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Ptr. Bong and Shine first met in a Summer Youth Camp back in 2006.

The time when he was only a Christian newbie,

The time when she was so young who just turned 18
Her vivid early memories about him:
That head of their team who ended up as Youth Camper of the Year
That weird guy who wasnt aware that he was funny
That worship leader who made a comic intro that cracked her big time
That tall, dark and big-eyed man whose clothes were not in style
Contrary to her sharp recall,
on his end, he couldnt tell a single thing about her.
In fact, he could hardly remember that she, too, was there.
The camp only lasted for a week and the two parted ways for many many years.
In between those silent years,
The Lord spoke loudly to her
That someday, a pastors wife, she will be.
In between those blurry years,
The Lord made it clear to him
That someday, a pastor, he will be.
In between those years which they lived separately,
his memory of her remained dull and off his radar
until his spiritual father, Ptr. JR
Who happened to frequently visit Shines place at that time, laid his hands and
prayed over her picture on the wall and eventually became their official God-sent
reminded him of her existence
That was the time when he was already a full-fledged Pastor
The time when she was already a full-grown lady
As suggested by the master cupid in disguise,
Ptr. Bong was invited to preach at the church where she grew up with.
Then, the rest revealed more of His story.
It was such a breeze for both of them to break the ice
Even after long years of not keeping in touch
Their friendship was restarted
Their faith in the Lord got strengthened
And with much prayer, his feelings for her were cultivated.
On her 25th birthday, she secretly asked from the Lord
to show the man whom He personally handpicked for her.
Yielding in His plan, he asked her out
And that was a couple of days before she turned 25!
What she knew was just a friendly catch up date
turned out to be one of his bravest acts in his entire faith
Im passionately, madly, deeply and sincerely in love with you.
His exact words as he finally laid down his card.

She couldnt believe her ears, she was completely blown away by His surprise
There are really times when God has a funny way of granting the desires of our
Amazingly, that fateful night was one of those times.
As smooth as the turn of events could be,
On August 18, 2013, they committed themselves into a relationship
As partners in Christ, they
Ministered to family, Witnessed to friends
Celebrated their anniversaries (with a simple little treat)
Watched a Concert, Founded a mission project
Took many lovely pictures of themselves together
And a whole lot more!
They may be in the same valley, but they actually lived far apart
What kept them closer is the overflowing love of our Lord Jesus.
Here was one defining moment that surely moved both of them to live in complete
On November 23, 2014, during the 29th Anniversary of Family Christian Bible Church
With his one knee bent down, he asked,
Will you marry me?
By Gods grace, I will! she replied.
One woman who once envisioned the life she will be living
One man who followed the call of the Lord despite everything
One and only God who beautifully orchestrates all these happenings
So now, it has finally come to this:
Bong and Shine will claim the much-awaited prize
On December 18, 2015,
they are bound to serve the Lord together for the rest of their lives.