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very effective and leaves no collision this helps us to achieve high performance.

So there
is no relationship between the performance is much better than existing ones. This does
not mean throwing switches and switches purchase are also very cheap, but to buy good
switches that help us perform operations that are reliable and error free.
The use of firewalls
There are assumptions that simple router with NAT enabled better address threats and
viruses. This is useful, no doubt, but provides only a limited ability to block many attacks
the best way to protect the network from threats and viruses that are possible in nature is
the use of firewalls. There are many routers that have the firewall, but the firewall
function is disabled due to several reasons, including the necessary configuration
management and additional b necessary. And it can be painful to configure and
connectivity problems occur, but a firewall router is very good way to protect your data
against vulnerable attacks.
Think reliably
If we want to create a software application, you will see how the application will be used
and carefully consider all points of failure. reliable applications requires processes and
operations that are reliable and trusted applications. It should also focus on how the
service is provided and consider all the circumstances and possible problems in points of
failure will be minimized by the design and other alternatives.
Investing in people
Applications that are reliable are usually the result of investment in people. Programmers
who develop the application and the staff makes the child of the system operation, should
receive adequate training in management practices lifecycle to avoid failures that could
arise in the application.
user participation and
No system is very developed or bad, but the cause of poor performance is mainly due to
the misconduct of users running the application. So it will be effective to give your

colleagues adequate training to sensitize them on certain points of view, rather than
imposing strict technical standards and closures.
If education and training is the best way to guide everyone to the right path to education
is the best way to accomplish this. It can be properly trained and guided on the network
and use what will be operated correctly and right.
task 4
LAN infrastructure

These are the Ethernet LAN using wireless technology for quick access.
Only Ethernet for rent Lanka

task 5
It consists of different devices that require access to wireless Internet and LAN (local
area network that provides Internet access to a building or an organization in this current
scenario of the company is the use of the network within a multi-storey building