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Fill in the gaps using the following words:

sorry, lady, right, wrong, job, curtains, you, complain, boring, oclock,
Gabriel: Weve finished the cleaning job.
Mick: Good. Youve got time to do another _____________.
Spike: But its already three ___________________ and its so hot!
Mick: Its for an old _____________. She wants you to put some _____________.
Spike: Curtains! Very interesting!
Mick: If you go now, youll have lots of time. Youll do it easily in half an hour.
Spike: Why do Gabriel and I always get the _______________ jobs?
Mick: Spike, if you _________________ any more, Ill give you a really difficult job.
Spike: Thank ____________ very much.
Mick: Whats got into her?
Mrs. Grant: Oh, no.... The dry cleaner has sent me the ______________ curtains!
Spike: I dont believe it!
Mrs. Grant: Im __________________ I didnt check them before you put them up.
Gabriel: Thats all ___________________ Mrs. Grant. Dont worry about it.
2. Decide if the following sentences are True,
1. The cleaning job was easy.
a) True
b) False
2. Mick has another job for Spike and Gabriel.
a) True
b) False
3. The weather is quite cold.
a) True
b) False
4. Spike is in good mood.
a) True
b) False
5. The curtains arent Mrs. Grants.
a) True
b) False

False or Doesnt say, and circle the correct

c) Doesnt say
c) Doesnt say
c) Doesnt say
c) Doesnt say
c) Doesnt say

3. Put the verbs in brackets using Past Simple of the verbs to be, to have and can.
1. The children ____________________ (be) in the courtyard last weekend.
2. My friend ______________________ (have) a very bad day.
3. The little baby ___________________ (be) in the park with her mother.
4. My colleagues ___________________ (not be) late for school yesterday.
5. John never______________________ (have) the opportunity to go abroad.
6. Our parents ____________________ (cannot) got on holiday last summer.
7. Our grandmother _________________ (be) with me in Spain.
8. We _____________________ (have) a lot of friends in UK last year.
9. Many people ________________________ (be) at the Egyptian exhibition two days ago.
10. Mother ____________________________ (can) play with me a lot when I was a child.
4. Write the comparative and superlative form of the following adjectives:
a. big - ________________________________________________________________
b. fast - _______________________________________________________________
c. high - _______________________________________________________________
d. slow - _______________________________________________________________

e. small - _______________________________________________________________
5. Complete the sentences with the correct form of going to and will:
1. They _______________________ (drive) across USA next year.
2. She ________________________ (study) in Ireland next year.
3. We ________________________ (not stay) in a hotel.
4. How long _______________________________ (your family/ be) in Australia?
5. I ___________________________________ (not tell) you the answer.
6. Spikes parents _________________________ (visit) her next week.
7. ______________________________________ (you/ watch) the football final on TV?
8. He ________________________________ (not go) to the cinema tonight.
9. You _______________________________ (learn) a foreign language next summer.
10. My friends ___________________________ (visit) the Wax Museum next holiday.
6. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or Present Simple.
1. The children _________________________ (play) football in the courtyard every weekend.
2. My friend __________________________ (work) in the office right now.
3. Listen! The baby ________________________ (cry).
4. They _______________________ (not read) a book at the moment.
5. John sometimes ____________________ (drive) to work.
6. Our parents _______________________ (not go) on holiday every summer.
7. You never ________________________ (drink) coffee.
8. We ____________________________ (swim) in the ocean now.
9. Many people ________________________ (visit) New York every year.
10. Mother ____________________________ (cook) dinner at the moment.
Write a paragraph about yourself. Include the following information: age, likes and
dislikes, hobbies, family and friends.
Do not use more than 80 words.