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A) Creating your database.

Step1: open sqlplus login as system/manager (password w.r.t ur database password ).

Step2: follow the steps to create a new user and granting privileges.(the us
created shud be wid respect to ur datasources tag in struts-config.xml file)
a. create user eticketing identified by eticketing;
b. grant resource,connect to eticketing;
c. commit;
d. conn eticketing/eticketing;

step3: to import the tables

a. go to run --> imp command .
b. give user name(eticketing) password (eticketing)
c. Export the dmp file(drag the etickting.dmp)
d. Read the following grant conditions and go according to it (press 2 times n blindly and 3 time
e. tables will be imported into user eticketing
successfully ur database will be created.
B) To get connection with the database installed.
Changes to be done in struts-config.xml in(work/WEB-INF/struts-config.xml)
1.changes wid respect to Oracle server (service name may be ORCL,ORACLE,or XE ) for 10g
2.change in datasource tag
for referring service name right click on to mycomputer go to manage-->services and applications-> services lookup oracle service name(XE).
3.deploy the work folder into tomcat webapps directory. the tomcat (<tomcat_home>/bin/startup.bat )
5.give the respective url path http://localhost:(portno)/work/. confirm if u got the connection to ur database, see if the new record is inserted or view any
7.if so connection is available else u will get errors in tomcat console may be(null pointer exception)
8. if null pointer exception is thrown follow the above steps 1,2, in deployed folder (i.e
customerservices) might be ur service name is wrong, correct it;

Finally create a folder in D:\projects\vehicleIdentification\WebRoot\IMAGE