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VOLUME 9 | ISSUE 33 | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

A division of


BPrgidal Guide
. B 1 B 12

Into the Mystic

This years St. Padre Pio Festival in Vineland will be a first as the saints
heart is brought in from Italy. { BY JEFF SCHWACHTER }
Pray, pray to the Lord with me, because the whole
world needs prayer. And every day, when your heart
especially feels the loneliness of life, pray. Pray to the
Lord, because even God needs our prayers.

Fr. Fortunato Grottola of Italys Capuchin Friars (left) with Rev. Robert
Sinatra, pastor of the St. Padre Pio Parish in Vineland. Watch the full
interview with Fr. Fortunato as he discusses his own Padre Pio recollections with SNJ Today on TV 22 and at SNJToday.com/Padre-Pio.

Those are the words of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, or St.

Padre Pio as he is better known throughout the world.
Although the Italian friar, priest, stigmatist and mystic
was born in 1887 and died in 1968, his messages still
resound loud and clear. For the 14th consecutive year
Vinelands Our Lady of Pompeii Church (4680 Dante Ave.,
856-691-7526), and its St. Padre Pio Parish will host the St.
Padre Pio Festival, a day-long festival (12 to 6 p.m.) beginning with a Mass and Procession at 11 a.m. and including
an Italian Mass at 2 p.m., on Sunday, September 25. (Visit
pppnj.org for more information.)
Canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002, St. Padre Pio is
celebrated throughout the worldmost famous for having
the Stigmata of Jesus, representing the wounds Jesus
Christ received during his Crucifixion. He continues to be
a major source of inspiration for Catholics worldwide with

Artisans Faire
Market Day in Colonial America will be recreated this weekend at the 45th Annual
Greenwich Artisans Faire and Marketplace.
The popular event will be presented by the
Cumberland County Historical Society on the
grounds of the circa 1730 Gibbon House, 960
Ye Greate Street, Greenwich, NJ 08323.
This year is bigger and better, with more
than 90 vendors, artisans, demonstrators and
historic displays.
Step back in time and wander through the
marketplace where over 90 artisans and craft
vendors will be selling their wares, including
watercolors, handwoven basketry, fiber arts,
fine jewelry, fine art photography, pottery,

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Coyotes: Good or Bad?

Residential Customer
Eastern coyotes exhibit various color phases, including
blonde and black.

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They are better heard and not seen. Even hearing the distinctive howl of
a coyote, though, seems ominous for area residents. Its found in every
area of New Jerseycities, suburbs, farms, said Lawrence Hajna,
spokesman for the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).
Do we have a coyote problem? What we need is coyote education, what to
do, what not to do, and what to expect.
Because of the increasing talk among residents about coyotes, the Upper
Deerfield Township Environmental Commission will sponsor a free program
next week. For Coyotes: Good or Bad, Anthony McBride, a biologist and

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Continued from cover
his Pray, hope and dont worry mantra
especially during the annual Padre Pio
feasts and festivals held globally at this
time of year.
While statues and altars of Padre Pio
can be found around the globe, including
the St. Padre Pio Shrine on Route 40 in
Landisville, this year marks the first time
any major relic of Padre Pio has left Italy:
The countrys Capuchin Friars will have
the actual heart of the late mystic at the
Vineland festival.
While the heart was initially supposed

to be in only the Boston area for its first

trip to the States (September 21 through 23,
for its feast), Rev. Robert Sinatra of
Vinelands St. Padre Pio Parish helped to
convince the keepers of Padre Pios relics
(the Capuchins) to bring it to Vinelands
festival the following day.
Fr. Fortunato Grottola of Italys
Capuchin Friars is responsible in part for
bringing the heart of Padre Pio to
Cumberland County. He stopped in at the
SNJ Today offices last week with Rev.
Sinatra to sit down for an interview and discuss the importance of the relic, the life of
Padre Pio, and why his spiritual counsel and
words are still relevant. He also talked about
his own unique connection to the saint.
Grottola was in Cumberland County

making preparations for the Sunday,

September 25 festival. The following are
excerpts from our interview. (Thanks to
Bruna DiMauro for translating the words of
Fr. Grottola. SNJ Todays CFO & COO
Frank DiMauro conducted the interview,
which can be seen on TV 22 in Cumberland
County or online at SNJToday.com.)
SNJ TODAY: Tell us a little about your
role in the church and with the Capuchin
to depict St. Padre Pio as a testimony of
Jesus Christ. Its very important now to
have someone in this generation to be able
to walk with the people. With [Padre
Pios] life and death, he is telling us that
Jesus is close. Jesus is with us; hes not far

{ 2 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016






301 S. Main Rd.,

Vineland, NJ

1601 N. High St.,

Millville, NJ

597 Shiloh Pike,

Bridgeton, NJ




ACME Shopping Center

Ashley Furniture Shopping Plaza

Across from The Green Olive

and he is accompanying us. I think that

today we need to know that we have somebody next to us. Many times we say that
our Lord is close to us, but many times we
dont feel him close. Padre Pio is telling us
that we are not alone and that we have
Jesus walking side by side with us. In a
world where everything is about business,
everybody thinks about [accumulating] and
to keep and to have, and everybody is
thinking about feeling well economically.
And even though we have all of this money,
were still not happy and were still alone.
You met St. Padre Pio. How old were you
and what was that first encounter like?
I was 13 years old when I encountered
St. Padre Pio. When I met him he was 73
years old. He looked great and felt good.
And I was saying to myself: theyre telling
me he has the Stigmata, and that theyre
real. Why is he kidding around with other
people and laughing?
So, you didnt believe it was real?
Its not that I didnt believe it, but I said,
as soon as I get to meet him, Im going to
squeeze his hand to see exactly how he
would react. In those days you kissed the
priests hands and I encountered him and I
squeezed his hand. He was wearing gloves,
but I could tell where the wound would be
and I squeezed on it. And in his Naples
dialect, he says, hey, young man! My hands
are hurting! So, my doubt left me when I
was squeezing his hands. I knew that I had
hurt him and that he really had the wound.
Now, Padre Pio had five wounds? Two on
his hands and two on his feet and one on his
In 1921 he was questioned and they did
check him and he did have those five
wounds at the time.
Was Padre Pio instrumental in your decision to become a priest?
Yes, although my parents did not really
want me to become a priest. At first, to pacify me, they said, All right, you can go to the
seminary just to study, and then you can
come out. But my desire was to become a
priest. Padre Pio made a big impact on me.
Your heart had to have changed after
going into the seminary.
Yes, but I was still uncertain and not
sure even though I pursued the priesthood.
I went to see Padre Pio with some other
youngsters while we were in the seminary.
It was the day of Vocation. The group of us
who went to see him were young men who
wanted to become priests, and we had to
prepare a little speech, then Padre Pio
would say something. Somebody asked
Padre Pio, who do you think among this
group will become a priest? He told one
young man to keep up his studies but [to go
back home and take care of his ailing parents] as they were sick. He told another
one, you are an only child, so just be a
good person. As far as me and one other
young man, he said: When you become a
priest, pray for me. But I was young and I
didnt know exactly what he meant. This
happened before 1968 and I became a
priest in 1977. So Padre Pio was saying what
was going to happen 10 years later.

St. Padre Pio was known for supernatural

and mystical events throughout his life. Are
there any supernatural stories that you can
share with us?
Many times what was extraordinary for
us, was just ordinary for him. For example,
when Padre Pio got sick his fever would go
to [125.0 degrees Fahrenheit]. The temperature was so high it would shatter the thermometer. For him it was normal. When he
was in the military as a young man and was
sick he used to say, dont use a thermometer, its going to break and I dont want to
buy another new one. His friends in the
service always asked him to try a thermometer to see it explode.
St. Padre Pio died in 1968 and then in
2008 his body was exhumed and they have
found it to be in a state that was incorruptible, meaning he didnt decay.
After 40 years his body was almost completely intact.
Have you ever seen his body?
I did see it and it was almost intact.
There are many around the world who
attribute miracles and miraculous healings
to Padre Pio. Are there any that you know
about through your travels that you can
share with us?
There are many miracles and many
graces, yes, but most people always talk
about the miracles and not the graces. A

miracle, for example, would be something

like if somebody has one short arm and
then God makes it longer. Thats a miracle.
The graces have to do with something that
is normal, it heals, but it takes time. Its not
immediate like a miracle. Another example
would be if you didnt go to church and
confession, once in the presence of Padre
Pio you would want to go to church. That
would be considered a grace.
We have had the St. Padre Pio Festival in
Vineland for many years and it has a large
following. This year, well have Padre Pios
heart at the event for the first time. What is
the significance of the heart?
Some relics belong to the body and other
relics could be something like a piece of

clothing that has touched St. Padre Pio. A

third relic would be something like a piece
of clothing that has touched the other piece
of clothing. Now, because someone in
Boston requested the heart of St. Padre Pio
at their festival this month, and we are
bringing it there, it was appropriate to bring
the heart here to Vineland as well because
Vineland has been holding the festival for so
many years with the St. Padre Pio Parish.
I am hoping that this heart is coming
just like Padre Pio went to the Vatican, and
that he re-opens peoples eyes and resurrects them so the faithful people and all the
people have a stronger faith. The idea is to
have the people re-awaken to the goodness
and come back to God and to make confes-

sions and reform your life.

I would imagine you have been to numerous Padre Pio festivals around the world.
You were here for last years festival; is there
anything that we do here that makes the
Vineland festival unique?
Sure, it is more special here and I do
notice the difference. Along with the
prayers and everything else, you also have
food. We share food; and thats very special.
I will also give the opportunity for Italians
here in Vineland to be able to have confession in Italian, so thats also exciting. And I
will have the opportunity to bless the sick
people that need prayers and touch them
with the glove of St. Padre Pio. And everything that God wants us to do we will do. I

14th Annual

St. Padre Pio Festival

September 25, 2016
Noon - 6pm

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CORRECTION: An advertisement
for Fred Bianco Auto Body in the
September 14, 2016 issue of The
Grapevine contained inaccuracies.
The business, located at 1791 S.
Delsea Dr. in Vineland, can be
reached at (856) 691-8030 during
their regular operating hours:
Mon.Fri., 7 a.m. 5 p.m.; and
Sat., 8 a.m. noon. (Closed Sun.)


DEBORAH A. EIN Managing Editor


Chickeen Breast
(10 lb. bag)




2 89

op Round

Beef Stteak &

Beef Sttrips




I Life Sentences



3 49



A decade and a half and many wigs later, our

columnist has kept her sense of humor.

1853 Vine Rd., Vineland 691-4848

Rump or
Chuck Roast Bottom Roast
(sold as a whole piece)

{ 4 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016


(sold as a whole piece)


ginia Ham
T--Bone or



3 49

Swiss Cheese

3 99

heres no peace like a good hair

piece. When I was diagnosed
with cancer, my hematologist
told me that the treatment I
was about to get would have side effects.
You will lose your hair. Permanently.
(Before you read on, let me assure you
that I wont always be writing about cancer. Its merely the reason I began to wear
a wig, which is the topic for today. Im a
humor writer, not a tumor writer.)
I did not believe my hair would truly
abandon me, but I cut it short and called
my good friend, Marissa. Shes great on
Just-in-Case missions.
Come with me to buy a wig, I
begged. I dont want to go alone.
Remember when I picked out my own
prescription sunglasses? I looked like the
masked Oreo Cookie Man. I prayed for
three years for someone to sit on those
Be there in 10 minutes. she said.
I aimed the car to a wig shop that came
recommended by the Breast Cancer
Bridge Program at Inspira Hospital in
As it happened, the town was having a
community fair where the main street was
closed to traffic and throngs of shoppers
picked over vendors tables. The sun was
shining. Life went on.
Driving around the periphery looking
for parking, I almost lost my nerve. How
could life go on as usual when a good
future for me was a lifetime of baldness?
We found parking and went in to the
wig shop.
Marissa is the best companion to shop
with. She has a wry comment for every
occasion, and she usually has a coupon.
But we both fell silent when we found
ourselves surrounded by plaster-white
head mannequins wearing wig styles from
Sophia Loren to Lucille Ball. I felt as if we
had been transported to the tombs of
The shop lady pulled down some
boxes from the shelves. She could not
have known that small heads run in my

family. Its true. My cousins husband

called us chick-pea heads. No one wants
to sit next to me in a group photo,
because they look like caricatures, comparatively. Its tough to find a small hat,
let alone a wig.
I tried the first wig on. It was too big
and too dull.
The second was too big and too red.
The third one was okay, color-wise, and
it was labeled Petite.
This one really pinks you up! the
sales lady enthused.
I bought the petite wig. As she was
wrapping the box with ribbons, the shop
woman fixed me with a severe look and
gave me this sage advice:
Now honey, when youre wearing this,
dont go near a hot oven, because it can
catch fire.
We barely made it out of there before
we ignited, laughing like hyenas.
Three days later, reality had set in and I
felt beset by fear of the future.
The phone rang.
Ive been thinking about you, Marissa
Aw, thats so sweet, I thought. Friends
really are forever.
And Im thinking youd better not do
any baking, because if I have to come over
there with a broom and put out your wig,
I give up on you.
Sorry, did I say forever? I meant fair
The years come and go, and so do the
wigs. I wore the first one to cover my head
for a while. Then I went au naturel with
my real hair, fuzzy as it was. It feels better.
But whenever I wore a wig, I got, Oh, you
look so pretty. You should wear that all
the time.
Really? I think, Because it feels like
Im wearing Davy Crocketts coonskin
But I smile and say, Why, thank you
very much.
Because, wig or no wig, when you give
up your hair to save your life, bald can be
beautiful, indeed. I

Franceschini Named
Red Cross Leader
Church Builds Reading
Confidence at Camp
Reading Camp Rocks, in its 4th year
of building reading confidence for elementary students in our community, celebrated the joy of learning at Church of
the Resurrection Episcopal with yoga,
art, zoo friends, poetry, and reading fun.

Partners Donate to Habitat for Humanity Affiliates

Farmers of Salem recently partnered with its independent agent network to
raise awareness and donations for Habitat for Humanity. As part of their annual
second quarter 2016 Earn More, Give Back contest, agents were offered the
opportunity to support Habitat for Humanity with Farmers donating $15 per policy written to the agencys local Habitat affiliate. The donations, which totaled
$10,000, were made in the name of the agency in partnership with Farmers of
Salem. Presentations of checks were made to various Habitat for Humanity
Affiliates in both New Jersey and Maryland.

Ronald Franceschini of Vineland is

the new American Red Cross
Community Volunteer Lead for
Cumberland County.
In this new role, he will serve as volunteer representative, local advocate
and community partner to
build relationships with key
comes from a
diverse Red
Cross background and
has served as
BOD chair and vice chairperson of
the local board of directors, health
and safety Instructor trainer, disaster
action team responder and public
affairs representative.
For more information or to schedule
a Red Cross presentation for community groups, schools or service clubs
contact Franceschini at 609-432-1495
or RonnF@usa.net


Helping Local Businesses

ffeer Competitive, Quality
Benefits Packages!

Celebrating 15 Years!

Thank you to our loyal clients

Diana Caraballo-Belcher, CBC
Licensed Broker/Owner

600 G Street, Suite 530

Millville, New Jersey 08332
Telephone: 856-825-3271
Fax: 856-825-3244


the grapevine { 5 }

I News in Brief

CU Maurice River and Amcor

to Host Community Walk
The City of Millvilles Maurice River
Bicycle & Walking Trail is a natural oasis
away from the hustle and bustle of an
urban area. It is easy to access and a surprisingly scenic outdoor recreation area
for the whole community to enjoy.
Sponsored by Amcor, CU Maurice River
has created a park specific brochure
describing the diverse ecosystems,
wildlife, flora, and historical sites present
there. CU Maurice River has also created
wildlife lists for nature enthusiasts and
treasure hunts for families.
CU Maurice River and Amcor will be
presenting these free materials to the public on an approximately 3K Community
Walk taking place Saturday, October 1
from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be naturalists and other docents stationed along
the trail to interpret the wonderful natural, historical, and cultural points of interest for the visitors. These leaders come
from different entities including CU
Maurice River, Amcor, the City of
Millville, Millville Army Airfield Museum,
National Park Service, and Millville
Historical Society. Other participating
organizations include the Holly City
Family Success Center and Taking Back
Start of the walk is at Waltman Park
Playground in Millville. Use Waltman
Park parking lot on City Park Drive off of
Main Street. Community Walk participants will be able to walk at their own
pace and stop at stations to learn more
about the parks resources. The trail is
wheelchair accessible.

{ 6 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Two VISN 4 Outpatient Clinics

Extend Hours
The Department of Veterans Affairs
(VA) has announced that two of the clinics
in southern New Jersey will begin operating for extended hours this month.
Atlantic County Community Based
Outpatient Clinic, 1909 New Road |
Northfield, New Jersey 08225, 800-4618262, ext. 2800
Hours of operation are: Monday Friday | 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
*Beginning Sept. 21, the clinic will also
be open on alternating Wednesdays until
6:30 p.m.
Cumberland County Community
Based Outpatient Clinic, 1051 West
Sherman Avenue | Building 3 | Unit B,

Vineland, New Jersey 08360, 800-4618262, ext. 6500

Hours of operation are: Monday Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
*Beginning Sept. 29, the clinic will also
be open on alternating Thursdays until
6:30 p.m.
**No extended hours during weeks that
include a federal holiday.

City of Vineland Offers Free

Flu Shots to Seniors
The City of Vineland Health
Department is offering free flu shots to
Vineland residents age 65 years or older,
and Vineland residents who are disabled,
or have a high risk chronic illness such as
Heart Disease, Diabetes, or COPD. The flu
shots will be available on the following
dates and times:
September 20, from 10 a.m. to noon at
Vineland Senior Center, 103 S. Sixth Street.
September 22, from 10 a.m. to noon at
Kidston Towers, 1040 E. Landis Avenue.
September 28, 2 from 10 a.m. to noon at
Luther Acres, 560 Sarah Place.
The traditional flu season begins in
early October and runs through May in
most years. Anyone with questions should
contact the Vineland Health Department
at 856-794-4000, ext. 4806.

Application for Charity Funding

from Voice of Vineland

Cumberland County Women's

Hall of Fame Seeks Nominations

been an innovator and a role model. She

must be a native of Cumberland County or
be employed in the county or have made
her contributions here.
The deadline for nominations is
November 30, and winners will be
announced in January. The induction ceremony will be held Wednesday, April 26,
2017 at the Centerton Country Club.
Three women were inducted into the
Hall this spring, bringing to 40 the number who have been honored since the Hall
was founded.
To request a nomination form, contact
Louise Bertacchi at LTB431@comcast.net
or 856-825-5929 or Kim Litchendorf at
Klitchendorf@cumberlanddairy.com or
856-453-0762. Nominators must provide
information on the candidates ties to
Cumberland County, her accomplishments,
and a biography with related information.
Winners will be selected by the
Nominations Committee of the Hall of
Fame. For more information call Louise
Bertacchi at 825-5929. I

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are still
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1.800.690.3440 NewfieldNationalBank.bank

the grapevine { 7 }

The Cumberland County Womens Hall

of Fame is seeking nominations of accomplished women to be honored by the Hall
at its ninth annual induction ceremony
next spring.
Anyone can nominate outstanding
women who have made significant contributions to a profession, the community
and/or womens issues. Any woman
selected for the award must be or have

All my life
Ive had a passion for all
things culinary,
and anything
garlic related!
My nickname
Bibs comes
from the only
thing I wear,
Bib overalls.
Theyre comfortable and fit my lifestyle.
Aside from my love of cooking
and trying out new recipes, Ive
also owned and operated a welding shop, built greenhouse and
nursery carts, and built a few custom Harley and Triumph bikes.
Im a retired prison guard and
that is how I acquired my other
nickname of Pasta de Costa. It
was due to cooking at the academy I attended and filling up the
place with that heavenly garlic
odor that I cant get through the
day without getting a healthy dose
of it. My fellow officers either loved
me, or hated me for odorizing
the barracks we lived in at the corrections officer recruit training.
I craft my infused oil products
(garlic infused extra vrigin olive oil
and infused safflower oils) in a
small commercial kitchen on my
premises and only do small quanities to afford maximum shelf life. I
dont infuse a lot of oil to sit
around for months on end as this
would diminish quality and reduce
shelf life.
Contact Dave de Costa at
dsdenterprisesllc@gmail.com or
visit bibspassionoil.com


This year, in addition to its support of

the YMCA and Rotary Club of Vineland,
The Voice of Vineland will be accepting
applications from local charities who help
support Cumberland County.
The application form can be found at
voiceofvineland.com. If your organization
is interested, you can apply to be one of
the four additional charities selected for
the The Voice of Vineland event.
The Voice of Vineland talent/lip-sync
show made its successful debut last year
and raised in excess of $21,000 for its two
primary charities, The Rotary Club of
Vineland and the Cumberland Cape
Atlantic YMCA, and for four other charities. The organizers recently announced
that the event will returnwith some
twistsin January. This exciting and
unique fundraiser, The Voice of Vineland
2.0 "talent" show, will be held at Merighi's
Savoy Inn on Friday January 21, 2017.
Proceeds from this event will, once again,
benefit six local charities.

The Bib's Passion Oil Story

I Jersey Reflections


Mother Bloor
Ella Reeve Bloor, raised in Bridgeton, was
a formidable activist for human rights.

{ 8 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

en years before the Statue of

Liberty proclaimed Give me
your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, Bridgetons own
Ella Reeve Bloor was a young woman working for those same people. For over 75 years,
Ella fought for the rights of women, children
and workingmen from Maine to Colorado.
She knew Vladimir Lenin and worked with
Upton Sinclair. She participated in strikes in
mills and mines all across America and was
arrested hundreds of times for her activism.
Born in 1862 on Staten Island, she grew
up in a middle class family in Bridgeton. In
her autobiography entitled We are Many,
she describes how as a young girl she
accompanied her father as they took the
railroad to Camden to visit her aunt. Walt
Whitman, Americas favorite poet, lived on
the same street and while her father was
visiting his sister, Ella and Whitman would
ride the Philadelphia ferry. She says he
didnt talk much but the two of them sat
together and watched people.
She attended the prestigious Ivy Hall
Seminary until she was 14, which was not
unusual for that era. About that time, she
became aware of social injustice. She volunteered to help her pastor when he went
to help the poor. She also worked with a
friend of her mothers who ran a night
school for children working in the glass
factory. Her encounters with the poor left
her wondering why she lived in a nice house
and the poor lived in squalor down the hill.
She would marry three times and raise
six children. Very early on, she became
involved with reform movements. At a
Pennsylvania womens suffrage convention,
a woman expressed a common sentiment
that the kids were better off in the mills.
Some thought that if you left children alone
on the streets they would get into trouble.
Ella tore into those women, as she knew
the working conditions from seeing the
children at work in the glass factories and
working with the kids at the night school.
Through these years while she was raising her children, she wrote articles for
periodicals and a textbook. She joined the
Socialist Party with Eugene Debs and was
involved in labor organization and took
part in strikes throughout the country.
Ella came back to South Jersey some
time after 1905 with a young Upton
Sinclair. She had already worked with him
on the conditions in the stockyards in
Chicago. Now Sinclair wanted to see if the

glass mills were obeying the new law banning children from working at night. He
recruited Ella who posed as the stepmother
with two boys of the right age. At the
biggest mill in town she was assured her
children would be welcome for day and
night work, and there was even factory
housing available. While going into the
plant, she spotted the president of the factory, an old friend of her fathers, and she
had to duck her head, but was not noticed.
Later, she persuaded a glassblower to
sneak her into the factory delivering his
dinner. What she found confirmed their
fears. Most of the boys I saw were 10 or 12
years old. It was the childrens job to hold
bottles at the end of a long iron rod in the
blazing furnace for a certain length of time
and then hand them to the blowers. The
heat was intense but they dared not move
the bottle even a hairs breadth. It was terrible work for children.
Ella continued her work as an organizer
for strikes and strike relief and became the
first woman to run for state office in
Connecticut and in 1918 ran for Lt.
Governor of New York. In 1919 she and
others were kicked out of the Socialist
Party and went on to found the Communist
Labor Party. In 1922, she was selected to
attend the Red International labor convention in Moscow. From 1922 to 1948, she sat
on the Central Committee of the
Communist Party but continued her reform
work in America. It must be noted that
while the Communist Party fell out of favor
in the 1950s, it was never illegal and many
serious and concerned people were part of
the party or approved of its work.
Later in life, Ella became a much loved
figure and was affectionally called Mother
Bloor. She wrote her autobiography, We
are Many in 1940. She was arrested for the
last time in Nebraska when she was 73 and
died in 1951 at age 89.
Her epitaph reads; She was born during the war to free the slaves. She died
rejoicing that half of the mankind were
free. Called Mother by countless workers,
farmers, Negro and white who were
inspired by her eloquent voice to fight for a
better world I
Jim Talone uncovered Ella Bloors story while
researching Boys in Glass Houses, a documentary about child labor practices in the
early 1900s. The documentary is available for
viewing at snjtoday.com/boys-glass-houses.

Daniel Cruz, 78 of Vineland, passed away

on Friday, September 9. He was a retired
employee from J.V. Sparacio Farms,
Rosenhayn for 50 years. Daniel is survived
by his beloved wife of 40 years, Gloria Cruz;
his children; Maria Cruz, Gloria Wilks, Juan
Mendez, Doris Cruz, Ana Roberts, Daniel
Cruz Jr., Julio Rodriguez and 15 loving
grandchildren; and several brothers, sisters,
nieces, nephews and close family members.
Paul Vincent Breig, 97 of Hammonton and
formerly of Millville, passed away Saturday,
September 10, at his residence after a brief
illness. Born in Great Cacapon, WV, Paul
grew up in Mt. Union, PA and lived in
Millville most of his life. Paul will be sadly
missed by his sons, William V. Breig of FL,
and Joseph P. Breig and wife Becky of
Hammonton; four grandchildren, Suzen B.
DuBre of FL, Richard W. Breig of OK,
Christopher J. Breig of NJ, and Jason A.
Breig of VA; five great grandchildren,
Quinn, Laney, Landon, Lucy, and Colin; two
nieces and many cousins. He was predeceased by his wife Teresa (Geier) in 2008;
his parents, George Vincent and Sarah
Louise (Atkinson) Breig; his sister E. Marie
Clark; his brother John Jack William
Breig; and his daughter in law Sandy Breig.
Arthur J. Veto Bertucci, 84, of
Cedarville, passed away on Sunday afternoon, September 11, at home. Born in
Millville, he was the son of the late Bruno
and Angelina Bertucci (nee Lamanteer) and
the husband of Juanita M. Bertucci (nee
May). He was a longtime resident of
Cedarville. In addition to his wife, he is survived by a brother, Vincent Bertucci (Donna
Lee) of Cedarville, a sister, Madeline Oertle
(Frank) of Vineland and several nieces,
nephews and cousins.He was preceded in
death by a sister, Theresa Macrine.
Helen (Chalow) Melnyk, 96, of Vineland,
passed away on September 11, at home. She
was born in Philadelphia to the late Peter
and Mary (Makuch) Chalow, moving to
Vineland as a child, where she remained a
lifelong resident. Helen was a graduate of
Vineland High School Class of 1938. She is
survived by her daughter Rosemary Sawn;
son, Michael Melnyk; brother and sister-inlaw, Victor and Sylvia Chalow; her granddaughter and husband, Krista and Jesse
Whilden and several nieces and nephews.
Helen was predeceased by her husband
Stephen Melnyk, her parents, Peter and
Mary Chalow and her brothers and their
wives, John and Mary Chalow, Walter and
Anne Chalow and Joseph and Florence
Edna Lavona (Faber) Burgess, 94, of
Millville, passed away peacefully, on
Tuesday, September 13, after a lengthy illness. Born and raised in Kilarm, WV, to the
late William and Emma (Blare) Faber,
Lavona moved to Millville with her hus-

band, Loyce, in 1972. Lavona will be sadly

missed by her four sons Loyce Franklin
Burgess of Millville, Teddy L. Burgess and
wife Erica of Millville, Alvin Burgess and
Carolyn of Millville, and Bruce Burgess and
wife Donna of Quakertown, PA; one sister
Martha Bennington of PA; six grandchildren Frank Burgess, Jr., William Burgess,
Jennifer, Kelly, Loni, and Carrie Sue; and
several great-grandchildren. Lavona was
predeceased by her husband, Loyce
William Burgess; four sisters Catherine
Harney, Edith Crane, Frances Grimes, and
Anna Stern; three brothers Bill Faber, Paul
Faber, and Dolan Faber; and one grandson
Teddy Burgess, Jr.
Nancy C. (Cline) Hider, 83, of Port
Elizabeth, passed away Wednesday,
September 14, at her residence after a
lengthy illness. Born in Millville to the late
Gilbert Cline Sr. and Jenny (Hickman), she
graduated from Millville High School,
Class of 1950, and was a lifelong resident.
Nancy will be sadly missed by her children;
Vicki Hider and Halie Hider, both of Port
Elizabeth; two brothers, Terry Cline of FL,
and John Cline of Denver, CO; two grandchildren; and two great-granddaughters.
She was predeceased by her husband Halie
in 2015; and one brother Gilbert Cline Jr.
Theresa Heim, 87, formerly of Northfield,
passed away on September 14, in Vineland.
Theresa was preceded in death by her husband, Earl; her son John; and two grandsons,
Michael Heim and Michael W. Bergen. She
is survived by her sons, Earl Heim and
daughter-in-law, Joyce and Douglas Heim
and daughter-in-law Joanne all of Egg
Harbor Township; her daughters, Jody
Shelden and her husband Christopher of
Northfield and Nancy Bergen and her husband, Michael of Vineland. She is survived
by seven grandchildren, Kristen (Heim)
Donlan, Richard Heim, Jennifer (Heim)
Guardino, Valerie (Heim) Quinn, John
Bergen, Christopher Shelden and Theresa
Shelden. She also had 11 great grandchildren.
Antoinette (Musacchia) Scarpa, 89, of
Vineland, passed away peacefully at home
surrounded by her family on September 14.
She was born in New York City to the late
Joseph and Jennie Musacchia, and moved
to Vineland in 1935. She is survived by her
daughter and son-in-law, Donna and
Richard Martine Sr.; son and daughter-inlaw, Anthony and Susan Scarpa; son
Richard M. Scarpa; grandchildren, Richard
Martine Jr. and Jennifer; Sarah Belfi and
Jim, Christine Scarpa and Lauren Scarpa;
great-grandchildren, Ava Martine,
Dominick Martine and Lyla Belfi; sister and
brother-in-law, Pat and Larry Goffredi and
sister, Jeannette Aliff. Antoinette was predeceased by her husband Anthony J.
Scarpa, her son Frank J Scarpa, sisters Rose
Deck and Cecilia Remsen and her brother
Jack Gleason.

Continued from cover

& Education Day

Join us for FREE health
screenings & healthy lifestyle


October 1, 2016
9 am to Noon
Inspira Medical Center
1505 West Sherman Avenue
Vineland, NJ 08360

 Blood Pressure and Pulse Ox
 Body Mass Index (BMI)
 Heart Disease Risk Assessment
 Skin Cancer (Face)
 Lung Assessment
 Cancer Risk Assessment
 Sleep Apnea Assessment

Plus ... Fun Activit


Includes da V
inci Surgical
new responsi
ve website, M
Inspira app,
Patient Port
al sign-up, V
irtual Visit de
and much m

 Step Test (Resting Heart Rate)

 Heel Bone Density

...and much more!

Yoga (9:30 am)

Cooking Dem
onstration (10
:30 am)
Zumba (11:30 a

Pre-registration is encouraged
for express check-in.

Call 1-800-INSPIRA
Walk-ins welcome!


the grapevine { 9 }

Coyotes: Good or Bad?, Thursday, September

29 at 7 p.m., Edgar Joyce Senior Center,
1325 Hwy. 77, Bridgeton. Free and open to the
public. For more on coyotes, visit:

Womens Health Screening


NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife coyote expert,

will provide background information on coyotes in our area. McBride will also answer
questions from homeowners and farmers.
Theres been talk that the state reintroduced the coyote to control deer and turkey
populations. Thats a myth, says Hajna.
Thats somehow got perpetuated over time.
How the coyote got to New Jersey is a bit of a
mystery. The first sighting was in Hunterdon
County in 1939. There were increasing reports
of coyotes but still sporadic. Since the 1980s,
the population has increased dramatically.
Though coyotes can be taken during the hunting season, Hanja says very few people do
that. Therefore, the coyote does not have a
natural predator here. Its a very adaptable
creature. It tends to be reclusive. It is most
active in the early morning hours at dawn and
the evening hours around dusk.
According to the DEP website, it looks like
a dog, almost German Shepherd-like but carries its bushy, black-tipped tail low. It also has
a longer snout than dogs. Coyotes spotted here
are generally larger than out west, 20 to 50
pounds or even up to 55 pounds.
Hanja adds, It is an opportunistic animal.
They tend to feed on small rodents, mice,
squirrels, rabbits. If you have an encounter
with a coyote, he recommends being wary of
your surroundings and its behavior. He suggests making a loud noise with something,
throwing rocks, and shouting.
Chase it off your property, he advises. A
coyote attack on a person is extremely rare,
but it has been known to attack small pets.
The program will give tips on how to protect
your animals and your property.
Hanja says it is important not to let the coyote habituate, which means have the coyote
think of your yard as where it will get its meals.
If people report hearing a coyote at night,
but never see it, thats great, he says. Let it
hunt, do its thing.
Caroline Owens of the Upper Deerfield
Environmental Commission says, People are
afraid of coyotes. They dont understand why
theyre helpful. They are the only predator for
deer and wild turkeys. The water in the
Cohansey River is compromised because of
the storm water runoff, it lashes with it everything on the way, turkey droppings and deer
droppings. We have too many of them. We
need to have that population controlled.
Owens recognizes that others in the community have concerns about the potential danger of coyotes to pets, livestock, and even
young children.
This speaker is an expert. He can answer
all your questions. Heres a chance to learn
how to protect yourself, says Owens.
Sandra Morrissey, also on the Upper
Deerfield Environmental Commission, says
they try to choose topics that the public is
interested in. On the Commission for a decade,
she says they are hoping this program addresses
an environmental hot topic for the area. I

Fagottis Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary

Aimee Rogers-Minarich Crowned Americas
Exemplar Queen

{ 10 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

On September 5, a panel of judges

chose Aimee Rogers Minarich as Americas
Exemplar Queen at the Americas Miss
Pageant. Aimee resides in Newfield, and
has been married to her husband Craig for
11 years.
She graduated from Rowan University
with a Bachelor of Science in 2002 in
Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. Aimee is the owner and
artistic director of Pizzazz Dance Center
where she instructs ages 3 through adults.
She teaches them to love the wonderful
world of dance while gaining confidence,
self-discipline, and a healthy active lifestyle.
As a stroke survivor, Aimee is a
spokesperson for the American Heart
Association and the American Stroke
Association. In her free time, she attends
many events sharing her story, and she
tries to educate the public about stroke awareness and prevention.
Throughout the four-day pageant, the contestants competed in four categories:
introduction, interview, runway, and evening gown. Aimee also competed in the
exemplar category, which showcases both girls and women who are accomplished, attend charitable functions, and make a difference in their community.
The Exemplar titleholders are the best of the best.
Aimee won a seven-night cruise to the Bahamas, a Swarovski bracelet, a
crown, a sash, and many other gifts.

Emidio and Virginia Fagotti

(Med and Jean) celebrated their
65th wedding anniversary at the
Maplewood in Vineland last
weekend along with their family.
They were married September
8, 1951. Med and Jean have
three children, four granddaughters and one great grandson.

Credit Union Sponsors

Police Canine Event
South Jersey Federal Credit Union
is please to sponsor the 2016 United
States Police Canine Association
National Police Dog Trials. A check
in the amount of $1,000 was presented to National Event Chairmen
and GTPD Patrolmen Chris Gerace
and his K-9 Partner, Arrow. This
years event will be held September
2530. The public is welcome to
attend the Demo Night on Thursday,
September 30 at Timber Creek
School from 4:30 to 6 p.m.
From left: Ken Barnshaw, vice president of Governmental and Community Affairs, National
Event Chairmen and GTPD Patrolmen Chris Gerace, K-9 Partner Arrow and SJFCU
President/CEO Rahul Kachru.

Staff Changes at Big Brothers Big Sisters of

Cumberland & Salem Counties
Valerie Farrow, program director of Big Brothers
Big Sisters of Cumberland & Salem Counties recently
retired. Farrow originally joined the agency on a parttime basis in the 1980s and then again in the 1990s.
In 2012, Farrow joined the staff full time as the
Enrollment & Match Support Specialist until being
promoted to Director of Programs. In total, Farrow has
been active with Big Brothers Big Sisters of
Cumberland & Salem Counties for more than 20
Donna Bennett, president & CEO of Big Brothers
Big Sisters of Cumberland & Salem Counties said of
Valerie, She will be missed by everyone, staff and volunteers alike, but we wish her a happy and relaxing
Farrow has been replaced with Kelly Bertonazzi as
the Director of Programs. Bertonazzi recently earned
her Masters in Human Services from Stockton
University. She has a strong background in the nonprofit sector, as well has a passion for positive youth
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland & Salem
Counties also welcomes Nancy Gonzalez as a Group
Leader and will assist with the High School Mentoring
programs. Gonzalez is currently completing her bachelors at Southeastern University with a major in Human
Services and minor in Psychology and Ministry
Leadership. Gonzalez served as an intern at the
agency this past spring.
For more information on Big Brothers Big Sisters of
Cumberland & Salem Counties, call 856-692-0916 or
online at southjerseybigs.org.

YMCA Spearheads Project: Largest Donation Ever

to Local Food Bank


Volunteers at the Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA/YMCA of Vineland recently

teamed with other organizations to make a giant contribution to the Impact
Harvest food bank. Foods were provided, sorted, and collected by YMCA staff, Y
members, and community members. Their efforts were augmented by volunteers
from Sun Bank and a large donation from the Bay Atlantic Credit Union.
This project was part of the YMCAs Togetherhood program, which seeks active
ways to help the local community. Impact Harvest is a farm that grows organic produce and donates it to people who in need. Their food bank was begun in 2011. It
serves the Vineland area and was an apt choice for YMCA involvement.
The Togetherhood collection of nonperishable foods weighed 348 pounds, which
was said to be the largest ever given to Impact Harvest.
The volunteers were enthusiastic in their praise of the food bank, its good work,
and the spirit of community that characterized the project. For more information
about Togetherhood or to volunteer for future plans, please call Jackie Martine at
the YMCA at (856)691-0030, extension 123.


Volunteers from the YMCA and Sun Bank recently gathered almost 350 pounds of nonperishable food for the Impact Harvest food bank. They are shown here at the YMCA with
some of the foods.




Rehabilitation after your illness, injury, or surgery.

Better Outcomes. Quality Care.




The Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care Certification in

Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Stroke Rehabilitation


787 N. Delsea Dr.

Vineland, NJ 08360


1237 West Sherman Avenue Vineland, NJ 08360 856 696-7100


2015 HealthSouth Corporation: 636717-03


,Foreman andBest
OnEarth areregisteredtrademarksofHondaMotorCo.,Ltd.2016AmericanHondaMotorCo.,Inc.(07/16)

the grapevine { 11 }

A Higher Level of Care



Personalized Experience Custom Design Commitment to Excellence

Cumberland Countys Channel Comcast 22
(Evening program highlights for the week
ahead, September 2127)

South Jerseys Premier Remodeling Specialist

License #13VH03723600

 Roofing  Siding  Decks  Windows and Doors

 Kitchen and Bath Remodels  Additions
 Major Home Renovations  Commercial and Residential Work
"Arts Grant Writing Workshop at CCC Watch highlights from a presentation by Matt
Pisarski at Cumberland County College about grant writing for art events and projects,
now airing on TV 22. See SNJToday.com for air times and full program schedule.
5:00PM Whats on Tap?

45 N. Liberty St., Hammonton 609-561-1855


5:30PM Celebrating Our Veterans

6:00PM SNJ Today Hotline
6:30PM Road to Recovery
7:00PM SNJ Today News
7:30PM Latino Motion

8:30PM Father Fortunato on St. Padre Pio

9:00PM The NBA Files

10:00PM Hometown Heroes


5:00PM Celebrating Our Veterans

5:30PM NEW- A Paws for Your Pet

SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

{ 12 } the grapevine |

6:00PM Perfil Latino

6:30PM Latino Motion

7:00PM Union Baptist Temple

8:00PM Whats on Tap?

8:30PM Paws for Your Pet

9:00PM Locker Room

5:00PM Whats On Tap?

5:30PM Celebrating Our Veterans

7:30PM NEW - ArtC with Bill Horin

7:30PM Cumberland County Freeholders

8:00PM NEW - Cowtown Rodeo

9:30PM Arts Grant Writing Workshop

10:00PM Beyond the Castle


5:00PM A Paws for Your Pet

5:30PM Celebrating Our Veterans

6:00PM HS Football: Millville vs. Kingsway

9:00PM SNJ Today News

10:00PM What's On Tap?

10:30PM Road to Recovery

11:00PM SNJ Today News


5:00PM Celebrating Our Veterans

5:30PM SNJ Today News Week in Review

6:00PM Latino Motion

6:30PM Road to Recovery

7:00PM NEW - Locker Room


5:30PM Hometown Heroes

6:00PM SNJ Today Hotline

7:00PM SNJ Today News

Long & Short Term Sub-Acute Care

New Private & Semi-Private Rooms
Outstanding Physical Therapy
State-of-the-art Rehabilitation
24 Hour Fully Trained Nursing Staff
Award Winning Pulmonary &
Cardiac Programs
Customized Dietary Plans, Wifi &
Flat Screen TVs

5:00PM Road to Recovery

6:00PM SNJ Today Hotline

6:30PM Road to Recovery


7:30PM HSFootball: Game of the Week

10:00PM Father Fortunato on St. Padre Pio

6:30PM Road to Recovery

7:00PM SNJ Today News

5:00PM Latino Motion

5:30PM Celebrating Our Veterans

6:00PM SNJ Today Hotline

6:30PM A Paws for Your Pet

7:00PM SNJ Today News

7:30PM NEW - Road to Recovery

8:00PM Hometown Heroes

10:00PM The NBA Files

Visit SNJToday.com to see full

TV schedules, learn more
about programs and watch
episodes on demand, including
the SNJ Today News, which
airs weeknights at 7 & 11 p.m.
(All times subject to change.)

Call 9 a.m - 5 p.m daily, Deadline for paid ads: Friday, 3 p.m. To order your classified, call 856-457-7815 or
visit www.grapevinenewspaper.com/classifieds. See box below for additional ordering information.

We Buy
Used Vehicles!

Charles W. Moren t/a Joshua Tree & Lawn

Tree Removal Crane Service
Professional Climbers Storm Clean-up
Yard Clean-up/Maintenance
Quality Work Reasonable Prices
24-hour Emergency Service

808 N. Pearl St., Bridgeton NJ


(856) 451-0095

phone (856) 794-1783 cell (856) 503-3361



Provide personal care for a senior or

adult with disabilities in your home

Adler Lane, Vineland NJ

Saturday, September 24th
8am 12 noon

Great pay (tax free)

Supervision and training provided
Well respected non-profit agency
10/4 5pm@InspiraLife
10/6 5pm@SCUCS,Inc.

Call for information & registration


Many items to choose from.

Toys, tools, glassware, and more!

Vineland Plumbing
Call 9 a.m - 5 p.m daily, Deadline for paid ads: Friday, 3 p.m.
To order your classified call, 856-457-7815 or visit


Micro Electric LLC.
Residential repair, additions, and services.
Bonded and insured.
no job is too small.
NJ LIC #14256.
Call 609-501-7777.

Help Wanted

Yard Sale

9/24 - 7am-2pm GIANT

YARD SALE to benefit
Inspira Health Network at
Premier Orthopaedic, 298
S. Delsea Dr., Vineland.
Call 856-641-8290

Bikes Wanted

Call for more information

The Greater Vineland

Chamber of Commerce
building, situated at a
prime location on South
Delsea Drive is looking for
a tenant. We have excellent office space available
to rent approximately
800 square feet. Call us at
856-691-7400 today.

Pete Construction.
Specializing in decks,
roofs and home
remodeling. State
licensed and insured.
Call for a free estimate. 609-335-9251.

Apartment for rent, 2344

West Sunset Ave.,
Vineland, upstairs apartment, 2 bedroom, $1,200
utilities included. 609638-6292
Fenced yard. Off street
parking. $900 per month
plus utilities. Pictures and
info at socialserve.com/


South Jersey Foot &

Ankle Specialists, LLC
Foot & Ankle
Medicine & Surgery
Accepting New
Patients! Call Today!

Cemetery Plots for sale by

owner. Greenwood
Memorial, Millville. Sideby-side in a nice location.
Call 856-691-5671 and
leave a msg.


DISH TV Retailer. Starting

at $19.99/month (for 12
mos.) & High Speed
Internet starting at
$14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About
SAME DAY Installation!
CALL Now! 1-800-816-7254

Door Doctor. Repairing

and installing doors and
frames only. Interior, exterior, 40 years experience.
Discounts for seniors.
(856) 641-5593.


CRAZY Must be Serious.
Commitment required.
Call Jonesy @

Lawn Care. Mowing
trimming sod
mulching landscape
designs. Reasonable
prices. Call Rick

Have a bike or portable

sewing machine taking up
space in your home? Please
consider donating it. The
Vineland Rotary Club has
partnered with Pedals for
Progress to export bikes to
third-world countries where
they are needed for transportation. Contact Henry
Hansen at 856-696-0643
for drop-off or pick-up.


Only $10 per ad, per week, up to 20 words; over 20 words,

$0.50 per word. $0.30 for boldper word/per issue, $3 for a
Border/per issue. Add a photo for $15. Mail Ad & payment or go
online to www.grapevinenewspaper.com/classifieds.

1. ____________

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11. ____________ 12. ____________ 13. ____________ 14. ___________

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16. ____________

17. ____________ 18. ____________ 19. ___________

20. ____________

21. ____________ 22. ____________ 23. ____________ 24. ___________

25. ____________

26. ____________ 27. ____________ 28. ____________ 29. ___________

30. ____________

31. ____________ 32. ____________ 33. ____________ 34. ___________

35. ____________

36. ____________ 37. ____________ 38. ____________ 39. ___________

40. ____________

41. ____________ 42. ____________ 43. ____________ 44. ___________

45. ____________

46. ____________ 47. ____________ 48. ____________ 49. ___________

50. ____________

Name ___________________________________
Phone #: ________________________________
Credit Cards

Check if needed.
Refer to prices above.


Acct. No. ___________________________________Exp. Date________ 3 Digit # on back

of card__________
Printed Name:______________________________________

Not responsible for typographical errors. Once an ad is placed, it cannot be cancelled or changed. The Grapevine does not in any way
imply approval or endorsement. Those interested in goods or services always use good judgment and take appropriate precautions.

Mail Ad
Form with
Payment TO:

The Grapevine

1101 Wheaton Ave., Suite 625

Millville, NJ 08332

the grapevine { 13 }

Garage sale Sept. 24th

2775 Palermo Ave
Vineland. Tools , Craft
items , tables chairs
Christmas and Halloween
decorations 7 to 4.



Associate Bookkeeper
P/T - A/R; A/P; G/L;
Billing; Bank Rec.
F/S; Quick Books
Resume to:
Comptroller, 6140
May's Landing Road,
Vineland NJ 083617651

For Rent


Yoga at Cumberland County Library.

Affordable Care Workshops. Need

800 E. Commerce Street, Bridgeton.

Mondays at 10:30 a.m.; Wednesdays at
6:30 p.m. Fore more details, contact
856-453-2210 or yoga instructor Ceci
Brandt at 856-207-7893.

help? A Trained Navigator will help you

to enroll in a healthcare plan as the
Center for Family Services will have
Navigator Exchange Program Staff available at the Millville Public Library, (210
Buck Street, Millville)on Wednesdays (10
a.m. to 1 p.m.) and Thursdays (1:30 to
3:30 p.m.). To make an appointment
call 1-877-922-2377. centerffs.org/home

Country Line Dance Classes for

Beginners. Semper Marine Detachment
Banquet Hall, 2041 W. Landis Ave.
Vineland. Every Tuesday night at 7 p.m.
$5. Beverages for sale. DJ/Instructor
Dawn Sharp. 856-558-0628.

Divorce Care Seminar & Support

Group Sessions. First Church of the
Nazarene (Ramoth Church), 2725 N.
Delsea Dr., Vineland. Thursdays at 6:30
p.m. Call 856-697-4945 for more info.

Free Computer Classes. Cumberland

County Library, 800 E. Commerce Street,
Bridgeton, Free computer classes continue at the Cumberland County Library
through September. Call to register for
classes at 856-453-2210 x107. Due to
limited seating registration is required.
$5 fee for non-county residents.

Guided Tours of Woodruff Museum

of Indian Artifacts. Bridgeton Public
Library, 150 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton.
Every Wednesday, 1-4 p.m. A knowledgeable volunteer will be on hand to provide
guided tours of the Woodruff Museum of
Indian Artifacts.

{ 14 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Resume & Job Interview Help at the

Millville Public Library. The MPL is offering one-on-one resume/job interview
assistance. Each session is one hour
long & by appointment only. Computer
access & assistance available during session: Monday, Sept. 26: 1-2 p.m.;
Monday, Sept. 26, 2016: 2-3 p.m. To
schedule an appointment, call 856-8257087, ext. 12.

Bivalve Fishermen & Farmers

Market Grand Opening. Bayshore
Center at Bivalve, 2800 High St., Port
Norris. 3-7 p.m. The grand opening ribbon cutting will have Douglas Fisher,
NJ Secretary of Agriculture as a
keynote speaker along with other area
dignitaries.The new Market allows consumers to not only have access to
locally grown, farm fresh produce but
also fresh locally caught seafood. New
vendors are welcome to participate in
the market, see: bayshorecenter.org

LAEDA - Entrepreneurial Training in

Vineland. The Latin American
Economic Development Association
(LAEDA) Womens Business Center is
offering free training courses for five
weeks starting with Business Basics
for Starting a Small Business from 68 p.m. at La Cabana Tio Tom Deli
Express (636 E. Landis Ave.). Call 856338-1177 to register and for full schedule.

Ready, Vet, Go! Millville Public

Library, 210 Buck Street, Millville.
Sponsored by Catholic Charities, Diocese
of Camden, offers free screenings to help
homeless & low-income military veterans
with financial assistance and/or housing.
A counselor from Catholic Charities will
hold screenings for eligibility on the following days: Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016,
1-3 p.m. No appointment is needed. For
more information, call the Catholic
Charities Office in Vineland, 856-6911841.

Healthy Worksite Reception. Ramada
Inn, 2216 W. Landis Rd., Vineland, 5:30-8
p.m. Live Healthy Vineland/Live Healthy
Cumberland County present dinner with
guest speakers on employee health and
wellness. 856-794-4000, ext. 4709.

Vineland Nature Club. Luther Acres
Community Room, 560 Sarah Pl.,
Vineland. Opening meeting of 2016-17
season. 7 p.m. 856-691-9633.

Weekly Pre-School Storytime.

Franklin Township Library, 1584 Coles
Mill Road, Franklinville. Wednesdays,
September 7 through December 14.
10:30 a.m. Open to children ages 3 to 6
with a caregiver. No registration required.


Buena Vista Country Club.

Saturday, Oct. 1
Breakfast & Registration: 8:309:30 a.m.



GriefShare. The Millville Church of the

Nazarene's Journey Home (white house
in front) 2201 Main (Rt. 49), Millville. 13week program, with experts on DVDs
who guide you through the journey of
grief, while caring people are there for
support. Wednesdays, 7- 9 p.m. $15.
Scholarships and childcare available with
advanced notice. 856-207-5747.


Newfield Day Fall Festival. All day fun
for family with parade, kids zone, food
and other vendors, basket auction and
live music. 1- 6 p.m. $5. 856-697-1100
ext. 21.

Shotgun Start: 9:30 a.m.

Award Luncheon: 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Golf Fee: $125

St. Padre Pio's Feastday. St Padre
Pio Shrine, Route 40, Harding Hwy.,
Landisville. 6:30 p.m. There will be
music, live rosary, and candlelight
procession led by the Knights of
Columbus. Refreshments served.

Contact: 856-293-2252

All profits go directly to services
provided to youth through the
Millville PAL.

Main Street Vineland Wedding

Weekend. The ultimate shopping experience for brides and grooms, with the
chance to win some great grand prizes,
Landis Avenue will feature approximately
a dozen downtown businesses participating from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 856-794-8653,

Pierogis and Indoor Yard Sale. Sts.

Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox
Church, 77 Hogbin Road, Millville,
Pierogi, homemade cakes and an
Indoor garage sale from 8 a.m. to 4
p.m. 856 697-2255.


Triangle Park in Cape May as the

Citizens United group and Mark Garland
host a day of exploring and learning
about Monarch migration. Meet at 9 a.m.
at 17 E. Main St., Millville in parking lot
for carpool to Cape May. Free for members, others $25. Pay via 856-300-5331.

Mortgage Burning Celebration.

Historic Friendship Church, corner of
Friendship Road and Weymouth
Road, in Landisville, next door to
Buena Regional High School, will be
holding a mortgage burning celebration at 3 p.m. The Friendship
Cemetery Association contracted to
purchase the church after the
Methodist Conference closed it several years ago. The mortgage payments
have now been completed, and an
invitation is extended to all to come
and join the party. 609-636-7504.

September Book Sale. Millville Public


Monarch Mania. Enjoy a day at

Library, 210 Buck St., Millville, hosts

book sale 10 a.m.-3 p.m,

Inspira Auxiliary Cumberland County

Annual Yard Sale. The Inspira Auxiliary
Cumberland Countys annual Yard Sale
will be held from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at
Premier Orthopaedic, 298 Delsea Drive
in Vineland to benefit Inspira Health
Network. For more information, visit
cs.InspiraFoundation.net, or call 856-6418290.

SAT. & SUN., SEPT. 24 & 25

Harvest Party. Bellview Winery. Noon-5

Free Movie. Cumberland County

Community Church, 1800 East
Broad St., Millville, 856-327-222.
7 p.m. "Woodlawn" is an inspirational film based on a true story.
and more. Registration is $15 on the day
of show and it starts at 9 a.m. Proceeds
benefit the Veterans Memorial home. Call
609-805-2004 for information or visit

The Bridgeton Salvation Armys

125th. The Bridgeton Salvation Army is

p.m. Offerings include wine tasting, sangria, vineyard tours, grape stomping, and
live music by the Dirk Quinn Band. $10.
Those under the age of 21 are free. 856697-7172. bellviewwinery.com

celebrating its 125th anniversary serving

the Greater Bridgeton Area with a special
service at 11 a.m. in the worship center
located at 29 W. Commerce St., Bridgeton.
The service will be followed by a community fellowship meal. 856-451-0999.


Jersey Harvest Gala. Greenview Inn,

21st Annual Memories in the Grove

Car Show. The Nostalgia Knights

Eastlyn Golf Course, Vineland. Enjoy a

festive Fall banquet hosted by the
American Vegan Society from 4 to 8 p.m.
Program includes hors doeuvres, social,
silent auction, buffet dinner, music, dancing, and celebrates compassionate living.
AmericanVegan.org or 856-694-2887.

Classic Car Club will be holding their

annual event at the Veterans Memorial
Home in Vineland. The show is open to
all classic rides and features over 40 trophies, a Chinese auction, food, music


"Community as Classroom" for
Stockton University Students
in Bridgeton City Park

Story Contest for Middle


The student must write a short story

of at least 1,000 words (about two pages)
or produce a short video no longer than 10
minutes in length;
The student must incorporate at least
one historical figure from Vineland or a
real place in Vineland into the story;
The story can include any element,
ranging from science fiction to historic.
Here are a few sample ideas: Did you
know that a ghost haunts the Landis
Theater? or Were you there when aliens
invaded Landis Avenue? For more ideas,
visit the Societys Facebook page at
All submissions must be received no
later than October 31. Make sure that the
entry includes the students name and contact information. The Societys e-mail
address is vinelandhistory@gmail.com.
Mailing address: Vineland Historical
Society, PO Box 35, Vineland, NJ 08362.
There is no charge to enter this contest.
On November 5, the Society will select
three winners, who will receive prizes for
their submissions. The stories and videos
will become the property of the VHAS.
For further information, call 856-6911111 or e-mail vinelandhistory@gmail.com.

0% Financing 12 or 24 Months
Eye Associates realizes you
want quality care at an
affordable price!

Sydney L. Tyson, MD, MPH

OUR OTHER LOCATIONS: Cherry Hill (856) 428-5797
Blackwood (856) 227-6262 Hammonton (609) 567-2355
Mays Landing (609) 909-0700 Toll Free 1-800-922-1766


251 S. Lincoln Ave., Vineland, NJ 08361

the grapevine { 15 }

If you like to write or know how to produce a short video, the Vineland Historical
and Antiquarian Society (VHAS) wants to
test your talents to see if you can create a
ghost story or an action-adventure tale
related to Vineland.
The contest will begin on October 1 and
end on October 28. The rules are simple:
The contest is open to all Vineland
middle school students between the ages
of 12 and 15;

A clinic for girls in grades K-5

interested in playing field hockey
will be held at Vineland High
School track on six days in in
September and October. The clinic
is sanctioned by the City of
Vineland Recreation Commission.
Students in grades K-5 who are
first time players will meet on the
following Thursdays: September 15,
22, 29, October 6, 20 and 27. Each
session will be held from 6-7pm.
Students in grades K-5 who are
experienced players (i.e. have
attended 3 or more clinics) will
meet on the following Saturdays:
September 17, 24, October 1, 8, 15
and 22. Each session will be held
from 9 to 10:30 a.m.
Cost is $50 per student, and all
participants must be residents of
the City of Vineland. Checks should
be made out to VHS Field Hockey.
Students should arrive 15 minutes early to their first session to
register. Protective equipment and
sticks will be supplied on a firstcome, first-serve basis, although
students may bring their own stick,
mouth guard and shin guards.
There are no make-up days/sessions. For further information, contact Kate Cronk, VHS field hockey
coach at 856-305-0905 or via email at kcronk@vineland.org

You can regain youthful vision with

DROPLESS Custom Cataract Surgery. So
turn back the clock to restore your ability to
see up close and at a distance ask our
doctors if this is right for you.


Its the best of both worlds: students

using their skills and knowledge to bring
about positive change in the community
while also getting the benefit of hands-on
experiential learning.
As the 2016-2017 academic year kicks
off, students from Stockton Universitys
Environmental Studies program will
inventory and assess some of the more
complex and delicate natural resources
that are part of Bridgeton City Park and
the lower Cohansey watershed.
According to Dr. Emma Witt, assistant
professor of Environmental Studies at
Stockton University, the main areas of
focus will include evaluating aquatic
wildlife resources, terrestrial and avian
wildlife resources; evaluation of water
quality in Sunset Lake and watershed,
evaluating the hydrology and water quality
in the Cohansey River, and assessment of
forest resources, to name a few.
This is a great opportunity for our students to do meaningful and impactful work
and Im very pleased to be able to partner
with the City of Bridgeton to share the type
of technical assistance that Stocktons programs can provide said Witt.
Scheduled to begin with field work on
September 20 and 22, Witt plans to have
students organize into teams to work in
each specific area of focus over the course
of the semester.
Im delighted that Stockton University
has chosen to make Bridgeton a type of
working classroom for their students, said
Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly. This is
something I have been promoting for some
time now. It is a winning collaboration; we
get the benefit of their knowledge, energy,
and talent and the students get to do
important work that will benefit thousands
of residents as well as themselves.
In addition to their field work, students
will prepare final reports outlining their
findings, analyses, and recommendations.
These results will be presented to City
officials at the close of the semester in

Field Hockey Clinic for K-5

Thank You to All Our Customers!

~ 30th Anniversary ~


Nightlife at The Centerton. Ten22,

Dry Cleaning Tailoring Alterations

The Centerton Country Club & Event

Center, 1022 Almond Rd., Pittsgrove.
Taco Tues.: w/ Trivia. Wed.: Wing Night
w/ Country Line Dancing. Every first
Thurs.: Painting with Foxy Fine Art;
Thurs. Acoustic musicians open mic;
Flashback Fridays.

Nightlife at DiDonato Family Fun

Center. 1151 South White Horse Pike,
Hammonton. 609-561-3040. Tues.:
Quizzo. Fri. and Sat.: DJ and karaoke.

Nightlife at Bojos Ale House. 222 N.

High St., Millville, 856-327-8011. Every
Wednesday: Nick at Nite Open Mic, 7:30
p.m. Fridays in August. DJ Zach, 9 p.m.

Nightlife at Old Oar House. Old Oar

Mon.Wed. 76 Thu.Fri. 77 Sat. 75

1776 S Lincoln Ave, Vineland

(856) 696-0172



{ 16 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Portable Restrooms All Occasions

Demolition Services Excavation
Septic Evaluation for Real Estate Transactions
Trash, Recycling, Construction & Demolition


House Irish Pub. 123 N. High St.,

Millville, 293-1200. Wed.: Karaoke. Live
music: Fri. & Sat. 9 p.m. Every Third
Thursday: Art at the Bar, 7 p.m. $35.

Nightlife at Ramada. Harry's Pub at

Ramada, W. Landis Ave. and Rt. 55,
Vineland, 696-3800. Mon.-Sat., 1/2 price
bar menu appetizers all night. Thurs.Sat.: live entertainment, 7:30 p.m.
Weekly food and drink specials.

Nightlife at Tombstone Saloon and

Grill. 373 Route 54, Buena. Open daily,
11 a.m.-2 a.m. All Country, All the Time.
Daily specials. Live music Ffri-Sun.
Special events nightly: call 856-457-7786.

29 (7 p.m.); Sept. 30 (8 p.m.); Oct 1 (8

p.m.) and Oct. 2 (3 p.m.). Doors open 30
minutes prior to show time. Tickets are
$12-20. 856-327-6400.

Comedy Dinner Show. Frog Rock
Country Club, Hammonton. The Alesia
Shute Foundation supports CHOP at this
fundraising event featuring Julia Scotti,
with Pam DeButts, Tim Grill and Scott
Friedman. Doors open at 6 p.m., show
time is 8 p.m. $40 per person, includes
dinner. Cash bar. Call 609-226-8181 for

Festival of Fine Craft. Wheaton Arts &
Cultural Center, 1501 Glasstown Rd.,
Millville. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. wheatonarts.org

Cumberland County College presents On-Stage Concert. Cumberland
County College will present the music of
Patty Lax and Chris Lax on Sunday, Oct.
2 as part of the popular Down Jersey
On-Stage concert series. Patty and
Chris are a mother and son musical duo
whose work includes original compositions, classic country and popular contemporary songs. On display will be
paintings by artist Jessie Soifer.
The performance begins at 2 p.m. in the
Luciano Theatre of the Guaracini
Performing Arts Center, Sherman Avenue
and College Drive. Seating is limited.
Tickets are $9 for all ages. For more
information, go to CumberlandArts.com,
or call the Cumberland County College
Box Office at 856-692-8499. Tickets may
be ordered at: click4tix.com/gpac


Nightlife at Wildflower Earthly

Vegan Fare. 501 N. High St., Village on

Elmer, NJ

High, Millville. 856-265-7955. Live music

each Third Friday.


Bogarts Bookstore & Cafe. 103 N.

OCT. 2



Were Counting On You!
We bring you The Grapevine for free every week and we
only ask one thing in return ... Please let our advertisers
know that you saw their ads in The Grapevine.

In Vineland, we are direct-mailed

to 60 percent of residential addresses (all postal routes
with an average household income above $50,000).
We also distribute 6,500 additional copies in retail,
dining and service establishments in Vineland and
the cities immediately surrounding it.

Our loyal readers should be your customers.

For advertising info, call 856-457-7815

High St., Millville. Live music, open mics

and poetry readings. Follow on Facebook
for updates. Live music each Friday night
and Saturday afternoon.


Clique Art Exhibit. Riverfront
Renaissance Center for the Arts, 22 N.
High St., Millville. Clique - South Jersey
Artists by South Jersey Photographers
exhibit feat. 8 photographers capturing
portarist of 16 regional artists. See more
at cliquesj.org. The exhibit will be on display in Millville through Oct. 18.


Chicago: The Musical. Levoy Theatre,
126-130 N. High St., Millville. levoy.net.
Multiple performances: Sept. 23 (8 p.m.);
Sept 24 (8 p.m.); Sept. 25 (3 p.m.); Sept.

River Music
will mark
the beginning of its 10th season of
salon concerts with a return appearance by the renowned Grammy-nominated pianist Allison Brewster
Franzetti on Sunday, October 2, at
2:30 p.m., at a residence in the
Mauricetown, NJ area. Brewster
Franzetti, making her third salon
concert appearance, is a multiple
Grammy Nominee. Seating is limited, reservations required. Donations
accepted. To reserve seats call 856506-0580 or visit

Continued from cover

Millville Senior High School, Class
of 1966 50th Reunion Oct. 7: 6-10
p.m. at the Millville Thunderbolt
Club; Oct. 8: 6-10 p.m. at Buena
Vista Country Club, Buena, ($50
pp); Oct. 9: 10 a.m. Breakfast at
Millville Thunderbolt Club. Contacts:
Walda K. Passaro,
wkpassaro@gmail.com; Eileen
Wickward, ewickward@msn.com;
Betty G. Darmstadter, egd0819@hotmail.com

blown glass, folk art, leather, fleece, clay,

custom made slate, woodcrafts, scarves,
all-natural soaps, baby items, homemade
honey and honey products, turned wood,
precious metals, wood carvings, weavings,
handcrafted brooms, red cedar birdhouses
and feeders, dolls and creatures, primitive
hand-sewn and wooden crafts, paintings
on assorted textiles and much, much
more. A complete list may be found on our
website and on Facebook.


Show Your Kids

An 18th Century
Big Wheel.

Market Day in Colonial America will be re-created at the

45th Annual Greenwich Artisans Faire & Marketplace.
This year is bigger and better, featuring over 90 vendors,
artisans, craftspeople and historic displays.

September 24-25, 2016

Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 10am - 4pm

VHS Class of 1959 Reunion

Luncheon To be held Friday, Oct.
21, at Villa Fazzolari in Buena.
Contact Jackie Paladino Mastro at
856-697-1092 for information or to
give updated contact information.

Admission $5.00 (Children under 12 Free) FREE PARKING

The 45th Annual Greenwich

Artisans Faire & Marketplace
Established in 1695 960 Ye Greate Street, Greenwich, NJ 08323
For Information Call: 856-455-4055 or 856-455-8580

Vineland High School Class of 1971

45th Reunion Saturday, Oct. 22,
2016 Merighi's Savoy Inn, Vineland.
Join the Facebook group VHS Class
of 1971 for updated information.

The Cumberland County Historical Society is a registered NJ Non-Profit Organization.

Sacred Heart High School Class of

1971 Holds its 45th reunion at 4 p.m.
Oct. 22 at Merighi's Savoy Inn, 4940
E. Landis Ave., Vineland. Event
includes cash bar and buffet dinner.
For information, call Rita Valella
Benfer at (856) 455-2336 or e-mail

New this year, you will be able to purchase an old-fashioned selfie of you,
your family and friends! John Bernaski, a
wet plate photographer, will demonstrate
Civil War era photography, using original
and authentic formulas, procedures and
equipment. He will also outline the general history of the process and answer any
Admission is $5 (children 12 and under
admitted free of charge). Tickets may be
purchased at the Doctors Office located at
the entrance of the Faire grounds.
Rain or shine, visit on Saturday,
September 24, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For details,
call 856-455-8580 or visit cchistsoc.org.
Also find them on Facebook. I


Convenient Location Right Off Rt. 55 Exit 32A
2106 W. Landis Ave.
Vineland, NJ 08360
(856) 692-1370

1055 N. Pearl St.

Bridgeton, NJ 08302
(in Upper Deer field)

(856) 455-7785




to this months patient referral winner:


the grapevine { 17 }

Pleasantville High School Class of

1966 50th Class Reunion on
Saturday, Nov. 12, 6:3010 p.m., at
Fred & Ethels Lantern Light
Restaurant & Tavern in Smithville,
615 E. Moss Mill Rd. Cost: Buffet with
DJ at $40/person. Cash at the door
or check mailed to Russ Warriner,
126 E. Faunce Landing Road,
Absecon, NJ 08201. Write Class
1966 on the check memo line.
Checks must be received no later
than 10/21/16. Every effort is being
made to contact all living members
of the class. Please respond, yes or
no, to Dean Leech,
leechd@rowan.edu One only gets
one opportunity to attend a 50th
class reunion. Hope to see everyone
in Smithville.


MHS Class of 1957 59th Reunion

to be held Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016,
47 p.m. Flight Line Restaurant,
Millville Airport. Buffet: $22 per person. For information contact Hattie at
856-825-5659 or Chas. Kessler at

Voted One of the Best 2016

1370 S. Main Rd., Vineland

Fax 856-690-8661

~ Credit Cards Accepted ~

We Accept Food Stamps

Specials Sept. 21th 27th

Deer Processing $

Now Available
Burger Sausage
Roasts Minute Steak
Steaks Loins (Butterflied)
No surprise costs or hidden fees



Chicken Leg Quarters


Boneless NY


Chicken Breast
$ 99



Ground Turkey

Pork Cubes

Beef Short Ribs





Turkey Ham

Ground Beef



Pork Shoulders


Cooper Sharp $4.99/lb




Onion Cheese $5.99/lb



Monday Thursday
Saturday Sunday
NFL and College
in Game Specials

Come on out and watch NFL and

college games on one of our six 65" HD
TVs and enjoy our in-game specials!

NFL and College Specials include

$2 Cheesesteak Sliders
$2 Coors Banquet bottles

373 Route 54 Buena, NJ 08310

(856) 457-7786

Tombstone Saloon and Grill




College games only

$5 Cruzan Rum Buckets

$6 Bud and Budlight 48oz pitchers

We are a proud
sponsor of
Eagles Radio
97.3 FM

NFL games only

$6 Coors Light 48oz pitchers

College games only

$1 Jello shots for every <ield goal,

touchdown and safety

Listen for our

during the games!

From fine dining to lunch spots to bakeries,

the area has choices to satisfy any appetite.
Call for hours (856 area code unless otherwise noted).


Hours: MonSat 8 am 7 pm Sun 9 am2 pm

Deer Hunters

Andrea Trattoria, 16 N. High St., Millville,
825-8588. Chef/owner Andrea Covino
serves up Italian specialties in atmosphere
of fine dining.
Annata Wine Bar, 216 Bellevue Ave,
Hammonton, 609-704-9797. Food served
tapas style, catering, private parties.
Extensive wine list. Live music Thurs. nights.
Bagel University, 1406 S. Main Rd., Vineland,
691-0909. Breakfast and lunch spot offering
sandwiches named for colleges near and far.
Barberas Chocolates on Occasion, 782 S.
Brewster Rd., Vineland, 690-9998. Homemade
chocolates and candies, custom gift baskets.
Bennigans Restaurant, 2196 W. Landis Ave.,
Vineland, 205-0010. Entrees, desserts, drink
specials. Take-out. Happy Hour Mon.Fri. 3
p.m.7 p.m., Sun.Thurs. 10 p.m.close. All
TV sports packages available.
Big Johns Pizza Queen, 1383 S. Main Rd.,
Vineland, 205-0012. Featuring Gutbuster
a 21-oz. burger, pizza, wings, subs, dinners.
Black Olive Restaurant. 782 S. Brewster
Rd, Vineland. 457-7624. 7 a.m.10 p.m
daily. Entrees, desserts. Take out available.
BocCone Ristorante Italiano. 1303 Harding
Hwy. (Rt. 40), Richland. 457-7360. Authentic
Italian cuisine. Lunch & dinner daily.
Buena Vista Country Club. 301 Country
Club Ln. (off Rt. 40), Buena. 697-1200. The
Bunker Restaurant. Call for weekly specials.
Bruno's Family Restaurant, Cape May Ave.
and Tuckahoe Rd., Dorothy, 609-476-4739.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pizza. Open MonSat. 7 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Captn Chuckys Crab Cake Co., 2 Cassidy
Ct., Bridgeton, 455-1590. Crab and shrimp,
any way you like them. Party trays and
appetizers, too.

for Easy Meals

Back to School!
Back to Work!

Save the Date!

Saturday, October 1st

{ 18 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Apple Festival
Hay Maze Kids Pedal
Scarecrow Live Bands Tractor Pull
Pumpkin Painting
Wagon Rides


Ice Cream
The Greater Bridgeton Amish Market
2 Cassidy Ct., Bridgeton NJ 08302


Vendors call



Chestnut Diner & Bistro, 2578 E. Chestnut

Ave., Vineland, 696-2992. Breakfast, lunch,
and dinner. Open daily 7 a.m.10 p.m.
Crust N Krumbs Bakery, Main/Magnolia
rds., 690-1200. Cakes, pies, cookies,
breads, doughnuts, custom wedding cakes.
Dakota Prime Steakhouse & Sushi Bar at
Ramada, W. Landis Ave. and Rt. 55,
Vineland, 692-8600. Stylish atmosphere
perfect for upscale lunch or dinner. Steaks,
seafood, sushi. Closed Monday for dinner.
Dennys, 1001 W. Landis Ave., Vineland,
696-1900. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Takeout, too. Happy Hour Mon.-Fri. 3-7 p.m.
Open 24 hours. Kids eat free Tues. & Sat.
DeThomasis 5 Points Inn, E. Landis Ave. &
Tuckahoe Road, E. Vineland, 691-6080.
Authentic homemade Italian cuisine. Onand off-premises catering. Family owned
and operated. Lunch and dinner daily and
breakfast buffet on Sundays.
Dominicks Pizza, 1768 S. Lincoln Ave.,
Vineland, 691-5511. Family time-honored
recipes, fresh ingredients.
Double Eagle Saloon, 1477 Panther Rd.,
Vineland, 213-6176. Lunch and dinner,
Wed.Mon., 11 a.m.midnight. Pub-style
foodBBQ brisket, pulled pork, flatbreads,
1/2-pound burgers, Buffalo wings.
Dukes Place, 305 N. Mill Rd., Vineland,
457-5922. Open for breakfast and lunch,
seven days. Homemade soups, burgers, hot
and cold subs. Catering available.
El Guacamole Restaurant, 110 N. High St.,
Millville, 300-5433. Authentic fresh farm
made Mexican food.
Esposito's Maplewood III, 200 N. Delsea
Dr., Vineland, 692-2011. Steaks, seafood and
pasta dishes at this Italian restaurant.
Erics, 98 S. West Ave., Vineland, 2059800. Greek and American cuisine, pizza.
Giovanni's Authentic Italian Deli, 1102 N.
East Ave. Vineland. 692-0459. Open daily
serving 10 hot and cold subs, breakfast
sandwiches, salads, soups, sandwiches, flat
bread panini, wings, family dinners.

Pasta Microwave Meals

2 for

$ 99

Assorted Pasta Selections Only

Gluten Free Pasta and Pizza Available

6 lb. Tray

Eggplant Parmigiana



# Heat & Serve! #

MF 7am6pm Sat. 9am3pm Sun. closed
Wholesale/Retail: contespasta@comcast.net

Mama Contes
Specialty Deli

Stuffed long hots and

artichokes, fresh
mozzarella, tortellini
and calamari salad,
fresh breaded eggplant...

Heat and Ready to Go!

6 lb. Pasta Trays
Stuffed shells to baked
ziti and lasagna, cheese
ravioli parm


$ 99


Martinos Trattoria & Pizzeria, 2614 E.

Chestnut Ave., Vineland, 692-4448. Brick oven
pizza, risotto, polenta. Three meals daily.
Merighi's Savoy Inn, E. Landis Ave. and
Union Rd., Vineland, 691-8051. Banquet/
wedding facility and intimate restaurant.
Seasonal outdoor dining in Lunas Outdoor
Bar & Grille. City Brunch at The Bistro on
Sundays 10 a.m.2 p.m.
Millville Queen Diner, 109 E. Broad St.,
Millville. 327-0900. Completely remodeled
in 2015. Open seven days, 24 hours.
Old Oar House Irish Pub, 123 N. High St.
Millville, 293-1200. Year-round fresh
seafood daily, slow roasted prime rib specials, homemade corn beef, kitchen open
until 1 a.m., outdoor beer garden.
Olympia Restaurant, 739 S. Delsea Dr.,
Vineland, 691-6095. Authentic Greek
cuisinelamb dishes and salads.
Osteria Gaetano 363 Wheat Rd., Vineland,
457-7773. Dine in or take out. Teacher
Appreciation Days on Thursdays.
Outlaw's Burger Barn & Creamery, 1370 S.
Main Rd., Vineland, 691-5438. Call for lunch
and dinner specials. Fresh ground burgers
and ice cream. Mon.Sat., 11 a.m.10 p.m.
Peking Gourmet, 907 N. Main Rd., (Larrys
II Plaza), Vineland, 691-0088. Chinese.
Takeout only. Major credit cards accepted.
Ten22 Bar & Grill at Centerton Country
Club, 1022 Almond Rd., Pittsgrove, 3583325. Lunch and dinner. Tavern menu
soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, wraps,
entree selections. Sunday Brunch.
The Red Knot, 3600 E. Landis Ave.,
Vineland, 205-0049. Gastropub, 40 craft
beers, wine, food, in relaxed setting.
Tombstone Saloon and Grill, 373 Rt. 54,
Buena, 856-457-7786. Open 7 days a week
11 a.m.-2 a.m. Daily food and drink specials
Uncle Rickys Outdoor Bar, 470 E. Wheat
Rd., Vineland, 691-4454. Ribs, chicken, fish,
steaks. Always clams, eat in or take out.
Live music Saturday and Sunday night.

423 North White Horse Pike

monton, NJ 08037
e: (609) 561-4400
Email:: Abbiamo.Inc@gmail.com

Most of our heavy-duty machines can come

with a sorter attached, which would enable
you to have your printed or copied
documents stapled or hole-punched. All the
machines can be networked into an existing
network or server for printing and scanning.

Authorized Sales & Service

4 Hour Priority Servicce
Service on Saturdays!!

You can purchase service contracts on all

machines purchased from us.

Our firm has serviced businesses and individuals for over 29 years
with the objective of providing close PERSONAL service on a timely
basis at a reasonable price. We provide a broad array of services,
including copy machine review, fax machine review current leases,
supply costs, toner, developers, drums, :..etc, and service contract
We can assist you in every aspect of imaging solutions and help
prevent you from falling into any traps that may exist in your
situation. We also provide consulting for seing up or modifying your
current systems, and problem solving. We have extensive experience
with a variety of programs. We are a woman owned business as well
as a family operated business.



ne l

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, 3624 S.

Delsea Dr., 856-362-5508. All you can eat,
serving breakfast every day 8 a.m.9 p.m,
Lunch Mon.Fri. 114 p.m., Dinner 7 days a
week. Takeouts available.
Golden Palace Diner Restaurant 2623 S
Delsea Dr., Vineland, 692-5424. Serving
breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
The Greenview Inn at Eastlyn Golf Course,
4049 Italia Ave., Vineland, 691-5558.
Golfers lounge/bar serves lunch and snacks
daily 11 a.m.4:30 p.m. Inn is a fine dining
restaurant dinner open Wed.-Sun. at 5 p.m.
Harrys Pub at Ramada, W. Landis Ave. and
Rt. 55, Vineland, 696-8600. Lunch and dinner daily. Happy hour daily 4-6 p.m. with
half price appetizers. Live entertainment
Jersey Jerry's. 1362 S. Delsea Dr.,
Vineland, 362-5978. Serving subs, sandwiches, and take-out platters.
Joe's Poultry. 440 S. Delsea Dr., Vineland,
692-8860. Barbecue and Kosher chickens,
homemade sides, catering.
Kura Thai & Sushi, 607 E. Landis Ave.,
Vineland, 213-6706. Lunch and dinner daily.
Authentic Thai dishes ranging from traditional to modern recipes. Takeout, too.
La Laconda, 1406 S Main Rd., Vineland,
794-3332. Restaurant and pizzeria.
Landis Diner, 601 E. Landis Ave., Vineland,
696-3412. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. $2.79
breakfast specials, $9.99 dinner specials,
$5.99 lunch specials. Pudding, ice cream.
Landis Pig Roast Restaurant & Bar, 623 E.
Landis Ave., Vineland. 691-8980. $5 glass
of wine, daily, all day. Happy hour, bar only:
$5 menu and $6 drink specials, Wed.Sun.
Larry's II Restaurant & Cafe, 907 N. Main
Rd., Vineland, 692-9001. Three meals daily.
Sunday breakfast buffet, early-bird dinners.
Outdoor patio.
Marcianos Restaurant, 947 N. Delsea Dr.,
Vineland, 563-0030. Italian-American
cuisine, seafood and veal. Open daily for
lunch, dinner, $6.99 lunch buffet Mon.Fri.

September 23rd
Show Starts

7:30 pm

N LC>;

Corner of Landis Ave
& SW Blvd





67 W. Chestnut Avenue
Vineland, NJ 08360

Coupon does not apply to

previous sales or other offers.

Queen bed, Dresser, mirror, (1) nightstand

Free Layaway FinancingAvailable 6 Months No Interest

the grapevine { 19 }





Professional. Friendly. Local.

Capital Bank Customers Joseph and Brian Giordano

Capital Is Our Bank.

Change to the stability and great hometown service of CapitalWe did!

Our Focus Is You.

175 S. Main Road & 1234 W. Landis Avenue, Vineland, NJ 856.690.1234 CapitalBankNJ.com
Rated 5 Stars by Bauer Financial

Member FDIC



Bridal Guide

Family Tree of Love

Its time to fall in love with the wedding planning process. Whether you are
the bride-to-be, groom-to-be, or in the
family/friend circle, The Grapevine has
tips and services for you to consider,
from invitations to reception details.

Kim and Patrick Kelly have fun peeking


Index of Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-3

Weddings Begin with the Invitations . . . . .B-3
Choosing the Gowns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-4
Flowers Add Vibrant Color . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-5
Changing Wedding Cakes . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-6
Wedding Weekend Downtown . . . . . . . . . .B-8
Wedding Day Countdown . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-10

FALL 2016

Bridal Guide
Trends run the gamut, from
invitations to attire to flowers
to food, cake and other
reception details.

{ B-2 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

or all the talk of fleeting love and

romance, marriage remains one of
societys institutional contracts that
binds two people together. As the ceremony in some faiths says, Marriage is
not to be entered into unadvisedly or
lightly because of its long-term legal

ramifications. For centuries, marriage has
provided the infrastructure for a stable
Research shows that despite a decrease
in overall marriage rates, most young people still believe they will marry. A 2016
Monitoring the Future report from the
National Center for Family & Marriage
Research at Bowling Green State
University cites statistics compiled from
1976 to 2014. It reveals that almost 80 percent of high school seniors still expect to
marry in their lifetime, an increase of 5
percent over 40 years. Since 1976, the
number not expecting to marry has
remained stable at about 5 percent.

Find us on weddingwire.com

Make your consultation appointment today!

780 S. Main Road | Vineland, NJ 08360
856.691.9292 | flowershoppeweddings.com

Carley and Michael Fanz-Huster, photographed at the Historic Village of Smithville.


Crust N Krumbs ..................B10
Martins Catering ..................B11
Century Savings ....................B3
Juvante Formal Wear ..........B12
Rienzi Bridal Salon ..............B4
The Pin Cushion ....................B6

Sir Speedy ............................B10

Dondero Diamonds and Fine
Jewelry ......................................B8
Robert Alan Photography ..B12
T&F Camera ..........................B6

Antons Florist ........................B5
Colonial Flowers ..................B10
Savannahs Garden ..............B8
The Flower Shoppe ..............B2

Carriage House ......................B7
Centerton Country Club ......B5
Espositos Maplewood Inn......B12
Five Points ..............................B7
Greenview Inn at Eastlyn ......B9
Martins Catering ..................B11
Merighis Savoy Inn ..................B8
Once Upon a Time ................B4


Cynthia Roberts Salon ..........B2

Rental City ............................B11

Phoenix ..................................B12

Noel Echevarria ....................B7


Wedding invitations provide the first
glimpse into a couples personal style. Sir
Speedy Wedding Retail Specialist Denise
Gonzalez says that although overall invitation elements have remained stable, brides
are customizing certain details.

Brides are creating fancier invitations

by combining fonts. They use a simpler
body text, but insert a fancy font for the
names and wedding venue. More request
colorful invitations, so we see less of the
traditional black and white or ecru paper,
says Gonzalez.

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the grapevine { B-3 }



Bridal and wedding day portraits can be

made more interesting with dramatic poses
and a cameras special effects. These are of
Vineland residents Whitney and Jeremy
Chini, and were taken at Bogeys at Pitman

FALL 2016

Bridal Guide
Sir Speedy offers a full line of digital
printing and can custom-design invitations. Or, many brides will pre-design
their invitations online, view a proof and
then forward them to Sir Speedy for printing on the selected paper. Using Sir
Speedy eliminates the dangers of ordering
online and then getting a lesser quality
paper than expected, and also prevents
inadequate proofreading.
Sir Speedy may produce numerous
accessory items, including seating charts,
labels for guest goodie bags, and fan programs. Useful in warmer weather weddings, the fan is created from the actual
program. Napkins, attendant signs and
personalized attendant gifts are additional
possible accessories.


Wearing her dream gown down the
aisle is among a brides most memorable
moments. Leslie Stringari-Ferrari, owner
of Rienzi Bridal Salon, assists her brides
with perfecting that memory. Her mother,
Josephine Stringari, has operated Rienzis
since 1970 and now helps out with a new
generation of brides.
Rienzis 2014 renovation doubled the

space to 3,800 square feet. StringariFerrari added dressing rooms, increased

the showroom floor and introduced new
designer lines and accessories. Open six
days, Rienzi also has evening hours on
Thursday and Friday.
Gown trends have a two-year cycle
since brides dont buy by the season.
There is now a trend toward changing
necklines. Brides are moving away slightly
from strapless in favor of something on
the shoulder like a decorative strap or
small shoulder caps. Lace is very popular
and 80 percent choose ivory over pure
white. A blush or gold underlining gives
the gowns lace a three-dimensional quality, Stringari-Ferrari says.
Economic reality may prevent brides
from more expensive choices, but StringariFerrari offers numerous alternatives. Her
more decorative dresses are priced between
$1,000 and $1,600, while a plain tulle,
organza or satin gown may cost $800 to
$900. Or, to spend even less money, a bride
may pick from ivory or blush sale, sample or
bridesmaids dresses with decorative lace.
She says, We appeal to the tastes of
Main Street American brides. The
tougher economy means many brides
must shop more carefully and we can definitely provide great options.
Accessories have become so important
that brides focus on every detail from
head to toe. Brides often prefer smaller
headpieces and veils with more ornate

Hector and Lissette

Colon at Eastlyn Golf
Course, as husband and
wife. Left: Lissette, prewedding, as she prepares to walk down the

Pleasing brides for over 60 years

n Rev. Kathy Costello,

{ B-4 } the grapevine | SSEPTEMBER 21, 2016

n Ceremony at your
venue in the South
Jersey area

n Garden on site for

more intimate

Visit Our Newly

Expanded Showroom
The latest styles for

n Parlor available

n Free Consultation
n Free Display
n For your future:
Baby Blessings & Vow Renewals

www.OnceUponATimeGardens.com 856-226-3174

Bridal Gowns
Flower Girls
Mothers Gowns
Sweet 15 &
16 Gowns
Party Dresses

Mori Lee high

illusion neckline

Prom Gowns
Bat Mitzvah

745 E. LANDIS AVE. VINELAND 856-692-4060

Mon. & Tues. 10 a.m.5:30 p.m. Wed. & Sat. 10 a.m.4 p.m.
Thurs. 10 a.m.8 p.m. Fri. 10 a.m.7 p.m.


trim. They may wear side clips for headpieces and decorative jewels on combs or
headbands. A hairstylist will often insert
these items to remain in place for the day.
Stringari-Ferrari affirms that because
mothers of the bride and groom play
important roles, they often reject anything
plain for more glamour. The mothers are
choosing dresses with lace and beads or a
beautiful trim. The bridesmaids dresses
have also evolved from softer colors to
bolder navy, pewter and eggplant tones.


Outdoor elements add dimension and
texture to a fall weddings ambience and
mood. Foliage and plantings highlight

autumns vivid oranges, yellows, browns

and reds. However, a fall outdoor wedding
in this region is risky as lower temperatures could be uncomfortable, even on a
bright, sunny day. A backup plan should
always be in place.
If a couple insists on an outdoor wedding earlier in the fall season, one heating
solution against colder weather is a
portable heating unit. Strategically placed
as in outdoor cafes, they can alleviate brisk
temperatures, especially at night. The number depends on the venue layout, exact
temperature range and number of guests.
A smart seating chart includes placing
those heating elements inconspicuously to

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The flower girl in Whitney and Jeremy

Chinis wedding had some fun stepping
into the brides shoes. Meanwhile, emotions of a different variety are exhibited.

A Excellent service

Floral Fantasies

152 Harding Hwy.

Vineland, NJ 08360




A Packages starting at $79/person

1022 Almond Rd
Pittsgrove Township, NJ 08318

(856) 358-3325

the grapevine { B-5 }

Antons Florist was founded in

1973. Because of our Unique Style
and High Quality of wedding
creations we have become one
of South Jerseys PREMIERE
wedding designers.

A Spacious venue with separate space

for cocktail hour and
Largest Dance Floor in South Jersey


A Delicious food and

exceptional dining experience

FALL 2016

657 N Delsea Dr. Vineland (across from Toyota)

Mon., Tues. Wed. & Fri. 9:306 Thur. 9:308 Sat. 9:305:30

has all types of fabrics to decorate for your next special occasion.

Quilt, home dec,

headliner, upholstery &
vinyl fabrics, foam,
yarns & accessories,
sewing baskets, scissors,
notions & patterns

Quilting, Sewing
Crocheting &
Painting Classes


Coordinate all of your bridal

accessories with our fabrics,
trims and bridal accents

Bridal Fabric, Appliques,
Tulle and Ribbons

(856) 692-5460

Bridal Guide
avoid viewing obstructions. If held
indoors, the ideal plan incorporates
autumns beauty into the wedding ceremony and reception. Couples may choose
a venue with large picture windows that
overlook a garden or a grand entry filled
with fall flowers, or both.
Using nature for a more rustic look has
gained traction. Third-generation florist
David Cavagnaro, owner of The Flower

Shoppe Ltd., cites several exciting trends,

many that use greenery. He says, For
autumn outdoor ceremonies, couples are
requesting arches designed with significant greenery, garden roses, hydrangea and
peonies and matching aisle adornments.
Also, for the ceremonies, our autumn
brides desire classic sunflower and gypsophilia combinations in hand-tied bouquets for a rural look. The more cuttingedge brides want form-focused blooms
such as calla lilies. Greenery is re-emerging in bridal bouquets in green hues, from
turquoise blue silver dollar eucalyptus
down to the deep hunter green of Italian
Ruscus. This greenery trend is moving the
bouquet style from tight and compact to

Contact T&F Camera to Make Your Wedding Truly Unforgettable.

{ B-6 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Changing Wedding

1362 S. Delsea Dr., Vineland NJ 08360

MTh. 95:30 Fri. 97 Sat. 94

Many younger couples have discarded their concept of pass traditions for wedding cake decorations,
now replacing the conventional bride
and groom atop the cake with something more personal.
Crust N' Krumbs bakery owner
Ann Cantoni says fewer photo cakes
are requested, but she has seen an
increase in personal cake toppers.
"Couples are substituting the standard bride and groom with customized bobblehead toppers that
reflect their interests or hobbies.
They can choose from hundreds of
options on www.etsy.com," she notes.
Traditionalists can still order a
cake decorated with butter cream
roses in cascading clusters. Cantoni
will incorporate fresh flowers around
the cake if they are delivered by a
florist the day before the wedding.
Or, to save money, brides may purchase silk flowers from local craft
Crust N' Krumbs is one key vendor for wedding packages at Eastlyn
Golf Course. Cake choices for those
packages include vanilla, chocolate,
marble and chocolate chip. For a
small fee, couples may upgrade to
red velvet or carrot cake.
Cantoni recommends ordering at
least one month, but no more than
three months, in advance. For weddings in other venues, delivery is
available throughout Cumberland
Sharon Harris-Zlotnick

loose and cascading.

Many brides are choosing distressed
metal lanterns as a focal point for low
table centerpieces at the reception. They
use surrounding blooms and greenery,
with some falling into the inside. These
are paired with tall centerpieces of garden
roses, peonies and hydrangea, sitting atop
glass cylinders and Pilsner vases.
Antons Florists Owner Bob Zadra
agrees that floral choices have evolved.
Each year, he supplies flowers for approximately 125 weddings throughout six
southern New Jersey counties.
He claims more first-time twentysomething brides have definite opinions. Zadra states, A continuing popular
trend uses natural, rustic materials like
wood in centerpieces. More brides prefer
a natural romantic or casual, messy garden style look over traditional tight round
bouquets. Burlap is so popular that I buy
it in bulk yardage to customize the wrapping of bouquets and boutonnieres.
For practicality, Mason jars filled with
small matching-color flower arrangements can have multiple uses, especially
when hung on shepherds hooks outdoors.
They may then be moved to cocktail
reception tables.

Check out our
three complete
Wedding Packages
on our website:
Since 1978


E. Landis & Tuckahoe Rd. Vineland, NJ

(856) 691-6080


Over 35 Years Experience

Simply the Best Value!

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Experience the Excellence

Our Award Winning Staff will make the journey to your wedding day effortless!

For more Wedding or Event information contact our sales team

Kristin Neafsey | (609) 748-2400 ext. 101 | kneafsey@icon-hospitality.com
Carly Wenz | (609) 748-2400 ext. 111 | cwenz@icon-hospitality.com


25 South Pitney Road, Galloway, NJ | www.the-carriagehouse.com | AN ICONIC PROPERTY

the grapevine { B-7 }

Attention to details will make for a reception that shows off your theme and personality. PHOTO COURTESY ROBERT ALAN


For a limited time only, our 10th Anniversary Sit-Down Wedding Package is
available for $79.00 per person. Book with this package on select 2016 & 2017 dates!
This package includes cocktail hour, sit-down dinner, open bar, signature drinks,
ceremony, chiavari chairs, wedding cake, late night action station
(either popcorn or pretzel) & champagne toast.

FALL 2016

Bridal Guide
Little else matters at a wedding as
much as the food. Guests always remember menu choices and food qualityboth
good or bad.
Robert Buono, Eastlyn Golf
Course/Greenview Inn owner and executive chef, explains that more couples now
contract for food station buffets over sitdown meals. He says, These couples
believe buffets loosen the time allowed
for eating. Our five-hour buffet packages

will reduce costs, but still offer more

social time for family and loved ones.
Station buffets also allow Buono and his
professionally trained culinary staff to create dishes that reflect many dietary needs
and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. For
example, my research informed our team
how to prepare dishes like Peking Duck or
Cantonese Crispy Chicken. We strive for a
farm-to-table cuisine and the backyard
farms surrounding Eastlyn supply the
countrys best produce, says Buono.
Popular food trends include raw bars,
meat stations for the best beef and lamb,
plus game like duck, venison and farmraised wild boar loin. Buono also encourages family participation, saying, I want
our couples to bring in those dessert cook-

Continued on page B-12

Wedding Weekend In Downtown Vineland

120 Broad Street Elmer, NJ 08318

856-358-1029 www.savannahsgarden.com


{ B-8 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Modern flair. Classic elegance. Vintage style. Every Simon G. designer

diamond engagement ring and bridal set is made to reflect the unique
brilliance of the woman who will wear it.


856-691-1164 www.donderojewelry.com

The ultimate shopping experience for brides and grooms, with the chance to
win some great grand prizes, returns to downtown Vineland when Downtown
Wedding Weekend comes to Landis Avenue for the sixth consecutive year.
Organized by Main Street Vineland, Wedding Weekend will feature approximately a dozen downtown businesses and will take place, rain or shine, on
Saturday, September 24, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Landis Avenue. The major
sponsor for this event will be Als Shoes. The participating businesses will display the merchandise and services they can offer to the bride- and groom-tobe. Find everything from gowns and formal wear, shoes, and jewelry to flowers,
limousine services, and tanning facilities as part of this special event.
Brides and grooms who register at four of the seven participating vendors
along Landis Avenue will be eligible for three grand prizes. Prizes include a
$250 gift certificate from DeSoto Jewelers and approximately $750 in gift certificates from other participating businesses.
This is an exciting way to bring together our downtown businesses and to
show brides, grooms, and everyone the array of shopping choices in downtown
Vineland, says Brian Lankin, Main Street Vineland Promotions Team chairperson.
Lankin, owner of Als Shoes and a Main Street Vineland Board of Directors
member, said that this is part of an effort to bring more merchant events back
to Landis Avenue that will attract residents and visitors alike. The success of
this event over the past five years shows that Landis Avenue is a destination
for people who want to shop, he says.
Maps to help people locate participating businesses will be available at any
of the businesses. Most businesses will be participating
from their own locations while
others will have booths set up
at other locations on Landis
Part of the mission of Main
Street Vineland is to help
downtown merchants, including how to market themselves, said Main Street
Vineland Executive Director
Russell Swanson. Wedding
Weekend serves this purpose
and also makes the public
aware that downtown Vineland
has a variety of businesses to
serve all your needs.
For more information, call
the Main Street Vineland office
at 856-794-8653, visit the organizations website at mainstreetvineland.org, or visit it on
Facebook. All Main Street
Vineland events are subject to
change without notice.


the grapevine { B-9 }

FALL 2016

Bridal Guide

Wedding Day Countdown

Providing the Perfect Flowers

for your

Perfect Day

Check out this list of what to do in preparation for the big day.


12 18 MONTHS

Inspired by someone who has made our

community a better place to live and work?
Heroes can be found in every walk of life,
in every neighborhoodeveryday.

_____ Purchase engagement rings

_____ Take engagement photos
_____ Send engagement announcement
to newspaper
_____ Send engagement announcement
by e-mail to friends
_____ Set wedding budget
_____ Set wedding date
_____ Decide type of wedding (informal
or formal)
_____ Interview wedding consultants
_____ Determine number of guests to be
_____ Select ceremony site
_____ Select reception site
_____ Choose caterer
_____ Choose photographer
_____ Choose videographer

Nominate Your Hometown Hero Today!



311 N. High Street Millville, NJ 08332

Open Monday-Saturday

31/2% Sales Tax


Whos Your Hero?


{ B-10 } the grapevine | SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

We use only the

freshest high quality

_____ Final selection on wedding rings

_____ Open joint bank accounts
_____ Take dancing lessons for first dance
_____ Choose and order wedding gown
_____ Reserve limousine/wedding
_____ Choose color theme for wedding
_____ Choose bridal party
_____ Select bridesmaid dresses
_____ Plan details of decorations
(balloons, flowers)
_____ Select florist
_____ Select musicians for reception (live
band, DJ, harpist)
_____ Select officiant (pastor, judge) for
wedding ceremony
_____ Select hair and make-up artist
_____ Shop for trousseau and going-away
_____ Select baker (wedding cake)

_____ Consult with attorneys (prenuptial

Come in and talk with our

wedding cake design specialist
Coveniently Located in Magnolia
Court Shopping Center

Owned & Operated by

Ann Cantoni Family & Staff
1370 Main Rd. Vineland
(856) 690-1200 Fax (856) 690-1229
OPEN: Tues.-Fri. 6:30-5pm
Sat. 6:30-3:30pm Sun. 6:30-1pm

agreement and other legal matters)

_____ Select bridal registry items
_____ Select music for wedding ceremony
_____ Reserve rental equipment, if needed
_____ Prepare accommodations for out-of
town guests
_____ Plan bridal shower
_____ Plan bridesmaid luncheon
_____ Purchase veil and bridal accessories
_____ Purchase gifts for bridal party
_____ Make appointment for practice
session for hair and make-up
_____ Order wedding favors
_____ Review plans for ceremony and

_____ Have mothers choose their dresses

_____ Make honeymoon plans

_____ Pick-up wedding rings; make sure they
fit and are engraved correctly
_____ If changing your name, order name
change kit
_____ Update Immunization for out-ofcountry travel
_____ Send out invitations to out-of-town
_____ Make a photographers checklist of
photos you want
_____ Purchase gifts for each other
_____ Apply for marriage license
_____ Address and send out invitations
_____ Select and coordinate wedding ceremony program
_____ Appoint guestbook attendants for
wedding ceremony and reception
_____ Confirm out-of town guest
_____ Get your hair trimmed
_____ Confirm and finalize details with florist
_____ Confirm rehearsal program officiant
_____ Confirm guest count with caterer/
_____ Final fitting for bridesmaids dresses
and wedding gown
_____ Select tux styles for groomsmen
and fathers
_____ Finalize wedding day schedule
_____ Confirm transportation schedule
_____ Reserve restaurant for rehearsal dinner
_____ Have bridal shower
_____ Have bachelor party (Groom)
_____ Change mailing address if moving
_____ Have formal wedding portrait taken
_____ Review checklist for wedding day ceremony and reception
_____ Make reservations for bridesmaids
_____ Complete trousseau shopping
_____ Purchase floater insurance for wedding
gifts (if necessary)
_____Hire security for wedding reception
(if necessary)

_____ Call guests that have not yet RSVPd
_____ Get your teeth cleaned/whitened
_____ Confirm honeymoon plans and pick up
airline tickets
_____ Assign wedding day helpers
_____ Keep track of gifts received and start
on thank-you notes
_____ Arrange for a professional to preserve
and heirloom your gown and bouquet

Martins Venue
and Custom Catering



Holly and staff made sure that nothing was going to

stop our dream wedding. Despite the pouring rain
before the wedding, she made sure The Grove was
completed as promised. It was beautiful! She was
always available for any questions. She made us feel
like family. We are very happy we chose Martins.
The food was delicious, the cake was beautiful and
the staff was great!

~ Sarita & Russell

(856) 697-1626
311 S. Harding Hwy.
Landisville NJ 08326

Check us out on:

Shauna and Matt Bertonazzi didnt plan on a snowstorm but took advantage of the winter wonderland for wedding photos at their reception site, Eastlyn.

_____ Final guest count with caterer/


1 2 DAYS
_____ Get a manicure and pedicure
_____ Get a massage
_____ Attend wedding rehearsal dinner
_____ Pick-up rental tux for groomsmen
(Groom or Best Man)
_____ Prepare final payment in individual
envelopes for each professional

_____ Nice long bath or showerRelax
_____ Go to hair and make-up appointment
_____ Get dressed
_____ Have FunIts your Wedding Day!

the grapevine { B-11 }


_____ Arrange for Post Office to hold or

forward your mail during your
_____ Relaxtake a long leisurely bath
_____ Re-confirm with travel agent or airlines
_____ Review all seating arrangements with
ushers and helpers
_____ Pack for honeymoon trip
_____ Arrange for bridal party, parents,
family and photographer and
videographer to all meet at a
designated location (when taking
pictures prior to wedding ceremony)


_____ Pick-up bridesmaids dresses and

wedding gown (already pressed)
_____ Start seating arrangement and prepare
seating name cards
_____ Confirm final details with florist
_____ Confirm final details with
_____ Confirm final details with officiant
_____ Confirm final details with videographer
_____ Confirm final details with baker
_____ Confirm final details with
_____ Confirm final details with
_____ Confirm final details for wedding transportation
_____ Confirm final details with bridal party
_____ Confirm final details with wedding
_____ Confirm final details with rental
equipment company
_____ Confirm final details with musicians
_____ Double-check attire and accessories
for bridal party and yourself
_____ Confirm schedule for hair and
make-up artist
_____ Plan and create wedding day Itinerary
(15-minute interval)
_____ Get a facial

FALL 2016

Bridal Guide
Continued from page B-8
ies and cakes that represent their familys
culture or ethnicity.
To ensure personal service, Eastlyn
only hosts one wedding per day. Couples

have free range of the venue, even being

transported by golf cart to a specific outdoor location for pictures.
Couples with flexibility may get more
for their money if they consider alternative times and dates. The peak wedding
seasons are April through late June and
August through late October. Lower
demand on Friday or Sunday, plus dates
throughout January and February, could
save couples 10 to 20 percent.
At Merighis Savoy Inn, couples have
two venue choices. The Grand Ballroom
accommodates 100 to 500 guests; the Rose

Room, the original 1954 Savoy Inn, hosts

smaller weddings for 50 to 100.
According to third-generation owner
Tom Merighi Jr., most bridal couples still
choose traditional menus, but are tweaking other details. He says the standard
black/white table number signs are out,
replaced by decorative boxes, etc. that
match themes.
So many social media and idea-sharing sites make our weddings bride specific. Formerly carbon copies of one another, brides want them to be different from
the wedding the week before or the wedding coming the week after. Unlike years
ago, todays grooms now share in the decisions. Bridal shows are now 50/50 brides
and grooms, says Merighi.
The Savoy Inns wedding receptions
break down to 60 percent buffet/40 percent sit-down meals, with only one event
per day. Merighi says, For buffet stations,
more couples are going heavy on custom
hors doeuvres. In addition to carving stations, mashed potato bars, Asian stir fry
and Italian pasta stations are very popular.
The Savoy Inn does not offer seasonal
discounts on their wedding packages, but
all Friday and Sunday weddings snatch a
10 percent reduction in price. I

Lydia and Michael Levari used the marshlands as backdrop for this wedding portrait.

Cover couple Kim and Patrick Kelly, captured in a whirlwind of autumn leaves.




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