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Vol. 11 No. 3
ECIP 5-18,
February Tackles
2007 IP Education
Marriage: A Bond Which is
Unique and Definitive
Message for the World Day
of Leprosy
The Dignity of the Rural
Poor—A Gospel Concern

CBCP Calls for Bishop of Melo

Free, Credible Polls
THE Catholic Bishops’ Conference of
the Philippines (CBCP) has called for
free and credible elections.
The prelates urged the faithful
for a massive effort and put neces-
sary measures that would guarantee
CBCP Monitor Commission Resigns
A BISHOP member of a commission
formed by Arroyo last year to investi-
gate the spate of killings in the coun-
try has resigned his post recently.
Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios
Pueblos cited the long preparation for
“clean, honest and peaceful” elec- Protagonist of Truth, Promoter of Peace the 40th Jubilee year of his diocese as
tions in May this year. reason for his resignation.
CBCP Calls / P4
Februar y 5-18, 2007 Vol. 11 No. 3 Php 20. 00 Bishop / P4

Rural Poor, Victims of Unjust

Economic Order, says CBCP
By Pinky Barrientos, FSP
Less Talk, More
IN a strongly worded pastoral state-
ment on the dignity of the rural poor Action on Political
read to the media at the end of the
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Killings
Philippines (CBCP) plenary assem-
bly last January 28, the bishops THE Catholic bishops are not satis-
called on the government for a full fied with the progress of the
implementation of the comprehen- government’s efforts to stop the
sive agrarian reform program (CARP) sharp escalation of political killings
aimed at alleviating rural poverty. in the countryside.
Saying that the rural poor remain The Catholic Bishops’ Confer-
the greatest victims of the country’s ence of the Philippines (CBCP) in a
unjust social structures and inequi- statement after a three-day meeting
table distribution of the nation’s said the Arroyo administration’s
wealth, the bishops called on gov- actions including the creation of
ernment officials to put the common fact-finding body are clearly not
good above selfish interests. enough.
“We ask (the government) that “The government and military’s
the CARP, defective as it is, be fi- response to the shameful extra-ju-
nally completed next year as it has dicial killings of unarmed crusaders
been targeted. And if it is not suffi- The 94th Bishops’ Plenary Assembly. Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo, CBCP President, presides over the bishops’ meeting that heard 16 for justice and equality is most un-
ciently implemented by then, the pro- commission reports, issued 4 pastoral statements and deliberated on various pastoral concerns of the day. Less Talk / P4

Human Suffering Inspired Prayer for Christian Unity

gram should be further extended and
funded more seriously and gener-
ously,” the statement said.
CBCP also assailed the
government’s lack of grit to fully THE Catholic Church and the Na- servance is designed to respond to give way to the CBCP plenary as- ment and poverty continues to raise
implement the law on agrarian reform, tional Council for Churches in the two challenges to the faithful: “to sembly held last week. formidable challenges for Africans,
saying that the government’s inabil- Philippines (NCCP) are jointly call- pray and strive together for Chris- Christian Churches in other na- where there is still a shortage of
ity “mirrors the still over-powering ing Christian faithful to unite in tian unity, and to join together in re- tions also observe the event at vari- schools, medical clinics and housing.
opposition of the landed classes, the prayer in the face of human misery sponding to human suffering.” ous times of the year with many ob- Since 1968, the Catholic Church
traditional political and economic as the country celebrates Week of An annual event, the Week of serving the Week during Pentecost. and the Faith and Order Commission
elite of our country.” Prayer for Christian Unity. Prayer is a significant time during This year’s Week of Prayer has of the Word Council of Churches
Addressing the problem of ru- With the theme of “He even which Churches around the world its origins in the experience of Chris- (WCC) have begun celebrating the
ral poverty will reduce urban pov- makes the deaf to hear and the mute express their longing for and com- tian communities in the realm of Week of Prayer.
erty since rural folk migrate to the to speak” (Mk 7:37), the celebration mitment to Christian unity. Umlazi in South Africa, a region dev- Each year the theme for the
cities simply to escape poverty in the called the faithful to express their It is traditionally celebrated in astated by HIV/AIDS along with Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
province, the statement read. growing unity by “breaking the si- other countries in the week of 18 to unemployment and poverty. is initially prepared by an interna-
As the bishops called on those lence” which oppresses and isolates 20 January, but the CBCP- Episcopal It is estimated that 50 percent of tional group whose members are ap-
who have the official responsibilities people in their afflictions. Commission on Ecumenical Affairs the Umlazi residents are infected with pointed by the WCC and the Pon-
to act on behalf of the people they The Pontifical Council for Chris- had an agreement with the NCCP to the virus. tifical Council for Promoting Chris-
Rural Poor / P4 tian Unity said that this year’s ob- celebrate it from Jan.27 to Feb. 3 to A legacy of racism, unemploy- tian Unity. (CBCPNews)

Voters’ Forum Forges

Bishop Camiña Covenant for Life Our Lady of Fatima Image Visits RP
Dies; Leaves a CHURCH leaders and pro- the Constitution was rati- A statue standing around 4 feet tional Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of
life advocates met for a fied, the country is yet to tall brought many in high spirit Fatima, a traveling statue that’s be-
voter’s forum to forge a see any legislative pro- with its message of peace and lieved to have brought miracles to
“covenant for life” with posal aimed at enhancing hope into Catholic churches people around the globe drew the
RETIRED pro-life candidates run- and advancing the cause around the country. attention of the pubic, both believer
B i s h o p ning in the May elections. of the natural family plan- For two weeks, the Interna- and non-believer.
Generoso Organized by the ning as a way of enriching Our Lady / P4
Camiña, CBCP-Episcopal Commis- and propagating the basic
who was sion on Family and Life principles stated in the
bishop of (ECFL) and Pro-Life Phil- Constitution.
the Diocese ippines, the gathering was He underscored the
of Digos from 1980 to 2003, held at the Gymnasium of urgent need “to deliber-
died after battling an illness the Polytechnic University ately articulate the faith-
for several months. of the Philippines (PUP), based guiding philosophy
Camiña, who came from Sta. Mesa, Manila on Feb- of defending life and the
the Foreign Mission Society ruary 3. family.”
of Quebec (PME), died “The objective of this Aside from Aniceto,
morning of February 1 at the forum is to encourage guests and speakers of the
San Pedro Hospital in Digos senatorial and party-list event were: Novaliches
City of liver cancer and dia- candidates to sign a cov- Bishop Antonio Tobias,
betes. enant for life that is pro- CBCP Legal Office Secre-
He was 75. life and pro-family,” said tary Atty. Jo Imbong and
The bishop was at the Archbishop Paciano other pro-life and pro-fam-
hospital since January 23 af- Aniceto, ECFL chairman. ily candidates.
Bishop Camiña / P4 Aniceto said that with Numerous pro-life and
almost two decades after Voter’s Forum / P4
CBCP Monitor
2 World News Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007

Holy See Will Not Sign U.N. Document on Marriage and Natural Law in the Works
VATICAN CITY, January 31, 2007— Avvenire. fruitful inter-religious dialogue.
Convention on Disabled People A Catholic cannot support a law that
sanctions same-sex marriage, says
Given the importance of the
natural law, the prelate disclosed that
“Many Catholic politicians ask
for clarifications on this type of ar-
convinced that they the secretary of the Congregation for his congregation is preparing a gument—
possess full and in- the Doctrine of the Faith. statement on the subject and that, if later they wish to act or suc-
alienable human Archbishop Angelo Amato clari- with this objective in mind, “all ceed in acting coherently, is another
rights.” fied that this issue not only comes Catholic universities worldwide have question.
With reference from biblical teaching but also from been consulted.” “In any case Catholic politicians
to article 23 of the natural law. “The responses from all over the should always remember that they
convention, he indi- “A Catholic cannot support leg- world are very encouraging, includ- should never give their consent to
cated that his del- islation that, for example, introduces ing from universities considered the introduction of laws that go
egation “interprets marriage between two persons of the more ‘difficult,’”Archbishop Amato against moral principles. In cases
all the terms and same sex; it goes against biblical rev- explained. “The natural law is most where such laws are already in force,
phrases regarding elation and against the natural law important because, among other rea- then they can limit themselves to try
family planning ser- itself,” he told the Italian newspaper sons, it might be the sole basis for to attenuate their reach.” (Zenit)
vices, regulation of
Archbishop Celestino Migliore
fertility and mar-
riage in article 23, as Pope Urges Middle East Christians not to Leave their Land
VATICAN CITY, February 1, well as the word ‘gender,’ as it did
Vatican City, February 1, 2007—Pope ops that Christians
2007—Made public today was a in its reservations and statements Benedict XVI said that the “difficult might all leave the
talk delivered by Archbishop of interpretation at the Cairo and
situation which individuals and land in which Jesus
Celestino Migliore, Holy See per- Beijing International Confer- Christian communities face in the was born.
manent observer to the United ences,” held respectively 1994
region [the Holy Land] is a cause of “Christian minori-
Nations in New York, concerning and 1995. deep concern for us all,” adding that ties,” he noted, “find
a Convention on the Rights of “Finally, and most impor-
local Christians should not to be it difficult to survive
Persons with Disabilities, ap- tantly, regarding article 25 on tempted to leave. in the midst of such a
proved by the U.N. General As- health, and specifically the refer-
The Holy Father made the state- volatile geopolitical
sembly on December 13, 2006 and ence to sexual and reproductive ment during a meeting with the mem- panorama and are of-
due to be signed by member health, the Holy See understands
bers of the Joint International Com- ten tempted to emi-
States on March 30. access to reproductive health as mission for Theological Dialogue grate. In these circum-
In a note accompanying the being a holistic concept that does
between the Catholic Church and the stances, Christians of
talk, the archbishop recalls that, not consider abortion or access Oriental Orthodox Churches, all traditions and com-
“since the beginning of work in to abortion as a dimension of
He also said that in his Christ- munities in the Middle East are called saints, who have given courageous
July 2002, the Holy See has par- those terms. ...We opposed the mas message to Catholics living in to be courageous and steadfast in witness to Christ in these lands, sus-
ticipated actively in the prepara- inclusion of such a phrase in this
the Middle East, he told them that the power of the Spirit of Christ.” tain and strengthen the Christian
tion of the document, collaborat- article, because in some countries he shared the concerns expressed “May the intercession and ex- communities in their faith!”
ing in the insertion of explicit ref- reproductive health services in-
several times by the region’s bish- ample of the many martyrs and (AsiaNews)
erences to respect for the right to clude abortion, thus denying the
life and the recognition of the role
of the family in the lives of dis-
inherent right to life of every hu-
man being, also affirmed by ar- Seoul Set to Ban Human Egg Donations
abled people. Nonetheless, in the ticle 10 of the Convention. It is
tee will convene on 6 Feb- more time. In any case, the commit-
final stage of the work, unaccept- surely tragic that ... the same Con- ruary to work out a draft tee will submit a decision to the gov-
able references to ‘reproductive vention created to protect per-
banning women from do- ernment that will draw up a law based
health’ have been introduced into sons with disabilities from all dis- nating their eggs for sci- on it.”
articles 23 and 25 and, for that rea- crimination in the exercise of their
entific research. This was Currently, in South Korea,
son, the Holy See has decided not rights, may be used to deny the confirmed by the commis- women can donate their eggs for re-
to adhere to the new convention.” very basic right to life of disabled
sion chief, Prof. Cho Han- search but trading of the eggs is pro-
In his English-language talk, unborn persons.” ik, who said: “We will seek hibited. The planned change that
Archbishop Migliore highlighted “For this reason,” he con-
to finalize the draft in our should come about with a new law is
how “the Holy See has consis- cluded, “and despite the many first meeting. A majority of most likely due to the experiments of
tently called for disabled individu- helpful articles this convention
committee members are the “pioneer” of human cloning,
als to be completely and compas- contains, the Holy See is unable against the donation of Hwang Woo-suk, who admitted that
sionately integrated into society, to sign it.” (VIS)
human eggs for scientific he had stimulated the uterus of do-
SEOUL, South Korea, February 1, purposes and wants to submit a draft nors to obtain more eggs that were
Vatican Denies Laicization 2007—The South Korean govern-
ment is all set to ban human egg do-
law about this to the government as
soon as possible.
later bought.
Some of these “volunteers”

to Paraguayan Bishop nations, seemingly in a bid to oblit-

erate the global scandal caused by
It is unclear whether women will
be allowed to donate “surplus” eggs
were severely harmed by the stimu-
lation and they subsequently ac-

Running for President the (fake) embryonic stem cell re- for research, which are usually ex- cused the researcher of not having
search of Prof. Hwang Woo-suk. tracted for artificial insemination. For informed them about the risks inher-
The National Bioethics Commit- this, Cho said “The committee needs ent in the operation. (AsiaNews)
VAT I C A N formal warning that running for pub-
CITY, Febru-
ary 2, 2007—
lic office would “be in clear contrast
with the serious responsibility of a Dialogue Between Jews, Christians and Muslims is a “Vital
Retired Bishop
The Vatican
turned down
bishop of the Catholic Church” and
would carry sanctions. Necessity” of Our Times, Says Pope
Fernando Lugo Mendez a laicization Vatican Radio reported Feb. 1
request from a Paraguayan bishop that Cardinal Re informed Bishop VATICAN CITY, February 1, 2007— original language and in chronologi-
who wants to run for president and Lugo in a Jan. 20 letter that his re- Inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue cal order of the three holy books of
suspended the bishop from exercis- quest to return to the lay state had today “is not an option but a neces- the three monotheistic religions as
ing his priestly ministry. been denied because “the episco- sity of our times” and to pursue it, way “to offer a specific and positive
Bishop Fernando Lugo Mendez pacy is a service accepted freely for- Jews, Christians and Muslims are contribution to the dialogue between
of San Pedro, Paraguay, 57, had an- ever.” called to put “reason to work”, to cultures and religions.”
nounced Dec. 25 that he would ask However, the radio said, be- examine the mystery of God and of- Benedict XVI noted that the pur-
the Vatican to return him to the sta- cause of Bishop Lugo’s decision to fer the results to the people of our pose of the Foundation is “to find
tus of a layman so he could run for continue his political activity, Cardi- times, said Benedict XVI. the most essential and authentic mes-
president. nal Re also informed him that he had On receiving delegates to the sage to address to the world in the and to recognize the values that can
Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, been suspended from exercising his ‘Foundation for Inter-religious and 21st century,” give a strong “boost enlighten men and women of all
prefect of the Congregation for Bish- ministry as a bishop and priest. Intercultural Research and Dia- to inter-faith and inter-cultural dia- peoples irrespective of their culture
ops, responded in December with a (CNS) logue’, of which he is a founder, the logue by searching together, focus- and religion.”
Pope again spoke about the need for ing and spreading what in one’s re- The Pope also stressed that
John Paul II Center Opens in Thailand people from monotheistic religions
to confront the mystery of God
spective spiritual heritage contributes
to strengthen fraternal ties between
“dialogue is necessary now more
than ever, a real dialogue, one that
BANGKOK, Thailand, February 1, Catholic Church.” through reason. communities of believers.” respects differences, that is coura-
2007—The John Paul II Center for He explained the four prin- To the members of the delega- “We are invited to put reason geous, patient and persevering, one
Catholic Social Thought has ciples which make up the framework tion led by Prince Hassan of Jordan, to work, for which I vow my sup- that finds its strength in prayer and
opened in Thailand. of the Compendium: the dignity the Pope underlined the fact that the port, in order to examine the mystery is fuelled by the hope that is in all
Cardinal Renato Martino, and freedom of the human person, first project completed by the Foun- of God in light of our religious tradi- who believe and have trust in God.”
president of the Pontifical Council the common good, subsidiarity dation was the publication in the tions and our respective wisdom, (AsiaNews)
for Justice and Peace, gave the ad- and solidarity.

Booming Sales for Pope Benedict’s Encyclical

dress at the inauguration ceremony Following the address, gov-
on Monday. ernment officials and other guests
A statement from the apostolic at the ceremony asked the Cardi-
nunciature in Thailand explained nal questions, particularly on how
that the center is “to honor and the Compendium could contribute ROME, January 31, 2007—Deus Caritas For the first time in modern history, the
commemorate the late Pope John to solve the world’s problems. Est, the first encyclical by Pope Benedict Latin version of a papal document had to go
Paul II, particularly for his encycli- The new center has under- XVI, has sold millions of copies since it back to press, after the first print run was sold
cals on the Social Doctrine of the taken to translate the Compendium appeared on January 25, 2006. out. Originally 1,000 copies had been printed
Church.” into Thai. The already completed The German and Spanish-language in Latin.
In his address, Cardinal part of the translation was pub- editions of the encyclical have each been The papal encyclical has been translated
Martino presented “The Compen- lished and presented to the partici- reprinted three times; the Italian version into several other languages including Rus-
dium of the Social Doctrine of the pants at the conference. (Zenit) has sold almost 1.5 million copies. sian and Chinese. (CWNews)
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007
News Feature 3
2007—The Vatican has re-

Make Christ leased a schedule of the litur-

gical celebrations over which
Benedict XVI will preside dur-

Alive in Asian
ing Lent and Easter, as well as
approval of three beatifica-
tions in April.
Lent will begin on Ash

Wednesday, Feb. 21. At 5 p.m.

© Boris Roessler/epa/Corbis
Benedict XVI will preside over
Mass and the blessing and im-
position of ashes in the Roman
Basilica of St. Sabina, accord-
By Most Rev. Emmanuel T. Cabajar, CSsR ing to the calendar published
Thursday by the Office for the
Liturgical Celebrations of the
Supreme Pontiff.
At 6 p.m. the following
Sunday, Feb. 25—the first of
Lent—the Pope and Curia will Papal Agenda Through April Released
begin their spiritual exercises
in the Apostolic Palace’s procession and Mass in St. Mass that begins at 10 p.m. Beatifications
Redemptoris Mater Chapel. Peter’s Square. on Holy Saturday, April 7, in The Office for the Litur-
That retreat ends Saturday, On April 2, Benedict XVI St. Peter’s Basilica. gical Celebrations of the Su-
March 3. During that week, the will preside over a Mass in St. preme Pontiff also an-
Holy Father will suspend his Peter’s for the repose of the Easter nounced that in April three
audiences and dedicate him- soul of Pope John Paul II at At 10:30 a.m. on Easter beatifications will take place
Participants of the Pan-Asian Conference on Culture held in Bali,
Indonesia included members and consultors of the Pontifical self to prayer. 5:30 p.m. Sunday, April 8, the Holy Fa- in Italy.
Council for Culture, Presidents of the National Episcopal Com- At 9:30 a.m. on the Fifth At 9:30 a.m. on Holy ther will preside over the Mass On Saturday, April 14, at
missions for Culture and delegates of the National Episcopal Thursday, April 5, the Chrism in St. Peter’s Square and at 3:30 p.m. the beatification will
Conferences from Australia, Bangladesh, Hongkong, Malaysia/
Sunday of Lent, March 25,
Brunei/Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Japan, Korea, and Benedict XVI will make a pas- Mass will be celebrated in St. noon will impart the blessing take place in the Church of the
the Philippines. toral visit to the Roman par- Peter’s, and at 5:30 p.m. the “urbi et orbi ” (to the city and Holy Face in Turin, of the Ser-
ish of St. Felicity and Easter triduum will begin with the world) from the central vant of God Luigi Boccardo.
DUE to the devastating to have been considerably Martyred Sons and preside the Mass of the Lord’s Sup- balcony of the Vatican ba- On Sunday, April 15, at
tragedy caused by the extended and cannot be over Mass. per celebrated in the Basilica silica. 10:30 a.m., the Second Sunday
earthquake in Yogyakarta, defined solely on the ba- At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, of St. John Lateran. Benedict On April 15, the Second of Easter, the beatification will
Indonesia, the Pan-Asian sis of geographical or ju- March 29, the Pope will pre- XVI will preside over both cel- Sunday of Easter, Benedict XVI take place in the Cathedral of
Conference on Culture, ridical considerations; in- side over a penitential celebra- ebrations. will celebrate Mass on the oc- Castellammare di Stabia, of the
which was originally deed, the missionary activ- tion with the young people of At 5 p.m. on Good Friday, casion of his 80th birthday Servant of God Maria
scheduled to be held there ity of the People of God is the Diocese of Rome in St. April 6, the Holy Father will On April 21-22, the Holy Magdalena of the Passion,
in June 2006, was post- not only intended for non- Peter’s Basilica. preside over the celebration of Father will travel to Vigevano born Costanza Starace.
poned to 26-30 November Christian peoples and dis- the Lord’s Passion, in St. and Pavia, in Italy. On Sunday, April 29, at
2006 and was held in Bali, tant lands, but above all for Holy Week Peter’s Basilica and, at 9:15 At 9 a.m. on April 29, the 10:30 a.m., the Fourth Sunday
in the Diocese of Denpasar, social and cultural contexts At 9:30 a.m. on Palm Sun- p.m., over the Way of the Fourth Sunday of Easter, the of Easter, the beatification will
Indonesia. The partici- and hearts.” day, April 1, the start of Holy Cross, at the Colosseum. Pope will preside over the take place in the Cathedral of
pants included members Various sub-topics un- Week, the Pope will preside Benedict XVI will also priestly ordination of deacons Rimini, of the Servant of God
and consultors of the Pon- der the main theme were over the blessing of palms, the preside over the Easter Vigil of the Diocese of Rome. Maria Rosa Pellesi. (Zenit)
tifical Council for Culture, presented by different
Presidents of the National speakers. Archbishop ish period, Gutay narrated
Episcopal Commissions
for Culture and delegates
of the National Episcopal
Conferences from Austra-
Mark Coleridge touched on
the Pastoral Approach to
Cultures in a Secularized
Megalopolis. A Japanese
ECIP Tackles IP how the various congrega-
tions entered various geo-
graphical areas in the Philip-
pines and proceeded to un-
lia, Bangladesh,
Hongkong, Malaysia/
Brunei/Singapore, Vietnam,
lay professor, Yoshio
Oyanagi, spoke on the chal-
lenges of Sects and Indif-
Education System dertake evangelization activi-
ties, while Dinter discussed
the changes in the nature of
Thailand, India, Japan, ference to the Faith. Fr. By Lourie Victor mission work over the last
Korea, and the Philippines. Theodore Mascrenhas century. He also highlighted
The central theme of from India dealt with Youth the years. She stressed that that inculturation and the dia-
the meeting states: The Culture and Education in the latest campaign is the rati- logue of faith and life is now
fullness of Jesus Christ Asia in the light of the Gos- fication of the UN Declaration the focus of work in IP com-
Alive in Asian Cultures: pel. Fr. George Palackapilly on the Rights of Indigenous munities citing personal ex-
“And from His fullness shared on the Preservation Peoples come September periences as examples.
have we all received grace of the Dignity and Identity 2007. She also encouraged IP leaders and para-
upon grace” (Jn 1, 16). In of Native Cultures. A lay- the various congregations to teachers shared their
his keynote address, read woman journalist, Mrs. align their activities with the thoughts and insights during
by Most Rev. Bernard Annie Lam Shun-wai pre- program of the Second Inter- the gathering focusing on IP
Ardura, His Eminence Car- sented the Role of Media national Decade of the Education as one area of con-
dinal Paul Poupard cited and Communications in the World’s Indigenous Peoples. cern. Juanito Lumawig (Vi-
the late John Paul II: “I Promotion of Christian Cul- On the local front, mean- cariate of San Jose, Occ.
have decided to found and ture. Most Rev. Ardura pre- while, Jo Villanueva of the Mindoro) and Fely Piston
institute a Council for Cul- sented a picture of Catholic Legal Rights and Natural Re- (Prelature of Infanta), shared
ture, capable of giving the Cultural Centers as Vehicles sources Center (LRC) shared with the audience why IP com-
whole Church a common of the Evangelization of with the assembly the ongo- munities are now seeking to
impulse in the continu- Cultures. Discussions in ing struggle of IP communi- articulate and advocate for
Bishop Utleg welcoming the participants
ously renewed encounter small groups and an open ties for their ancestral domain. their education system.
between the salvific mes- forum usually followed THE Episcopal Commission peoples communities. Her discussion outlined the Maryln Masaganda, An-
sage of the Gospel and the each presentation. on Indigenous Peoples Utleg also discussed the various forces that continue tonio Oroza and Mawalik
multiplicity of cultures, in Our hope was that the (ECIP) held a convention last IP Education program of the to threaten IP communities Vina Masinaring, all IP edu-
the diversity of cultures to rich sharing of experiences January 26, 2007 in an at- commission which is advo- including development cation practitioners, dis-
which she must carry her and reflections would tempt to consolidate efforts cating for the recognition of projects like mining and plan- cussed specific examples of
fruits of grace”. eventually lead to new av- being done by Church the Indigenous Knowledge tations, and the low how indigenous knowledge
He goes on to say that enues of inter-cultural dia- groups especially those in or Systems (IKSPs) particularly prioritization of government and learning systems can be
the pastoral approach to logue so that the Word may near indigenous peoples’ (IP) the education system of in- for IP issues and concerns. strengthened and used at the
culture aims to aid the be incarnated in the Asian communities, and to intro- digenous communities. Fr. Femilou Gutay, OFM community level. They called
Church in its mission of cultures and that the Chris- duce IP Education as a sig- Talks delved on the in- and Fr. Ewald Dinter, SVD on congregations to be part-
announcing the Good tian believers may discover nificant concern of IP com- ternational and local provided the participants ners in recovering, nurturing
News in order that the Gos- new concrete ways of ex- munities. situationer of indigenous with a historical view of mis- and advocating for IKSPs
pel message may inspire pressing their faith in Twenty-two religious peoples, the history and de- sion work among IPs in the being part of various pro-
and penetrate the totality those cultures. congregations with varied velopment of mission work in Philippines. grams or projects being done
of human existence. As the Through inculturation works in indigenous commu- the Philippines among IPs, Zeroing in on the Span- in IP communities.
Holy Father, Benedict XVI Christian believers may nities participated in the con- and discussions by IP lead-
explains: “Today, the become intelligible signs vention which was held in ers and IP para-teachers on
Church is called to em- and effective instruments Bahay Ugnayan, in Good their views and ideas about Papal Intentions for February
brace new challenges and of the mission of the Shepherd compound in indigenous education.
be ready to enter into dia- Church. Their big chal- Quezon City. An overview of the in- VATICAN CITY, February 1, 2007—Pope Benedict XVI’s
logue with different cul- lenge is how to make the In his welcome message ternational situation of IPs general prayer intention for February is: “That the goods
tures and religions, seek- fullness of Jesus Christ at the start of the convention, was given by Victoria Tauli- of the earth, given by God for all men, may be used wisely
ing with every person of alive in Asian Cultures. The ECIP Chair Bishop Sergio Corpuz, Chairperson of the and according to criteria of justice and solidarity.”
good will to build peaceful creation of Catholic Cul- Utleg explained to the partici- UN Permanent Forum on In- His mission intention is: “That the fight against dis-
coexistence between tural Centers in dioceses pants that one of ECIP’s main digenous Peoples (UNPFII). eases and great epidemics in the Third World may find,
peoples. Thus, the area of may help respond to that thrusts is to link with various Tauli-Corpuz highlighted the in the spirit of solidarity, ever more generous collabora-
mission ad gentes appears challenge. groups who are interested in, gains the IPs achieved in the tion on the part of the governments of all nations.” (VIS)
or are working in indigenous international arena through
CBCP Monitor
4 News Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007

Nat’l Youth Ministers Meeting Held Rural Poor / from p1

CATHOLIC youth ministers nation- youth ministers—clergy, religious or youth. We need the NYCC to know
wide met in Balanga, Bataan on Janu- lay people. how concrete the programs are for the are called to serve and protect, ters. To paraphrase Mahatma
ary 30 to February 2, to discuss youth ECY said the gathering was youth that we give to them,” said ECY they also challenged the faithful Gandhi, we should be especially
issues and to continually monitor the aimed at developing a deeper appre- chairman Bp. Joel Baylon. to ask themselves on what they concerned with the last, the least,
current needs of the youth. ciation for the Word of God as the Current concerns in the youth can do as individuals, families, the lowest and the lost in our soci-
Organized by the Episcopal foundation and standard of their lives ministry through deeper reflection on and communities to address the ety,” said CBCP vice-president
Commission on Youth (ECY) of the and ministry and to obtain a clearer the situation of youth ministry and problem. Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, SJ.
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the and more unified vision for youth sharing of ideas leading to resolutions Citing problems of the rural In the planned congress the
Philippines (CBCP), the National ministry in the country. that proactive, relevant and realistic poor as a serious social dilemma rural folks will do the talking and
Youth Coordinating Council (NYCC) “With the NYCC, we continually were among the activities done dur- the CBCP urged basic ecclesial planning themselves, while the
meeting was held for the regional learn and monitor the needs of our ing the event. (Miami Ebilane) communities (BEC) in different Church listens.
dioceses to involve themselves “It is the time of our solidar-
in addressing social problems, big ity with the rural poor, to look at
Bishop / from p1 or small, whether on the national unfinished issues like agrarian
“I resigned Batanes Bishop Camilo Gregorio de- sponsibility in order to put more teeth or local level; but also stressed reform, and justice, in terms of
because I have clined the position due to conflict in the aspect of peace and to stop that involvement must be done extra judicial killings of peasant
to prepare for with his priestly duties. the killings,’ he said. in accord with the social teach- leaders,” Ledesma said.
the Ruby anni- In an initial report, Pueblos said The government has not yet ings of the Church. The bishops hope the future
versary of my the body has found that the military made the contents of the report pub- CBCP also proposed holding rural congress will provide a
diocese on July. was involved in some of the attacks. lic. a rural congress later this year to venue for the poor to find their
We have pre- He said the commission has Pueblos also said military offi- commemorate the fortieth anni- voice, and “as a people come to-
pared many ac- identified cases in which the gov- cials must make investigations in versary of the Rural Congress of gether to work for the common
MOST REV. JUAN DE tivities for our ernment forces were involved in the their command territories, citing the 1967. good of the country and of our-
people,” he said. summary executions of known left- case of the controversial retired army The 1967 rural congress selves.”
The Melo Commission led by ists activists. general Jovito Palparan, who has brought to light the neglect that “Doing so, they will be ef-
retired Supreme Court justice Jose ‘We have identified that there been accused of masterminding most rural areas suffer “both from fectively asserting the dignity
Melo, has already submitted its re- are killings really perpetuated by the of the political killings. government’s development pro- that for so long has been denied
port to Arroyo. military,’ said Pueblos. “It should not be enough that grams and the Church’s pastoral them. And the rest of us, partici-
“The Melo Commission is done The bishop said the commission he will just say that the military was care” hence, the call for “the pating with them in their reflec-
already on its investigation and for urged Arroyo that military leaders be not involved in the killing in his ar- Church to go to the barrios” and tions and deliberations, we will be
the meantime we’ll stop from there held criminally liable if one of their eas,” he said. “He has to go deeper serve the needs of the honoring their inborn dignity as
but we already submitted our report subordinates were found guilty of and try to find who the real killers marginalized members of the children of the same Father in
to the President,” he said. political killings. because if it’s not the military, then Church. heaven,” the statement said.
Pueblos was named by Arroyo ‘We are suggesting the there will be other killers.” In the Second Plenary Coun- Acknowledging that the
as member of the Commission after criminalization of the command re- (CBCPNews) cil of the Philippines, (PCP II) pas- planned congress is only a small
tors and other Church leaders thing to do in the face of grave
were exhorted to be in solidarity social problems involving the
CBCP Calls / from p1 with the poor and to collaborate poor, CBCP, nevertheless,
That would mean all Church or- What is important now, he Antonio Ledesma. with the poor themselves and oth- stressed that the root of the
ganizations and institutions would stressed, is for voters to “choose The bishops noted many of the ers to lift up the poor from their country’s many problems and
have to be mobilized and linked with wise, discerning and experienced country’s current political prob- poverty. human injustices, such as graft
other groups working for same people.” lems, which have hindered fuller “Preferential option for the and corruption, and killings, “are
noble cause. Lagdameo said they would like economic development and social poor means our respect, and up- all rooted in the practical denial
“As a nation, we cannot afford the faithful to be involved in every- justice, especially for the poor, can holding of the human dignity of of the basic human dignity and
yet another controversial electoral thing—political education, poll be traced to unresolved questions the least of our brothers and sis- rights of our very poor.”
exercise that further aggravates so- watching and vote counting—to concerning the conduct of past elec-
cial distrust and hopelessness,” said ensure that the entire electoral ex- tions.
the CBCP in a statement read by its ercise will yield reliable poll results. They underscored that the
president Archbishop Angel “This is an effort on the part of May elections “are especially im- Voter’s Forum / from p1
Lagdameo. civilian society to help Comelec es- portant” because it would allow the
The bishops’ statement was a tablish a peaceful and honest elec- people to choose authentic public
product of their three-day plenary tion because we had known in the servants and instruments of a more
assembly at the Pope Pius XII Cen- past that it really needed help,” said just society for all.
ter in Manila to discuss and take Lagdameo. “In these two years past, we
common stand on various pastoral The prelates urged coordina- are only too aware, it has become
as well as social issues. tion among lay groups like the Par- easier to succumb to apathy and
Close to 90 bishop members at- ish Pastoral Council for Responsible hopelessness about our country
tended the bi-annual gathering. Voting (PPCRV) and the National and its political life,” the prelates
This time, however, the prelates Movement for Free Elections said but added they are called never
did not issue voting guidelines like (NAMFREL) that are “working to to lose hope.
they did in the past. help clean the dirt from our easily The bishops’ statement will be
Lagdameo said the CBCP has corrupted electoral process.” sent to all dioceses and is expected pro-family voters graced the occa- makers who backed “anti-life” bills.
made a lot of election guidelines al- “We hope this time there will to reach thousands of priests, men sion. “Campaigning against them is
most every election that they do not still be the sharing of functions and and women religious and catechists The forum was capped by a sol- not political because life is the bearer
want to repeat anymore what coordination among them,” said spread out in some 2,800 parishes emn ceremony—a covenant sign- of human rights and when you vio-
they’ve said before. CBCP Vice President Archbishop all over the country. (Roy Lagarde) ing. The “covenant for life” the can- late it, other rights will disappear,”
didates signed states that the indi- he stressed.
Bishop Camiña / from p1 viduals bind himself/herself to be: He said the CBCP would never
pro-life, pro-family, pro-poor and pro- stop condemning “anti-life” bills but
ter having complained of severe Camiña,” said the chancellor, Fr did so with faith, wisdom, compas- Filipino. will continue to teach all the faithful
stomach pain. Ronald Lunas. sion and courage,” Lunas said. The prelate earlier vowed he that backing such bills is support-
His remains now lay in state Rooted in the realities of ur- And the priest described the would lead a campaign against law- ing death over life. (CBCP News)
at the Clergy House in Digos and ban life, he spoke and acted pro- prelate as “a great Bishop.”
will be buried in a crypt after a fu- phetically. “He distilled the expe- Camiña was born on Novem-
neral mass 1:30 p.m., on February rience and insights of the Diocese ber 22, 1931 in Leon, Iloilo and or- Our Lady / from p1
9 at the Mary Mediatrix of All of Digos, and showed how the dained a priest in 1962. The wooden image of Our Lady then brought back to Manila for a
Graces Cathedral. Gospel of Jesus (is) connected He was appointed as Titular of Fatima was one of two statues farewell Mass officiated by Msgr.
The bishop had much influ- with the poor.” Bishop of Pauzera and Auxiliary made that passed through Fatima, Nestor Cerbo, rector of the Manila
ence especially among the As a pastor he became inter- Bishop of Davao in 1978 and des- Portugal and sent to tour the world Cathedral.
younger generation of pastors. ested in issues of poverty, injus- ignated as the first bishop of for those who can not visit the his- Among the parishes that the
“He’s had influence on so tice and the indigenous peoples Digos on December 20, 1979. torical site. image visited in Metro Manila were:
many priests. If you ask any in Mindanao. He tendered his resignation as It was in 1917 when Mary be- Mt. Carmel Shrine, Broadway,
priest, he will have lot of good “Bishop Camiña served God bishop of Digos on February 11, gan appearing to three children of Quezon City; Christ the King Green
things to say about Bishop in this Diocese for 23 years, and 2003 (CBCPNews) Portugal, requesting they pray the Meadows Parish, Quezon City; St.
rosary to bring peace. James Parish Ayala Alabang; St.
The world-famous statue was Jerome Parish, Alabang; Antipolo
Less Talk / from p1 sculpted in 1947 by Jose Thedim, Church; Divine Word, E. Rodriguez,
satisfactory, their protestations of hemently, the un-abated killing of said. based on the description of Sr. Lucia, Quezon City; St. Peter’s Parish Com-
concern not too convincing,” the unarmed men and women on the The prelates press the authori- one of the three young seers who monwealth Quezon City;
bishops’ statement said. mere charge or suspicion that they ties for action and not words to re- witnessed the apparition. Redemptorist Church, Baclaran;
The bishops said the hundreds support or belong to leftist political solve the long-unanswered issue. On October 13, 1947, in the pres- EDSA Shrine; Quiapo Church; Ma-
of disappearances and killings of groups.” Human Rights group Amnesty ence of some 150,000 pilgrims, the nila Cathedral and Assumption Par-
human rights advocates and militant For his part, Lingayen- International estimated at least 51 statue was blessed by the Bishop of ish in Malate, Manila.
workers only show downright disre- Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz activists were killed in the first six Leiria at Fatima to be the pilgrim, the The image left the country
gard for basic rights and justice. said killings in the unabated killings months of 2006 after 66 were mur- traveler. Jan.26 to visit the State of Kentucky,
“As a religious people, and it in the country are telling us a lot of dered in 2005. The image arrived in Manila last Ireland, Poland and Idaho.
does not matter whether we are things that are fundamentally A local human rights group, January 4. It then traveled to differ- The last visit of that image to
Christians, Muslims or adherents of wrong. Karapatan; meanwhile, said more ent parishes in the Dioceses of the Philippines was in 1994. For more
other religions, we must vehemently “The moment you start violat- than 700 leftists, farmers, commu- Tarlac, Balanga and Cotabato with a information for the Our Lady of
condemn the continuing murder of ing human rights then you sullied nity organizers and journalists have rosary and Mass offered at its ar- Fatima, visit their website
such rural folk,” it said. human dignity and then you’ll go been killed since Arroyo came to rival. (Roy
“We condemn too, just as ve- further to violate human life,” he power in 2001. (Roy Lagarde) Before departure, the image was Lagarde)
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007 Feature 5
Papal Address to the Roman Rota
Marriage: “A Bond Which Is Unique and Definitive”
Bishop Carlito J. Dear Prelate Auditors,

Cenzon, CICM Officials and Collaborators of

the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, I am
Most Reverend Carlito J. Cenzon, CICM, was particularly pleased to meet you
once again on the occasion of the
installed as first bishop of Baguio, when the inauguration of the judicial year.

© Denz Dayao / CBCP Media

apostolic vicariate was elevated to the I cordially greet the College of


status of a diocese in 2004. Recently, he Prelate Auditors, starting with the
talked to CBCP Monitor on social Dean, Bishop Antoni Stankiewicz,
concerns and vision of the diocese, its whom I thank for his words intro-
ongoing programs for the clergy, the effect ducing our meeting. I then greet the
of materialism on the Filipino sense of Officials, the Advocates and the
other Collaborators of this Tribunal,
values and his perception of media. as well as the Members of the Stu- (insert here a picture of the Pope
dio Rotale and all those present. I giving talk)
How is the social concern agenda ral programs on parish level. willingly take this opportunity to re-
of the Church being concretized new to you the expression of my es-
in your diocese? Do you have special programs for teem and, at the same time, to reaf-
We have ongoing programs. your clergy’s ongoing forma- firm the importance of your ecclesial
These programs are not new, of tion? ization of subjective claims. In this commitment of those who contract
ministry in as vital a sector as judi-
course, and they depend on the We follow the CBCP pro- regard, it should first be pointed out it but is intrinsic in the nature of the
cial activity. I am very mindful of the that the Council certainly described “powerful bond established by the
social realities of Baguio. One gram—the ASSIST program. Ac- valuable work you are required to
concern is that there is a very big tually, for the ongoing formation marriage as intima communitas vi- Creator” (John Paul II, Catechesis,
carry out diligently and scrupulously tae et amoris, but this partnership is General Audience, 21 November
student population. So, what are of priests, well, we assess their on behalf of this Apostolic See and
needed are services; counseling. needs. What is important for us determined, in accordance with the 1979, n. 2; ORE, 26 November 1979,
with its mandate. Your sensitive task tradition of the Church, by a whole p, 1).
That is supposed to be provided is our monthly recollection. We of service to the truth in justice is
for by the parishes. The parishes have talks, one hour reflection, set of principles of the divine law People who contract marriage
supported by the illustrious tradi- which establish its true and perma- must be definitively committed to it
have what they call LIFORSA and then we sit. We have pasto- tions of this Tribunal, which each
program—Liturgy, Formation and ral discussion, so instead of one- nent anthropological meaning (cf. because marriage is such in the plan
one of you must feel bound to re- ibid.). of creation and of redemption. And
Social Action programs. There half day only, it stretches to al- spect.
are also many illegal vendors, most the whole day. Furthermore, the Magisteriums the essential juridical character of
Last year, at my first meeting of Paul VI and John Paul II, as well marriage is inherent precisely in this
which pose a problem on the city. with you, I sought to explore ways
And yet, people need livelihood. Does the diocese implement a as the legislative action of both the bond which represents for the man
to overcome the apparent antithesis Latin and Eastern Codes, have fol- and for the woman a requirement of
So, the Church responds to that. standardized mode of financial between the institution of causes of
Also there are those whose shan- support for the clergy? lowed up the Council in faithful justice and love from which, for their
the nullity of marriage and genuine hermeneutical continuity with regard good and for the good of all, they
ties are being demolished because We have the basic allowance, pastoral concern. In this perspective,
they are illegally erected; all these which is the same for everybody. to both the doctrine and the disci- may not withdraw without contra-
the love of truth emerges as a point pline of marriage and indeed, perse- dicting what God himself has
kinds of problems. Anything re- Then we add to that the number of convergence between processual
lated to social displacement of of years as a priest and the num- vered in its effort for “reform’ or “re- wrought within them.
research and the pastoral service of newal in continuity’ (cf. Address to It is necessary to study this as-
people. Another thing is the min- ber of years of service in the dio- the person. We must not forget,
ing concern, which has been with cese. the Roman Curia, op. cit.). This de- pect further, not only in consideration
however, that in causes of the nul- velopment was based on the indis- of your role as canon lawyers, but
us for a long time now. What is lity of marriage, the legal truth pre-
being addressed now are the ef- What’s your comment on the per- putable presupposition that marriage also because the overall understand-
supposes the “truth of the marriage” has a truth of its own—that is, the ing of the institution of marriage must
fects of mining on the environ- ceived threat of materialism itself. Yet the expression “truth of the human knowledge, illumined by the also include clarity with regard to its
ment. creeping into our lifestyle marriage” loses its existential impor-
brought about by such phenom- Word of God, of the sexually differ- juridical dimension. However, con-
tance in a cultural context that is ent reality of the man and of the ceptions of the nature of this rela-
How do you envision Baguio as a enon as globalization? marked by relativism and juridical

diocese? My perception is woman with their profound needs for tionship can be radically divergent.
positivism, which regard marriage as complementarity, definitive self-giv- For positivism, the legality of the
We just had the basic. Since there are a mere social formalization of emo-
first pastoral assembly things that can be ing and exclusivity—to whose dis- conjugal bond would be solely the
tional ties. covery and deepening reason and result of the application of a formally
of the diocese—after bought very cheaply, Consequently, not only is it be-
we became diocese two people’s needs also faith harmoniously contribute. valid and effective human norm. In
coming incidental, as human senti- The anthropological and saving this way, the human reality of life and
years ago. Then we re- multiply. Before I used ments can be, but it is also presented
affirmed; we owned to wear my shoes until truth of marriage—also in its juridi- conjugal love remains extrinsic to the
as a legal superstructure of the hu- cal dimension—is already presented “juridical” institution of marriage. A
again the vision, of they were worn out. man will that can be arbitrarily ma-
building BECs as our Now, because of the in Sacred Scripture. Jesus’ response hiatus is created between law and
main thrust. So that has
the full participation of
QUESTIONS availability of goods at
very low prices, you are
nipulated and even deprived of its
heterosexual character.
to those Pharisees who asked his
opinion about the lawfulness of re-
human existence which radically de-
nies the possibility of an anthropo-
This crisis of the meaning of pudiation is well known: “Have you logical foundation of the law.
everybody. And we tempted to accumulate. marriage is also influencing the atti-
have been able to come up with When the needs are more be- not read that he who made them from The traditional role of the
tude of many of the faithful. The prac- the beginning made them male and Church is quite different in the un-
declarations. One, that every par- cause of the availability of things, tical effects of what I have called
ish should have a parish pastoral it creates more needs. That is the female, and said, ‘For this reason a derstanding of the juridical dimen-
“the hermeneutic of discontinuity man shall leave his father and mother sion of the conjugal union following
program that implements now the consumerist mentality. I cannot and rupture” with regard to the teach-
vision of a participatory Church. say whether that is materialism or and be joined to his wife, and the the teachings of Jesus, of the
ing of the Second Vatican Council, two shall become one’? So they are Apostles and of the Holy Fathers.
Then, every parish should have not. I do not want to make judg- (cf. Address to the Roman Curia, 22
a financial council. The priest has ment there. I think all of us are no longer two but one. What there- St Augustine, for instance, in citing
December 2005; L’Osservatore fore God has joined together, let no St Paul, forcefully affirms: “Cui fidei
to learn how to manage finances affected by it, one way or another. Romano English edition [ORE], 4
with lay people. In every parish, man put asunder” (Mt 19: 4-6). [coniugali] tantum iuris tribuit
January 2006, p. 4), is felt especially The citations of Genesis (1: 27; Apostolus, ut eam potestatem
there should be a team-up be- Would you say that consumerism acutely in the sphere of marriage and
tween priests and sisters, (if there has distorted our sense of val- 2: 24) propose the matrimonial truth appellaret, dicens: Mulier non ha-
the family. of the “principle”, that truth whose bet potestatem corporis sui, sed vir;
are sisters) and not to regard sis- ues? Indeed, it seems to some that
ters only as “alalay” (helper). So It’s a challenge for us. I don’t fullness is found in connection with similiter autem et vir non habet po-
the conciliar teaching on marriage, Christ’s union with the Church (cf. testatem corporis sui, sed mulier (I
these are powerful things that want to judge people as being and in particular, the description of
came out of this pastoral assem- materialistic. I think we should Eph 5: 30-31) and was the object of Cor 7: 4)” (“De Bono Coniugali,” 4,
this institution as “intima such broad and deep reflections on 4).
bly. Now we decided to have a learn through life. We should communitas vitae et amoris” [the
diocesan pastoral council with full have experiences of sharing. And the part of Pope John Paul II in his St Paul who so profoundly ex-
intimate partnership of life and love] cycles of catecheses on human love plains in his Letter to the Ephesians
participation of lay people. The we should continually challenge (Pastoral Constitution on the
clergy decided that. They voted one another. That is one way of in the divine design. the “mysterion mega” of conjugal
Church in the Modern World, On the basis of this dual unity love in relation to Christ’s union with
for it. And now, I’m having those strengthening our sense of val- “Gaudium et Spes,” n. 48), must lead
components of the diocesan lay ues. We should cultivate our val- of the human couple, it is possible the Church (5: 22-31), did not hesi-
to a denial of the existence of an in- to work out an authentic juridical an- tate to apply to marriage the stron-
pastoral council examined. So it’s ues all the time. We should also dissoluble conjugal bond because
on its way. take care not to be influenced by thropology of marriage. In this sense, gest legal terms to designate the ju-
this would be a question of an “ideal” Jesus’ conclusive words are espe- ridical bond by which spouses are
western values contrary to our to which “normal Christians” cannot
How would you describe your re- own cultural values. cially enlightening: “What therefore united in their sexual dimension. So
be “constrained”. God has joined together, let no man too, for St Augustine, lawfulness is
lationship with your clergy in In fact, the conviction that the
general? How comfortable are you with the put asunder”. Every marriage is of essential in each one of the three
pastoral good of the person in an course the result of the free consent goods (proles, fides, sacramentum )
Well, the Nuncio told me… secular media? irregular marital situation requires a
this is your family. I try to develop I have no problem. The me- of the man and the woman, but in that form the backbone of his doctri-
sort of canonical regularization, in- practice their freedom expresses the nal exposition on marriage.
a bond with them. We have been dia, these are people who are dependently of the validity or nul-
shaping things up here; first, on working for some reason or an- natural capacity inherent in their With regard to the subjective
lity of his/her marriage, indepen- masculinity and femininity. and libertarian relativization of the
the re-structuring of the parish other, connected to the search for dently, that is, of the “truth” of his/
program in terms of finances. We information or anything that is The union takes place by virtue sexual experience, the Church’s tra-
her personal status, has also spread of the very plan of God who created dition clearly affirms the natural ju-
also implemented the PCP II injunc- interesting to print. There are in certain ecclesiastical milieus. The
tion on tithing. We invited Bishop media people whose agenda you them male and female and gives them ridical character of marriage, that is,
process of the declaration of matri- the power to unite for ever those the fact that it belongs by nature to
Mondejar to help us. It’s on the will recognize, in a matter of time. monial nullity is actually considered
way now…to help us become self- I am comfortable (with them). I will natural and complementary dimen- the context of justice in interpersonal
as a legal means for achieving this sions of their persons. relations.
sufficient local Church in terms of say something depending on objective, according to a logic in
finances and financing our pasto- what questions (are) asked. The indissolubility of marriage In this perspective, the law is
which the law becomes the formal- does not derive from the definitive Marriage / P9
CBCP Monitor
6 Opinion Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007


A Rural Congress
THIS year is the 40th anniversary of National Rural
Congress of 1967. The latest Pastoral Statement
of the CBCP entitled The Dignity of the Rural
Poor—A Gospel Concern, calls for a holding of a
rural congress this year “to revive the memory” of
that Congress when the Church came to a “heavy
realization that the rural parts of the country were
the most neglected by both the government’s
development programs and the Church’s pastoral
This indeed is a welcome development. But
the business of reviving the memory of that rural
congress may not even hold much water now
because the socio-political situation then definitely
pales in comparison with the prevailing horizons of
Today the rural poor are increasingly the
greatest victim and beneficiary of unjust economic
and socio-political order—more than ever before.
Which is why the rural folk has to be heard.
As the CBCP Statement goes, “… this time our
farmers must do that speaking by themselves, the
discerning, the proposing of their own ideas, the
planning of how we must as a people come together
to work for the common good of the country and of

To Build A Just Society

Abp. Angel N. Lagdameo, DD
NASSA Cuarenta
WHOSE responsibility is it to build a just society?
When this concern is assumed by an absolute In and Out of Season Onwards
monopoly a just society disappears because justice,
like goodness, is diffusive, and therefore, a common THE 2006 Celebration of the Year of So- The Church, through NASSA’s net- (f) Rebuilding, restoring, renew-
concern—even by the Church. cial Concerns ends with the culmination work had been ing communities through housing
“The Church,” says Pope Benedict XVI in Deus of NASSA 40 years. (a) Empowering the marginalized projects in 15 sites to help poverty and
Caritas Est, “cannot and must not take upon herself NASSA Cuarenta celebration on sectors through the formation of Basic disaster victims.
the political battle to bring about the most just society January 25, 2007 consisted of the picto- Ecclesial Communities in at least some (g) Fighting against graft and cor-
possible. She cannot and must not replace the State. rial reports of various Social Action Di- 40 dioceses. ruption by encouraging people to be-
Yet at the same time she cannot and must not remain rectors from different dioceses. The re- (b) Mainstreaming these BECs come catalysts for economic recovery
on the sidelines in the fight for justice. She has to ports show an amazing variety of social, through health care programs, entrepre- and peace building—as happened in
play her part through rational argument and she has economic, cultural and political programs neurial and micro-finance program (such Ipil.
to reawaken the spiritual energy without which and initiatives. In the reports, it was clear as those done in San Carlos, Marbel, (h) Revolutionizing evangelization
that these programs reflect the collabo- and Jaro). efforts through the program of Alay
justice, which always demands sacrifice, cannot ration within the Church of the clergy and (c) Involving the people in the Kapwa—as we have seen in Malolos.
prevail and prosper. A just society must be the laity, the network of NASSA-Diocesan protection of the environment and the (i) Participating in the evangeliza-
achievement of politics, not of the Church. Yet the Directors of Social Action and many non- integrity of creation—as mirrored in the tion of our electoral processes through
promotion of justice through efforts to bring about government organizations, like Misereor, diocese of Boac and Prelature of Infanta. VOTE-CARE.
openness of mind and will to the demands of the Caritas Internationalis, Catholic Relief (d) Promoting pro-environment While we end the celebration of the
common good is something which concerns the Services. Brief as the reports were, they and pro-farmer sustainable agricul- Year of Social Concerns—the advoca-
Church deeply.” nonetheless gave the bishops and the ture—as shown in several dioceses, like cies that underlie the many programs
Catechism for Filipino Catholics puts it more guests a bird’s-eye view of what the Butuan. that we have enumerated continue…
bluntly: “Since we Filipino Catholics constitute the Church in the Philippines had done in (e) Responding proactively through the next 40 years, that we look
great majority of our nation, we hold the primary order to concretize its advocacy of “pref- through relief and rehabilitation after di- forward to. What NASSA Cuarenta
erential option for the poor long before sasters and calamities and landslides— leaves behind is an inspiration, a moti-
responsibility for building a just Philippine society.” the Second Plenary Council of the Phil- as happened in Southern Leyte and the vation, an encouragement to go on till
(CFC, # 1193). ippines (1991)”. Bicol Region. the next NASSA Cuarenta.
The late Pope John Paul II raised the challenge
to the laity: “to never relinquish that participation in
public life…in the many different economic, social,
legislative and administrative and cultural areas CFM’s Encounter Jose B. Lugay
which we intend to promote organically and
institutionally the common good.” (Christifideles Programs Laik
Laikoo Lampstand
Laici, # 43)
THE Valentine’s Day countdown by tele- of their own? In corporate parlance, what evangelization. Of course the National
vision morning shows started soon after are their strategic plans to achieve their Chaplains of CFM decidedly gave the
ISSN 1908-2940 New Year. This ushers the hype in in- vision of the future of their children and main support and influence in the devel-
creasing loudness for the sale of valen- grandchildren? Majority of them and I opment of the evangelization programs.

CBCP Monitor tine gifts, entertainment shows and din- dare say, 90% of families leave it to They are Bishop Cirilo Almario, an ardent
ner–dance venues for lovers, young and chance. The Christian Family Movement champion of the bible apostolate; Bishop
not so young. What do these ads and (CFM) has the answer to these con- Jesus Varela who once headed the Epis-
P r o ta g o n i s t of T ruth, Promoter of Peace broadcasts contribute to the formation cerns—the Family Evangelization Pro- copal Commission on Family and Life and
of values and norms of lovers? Of teen- gram. his support staff; the late Fr. Vicente San
agers? Of young adults? Of married CFM’s motto and mission state: Juan and Sister Bles Fabricante. Now
Pedro C. Quitorio Pinky Barrientos, FSP couples? Of the whole family? Without “First and foremost –THE FAMILY” the leading guide is Msgr. Manny Gabriel,
Editor-in-Chief Production Manager
the development of Christian spiritual- “We are a group of families called to the National Chaplain who is actively
Rowena T. Dalanon ity, these mundane activities powered by witness to Christ. Our mission is to helping chart the future of CFM’s family
Marcelo T. Dalanon
Managing Editor Circulation Manager
media blitz and commercial come-ons will EVANGELIZE and CHRISTIANIZE fami- life evangelization program for the 21st
easily lead to materialistic and hedonis- lies through the family life apostolate. “ century and its challenges.
Dennis B. Dayao Ma. Lourdes G. Ebilane tic values. Young men and women adopt CFM introduced the retreat for After the encounter retreat, partici-
On-Line Editor Marketing Supervisor the wrong meaning of love—one that couples, later termed the Marriage En- pating couples hanker for more contact
leads to the romantic union of lovers. counter developed by a Spanish chap- with each other—to continue the evan-
Roy Q. Lagarde Ernani M. Ramos How can we prepare them to understand lain, Fr. Gabriel Calvo. It came to us via gelization process. A unit, composed of
News Editor Comptroller that this union should culminate and be the Christian Family Movement of the 6 to 8 couples, meet once every two
sanctified in Christian marriage? United States. Due to its observed suc- weeks. A designated couple’s home be-
The CBCP Monitor is published fortnightly by the CBCP
Communications Development Foundation, Inc., with Parents, especially Filipinos, will sac- cess in conversion of discordant fami- comes the venue for the meeting. This is
Layout by Blue Flame

editorial and business offices at 470 Gen. Luna St., rifice to support their children to get a lies to loving and sharing families, the where the couple’s family gets introduced
Intramuros, Manila. P.O. Box 3601, 1076 MCPO. Edito- good education even to the extent of process was modified and enriched by to the other families. In every unit meet-
rial: (063) 404-2182. Business: (063)404-1612. hocking their last piece of land just to be Jesuit chaplains of CFM notably Rev. Fr. ing, a guidebook specially prepared by
Email: Website: able to have a college diploma. How much Ruben Tanseco and Rev. Fr. Jesus the CFM organization will lead the meet- do they spend in terms of time and money Fernandez who until now are active in ing topics related to family life, guided
to prepare their children to have families serving as formators in the field of family Laiko / P11
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007 Opinion 7
Sr. Mary Pilar Verzosa, RGS
February is Pro-Life Bp. Leonardo Y. Medroso, JCD, DD

Love Life Month Tidbits

The Spirituality of
HUMAN life is the most precious thing Corazon Aquino (Pres. Proc. 214, 1987). 17 at the Good Shepherd Convent, QC.
on earth. It is with the specific purpose All are invited to join the Healing The play will be followed by a Panel of
of educating the public on the impor- Mass on Feb. 15 (Thursday) at 5:30 pm Reactors from Courage, the Catholic Ex-
tance of the dignity and value of life that
every year, Pro-life Month is observed
at Sto. Domingo Church. Fr. Diwane Ca-
cao has been invited by Blessed Mar-
gay Support Group and Bagong Pag-
Asa, the Christian Ex-gay Support Diocesan Priests
in February. garet of Castello Movement and Pro-life group. Invitations have been sent to IT was one of those busy week days in the office that the
The 13th National Convention was to be the main celebrant and healer. colleges and universities to send their chime of twelve became a welcome respite from work when
held at the Lourdes Hospital Conference Blessed Margaret is one of the patron faculty and students to attend this fo- a weak knock at the door called my attention. At my in-
Hall, Sta. Mesa, Manila last February 3, saints of Pro-life Philippines. She was rum. Many administrators realize the stance the door opened and there appeared one of my young
Saturday morning. In the afternoon, a born severely disabled and blind. She need to confront this issue of growing priests who looked haggard and lifeless. In words that could
Pro-life Voters Forum was held at the was abandoned by her parents who be- number of homosexuals and lesbians in hardly be heard he said: “I am burnt out, Bishop. Priest-
Polytechnic University of the Philip- longed to the Italian Royalty, left by the the campus. hood has no more sense to my life; prayer is a drab; I feel
pines. Political candidates for this com- church door to beg. She learned cat- Video tapes, posters, and leaflets empty.”
ing May elections were challenged by echism from the Dominican priests there are also available for those who want to A sad story that can rend any bishop’s heart. For it
the Bishops, priests, parish leaders, and started teaching her co-beggars. If organize seminars and other pro-life ac- usually happens to his priests who are full of energy, full of
school faculty and students to carry the she were conceived today, she would tivities. Call Pro-life office for more in- idealism, active in the apostolate, dedicated to prayer life.
pro-life/pro-family/pro-poor agenda in have been easily aborted because of her formation at 911-2911 or 421-7147. Our And there they are, just five or six years from the ministry,
their campaigns. disabilities. email is You can already burnt out. What has gone wrong?
Pro-life Sunday last February 4 be- A Forum on “Caring for Gay Loved refer counseling of unwed mothers, One of the reasons surely is the spiritual life of the
gan the “Respect and care for Life Ones” featuring a monologue play by abused girls or battered women to me: diocesan clergy. To have a tight grip of one’s spirituality in
Week” as declared by former Pres. former homosexuals, will be held on Feb. 0920-945-5494 the parish is not that easy. Every day he has to make do of
it. The demands of the ministry, simply leaves him no regu-
lar time to his prayers and meditation. Soon he will be dried
Melo M. Acuña up, will start longing with a drag sigh to the lost ideals that
A Personal Note Issues and Concerns
he had once acquired in the seminary. Is there a way to
sustain him in his spirituality or recapture it when it is ebb-
I believe there is. After all, the source of his spirituality
is on hand. For, the spirituality of the diocesan clergy and
COME Thursday, February 8, I would other one at Avenida Rizal. witnessed bloody confrontations from his effectiveness in the ministry is to be found from the very
celebrate my entry into the so-called During the mid 60s, black and white Bicol to Manila and Mindanao, I would exercise of his priestly ministry. The priest becomes what he
“Golden Year.” First order of the day is television featured straight news in im- probably write a book about people I administers; he grows in spirituality according to the way
to thank God for the gift of life and the peccable English and there were no en- met from politicians to civic and busi- he fulfills his priestly ministry; he becomes holy because he
blessings He showered me all these tertainment news whatsoever. There ness leaders and everyone I found in- deals with holy things.
years. These blessings include a simple were no telenovelas on primetime. There teresting. From 1980 to 94, I did broad- This concept was already given an initial yet authori-
and peaceful family life and the friends were no screaming movie reporters then. cast and some writing in Legazpi City. It tative account by the Second Plenary Council of the Philip-
I’ve met along the way. Let me touch on Yes, there were dramas but these were was in 1994 that I joined Catholic-run pines, when it boldly stated: “A ministerial spirituality re-
something simple, like celebrating one’s never aired on primetime. Veritas 846 where I rose from the ranks. quires the priest to exercise authentic, i.e. truthful ministry.
birthday. I witnessed the First Quarter Storm Today, I am serving as Talent An- He attunes his heart and demeanor to the meaning of his
Last year, I received a simple text as a high school freshman. I also saw nouncer after four and a half years as ministerial actions. He will not be content simply to speak
message from Archbishop Oscar Cruz the countryside at a very young age, station manager, thanks to now Bishop the Word of God. He will live according to the Word he
on my 49th birthday and I recall very carefully reflecting on the difference of Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, Frs. Anton C. preaches. He will not be satisfied with merely a valid admin-
clearly what he said: “Remember Melo, lifestyles among Filipinos, from urban T. Pascual and Manuel Bongayan, now istration of the sacraments. He will administer the sacra-
the first 100 years are the most difficult. to poor rural areas during my high NBN’s Mario Garcia, Marketing guru ments with care, with faith and pastoral love. He will not
As soon as you celebrate your 101st school days. Fr. Bert Espenilla, SCA Col. Lorey Dino and the rest of the simply command. He will seek to be an example of one who
birthday, it would be very easy.” National director appointed me as As- Veritas family. I still find time to con- heeds the Word of God and thus be a light to others” (IV, n.
During the 1960s, life was indeed sistant Secretary General for high school tribute to both Reuters and Manila Bul- 537).
simple. A ten or twenty peso bill meant along with my college counterpart, now letin should there be significant events This is so because the sacramental character that has
a lot. A bus ride to Pasay City from Atty. Gregorio Fabros. Civic activist and items. been etched deeply in the person of the priest is for real. It
Quiapo church was ten centavos. Some Gary David, Tess Samson-Castillo and Everyone who reaches 50 should touches the ordained individual at the very core of his be-
might say we’re just being nostalgic but UP’s Dr. Zosimo Lee succeeded us at be more than thankful for the gift of life ing. Ordination is no mere designation to an office, neither
true enough the peso had purchasing SCAP. and the love and friendship that came mere bestowal of rights and obligations, nor simple defini-
power. The exchange rate was $1 – P2. During college, I had the chance to along more often than not from his or tion of the roles and functions of the priest, of his job de-
Politicians who promised sincerely de- organize farmers groups in Arayat, her immediate family. It would also be scriptions. It is an ontological and spiritual configuration of
livered. There was palabra de honor. Pampanga as part of the programs of time to say prayers for everyone who a quality that sets the ordained forever as priest of God in
There was hiya and there was Ateneo de Manila’s Spes Institute un- touched one’s life, from parents and rela- aeternum, transforming him into a spiritual and moral leader,
pagmamalasakit. der Fr. Noel Vasquez, S.J. tives, classmates, friends and everyone a dispenser of holy things. As the late John Paul II, address-
Life was easy. Sundays meant sim- Writing for We Forum was always a who left sweet memories in one’s jour- ing to the priests in his Letter “Novo Incipiente Nostro,”
ply going to church. There were no malls challenge. It meant sheer courage to ney through life. delicately puts it; “Your priesthood imparts to you a pasto-
to speak of. Escolta and Carriedo were expose controversial issues not only in The past five decades wasn’t al- ral charism, a special likeness to Christ, the Good Shepherd.
the “in” places to be. SM at that time Metro Manila but in the provinces, like ways a walk in the park but it was sim- This quality belongs to you in a very special way. All the
confined itself to selling shoes along the rampant illegal fishing in Lamon Bay. ply great. The concerns would be more laity, the great community of the People of God, our broth-
Carriedo. Only two movie houses had It meant a lot of travel to Alabat Island on health and quality time, bereft of un- ers and sisters, are expected to work for the salvation of
escalators, one was Roman Super with Lourdes “Chuchay” Molina (now due and useless anxieties and pressures. others, as the Second Vatican Council stated so clearly. You
Cinerama at the corner of Azcarraga Fernandez), Business Mirror editor-in- Albert Einstein said: “True religion priests, however, are expected to have a concern and a com-
(Claro M. Recto) and Quezon Boulevard chief. is real living, living with all one’s soul, mitment greater than and different from that of any lay per-
and Roxanne along Avenida Rizal. Only During my senior year, I got em- with all one’s goodness and righteous- son. And this is because you share in the priesthood of
three department stores had escalators, ployed in media and that became my ca- ness.” Widely respected Mahatma Jesus Christ in a way that differs essentially and not only in
one was Otis Department store in reer. Having witnessed triumphs and fail- Gandhi appropriately said “Where there degree from the manner in which they share” (Par. 5).
Carriedo, Good Earth Emporium and an- ures, man-made and natural disasters, is love, there is life.” Deo gratias. And so, the spirituality of the diocesan clergy can be
found in the act of doing the pastoral ministry as priest.
And this cannot be realized more than in the celebration of
Oscar V. Cruz, DD the Holy Eucharist whose liturgy urges the community and

V ie ws and P
iews oints
Points Four-Party Summit more so, the priest presider, to enter into that space and
moment when God himself is acting and that all are drawn
into that action of God. There is that highest moment in the
liturgy of the Eucharist when the difference between the
IT was announced that the national message is too good to be true. The bait national leadership has three fundamen- action of Christ and priest’s own actions are mysteriously
leadership is calling a “Four-Party Sum- is too nice to bite. And the underlying tal liabilities: it has no tenable claim to merged into one reality, the fulfillment of what St. Paul meant
mit” for a clean, honest and orderly elec- reason for all these big reservations is moral ascendancy. Two, it causes too by “being united to the Lord” and thus becoming “one
tion” this May 2007. For this purpose, it one and the same: the caller is not ex- much and too deep divisions among the spirit with him” (cf. 1Cor 6:17). God’s action is what is es-
was said that the “Summit” would be actly known for having cleanly and hon- people. Three: it provides the reason why sential; man’s action is cooperation.
participated in by the CBCP, the estly won its own election to office. people praise or curse it, why political In the Holy Mass the priest should be caught up in
COMELEC, the Poll Watchdogs and the What comes to mind is the image of parties are simply in favor or against it. that great act of God transforming him into His embrace. For
PNP. There was the added particular that a spider inviting a fly to its sticky and The deep distrust and pronounced any priest it should be a high moment when he takes the
the palace would merely facilitate the deadly parlor. This is so good for the disrespect towards the national leader- bread and the cup in his own hands, relating at the same
holding of the event, i.e., it would be big spider but so bad for the tiny fly. ship on the part of a good number of time the narrative part of the Institution wherein he com-
simply an on-looker, possibly providing The call itself forwards some in- people had its onset no less than some mences in the third person—”He took bread… He blessed
the usual snacks, how impressive! triguing questions. Why is the adminis- six years ago. With much solemnity it it… he broke it… he gave it…”—and then, suddenly, car-
The call needs much prayer and re- tration itself not even a part of the sum- said it would not run for office. With ried on by the flow of the liturgy he shifts the pronouns
quires strong faith. mit? How come the call is not addressed much flair it filed it candidacy not long from the third person to the first when he pronounces the
It is the standard big words, gran- to the opposition? Is there one among after. And on goes the subsequent long words of consecration. The priest no longer says: “This is
diose idea, and glorious vision but as the CBCP, the COMELEC, the Poll litany of its socio-moral misdeeds—in- His (Christ’s) body; this is His Blood”; he rather utters:
usual, it is doubtful in immediate objec- Watchdogs and the PNP that is commit- clusive of the infamous “Hello,” Garci” “This is my body” … This is my blood…” The third person
tive and dubious in its eventual goal. ted to a violent and deceitful election phenomenon. Now, it calls a “summit” has become the first person, identifying the priest with the
The expressed purpose of the “sum- such that this should be called to a for honesty and integrity in the forth- very person of Christ Himself. And the priest states those
mit” is dear and endearing. Its alleged “Summit”? coming election! Tidbits / P14
spirit is so generous and sublime. The The reality of the matter is that the Really?
CBCP Monitor
8 CBCP Commissions Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007

Faith in Dialog with Filipino Annual National Seminar-

Culture Workshops

ONE of the hallmarks of the papacy With vigor, Bishop Pacana,

of Pope John Paul II was in recog- aided by the Executive Secretary
nizing the potency of culture in hu- (first, Fr. Wilfredo Torayno of the dio-
man life and in considering that the cese of Malaybalay, then Teresiana
Church’s dialogue with culture is a Cecile Medina, followed by Mrs. Liza
vital area, one in which “the destiny Barretto), approached the above
of the world at the end of this twen- goals through the annual national
tieth century is at stake.” He said this seminar-workshops beginning in
in 1982 when he created the Pontifi- 1995. It was the First National Dia-
cal Council for Culture. Even earlier, logue with Media on Culture and
as did other Church authorities, Pope Politics in Malaybalay, Bukidnon on
Paul VI declared in Evangelii March 30-April 1, 1995 that started
Nuntiandi that the “drama of our the ball rolling to more than ten con-
times” is the divorce of faith from ferences, and drew astute minds as
culture. resource speakers. Some of the dis-

© Denz Dayao / CBCPMedia

Since the visit of Pope Paul VI turbing topics that pervaded reflec-
to Manila in 1970, Filipino Church tion times and discussions in these
leaders have come to accept the mis- national conferences were: the im-
sion of inculturation, a word that first pact of cinema on faith and culture,
surfaced publicly in the Synod of an inculturated formation for priests
Bishops of 1979 according to Arch- and religious, contemporary culture
bishop Oscar Cruz, who in 1999 was and the youth, folk Catholicism, Fili-
then President of the Catholic Bish- pino religiosity/spirituality and
ops Conference of the Philippines. popular devotions, faith and culture
Archbishop Oscar Cruz who
wrote on behalf of all the bishops
the Pastoral Exhortation on Culture
Episcopal Commission on Culture in the subculture of politics, and
many more.
Many of those who led the ros-
goes on to record, that inculturation
came about in the Synod through the
(ECC) ter of speakers on these seminars
gave gripping talks: Fr. Romeo
interventions of Cardinal Jaime Sin Intengan, SJ, Provincial Superior of
and Father Pedro Arrupe, S.J. finally By Mrs. Liza Barretto & Ms. Cecile Medina Jesuits; Fr. John Caroll, SJ, of the
to enter the text of the magisterium ICSI, Fr. Miguel Bernad of Xavier
in Pope John Paul II’s Catechesi ings and practices must be person- pal Commission on Culture. Named and diocesan centers with the aim University, Bishop Francisco Claver,
Tradendae. ally appreciated and appropriated by as its first Chairman was Bishop of encouraging fruitful exchange SJ, Archbishop Orlando B. Quevedo,
Inculturation first carried the us, as a people with our own par- Honesto Ch. Pacana, SJ, DD. about research, initiatives and cul- OMI, then Bishop Gaudencio B.
notion of “adaptation”, while “incar- ticular culture, with our own ways of tural accomplishments carried out Rosales, among other lay religious
nation” was called upon to bear and thinking and valuing. The Christian Objectives by the local Churches and of en- educators, sociologists and anthro-
“contextualization” also became of faith must take root in the matrix of abling the whole Church in the pologists who are leaders in their
interest in the social-historical per- our Filipino being so that we may Through reflections and prayer Philippines to benefit from them; field.
spective of the Church. Archbishop truly believe and love as Filipinos… based on experience, the following • Collaborate with national Catholic Participants to each of these
Cruz wrote in that pastoral exhorta- It must be accepted within a person’s goals were articulated and integrated organization of historical, philo- conferences numbered in the hun-
tion that inculturation is the integra- cultural heritage. An inculturated in the CBCP Constitutions and By- sophical, theological, scientific, dreds, representing the spectrum of
tion of the values of our culture and faith is a faith that is transmitted and laws: artistic and intellectual value and the Church, from bishops to priests,
the values of the Kingdom, a veri- expressed through our people’s cul- • Promote the meeting between the to promote their reciprocal coop- to lay Church workers in the
table process of metanoia or con- ture or cultures.” saving message of the Gospel and eration; grassroots, mulling on dogma, doc-
version into the Christ-life, which in How then can faith and culture the culture of our time; • Ensure the effective participation trines, issues and attitudes bearing
turn must impact on all other per- dialogue be such as to bring about • Undertake appropriate initiatives of the Philippine Church in national on their faith and patrimony. Aside
sonal and social relations. inculturation that in turn will being concerning the dialogue between congresses with science, media, from providing rare teachings, spiri-
In Lumen Gentium, this is stated about transformation? How can Gos- faith and culture and intercultural culture and education; tual insights and Christian life reali-
clearly and simply: “The Church as pel values fuse into the core of the dialogue; • Facilitate Church-culture dialogue ties, the conferences and seminars
the People of God fosters and takes faithful so as to rule his daily life? • Oversee the initiatives of the at the level of universities and re- gave the participants a venue for
to herself the abilities, resources and This was the perspective when Church’s various institutions in search centers, organizations of speaking their minds, enabling opin-
customs of each people; she puri- in the July 1994 Plenary Assembly in this area and disseminate the di- artists and specialists, researchers ions to be heard in a wide range of
fies, strengthens and ennobles Tagaytay City, the Catholic Bishops rectives from the Pontifical Coun- and scholars and to promote listeners, participating in policy mak-
them.” PCP II, No. 72 provides the Conference of the Philippines cil for Culture; worthwhile meetings between ing decisions and most importantly
Filipino perspective: “Church teach- (CBCP) organized the CBCP Episco- • Enter into dialogue with regional these cultural groups. forming ideas that fine-tuned their
faith in the context of daily life. Here
in these conferences and seminars,
one could say, was inculturation in
action. In one of the conferences
Statement at the Pan-Asian Meeting of Members and Consultors of delving into politics and corruption,
it drew an interesting representation

the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Presidents of the National of participants from the local gov-
Apart from scholarly endeavors
Episcopal Commission for Culture of publishing a quarterly newsletter
and collating the many addresses
delivered by resource speakers, the
UNDER the Auspices of the Pon- ences of their local Churches and times. These missionaries faced the ine faith in Jesus Christ who Commission went out on national
tifical Council for Culture, and in local cultures. It was a unique op- reality of the multi-ethnic, pluri-reli- brings all things and all cultures media to decry a burgeoning trend
collaboration with the Catholic portunity to discover new ways of gious and multi-faceted cultures of to their fullness. of what is popularly known as “nov-
Bishops’ Conference of Indone- assimilating the positive cultural val- Asia as a challenge which they This meeting emphasizes elty music” aired on primetime
sia, a Pan-Asian convention of ues in Asia into the life of the turned into an opportunity. that the desire to proclaim Jesus television’s variety shows many of
the Members and Consultors of Church, as well as expressing the Faith in Jesus Christ in Asia is Christ as the fullness of grace is them bordering on obscenity and
the Pontifical Council for Culture Catholic way of life through the ex- multi-culturally expressed through the most natural expression of the pornography. The Commission also
and the Presidents/Representa- isting local cultural features. our local languages, song, dance, Christian’s faith and his love for attended retreats and meetings or-
tives of the Commissions for Cul- At the meeting, the multi-cul- art, architecture and liturgy. The meet- humanity, as taught by the Lord. ganized by the CBCP in its effort to
ture of the National Episcopal tural and pluri-religious nature of ing appreciated the Catholic Cultural Christ offers to contemporary focus and hew to its avowed mis-
Conferences from Asia was held Asian society was reiterated and with Centers which proclaim Christ man, truthful answers to real ex- sion.
at Bali, Denpasar, Indonesia from gratitude to the Almighty, it was ac- through Museums, Art Galleries, Li- istential questions. It is the
the 26th to the 30th of November knowledged that the fullness of braries, documentations, publica- Church’s duty to offer the Gos- Joint efforts with other Episco-
2006. The theme of the meeting Jesus Christ, as the fullness of grace, tions, seminars and mass media, and pel to people in their own cultural pal Commissions
was, The Fullness of Jesus Christ is alive in Asian cultures. Asia has bring together varied and indigenous setting, respecting both people
Alive in Asian Cultures: “And been the home of millennial cultures cultures accepting the vibrant and and their cultures. Meanwhile, Ms. Cecile Medina
from His fullness have we all re- and contributed much to the civili- life-giving traditions, while infusing did research on Church initiatives to
ceived, grace upon grace” (Jn zations. There is a treasure of values the Christian dimension into the cul- Looking into the Future promote intercultural dialogue in
1:16). in these cultures which are infused tures. Mindanao (dioceses of Malaybalay,
Participants from Australia, with divine grace. It was stressed that For centuries now, the Catholic The Church in Asia firmly be- prelature of Isabela and Archdiocese
Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, we need to find new, relevant and community, “the little flock” has been lieves in mission through dia- of Zamboanga); joined conferences
Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malay- appropriate modes to present Jesus engaged in a dialogue of love and logue: dialogue with the poor, dia- with other Episcopal commissions
sia/Brunei/Singapore, Philip- Christ in Asian cultures and in the life within the community itself, as logue between cultures, and dia- e.g. Catechesis and Inter-religious
pines, Thailand and Vietnam day-to-day realities, so that His light also with people not yet belonging logue between religions. To pro- Dialogue; projects for diocese of
spent four days together in and the liberating force of His divine to the “herd.” mote an intense intercultural and Malaybalay’s Indigenous People’s
prayerful reflection and fraternal love may be revealed ever more to Remembering Jesus’ teaching inter-religious dialogue, con- Apostolate and in promoting a cul-
exchange, informing themselves those who do not know Him. become a maxim now, “Render there- ducted in mutual respect, reci- ture of Peace through trainors’ train-
on the mission of the Church for We pay tribute to the mission- fore to Caesar the things that are procity, love and understanding, ing of lumad leaders in the province.
the evangelization of cultures and aries who were very conscious of Caesar’s, and to God the things that so that the Good News that is The Pontifical Commission on
the inculturation of the faith in the importance of learning the local God’s,” the Catholic Church in Asia Jesus, who is the “incarnate love” Culture was updated on the initia-
Asia through talks, workshops languages, immersing themselves understands that its nation-building of the Father may be made present tives of the Commission here in the
and discussions. Delegates into the native cultures, and under- activity is not incompatible, but to those who have not yet en- country. It acknowledged such ac-
brought with them rich experi- standing the weltschaung of their rather is an expression of its genu- Pan-Asia / P10
ECC / P9
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007 Feature 9
THE Church in Albay has always guards shot two farmers dead and
been defined by its capacity to look wounded many others. The farmers
beyond saving souls. won in the end.
Even as it opens its doors to the In its more than 30 years of ex-
faithful it was not afraid to deal with istence, SAC has evolved from a
social problems that afflict the people seeming welfare agency and disas-
of Albay: poverty, human rights vio- ter response unit to an educator and
lations, bad governance. community organizer.
Church-based organizations After 1986 when the wave of de-
have always enjoyed a following mocratization swept the country, the
compared to other civic groups. This SAC continued its work in the com-
indicates a considerable influence of munities on economic development,
the Church on the local population sectoral organizing and peace build-
of 1.2 million. Based on figures gath- ing. It also added a new dimension in
ered during the first Legazpi dioc- its social action work: people’s par-
esan synod in 2000, 95% of the total ticipation in local governance. The
population comprises the Church’s thrust opened new arenas of engage-
membership. ment for the Church, like voter’s edu-
The Diocese of Legazpi was es- cation, advocacy for transparency
tablished in 1951, some 350 years and accountability in government,
after Franciscan missionaries set and more crucially, encouraging and
foot in Albay in 1578. It has 45 par- strengthening people’s participation
ishes, with one or two pastors in each in local governance.
parish and a chapel in every village. This new arena of involvement
The diocese’s Social Action also challenged the Church to raise
Center (SAC) was organized in 1972 wide public awareness and under-
as a response to Vatican II’s call for standing of civic duties, right, re-
evangelization and development and sponsibilities and governance pro-
to articulate the local Church’s grow- cess.
ing activism. The Local Government Code of (for this article, get a good picture in Legazpi/Albay in our library, taken by
In its early years, the SAC was 1991 provided the opportunity for the
involved in organizing credit coop- SAC to further flesh out its roy or melo acuña)
eratives, implementing nutrition pro- governance’s program by focusing
grams, undertaking emergency relief on its provisions for people’s par-
work during calamities and doing ticipation. The decentralization law
food-for-work projects. During mar- mandated the devolution of power
tial rule, the SAC introduced educa-

Beyond Saving Souls

and resources from the national gov-
tion programs and helped organize ernment to local government units
the poor, mostly farmers, fishers and and opened opportunities for citizen
workers, many of whose rights were participation through local special
violated by the regime. bodies.
Albay is predominantly agricul- This provided the legal basis for By Fr. Jose Victor Lobrigo
tural and its major crops are rice, allowing the participation of citizens
corn, abaca, vegetable and coconut. groups in local decision-making. barangays. The coalitions have 153 tions and non-government organi- mittees were also created.
The latter is the most dominant, oc- Citizens groups or people’s organi- member organizations in all. zations to join local special bodies In 2002, the CAPIUs busied
cupying 62% of the total agriculture zations can sit in the local develop- From 1999 to 2004, six Child and development councils where themselves to learn more about coun-
area in the province. ment council, bidding committee, Abuse Prevention and Intervention they could participate in crafting de- seling, medico-legal and tool kit
Calamities, high production school board, health board and Units were set up in 3 cities and 3 velopment plans, monitor govern- preparation and production and dis-
cost and market economies have af- peace and order council. municipalities in the province. Six ment transactions and ensure that semination of information and edu-
fected agriculture productivity and In 2000, the clergy, religious and parishes have organized their youth sectoral issues are head in local gov- cation materials. In 2005, a glossary
income. Abaca, for, example, experi- laity gathered together in a synod to advocates group. A number of Par- ernments. In 2003, the SAC sup- of terms was published, a valuable
enced a drop in production because chart the direction of the local ish Social Action committees were ported the passage of the Provincial help for media practitioners and ad-
of the slump in hemp prices, and out- Church. The later has committed to also created. Empowerment Ordinance. vocates of child rights. In the same
moded production techniques. be one with the poor and work to- The SAC played a big role in SAC also played a pivotal role in year, a radio program on child abuse
On January 17, 1983, Newsweek wards “total human liberation and coming up with transparency forum developing Child Abuse Prevention prevention was launched.
published the story of a land dispute social transformation.” that is now being replicated in many Units (CAPIU) that addressed women As recognition of its efforts to
involving 325 tenant farmers in the Through SAC, a number of coa- areas of the country, the Report to and children issues. Training pro- natural disasters and humanitarian
island of San Miguel in Tabaco, litions were organized to address the People, otherwise known as Ulat grams down to the barangay level and help, the SAC received the Gawad
Albay. The government had granted problems and issues in Albay. In sa Bayan. In this forum, elected of- a Media Forum on Child Abuse Re- Kalasag Award from the National
the farmers certificates of land trans- 2002, the Albay Provincial Develop- ficials are made to face their constitu- porting were held. From 1999 to 2004, Disaster Coordinating Council
fer for the vast estate that they have ment Network for Development ents and account for what they have six Child Abuse Prevention and In- (NDCC).
long been farming. The corporate (ALPRODEV) was organized. In the done and accomplished in office. tervention Units were set up in three These are but some of the mile-
owner of the estate resisted and ha- same year, 20 networks composed of Since 1999, six municipalities have cities and three municipalities in the stones that mark the SAC’s continu-
rassed the farmers. The SAC orga- non-government organizations and held their Ulat sa Bayan. province. Six parishes have orga- ing efforts to articulate the aims of
nized and supported the farmers. people’s organizations were formed Between 2002 and 2004, the nized their youth advocates group. A the Church of the poor: to serve
During one confrontation, armed in 3 cities, 13 municipalities and 120 SAC encouraged people’s organiza- number of Parish Social Action com- those who have less.

ECC / from p8 Marriage / from p5

tivities with encouraging words. The Christian spirituality, yet its cultural truly interwoven with life and love to be seduced by forms of interpre- all. Dear Prelate Auditors, you are
CBCP Episcopal Commission on embodiment makes it distinct… As as one of the intrinsic obligations of tation that involve a break with the committed on a front in which re-
Culture gained financial support from we consider our discipleship, we its existence. Therefore, as I wrote in Church’s tradition. sponsibility for the truth makes it-
the corresponding donors for some cannot fail to see our shortcomings. my first Encyclical, “From the stand- These paths lead away from the self felt in a special way in our times.
of the seminar projects related to There are obstacles to the call to fol- point of creation, eros directs man true essence of marriage, as well as In being faithful to your task,
faith-culture dialogue which were low Christ more closely. These ob- towards marriage, to a bond which from its intrinsic juridical dimension make sure that your action fits har-
deemed worthwhile. stacles are seen as cultural. While is unique and definitive; thus, and and, under various more or less at- moniously into an overall rediscov-
Given that culture embraces a they can be means to growth in dis- only thus, does it fulfill its deepest tractive names, seek to conceal a ery of the beauty of that “truth
very wide ground of dynamic and cipleship, they can also constitute purpose” (“Deus Caritas Est,” n. 11). false conjugal reality. about marriage”, the truth of the
changing aspects, covering tradi- an obstacle. The challenge for us is Thus, love and law can be united So it is that the point is some- “principle”, which Jesus fully taught
tional and emergent values, the Com- to purify or strengthen certain ele- to the point of ensuring that hus- times reached of maintaining that us and of which the Holy Spirit con-
mission felt much more could be ments in our culture. There is a need band and wife mutually owe to one nothing is right or wrong in a tinually reminds us in the Church
done with so many limitations. Fili- for freedom, courage and authentic- another the love with which they couple’s relationship, provided it today.
pino way of life, it has been said, is ity in confronting our cultural val- spontaneously love one another: the corresponds with the achievement Dear Prelate Auditors, Officials
multi-cultural, dynamic and ever ues as we follow the road to conver- love in them is the fruit of their free of the subjective aspirations of each and collaborators, these are the con-
changing. The arena of culture may sion…” (Dialogue, December 1999). desire for the good of one another party. In this perspective, the idea siderations to which I felt impelled
be overwhelming in its scope and it and of their children; which, more- of marriage “in facto esse” oscillates to call your attention, in the cer-
takes dedication and understanding The Officers over, is also a requirement of love between merely factual relations tainty that I would find in you
of its service to the Church to con- for one’s own true good. and the juridical-positivistic aspect, judges and magistrates ready to
tinue on the straight, effective Chairman: All the activity of the Church overlooking its essence as an intrin- share and make your own so impor-
course. Bp. Emmanuel T. Cabajar, and of the faithful in the context of sic bond of justice between the per- tant and serious a doctrine.
Bishop Honesto Ch. Pacana, SJ CSsR the family must be based on this truth sons of the man and of the woman. To each and every one I express
who devoted himself for more than about marriage and its intrinsic ju- The contribution of ecclesias- in particular my pleasure and my to-
a decade to the Commission as Vice-Chairman: ridical dimension. In spite of this, as tical tribunals to overcoming the cri- tal confidence that the Apostolic
Chairman carries the clarity of the Bp. Jose R. Manguiran I recalled earlier, the relativistic sis of the meaning of marriage, in Tribunal of the Roman Rota, an ef-
vision: mindset, in more or less open or the Church and in civil society, fective and authoritative manifesta-
“The Filipino Christian will need Members: subtle ways, can also insinuate it- could seem to some people of some- tion of the juridical wisdom of the
to duplicate the best way he can the Bp. Antonieto D. Cabajog self into the ecclesial community. what secondary or minor impor- Church, will continue to carry out
life of Jesus. Filipino cultural values Bp. Julito B. Cortes You are well aware that this is a tance. consistently its own, far from easy
(attitudes, mental sets, ways of look- Bp. Honesto Ch. Pacana, SJ risk of our time which is sometimes However, precisely because munus, at the service of the divine
ing at things) need to be taken into expressed in a distorted interpreta- marriage has an intrinsically juridi- plan followed by the Creator and the
serious consideration. They defi- Executive Secretary: tion of the canonical norms in force. cal dimension, being wise and con- Redeemer in the institution of mar-
nitely color the Filipino way of fol- c/o Diocese of Pagadian One must react to this tendency with vinced servants of justice in this riage.
lowing the Lord or the Filipino spiri- Bishop’s Residence courage and faith, constantly apply- sensitive and most important sec- As I invoke divine help upon
tuality. Although Filipino spiritual- Baugasan, 7610 Pagadian ing the hermeneutic of renewal in tor has the significant value of wit- your work, I cordially impart a spe-
ity is essentially the same as any City continuity and not allowing oneself ness and is of deep reassurance to cial Apostolic Blessing to you all.
CBCP Monitor
10 Liturgy Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007

time have their own distribution In its various moments, the li-
of readings in a two-year cycle, turgical year celebrates nothing
but the Gospel is always the same, other than the fullness of this mys-
so that it is the first reading which tery; it has its center in the annual
offers a different cycle for each Easter, everything springs from it
year. and everything tends to it.
The daily Gospels are divided Q: Is Easter the highest
in this way: the Gospel of Mark, point?
from the first to the ninth week; Father Flores: The docu-
the Gospel of Matthew, from the ments that have supported the li-
10th to the 21st week; the Gospel turgical reform insist in a very spe-
of Luke from the 22nd to the 34th cial way on this paschal central-
week. ity, hence the need to highlight
The Gospel of John, instead, fully Christ’s paschal mystery in
is read during the whole of pas- the reform of the liturgical year, ac-
chal time, beginning with the fifth cording to the norms given by the
week of Lent. It constitutes an Council, both in regard to the or-
ensemble of five Sundays, from dering of the proper of the time
the 17th to the 21st in cycle B of and of the saints, as well as the
ordinary time. It is a privileged revision of the Roman calendar.
occasion for a catechesis on the The continuous paschal cel-
Eucharist, set in adherence to ebration thus became the starting
Jesus in faith. point of the whole reform of the
Q: Ordinary time is part of the liturgical year.
liturgical year. How can we de- The conciliar constitution on
scribe, exactly, the liturgical year? the liturgy and the subsequent
Father Flores: The liturgical documents are clear and categori-
year can be described as the en- cal: There is only one cycle: the
semble of celebrations with which paschal, though along with it must
the Church lives annually the be placed other collateral cycles.
mystery of Christ. Christ’s Pasch is at the center
This is how the Second of liturgical action — hence the
Vatican Council expressed it in its reason why all Christian spiritual-
constitution on the liturgy, No. ity must be a paschal spirituality,
102: “Holy Mother Church is con- that is, a spirituality polarized by

The Ordinary Time scious that she must celebrate the

saving work of her divine Spouse
by devoutly recalling it on certain
days throughout the course of the
year,” so that in the course of a
year we can recall the highest mo-
the divine event of salvation, by
the paschal mystery lived by
Christ and celebrated memorially
by the Church.
Q: Are there specific spiritu-
alities for each liturgical time?
ments in the history of salvation, Father Flores: Yes, of course.
THE liturgical year is always the self this time has nothing that of ordinary time? introducing us in them. Focusing on the great times of the
year of the Lord, says Benedictine makes it inferior to the others. Father Flores: In the present The liturgical year is, there- liturgical year we might divide
Father Juan Javier Flores Arcas, Ordinary time does not have liturgy of this time, no specific for- fore, the year of the Lord, of the them according to the tone of the
rector of the Pontifical Liturgical as object the celebration of a par- mularies have been provided for glorious Kyrios, of the risen liturgical time itself, always start-
Institute. Of late, ZENIT asked ticular mystery of the life of Christ, ferial days, but instead—here is Christ present in the midst of his ing from the celebrative unicity of
Father Flores, professor at Rome’s but the totality of the mystery the great novelty—a double Church with the long history that Easter, seeking totality in the sim-
Pontifical Athenaeum of St. seen more as a whole than in a par- lectionary has been prepared precedes and accompanies him. plicity of the mystery, that is, the
Anselm, some questions about the ticular mystery. which enriches notably the daily We relive the covenant, the “whole in the fragment”—Advent:
liturgical year. They are 33 or 34 weeks which celebration. choice of the holy people and the an eschatological spirituality;
Q: Liturgically speaking, we are placed after the feast of the The great guidelines of the fullness of messianic times. Christmas: a spousal spirituality;
are beginning ordinary time. Is it Baptism of the Lord and which fol- spirituality of ordinary time are In the course of the annual Epiphany: a real spirituality; Lent:
a “minor” time? low the solemnity of Pentecost. marked by the double ferial cycle the whole mystery of Jesus a spirituality of conversion and
Father Flores: It is not a weak They are not complete weeks, lectionary: the lectionary of the Christ unfolds, from the incarna- penance; Paschal triduum: a time
time with respect to the other in- as some are missing Sundays or Eucharist and the biennial biblical tion to the expectation of his sec- to imitate sacramentally Christ’s
tense times, as it includes Sun- some days, as in the days that fol- lectionary of the office of readings ond coming at the end of time, cul- paschal mystery; Easter: a Pente-
days which are the weekly celebra- low Ash Wednesday. to which is added another patristic minating with the most important costal spirituality; and ordinary
tion of Easter, which is at the very Q: Are there specific formu- biblical lectionary. celebration of the year, namely, the time: the peaceful rhythm of the
origin of the liturgical year. Of it- laries for ferial—not festive—days The ferial days of ordinary memorial of his paschal mystery. liturgical year.

Pan-Asia / from p8
countered Him. We call upon Bish- logue, as well as social services for what counts most in all cultural con- round human development based on The CBCPWorld
ops’ conferences to promote Catho- the promotion of respect for life and texts is the authenticity of life. We the teachings of Jesus Christ. By
lic cultural centers to engage in this integral human growth. should therefore seek to promote an making Jesus Christ present in our
triple dialogue. The family is the foundation of authentic, verifiable, tangible, radi- schools, universities, and other edu-
The Church in Asia seeks to society. Asian cultures unanimously ating spirituality: the fragrance of cational institutions, we will be able A network of Dioceses, Par-
continue and to reinforce the nation- reserve a special place for the family. Christ. When Christians, as individu- to create a culture permeated by the ishes, Catholic Schools and re-
building activity that it has been in- Basing ourselves on the family val- als and communities really radiate Gospel, a culture of peace and com- ligious groups. Today, over a
volved in over the centuries, ues already present in these cul- this fragrance, slowly, but surely, we passion for the future. hundred of them nationwide.
through its educational and chari- tures, the family can experience the can lead all Asian cultures and civili- In today’s world, social commu- Pursuing one mission, linked
table activities, so that it contributes fullness of Jesus Christ if it becomes zations to fulfillment in Christ. nications has a very powerful influ- under one nationwide satellite
in building a society that is enlight- a cradle of life, a furnace of love, a The cultures of indigenous ence, both on cultures and the val- system. Connected together
ened by values enshrined in the Gos- school for values of the Good News, people are very open to Christ and ues that inspire them. Jesus Christ with the same passion for the
pel, and thus also appreciates, pre- a nursery of compassion, sacrifice His message. The Church would do as the way, the truth, and the life can Gospel.
serves, and promotes its positive tra- and generosity. Each diocese is well to make Christ present to them be presented to our Asian cultures
ditional values. We call upon those called to prepare a pastoral plan ac- through dialogue and witnessing very effectively through an able and Our Broadband Connectivity is
responsible for the educational and cording to the local needs, for safe- activity. We recommend that for the intelligent use of the media. Special delivered to our network
social activities of the Church to guarding and promoting family val- evangelization efforts among the in- efforts should be made to tap mod- members through a VSAT
evolve new strategies of promoting ues. digenous peoples, a study should ern and traditional means of commu- system on a C-band or
a real and authentic Christian human- The believing community, be made as to how local cultural re- nications, like print media, television, through a wireless IP system
ism. through its teaching, activity, and sources could be tapped. cinema, and information technology on a microwave platform,
Basic Christian communities can dialogue, but above all, through ex- Since cults and sects are suc- for promoting and creating a culture originating from our network
be small cells which can live in the ample and witness, can be a bulwark cessful, especially among the youth infused by the fullness of grace re- operations center in Clark
spirit of communio, help deepen the in the face of the materialistic, hedo- because of their deep spiritual thirst, vealed in Jesus Christ. Special Economic Zone in An-
Christian faith, and at the same time nistic, and agnostic tendencies the Church should seek new creative The Church in Asia is aware of geles City.
be the witness of life and a dialogue slowly entering our society, espe- ways to present Christ as the one its task to be the light that leads, the Our Content Department aims
of heart. They can be the salt and cially as a consequence of the mas- quenching this thirst. salt that gives taste, the leaven in at saturating the cyberspace
light to the larger pluralistic commu- sive wave of globalization sweeping The new urbanization requires the dough through its life of witness with wholesome contents that
nity of which they form part. We rec- Asia, and sometimes threatening its a new evangelization and, therefore, and proclamation of the mystery of are faith-related, educational
ommend that special attention be traditional values. we encourage Bishops and Clergy Jesus Christ. Our will shall shape the and social-advocacy ori-
paid to organizing the parishes in Art and architecture make the to rise to the challenges through future. Whether we fail or succeed ented. Its services are: web
basic ecclesial communities and that person of Jesus Christ present charity to care for the deprived, an shall not be the doing of others but designing, web maintenance,
these communities live for and func- through an expression of beauty. As option for social justice in favor of our own. We are the force; we can web hosting, content sourc-
tion according to the purposes de- is evident, Biblical themes and the the oppressed and marginalized, a clear any obstacle before us or we ing and editing, and video
scribed above. person of Jesus Christ have been a pastoral re-structuring that meets can be lost in the maze. Our choice; production.
A holistic and contextual evan- rich source of inspiration to artists, new cultural realities, catechesis that our responsibility. Win or lose, we Our Traning Department con-
gelization of cultures and both Catholic as well as those who responds to contemporary ques- hold the key to our future. May Mary, ducts the following trainings:
inculturation of the faith is required do not belong to the Catholic faith. tions, and a meaningful liturgy, to Mother of the incarnate Word, and EdTech, IT Awareness,
to make the fullness of Jesus Christ Art and artistic activities should be make every city a “city of God.” the Star of Evangelization, guide us WebArt, SysAd Training.
to come fully alive in Asia. This com- promoted as a means of evangeliza- We strongly recommend that and lead us, that we may proclaim
prises a wide variety of aspects like tion of cultures and the inculturation Catholic education be really “Catho- the fullness of grace in her son, Jesus
witnessing, prayer, proclamation, in- of faith. lic” by providing, not only academic Christ, to all peoples and all cultures. +632 4041612, 4042182
tercultural and inter-religious dia- In the work of evangelization, excellence, but promoting an all-
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007 Social Concern 11

Message for World Day of Leprosy

What is
Happening to

© Roy Lagarde / CBCP Media

Our Beloved
“A Forgotten

© Bagus Indahono/epa/Corbis
Most Rev. Zacharias C. Jimenez
Chair, Coordinating Team
Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples-Mindanao
“Go and do likewise”
READING the Mining in the gry national and local govern- I strongly endorse the
Philippines - Concerns and ment officials are playing with Statement on Mining Issues
(Luke 10:37)
Conflicts, Fact Finding Mis- them in alliance with greedy and Concerns of our Catholic
sion to the Philippines Report, corporations. The situation is Bishops Conference of the FOR the celebration of the 54th World Day of the Divine Teacher who, during the act
I deplore and lament with the at its worst at the present mo- Philippines (CBCP), President: of Leprosy, the Pontifical Council for of healing lepers, indicated that Redemp-
prophets of old what is hap- ment. • To support, unify and Health Care Ministry sends a message of tion was underway (cf. Luke 7:22). And it
pening to our beloved land. The very government strengthen the struggle of health and fraternal sharing to those who is on this way opened up by Jesus Christ
Our own experiences here in that is supposed to protect the local Churches and are afflicted by leprosy and to those that so many people have walked. Side
Mindanao validate the report. their rights is the very one their constituency against people, even though they have been by side with St. Francis of Assisi, Blessed
“Remember, O Lord, abusing them, manipulating all mining projects, and raise healed, who bear on their bodies disabili- Damian de Veuster, and Blessed Peter
what has come upon us; look, them, turning many of their the anti-mining campaign at ties caused by this malady. Donders, a vast number of anonymous
and behold our reproach! leaders into “Tribal Dealers”. the national level; The notable advances that medical ‘witnesses to the merciful love of God’,
Our inheritance has been The very people, save a few, • To support the call of vari- science has developed in this sector over who have freely chosen to live ‘with and
turned over to aliens, and our we elected to supposedly en- ous sectors, especially the recent decades have generated in the so- for’ our brothers and sisters afflicted by
houses to foreigners. We have sure their basic need of food, Indigenous Peoples, to stop cial mind the idea that this disease, be- leprosy, continue their activities today.
become orphans and waifs, shelter and clothing, created the 24 Priority Mining cause it can be cured, has almost disap- It is incumbent upon us, on this 54th
our mothers are like widows. laws that instead further the Projects of the government, peared in the world; in this way leprosy World Day of Leprosy, to remember Raoul
We pay for the water we drink, interests of foreigners, inves- and the closure of large- has become “a forgotten disease.” Follereau, the man who instituted it in
and our wood comes at a tors, multi-national corpora- scale mining projects, for But unfortunately such is not the 1954, on the 30th anniversary of his death.
price. They pursue at our tions and have turned these example, the Rapu-Rapu case. The data derived from the epide- Raoul Follereau was an example and con-
heels; we labour and have no laws into a “machinery of Polymetallic Project in miological surveys of the World Health firmation that the love of God also in-
rest. We have given our hand death” for our indigenous Albay, HPP Project in Organization, which were published in volves those who humbly confess: “I do
to the Egyptians and the peoples and their precious Palawan, Didippio Gold- early August 2006, indicate that at the be- not know God but I am known by him,
Assyrians, to be satisfied with culture. Copper Project in Nueva ginning of that year there were still 219,826 and this is hope” (R. Follereau, Le livre
bread. Our fathers sinned and What is worst is their de- Vizcaya, Tampakan Copper- new cases of leprosy every year and d’amour, I.M.E., September 2005, p. 59, n.
are no more, but we bear their ception. They are the modern gold Project in South about 602 new cases every day. These 35). Follereau was a man who prayed as
iniquities.” (Lamentations Trojans bringing gifts of Cotabato, Canatuan Gold were distributed geographically in the fol- follows: “Lord, I would very much like to
5:1-5) empty promises of progress Project in Zamboanga del lowing way: Africa, 40,830; America, help others to live, everyone else, my
I chair the Episcopal and development. TIMEO Norte, and the San Antonio 32,904; South East Asia, 133,422; the East brothers and sisters, who are in pain and
Commission on Indigenous DANAOS DONA Copper Project in Mediterranean, 4,024; the Western Pa- suffer without knowing why, waiting for
People-Mindanao and have FERENTES! I fear the Greeks Marinduque, among others; cific, 8,646. Overall, those afflicted by lep- death to free them” (ibid., p. 58, n. 30).
been to many workshops with bringing gifts … to our • To support the conduct of rosy in the world are still about ten mil- To all bishops, those responsible for
our indigenous people’s rep- people. studies on the evil effects lion in number. pastoral care in health in the local
resentatives all over I also condemn all forms of mining in dioceses; The consecrated to the prevention Churches, health care workers, mission-
Mindanao in the past three of harassment by government • To support all economic ac- and treatment of populations in countries aries, religious, and secular volunteers in-
years. I heard their stories of agencies against the people, tivities that are life-enhanc- that are subject to the risk of leprosy. volved in the accompanying of our broth-
anguish, saw them cry as they foreigner and local, who are ing and poverty-alleviating. To make missionaries, religious and ers and sisters afflicted by leprosy, I en-
narrate their deplorable state, working in whatever way to God help our indigenous volunteers feel our personal esteem and trust this passage from the message for
and I feel their anger against help the situation of our in- brothers and sisters …. Our nearness is to respond in a concrete way the 15th World Day of the Sick of the Holy
the game that our power-hun- digenous peoples. precious land … all of us! to the invitation that the Holy Father Father Benedict XVI: “In addition, many
Benedict XVI expressed at the audience millions of people in our world still expe-
Laiko / from p6 granted to those taking part in the Inter- rience unsanitary living conditions and
by Church doctrines, e.g. the The Sons and Daughters owers. The most popular national Conference of 2006 of our Pon- lack access to much needed medical re-
Papal Exhortation, Familiaris Encounter is most appropriate among parishioners are en- tifical Council for Health Care Ministry: sources, often of the most basic kind, with
Consortio. for youth formation. The Self counters conducted in the “How can one forget the very many the result that the number of human be-
A most effective lay for- Encounter addresses the vernacular—the Tipanan ng people with infectious diseases forced to ings considered ‘incurable’ is greatly in-
mation process is achieved by need for individuals who de- Pamilya. I personally recom- live segregated from others, and who are creased. Here I would like to encourage
using the Observe-Judge-Act sire for developing a deeper mend this program to intro- at times marked by a stigma that humili- the efforts of those who work daily to
methodology. This includes spirituality. The Family En- duce the family life program ates them? Such deplorable situations are ensure that the incurably and terminally
sharing of insights of relevant counter is most effective in in a parish which is the appro- of greater gravity when we consider the ill, together with their families, receive ad-
bible passages and relating developing spiritual affinity priate starting place for this disparity of social and economic condi- equate and loving care.”
their teachings to life experi- among each member of the activity. tions between the North and the South of To you, brothers and sisters afflicted
ences. The session finally family—understanding The success of all evan- the world. It is important to respond to by leprosy, and to those who bear on your
dovetails to the report of as- strengths and weaknesses of gelization programs is the sup- them with concrete interventions that fa- bodies the painful signs left by this dis-
signments given to each each member, rallying family port of the Chaplain who has a vor nearness to the sick person, thereby ease, I wish to repeat the words of the
couple during the previous support in times of crises, key role during the encounter making the evangelization of culture more apostolic letter “Salvifici Doloris” of
session. The new action growing in love as the mem- retreat. While the Lay Facilita- alive, and propose motivations that can John Paul II: “on this cross is the ‘Re-
plans are assigned for the next bers mature and guiding the tors/Sharers are most effective form the basis for the economic and po- deemer of man,’ the man of sorrows, who
session. Examples of these spiritual development of the in translating family life situa- litical programs of governments” (Nov. has taken upon himself the physical and
action plans are: a. Participa- next generation—the grand- tions and coping mechanisms, 24, 2006). moral sufferings of the people of all times,
tion as team couples in the children. there is no substitute for the This is the invitation that Jesus makes so that in love they may find the salvific
pre-marriage orientation CFM addresses the need Chaplain’s final activity for the to us with the parable of the Good Samari- meaning of their sorrow and valid an-
program of the parish; b. As of family members throughout family to center on Christ dur- tan: “Go then, and do likewise” (Luke swers to all of their questions.… And we
resource speaker in the fam- the family life cycle (from ing the celebration of the Eu- 10:37). It is with “Jesus the Good Samari- ask all you who suffer to support us. We
ily life education program for womb to tomb) hence the charist. It is a pity if parish tan” that we must evangelize the cultural ask precisely you who are weak to be-
high school students; c. Mem- other formation programs priests drive lay organizations environment of the human society in which come a source of strength for the Church
bership in the advocacy for which are offered include the away from parish responsibili- people live in order to eliminate the preju- and humanity” (No. 31).
clean elections and others. If Young Adults and Profession- ties. For family evangelization, dices that still exist in relation to those who
the CFM unit is within a cer- als (YAP) program, the Dis- priests are important but with- are dramatically afflicted by leprosy. Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan
tain parish barangay or purok, covery Weekend for engaged out lay participation the mis- The Church, faithful to her mission, President, Pontifical Council for Health
this can become the nucleus couples, the Solo Parents sion is doomed from the start. has always repeated the merciful action Care Ministry
for a BEC unit. Program for widows and wid- Happy Valentine!
CBCP Monitor
12 Statements Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007

Pastoral Statements issued during the 94th Bishops’ Plenary Assembly

A Pastoral
Bonus Miles Christi
Statement on the A Pastoral Letter on the Commemoration of the Centenary of the Episcopal Consecration of Bishop Jorge Barlin (1906)
ONE hundred years ago, in named Bishop by a secret

Nation’s Housing
1906, the grace of the Episco- consistory. He was conse-
pacy was granted to the Fili- crated bishop on June 20, 1906.
pino people in the person of a In the words of a historian: “He

Bicolano born in Baao, bore the promise of a new era
Camarines Sur, Jorge Barlin, for the long-suffering native
who took as his Episcopal clergy. In his name his coun-
motto: “Bonus miles Christi”— trymen saw the hope of a race.”
A Good Soldier of Christ. It was He became the first Filipino
“Any person or family that, without any direct fault on his or her the first time after three hun- Bishop, perhaps also the first
own, does not have suitable housing is the victim of an injus- dred years of Christianity in the from the Malay race, and the
Philippines that a Filipino was only one during his time. His
tice.” (Pontifical Commission Justice and Peace on the Interna-
tional Year of Shelter for the Homeless, 1988) given such a dignity—cer- elevation to the Episcopacy
tainly, a milestone in the Phil- proved the capability of native
ippine Church History, an event priests who had been regarded
worth remembering and cel- as inferior and unworthy of any
ebrating. high office. For at the time,
AS we close our Year of Social Con- and money be set aside for the Dear brothers and sisters, there was a prevailing view that
cerns, we call the attention of our places where they are to be settled the present-day circumstances indigenous priests were only
people to a grave problem that many, with painstaking consultations. pose new and numerous chal- good to be coadjutors, let alone
especially among the urban poor, B. Government officials have lenges to our faith and minis- unworthy of the episcopacy.
suffer the lack of adequate housing. made promises and even made offi- try. The poverty and suffering As the only Filipino bishop,
The Church teaches that “the prin- cial proclamations of lands to pro- many experiences sometimes Barlin was given the honor to
ciple of the universal destination of vide security of tenure to many poor lead us into thinking that love deliver the invocation at the in-
goods requires that the poor, the families sitting on government prop- of God and country are two op- augural session of Philippine
marginalized and in all cases those erties. Many of these proclamations posite realities. However, there It was an unprecedented appoint- Assembly on October 16, 1907.
whose living conditions interfere are not followed; they have remained are to be found in our history ment for he was a young upstart. Two months later he took a
with their proper growth should be empty words. Let the officials not persons who had shown us that For sixteen full years he labored prominent part in the delibera-
the focus of particular concern. To play on the basic needs of the people, love for God and country are with distinction. tions of the first Provincial
this end, the preferential option for and cuddle them in pursuit of elec- not incompatible. Among these During the turbulent days of Council of Manila, which had
the poor should be reaffirmed in all tion victory. is Bishop Jorge Barlin. the revolution, Sorsogon did not been convened to discuss prob-
its force. This love of preference for C. As we did in our 1997 Letter This letter then is a call to suffer a bloody September. This lems under the new government
the poor, and the decisions which it on Homelessness, we again urge the our dear Faithful: clergy, reli- was due to Padre Barlin who com- setup. It was reported that: “His
inspires in us, cannot but embrace immediate creation of a government- gious and laity to honor the manded the respect and esteem of experience and the practical
the immense multitudes of the hun- church-civil society commission that memory of Barlin. the people, and his pacification knowledge which he had of
gry, the needy, the homeless, those will provide guidelines for the fur- In engaging into this task campaign. When the last Spanish Church affairs in the Islands
without health care and above all, ther development of our cities so that of remembering, we wish to ex- Governor Señor Villamil left for were a valuable help in the so-
those without hope for the the urban poor will have a decent press gratitude to God for the safety, he entrusted to Barlin the lution of not a few problems in
future.”(Compendium of the Social place to live in and development will grace of the ministry, particu- reins of the government and that respectable assembly.”
Doctrine of the Church # 182). combine with sound environmental larly that of the episcopacy, peacefully surrendered his official In all these, Jorge Barlin
Adequate and humane dwelling concern. The said commissions in which consists in the service prerogatives. Barlin figured put above all else service to
is a basic right. (cf. Compendium each city and town can immediately of teaching, sanctifying and prominently in the establishment God and people. When the
#166) Their inadequacy breeds other conduct consultations to discuss governing. of the revolutionary government temptation of power and pres-
problems such as immoralities in the and resolve the issues on By recalling the memory of as well as during the arrival of the tige was offered him, he chose
home, the abuse of children, the lack homelessness in a pro-active way. Barlin, we wish to remind our- American government. In all these to remain faithful to his com-
of education of many young people, Planning of mass housing for the selves too of who we are as a changes, Barlin was instrumental mitment. When such power
unhygienic conditions in the family, poor is a concern of public officials people; of what we have accom- in rallying the people in the main- was in his hands, he used the
joblessness among the people, mal- for the sake of the common good and plished; and of what we can tenance of peace and order. same responsibly—always for
nutrition of children, and criminality. not only of property developers for still do. In 1902, Gregorio Aglipay, tak- the good of those he served.
Our urban poor people, as hu- their own profit. Our country, our society, ing notice of his capability, offered Although Barlin rose to
man beings and children of God, D. We commend the initiatives our communities, even our him the supreme prelacy of the prominence at a time of schism
have basic human rights to clean and of various groups who on their own families; need hope. The ca- Philippine Independent Church. in the history of the Church in
inexpensive water, decent house, provide for housing for our poor lamities that have struck us in To such invitation, Barlin replied: the Philippines, remembering
communities free of stagnant dis- families. We encourage all people of recent years had been terrible. “Prefiero ser lampazero a ser la him in such light actually
ease-ridden water and uncollected goodwill, especially people of faith Yet it is in these same difficult cabeza de su jerarquia cismatica.” prompts the Church to promote
garbage. They have a right to secu- to support these groups or to create moments that goodness, kind- (I prefer to be a sweeper than to Christian unity all the more,
rity of tenure, to be free of a con- their own initiatives to help the heartedness and hope have be the head of your schismatic hi- and invite people of other faiths
stant threat of eviction and fire, and homeless to have houses that they also shone. Good as it were are erarchy.) to engage in dialogue.
very importantly, they have the right can call their own someday. We en- never extinguished. And look- It was the same Barlin who Our dear faithful, we need
to organize themselves to seek solu- courage the homeless to be partners ing back in history, we find gave the most damaging blow to men and women whose vision
tions to their problems in a demo- in pursuing the endeavor. signposts of this in our jour- the new sect from which it never is beyond themselves. Indeed,
cratic and a non-violent manner. We cannot afford to be indiffer- ney as a people and Church. recovered. Elsewhere in the archi- at a time when suffering can im-
Despite their own efforts and ent and complacent in front of this At a time, when the capa- pelago, many Filipino priests had pair our memory; when our
those of many groups, including grave injustice that many of our bility of Filipinos was doubted, defected to the schismatic church sense of altruism may be cov-
government and the Church, we can- brothers and sisters suffer day by especially with regard to fulfill- with the support of their congre- ered by the need for survival;
not say our urban poor people en- day. We, as a Church, are committed ing the task of a parish priest, gations. Because these defectees when difficult and severe con-
joy these rights today. to put the resources of the Church more so that of a bishop, there had moved into the ranks of ditions can make us numb to the
We are all compelled to do ev- towards this dream. was Jorge Barlin, who showed Aglipayanism without vacating needs of our brethren and blind
erything possible to remedy this situ- While Filipinos are getting us what the Filipino is able to their churches, a question arose to nobler things. Thus, let us
ation. We must all work that all may known all over the world as good accomplish. for the American authorities to look back to gain inspiration
have their own homes that are suit- construction workers and builders, Barlin, Filipino, early in his order: To whom did those from our elders. They, whose
able for God’s persons who are made we are not able to provide houses age showed talent which was churches belong? character, integrity and vision
in God’s image and likeness. We can- for our homeless. immediately recognized by the When Fr. Ramirez, Parish cannot be bought. They, who
not achieve complete success in a Let the dream of God for his famous Spanish Bishop Fran- Priest of Lagonoy, Camarines Sur, are willing to stand up for the
short time—we lack resources for one people be ours. “Look, I am going to cisco Gainza, O.P. The good refused to vacate his church, commitment they have made and
thing—but we can do something. create new heavens and new earth? bishop took him under his care. Barlin, then Apostolic Administra- their fundamental vocation.
A. We call on those concerned They will build houses and live in In the early years of his tor of Nueva Caceres, struck the Finally, dear brothers and
to stop uncaring evictions and demo- them; they will plant vineyards and priesthood, Barlin showed do- blow when he won the case sisters, in recalling the memory
litions. We have laws in the land that eat their fruit? For the days of my cility and humble obedience against Ramirez in the Supreme of Jorge Barlin we also ask you
tell us the proper processes for evic- people will be like the days of a tree when from being the capellan Court, which in 1906 decided in to continue to pray for us your
tion. Let these laws be respected and and my chosen ones will themselves de solio and majordomo of the favor of Barlin. The blow to the bishops, that we may remain
followed, especially by law-enforc- use what they have made.” (Is 65, Cathedral of Nueva Caceres, he movement was almost irreparable. steadfast in living out our vo-
ing agencies. Among other things, 17-22). accepted the humble task of a Aglipayan sectarian priests cation as bishops, and like
these laws provide us that reloca- Let us dream the dream of God missionary-curate in the remote throughout the Islands were com- Barlin may we be, “Good sol-
tion sites be prepared to receive the and work that this dream may come and poor fishing village of pelled to vacate their churches, in diers of Christ.
evicted families and that these sites true! Siruma, Camarines Sur. so doing began to lose hold on
should have adequate provisions for Barlin’s capability was their congregations. Had Barlin For the Catholic Bishops’ Con-
basic human needs, such as water, For the Catholic Bishops’ Confer- once again recognized, when lost the case, it is probable that ference of the Philippines:
light, access roads, schooling for the ence of the Philippines: from being an ostracized priest many of our churches would have
children and work for the people. If in Libog, Albay, he was ap- been occupied by the Aglipayans +ANGEL N. LAGDAMEO, D.D.
plans and money are set aside for +ANGEL N. LAGDAMEO, D.D. pointed Vicar Forane of the and many would have remained in Archbishop of Jaro
improvements of the cities and towns Archbishop of Jaro whole Province of Sorsogon the sect. CBCP President
that would necessitate people to be President, CBCP and parish priest of its capital. In December 14, 1905, he was 28 January 2007
moved elsewhere, also proper plans 28 January 2007
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007 Statements 13
Press Statement

On the Four Party Summit

I am also wary and skeptical about From the part of the Church,
the “Four Party Summit” called the CBCP has called upon the so-
by the National Leadership. The cial action centers, the parish or-

© Denz Dayao / CBCPMedia

COMELEC, the Poll Watchdogs, ganizations, institutions and the
the PNP as well as all political par- Basic Ecclesial Communities to
ties, pro-administration and op- come together and organize them-
position are already governed by selves for clean, honest and or-
the same law on “clean, honest derly elections. Among them-
and orderly elections.” That has selves they must form linkages to
been the law and the desideratum clean the dirt from our easily cor-
ever since. Let each do that and rupted electoral process. They

The Dignity of the Rural Poor—A Gospel Concern

just that ensuring and working for will show this in deeds more than
“clean, honest and orderly elec- simply in words. They will also
tion,” which means avoiding, de- do this before God and with hon-
Dear People of God in the Philippines, cause of their bad economic plight. nities. The answers will be varied, ceit and cheating of every kind. If est conscience.
IN response to the Pope Benedict This disregard is horrendously but, we trust, all issuing from genu- all are committed to that, it is not
XVI’s first encyclical, Deus Caritas displayed in the recent extra-judicial ine Christian charity. necessary to have a summit to Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo
Est (God is love), we declared 2006 killings, perpetrated by groups from On our part, and in view of what just say that. Let each make the Archbishop of Jaro
the Year of Social Concerns (CBCP both the right and the left, of farmers we are asking you to do, we make a promise to God and with an hon- President, CBCP
Pastoral Exhortation, May 11, whose only “crime” is their continu- very specific proposal. est conscience. January 31, 2007
2006). For the God who is love bids ing struggle for agrarian reform or
us to be love too. In our Pastoral their inability to pay the “revolution- A Rural Congress
Exhortation naming 2006 the Year of ary tax” demanded of them by the
Social Concerns, we expressed the NPA. As a religious people—and it The year 2007 is the fortieth an-

CBCP Letter to
hope that we would be able to edu- doesn’t matter whether we are Chris- niversary of the National Rural Con-
cate ourselves more intensively in tians, Muslims or adherents of other gress of 1967. It was at this Con-
what the social teaching of the religions—we must vehemently con- gress that the participants, most of
Church is all about. For that teach- demn the continuing murder of such

Dioceses and
them diocesan and parish social ac-
ing in the end comes to only one rural folk. tion workers, came to the crucial con-
thing: love of neighbor because of We condemn too, just as vehe- clusion that the Church must go to
God’s love for us. mently, the un-abated killing of un- the barrios. The reason was the
The over-riding social concern
of the Church of the Philippines has
been all these years centered on the
armed men and women on the mere
charge or suspicion that they sup-
port or belong to leftist political
heavy realization that the rural parts
of the country were the most ne-
glected by both the government’s
inequitable distribution of the groups. development programs and the
nation’s wealth and the endemic so-
cial injustices that underpin that evil. Our Response
Church’s pastoral care.
To commemorate that crucial
“Choose wise, discerning and
We would like in this statement to
focus our attention on the greatest Condemning evil is not enough.
event in our life as a Church—and
to make us meet in true Gospel fidel-
experienced people” (Dt. 1, 13)
victim of our unjust economic order, As we must have learned from our ity our present social concerns—we
the rural poor, and the diminishment consideration of the Church’s social propose that we revive the memory
of their dignity as people and as citi- teaching this past year, we must try of that Congress by holding one
zens. We cannot put it too strongly, bringing an end to evils that harm again this year.
but this diminishment is a negation people and their good. But this time our farmers must
of Christian love—and hence of the As always, our first reaction to do that speaking by themselves, the
God who is love. (Cf. Jubilee of the national problems is to call on gov- discerning, the proposing of their
Agricultural World Address of John ernment to do what it is supposed to own ideas, the planning of how we
Paul II, Nov. 11, 2001, also, Land do. We do so here. We ask that the must as a people come together to
and Agrarian Reform, Pastoral Ex- CARP, defective as it is, be finally work for the common good of the
hortation on Philippine Economy, completed next year as it has been country and of ourselves. Doing so,
no. 54, CBCP, 1998). targeted. And if it is not sufficiently they will be effectively asserting the
implemented by then, the program dignity that for so long has been

© Denz Dayao / CBCPMedia

Our Situation should be further extended and denied them. And the rest of us, par-
funded more seriously and gener- ticipating with them in their reflec-
The greater number of our poor ously. But we asked that the law it- tions and deliberations, we will be
is in the rural areas. The poor abound self must be reviewed and improved. honoring their inborn dignity as chil-
in our cities too, and we must be as The government and the dren of the same Father in Heaven.
concerned for them as for our rural military’s response to the shameful Possibly a small thing. But in
poor. But if the urban poor are grow- “extra-judicial” killings of unarmed the larger picture of the country’s
ing in numbers, it is largely because crusaders for justice and equality is many ills, we see that it is in not hon-
of rural folk crowding into our cities most unsatisfactory, their protesta- oring the dignity of the least of our
to escape the debilitating poverty of tions of concern not too convinc- brothers and sisters among the poor “THE Church values the demo- the hope that creates energy and
the countryside. It seems obvious ing. The greater and more effective that we contribute not a little to the cratic system.” (Centesimus the love that creates responsibil-
then that to attend to the first prob- performance of their duties as guard- injustices and inequalities that have Annus, 46.) These words of Pope ity.
lem (rural poverty) would be to help ians and protectors of our peace— become deeply ingrained in our na- John Paul II inspire this letter, Therefore, this time, we are
lessen the second (urban poverty). this too we must demand as strongly tional life; and today the murders and which we, your shepherds, write determined that we come together
The one big effort of the gov- as we can. killings, the corruption and thieving, to you as the national elections once more and organize our-
ernment at alleviating rural poverty Putting the burden of action on the crimes that are being committed of 2007 draw near. We seek only selves more effectively than we
has been its on-going land reform people whose responsibility it is to daily with impunity against our poor, one thing: to apply the values of have done in the past to make this
program, the CARP (the Comprehen- act, however, is not enough. We these we see too are all rooted in the the Gospel to our electoral pro- year ’s elections credible—and as
sive Agrarian Reform Program). The must ask ourselves: What do we do practical denial of the basic human cess. free of violence as possible.
law instituting it was passed years as individuals, as families, as com- dignity and rights of our very poor. Elections in a democracy al- This means that every par-
ago but its full implementation is still munities? What must we do? The Christ himself acknowledged and low citizens to choose freely ish organization and institu-
far off in the future—if ever. The law responsibility to act is just as much honored their dignity, identified him- those who will govern them and tion—and the BECs most espe-
was defective in the first place, emas- ours as those who have the official self with it: “If you did it for one of be instruments of a better life and cially—be mobilized to the ut-
culated in the very beginning in a responsibility. my least brothers or sisters, you did a more just society for all. These most to do what each can do to-
landlord dominated Congress, fur- For years now we have been it for me” (Mt. 25, 40). Because he coming elections in May 2007 are wards that end. This means too
ther watered down in its implemen- pushing the development of BECs did, so must we. especially important. Many of our that they must form linkages with
tation. At this stage, a year before or BEC-type Church communities Today we see only too clearly current political problems, which one another and with other like-
the scheduled end of the program, and organizations. And we do so the need for the reform not only of have hindered fuller economic de- minded civic and religious asso-
there is much that has not yet been because such communities are, or our national institutions but of our velopment and social justice, es- ciations that are working to help
done and the general situation of our should be, fully participative com- very moral fiber as a people. We start pecially for the poor, can be clean the dirt from our easily cor-
farmers is still as bleak as ever. munities. Problems, national or local, meeting that need by acknowledg- traced to unresolved questions rupted electoral process.
The lack of vigor and determina- big or small, weighty or light—and ing the God-given dignity of the least concerning the conduct of past The Lord of truth and justice
tion shown by the government in its the problem of the rural poor we are of Christ’s—and our—brothers and elections. As a nation, we cannot be with us all in this crucial un-
poor implementation of the law mir- speaking of here now is probably sisters. And not only in word but in afford yet another controversial dertaking to his greater praise and
rors the still over-powering opposi- our weightiest—all must be looked act. That in itself is reform. electoral exercise that further ag- glory. And may Mary, Our Lady
tion of the landed classes, the tradi- at and become community concerns The Lord who loves the poor gravates social distrust and hope- of Peace, intercede for us.
tional political and economic elite of for the solving of which their partici- be with us in this, our common task. lessness.
our country. What this means simply pation is needed. Involving them- In these two years past, we For the Catholic Bishops’ Confer-
is that selfish class interests outweigh selves in meeting those problems, For the Catholic Bishops’ Confer- are only too aware, it has become ence of the Philippines,
concern for the common good—the they must do so according to the ence of the Philippines, easier to succumb to apathy and
main target of the Church’s social social teaching of the Church which hopelessness about our country +ANGEL N. LAGDAMEO, D.D.
teaching. And that selfish unconcern always looks to the achieving of the +ANGEL N. LAGDAMEO, D.D. and its political life. But as fol- Archbishop of Jaro
in turn translates into sheer neglect common good. This demands con- Archbishop of Jaro lowers of the crucified and risen President, CBCP
of the poor, an utter disregard of the tinuing discernment from all of us, President, CBCP Lord, we are called never to lose 28 January 2007
dignity of a whole class merely be- both as individuals and as commu- 28 January 2007
CBCP Monitor
14 Reflections Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007

A fragmented life like ours, must, for its wholeness be con-

nected to something greater than the fragment. Looking at
man’s physical existence, man has to connect himself to the air Connectedness
by breathing. Breathing the air makes him whole physically; to
refuse to breathe is to disintegrate. Although man uses air, he
cannot consume it, neither can he posses it. Air is not terminal By Bp. Jose R. Manguiran
with man’s death; it outlasts man.
Man is more than physical entity; has moral, spiritual ex-
istence that must be connected to someone greater than man’s Time of Paradoxes
total life. He needs to connect himself to the Absolute Spirit—
God. THE report of the Melo Commission on extrajudicial kill-
Just as breathing is a necessary connection to the air for ings confirms the popular belief that exists in the mind of
physical wholeness, so also praying is a necessary connec- people that some men in the military are behind the sys-
tion to God for spiritual wholeness. Breathing is not an option; tematic murders of activists, farmers, militants, media men,
neither is praying an option. Not to pray is to disconnect one- etc. Who else but the military has the means to carry out
self from the power-line of God. “Without me you can do noth- such plan and premeditative acts of a nationwide scope
ing.” and magnitude. It is a paradox that the body that is
Praying is an obligation and a privilege; it can be done entrusted with the responsibility to safeguard and pro-
alone in private, anywhere and anytime. But praying alone is tect the citizenry is itself the source of guilt of orches-
not enough; it should be done together with the community of trating serialized murders of the citizens; a shame when
believers, in a sacred place like the Church. we pride ourselves that the Philippines is “the show win-
Air is anywhere, but in some places it is concentrated, in dow of democracy in Asia.”
other, less. I believe that Christ’s presence is anywhere too by The systematic murders of helpless citizens are car-
His power of creation and by His Lordship over the universe. I ried out for the flimsy reason that they are supporters,
am sure that Christ’s presence is also concentrated in the very cuddlers, sympathizers, etc., of the rebels who are threat
person who implements the righteousness of God. Christ’s pres- to society. They are not subjected to fair trial and con-
ence is also concentrated in the community of believers when viction. Suspects of criminal acts are still deemed inno-
they assemble in his name to worship Him; he assures us that, cent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The
“Where two or three are gathered in His name, I am in the midst perpetrators of the murders and those in command by
of them.” principle of command responsibility are held account-
The strongest concentration of His presence is found in able for such crimes.
the Eucharist: “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood The extra-judicial killings/executions put to mock-
lives in me and I live in him.” (Jn 6:56). He who avails himself ery and outright rebuke of the law abolishing the death
of his kind of presence is intimately connected to the divine penalty. We are living in a time of paradoxes.
wholeness. Benjamin F. Evite

But where is justice when the gov-

TV Maria
ernment favors the rich over the poor in AS a devout Catholic, I am outraged that the new Catho-
the administration of justice. The inno- lic channel will be named after our holy mother and not
cent poor was convicted while the guilty her son. This will just reinforce the belief of ex-Catholics
rich was exonerated. and uncatechized Catholics that the Church gives more
But where is justice when vast tracts importance to Mary and not Jesus. Why can’t the Church
of lands are being used for recreation pur- name it TV Jesus? It will attract the ex-Catholics, who
poses when many of our people do not have become rabid anti-Catholics to watch it!
have shelter or land to till. Quiboloy once stated on his TV show that Catho-
But where is justice when in every lics have to talk to Mary first before they can talk to him.
meeting, convention, government officials I have nothing against the Blessed Virgin Mary, but my
choose the best hotels and expensive food deep concern is this will further aggravate the exodus of
at the expense of the poor. Catholics to born-again Christianism. How many bar-
But where is justice when there is an rios, towns, have the entire population converted to
unequal distribution of wealth, the major- B.A.C.? Numerous, and is increasing rapidly.
ity poor are given less while the minority
Every Government is Called to be Just
The entertainment industry is now dominated by
rich are given more. born-again Christians, who used to be Catholics. In 20
But where is justice when our years, the RCC will be the minority in the Philippines,
country’s wealth is continuously si- just like Brazil, Uruguay where from 99% Catholics 20
By Fr. Rufino Cabatingan phoned by multinational corporations. years ago, down now to about 60%, courtesy of born-
Naawan, Misamis Oriental But where is justice when the gov- again Christianity. This new TV channel is doomed from
ernment that is called to promote the com- the start unless they change its name!
BUT where is justice when the poor can- But where is justice when the gov- mon good is only promoting the affluent Pio
not go to college by reason of his pov- ernment sided with the rich in land dis- few.
erty, when education is a right, not a privi- pute, authorizing the police to demolish But where is justice when the gov-
lege. the poor’s only shelter. ernment is surrendering its national sov-
But where is justice when the poor is But where is justice when people who ereignty by promoting foreign interests. Tidbits / from p7
denied admittance to government hospi- are critically against government excesses But where is justice when the truth of
tals because he does not have a deposit. and abuses are silenced through extraju- the controversial 2004 Presidential elec- words as a matter of fact. For he knows that he takes, blesses, and
But where is justice when the gov- dicial killings. tions continues to be kept hidden. breaks bread in persona Christi.
ernment is apathetic and indifferent to the But where is justice when the gov- And finally, where is justice when we In that one sacred act, following the great “Oratio” of the
growing number of beggars roaming ernment taxes the poor more while the rich the citizenry who have known these in- liturgy of the Eucharist, he brings into it the core of his being: he is
around our streets. is taxed less. justices are unperturbed and unaffected, an ordained priest, whose character of ordination made him one
But where is justice when the gov- But where is justice when in the midst timid to act as if beyond our power to right with the person of Christ the Head. The transformation of the
ernment violently dispersed peaceful dem- of wallowing and degrading poverty of the wrong. And because of this, injustice bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ is made possible
onstration of workers who only clamor for the masses, government officials continue continues to dwell in our land. It contin- because he is a priest with the sacramental power to transform it.
wage increase. to unscrupulously live in lavish lifestyle. ues to victimize. That should set any priest to pause and think. As one Filipino
archbishop described it, “when he breaks bread and passes on
the cup, he should be humbled in the realization that what is so
Bo Sanchez listening.” Love with your heart. easy to accomplish through his transforming words, he finds it
Now imagine your wife (There is only one time difficult to transform his own life and bad habits in his day-to-day

Love With Your Heart says, “I’m depressed because

this morning, I looked at the
where you should love with
your mind, and that’s dur-
It is on this regard, that the Holy Father Benedict XVI once
mir ror, and I saw so many ing courtship. Think. Ana- commented: “True liturgical education cannot consist in learning
wrinkles on my face!” (Boo- lyze. Evaluate. But once and experimenting with external activities. Instead one must be led
LET me speak to married depressed! ‘Trust in Thy Lord hoo-hoo…) the wedding ceremony is toward the essential “action” that makes the liturgy what it is,
men this time. with all thine heart, leaneth Immediately, husbands, over, the heart rules.) toward the transforming power of God, who wants, through what
One morning, let’s say not on thine own understand- you’ll be tempted to love with At this point, she happens in the liturgy, to transform us and the world” (Joseph
you find your wife in bed ing, in all thy ways acknowl- your mind again. So you say, doesn’t need a preacher. Ratzinger, The Spirit of the Liturgy, 2000 Ignatius Press, p. 175).
with tears in her eyes. edge Him, and He shalt direct “That’s all? Darling, you’re She needs a lover. It is also along this vein that the late Holy Father John Paul II
When you ask her why, thy paths!’” vain!” you say with a Cradle her in your arms waxed eloquent in exhorting the priests to give due reverence to
she mumbles, “I’m de- If you are the wife, and preacher’s bombastic voice, again, and if you have a the Holy Eucharist. In his letter to the priests entitled “Dominicae
pressed.” your husband tells that to “Where’s your spiritual ma- somewhat-tolerable voice, Cenae,” he said: “In reality, the ministerial and hierarchal priest-
As a husband who you, I’m giving you permis- turity? Scripture says, sing to her the love song hood, the priesthood of the Bishops and the priests, and, at their
has read the Bible, at- sion to say to him one of the ‘Seeketh thy treasure in of Steve Curtis Chapman, side, the ministry of the deacons—ministries which normally be-
tended prayer meetings, most expressive words in our heaven where thieves doth “I Will Be Here.” (If your gin with the proclamation of the Gospel—are in closest relation-
and was now active in the language: “Heh!!!” not break in and steal or voice chases away cats and ship with the Eucharist.
parish, the temptation at Husbands, don’t love her moth destroy,’and ‘Indeed we dogs, just say the lyrics.) The Eucharist is the principal and central raison d’entre of
this point is to love her with with your mind. believeth that when this “I will be here, the Sacrament, of the priesthood, which effectively came into be-
your mind. “What? How Love her with your heart. earthly tent of ours shall You can cry on my ing at the moment of the institution of the Eucharist, and together
could you be depressed?” When she says, “I’m de- passeth away, we shall shoulder, with it” (n.2). In his enclyclical “Ecclesia de Eucharistia,” the
You shake your head in pressed,” do this: Put your findeth a new home, a dwell- When the mirror same Pope carried on the same line of thought. He said: “If the
dismay. arms around her, stroke her ing in the heavens, not made tells us were older, Eucharist is the center and summit of the Church’s life, it is like-
“Sweetheart, you’re hair, and plant a kiss on her by human hands, but made by I will hold you, wise the center and summit of priestly ministry. For this reason,
not yet spiritually mature! forehead. And then say, “It’s God to last forever!’” I will be here, with a heart filled with gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ, I repeat
Trust God! Follow Prov- okay, hon. It’s okay. Can you Husbands, don’t love her To watch you grow that the Eucharist is the principal and central raison d’etre of the
erbs 3:5 and you won’t be tell me why you’re sad? I’m with your mind. in beauty…” sacrament of priesthood, which effectively came into being at the
moment of institution of the Eucharist” (n. 31).
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 3
February 5-18, 2007 CINEMA Reviews 15
Title: BABEL civilization, the Ecumenical Jury Award, plus Tech-
Running Time: 142 mins rest of the tour- nical Grand Prize for Film Editing, also
Lead Cast: Brad Pitt, Cate ists impatiently at Cannes. Director Alejandro
Blanchett, Adriana leave the couple Gonzales Inarritu creates a puzzle out
Barraza, Gael Garcia
Bernal, Rinko Kikuchi,
behind as the of Babel, one whose pieces are scat-
Koji Yakusho latter await a vil- tered in four corners of the globe,
Director: Guillermo Arriaga lage doctor and spanning various cultures and lan-
Producers: Steve Golin, assistance from guages and which is to find comple-
Jon Kilik the American tion in five days. It boosts Inarritu's
Screenwriter: Guillermo Embassy. Inves- reputation as a director par excel-
Arriaga tigation on the lence. Visceral is the word to describe
Music: Gustavo Morocco shoot- Babel: the compelling plot develop-
Santaolalla ing reveals that ment and the emotionally incisive
Editor: Douglas Crise the rifle owner is acting (even from amateurs such as
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Cinematography: Rodrigo a businessman the goat herd brothers) provoke the
Prieto (Koji Yakusho) in Japan who, while viewer who appreciates real-life situ-
Distributor: Paramount Vantage still mourning his wife's suicide, is ation drama viewed on screen.
Location: USA also grappling with the trials of single Babel uses one bullet to shoot
Technical Assessment: handedly raising a teenage deaf- through and string together four situ-
Moral Assessment: ½ mute daughter Chieko (Rinko ations in human life, each depicting
CINEMA Rating: For mature Kikuchi). Meanwhile, Amelia an agonizing condition that language Title: ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES
viewers 18 and above (Adriana Barraza), an illegal immi- cannot only not resolve but in fact Running Time: 94 mins
grant and the nanny of the couple's even does aggravate. Babel subtly Lead Cast: Freddie Highmore, Mia Farrow, Penny Balfour, Doug
A goatherd in a mountain vil- children (Elle Fanning and Nathan says that human communication has Rand, voices of Madonna, Calvin "Snoop Ddogg" Broadus,
lage in Morocco buys a rifle from a Gamble), must attend her son's wed- lagged behind communication tech- Robert de Niro, Jason Bateman, Jimmy Fallon
neighbor and lets his two young ding in Mexico. Failing to find her nology: indifference, selfishness, Director: Luc Besson
sons use it to shoot predators at- replacement, Amelia decides it's saf- loneliness, and plain ignorance spiral Producers: Loc Besson and Emmanuel Prevost
tacking their herd. The two boys try est to bring the children along to the into fear and erratic judgment, until Screenwriters: Luc Besson and Celine Garcia (adapted from the
book Arthur et les Minimoys)
to outdo each other in testing the wedding, but the gleeful celebration man as cause and victim of confu- Music: Eric Serra
rifle until the younger one, chal- ends in a nerve-wracking return trip sion is further dragged into its seem- Genre: Fantasy/ Action
lenged to hit a passing tourist bus for the three. ingly inescapable web. A discerning Cinematography: Dominique Delguste and Thierry Arbogast
down the valley, aims and hits it. Hit Well deserved are the over-100 viewer will detect in Babel powerful Distributor: Cine Star Films Inc.
on the shoulder is Susan (Cate awards and nominations Babel has statements decrying poverty, bigotry, Location: Paris, France
Blanchett), the wife of Richard (Brad garnered in various film festivals and cold lawfulness, but will also Technical Assessment:
Pitt), a couple from San Diego, Cali- around the world, including Best Pic- glean from all that excruciating con- Moral Assessment:
fornia, whose marriage is on the ture, Golden Globe Awards; Best Di- fusion the ember of goodness that CINEMA Rating: For viewers 13 and below with parental guidance
rocks. Four hours away by land from rector at Cannes Film Festival; and burns in the human heart.
Threatened by a foreclosure of the property of his grandparents,
Title: LITTLE CHILDREN unenthusiastically studies Heley are out- Arthur (Freddie Highmore) decides to protect his Granny (Mia Far-
Running Time: 137 mins for the bar exams which he standing. Over- row) by searching for the treasure that his grandfather allegedly bur-
Lead Cast: Kate Winslet, Gregg flunked twice and prefers to all, the scenes ied in their yard before he disappeared. From a book, he learns about
Edelman, Patrick Wilson, hang out with the local skate- are well done en- an African tribe who were helped with an irrigation system devised
Jennifer Connelly, Jackie boarders and police football riching the over- by his grandfather and also about the Minimoys, minuscule creatures
Earle Haley team. Intertwined in the il- all texture of the measuring 10th of an inch and described as smaller than a blade of
Director: Todd Field licit affair between Sarah and film grass, rendering them almost invisible. From his own ingenuity and
Producers: Todd Field, Albert Brad is Ronnie McGorvey Yearning is with the help of a group of African tribesmen, he enters the magical
Berger, Ron Yerxa, etc. (Jackie Earle Haley) a re- the ember that land of the Minimoys, meets the King (voiced by Robert de Niro), his
Screenwriters: Todd Field, Tom formed pedophile whose re- can light our daughter Princess Selenia (voiced by Madonna), and his son Betamech
Perrotta lease outrages the rigid and lives when prop- (voiced by Jimmy Fallon). He learns that the treasure is kept by an evil
Music: Thomas Newman pretentious neighborhood. erly fanned and wizard, Maltazard (voiced by David Bowie). The trio ? Arthur, Selenia,
Genre: Drama The characters lie and pre- nurtured but will and Betamech ? start their valiant quest for the hidden treasure and in
Cinematography: Antonio tend to themselves and each also lead into a the process, Arthur discovers his missing grandfather. Meanwhile,
Calvache other that everything will behavior that is Arthur's parents (Penny Balfour and Doug Rand) arrive in Granny's
Distributor: New Line Cinema turn out well save for Ronnie who destructive to ourselves and hurtful house and learn of Arthur's disappearance and of the imminent forfei-
Location: Suburban USA recognizes his past mistakes and the to others if left to burn on its own. ture of Granny's home. Will Arthur be able to return to the Kentucky
Technical Assessment: ½ present demons still haunting him. Little Children takes a look at an adult household before the two-day grace period stipulated by the bank?
Moral Assessment: The movie is a tight and visu- living like a child ? e.i. unable to con- How will he recover the treasure and what will happen to his invisible
CINEMA Rating: For mature ally compelling translation of trol and direct his or her yearning friends?
viewers 18 and above Perrotta's novel overflowing with into something that transcends self- Touted as "one of the most expensive effects driven films of
flashes of painful realizations, truth- centeredness. Adulthood requires 2007", Arthur and the Invisibles is a hodge-podge of characters and
The film opens with Sarah (Kate ful comedy and poignant reflections. not just a mere conformity to soci- themes from Peter Pan, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter although
Winslet) and her three other subur- It is riveting with the subtleness of ety but to be transformed into re- definitely not in the same league. Credit should be given to the visual
ban mom friends in a heedless small its satire and sensitivity of the direc- sponsible persons making produc- effects and animation team for the computer generated, fast-paced
talk while in a playground warily look- tion. Director and writers does not tive and positive choices. This film scenes. To imagine a daffodil as a cozy bed for invisible creatures who
ing after their children and perform- romanticize the situation but brings teaches us the skill to befriend our can also sail aboard a tube on a stream helps enkindle a reverence for
ing the rituals of the regimental stay- forth certain dark and ugly realities passion and wants so we can move the environment and ecological concern among the young. However,
at-home moms. Unknown to the three that serves as the sting of cold wa- beyond selfishness into something what could have been a charming fairy tale material for children is lost
Sara is unhappy and discontented ter splashed in one's complacency that makes us more loving and com- in a spate of violence and scary characters befitting a horror film.
having to put behind as life an En- and rigidness. The characters are passionate adults. It is also a call for There are snags in the story such as the unexplained appearances of
glish Lit Major. The dare to befriend well developed and make perfect ar- introspection at our vulnerability African tribesmen giving directions to Arthur on how to enter the
the "prom king" and house daddy chetypes. The plot develops gradu- and shortcomings first before pass- land of the Minimoys, suprising his parents as they were digging for
Brad (Patrick Wilson) leads to an af- ally to unfold insights into life and ing judgment to people we think of the treasure, and again their deus ex machina appearance when the
fair which she rationalizes when she human weaknesses. Technically, the sinners or criminals so unworthy to greedy developer has threatened to shoot the family towards the end
catches her husband (Gregg film is well crafted with brilliantly belong to a community. We rated the of the film. The plot also suffers from inconsistencies such as the
Edelman) pleasuring himself with a laidback cinematography and cre- movie "For Adults" as young audi- sudden shift of characterization from a 10-year old boy's innocent
pornographic website. Brad is ative production design that com- ence may not fully and maturely pro- adventure to a love relationship with Pricess Selenia in Minimoy land.
equally unhappy and resentful of his pletes the look of an everyday com- cess the sensitivity and presentation The petulant Selenia and the materialistic parents of Arthur are
breadwinner and perfect wife Kathy fortable yet tensed feeling. Perfor- of the subject matter such as adul- no role models for children. Selenia rudely snaps at her brother and
(Jennifer Connelly). He mances by Winslet, Somerville and tery, deceit, etc. curses the enemy ("I hope he burns in hell."). The parents of Arthur
have been negligent of him as evident from the boy's account of his
loneliness when he was sent to a boarding house for a year in En-
gland. Their concern for the missing Arthur took a backseat as they
buckled down to dig the backyard in search of the buried treasure.

CBCPMonitor Name ___________________________________________

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But there are redeeming features of the film such as the love of Granny
for Arthur; Arthur's concern to protect Granny and his determination
to save her property. It was Arthur who gave hope to the disheart-
SUBSCRIPTION RATES ened Minimoys and his grandfather, reminding them that what is im-
Mailing Address __________________________________ portant is that they are alive and they have each other. When his
grandfather advised Arthur, Selenia, and Betamech to pray for a miracle
_________________________________________________ as they come to face the destructive fury of Maltazard, Arthur proved
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CBCP Monitor

16 People, Facts & Places Vol. 11 No. 3

February 5-18, 2007

Markings CELEBRATED. San Sebastian Fernandez, S. Ma. Adoracion Garde, S. Ma. Tarcela
College-Recoletos, 60th Anniver- Gonzaga, S. Ma. Arsenia Patangan; and the Silver
sary, January 20, 2007. San Jubilee of the following: S. Ma. Amanda dela Cruz, S.
Sebastian College—Recoletos, Ma. Rosalia Nacionales, and S. Ma.Alma Tayo; Feb-
Manila (SSC-R), is a Catholic In- ruary 2, 2007 at the Our Lady of the Assumption
stitution of higher learning Chapel, RVM Mother House.
owned and operated by the Au-
gustinian Recollect Fathers. SSC-R, Manila was es- INSTALLED. Bp. Sergio Utleg,
tablished in 1941 but assumed hiatus from 1942 to 63, as Bishop of Laoag, January
1945 when World War II broke out. In 1953, Insti- 11, 2007; Bishop Utleg was or-
tutes of Commerce and Law were opened. Subse- dained priest in 1968 in New York.
quently, several other course offerings and special- In 1997 he was ordained bishop
izations were consecutively added. The Elementary, to succeed Bishop Miguel
High School and College Departments enjoy accredi- Purugganan as Ordinaary of the
tation from the Philippine Accrediting Agency of Diocese of Ilagan in Isabela. Ear-
Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). The lier he served as procurator in
Institute of Law gained approval from the Commis- Cagayan’s seminary, social action director of
sion on Higher Education (CHED) to revise its cur- Tuguegarao archdiocese, Episcopal vicar in Aparri
riculum designed to produce business and economic and chairman of the Archdiocesan Commission on
lawyers for the future. Social Action. He is the current Chairman of CBCP’s
Commission on Indegenous People. During the in-
CELEBRATED. Saint Bridget stallation, Archbishop Talamayan, the homilist, de-
College, 95th anniversary, Janu- scribed him to be “quiet and low profile” with a great
ary 2007. The Religious of the sympathy for the poor citing the event then Bishop
Good Shepherd (RGS) established Utleg became the first pastor in the poorest barangay
the first Catholic School for girls of Cordova, Amulung, Cagayan, where he initiated
in the Diocese of Lipa. This was an ecclesial community, which up to the present re-
in 1913, when the Most Reverend Joseph Petrelli, mains as one of his notable achievements.
Bishop of the Diocese, asked the help of the RGS
Sisters working in Rangoon, Burma to come to DIED. Most Rev. Generoso
Batangas to start the first educational mission of the Camiña, February 1, 2007. His
Church in his Diocese. In 1953 the Boys’ High School remains lay in state at the Clergy
Department was established. In 1980 the students of
Pope Names Rosales to Holy See Body
House in Digos and will be buried
the Boys and Girls High School Departments were in a crypt after a funeral mass on
integrated into co-educational classes. Sensitive to February 9 at the Mary Mediatrix
POPE Benedict the changing demands of the times and the rapid de- of All Graces Cathedral; was born
XVI has ap- velopment of technology, Saint Bridget College opted on November 22, 1931 in Leon, Iloilo and ordained
pointed Manila to seriously take the challenge of integrating tech- a priest of the Foreign Mission Society of Quebec
Archbishop nology in instructions in 1998. Saint Bridget College (PME) in 1962. He was appointed Titular Bishop
Gaudencio Car- has continuously embarked on Quality Education and of Pauzera and Auxiliary Bishop of Davao in 1978
dinal Rosales as to ensure this, the High School Department has been and named as the first bishop of Digos on Decem-
a member of an under an accrediting agency. ber 20, 1979. As a pastor he was committed with
institution to issues of poverty, injustice and the indigenous
help oversee CELEBRATED. Golden Jubilee peoples in Mindanao. “Bishop Camiña served God
Vatican fi- of the following RVM Sisters: S. in this Diocese for 23 years, and did so with faith,
nances. Ma. Julia Advincula,, S. Ma. wisdom, compassion and courage,” said Fr. Ronald
Rosales, 74, Consuelo Billanes, S. Ma. Lunas, Chancellor of Digos Diocese. He tendered
joins seven Raymunda Canada, S. Ma. his resignation as bishop of Digos on February 11,
other Cardinals Eufrocina Ello, S. Ma. Rosita 2003.
who were
named by the Pope as new mem- Okogie, archbishop of Lagos, Nige-
bers in the Holy See body called the ria; Eusébio Oscar Scheid, arch-
Council of Cardinals for the Study bishop of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
of Organizational and Economic George Pell, archbishop of Sydney,
Questions of the Apostolic See. Australia; Marc Ouellet, archbishop
The appointments were an- of Quebec, Canada; and Nicholas
nounced in the Vatican on February 3. Cheong Jin-Suk, archbishop of
The council, created by the Seoul, South Korea.
Pope John Paul II in 1981, is com- “The council is convened by
posed of 15 cardinals from local the cardinal secretary of state, usu-
churches around the world which ally twice a year, to consider those
are appointed by the Pope to serve economic and organizational ques-
for a five-year term. tions which relate to the adminis-
The other cardinals appointed tration of the Holy See, with the as-
by the Pope to the Council are: sistance, if needed, of experts in
Wilfrid Fox Napier, archbishop of these affairs,” states Pastor Bonus,
Durban, South Africa; Juan Luis an apostolic constitution issued by
Cipriani Thorne, archbishop of the late Pope John Paul II.
Lima, Peru; Anthony Olubunmi (CBCPNews)

Cebu Launches Vocation Month

THE Directors of Vocations in the ince are expected to come and take
archdiocese of Cebu launched the part in the jamboree.
vocation month with a Eucharistic With the theme, Jesus: “Come,
celebration last January 26 at Sto. follow me.” Deal or No Deal, the
Niño Pilgrim grounds at the Basilica jamboree will be highlighted with a
of Sto. Niño, in Cebu. It was partici- talk by Fr. Danny Montana, RCJ, and
pated in by at least more than 60 rep- spiced up with cultural presenta-
resentatives from various religious tions and sharing among the youth
congregations. participants. There will also be a
The launching kicks off a group rosary and Marian invocation.
month-long vocation awareness pro- Already in its 13th year, the vo-
gram that will include school-to- cation jamboree has been instru-
school vocation campaign in the dif- mental in creating greater aware-
ferent colleges and universities, as ness among the people especially
well as vocation promotion in the the youth on the need to pray and
parishes. The vocation month will be work for more vocations in the
capped with an overnight youth Church. From L-R: Ms. Cynthia Banta,
camp on February 24, which will cul- The vocation jamboree held President of Mission Appeal
minate with a solemn mass in the annually is definitely a help not only for Seminary Support (MASS);
early morning of February 25. in attracting vocations to enter the Bishop Oscar Solis, first Fil-
Am bishop of Archdiocese of
Directors of Vocations vice priesthood and religious life but also Los Angeles; and Dr. Zenaida
president Alex Poblador, RCJ, said in providing a venue for young Rotea, MD, executive Secre-
around 2,000 students from 17 pri- people to discover their true calling tary of CBCP Office on
vate and public schools in Cebu City and to find the right congregation Women.
and the southern parts of the prov- to enter in. (Pinky Barrientos, FSP)