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Temelyan 1

Temelyan, Edgar
Jennifer Rodrick
English 115
September 19, 2016
Annotated Bibliography
Palmer, Betsy, et al. "Undergraduates, Technology, And Social Connections." College
Student Journal 48.2 (2014): 281-296. Academic Search Premier. Web. 19 Sept. 2016. This
article discusses undergraduates search for identity with the use of technology and social
connections. The article concludes Facebook is an extremely helpful tool especially for the
freshman that are in the transformation into college students in search for their identities. The use
of technology include calling and texting on the cell phones mainly, to keep connections with
families, as for the first year in college many students arent as socially active. The use of email
is best alternative to keep contact with teachers and the university. The study also showed a
major cause for family association is the financial contribution. This is also common for the
first couple years in college due to maturity and the beginning of a full time college student life
making it difficult to keep a stable job. In conclusion the use of technology is a crucial tool for
undergraduates and is used in their daily lives for communication and identity search.
AINSA, TRISHA. "College Students' Digital Identity: Perceptions Towards Employment
And Career." College Student Journal 50.1 (2016): 47-52. Academic Search Premier. Web. 19
Sept. 2016. This article concluded that by creating digital identities the students that were
involved in the digital identity research were able to expand their skills that involved technology
knowledge and were able to strive for higher positions in their careers. The students that were
involved with this research project were all involved in early education, nearly half were
elementary teachers and the rest were pre-teachers. The study shows that teachers who allowed a
technology-based class had more success with teaching because they were able to introduce
concepts that in any other way wouldnt be possible. With my experience in education for all the
courses that I have taken, whether in high school, grade school and even college, when teachers


use technology the students show more interest. I have been in classes that teachers believe in the
past ways of education, which is lecturing for one hour straight from the textbook and I cant I
enjoyed it more then a class that involved, PowerPoint presentations or video clips between
lectures. In conclusion digital identity improves both college students in career advancement, and
teachers in teaching skills and strategies for students interests.
Alcohol In Online Social Identity Construction And Its Relation To Problem Drinking In
University Students." Drug & Alcohol Review 31.1 (2012): 20-26. Academic Search Premier.
Web. 19 Sept. 2016. This article concludes that alcohol-identity is used for popularity in social
network websites such as Facebook. The article states that alcohol experimenting in university is
a major issue due to the research project that was concluded with one hundred and fifty-eight
students. Within this research the results were that by presenting an image of being an individual
that is able to binge alcoholic drinks they gain social popularity. After completing the research
project the statistics were that over half of the students who volunteered for the study had a
profile image that involved the use or presentation of alcohol. This issue involves the individuals
who are new to college to gain interest in alcohol at a young age in order to gain popularity and
concludes with them either putting their health at risk or having issues with alcohol in the future.

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