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Introduction Installation Instructions Subfloors Method of Fixing Fitting on Heated Subfloors

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ AS IT MAY BEFORE INSTALLATION - Hardwood Flooring should only be installed on Fit to British Standard: BS8201 Hardwood Flooring can be installed on heated
EFFECT YOUR WARRANTY! subfloors that are flat (max 2mm unevenness per subfloors. The following measures should be
Site Conditions metre) Either - Direct Gluing taken.
PLEASE NOTE - The advice and instructions All activities that could increase the relative - The subfloor must be dry. For concrete and - Glue the floor directly to the subfloor using
contained herein are based on our own part humidity of the room or area must be completed screed floors a drying-out period of at least a day either a PU or Polymer based glue. - The underfloor heating must be installed
experience and are meant as a supplement to the before installation. Bear in mind that the relative per mm should be observed and then the subfloor - DO NOT glue the Tongue and Grooves. correctly to the manufacturers instructions.
usual local or national rules and instructions humidity should be between 50-60% while the tested with a moisture meter. - If over Underfloor Heating use a Liquid DPM. - In the case of new subfloors the subfloor must
pertaining to the installation of Hardwood Flooring. room temperature should be 18-20 degC. - Gluing the flooring directly onto the subfloor can - Check that the glue used is also suitable for use be allowed to cure without heating. Each
only be done when the proper adhesion to the on the subfloor - ask your supplier about usage additional day allowed adds to securing a dry
Hardwood Flooring is suitable only for use in dry Expansion Gaps subfloor is guaranteed. It may be necessary to instructions etc and compatibility with other subfloor. (Allow 1 day per mm of screeed)
rooms with a normal room temperature (18-20 As a result of changes in the room climate prime the subfloor prior to direct gluing. products. Always read the label on the glue - Moisture content of concrete subfloors should
degC) and 50-60% humidity and must be protected (temperature, humidity), planks will expand or - Old wooden subfloors should not contain more containers. Gluing directly onto tiled floors, not exceed 8% - for Anhydride subfloors the
from condensation, vapour rising or moisture of contract. Therefore, attention must be paid to all than 10% moisture. Any loose or damaged parts of vinyl, PVC, linoleum and other such synthetic or maximum is 0.5%.
any other kind. fixed elements in the room and expansion gaps are the floor should be properly repaired beforehand to soft floorings is not recommended. - Once considered cured the subfloor must be
to be provided between the flooring and walls, ensure a stable subfloor. heated and tested (even in the summer and even
Acclimatisation thresholds, pipes etc. This must be done in the case - If fixing over suspended subfloors and above Or - Secret Nail in the case of old subfloors on which other floor
The Hardwood Flooring packs should remain of both floating installation, direct gluing and with voids ensure they have suitable insulation and - Only for 20mm thick boards coverings were previously installed) before
unopened until just before installation and should secret nailing. These gaps are then covered by a moisture barriers to avoid the ingress of moisture - Use 50mm Serrated nails at 400mm centres at a installation.
be stored horizontally. The packs should have been profile or by skirting boards. Expansion depends through the subfloor. 45 Degree angle through the tongue. - The subfloor is to be heated up until maximum
left for a minimum of 5 days in a normal climate on the size of the room. Generally 1% of the width - The subfloor should be clean, free of grease, dust - DO NOT use any glue or adhesive in the Tongue heating is reached (heating increments at no
(room temperature 18-20C and relative humidity and 0.5% of the length, equally divided over both and any remains of glues or cleaning products. & Groove. more than 5 DegC per day). This maximum
50-60%) in the room where they are to be installed. sides will suffice for expansion. Normally 10- - When using a Liquid DPM or Primer with Direct temperature must be maintained (also during the
Whilst acclimatising, the packs should be stored at 15mm is sufficient. Expansion gaps should also be Gluing ensure they are all from the same Or - Floating Floor night) one day per cm of subfloor. For anhydride
least 0.5m away from the walls to avoid the maintained around pipes, thresholds etc. and also, manufacturer as the adhesive. - Only for planks 220mm wide or less and for subfloors even longer heating periods should be
possible influence of wall temperature and in large rooms, every 12 metres of length or every areas less than 30m2. allowed.
humidity. 8 metres in width. - The Underlay should be placed perpendicular to - Increasing or reducing the heating level is
the board direction and should not overlap. always to be done at 5 DegC per day sequences.
These planks have been manufactured to the Ideally the underlay has an integral DPM which The room should be aired but drafts are to be
highest quality standards and have been thoroughly can be taped to the next sheet. avoided.
checked before leaving the factory. Planks from FIXING OVER HEATED SUBFLOORS - Install the Hardwood Flooring planks by - The heating and cooling off period should be at
different packs should be mixed before installation. applying the glue to the lower side of the tongue. least a fortnight long and should be catalogued
Check every plank before installing for any damage IF YOU DO NOT USE A THERMOSTAT WITH Any excess glue between the seams is to be Period should be at least a fortnight long and
that may have been caused elsewhere, (e.g. during removed immediately with a lightly damp cloth. should be catalogued.
transport) claims for installed planks with visible A PROBE YOUR WARRANTY IS VOID
faults cannot be accepted afterwards.
Fitting on Heated Subfloors

- Before starting the installation, reduce the

Builder Clean Up

To remove builders dust and dirt from an oiled

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heating levels; during installation of the floor you should follow the following procedure:
Hardwood Flooring the surface temperature of
the subfloor should be about 18 DegC. This - The floor is vacuumed thoroughly and loose Suppliers of Hardwood Flooring
temperature is to be maintained for at least 3 dirt removed Must be completed to activate warranty and returned to Reeve Flooring.
days after installation. - The floor is then buffed - using a BLACK
- When heating for the first time after the abrasive pad. Contract Number (see packing note top right corner) TW
installation of the Hardwood Flooring, as well as
at the start of each heating period, always
- The floor is re-vacuumed thoroughly
- The floor is then re-oiled Name of Purchaser: Fitting Instructions
maintain the 5 DegC per day sequence. - The floor is buffed dry with a WHITE pad to
remove all excess oil Address: Warranty Form
- Use a thermostat with a floor probe to ensure - The floor is then left for 10 days before
Post Code:
the floor temperature is never above 27 DegC. washing to ensure complete curing.
Installation Address:
› A room temperature of 18 to 20 DegC should To remove builders dust and dirt from a
always be accompanied by a relative humidity of lacquered floor you should follow the following Post Code:
50-60%. procedure:
- Opening Joints cannot be avoided when using Installation Contact Details:
heated subfloors. - The floor is vacuumed thoroughly and loose
- Prior to extensive renovation of the floor the dirt removed. Telephone/Email
surface temperature of the Hardwood Flooring - The floor is then buffed - using a BLACK
should be lowered. abrasive pad.
- Apply a coat of Bona Freshen up or Traffic Is the floor installed over Under Floor Heating? Yes / No
with corresponding sheen.
- The floor is then left for 10 days before Did you use a themostat with a floor temperature control probe Yes / No
washing to ensure complete curing. Have you complied with the above Installation Instructions? Yes / No

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IF YOU DO NOT USE A THERMOSTAT WITH WARNING: If you have not complied with the enclosed installation 0800 917 1016
A PROBE YOUR WARRANTY IS VOID instructions the warranty is void.