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II International Conference on

Philosophy of Mind:
Thought and Perception
University of Minho School of Psychology
Braga, Portugal

Day 1: Wednesday 21 September 2016

9.00-10.00: Registration (Main Auditorium Auditrio Multimdia) School of Psychology
10.00 10.15: Welcoming message
10.15 10.30: Local information (Organizing Committee)
10.30 12.45: 1st Parallel Session
Room A: Thought I

Room B: Perception I

Room C: Content

- Luca Forgione (University of

The structure of I-Thoughts.
Kant and Wittgenstein on the
genesis of Cartesian self

- Lu Teng (University of
Antwerp/NYU Shanghai):
Cognitive Penetration,
Inferentialism, and Bayesian
(!!! Change to Open II !!!)

- T. Raja Rosenhagen: (University of

Internalism without Experiential

- Makulin V. Artem
(Northern State Medical
What is the structure of
philosophical thought?

- Andrea Lailach-Hennrich
(University of Konstanz):
Perceiving the Unseen. A Kantian
Approach to Amodal Perception

- Dena Shottenkirk (Brooklyn

College CUNY):
The Role of Others Beliefs in
Nonconceptual Contents of

- Brett Andrew Karlan

(Princeton University):
Cognitive Neuroscience,
Reverse Inference, and the
Neural realizers of Thought: a
Methodological Pluralist

- Shivam Patel (University of

Indistinguishability and the Problem
of Perception

- Eduardo Martnez Zoroa

(University of Barcelona):
Skepticism and the content of

12.45 14.15: Lunch

[Room A]
14.15 15.00: Nicholas Georgalis (East Carolina University): Thinking Differently About Thought
15.00 17.15: 2nd Parallel Session

Room A: Intentionality

Room B: Representation

Room C: Perception II

- Alexander Sandgren
(Australian National
A New Theory of Intentional

- Max Jones (University of Bristol):

Perceiving Reality by Representing

- Louise June Moody (University of

Unidisjunctivism: One Constraint
on any Phenomenal Disjunctivist
Solution to The Problem of

- Alessandra Buccella
(University of Pittsburgh):
Intentionality and experience
between phenomenology and

- Sabrina Haimovici (University of

Buenos Aires):
The vehicles of conceptual
representations: a pluralist approach

- Davide Dalla Rosa (University of

Padua) & Federico Sanguinetti
(Rio de Janeiro State University):
Appearances, indefeasible
warrants, and fallibility: On
McDowells disjunctive theory of

- Jieyao Hu (Sun Yat-sen

University & Humboldt
University of Berlin):
Non-conceptual content,
conceptual perception and
intentionality in Kants

- Sam Cloake (University of Liverpool): - Philipp Berghofer (University of

Naive Realism and Perceptual Error Graz):
Towards a phenomenological
conception of perceptual

17.15 17.45: Coffee Break

[Room A]
17.45 19.00: 1st Keynote Talk: Charles Travis (Kings College London & University of Porto)

Day 2: Thursday 22 September 2016

10.00 12.15: 3rd Parallel Session

Room A: Open I

Room B: Open II

Room C: Open III

- Jos Manuel Viejo

(Universidad Autnoma de
A new starting place for the
hidden indexical theories

- Michelle Yuanbo Liu (University

of Oxford):
Revelation in the Philosophy of

- Kamil Lemanek (University of

Perception and Perceiving

- John Donaldson (University of

Reductionism and

- Mary Gregg (University of

Ascription of Consciousness: A
Matter of Perspective

- Nicholas Danne (University of

South Carolina):
A Problem with Objectifying Surface
Spectral Reflectance

- Torin Alter (University of

The Concept-Mastery
Explanation of Marys new

- Lu Teng (University of
Antwerp/NYU Shanghai):
Cognitive Penetration,
Inferentialism, and Bayesian

- Aaron Segal (Hebrew University of

Jerusalem) & Tyron Goldschmidt
(Wake Forest University):
The Modality of Mental Metaphysics

12.15 14.15: Lunch

[Room A]
14.30 15.45: 2nd Keynote Talk: Tim Crane (University of Cambridge): Unconscious intentionality

15.45 15.55: Pause

15.55 18.10: 4th Parallel Session

Room A: Perception III

- Raphal Millire (University of

Oxford): Hallucinations, Illusions
and The Continuum Hypothesis
for Anomalous Perception

Room B: Thought II

- Enrico Grosso (University of

Genova): Mental Files and Fictional

Room C: Experience

- Gregor Bs (University of
Munich): The Vivisection of

- Alison Springle (University of

A Different Kind of Perceptual

- Casey Doyle (St. Hildas College,

Cognitive Phenomenology and
Incipient Thought

- Ting Fung Ho (University of

On the Link between Experience
and Judgment

- Vijay Mascarenhas
(Metropolitan State University of
The Thought of Perception and
the Perception of Thought

- Daria Vitasovic (University of

Unconscious Content: What is it like
to think that P when there is nothing it
is like?

- Klaus Grtner (University of

Lisbon) & Joo Lus Cordovil
(University of Lisbon):
Quasi-particles and the Case of

18.10 18.30: Coffee Break

[Room A]
18.30 19.45: 3rd Keynote Talk: David Papineau (Graduate Center of the City University of New York &
Kings College London): The Metaphysics of Sensory Representation

19.45: Conference Closing

20.30 22.30: Conference Dinner

Informations (School of Psychology):

- Room A = Main Auditorium (Auditrio Multimdia)

Observation: you can also enter by the School of Education, as the two schools are in
the same building [Its the first building at the left side, for those who comes from the
main entrance of the university]. Its the first door on your left. The second door is the
School of Psychology, were the Room B and C will be placed.
- Room B = Room 16 (Sala 16)
- Room C = Room 17 (Sala 17)
- Localization of the Conference Dinner: Restaurant Espao 12 - Rua da Fbrica, 12,
4715-027, Braga.