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Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Daily Life and The Matrix 9+!

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Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Daily Life and The Matrix 9+!
Can we agree on Personal Development & Self-Knowledge as solutions/methods
for Culture & Civilization Upgrade?!
The need of a verification of benefits of the practice of those methods through
DNA study.!

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken!

The LDMF Foundation!


I would like to start this article with a story, a story i will create or suggest now
based on archetypes i have seen becoming real along my journeys.!

Consider that for each of the 164 or 900 styles or methods of yoga, included
meditation and several practices in each of them that may also include health,
nutrition, sexuality, family, or living in nature; there has been at least one main
teacher, who developed that method or practice.!

If you read the biographies of those teachers, you may sense the feeling of
certainty, on how important for humanity those methods are.!

I have seen also many followers of those methods, western and eastern and
others. Each of them convinced to their bones on why their methods are a complete
holistic solution for human kind well being, awareness and consciousness rising,
culture and civilization upgrade.!

Each of them based their perception on a series of spiritual, cognitive, emotional,

sensorial and psychological experiences with an impact and transformation into
their social experience as well, work, profession, friendship, love relationships,
parenting, family.!
A similar situation is seen in martial arts schools, and meditation circles.!

The trainers, had to pass through a series of transformational experiences in order

to become trainers. In most of cases, they share have found in the practice, and
process of becoming a yoga teacher a great satisfaction and the sense of their

Here is where the Matrix 9+ assessment tool will become part of our story.!
Copyright by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken & The LDMF Foundation

Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Daily Life and The Matrix 9+!

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Lets consider that there are 9+ stages of development from which yoga, meditation
and martial arts can be provided. It means a trainer could be at any of these 9+
stages of development; eventually keep evolving, stack in on of them for several
years or regression, or looping or eventually reviewing 9 stages within each stage
of development (Fracto-holographic journey).!

There for we can not generalize the attitude of the few trainers, cases, we have
observed, but for the purpose of this study it is necessary to ask one important

Does the solution imply that for humanity to evolve, should every human on earth
become a yoga teacher, meditation facilitator or martial arts trainer?!

Otherwise how they have planned to change the world?!

Here is the issue and i wish to describe it properly: the number of yoga and
meditation teachers have increased, each new one looking for benefits according to
their stage of development (REF: 9+ Stages of development), there for the number
of potential students per teacher or trainer is less every year. In terms of reaching
the aim of making out of the global population a more conscious civilization, if the
aim is that each of us to become healer, meditation teacher, yoga teacher, martial
arts trainer, coach, personal development trainer...we eventually are reaching the
aim. While it is actually clear that the expectation to make out of that professional/
leisure/spiritual activity a business or source of income necessary to sustain own
life or the life of own family, is delusional.!

I have been recently in a gathering of over 2000 yoga teachers or practitioners with
intention to eventually one day become yoga teachers, according to the process
and nature of the yoga/meditation/martial-arts/coaching/health/therapy/personaldevelopment boom of the last 20 years.!

I wrote an article recently, the description of a research project in which i suggest

the need of verification, at DNA level, of the impact of such practices and methods.
If those manage to change the foundation DNA code or if only through discipline
and conscious will create a change on behavior and perception patterns in the brain

As you may understand, the perceivable changes at the levels 0 to 2 of

development may not suggest yet a strong change of DNA, but must be for the
levels 3 to 4, and in particular for levels 5 to 9+ a strong change that should be
verified in the molecular mechanics, DNA encoding.!

Why i think this study is necessary, in particular in the case of those trainers?!
Copyright by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken & The LDMF Foundation

Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Daily Life and The Matrix 9+!

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Well, along several years of exchange and sharing of points of views, benefits and
also needs of humanity, in private circles of trainers of all kinds, it became for me
clear that for 90% of them to become a trainer is a matter of changing life style and
have in most cases a method, path, teacher, guru, belief on hand which will make
them feel different and to belong to an important movement that will benefit or
change humanity. While 9% will actually evolve to higher stages of the practice and
benefits, and 1% will reach completion. From the 90% we can see they may prefer
to leave their previous jobs, professions or families, as for the purpose of dedicating
themselves to their new lifestyle, while eventually they will not at all. 9% will actually
dedicate fully to it, But 1% will reach the capacity and ability to become a leader of
the movement.!

But when we ask them if they would engage into other roles in society, for example
do become teachers, health practitioners, farmers, entrepreneurs, parents, artists,
they may feel a conflict and wish they will not have to, and dedicate only to their
yoga, meditation practice, or live in community. Like a wish of a well being paradise,
emotions and relationships with high value for them, as for their daily life. Their
argument is very simple: they do not want really to deal with the western world
society, culture and civilization they do perceive as degenerative, not sustainable,
not human at all.!

While the practice of these methods bring them to experience a new advanced
possibility of expression of their human potential, it is more than clear they do not
develop a grounded perception for life, but instead prefer to escape from the roles
the world suggest to them or human life may need from them. In that sense their
participation in society, does not seem to be grounded enough as for the purpose of
advancement of human culture, nor of upgrade of human civilization, and not at all
for expression or reaching the activation of a human potential that would solve
current human species needs, from daily life, professions, markets, governments,
family, culture, peace, life sustainability, human rights, heritage.!

There for, for the sake of demonstrating that the benefits of yoga, meditation,
martial arts, and other personal development and self knowledge practices have, or
may have an important impact on human well being and future of the human
species, it is necessary first to verify the mechanical level of it, the reaction of the
immune and nervouse system to it, the development of cognitive processes, the
upgrade of human intelligences, in general that the benefits of the practice at
organic level, molecular level, can be verified.!

A simple question, i would love to add to this article: do selfknowledge and personal development facilitators, martial arts,
yoga an dmeditation trainers care for wealth, business
Copyright by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken & The LDMF Foundation

Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Daily Life and The Matrix 9+!

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necessary for their movements to impact the world, and benefit

culture, civilization and human species?

It is not enough the emotionality of an empiric verification and collective agreement

on satisfactory experiences by choosing a new lifestyle, perception or way of
thinking, or believing.!

Then here is my suggestion, that the most advanced practitioners of methods,

schools, of yoga, meditation, martial arts, personal development and selfknowledge methods, coaching, healing, therapies, should participate on the human
potential study, the Matrix 9+ Project, and collaborate with the understanding of
human architecture, heal of sickness, develop anti age-ing methods, advance
human skills, intelligence and enhance, upgrade artificial intelligence engines.!

We may eventually verify that their contribution to society would be beyond lifestyle,
belief, paleatives, placebo, relaxation, anti stress, leisure or fun. Or in the best
cases beyond a temporary healing process.!

I must share that there are counted case of healing and correction of emotional,
behavior, perception and psychology patterns that have been induced by the
practice of those methods, but which are the conditions or skills a yoga, meditation,
martial arts, self-knowledge or personal development trainer, coach, healer or
therapist should have for that purpose.!

Is the method or is the DNA that make the results and benefits to become
tangible? or the stage of development ?!

Those questions should be answered in the lab.!

I find this study, on human potential very important, and needed, as for the stage of
development we find ourselves as civilization, globally. This study may give light
and discover aspects of the human nature and architecture, necessary for human
survival and evolution in the following 100s of years.!

The Matrix 9+ Project starts with a board game. As assessment tool. An A.I. engine,
and the learning process necessary for the study of human potential at molecular

If there are humans capable of becoming a Matrix 9+ Pillar, in terms of human

potential active, if we are able to identify the rules of their molecular pre-set design
and change, as well as the DNA data carried and transferred, by them (or in them),
we may discover for example functions, rules and methods of the immune system,
that we have not perceived before, but not only that, much more in several other
fields of human architecture and human potential. As we will notice them operating,
Copyright by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken & The LDMF Foundation

Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Daily Life and The Matrix 9+!

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triggered by humans with unique abilities, tapping into functions of the human
architecture that most of standard humans do not trigger nor activate in their whole

I am certain, the study of human potential based on the Matrix 9+ need to be done,
and the technologies necessaries for it need to be developed.!

My wish at the LDMF Foundation is to bring this study through and the benefits of
its results, for the purpose of upgrading human culture (perception of what human
is) and civilization (technology innovation) based on the study of laws, principles,
rhythms and cycles of nature, as well within the human individual and its
interrelation with its social/cultural/civilization and macro natural/regional/planetary

The Human Potential Study, Matrix 9+, has already 20 years of empiric evidence,
correlated data, charts and methods of analysis and assessment that have been
proved to be correct and accurate within its frame of use. The Theories suggested,
need to be verified in the lab and with additional data. This is the next step for the
Matrix 9+ project.!

REF: www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info The LDMF Foundation!

Copyright by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken & The LDMF Foundation