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Maximum number of records to be printed in printable view of list view - 1000

Maximum number of values you can have in a picklist: 1000

Number of roles in your organisation - 500
Maximum number of records that return in report without exporting the results - 2000
Fields that can be enabled for Tracking on a custom object - 20
How many custom summary formula fields are allowed on a single report - 5
How many custom fields can be created on an object in an unlimited edition - 500
How many roll up summary fields can be created in the Enterprise Edition on a custom object - 10
How many ranges can be defined in the case of a conditional highlighting - 3
How many Solution records can be imported via import wizard - 50,000
How many report records can be displayed in the UI - 2000
What is the maximum amount of triggers per workflow rule - 10
What is the maximum number of custom tabs in professional edition - 7
Maximum number of custom lookup fields that can be defined per object - 25
Maximum amount of workflow rules that can be created per entity - 50
Amount of custom field that can be created on an object in unlimited edition

- 800

Number of profiles loaded in a single list view with enhanced profile management-