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Dylan Rich
Mildred Duprey-Smith
English 102
16 June 2016
How America Is Being Invaded
And Why That May or May Not Be Such A Bad Thing
The world is continually changing. Governments rise and fall,
technological advancements shrink the distances between people, and the
world's cultures shift to match. America however, long referred to as the
Melting pot of the world, also paradoxically claims to be independent and
claims a strong national identity. America is constantly fed by a stream of
immigration, a flow of more than just people. These individuals all carry with
them something larger their culture. In response, America speaks tolerance
and allows this invasion of ideology to continue. Though it is being invaded,
America grows stronger as it incorporates the positive and interesting and
leaves the outdated and archaic concepts and ideas behind. Most of these
assimilation are hard to spot without looking into their history, however.
One of the most common childhood memories in the American conscious is
that of sitting next to a Christmas tree eagerly awaiting the time when they
can unwrap presents. This is not a tradition that originated in America at all.
the tradition was brought over early in Americas history by German settlers,
but until the late 19th century Christmas trees were perceived as a pagan
tradition, and so were rejected. Originally from Germany, it has now become

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an part of America's culture. Christmas trees are not the only import from
Germany that America has laid claim to, however.
Some of the more obvious cultural intrusions in the united states are in fast
food shops. There is a host of Americanized foods from other countries for
sale - from Hispanic foot at taco bell to Asian food at panda express to Italian
food at olive garden, these foods are American, just with a specific cultural
flavor. But, even the most iconic foods are not truly American. When it comes
to cultural culinary traditions in America, there is none stronger then the
summer barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs fresh off the grill. Yet, even
these are not originally from America - both are from Germany! The
hamburger shows its origin in its name Hamburg-er, after the city of
Hamburg in Germany. With hot dogs it is somewhat less obvious, only
noticeable when you look at hot dog variants such as the polish sausage that
gives away its foreign origin. There is very little that is truly of American
While Germany has dominated in Americanized foods, in American gaming
Japan is king. Two out of the three major game companies are in japan, and
so have had a broad path into the minds of those who play video games,
affecting American trends in fashion, design, and even other entertainment.
There are many who started out playing these Japanese games and then
began immersing themselves in Japanese culture in other ways and now
these same people are doing the same work that Japanese immigration does

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to American culture. Undoubtedly, this is a major offensive in the great
invasion of the United States.
Just because it is an invasion does not make it a bad thing. America has
always been a melting pot, a place where cultures meet and merge. This
mingling of Peoples has given rise to a unique culture, where someone is
simultaneously of a mixed ethnic background, whether German and Hispanic,
or English and Polynesian, and yet still be wholly American. This mixing of
culture gives vibrancy and life to the United States, and enables it to
continually grow. The issues come when groups do not assimilate. In the
past, immigrants knew that they were giving up some of their past culture to
come here. It was worth it to them to give that up in exchange for freedom
and a new start. They knew that they would have to change their ways to
what America found acceptable. Now however, many groups are instead
demanding that the State change to accommodate their every tradition. This
can be traced directly to the successful and undoubtedly positive - black
rights movement of the mid-twentieth century. After that success, many
began finding ways to identify themselves as minority or of a group that
needs to be accommodated, completely missing that the point of the black
civil rights movement was not accommodation but equality. This search for
accommodation has already caused another segregation, this time imposed
by both sides, and has been exploited by the corrupt seeking power. This
constant accommodating for every person will mean the death of America's
liberty and freedom - and so, the death of America.

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There is only one way to stop this slide towards destruction. America
certainly needs to continue accepting and assimilating other cultures - but it
must stop worrying about giving offense. America must cease to spend its
money and effort on making life for individuals easier - that was never part of
its founding. The governments job is not to enable all citizens to do as they
wish and see fit that is anarchy. Government must only protect the rights of
citizens, not give them all they need in life. America was once a land of
industry, where anyone if they worked hard, could achieve success and
happiness. Those who could not work were cared for by their communities,
and those who chose not to work were allowed to wallow in the mud until
they decided to built a roof for themselves. Now, America is trying to provide
that roof and meal for each of its citizens and in doing so will make the entire
country starve. If there is no incentive to work, if all basic needs are provided
for unconditionally, people will not make the effort needed to progress and
push America forward. There are still some who immigrate in search of this
American dream but those grow fewer and fewer, and are replaced by
those seeking only to survive and not to thrive. There will always be
exceptions, those who will always work their hardest, and they might be able
to save the United States but only if they have help. Perhaps a new
invasion, where dreamers and seekers of hope will come and not just accept
the gifts given but will try to repay them. It is a strange paradox a problem
of massive scale, involving millions of lives, and yet no one large solution

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exists. Instead, each small part of the problem must decide to become part
of the solution. One way or another, the world keeps on turning.