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Transport & Storage Program

Adjustable Pipe Support

System88 oers a new level of safety and exibility for
pipe transport by train or truck. Finally it is possible to
adjust pipe supports for dierent diameters in seconds.
System88 is designed to carry heavy pipe loads safely and
securely around the world.
System88 is highly durable, easy to assemble and suitable
for use in all weather conditions. The complementary design of all parts makes it possible to expand the system for
future needs. Discover the comfort of a reliable system,
which is easy to adjust and oers optimal safety.

Loading pipes on System88

System88 mid-section

System88 Basic Parts

Bottom section

PE-Block (Type A,B,C,D)

for bottom section

PE-compound Block types [mm]:

Block A : 219,1 - 558,8
Block B : 406,4 - 965,2
Block C : 558,8 - 1422,4
Block D : 1422,4 - 2032,0

Locking pin

Block K : 219,1 - 558,8

Block L : 406,4 - 1219,2
Block M : 965,2 - 1445,0

PE-Block (Type K,L,M)

for mid-section

Practical & user-friendly

Heavy duty PE-compound blocks are xed on a zinc plated
steel prole with locking pins. The pipe is clamped between
the blocks and does not rest on the steel prole. System88 is
ideal for single and multi layer transport. The system is completed with a diameter settings handbook.
Block D + Raising Block :
Max. 3670,0 mm

Steel proles 2,45 / 2,70 / 3,35 / 5,80 m

For Every Truck & Train

System88 can be used on any truck or train wagon. With a conguration as
shown in the photo below, a load of 63 metric tons can be transported
safely without damage to the pipe or coating.
Max. load [KG / Block]:
Block A: 3.935 Block B,C,D: 7.875
Block K: 3.150 Block L,M: 4.725

Bottom and mid-section

Quality Accessories
High quality accessories are available to complete System88 and optimize performance and safety.
Our Anti-Skid rubber mats are made from high density
granulate and have a frictional resistance of 0,6. Less tiedowns are needed to secure a load when System88 is combined with anti-skid layers.
Anti-Skid rubber mat on Block


Our Tie-Downs have an extra high Standard Tensioning

Force (Stf) of 750 daN and an ergonomic, long pull down
The Prole-to-Trailer Connector prevents shifting of System88 on the trailer and ensures easy xation of the steel
proles without drilling in the platform. In addition Connector Belts and Hoisting Belts for the steel proles are
available to increase safety and eciency during loading
and unloading procedures.

Anti-Skid rubber mat

Prole-to-Trailer Connector

Transport Pipe Bends

Usually large diameter pipe bends made by pipeline construction companies are dicult to transport. With the
Canting Block (photo left) this issue is solved in a safe and
ecient way. The Canting Block automatically adapts itself
to the curve of the pipe and supports the pipe over the
full surface of the blocks.

Pipe Transport XL

Canting Block

The Pipe Raiser (photo right) allows safe transport of two

large diameter pipes (50- 60) on one trailer. One pipe is
raised, to keep the truck load within maximum allowable
dimensions. Safety is ensured due to extensive testing and
TV approval. With the Pipe Raiser you can save the environment as well as transport costs.

Pipe Raiser


Regulations & Technical Support

Any large round object

such as silos, wind mills or
heavy rollers can be transported with System88. The
photo on the left shows
an example of a large reel
transported on System88.

System88 is based on extensive research and designed following

EN 1025 and VDI 2700 regulations. All static and dynamic calculations for pipe transport on truck and train are evaluated and
approved by TV Germany.

The System88 Storage Bar is ideal for production buer storage.
System88 is perfectly safe for coated pipes. Also ask for our Pipe
Stop system, which oers a complete storage program.

As developer and manufacturer of the System88 program, Dhatec

gives full technical support and advice. Our engineers helpdesk is
available for instructions and special load congurations.


Design and calculations of System88 are patented

all rights reserved

System88 is a product of Dhatec B.V.

Dhatec develops and manufactures products
that protect the quality of line pipes during logistic processes from factory to construction site.

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