, vnto e treem of Arnon, half of e ha comaundid to me e Lord my God; o e hulen
doo hem in e loond at e ben to weeldynge,

vi and kepe and fulfille in dede. Foroe is is oure xxv If e geten ones, and ones ones, and dwelliden in
widam, and vndirtondynge before e puplys, at ei e loond, and deeyued make to ow eny liknes,
alle, herynge es heetis, eyn, Loo! a wie puple and doynge yuel before e Lord oure God, at e terren
an vndirtondynge! a greet folk of kynde! hym to wrae,
vii Ne ere is oer nation o greet, at ha goddis xxvi witnees Y inwardly clepe to day heuene and ere,
neiynge to hem, as oure God is ny to alle oure holi at oone e ben to perihen fro e loond, at, Jordan
preiers. ouerpaid, e ben to weelden; e hulen not dwelle in it
viii What is foroe oer folk of kynde o noble, at ha long tyme, but e Lord ou hal doo awey,
ceremoyns, and rytwis domys, and al e lawe, at I xxvii and cater into alle folkis of kynde, and e hulen
purpoe to day before oure eyen? dwelle fewe in e naciouns, to whiche e Lord is to
ix Keep erfor i ilf, and i oule biilich; ne foreet lede ou.
ow e wordis at in eyen han een, and ne falle ei xxviii And ere e hulen erue to goddis, e whiche bi
out of in herte, alle e dayes of i lijf. ow halt teche hoond of men ben forgid of tree, and toon, at een
hem i ones, and i one ones; not, ne heren, ne eten, ne mellen.
x e day `e which ow todit before e Lord i God in xxix And whanne ou echit ere e Lord i God, ow
Oreb, whanne to me pak e Lord, eiynge, Gedre to halt fynde hym; o neuerelater at wi al in herte
me e puple, at he here my wordis, and lerne to drede ow eche, and wi al e tribulacioun of i oule.
me al tyme at he lyue in ere, and teche he his xxx After at ee han foundun alle ingis at ben
ones. before eid, foroe e lat tyme ow halt turne aen to
xi And e neieden to e root of e hyl, at brent vnto e Lord i God, and ow halt here e voyce of hym.
heuene; and ere weren in it derkneis, and clowde, xxxi For a mercyable God e Lord i God is; he hal not
and mytynes. leeue ee, ne vtterlich doo awey, ne he hal forete e
xii And e Lord pak to ow fro e myddil of e fier; e couenaunt in e which he wore to i fadris.
voyce of e wordis of hym e herden, and e forme out xxxii Ak ow of e oold dayes at weren before ee, fro
ryt aw e not. e daye at e Lord i God fourmede man vpon ere,
xiii And he hewide to ow his couenaunt, at he fro e hiet of heuene vnto e hiet of it, if ere is
comaundide at e hulden doo, and e ten wordis, at doon eny tyme iche a maner ing, or euer is knowun,
he wroot in e two tonen tablis. xxxiii at e puple herde e voyce of e God pekynge
xiiii And to me he comaundide in at tyme, at I hulde fro e myddil of fier, as ow herdit, and aw;
teche ow cerymoyns, and domes, at e owen to doo xxxiiii if God dide, at he ede in, and took to hym a
in e loond at e ben to weelden. folk of kynde fro e myddil of naciouns, bi
xv Kepe e erfor biiliche oure oulis; e han not een temptaciouns, ignes, and wondres, bi fit, and trong
eny lickenes, in e day at e Lord pak to ou in Oreb, hoond, and treit out e arme, and orrible ites, after
fro e myddil of fier; alle ingis at dide for ow e Lord oure God, in
xvi let perauenture dieyued e maken to ow a graued Egipte, eynge in eyen;
liknes, oer ymage of maal, or of femaal; xxxv at ow knewe for e Lord he a God, and ere is
xvii liknes of alle beetis at ben vpon ere, or of briddis noon oer but oon.
vndur heuene fleynge, xxxvi Fro heuene he made ee to here his voyce, at he
xviii and of crepynge beetis at meuen in e ere, oer teche ee; and in e loond he ha hewid to ee his
of fihis at vndir e ere dwellen in watrys; moot fier, and ow hat herde e wordis of hym fro e
xix let perauenture e eyen reryd to heuene, ou e e myddil of fier;
unne, and e mone, and alle e terris of heuene, and xxxvii for he ha loued i fadres, and choun e eed of
by errour dieyued ow honoure hem, and herye, e hem after hem. And he ladde out ee, goynge before in
whiche of nout maad e Lord i God, into eruyce to his greet vertue, fro Egipte,
al folk of kynde, at ben vndur heuene. xxxviii at he doo awey moot naciouns, and e
xx Foroe e Lord took ow, and ladde ow oute fro e trengere, in in entree, and in lede ee, and eue to
yren forneys of Egipte, at he haue a puple bi herytage, ee e loond of hem into poeioun, as ow biholdit
as it is in e day at is nowe. in e day at is now.
xxi And e Lord was wroo aens me, for oure wordis, xxxix Know ow erfor to day, and enk in in herte,
and wore at I hulde not pae Jordan, ne goo into e at e Lord he is a God in heuene aboue, and in ere
bet loond, at he is to yuynge to ow. benee, and ere is noon oer.
xxii Loo! I dye in is ere; I hal not pae Jordan; e xl Kepe ow e heetis of hym, and maundements, at I
hulen pae, and weelde e noble loond. comaunde to ee, at wel it be to ee, and i ones
xxiii Be war, let eny tyme ow foreete e couenaunt of after ee, and dwelle ow myche tyme vpon e ere,
e Lord i God, at I made couenaunt wi ee, and at e Lord i God is to yue to ee.
make to ee a graued liknes of hem at e Lord xli anne Moyes euerde re citees, bionde Jordan, at
defendide to make. e et plage,
xxiiii For e Lord i God fier watynge is; a God gelows.

xlii at to hem flee e which lee a neibour, not ow, and i one, and dowter, eruaunt, and
wilnynge, ne were enemy before oon and oer day, and handmayden, and oxe, and ae, and al i beet, and
to oon of ee citees myte acape; pilgryme at is wi ynne i atis; at i eruaunt and
xliii Boor, in wildernee, at is et in e wijlde feeldi handmayde reten, and as ow.
loond, of e lynage of Ruben; and Ramoth, in Galaad, xv Haue mynde, at and i elf eruede in Egipte, and
at is in e lynage of Gad; and Golan, in Baan, at is e Lord i God ladde ee out ens in a tronge hoond,
in e lynage of Manae. and in an arme treit out; erfore he ha comaundid
xliiii is is e lawe at Moyes purpoide before e ones to ee, at ow kepe wel e day of e aboth.
of Yrael, xvi Honour i fader and i moder, as e Lord i God
xlv and ee e witneyngis, and cerymoyns, at he ha comaundid to ee, at longe tyme ow lyue, and
pak to e ones of Yrael, whanne ei wenten out of wel be to ee in e loond at e Lord i God is to
Egipte, yuynge to ee.
xlvi ouer Jordan, in e valey aens e `mawmet temple xvii ow halt not lee.
of Phegor, in e loond of Seon, kyng of Amorrei, at xviii And ow halt do no leccherye.
dwellid in Eebon, whom moot Moyes. Foroe e xix And ow halt doo no eft.
ones of Irael goon out of Egipte, xx ou halt not peke aens i neibore fals witnes.
xlvii weeldiden e loond of hym, and e loond of Og, xxi ow halt not coueyte e wijf of i neibour, ne
kyng of Baan, of e two kyngis of Amorreis, at weren hows, ne feelde, ne eruaunt, ne handmayde, ne oxe, ne
bionde Jordan, at e ryynge of e unne; ae, and alle ingis at of hym ben.
xlviii fro Aroer, at is et vpon e brenk of e treme of xxii es wordes e Lord pak to al oure multitude, in e
Arnon, vnto e hil of Seon, at is in Hermon; hil, of e myddel of fier and clowde and derknee, wi
xlix al e pleyn bionde e Jordan, to e eet plage, vnto a greet voyce, no inge addinge more ouer; and he
e ee of widernes, and into e rotis of e hil of Phaga. wroot hem in two tonen tablis, at he took to me.
xxiii e foroe, after at e herden a voice fro e
Capitulum V. myddel of derkneis, and at e een e hil to brenne,
i And Moyes clepide al Yrael, and eide to hym, Here, e comen to me alle e princes of e lynages, and e
Yrael, cerymoyns, and domys, at I peke in oure eris more ur bire,
to day; lerne e hem, and fulfilli in dede. xxiiii and eiden, Loo! e Lord oure God ha hewid to
ii e Lord oure God ha couenauntid wi vs a boond of vs maiete, and his mychylnee; e voyce of hym we
pees in Oreb; han herd fro e myddil of e fier, and we han preued to
iii not wi oure fadres he made couenaunt, but wi vs, day at ur God pekynge wi man a man lyue.
at nowe ben, and lyuen. xxv Whi anne hulen we die, and hal deuowre vs is
iiii Face to face he ha poke to vs in e hil, fro e moot fier? Foroe if we heren more e voice of e
myddil of fier. Lord oure God, we hulen die.
v I felawe and meene was bitwix God and ow in at xxvi What is al fleh, at he here e voice of God
tyme, at I tolde to ow e wordis of hym; foroe e lyuynge, at fro e myddil of fier peki, as we han
dreden e fier, and e tieden not into e hil. And he herd, and myten lyue?
ei, xxvii ow more goo ni, and here alle ingis at e
vi I e Lord i God, at haue ladde ee out of e loond Lord oure God hal eye to ee; and ow halt peke to
of Egipte, fro e hows of eruage. vs, and we herynge hal doon hem.
vii ow halt not haue alyen goddis in my it. xxviii e which ing whanne e Lord hadde herd, ei
viii ow halt not make to ee grauen ing, ne liknes of to me, I haue herd e voys of e wordes of is puple,
alle ingis at in heuen ben aboue, and at in ere at ei han pokun to ee; wel alle ingis ei han
bynee, and at dwellen in watres vndur ere; pokun.
ix ow halt not honoure hem, ne herye; foroe I am e xxix Who yue hem iche out to haue, at ei dreden
Lord i God, a ieloue God, eeldynge wickidnes of me, and kepen alle my maundementis in al tyme, at
fadres into ones, into e ridde and e fere wel it be to hem, and to e ones of hem, into wi
generacioun to hem at hatiden me, outen ende?
x and doynge mercy into many owandes to hem at xxx Go, and ey to hem, Turne aen into oure tentis.
louen me, and kepen myn heetes. xxxi Foroe ow toond here wi me, and I hal peke
xi ow halt not mytaak e name of e Lord i God to ee al e maundementis, and ceremoyns, and
idillich, for he hal not be vnpunyhid, at vpon veyn domes, at ow halt teche hem, at ei doon hem in
ing e name of hym taki. e loond at Y hal eue to hem into poeioun.
xii Kepi e day of e aboth, at ow halwe it, as e xxxii Kepe e erfore, and do hem, `e whiche e Lord
Lord i God ha comaundid to ee. God ha comaundid to ow; e hulen not bowe aide,
xiii Six dayes ow halt worche, and doo alle i werkis; ne to e ryt, ne to e left,
xiiii e euene day is of e aboth, at is e ret of e xxxiii but bi e weie at e Lord oure God ha
Lord i God. ow halt not doo in it eny ing of werke, comaundid, e hulen goo, at e lyuen, and wel be to

ow, and oure daies ben drawun along in e loond of xx And whanne i one aki ee to morwe, eiynge,
oure poeyoun. What to hem elf wolen es witneyngis, and
cerymoyns, and domes, at e Lord oure God ha
Capitulum VI. comaundid to vs?
i Thee ben e heetis, and cerymoyns, and domes, at xxi ow halt eie to hym, rallis of Pharao we weren in
e Lord oure God comaundide at Y hulde teche ow, Egipte, and e Lord ladde vs out of Egipte, in a trong
and e doon hem in e loond to e which to be weeldid hoond;
e paen fore; xxii and ha doo ignes, and greet wondris, and moot
ii at ow drede e Lord i God, and kepe alle e yuel in Egipte, aens Pharao, and alle e eruauntis of
maundementis, and heetis of hym, at I comaunde to hym, in oure it.
ee, and to i ones, and to i ones ones, alle e dais xxiii And he ladde ow out ens, at vs lad ynne, he
of i lijf, at i days ben drawen along. yue e loond, vp e which he ha wore to oure
iii Here, Yrael, and keep wel, at ow doo at e Lord fadres.
ha comaundid to ee, and wel be to ee, and ow be xxiiii And e Lord ha comaundid to vs, at we doon
multiplied forermore, as e Lord God of i fadres ha alle es lawful inges, and drede e Lord oure God,
behoot, to yue to ee e loond flowynge mylk and at it wel be to vs alle e dayes of oure lijf, as it is to
hony. day.
iiii Here, Yrael, e Lord i God o God is. xxv And he hal be merciable of vs, if we doon and
v ow halt loue e Lord i God of al in herte, and of kepen alle e heetes of hym, bifore e Lord oure God,
al i oule, and of alle i trengis. as he ha comaundyd to vs.
vi And es wordis at I comaunde to ee to day, hulen
be in in herte; Capitulum VII.
vii and ow halt telle hem to i ones, and deuowtly i Whanne e Lord i God ha lad ee into e loond, e
enk, yttinge in in howe, and goynge in e weie, which to weelde ow halt goo yn, and do awey many
and lepynge, and aryynge. gentilis before ee, Ethee, and Gergee, and Amorre,
viii And ow halt bynd hem as a tokne in in hoond; Chananee, Pheree, Euee, and Gebue; euen folkis, of
and ei hulen be before in eyen, and not be meued; myche more noumbre an ow art, and tronger `an
ix and ow halt write hem in e resfold and dores of ow;
in hows. ii and e Lord God take hem to ee, and ow halt
x And whanne e Lord i God ha lad ee into e myte hem vnto e de, ow halt not maak wi hem
loond, for e which he wore to i fadrys Abraham, couenaunt of pees, ne haue mercy of hem,
Yaac, and Jacob, and eue to ee greet and bet iii ne felawhip wi hem mariagis; i douter ow halt
citees, at ow hat not bilde, not eue to his one, ne his douter ow halt take to i
xi howes ful of alle ritchees, at ow hat not made one;
out, and cyterns, at ow hat not doluen, vyyn places, iiii for he hal lede aide i one, at he folwe not me,
and olyue places, at ow hat not plantid, and eetit, and at more he erue to alyen goddis; and e
and were fulfillid, woodenes of e Lord hal wrae, and oone do ee
xii be war biily at ow forete not e Lord, at ha awey.
lad ee out of e loond of Egipte, fro e hows of v But raer es ingis `e hulen doo to hem; e auters
eruage. of hem vndurturne, and breki togidres e ymagis,
xiii e Lord i God ow halt drede, and to hym oonli and e `mawmet wodis hewi down, and e grauen
ou halt erue, and bi e name of hym ow halt ingis brenne.
were. vi For an holy puple ou art to e Lord i God; e Lord
xiiii e hulen not go aftir alyen goddis, of alle gentilis i God ha choen ee, at ow be to hym a pecial
at about ow ben; puple, fro al e puples at ben vpon ere.
xv for a geloue God e Lord i God, in e myddil of vii Not for al e gentilis in noumbre e vencuiden, e
ee, let eny tyme e woodnes of e Lord i God Lord is ioyned to ow, and ha choun ow, whanne e
wrae aens ee, and doo ee awey fro e vttermoot ben fewer an alle e puples;
of e ere. viii but for e Lord ha loued ow, and ha kept e
xvi ow halt not tempte e Lord i God, as ow hat tetament at he ha worn to our fadres; and he ha
temptid in e place of temptynge. lad ow out in a trong hoond, and ha raunomyd fro
xvii Keep e heetis of e Lord i God, and e hows of eruage, and fro e hows of Pharao, e
witneyngis, and cerymoyns, at he comaundid to ee; kyng of Egipte.
xviii and do at is pleaunt and good in e it of e ix And ow halt wyte, for e Lord i God he is a
Lord, at it wel be to ee, and ow goon yn weelde e trong God, and a feiful, kepynge couenaunt and
bet loond, of e which e Lord ha wore to i fadres, mercy to ilk at louen hym, and to hem at kepen his
xix at he hal do awey alle in enemyes bifore ee, as heetis, into owande generaciouns;
he ha pokun.

x and eeldynge anoon to hem at haten hym, o at he i Al maundement at I comaunde to ee to day be war
cater hem, and ferer differre not; anoon eldynge to biili at ow doo, at e mowen lyue, and at e ben
hem at ei deeruen. multiplied, and goon yn, e weelden e loond, for e
xi Kepe erfore e heetis, and cerymoyns, and domes, which e Lord ha worn to oure fadres.
at I comaunde to ee to day, at ow doo. ii And ow halt recorde of al e weie, bi e which e
xii If after at ow herit es domes, kepit hem, and Lord i God ha lad ee fourti wintir, bi deeert, at he
doot, e Lord i God hal kepe couenaunt to ee, and traueyle ee, and tempte; and weren knowun at in in
mercy, at he wore to i fadres. inwitte weren tyryd, wheer ow woldit kepe e
xiii And he hal loue ee, and multiplie, and he hal heetis of hym, or noo.
blee to e fruyt of i wombe, and to e fruyt of i iii He trauelde ee wi carenes, and af to ee meet
loond, and to i whete, and to i vyndage, oyle, and manna, e which vnknewe ow, and i fadres, at he
droues, flockis of i heep, vpon e loond for e which hewe to ee, at not in oonly breed lyue man, but in
he ha wore to i fadris, at he eue it to ee. eche word of God, at go out of e mou of e Lord.
xiiii Bliid ow halt be among alle puples; ere hal iiii i cloinge, wi e which ow were couerd, for
not be anentis ee bareyn of eier kynde, as wel in eelde faylide not, and i foot was not vndur bryed,
men, as in i flockis. loo! e fourti eer is;
xv e Lord hall doo awey fro ee al orwe; and e v at ow aen enke in in herte, for as a man techi
wort infirmytees of Egipte, at ow hat knowun, he his one, o e Lord i God taute ee,
hal not put in to ee, but to al in enemyes. vi at ow kepe e heetis of e Lord i God, and goo
xvi And ow halt deuowr alle e puples, `e whiche e in e weies of hym, and drede hym.
Lord i God is to yue to ee; in eye hal not pare to vii Foroe e Lord i God hal lede ee into a good
hem, ne erue to e goddis of hem, let ei ben into lond, e lond of ryuers, and of watrys, and of welles, in
dounfallynge of ee. whos feeldis and hillis breken out gedrynges of flodes;
xvii If ow eit in in herte, Mo ben es folk an Y, viii e loond of whete, and of barly, and of vynes, in e
what maner wie hal I mowe doo awey hem? which figis, and poomgernettis, and olyues growen; e
xviii wol ow not drede, but recorde at e Lord i God loond of oyle and of hony;
ha doo to Pharao, and to alle e Egipciens, ix where wi out eny carenes ow halt eete i breed,
xix moot veniaunces, at in eyen han een, and and ow hal ful ve e plente of alle inges; whos
toknes, and wondres, and a trong hoond, and a traut tones ben yren, and of e hillis of it ben doluen
out arme, at e Lord i God out lede ee; o ow halt metallys of brae;
doo to alle puples `e which ow dredit. x at whanne ow eetit, and were fulfillid, ow blee
xx Forermore and horefleis e Lord i God hal to e Lord i God for e bet loond at he ha eue to
ende to hem, to e tyme at he doo awey alle, and ee.
cater, at fleen ee, and ben `hid mowen ei not. xi Kepe wel, and bewarre, let eny tyme ow forete e
xxi ou halt not drede hem, for e Lord i God is in e Lord i God, and myleue e heetis of hym, and
myddil of ee, e greet God, and feerful. domes, and cerymoyns, at Y comaunde to ee to day;
xxii He hal wate es naciouns `in i it, litilmele and xii let after at ow etit, and were fillid, feyr howes
bi partees; ow halt not mowe doo hem awey togidre, bildit, and dwellidit in hem,
let perauenture be multiplied aens ee e beetys of xiii and hat droues of oxen, and flockis of heep, and
e ere; plente of iluer, and of gold, and of alle inges,
xxiii and e Lord i God hal eue hem in i it, and le xiiii in herte be reryd, and haue no mynde of e Lord
hem, to e tyme at fulli ei ben doon aweie. i God, at ha lad ee out of e loond of Egipte, and
xxiiii And he hal take e kyngis of hem into in of e hows of eruage,
hoondes, and ow halt cater e names of hem vndur xv and i leder was in greet wildernes, and feerful, in
heuene; no man hal mowe witoonde to ee, to e e which was erpent ur blat brennynge, and
tyme at ow al to-trede hem. corpioun, and `dipas, at is, an eddre at whom he
xxv e grauen ingis of hem wi fier ow halt brenne; biti, he make ur rete die, and noon algatis
ow halt not coueyt iluer and gold, of e whiche ei watris; e which ladde out ryueres of e moot hard
ben maad, ne ow halt take of hem to ee eny ing, ne toon,
offend ow for hem, for abhomynacioun it is of e xvi and fedde ee wi manna in wildernes, e which
Lord i God. knewen not i fadres. And after at he trauelde ee,
xxvi Ne brynge ow yn eny ing of e mawmet into in and trengide, at e eende he hadde mercy of ee,
hows, let ow be maad accurid, as and it is; as tynk xvii let ow eidit in in herte, My trenge, and myt
ow halt loo, and as filhed and hore of of myn hoond alle es ingis to me han euen.
abbomynacioun ow halt haue, for curid it is. xviii But record ow of e Lord i God, at he trenges
ha eue to ee, at he fulfille his couenaunt, `vp e
Capitulum VIII. which he ha worne to i fadris, as e preent day

xix Ifforoe foreten of e Lord i God, folwedit alien xv And whanne I hulde decende fro e hil brennynge,
goddis, and herye hem, and honoure, loo! now Y before and two tablis of e boond of pees I heelde wi eier
eye to ee, at vtterly ow halt perihe; hoond,
xx as e gentilis, at e Lord dyde awey in in entre, o xvi and aw ow to haue ynned to e Lord oure God,
and e hulen perihe, if inobeihaunt e `hulen be to and haue maad to ow a oten calf, and han forake
e voys of e Lord oure God. wiftly e wey of hym, at he hewide to ow,
xvii I rewe afer e tablis fro myn hoondis, and breek
Capitulum IX. hem in oure it.
i Here, Yrael; ow halt to day gon ouer Jordan, at xviii And I felle down before e Lord as before, fourti
ow weelde moot naciouns, and trenger an ow; days and fourti nyt, breed not etynge, and water not
greet cytees, and into heuene wallid; drynkynge, for alle oure ynnes at e diden aens e
ii a greet puple, and an hiee; e ones of Enachym, `e Lord, and hym to wrae han terred;
whiche i elf hat een, and herd, to e whiche no man xix foroe I dredde e indignacioun and e wrae of
may aen witoond. hym, `in which aens ow tyryd, wold doo ow a wey.
iii anne to day ow halt wite, at e Lord i God he And e Lord herde me alo is while.
hal go before ee; fier deuowrynge and watynge, e xx Foroe aens Aaron hugeli wroo, he wolde hym
which brie hem down, and doo awey, and catre trede, and for hym lijk maner Y preiede.
before i face wiftly, as he ha pokun to ee. xxi Foroe oure ynne at e diden, at is, e calf,
iiii Ne ey ow in in herte, whanne e Lord i God takynge Y brent wi fier, and in gobetis brekynge, and
ha doo hem awey in i it, For my ritwines e Lord vtterly into powdre doynge, Y rewe ferre into e
ha lad me in, at is loond I weelde; i for her treem at decendide fro e hil.
wickidnees es naciouns ben doon awey. xxii In e brennynge foroe, and in e temptynge, and
v Foroe ne for i ritwinees, and euennee of in in e Sepulcres of Lut, e terreden e Lord;
herte ow halt goon yn, at ow weelde e loondes of xxiii and whanne Y ente ow fro Cades Barne, eiynge,
hem; but for ei diden vnpitownes, e comynge yn, ben Stye e vp, and weelde e e loond at I haue eue to
doon awey, and at e Lord fulfille his word at vnder ow, and e han dipiid e maundement of e Lord
oo he ha bihoot to i fadres Abraham, Yaac, and oure God, and han not leued to hym, ne his voyce
Jacob. heren e wolden;
vi Wite ow en, at not for i ritwinee e Lord i xxiiii but euer more e weren rebel, fro e day at I
God hal yue to ee is bet loond into poeioun, i biganne to knowe ow.
ow art a puple of moot hard nolle. xxv And Y leye before e Lord fourti days and fourti
vii Haue mynde, and forete ow not what maner wie nytis, in e whiche hym mekely Y preyede, at he ne
to wrae ow terredit e Lord i God in wildernes; hulde do ou awey, as he ratte.
fro at day at ow wentit out of Egipte vnto is xxvi And preiynge I eide, Lord God, ne cater ow i
place, euere more aens e Lord ou triuedit. puple, and in herytage, at ow hat bout in i
viii For and in Oreb ow terredit hym, and wroo he mychilnes, e which ow hat lad out of Egipte in a
wolde doo ee awey, trong hoond.
ix whanne I tiede into e hil, at I took two tonen xxvii Record of i eruauntis, Abraham, Yaac, and
tablis, tablis of couenaunt, e Lord couenauntide wi Jacob; ne bihold ow e hardnes of is puple, and
ou, and I abood in e hil fourti days and nyt, breed vnpitownes, and ynne,
not etynge, and water not drynkynge. xxviii let perauenture e dwellers of e loond, of e
x And e Lord af to me two tonen tablis, eier wrytun which ow hat lad vs out, eyn, e Lord myte not
wi e fyngre of God, and conteynynge alle e wordis lede hem into e loond at he bihite hem, and hatide
at to ow he pak in e hil, fro e myddil of fier, hem; erfor he ha lad out, at he le hem in
whanne al e companye of e puple was gedrid. wildernes,
xi And whanne fourti days weren paed, and o feele xxix at ben i puple, and in herytage, `e which ow
nyt, e Lord af to me two tonen tablis, tablis of hat lad out in i greet trenge, and in i treit out
boond of pees; arme.
xii and he eide to me, Rye, and go hens anoon, for i
puple, at ow hat lad out of Egipte, han forake Capitulum X.
wiftli e weie at ou hat hewid to hem, and han i In at tyme e Lord eide to me, Plaan to ee two
maad to hem elf a oten calf. tonen tables, as e raer weren; and ty vp to me into
xiii And eft e Lord eide to me, I biholde, at is puple e hil. And ow halt make a treen ark,
is of hard nolle; ii and I hal write in e tablis wordes at weren in hem
xiiii uffre me, at I trede hym doun, and doo awey e `e whiche before ou breeke; and ow halt putt hem
name of hym vndur heuene; and Y hal et ee vpon into e ark.
folk at is more and trenger an is.

iii I made erfor e ark of trees of Sechym; and whanne xxii Ineuenti oules i fadres deendeden into Egipte,
I hadde planed two tonen tablis, at e lyknes of e and loo! now e Lord i God ha multiplied ee as
raer, I tide vp into e hil, hauynge hem in hoondes. terres of heuene.
iiii And he wroot in e tables, after at at he hadde
wryten before ten wordes, at e Lord pak to vs in e Capitulum XI.
hil, fro e myddil of fier, whanne e puple was gedryd, i Loue alo e Lord i God, and kepe wel e heetis of
and ha eue hem to me. hym, and cerymoyns, domes, and maundementis, al
v And turned aen fro e hil, Y deendid, and putte e tyme.
tables into e ark at I made, e whiche it hidir to ii Knowe e to day at oure ones vnknowen, at han
ere ben, as e Lord ha comaundid to me. not een e diciplyne of e Lord oure God, e greet
vi Foroe e ones of Yrael meeueden tentis fro ingis of hym, and trong hoond, and traut arme,
Beroth, of e ones of Jachan, in Moera, where Aaron iii toknes and werkis, at he dide in e myddil of
is deed, and biryed, for whom his one Eleazar bere e Egipte to Pharao e kynge, and to al his loond,
office of preet. iiii and to al e oot of Egipciens, and to hors and
vii ens ei camen in Galaad; fro e which place goon charys; what maner wie couerden hem watris of e
for, ei ettiden tentis in Gethabatha, in e loond of Reed See, whanne ei purueden ow, and e Lord dide
watris and of tremes. hem awey vnto e day at is now;
viii at tyme I euerde e lynage of Leuy, at he bere e v and to ow what ingis he ha doo in wildernes, to e
ark of e boond of pees of e Lord, and toond before tyme at e camen to is place;
hym in eruyce, and blee in e name of hym, into e vi and to Dathan and Abyron, e ones of Eliab, at was
preent day. e one of Ruben, whom e ere, his mou opned,
ix Wherfor Leuy hadde no part ne poeioun wi his owpide awey, wi howes and tabernaclis, and al e
brieren, for he e Lord is e poeioun of hym, as e ubtaunce of hem at ei hadden, in e myddil of
Lord i God ha bihoot to hym. Yrael.
x I foroe tood in e hil, as bifore, fourti dais and vii oure eyen awen alle e greet werkis of e Lord,
fourti nyt, and e Lord herde me in is while, and `e whiche he dide,
wold not lee ee. viii at e kepen alle e maundementis of hym, e
xi And he eide to me, Go, and weend before e puple, whiche I to day comaunde to ow, and mowen goo yn,
at he goo yn, and weelde e loond at I haue worn to and weelde e loond, to e which e hulen goon yn,
e fadres of hem, at I hulde take to hem. ix and myche tyme lyue in it, at vndur oo e Lord
xii And nowe, Yrael, what ing e Lord i God aki of ha bihoot to oure fadres, and to e eed of hem, mylk
ee, but at ow drede e Lord i God, and goo in e and hony flowynge.
weies of hym, and loue hym, and erue to e Lord i x Foroe e loond, to e which to be weeldid ow halt
God in al in herte, and in al i oule; goon yn, is not as e loond of Egipte, of e which ow
xiii and kepe e heetis of e Lord i God, and e wentit out, where e eed rowun in maner of gardyns
cerymouns of hym, at I to day comaunde to ee, at moytynge watrys ben lad;
wel it be to ee. xi but it is hilli, and feeldi, abidynge fro heuene reynes,
xiiii Loo! of e Lord i God is heuene, and heuene of xii at e Lord i God euermore viiti, and e eyen of
heuene, ere, and alle ingis at in it ben; hym in it ben, fro e bigynnynge of e eer vnto e
xv and neuerelater to i faders ioyned is e Lord, and eend of it.
he louede hem, and ha choen e eed of hem, after xiii If anne e obehen to myn heetis at I to day
hem, at is, ow, fro alle gentils, as to day is preued. comaunde to ou, at e louen e Lord oure God, and
xvi Kutte e about erfore e vttermore part of oure erue to hym in al oure herte, and in al oure oule;
herte, and oure nolle forermore harde e not. xiiii he hal yue to oure loond reyn tymeli and laate,
xvii For e Lord oure God he is God of goddis, and at e gederen to gider whete, and wyn, and oyle,
Lord of lordyngis; a greet God, and myti, and xv haye of e feeldes to beetis to ben fed, and at e
dreedful, at peroone take not, ne iftis. eten and ben fulfillid.
xviii He do doom to e faderles child, and to widewe, xvi Be e war, let perauenture oure herte be dieyued,
and loue e pilgrime, and yue to hym lyuelod, and and e goon a wey fro e Lord, and eruen to alyen
cloinge. goddes, and honoure hem;
xix And e erfore loue pilgrimys, for and e oure elf xvii and e Lord wroo clooe heuenes, and reynes
weren pilgrimys in e loond of Egipt. comen not down, ne e ere yue his buriownynge, and
xx e Lord i God ow halt drede, and to hym ow e perihen wiftli fro e bet loond at e Lord is to
halt erue, and to hym ow halt drawe to, and were euynge to ow.
in e name of hym. xviii Putte e es my wordis in e hertis, and in oure
xxi He is i preyynge, and i God, at ha do to ee inwittis, and honge e hem vp for a tokne in hoondis,
es greet ingis, and feerful, at in eyen han een. and among oure eyen ette e.

xix Teche e oure ones, at hem ei deuowtli enken, vi and offre in at place brent acrificis, and oure layn
whanne ow ittit in in hows, and got in e weye, offryngis, and dymes, and firt fruytis of oure hoondis,
and lyit, and aryit. and auowis and iftis, e firt goten of oxen, and of
xx ow halt wryte hem vpon e potis and atis of in heep.
hows, vii And e hulen eete ere in e it of e Lord oure
xxi at i days and of i ones be multiplied in e loond God; and e hulen glade in alle ingis, to which
at e Lord wore to i fadris, at he hulde yue to putten hoond, e and oure howes, in e whiche e
hem, as long as heuene toont a boue to ere. Lord oure God blee to ou.
xxii Foroe if e kepen e heetis at I comaunde to viii e hulen not doo ere at we doon here to day,
ow, and doon hem, at e louen e Lord oure God, eche at to hym elf eme rit.
and goon in alle e weyes of hym, drawynge to hym, ix Foroe ne vnto e tyme at is nowe e comen to ret
xxiii e Lord Almyti hal cater alle es gentilis bifore and to e poeioun, at e Lord God is to eue to
oure face, and e hulen weelde hem at ben more and ow.
trenger an e. x e hulen pae Jordan, and dwelle in e loond at e
xxiiii Eche place at oure foot tredi, hal be our; fro Lord oure God is to yue to ow, at e reten fro alle
deeert, and fro Libane, and e greet flood of Effrate enemyes bi enuyroun, and dwellen wi outen eny
vnto e wet ee, hulen ben oure termes. drede.
xxv No man hal toond aens ow; oure dreed and xi In e place at e Lord our God chei, at his
feerd hulen yue e Lord oure God vpon al e loond name be in it. idre alle ingis at Y comaunde e
at e ben to trede, as he ha poke to ow. hulen bere, brent acrifices, and ootis, and dymes, and
xxvi Loo! I purpoe in oure it to day bleynge and firt fruytis of oure hoondes, and what euer ing
curynge; cheefe is in iftis, at e han vowid to e Lord.
xxvii bleynge, if e obeihen to e heetis of e Lord xii ere e hulen eete before e Lord oure God, e,
our God, at to day I comaunde to ow; and ones, and oure doutres, men eruauntis, and
xxviii curynge, if e heren not e maundementis of e wymmen eruauntis, and Leuytis, at in oure cytees
Lord oure God, but gon awey fro e weie at Y now dwellen; foroe ne ei han oer part and poeioun
hewe to ow, and gon after alien goddis at e knowen among ow.
not. xiii Be war at ou offre not i brent acrifices in alle
xxix Foroe whanne e Lord i God ledi ee into e places at ou halt e,
loond, to e which to be had ow goot, ow halt putte xiiii but in it at e Lord hal chee in oon of i lynagis
bleynge vpon e hil of Gariym, curynge vpon e hil ow halt offre ootis, and doo alle ingis at Y
Hebal, comaunde to ee.
xxx at ben bionde Jordan, after e weye at turne to xv Foroe if ow wolt eete, and ee e etynge of fleh
e unne goynge down, in e loond of Chananey, at delyte, le, and eete after e bleynge of e Lord i
dwelli in e wilde feeldes aens Galgalam, at is God, at he ha eue to ee in y cytees, oer vnclene
biide e valey trecchynge and entrynge aferre. it were, at is, wemmed and feble, oer cleene, at is,
xxxi Foroe e hulen pae Jordan, at ee weelden e hool and wiouten wemme, at is leueful to ben offrid,
loond at e Lord oure God is to yue to ow, and e and as capret and hert ow halt eete;
han and weelde it. xvi wi outen etynge oonli of e blood, at vpon e
xxxii Se e erfore at e fulfillen e cerymoyns and ere as water ow halt heeld out.
domes, at I to day hal putte in oure it. xvii ow halt not mowe eete in y burghtownes dimes
of whete, of wyn, and of in oyle, e firt geten of
Capitulum XII. droues, and beetis, and alle ingis at ow auowit,
i Thes ben e heetes and domes, at e owen to doon and wilfulli wolt offre, and e firt fruytis of in
in e loond at e Lord God is to yue to ee, at ow hoondes;
weelde it, alle dayes in e whiche vpon e ere ow xviii but bifore e Lord i God ow halt ete hem, in e
halt goon. place at e Lord i God chei, ow, and i one, and
ii Turne e doun alle places in e whiche e gentilis at i douter, knaue eruaunt, and meyde eruaunt, and e
e ben to weelde, heried her goddis, vpon hie Leuyte at dwelli in i citees; and ow halt glade,
mounteyns, and hillis, and vndir al ik braunchid tree. and be fulfild before e Lord i God, in alle ingis to
iii Scatre e e auters of hem, and breki togidre e e which ou trecchit in hoond.
ymagis; e mawmet wodes brenne wi fier, and e xix Be war at ow forake not e Leuyte in al tyme, in
mawmettis detruy e; catre e e names of hem fro e e which ow dwellit in ere.
places. xx Whanne e Lord i God hal large i termes, as he
iiii e hulen not doo o to e Lord oure God; ha poke to ee, and ow wolt ete fleh, at i oule
v but to e place at e Lord oure God chei of alle deire,
oure lynages, at he putte his name ere, and dwelle xxi foroe e place at e Lord i God chei, at his
in it; e hulen come, name be ere, if it were ferre, ow halt lee of e

droues, and of i beetis, `e whiche ow hat, as he we, and erue we to alien goddis, `e whiche vnknowit
ha comaundid to ee; and ow halt eete in i ow, and i fadres,
burtouns, as it plei to ee. vii of alle gentilis in enuyrown, at biide or ferre ben,
xxii As is etun a capret and an hert, o ow halt eete fro e bigynnynge vnto endynge of e loond,
hem; and cleene and unclene in comun hulen be ete. viii aent ou not to hym, ne hyre, ne pare to hym in
xxiii at oonli hun, let ow eete blood; foroe blood of eye, at ow haue mercy, and hide hym,
hem is for e oule, and erfore ow halt not eete a ix but anoon ow halt le hym. Be firt in hoond vpon
oule wi fleh, hym, and after ee al e puple put on hoond.
xxiiii but as water ow halt heeld vpon ere, x He hal be clepid e rowun down wi tonus; for he
xxv at wel it be to ee, and to i ones after ee, wold drawe ee awey fro e Lord i God, at ladde ee
whanne ow dot at plei in e it of e Lord. out of e loond of Egipte, fro e hows of eruage,
xxvi And at ow auowit and halowit to e Lord, ow xi at al Irael herynge drede, and no more do eny ing
halt take, and come to e place at e Lord chei, lijk of is ing.
xxvii and offre in offryngis, fleh and blood, vpon e xii If ow here in oon of i citees, at e Lord i God
auter of e Lord i God; e blood of e ootis ou halt hal yue to ee to dwelle, um men eiynge,
heelde in e auter, and fleh i ilf halt eete. xiii e ones of Belial ben goon out fro e myddil of
xxviii Kepe wel and here alle ingis at I comaunde to ee, and han take awey e dwellers of i citee, and
ee, at it wel be to ee, and to i ones after ee, into eiden, Goo we, and erue we to alyen goddis, e
wi outen eende, whanne ow dot at is good and whiche e knowen not,
pleaunt in e it of e Lord i God. xiiii eche wiely and biily, e oo of e ing ful lokid;
xxix Whanne e Lord i God caterre before i face e if ow fynde it to be certeyn at is eid, and is
gentilis, to e whiche to be weeldid ou halt goon yn, abomynacioun in dede fulfillid,
and weelde hem, and dwelle in e loond of hem, xv anoon ou halt myte e dwellers of at citee in e
xxx be war at ow folwe not hem, after at e mou of e werd, and do it awey, and alle ingis at
comynge yn ei weren vnder turned, and eche e in it ben, vnto e beetis.
cerymoyns of hem, eiynge, As ee gentils heryden her xvi And what euere ing were of purtenaunce, ow
goddis, o and Y hal hery. halt gedre in e myddil of e tretis of it, and wi at
xxxi ow halt not do lijk maner to e Lord i God; citee ow halt brenne vp, o at alle ingis ow waate
foroe alle abhomynaciouns at e Lord contrarie to e Lord i God, and ere be an euere latynge
ei han doon to her goddis, offrynge ones, and epulcre; it hal be bild no more.
dowtris, and brennynge wi e fier. xvii And ere hal not cleue of at curid heed eny ing
xxxii What I comaunde to ee, at ow oonly do to e in in hoond, at e Lord turne awey fro e wrae of
Lord, ne adde ow eny ing, ne lae. his wodenes, and haue mercy of ee, and multiplye
ee, as he wore to i faders.
Capitulum XIII. xviii Whanne ow herit e voyce of e Lord i God,
i If ere rie in e myddil of ee a prophete, oere eny ow halt kepe alle e heetis of hym at I comaunde to
man ei hym ilf to haue een a weuen, and he ei ee to day, at ow doo at is pleaunt in e it of e
before a tokne and wondre, Lord i God.
ii and comi at he pak, and ei to ee, Goo we, and
folwe we alien goddis, at ow vnknowit, and erue Capitulum XIIII.
we to hem, i Sones be e of e Lord our God; e hulen not kut, ne
iii ow halt not here e wordis of is prophete and make ballidnes, vpon e deed,
dremer; for e Lord oure God tempti ow, at `it be ii for `a puple holi ow art to e Lord i God, and ee
maad opyn wheer e louen hym or not, in al oure ha choun at ow be to hym into a pecial puple, of
herte, and in al oure oule. alle gentilis at ben vpon ere.
iiii e Lord oure God folowe e, and hym drede e; e iii Ne eete e ingis at ben vnclene.
heetis of hym kepi, and heri e voyce of hym; to iiii is is e beet at e owen to eete; oxe, and heep,
hym e hulen erue, and to hym e hulen drawe to. and he geet,
v Foroe at prophete or feyner of weuens hal be v hert, capret, bugle, `tragelaphum, at is, a beet in
layn; for he ha poken at he turne ow awey fro e part lijk an hert, and in part lijk a goot, phigarg,
Lord oure God, at ha lad ow out of e loond of origen, camelion, `at is, a beet lijk a camele in e
Egipte, and ha raunomed ow fro e hows of eruage, heed, in e bodi to a paard, and in e nek to an hore,
at he make ee to erre fro e weye at e Lord i God in e feet to a bugle, and pardelun, `at is, a litil pard.
ha comaundid to ee; and ow halt doo awey yuel fro vi Al beet at in two partis deuydi e clee, and
e myddil of ee. chewi code, e hulen eete.
vi If i broer, e one of i moder, wol meue ee, or i vii And of es at chewen code, and dyuyden not clee,
one, or i douter, oer wijf at is in i boome, oer es e hulen not eete; chameyl, haare, yrchun, for ei
freende at ow louet as i oule, pryueli eiynge, Goo

chowen code, and deuyden not e clee, ei hulen be child, and wedowe, at wi ynne i atis ben; and ei
vnclene to ow; hulen eete, and be fulfillid, at e Lord i God blee
viii a uwe foroe, for he deuydi e clee, and chewi to ee, in alle e werkis of in hoondes at ou halt
no code, he hal be vnclene; e fleh of hem e hulen doo.
not ete, and e careyns e hulen not towche.
ix es ingis e hulen eete, of alle ingis at dwellen Capitulum XV.
in watris; o at han fynnys and calis eete e; i The euene eer ow halt doo remyyoun,
x o at wi outen fynnys and cales ben, eete e not, ii at in is ordre hal be halowid. To whom is owed
for ei ben vnclene. eny ing, of freend, or neibore, and his broer, he hal
xi Alle clene briddis eete e; not mowe aen ake it, for eer of remyioun of e
xii vnclene eete e not, at is, egle, and griffun, and a Lord it is.
merlion, iii Of pilgrime and comlyng ow halt ake; ow halt
xiii and yron, `at is, a whyte foul, lae an a grijp, and not haue power of aen akynge e citeeyn and ny
of his kynde, and gryip, and kyte, aftir his kynde, kyn;
xiiii and al ing of crowe kynde, iiii and algatis nedi and begger ere hal not be among
xv and otrich, and nyt foul, and a koote, and an ow, at e Lord i God blee to ee, in e loond at
hawke, after his kynde, e Lord is to take to ee in to poeioun.
xvi a gerfawkon, and a wan, and an ybyn, `at is a v If neuerelater ou here e voyce of e Lord i God,
foule of Nyle flood, at puttynge his bille into his ers, and kepit alle ingis at he comaundi, and at I to
purgi hym elf, day comaunde to ee,
xvii and a dyuedap, a pellican, and a nyt crowe, a vi he hal blee to ee, as he ha bihoot. ow halt leen
cormeraunt, vndur wed to many folk of kynde, and i ilf halt
xviii and a iay, eche in his kynde, and a lapwynk, and a borowe of no man; ow halt haue lordhip vpon
reremos. manye naciouns, and no man hal haue lordhip vpon
xix And al at crepi, and ha fynnes, hal be vnclene, ee.
and not ben eten. vii If oon of i breeren, at dwelli wi ynne e atis
xx Alle at is clene, eete e; of i citee, in e loond at e Lord i God is to yue to
xxi al at is faln wi dee, eete e not of it. To e ee, to pouerte come, ow halt not aen hard in
pilgryme at is wi ynne e atis if at he eete, or el herte, ne widrawe e hoond,
to hym, for ow art an hooli puple of e Lord i God. viii but opyn it to e pore, and ow halt yue loon at
ow halt not eee e kidde in e mylk of his moder. ow eet hym to nede.
xxii e tene paart ow halt euer fro alle e fruytis at ix Be war let perauenture vndur crepe to ee a wickid
growen in i lond, bi eche eer; out, and eye in in herte, e euene eer of
xxiii and ow halt eete in e it of e Lord i God, in remyioun neie; and ow turne awey in eyen fro i
e place at he chees, at in it e name of hym be pore broer, not wilnynge to leene hym, at he aki to
inwardli clepid, e dyme of i whete, of wyn, and oyle; borwe; let he crye aens ee to e Lord, and it be
and e firt gotun of droues, and of i heep ow halt maad to ee into ynne.
offre, at ow lerne to drede e Lord i God, in al x But ow halt yue to hym, and ow halt not doo eny
tyme. ing fellich in his nedis to be releued, at e Lord i
xxiiii Foroe whanne lenger were e weye, and e place God blee to ee in al tyme, and in alle ingis to
at e Lord i God chees, and ha bleid to ee, ne whiche ow puttit hoond.
ow mayt not to hym alle es ingis brynge, xi ere hulen not faile pore men in e loond of i
xxv ow halt elle alle, and into priys turne, and ow dwellynge; erfor I comaunde to ee at ow opyn e
halt bere in in hoond, and go to e place at e Lord hoond to i nedi broer, and pore, at in e loond
i God chei; dwelli wi ee.
xxvi and ow halt bigge of e ame money what euere xii Whanne to ee were old in Ebrewe broer, or
ing to e plee, oer of droues, or of heep; foroe Ebrewe womman, and ixe eer erue to ee, in e
wyn, and idre, and al at deyri i oule; and ow euene eer ou halt leeue hym free.
halt eete before e Lord i God, and hal eete, ow, xiii And whom wi freedam ow yuet, ou halt not
and in hows, uffre to goon awey voyd;
xxvii and e Leuyte at is wi ynne i atis; be war at xiiii but ow halt yue weyfode of e flockis, and of e
ow forake not him, for he ha noon oer paart in i flore, and of i pree, in e which e Lord i God ha
poeioun. bleid to ee.
xxviii e ridde eer ow halt euer an oer dyme of xv And haue mynde at i elf eruedit in e loond of
alle ingis at growen to ee at tyme, and put vp wi Egipte, and e Lord i God ha delyuered ee, and
ynne e atis. erfor I now comaunde to ee.
xxix And e Leuyte hal come, at ha noon oer paart
ne poeioun wi ee, and e pilgryme, and faderles

xvi Foroe if he ei, Y wole not goo out, for i at he x and ou halt halwe e feet day of e euen wekes to
loue ee, and in hows, and wel feli hym ilf to be e Lord i God, a wilful offrynge of in hoond, at
anentis ee, ow halt offre after e bleynge of e Lord i God.
xvii ow halt take `a nal, and ril his eer in e ate of xi And ou halt eete before e Lord i God, ou, and
in hows, and erue he to ee into wi outen eende; i one, and i doutre, and i eruaunt, and in
and to e ral womman lijk maner ou halt doo. handmayde, and Leuyte at is wi ynne i atis, and
xviii ow halt not take awey fro hem in eyen, whanne comlynge, and faderles child, and wydowe, at dwellen
ow leeuet hem fre, for after e mede of e hired man wi ow, in place at e Lord i God chei, at his
bi ixe eer he eruede to ee; at e Lord i God blee name dwelle ere.
to ee, in alle e werkis at ow doot. xii And ou halt record for eruaunt ou were in Egipt,
xix Of i firt goten, at ben born in droues, and i and kepen and doon at ben comaundid.
heep, and what euere ing is of maal kynde, ow halt xiii And e olempte of e tabernaclis ou halt halwe,
halwe to e Lord i God. ou halt not worche in e bi euen days, whanne ou hat gedrid of e flore, and
firt goten of oxe, ne ou halt here e firt goten of of e pree i fruytis;
heep. xiiii and halt eete in i feet day, ou, and i one, and
xx In e it of e Lord i God ow halt eete hem bi i douter, and i eruaunt, and handmayd, Leuyte alo
eche eer, in e place at e Lord ha choen, ou, and and comlynge, and faderlee child, and widew, at ben
in hows. wi ynne i atis.
xxi Foroe if it haue wemme, or were crokid, or xv Seuen days to e Lord i God feetis ou halt
blynde, or in eny part defourme, or feble, it halt not be halowe, in e places at e Lord chei; and e Lord i
offerd to e Lord i God; God hal blee to ee, in alle i fruytis, and in al werk
xxii but wi ynne e atis of i cytee ow halt eete it, of in hoondis, and ou halt be in gladnes.
as wel clene as vnclene, lijk maner ei hulen eete xvi re ies in e eer hal apere eche i maal child in
hem, as capret and hert. e it of e Lord i God, in e place at he chei, in
xxiii is onely ow halt kepe wel, at e blood of hem e olempnyte `of erf looues, and e olempnyte of
ou eete not, but held ou out into e ere as water. wekis, and in e olempnyte of tabernaclis. He hal not
apere before e Lord voyd;
Capitulum XVI. xvii but echon hal offre, after at he ha, after e
i Kepe wel e mone of e newe fruytis, and of e firt bleynge of e Lord his God, at he yue to hym.
veer tyme, at ou doo pak to e Lord i God; for in xviii Domemen and maytris ow halt ordeyn in alle i
is mone e Lord i God ladde ee out of Egipt bi atis, at e Lord i God hal yue to ee, bi alle i
nyt. lynagis, at ei demen e puple bi rit doom,
ii And ou halt offre pake to e Lord i God, of heep, xix ne into anoer paart declinen. ou halt not accept
or of oxen, in e place at e Lord i God chees, at perone, ne iftis, for iftis blynden eyen of wie men,
e name of hym dwelle ere. and chaungen wordis of ritwis men.
iii ou halt not eete in it owred breed; euen days ou xx Ritwily at is rit ou halt purue, at ou lyue,
halt eete wi outen ourdow, breed of greet traueyle, and weeld e loond, at e Lord i God hal yue to
for in inward drede ou wentit out of Egipt, for ou ee.
huldit haue mynde of e day of i goynge out of xxi ou halt not plaunt a mawmet wode, and al tree
Egipt, alle e days of i lijf. biide e auter of e Lord i God;
iiii ere hal not apere owred breed euen days in alle xxii ne ou halt make to ee and ordeyn ymage; e
i teermys, and ere hal not leeue of e fleh of it at whiche ingis hati e Lord i God.
is offerd e euen, in e firt day e morwen.
v ou halt not mowe offre pake in eche of es i Capitulum XVII.
citees at e Lord i God is to yue to ee, i Thow halt not offre to e Lord i God ox, and heep,
vi but in e place at e Lord i God chei, at e in whom is wemme, or eny ing of vice, for
name of hym dwelle ere; ou halt offre pake e abhomynacioun it is to e Lord i God.
euen, at e unne goynge down, whanne ow wentit ii And whanne weren founden anentis ee, wi ynne
out of Egipt. oon of i atis, at e Lord i God hal yue to ee,
vii ou halt make it ynow, and eete, in e place at e man or womman, at do yuel in it of e Lord i
Lord i God chei, and erly ryyng ow halt goo into God, and ouerpae e couenaunt of hym,
i tabernaclis. iii at ei goon, and eruen to alien goddis, and
viii Sexe dayes ou halt eete eerf looues; and in e honoure hem, e unne, and e mone, and al e
euene day, for it is e quylet of e Lord i God, ou knythod of heuen, e whiche ingis I comaunde not;
halt not doo werk. iiii and is were told to ee, and herynge ou enerchit
ix Seuen wekis ou halt noumbre to ee, fro at day biilich, and fyndit it to be oo, and abhomynacioun
at ou puttit i kuttynge yren into e corn; is doon in Yrael;

v ou halt lede out e man and womman, at e moot i Preetis and Leuytes, and alle at ben of e ame
yuel ing han doon, to e atis of i cytee, and wi lynage, hulen not haue part and herytage wi at oer
tonus ei hulen be rowen doun. puple of Yrael, for e acrifices of e Lord, and
vi In moue of two or ree witneis, hal perih he, at offryngis of hym ei hulen eete;
hal be layn; no man be layn, oon aens hym eiynge ii and noon oer ing ei hulen take of e poeioun
witnee. of her breeren; foroe e Lord he is e herytage of
vii e hoond of e witneis firt hal lee hym, and e hem, as he ha poke to hem.
hoond of at oer puple lat hal be put to, at ou doo iii is hal be e doom of preetis of e puple, and of
a wey yuel fro e myddil of ee. hem at offren layn offryngis; wheer oxe, or heep
viii If hard and dowtous anentis ee doom to be ow ei offren, ei hulen yue to e preet e huldre, and
biholdit, bitwix blood and blood, caue and caue, e litil woombe,
lepre and not lepre, and of e domes men wi ynne i iiii e firt fruytis of whete, of wyn, and of oile, and a
atis ou eet e wordis to be varied; arye, and ty vp paart of wollis of herynge of heep.
to e place, at e Lord i God ha choun; v Foroe hym e Lord i God ha choun, of alle i
ix and ow halt come to e preetis of Leuyte kynde, lynages, at he toonde and erue to e name of e
and to e domyman at were at tyme; and ow halt Lord, he and his ones, into wi outen ende.
ake of hem, e whiche hulen hewe to ee e trew of vi If a Leuyte goo out fro oon of his citees of al Yrael,
e dom. in e which he dwelli, and deyrynge a place at e
x And ow halt doo what euere ing ei eyn, at ben Lord chei,
before to e place at e Lord ha choun, and teche vii `wol come he hal erue in e name of e Lord his
ee after e lawe of hym; God, as alle his brieren Leuytis, at hulen toonde
xi ou halt folowe e entence of hem; ou halt not at tyme before e Lord.
bowe aide, to e rit or to e left. viii at ame paart of meetis he hal take, `e which and
xii Who foroe wexi prowd, not wilnynge to obeihe oer; out take at, at in his cytee of e fadre
to e maundement of e preet, at at tyme erue to ucceyoun is owed to hym.
e Lord i God, and to e doom of e domyman, hal ix Whanne ow goot into e loond at e Lord i God
die at man; and ow halt doo a wey yuel fro e hal yue to ee, be war at let ow wol folowe e
myddil of Irael; abhomynaciouns of ilk gentils;
xiii and al e puple herynge hal drede, at no man x ne be foundun in ee at go aboute his one, or his
erafter inwardli boln wi prijd. douter, ledynge bi e fier, oer at aki dyuynours,
xiiii And whanne ow halt goo ynto e loond, at e at he kepe weuens and dyuynyngis; ne be er cleper
Lord i God hal yue to ee, and weeldit it, and of deuels,
dwellit yn it, and eit, Y hal et `vp on me a kyng, as xi ne enchaunter, ne couneil rerers of deed men, ne
han alle naciouns bi enuyroun; dyuynours, and eche of e deed e treu.
xv hym ow halt et, whom e Lord i God chei of xii Foroe alle es ingis e Lord wlati, and for es
e noumbre of i breeren. ow halt not mowe of oer maner hidows ynnes he hal doo hem awey in in
folk a man kyng make, at be not i broer. entre.
xvi And whanne he were ordeyned, he hal not xiii ow hal be parfite and wi outen wemme, wi e
multiplye to hym hores, ne lede aen puple into Egipt, Lord i God.
bi noumbre of horynge arered, namelich i e Lord xiiii es gentils, whos loond e hulen weeld, brydd
ha comaundid to ow, at no more bi e ame weie e coniurers and dyuynours heren; foroe ow of e Lord
turnen aen. i God oerweys art enfourmyd.
xvii He hal not haue many wyues, at mydrawen e xv A prophete of i folk and of i brieren as me, e
oule of hym, ne of iluer ne of gold greet birens. Lord i God hal arere to ee, hym ow halt here;
xviii And after at he itti in e dygnyte of his rewme, xvi as ow hat akid of e Lord i God, in Oreb,
he hal dicriue to hym a declaracioun of is lawe in a whanne e company was gedryd, and ow eydet, I
volym, takynge a aumpler of e preetis of Leuyte hal here namore e voyce of e Lord my God, and is
lynage; moot fier Y hal e namore, let Y dye.
xix and he hal haue it wi hym, and he hal rede it alle xvii And e Lord eide to me, Wel alle ingis ei han
e dais of his lijf, at he knowe to drede e Lord his poken.
God, and to kepe e wordis and cerymoyns of hym, at xviii A prophet Y hal rere to hem, fro e myddil of her
in e lawe ben comaundid; brieren, lijk ee; and I hal put my wordis in e mou
xx ne be areryd e herte of hym into prijd vpon his of hym, `and he hal peek to hem alle ingis at Y
breeren, ne bowe he aide in to e rit paart or left, comaunde to hym.
at long tyme regne he, and his ones vpon Yrael. xix Foroe who e wordis of hym at peki `in my
name, wol not here, Y venieour hal be.
Capitulum XVIII.

xx Foroe a prophete at ur prijd bi hrewid, wil xiiii ow halt not take, and ouerbere e teermes of i
peke in my name ingis at Y comaundid not hym for neibour, `e whiche han maad raer men in i
to eye, oer of name of alyen goddis, he hal be layn. poeioun, at e Lord i God hal yue to ee, in e
xxi And if bi tille out ow anwert, What maner loond at ow takit to be weldid.
may I vndurtonde e word, at e Lord ha not xv O witnes hal not toond aens eny man, what euere
pokun? ing it were of ynne, or of greet trepas; but in mou
xxii is tokne ow halt haue, at in e name of e Lord of two or of ree witneis hal toonde ech word.
ilk prophete ei bifore, and come not, at e Lord xvi If ere toonde a witnes lyer aens man, accuynge
ha not pokun, but bi bolnynge of his inwit e prophet hym of trepas,
ha feyned, and erfor ow halt not drede hym. xvii ei hulen toond boe, of whom is e caue, before
e Lord, in e it of preetis, and domymen, at
Capitulum XIX. weren in ilk days.
i Whanne e Lord i God hal catre e gentilis, whos xviii And whanne moot biily eneerchynge ei fynden
loond he is to take to ee, and ow weeldit it, and e fals witnes to haue eide aens his broir leeynge,
dwellit in e citees of it, and in e howes; xix eelde ei to hym, as he oute to doo to his broer;
ii re citees ow halt euer to ee in e myddil of e and ou halt doo awey yuel fro e myddil of ee,
loond at e Lord i God hal yue to ee into xx at oere men herynge, han drede, and be not hardy
poeioun. to doo iche ingis.
iii ow halt biily make redi a weye, and dyuyde in re xxi ow halt not haue mercy of hym, but lijf for lijf,
partis euenlich al e prouynce of i loond, at he at eye for eye, too for too, hoond for hoond, foot for
for manlauter is flowun, haue fro ny whedir he may foot ow halt axe.
iiii is hal be lawe of e manleer fleynge, whos lijf is Capitulum XX.
to be kept. He at myti his neibore vnwitynge, and i If ow got out to batail aens in enemyes, and eet
at iterday or e ridde day hens, noon aens hym to rydinge, and charys, and more multitude of e
haue had haat is preued, aduerarye oot an ow hat, ow halt not drede hem;
v but to haue goo aweye wi hym ymplich into e for e Lord i God is wi ee, at ha lad ee out of
wode to trees to be kit, and in e hewynge of e trees e loond of Egipt.
e axe flee e hoond, and e yren, lipt of fro e haft, ii And neyinge now batayl, e preet hal toond bifore
myti his freend, and lee; is to oon of e foreid e poynt,
citees hal flee, and lyue; iii and us he hal pek to e puple, Here, Yrael, e to
vi let perauenture e `next of kyn of hym, whos blood day aens oure enemyes doon fit; drede not oure
is hed, ur orwe tyryd purue, and take hym, if herte, wol e not be feerd; wole e not yue ted, ne
lenger e weie were, and myte e oule of hym at is drede e hem;
not gilty of dee; for noon aens hym at is layn haat iiii for e Lord oure God is in e myddil of ow, and
to haue hadde before is hewid. for ow aens e adueraryes `hal fit, at he delyuer
vii erfor Y comaunde to ee, at re citees of euen ow fro perel.
pace bitwixe hem elf ow deuyde. v e leders foroe bi alle companyes, herynge e oot,
viii Foroe whanne e Lord i God ha largid i hal crye, Who is e man at ha bild a newe hows,
teermys, as he wore to i fadres, and ha yue to ee and ha not parformed it? goo he, and turne he aen
al e loond, at to hem he bihit; into his hows, let perauenture he dye in e bateyl, and
ix if neuerelater ow kepit e heetis of hym, and dot anoer parfourme it.
at to day I comaunde to ee, at ow loue e Lord i vi Who is at man at ha plauntid a vyn, and it not
God, and goo in his weyes al tyme, ow halt adde to ha maad it comoun, and of e which it is leeueful to
ee ree oer citees, `and of e ree cytee aboue eide alle men to eete? go he, and turn he aen into his hows,
e noumbre ow halt dowble, let perauenture he dye in bateil, and anoer man his
x at giltles blood be not hed in e myddil of e loond office ve.
at e Lord i God hal yue to ee to be weldid, let vii Who is a man at ha pouid a wijf, and ha not
ou be of blood gilti. taak hir? goo he, and turn he aen into his hows, let
xi Foroe if eny hauynge his neibour to haat, weitid to perauenture he dye in bateil, and anoer man take hir.
e lijf of hym, and ryynge myte hym, and were deed, viii es ingis eid, ei hulen adde oer inges, and
and flee to oon of e aboue eid citees, pek to e puple, Who is a man dreedful, and wi feerd
xii e aldren of at citee hulen eende, and taken hym herte? goo he, and turn aen into his hows, let he
fro e place of his out fleynge; and ei hulen take into make to drede e hertis of his brieren, and as he by
e hoond of e neibour `of hym, whos blood is hed, dreed is gat.
and he hal die, ix And whanne e duykis of e oot ben til, and e
xiii ne ow halt haue mercy of hym; and ow halt doo eende of pekynge han doon, echon his companyes hal
awey gilti blood fro Yrael, at wel it be to ee. make redi to fitynge.

x If eny tyme ow comet ny to a citee to be vii and ei hulen eye, Oure hondis han not had is
ouercomen, firt ow halt offre to it pees. blood, ne eyen han een.
xi If he reeyue, and open to ee e atis, al e puple viii Lord, be merciable to i puple Yrael, at ow hat
at is in it hal be aued, and hal erue to ee vndur bout, and rette not e innocent blood in e myddil of
tribute. i puple Irael. And e gilt of e blood hal be taak
xii Foroe if ei wolen not make couenaunt of pees, aweye fro hem.
and bigynnen aens ee batayl, ow halt fit aens it. ix Foroe ow halt be alyen fro e blood of e
xiii And whanne e Lord i God ha take it to ee in innocent at is had, whanne ow dot at e Lord ha
in hoond, ow halt myit al at is in it of maal kynde comaundid.
in mou of e werd, x If ow got out to e fit aens in enemyes, and e
xiiii wi outen wymmen, and litil children, and beetis, Lord i God ha taken hem in in hoond,
and oer at ben in e cytee. Al e praye ow halt xi and hat brout chaytyues, and eet in e noumbre of
dyuyde to e oot, and ou halt eete of e puyles of cheytyues a feyr womman, and louet hir, and wolt han
in enemyes, at e Lord i God ha eue to ee. hir to wijf,
xv us ow halt doo to alle cytees, at fro ee ben ful xii ow halt lede hir into in hows; e which hal
fer, and ben not of es cytees at ow art to take into haue e heer, and hal kyt about e naylis,
poeyoun. xiii and he hal do of e cloo in e which he is taak,
xvi Foroe of es cytees at hal be eue to ee, no and ittynge in in hows, he hal weepe fader and hir
man ow halt uffre to lyue, moder o mon; and aftyrward ow halt goon yn to hir,
xvii but ow halt lee in e mou of werd; Ethee, at and ow halt leep wi hir, and he hal be i wijf.
is, and Amorre, and Chananee, and Phereze, Eue, and xiiii Foroe if afterward he itti not in in inwit, ow
Jebuee, as e Lord i God ha comaundid to ee; halt leeue hir free, ne elle ow mayt bi money, ne
xviii let perauenture ei techen ow to doon alle oppree bi power, for ow hat mekid hir.
abhomynacyouns, at ei han wrout to her goddis, xv If a man haue two wyues, oon loued, and anoer
and e ynnen aens e Lord oure God. odyows, and geti of hir free chyldren, and e one of
xix Whanne ow beegit a citee myche tyme, and wi e odiows were firt goten,
waardis enuyrounnyt at ow ouercome it, ow halt xvi and wold e ubtaunce among his ones dyuyde, he
not kyt down trees, of e whiche may be eeten, ne bi hal not mowe e one of e loued make firt goten,
enuyroun wi axes ow halt waat e regioun; for a and put before e one of e odiows,
tree it is and no man, ne yt may encrees e noumbre of xvii but e one of e odyows he hal knowe firt goten,
men fitynge aens ee. and he hal yue to hym of es ingis at he ha alle
xx Foroe if eny trees ben not berynge applis, but ingis dowble; foroe is is e bigynnynge of e free
wijlde, and able into oer ves, kit doun, and mak children of hym, and to is ben owen e firt goten.
engynes, to e tyme at ow taak e cytee at fiti xviii If a man gete a rebel one, and a fraward, at heri
aens ee. not e fadres and modres heet, and clepid to obeyhe,
Capitulum XXI. xix ei hulen taak hym, and lede to e aldre men of e
i Whanne ere were founde in e loond at e Lord i citee of hym, and to e ate of doom;
God is to yue to ee, a careyn of a layn man, and hal xx and ei hulen eye to hem, is oure one is fraward,
be vnknowun e gilti of e de, and rebel; oure heetis dipii to here, to glotryes taki
ii e more ur bir hulen goon out, and i domemen, hede, and to leccherye, and to feetis.
and e pacis of alle e cytees bi enuyroun hal be xxi e puple of e cytee hal row hym down wi
meetid fro e place of e careyn; tonus, and he hal dye, at e doon awei yuel fro e
iii and which ei biholden be ner an oer, e aldre myddil of ou, and al Irael hering wexe afeerd.
men of at citee hulen taak a hee calf fro e droue, xxii Whanne a man ynne at at is to punyhynge bi
at ha not taak ok, ne loond ha kit wi haar; de, and demed to dee were hongid in e gebet,
iiii and ei hulen lede it to e row valey, and tony, at xxiii e careyn of hym hal not abide in e tree, but in
neuer was eeryd, ne eed ha reeyued; and ei hulen e ame day hal be biried; for curid he is of God at
kit in it e cullis of e calf. hongi in e tree, and ow halt not defoule i loond
v And preetis, e ones of Leuy, whom e Lord i God at e Lord i God hal yue to ee into poeioun.
ha choun, at ei eruen to hym, and bleen in his
name, hulen goo to, and at e word of hem al e nede Capitulum XXII.
hal honge; and what euere ing is clene or vnclene, be i Thow halt not ee e oxe of i broer, oer heep
it demyd. errynge, and biide pae, but ow halt leede aen to i
vi And e more ur bir of at cytee hulen come to e broer.
layn man, and ei hulen wahe her hoondis vpon e ii And if he is not i ni broir, ne knowit hym, ow
hee calf, at ys myten in e valey; halt lede into in hows, and ei hulen be anentis ee,
as long as i broir echi hem, and reeyue.

iii Lijk maner ow halt doo of ae, and of cloinge, fader; and ow halt doo awei yuel fro e myddil of
and of al ing of i broer, at is lot; if ow fynde it, ee.
ne leeue it as alyen. xxii If a man leep wi e wijf of anoer, eyer hal die,
iiii If ou eet e ae of i broer, or oxe, to haue faln at is, e auowtreer and e auowtree; and ow halt
in e weie, ow halt not dipie, but vndur heeue wi do awey yuel fro Yrael.
hym. xxiii If a womman mayden a man powe, and eny man
v A womman hal not be cloid wi mannus cloinge, in e cytee fynde hir, and lye wi hir,
ne man hal ve wommannus cloing; abomynable xxiiii ow halt lede eier to e ate of at cytee, and ei
foroe anentis God he is, at do es ingis. hulen be rowun doun wi tonus; e maydyn, for he
vi If goynge bi e weie, in tree or in ere a net of cryed not, whanne he was in e cytee; e man, for he
briddis ou fyndit, and e moder to e bryddis or to e ha mekid e wijf of his neibour; and ow halt doo
eyren aboue ittynge, ow halt not hold hyr wi e awey yuel fro e myddil of ee.
ones, xxv Foroe if in e feeld a man fynde a womman at is
vii but ow halt uffre hir to goo awey, holdynge e powid, and takynge ligge wi hir, he hal dye alone;
ones takyn, at wel it be to ee, and loong tyme ow xxvi e womman no ing hal uffre, ne is gilti of dee;
lyue. for as a eef ryi aens his broer, and lee e oule
viii Whanne ow bildit a newe hows, ow halt mak e of hym, o and e womman ha uffred;
wal of e roof bi enuyroun, let ere be had blood in xxvii aloone he was in e feeld, and criede, and no man
in hows, and ow be gilti, at oer lidynge and was ni at myt delyuer hir.
fallynge hedlynge. xxviii If a man fynde a womman meydyn, at ha no
ix ou halt not owe i vyneerd wi oer eed, let and pows, and takynge lie wi hir, and e ing come to
e eed at ow hat owun, and at growen of e doom,
vyneerd, `togidre ben halowed. xxix he hal yue, at ha lept wi hyr, to e fader of
x ow halt not eere in oxe togidre and ae. e womman fifti icles of iluer, and he hal haue hir to
xi ow halt not be cloid e cloing, at is weuen of wijf, for he ha mekid hir; he hal not mowe leeue hyr,
wulle and of flex. alle e dais of his lijf.
xii Litil cordis in e hemmes ow halt make bi foure xxx A man hal not taak e wijf of his fader, ne hal
corners of i mantil, wi e which ow halt be opne e couerynge of hym.
xiii If a man taak a wijf, and afterward haue hir to haat, Capitulum XXIII.
xiiii and echi occaioun bi e which he leeue hir, and i A geldynge, e ballokis briid, or kyt of, and e erde
catynge aens hyr a moot yuel name, and eye, is kyt awey, hal not goon into e chirche of e Lord.
wijf I haue take, and goon yn to hir I foond hyr not ii e born of an hore hal not goon into e chirche of e
mayde; Lord, vnto e tene generacioun.
xv e fadir and e moder of hir hulen taak hir, and iii Amonytis and Moabites alo aftir e tene
bere wi hem e toknes of hir maydynhod to e aldre generacioun hulen not goon into e chirche of e
men of e citee, at ben in e ate; Lord, wi outen eende;
xvi and e fader hal eye, My douter I haue yue wijf iiii for ei wolden not aen come to ow wi breed and
to is, whom for he hati, water in e weie, whenne e wenten out of Egipt; and
xvii he putti to hir a moot yuel name, at he eye, I for ei hiryd aens ee Balaam, e one of Beor, fro
haue not founde i dowter mayde; and loo! es ben e Meopotany of Syrye, for to cure to ee;
tokens of e meydynhod of my douter; and ei hulen v and e Lord i God wolde not here Balaam, and
preede out e cloing before e `aldre men of e turnede e curynge of hym into i bleynge, fori at
cytee. he louede ee.
xviii And e aldre men of e citee hulen taak e man of vi ou halt not make wi hem pees, ne eche ow to
hir, and ei hulen beet hym, hem goodis, alle e days of i lijf vnto wi outen
xix condempnynge alo in an hundrid iclys of iluer, eende.
`e whiche he hal yue to e fader of e mayde, for he vii ow halt not wlaat Ydome, for he is i broer, ne
ha looed e moot yuel name vpon a maydyn of Egipcian, for comlynge ow were in e loond of hem.
Yrael; and he hal haue hir to wijf, and he hal not viii o at weren born of hem, e ridde generacioun
mowe leeue hir, al e tyme of his lijf. hulen go into e chirche of e Lord.
xx And if it is o, at he putte aens hyr, and is not in ix Whanne ow got out aens in enemyes into fit,
e womman founden maydenhod, ow halt keep ee fro al yuel ing.
xxi ei hulen row hir out of e atis of e hows of hir x If ere were among ow a man at wi nyt leep is
fader; and men of at citee hulen row hyr down wi polut, he hal goo out of e tentis;
tonus, and he hal dye, for he ha doon an vnleful xi and he hal not turn aen before at at euen he were
ing in Yrael, at he dide lecherie in e hows of hir wahe wi watyr; and after e unne goynge down he
hal turn aen into e tentis.

xii ow halt haue a place out of e tentis, to e which vi ow halt not taak in tedde of a wed e neermore
ow halt goon out to e needful ingis of kynde, and ouermore gryntoon, for his lijf he putte to ee.
xiii berynge a take in a girdel; and whanne ow ittit, vii If a man were taak biili weytynge his broer of e
ow halt delue bi enuyrown, and e defied out ou ones of Yrael, and he olde take e prijs, he hal be
halt couer wi ere, in e whych ow art releued. layn; and ow halt do a wey yuel fro e myddil of
xiiii Foroe e Lord i God go in e myddil of tentis, ee.
at he delyuer ee, and taak to ee in enemyes, at i viii Biily kepe wel, let ow renne into plage of lepre,
tentis ben hooli, and no ing in hem apere of filed, but ow halt doon alle ingis at e pretis of Leuyte
let he forake ee. kynde han taut ee, aftir at Y haue comaundid to
xv ow halt not take a eruaunt to his lord, at to ee hem, and fulfil biily.
ha flowen; ix Haue e mynde what ingis e Lord oure God dyde
xvi he hal dwelle wi ee in e place at to hym plei, to Marye, in e weye, whanne e wenten out of Egipt.
and in oon of i citees hal ret; and make ow not hym x Whanne ow halt aen ake of i neibour eny ing
ory. at he owi to ee, ow halt not goon into e hows of
xvii ere hal be no trumpet of e doutres of Yrael, ne hym for to taak wed;
horlyng of e ones of Yrael. xi but ow halt toond wi out, and he to ee hal
xviii ow halt not offre e mede of e hoorhows, ne e brynge for at he ha.
prijs of an hounde, in e hows of e Lord i God, what xii Foroe if he is pore, e wed anentis ee hal not al
euere ing it be at ow auowit; for abomynacioun is nyt dwelle,
eier anentis e Lord i God. xiii but anoon ow halt eeld to hym before e goynge
xix ow halt not leene to i broer at vure money, ne down of e unne, at he, lepynge in his cloinge,
fruytis, ne eny oer ing, blee to ee, and ow haue rytwines before e Lord
xx but to an alien. Foroe to i broer wi outen vure i God.
at at to hym nedi ow halt lene, at e Lord i xiiii ou halt not denye e mede of e nedi, and of e
God blie to ee in al i werke, in e loond to e pore i broer, or of comlynge at dwelli wi ee in
which to be weeldid ow halt goon yn. i loond, and wi ynne i atis is;
xxi Whanne ow auowit auowe to e Lord i God, ow xv but e ame day ow halt eeld to hym e prijs of
halt not tary to eelde, for e Lord i God hal requyre his traueyl, before e unne goynge down, for he is
it; and if ow taryet, it hal be rettid to ee into ynne. pore, and of it uteyne his lijf; let he crye aens ee
xxii And if ow wolt not bihoot, ow halt be wi outen to e Lord, and be rettid to ee into ynne.
ynne. xvi Fadrys hulen not be layn for e ones, ne ones for
xxiii Foroe at at is onus goon out of i lippis, ow e fadris, but echon for his own ynne hal dye.
halt kepe wel, and do as ow hat bihoot to e Lord i xvii ow halt not peruert e doom of e comlyng, and
God, and ur propre wil and i mou hat pokun. faderles child; ne ow halt taak awey in tede of a wed
xxiiii ow goon vnto e vyn of i neibour, ow halt e cloo of e widewe.
eete grapis, as myche as it liki to ee; out foroe ne xviii Haue mynde at ow hat erued in Egipt, and e
beer ou wi ee. Lord i God ha delyuered ee ens; erfor I
xxv If ow goo into e corn of i freend, ow halt comaunde to ee at ow doo is ing.
breek eeris, and wi e hoond brie; foroe wi xix Whanne ow repit corn in i feeld, and a foretun
kuttynge yren ow halt not reep. handful ow leeuet, ow halt not turn aen for to taak
it, but e comlynge, and faderles child, and widewe
Capitulum XXIIII. ow halt uffre to bere a wey, at e Lord i God
i If man taak a wijf, and haue hyr, and fynde no grace blee to ee in al e werk of in hoondis.
before e eyen of hir, for um filed, he hal wryte a xx If ou gedret fruytis of olyues, what euere leeue in
libel of forakynge, and he hal yue in e hoond of e trees, ow halt not turn aen for to gedre, but ow
hyr, and he hal leeue hir fro his hows. halt leeue to e comlynge, faderles child, and widewe.
ii And whanne he goon out anoer houboond taki, xxi If ou kuttit i vyn from grapis to wyn, ou halt
iii and he foroe hate hir, and yue to hir a libel of not gedre e leeuynge reyens, but ei hulen falle into
forakynge, and leeue fro his hows, oer certeyn were e ve of e comlynge, faderles child, and widewe.
deed, xxii Haue mynde at ow eruedit in Egipt, and erfor
iiii e firt houboond hal not mowe taak her aen into Y comaunde to ee, at ow doo is ing.
wijf, for he is polut, and is maad abomynable before
e Lord; let ow make to ynne i loond, at e Lord Capitulum XXV.
i God to ee ha taak to be weeldid. i If
ere were a caue bitwex eny men, and han akid
v Whanne a man ha taak a wijf laate, he hal not goo iugis, whom ei biholden to be rytwye, to hym e
for to bateyl, ne to hym eny ing of nede hal be palme of ritwines ei hulen yue, whom wickid, ei
ioyned opynlich, but he hal taak hede wi outen blame hulen condempne of wickidnes.
to his hows, at o eer he ioye wi his wijf.

ii Foroe if hym at ha ynned ei een wori, ei i Whanne ow comyt into e loond at e Lord i God
hulen row doun wi courgis, and before hem ei is to yue to ee to be weeldid, and holdit it, and
hulen make to be betun; for e meure of ynne hal be dwellit in it,
and e maner of courgyngis, ii ow halt taak of alle i fruytis e cheef, and put in a
iii o oonlich, at e fourti noumbre ei ouer pae not, leep; and ow halt goo to e place at e Lord i God
let foulich rent before in eyen i broer go awey. ha choun, at ere be inwardly clepid e name of
iiii ow halt not bynde e mou of e oxe tredinge i hym.
fruytis in e flore. iii And ow halt goon to e preet at were in o days,
v Whanne breeren dwellen togidre, and oon of hem and eye to hym, I knowleche to day before e Lord i
wi outen free children were deed, e wijf of e deed God, at Y am comen into e loond, for e which he
hal not wedde to anoer, but hal taak hir his broer, ha wore to oure fadris, at he hulde yue it to vs.
and he hal arere e eed of his broer. iiii And e preet takynge e leep of in hoond, hal put
vi And e fyrt goten one of hyr he hal clepe bi e before e auter of e Lord i God.
name of hym, at e name of hym be not doon a wey v And ow halt peke in e it of e Lord i God,
fro Yrael. Sirus puruede my fader, at decendide into Egipt, and
vii Foroe if he wol not taak e wijf of his broer, at ere pilgrimagide in moot fewe noumbre; and he
to hym bi e lawe is owid, e womman hal goo to e growide into a greet folk of kynde, and trong, and of
ate of e cyte; and he hal ake e more men ur multitude wi out ende.
bir, and hal eye, e broer of my man wol not arere vi And e Egipciens greuowly traueilyden vs, and
eed of his broer in Yrael, ne me into wedlok taak. purueden, puttynge on moot greuows birens.
viii And anoon ei hulen maak hym to be clepid, and vii And we crieden to e Lord God of oure faders, at
ei hulen ake. If he anwere, I wol not taak hir to ha herde vs, and bihold oure mekenes, and traueyl,
wijf; and anguyes;
ix e womman hal come ny to hym, before e aldre viii and he ha lad vs out of Egipt in a myti hoond,
men, and he hal taak e ho of his foot, and pit in his and in an arme treit out, in greet drede, in toknes,
face, and eye, us it hal be doo to a man, at wol not and wondres,
bilde vp e hows of his broer; ix and broute into is place; and ha taak to vs e
x and hal be clepid e name of hym in Yrael, e hows loond mylk and hony flowynge.
of e vnhod. x And erfor nowe Y offre to ee e cheef of e fruytis
xi If ere han two men bytwix hem elf chidynge, and of e ere at e Lord ha eue to me. And ow halt
oon aens at oer bigynne to iangle, and wilnynge leeue hem in e it of e Lord i God. And e Lord i
e wijf of `at oer to delyuer hir man fro e hoond of God honourd,
e trenger, and ha put e hoond, and takun e xi ow halt eete in alle goodis at e Lord i God ha
hamfat membris of hym, eue to ee and to in hows, ow, and Leuytis, and
xii ow halt kut of e hoond of hir, ne be bowid on hyr comlyng, at is wi ee.
wi eny mercy. xii Whanne ow hat fulfillid e tie of alle i fruytis,
xiii ow halt not haue in ak dyuere weitis, more and e eer of tiis e ridde, ow halt eue to Leuyte, and
lae, comlynge, and faderles child, and widewe, at ei eten
xiiii ne ere hal be in in hows a buhel more and `wi ynne i atis, and ben fulfillid.
lae. xiii And ou halt peke in e it of e Lord i God, Y
xv Weit ow halt haue iut and verrey, and euen haue brout at is halowid fro myn hows, and haue
buhel and verrey hal be to ee, at myche tyme ou yue it to Leuyte, and comlynge, and faderles child,
lyue vpon ere at e Lord i God hal yue to ee. and widewe, as ow hat comaundid to me; I haue not
xvi e Lord foroe hal wlaat hym at do es ingis, paid biide in heetis, ne haue foret i maundement.
and witoondi alle vnritwinees. xiiii Y haue not eete of hem in my orwe, ne haue euerd
xvii Haue mynde what ingis dide to ee Amalech in e hem in eche vnclennes, ne haue pendid of hem eny
weye, whanne ow wentit out of Egipt; ing in ing of deed coors. Y haue obeihid to e voyce
xviii what maner wie he aen cam to ee, and e eendis of e Lord my God, and haue doo alle ingis at ow
of i felawhip, at wery abeden, lew, whanne ow hat comaundid to me.
were defoulid wi hungre and traueil, and dredde not xv Bihold fro i anctuary, fro e hie dwellynge place
God. of heuens, and blee ow to i puple Yrael, and to e
xix erfor whanne e Lord i God ha yue to ee ret, loond at ow hat yue to vs, as ow hat wore to
and maad ugettis alle naciouns bi enuyroun, in e oure fadres, to e loond mylk and hony flowynge.
loond at he ha bihoot to ee, ow halt doo a wey his xvi To day e Lord i God ha comaundid to ee, at
name vndre heuene; be war let ow forete. ow doo es maundementis and domys, at ow kepe
and fulfil of al in hert, and of al i oule.
Capitulum XXVI. xvii e Lord ow hat choun to day, at he be to ee
God, and ow goo in e weies of hym, and keep his

cerymoyns, and heetis, and domys, and obeih to his xix Curid at peruerti doom of comlynge, faderles
maundement. child, and widewe; and al e puple hal eye, Amen!
xviii Loo! e Lord ha choen ee to day, at ow be to xx Curid at lepi wi e wijf of his fader, and opne
hym a pecial puple, as he ha poken to ee, and ow e couerynge of his bed; and al e puple hal eie,
keep alle e heetis of hym; Amen!
xix and he hal maak ee hier an alle e folkis, at he xxi Curid at lepi wi eny beet; and al e puple hal
ha maad of nout, into preyynge, and name, and his eye, Amen!
glorye; at ow be an holy puple of e Lord i God, as xxii Curid at lepi wi his iter, douter of his fader,
he ha pokun. or of his moder; and al e puple hal eye, Amen!
xxiii Curid at lepi wi his wyues moder; and al e
Capitulum XXVII. puple hal eie, Amen!
i Moyes foroe ha comaundid, and e eldren, to e xxiiii Curid at priuely myti his neibour; and al e
puple of Yrael, eiynge, Keep e eche maundement at puple hal eye, Amen! Curid at lepi wi e wijf of
I comaunde to ow to day. his neibour; and al e puple hal eye, Amen!
ii Whanne e han paid ouere Jordan, into e loond at xxv Curid at taki iftis, at he myte e oule of e
e Lord i God hal yue to ee, ow halt arere greet innocent blood; and al e puple hal eye, Amen!
tonus, and wi platre ow halt dawbe hem, xxvi Curid at dwelli not in e wordis of is lawe, ne
iii at ow mowe wryte in hem alle e wordis of is hem in deede fulfilli; and al e puple hal eye, Amen!
lawe, Jordan ouergoon, at ow goo into e lond at
e Lord i God hal yue to ee, e loond mylk and Capitulum XXVIII.
hony flowynge, as he ha wore to i fadres. i If foroe ow herit e voyce of e Lord i God, at
iiii Whanne anne ow halt ouerpas Jordan, arere e ow doo and kepe alle e heetis of hym, at Y
tonus at Y to day comaunde to ee, in e mownt of comaunde to ee to day, e Lord i God hal make ee
Hebal; and ow halt dawbe hem wi platre. hier an alle e folkis of kynde, at dwellen in ere.
v And ow halt bild ere up an auter to e Lord i ii And ere hulen come vpon ee alle es bliyngis,
God, of tonus whom yrun ha not towchid, and hulen taak ee; if neuerelater e heetis of hym
vi and of tonus vnfourmed and vnpolihid; and ow ow herit.
halt offre vpon it brent acrificis to e Lord i God; iii Bleid ow in e citee, and bleid in e feeld;
vii and ow halt offre peible ootis, and ow halt eete iiii bleid e fruyt of i wombe, and e fruyt of in
ere, and `make methip before e Lord i God. ere, and e fruyt of i beetis, e flockis of i droues,
viii And ow halt wryte vpon e tonus alle e wordis and e fooldis of i heep;
of is lawe, pleynly and cleerli. v bliid i beernes, and bleyd i relikis;
ix And Moyes and e preetis of Leuyte kynde eiden to vi bleid ow halt be ingoynge, and out goynge.
al Yrael, Tak hede, and here ow, Yrael; to day ow art vii e Lord hal yue in enemyes, at ryen aens ee,
maad e puple of e Lord i God; fallynge in in it; bi o weye ei hulen come aens
x ow halt here e voice of hym, and do e heetis, ee, and bi euen ei hulen flee fro i face.
and rytwinees, at I comaunde to ee. viii e Lord hal eend out bleynge vpon i celers, and
xi And Moyes comaundide to e puple in at day, vpon alle e werkis of in hoondis; and he hal blee
eiynge, to ee in e loond at ow halt taak.
xii es hulen toond to blee e Lord vpon e hil of ix e Lord hal rere ee to hym into an hooli puple, as
Garyym, Jordan put ouer; Symeon, Leuy, Judas, he ha wore to ee, if ou kepyt e heetis of e Lord
Yachar, Joeph, and Beniamyn. i God, and got in e weies of hym.
xiii `And forn aens es hulen toond to cure in e hil x And alle e puples of eres hulen eeyen, at e
of Hebal, Ruben, Gad, and Aer, Zabulon, Dan, and name of e Lord be inwardly clepid vpon ee, and ei
Neptalym. hulen drede ee.
xiiii And e Leuytes hulen pronounce, and eye to alle xi To be plenteuous in alle goodis e Lord hal make
men of Irael, wi an hie voice, ee, in fruytis of i wombe, and fruyt of i beetys,
xv Curid be e man at maki grauen ing and otun, fruyt of i loond, at e Lord ha wore to i fadres,
abomynacioun of e Lord, e werk of e hoondis of for to yue to ee.
crafti men, and hal put it in hidils; and al e puple xii e Lord hal opne his bet treour, heuene, at he
hal anwer, and eye, Amen! yue reyn to i loond in his tyme; he hal blee to alle
xvi Curid at honoure not his fader and moder; and al e werkys of in hoondis; and ow halt okyr to many
e puple hal eye, Amen! folkis, and i elf hal not borwe to oker of eny man.
xvii Curid at ouerberi e teermes of his neibore; xiii e Lord i God hal ett ee into heed, and not into
and al e puple hal eye, Amen! tayl, and ow halt be euere more aboue, and not
xviii Curid at maki to erre e blynde in e weye; and vndur; if neuerelater ow here e maundementis of
al e puple hal eye, Amen! e Lord i God, at Y comaunde to ee to day, and
kepit, and dot,

xiiii and bowit not aide fro hem, ne to e rit, ne to e xxxiiii and tonyed at e drede of o ingis at in eyen
left, ne hat not folwid alien goddis, ne heried hem. hulen een.
xv And if ou wolt not here e vois of e Lord i God, xxxv Smyit ee e Lord wi e moot yuel biel in knees,
at ow keep and doo alle e maundementis of hym, and in parlyuers; and mow ow not be helid fro e
and cerymoyns, at Y comaunde to ee to day, hulen ool of e foot vnto e nol.
come vpon ee alle es malyouns, and holde ee. xxxvi And e Lord hal leede ee, and i kyng, whom
xvi Curid ow halt be in citee, cured in feeld; ow hat ordeynd `vpon ee, into a folk at knowit
xvii curid i bern, and curid i relikis; not, ow, and i fadris; and ow halt erue ere to
xviii curid e fruyt of i wombe, and e fruyt of in alien goddys, tree, and tone.
ere, e droues of in oxen, and e flockis of i heep. xxxvii And ow halt be lot into proueerb, and fable to
xix Curid ow halt be ingoynge, and curid out alle puplis, to e whiche e Lord hal inleede ee.
goynge. xxxviii Myche eed ow halt row `in to e loond, and
xx e Lord hal ende vpon ee hungre inward, and litil ou halt gedre; for locutis hulen deuowre alle
hungre outward, and blamyng into alle i werkis at ingis.
ow halt do, to e tyme at he trede ee doun, and xxxix A vyn ow halt plaunt, and delue, and wyn ow
lee wiftly, for i moot yuel fyndyngis, in e whiche halt not drynke, ne gedre of it eny ing; for it hal be
ow hat forakun me. watyd wi wormes.
xxi Joyn to ee e Lord petilence, to e tyme at he xl Olyues ow halt haue in alle i teermes, and ow
waat ee fro e ere, to e which ow halt goon in to halt not be anoynt wi oyle; for ei hulen falle awey,
be weeldyd. and perihen.
xxii Smyit ee e Lord wi nede, feuer, and coold, and xli Sones and doutres ow halt geete, and ow halt
brennynge, and heet, and corrupt eyre, and rut; and not ve hem; for ei hulen be lad into chaytifte.
purue he to e tyme at ou peryhe. xlii Alle i trees and fruytis of i loond rut hal waat.
xxiii Be heuene at is aboue ee braany; and e lond xliii A comlynge, at dwelli wi ee in e loond, hal
at ou tredit yrony. tey up vpon ee, and hal be hier; foroe ow halt
xxiiii yue e Lord e wedre of in ere powdre, and fro goo doun, and be lower.
heuene come down vpon ee akis, to e tyme at ow xliiii He hal oker to ee, and ow halt not oker to hym;
be al to-powned. he hal be into heed, and ow halt be into tayl.
xxv Tak ee e Lord fallynge down before in enemyes; xlv And ere hulen come vpon ee alle es maliouns,
bi o weye go ow out aens hem, and bi euen fle ow, and puruynge hulen holde ee, to e tyme at ow
and be ou catered ur out alle e rewmes of e ere; dye; for ow hat not herd e voyce of e Lord i God,
xxvi and be i careyn into meete to alle e foulis of ne hat kept e maundementis of hym, and cerymoyns,
heuene, and beetis of e ere, and be ere noon at at he ha comaundid to ee.
driue aweye. xlvi And ere hulen be in ee ygnes, and wondres, and
xxvii Smyit ee e Lord wi e byil of Egipt, and e in i eed, vnto wi outen ende;
paart of e bodi bi e which toordis ben heten out, wi xlvii fori at ow hat not erued to e Lord i God in
cab foroe and itchynge, o at ow may not be helid. ioy of herte and gladnes, for plenteuownes of alle
xxviii Smyit ee e Lord wi madnes, and blyndnes, ingis.
and wi woodnes of out; xlviii ou halt erue to in enemye, at God hal end
xxix and ow halt graap in mydday, as is woned a into ee, in hungre, and ret, and nakidnes, and
blynd man to graap in derkniis; and make he not redi caarnes of alle ingis; and he hal put on an yren ok
i weyes; and alle tymes wrong chalenge uffre ou, vpon i col, to e tyme at he haue al to-treede ee.
and be ow born down wi vyolence, ne haue ow at xlix e Lord hal brynge vpon ee a folk fro aferre, and
delyuer ee. fro e vttermoot cootis of e ere, into liknes of a
xxx A wijf tak ow, and anoer man leep wi hyr; `an fleynge egle wi feernes, whos tonge ow mayt not
hows bild ow, and dwel ow not in yt; plaunt ow a vndertond;
vyn, and kut ow not e grapis of it. l moot gredi folk, at hal not paar to e old, ne haue
xxxi in ox be layn before ee, and eete ow not of it; mercy of e litil child.
in ae be caut in i it, and be it not oldun to ee; li And he hal deuowr e fruyt of i beetis, and fruytis
i heep be ei ouen to in enemyes, and be ere noon of in ere, to e tyme at ow dye, and leeue he not
at ee help. to ee corn, wyn, and oyle, droues of oxen, and flockis
xxxii i ones and i doutren be ei takun to anoer of heep, to e tyme at he catre ee,
puple, eynge in eyen, and defaylynge at e it of lii and al to-treede ee in alle i citees; and i fat
hem al day; and be ere not treng in in hoond. wallis and hie hulen be detruyed, in e whiche ow
xxxiii e fruyt of in ere, and alle i traueyls eete e haddit trut in al i loond. ow halt be enegid, wi
puple at ow knowit not; and be ow euer more ynne i atis in al i loond, at e Lord i God hal
wronge chalengis uteininge, and born doun alle days, yue to ee.

liii And ow halt ete e fruyt of i woombe, and e lxviii Ande Lord hal brynge ee aen wi multitude
fleh of i ones, and of i doutren, at e Lord i of hippis into Egipt, bi e weye of e which he eide to
God ha eue to ee, in angwih and watete, wi e ee, at yt ow huldit e no more. ere ow halt be
which in enemye hal oppree ee. old to in enemyes, into rallis and ralleis; and
liiii A man delicate of lijf, and leccherous myche, hal ere hal not be at bigge.
enuye to his broer, and to e wijf at itti in his
boum, Capitulum XXIX.
lv at he yue not to hem of e fleh of his ones, e i Thes ben e wordis of e couenaunt of pees, at e
whiche he hal eete; fori at no ing oer he haue in Lord ha comaundid to Moyes, at he hould myte
e egynge and caarenes, at in enemyes han watid wi e ones of Yrael in e loond of Moab, biide at
ee wi ynne alle i atis. boond of pees, at wi hem he couenauntide in Oreb.
lvi A tendre womman and a delicate, `e which vpon e ii And Moyes clepide al Yrael, and eide to hem, e
ere myte not go, ne fitch e tap of e foot, for han een alle ingis at e Lord ha doo before ow in
oftnes and moot tendrenes, hal enuye to hir man at e loond of Egipt, to Pharao, and alle e eruauntis of
reti in e boum of hir, vpon e one and doutres hym, and to al e loond of hym;
fleh, iii greet temptaciou