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Kaitlyn Tran

Period 4

Unit 1 Objectives
Scientific Inquiry
1. The steps of the scientific method are ordered as followed:
Observation, Purpose, Hypotheses, Procedure, Data, Analysis and
2. The difference between an independent and dependent variable: An
independent variable can stand as a factor by itself. A dependent
variable are the results that rely on the independent variable.
3. Standard variables are important because they represent the factors
that are kept the same throughout the experimental process. Controls
represent the normal and what the data should be compared to. The
number of subjects being tested can affect the accuracy of the results.
Repetition of an experiment is important because repeating the
experiment gives more data, making the experiment more valid and
4. Graphing: All graphs must include a title, X and Y variables, as well as
their units. A line graph should be used when representing change over
time. A bar graph should be used when representing data found in at
one point in time. A pie graph should be used when representing
percentages out of a whole.